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[D]igital [I]nsanity b!

We are the dreamers of dreams...

Today's magic presented by the Digital Insanity heroes is:

Sony Products Multikeygen v2.8

Cracker [ Brainrain & DarkSide ] Protection [ Serial ]

Supplier [ Digital Insanity ] Release Date [ 10/01/2016 ]
Packager [ Digital Insanity ] Release Type [ Keygen + Patch ]
Tester [ Digital Insanity ] Release Size [ 1x4.77mb ]

[ Description ]

This release works for the following softwares:

* moviEZ HD 1.0 Series
* SpectraLayers Pro 1.0 Series
* SpectraLayers Pro 2.0 Series
* SpectraLayers Pro 3.0 Series
* Catalyst Browse 1.0 Series
* Catalyst Prepare 1.0 Series
* Sound Forge 9.0 Series
* Sound Forge 10.0 Series
* Sound Forge 11.0 Series
* Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0 Series
* Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Series
* DVD Architect Pro 4.5-5.0 Series
* DVD Architect Pro 5.2 Series
* DVD Architect Pro 6.0 Series
* DVD Architect Studio 4.5 Series
* DVD Architect Studio 5.0 Series
* Vegas Pro 8.0 Series
* Vegas Pro 8.1 (64 bit) Series
* Vegas Pro 9.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series
* Vegas Pro 10.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series
* Vegas Pro 11.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series
* Vegas Pro 12.0 (64 bit) Series
* Vegas Pro 13.0 (64 bit) Series
* Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio 13.0 (32 & 64 bit) Series
* Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0 Series
* Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 (32 and 64 bit) Series
* Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 (32 & 64 bit) Series
* ACID Music Studio 7.0 Series
* ACID Music Studio 8.0 Series
* ACID Music Studio 9.0 Series
* ACID Music Studio 10.0 Series
* ACID Pro 7.0 Series
* ACID Pro 6.0d (Build 363)
* CD Architect 5.2c (Build 214)
* Cinescore 1.0c (Build 271)
* Photo Go 1.0b (Build 123)
* Noise Reduction Plugin 2.0h (Build 451)
* Dolby Digital AC-3 Pro Plugin 1.0 (Build 3060)
* MainConcept MPEG-1&2 Pro Plugin 2.0 (Build 2022)
* Mayhem Plugin 1.0
* Production Assistant 1.0
* Production Assistant 2.0


* Catalyst Browse 2.0 Series
* Catalyst Edit 2015.1.1 Series
* Catalyst Prepare 2.0 Series
* Catalyst Prepare 2015.1.1 Series

For more info,visit -> http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com

[ Install notes ]

This is a universal multikeygen like the previous was and it

will work till the authors modify the protection scheme,
that's why we didn't write exact version and build numbers.

Unpack the release.

Run our keygen. (Under Vista/Win7/Win8 do it with
administrator rights!)
Select the product that you would like to register.
Make sure that you are not running any Sony apps! Press
Patch button, and select the application's directory. (for
example C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 8.0) Then select the
Shared Plugins folder if needed. Now you can run the app
that you are going to register. Press Generate button for
SerialNumber and Authentication Code. (These codes are work
in pair!) After you passed the serial number form, select
activation from Another Computer...

If you want to render something to AC-3 Pro format in
Vegas Pro, then select the appropriate DVD Architect Pro
4.5-5.0 Series in the keygen, click patch button, then
select the Sony Vegas Pro (!) folder, click OK and your
problem is solved. (It doesn't matter if the keygen gives
you an error that the files are already patched or so, it
will be pretty good)

If you click Patch button and then Cancel button, the

selected app will be unregistered.

After plugin registration you'll have to restart the app to

take effect.

There's an AC3 Pro related bug in Sound Forge 10/11. To

solve the issue we packed a file named Sound Forge 10
bugfix.reg. You have to generate a key for the AC3 plugin
with our keygen and then overwrite the appropriate fields
(CurrentKey,keyRegFile) with it in the regfile. After that,
doubleclick on the regfile, start SF 10/11 and smile.

For registering SpectraLayers:

Click Patch button. Disable your internet connection (or

block the application with firewall). Start the program.
Click Offline button. Fill the regdata in the appropriate
form as shown in the dialogbox. (the first one is the serial
number, the second one is the authentication code)

For registering moviEZ HD:

Click Patch button. Disable your internet connection (or

block the application with firewall). Click Generate button,
and you should see a messagebox about writing registry keys
were successful. You can run the application

[ About the team and some thing what's worth to know... ]

Some people met in a hidden place of the internet long time
ago. They realized quickly that they are interested in the
same things, and their thinking is similar too. A nice
friendship started, and they were working on a lot of common
reversing projects. Later this friendship wasn't only
"virtual", they became friends in real life too. This is what
makes us a REAL team... We are dedicated to do quality
keygens. Don't cry with stupid requests, nobody cares about
it, because we are reversing for OUR entertainment and not
for yours! We aren't a new team, just our name seems to be
new. In the years we got some friend, contact and "fan". An
important note to our "fans": We put a hidden trojan in every
release, so when you execute our keygen, it logs all activity
in your computer and sends it to the FBI. HAHA, DIE ALL
FUCKIN NOBODIES! And finally a few thinks about legality,
copyright, etc: We give a shit on the users, we don't support
any torrents, DCs and other gay things.Our releases are
internal, ONLY for the scene. It's not our business that the
scene is full of shitbones who spread the releases to public
places. It's not our fault that idiots own this world...

"Coolin' out with style - like back in the days.
Representin' the skills, puttin' suckers in their place..."

[ Greetings ]

Greetings to all souls in hell...

[ Contact ]

If you are skilful enough, you may reach us...

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