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Ismail, SS, MM, CHRP

An experienced training manager with a consistent track record of
successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency,
reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity, all to tight time
scales, within budget and continous improvement. Having a professional
attitude and an ability to be flexible, handle change and develop people in a
positive manner.
Place & Date of Birth: Possessing excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills,
Laut Tador, Oct. 9, 1979
creativity, coaching and mentoring skills, achievement motivation,
Address: strategic thinking skills, problem solving and decision making skills and
Perumahan Griya Palm Asri integrity.
Blok A, Kel. Tebing Tinggi,
Kec. Padang Hilir, T. Tinggi,
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia WORK EXPERIENCES
T: +62812 6201 774
PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) (Januari 12, 2004 Present)
E: ismailmidi@gmail.com TRAINING MANAGER (April 2014 Present)
W: www.ismailmidi.com
Responsible for creating and implementing training programs and
overseeing the development of careers. Sets performance metrics,
MM evaluates productivity, and helps workers create long-term career plans
CHRP within an organization.

STRENGTHS Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Creative and Innovative Doing ADDIE process for employees and contractors.
High motivated Ensuring training and development programs meet the company
Goals Oriented
objectives and strategies.
Team Player
Professional Appearance Managing budgets.
Work Hard Designing procedures for training and development.
Pleasant Personality Producing materials needed for training.
Good Motivator
Working with training providers to develop suitable content for the
INTERESTS courses.
Painting Delivering training.
Graphic Design Developing multimedia visual aids and presentations.
Web Development Managing Knowledge Management and Management Trainee.
Providing performance feedback.
Conducting continuous training and development improvement.
All books by John Maxwell
All books by Jim Collins Managing supporting program for training and development program
All books by Ram Charan such as E-Learning, motivation bulletin, and knowledge center.
Providing leadership development education.
ACHIEVEMENTS Building solid cross-functional relationships.
Best Student Elementary Assisting with the development of strategic plans.
Best Student Higher
School Achievement
Best Student Perguruan Develop Integrated Training System
Tinggi Swadaya
Best Student North Develop Individual and Job Gap Analysis
Sumatra (2002) Develop Organizational Need Analysis

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Best Arabic Calligrapher Design three procedures on training and development program.
Kab. Batu Bara Develop Training Metrics.
Best Poet in North Sumatra
Develop E-Learning.
Develop Knowledge Management System.
CERTIFICATION Develop Knowledge Center.
Certified Human Resource Provide the Best Company Library Management System in North
Professional (CHRP) Sumatra.
Develop training and management curriculum.
ORGANIZATIONS Develop competency-based training system.
Chairman of the Student
Develop INALUM Leadership Development Program (ILDP)
Body (Junior & Senior
High School) Develop INALUM Talent Development Program (TDP)
Vice Chairman of Regional
Batu Bara (2011-
2013) 2011-2012 : Junior Manager, Training Management
Chairman of Body of Amil PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero)
Religious obligatory
(BAZ) of PT Inalum 2010-2011 : Senior Staff, Training Management
(Persero) (2011 PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero)
Present) 2004-2009 : Staff, Public Relation
Member of Indonesia PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero)
Ulema Council (MUI)
Kab. Batu Bara (2010 2003 : English Radio Broadcaster
Present) GITA FM, Medan
Vice Chairman of District
Board Council of 1999-2003 : English Lecturer
Indonesian Mosque Medicom, Medan
youth Assembly (2013- Center for English Learning
Present) Vidya English Institute
Essential English Course

ISO 9001 & 14000 Awareness (2004)
Accident Investigation (2005)
Effective Presentation & Communication Skills (2005)
Effective Supervisory Skills (2005)
Development of Website Institusi with CMS Joomla (2009)
Competency Based Human Resource Management (2010)
Achievement Motivation Training (2010)
Effectiveness Training Evaluation (2010)
How to Handle Corporate Magazine (2011)
How to Design Your Training Program (2011)
Management Development Program (2011)
Training Management (2012)
Human Resource Audit (2012)
Career Management (2013)
Risk Management (2014)
Project Management (2014)
Coaching and Mentoring (2015)
Corporate University (2015)
Effective Leadership Skills (2015)
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Executive Leadership Development Program (2016)
High Performance Culture (2016)
Leadership Endurance Test (2017)

Perguruan Tinggi Swadaya, Medan (Majoring: English Literature)
GPA: 3,7 (1998-2002)
North Sumatra Islamic University (Magister Management)

Creativity and Innovation
Creative Thinking At Work
Creative Thinking Technique
Increase WOW Productivity
Effective Leadership Skills
Training Need Analysis (TNA)
Effective Training Evaluation Techniques
Effective Training Management
Effective Supervisory Skills
Achievement Motivation

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