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A residential phone with caller

ID and handsfree function !

Numeric display with
caller ID
A display for visual comfort
Handsfree function
Line powered : no battery needed for more convenience
4 direct and 10 2-touch
Handsfree function to share your conversations memories

4 direct and 10 2-touch memories to simply call your Log of the last 68 incoming
favorite numbers
* Subject to availability of services and subscriber
A dedicated key to automatically redial the last called options offered by telecom provider.


Detailed call log to check missed calls

A residential phone with caller
ID and handsfree function !

1line-7 segments
Display type + 1line icons
numeric display
Date and time displayed in standby

Call duration display
Number of ringtones 1
Ringtones volume levels 3 (high/low/off)
Handsfree function
Handsfree volume control 3
Main features
Direct access memory 4
2-touch memories 10
Message waiting indicator*
Caller Identification type 1*
Incoming call log* 68
Last number redial 5
Flash (R) key
Mute key
Dialing type Tone / Pulse
Flashing duration 100, 300, 600 ms
Protocol FSK & DTMF
Technical features Removable line connector cord RJ11/RJ11
Power supply No battery required
Size : L x W x H (mm) 193 x 184 x 72
Number of pieces / carton 10
Colors Black and white
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