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Test 1 : GEOTEKNIK 2

Fascilitator : Prof. Ir. Dr. Ramli Nazir

Q1. A continuous footing is shown in Figure below. Using Terzaghis bearing-capacity

factors, determine the gross allowable load per unit area (qall) that the footing can carry.
Assume general shear failure. Given: = 17.5 kN/m3, c = 21 kN/m2, = 32, Df = 1m,
B = 1.5 m, and factor of safety = 3.

Repeat the problem if the water level is :

i. Below the ground level

ii. At the base of the foundation.

What is the percentage different of bearing capacity between the above situation and in
normal condition?

If your construction area is located at a high ground water table, what should a
precaution measures taken in your design parameters?