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sua dane ridden Picturag 2 Learn as you play! Contents Preface Crossing a river Just hanging around Staying close to Mum Taking a nap Wild by nature Playing in the wild ‘At home in a city park: Gathering on a tree Feeding in a field Watching over her young Returning with food The first to hatch Following Mum downriver ‘At home in the sea ‘At home in the rainforest At home in a stream Sharing the same habitat Gathering by the feeder Napping in comfort Sitting in for its owner Playing hide-and-seek? Singing in the alley Waiting for their turn Sniffing out treats Urging on the laggards A farming community Safe crossing for ducklings Behind the farmer's back Under the scarecrow’s nose Bo Peep with her sheep A mix of nursery rhymes Stocking up for winter Going shopping with Mum Fishing for dinner No dinner tonight? Moving house on bicycle Who will get to school first? Carting mushrooms home Reading and snacking Rise and shine! Producing a banner Painting a rainbow Enjoying a family picnic Helping with spring cleaning Playing baseball after school Playing hide-and-seek Roasting food over a fire ‘Way back in time Answers