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2134 my moon maiden

Ekaterina Polyanskaya
& Vova, my dwarf star.


2012 John Caliber.
All rights reserved.


Ivan noel
All rights reserved. No part of this book may
be reproduced or transmitted in any form
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City of Dredd 2134 is a revised &

expanded digital edition of the CITY Judge Dredd and all related
OF DREDD paperback published in 2011 characters and featured elements
by John Caliber, with assistance from in this publication are Registered
Jim McGibbon and Ivan Noel. Trademarks of Rebellion A/S 2012.

City of Dredd 2134 is an unofficial Judge Dredd 2134 - to make a star of Dredds games1). Material from the two Judge
Dredd sourcebook. Dredd is a Judge, a home Mega-City One, instead of using Dredd movies are excluded - they exist
law enforcer from the twenty-second- Ol Stoney Face as the hub. Instead of in standalone continuities. Elements
century who began his literary exist- boring character profiles, statistics from the Dredd Versus Death computer
ence in the late 1970s in the pages and time-lines, I concentrate on stories game are included if they also featured
of the British science fiction comic and the environments they take place in the novel adaptation of the same
2000AD. in, namely all the locations of Mega- name.
City One that I and my research auxil-
Rather than producing something grey City of Dredd 2134 comprises several
iaries Ivan Noel and Jim McGibbon
and traditional, I thought it entirely thrill-powered chapters:
were able to source, which should be
fitting to echo 2000ADs anarchist,
practically every issue from every
nonconformist origins and pursue
official Judge Dredd and Dreddworld
an equally esoteric angle for City of 1 Because the roleplaying games take major
media (comic strips, newspaper strips, liberties with Judge Dredd canon (as the comic
novels, audio dramas and roleplaying strips define it), we cherry-picked the locations
which did not cause continuity headaches, and
edited others to remove conflicting data.

Mega-History - An overview of Mega- Progology - A year-by-year chronology
Last Word
City One and the events which have of all Dreddworld stories. You can
affected the city as a whole. cross-reference with the A-Z to learn City of Dredd 2134 is sure to keep any
how stories fit into the larger Judge Judge Dredd fan (aka Dreddhead)
A-Z - Locations within Mega-City Ones occupied for many, many hours. It
Dredd time-line.
borders. The heading (in red) provides is a book that can be dipped into, to
the locales name, the text following it Further Investigations - Internet URLs unearth surprises, or kept at the ready
providing synopses of its importance of interest to Judge Dredd fans. as a Writers Bible for professionals
to Dreddworld fiction. They conclude and amateurs alike.
with the name of the story from
which the information originated (see City Maps
Progology, below). City of Dredd 2134 features the most
detailed Mega-City One maps ever
Directory - All the locations from
published. However, a word of caution
the A-Z, condensed and arranged by
for readers. The maps have been care- John Caliber
region and sector. Includes locations
fully designed to match the geography 24 April 2012
with no direct story value but which
of Mega-City One, with the regional
may have been glimpsed in the back-
and sector borders using prewar state
and highway intersections as their
boundaries, as one might logically
expect such a megalopolis to have
evolved. However, the placement of
sectors is entirely open to interpre-
tation, with the small exception of
sectors afforded more exact coordi-
nates by Dreddworld media.

Mega-City One
Mega-City One grew from a vast conur- massive but cramped cityblocks. Only halved again during the 2104 Apoca-
bation linking New York and Wash- 13 percent of Mega-City Ones popu- lypse War. (10,000,000 is a Dangerous
ington into a vast habitat engulfing the lation was in work and moonlighting Age, Cynthia; Cityblock; Engram; The
eastern seaboard of North America. was a serious offence. Frustrated citi- Apocalypse War; The Day the Law Died;
Its period of swiftest growth was zens held unemployment marches Unemployment Riot)
between the years 2023-2039. In 2052, and riots, but sometimes they unwit-
Mega-City One was divided into five
the American Congress approved the tingly achieved their desire to find
zones: MegNorth, MegEast, MegSouth,
Autonomy Act, giving Americas three work when the Judges sentenced
MegWest and MegCentral which were
great Mega-Cities self-governance on them to hard labour in the mines of
subdivided into sectors, districts and
all but foreign and military affairs. In Mutieland. The Housing Crisis of 2099
precincts. Before the Apocalypse War,
2055, new immigration controls came forced many citizens to take to the
Mega-City One had more than 500
into force, but were met by scenes of megways in roving habitats called
sectors and over 1,000 districts. More
violent confrontation. The Mayor and mopads. In 2101, Chief Judge Cal used
than four-million people took part in
Council of Mega-City One (a partition slave labour to construct a one mile-
the Megathon, the annual cross-Mega-
of the US Senate) were fully supportive high wall to prevent many thousands
City marathon. Over the next fort-
of the Judges. (Origins; The Making of of citizens joining a mass exodus into
night, eight million feet relentlessly
Dredd Versus Death) the Cursed Earth. By the time Cal
pounded the rockcrete roadways along
had been deposed he had murdered
By 2100, Mega-City Ones population the 1,600 kilometre journey. One year,
millions, leaving approximately 800
had swollen to 100 million, housed in a murderous citizen greatly annoyed
million survivors. That number was

by the noise blew up a bridge along the docked with fuel-bowsers or utility Snekov and Vlad) brought Mega-City
Megathon route, killing hundreds of rovers. Mopad users referred to city- One to its knees with the Block Mania
joggers. Judge Dredd organised the 20 block dwellers as rooties. Crimes contaminant before launching Opera-
kilometre clean-up. (People Express) among the mopad community included tion Apocalypse - a nuclear bombard-
the presence of mo-gangs, snatchers ment and an all-out military assault.
Under the Slum Clearance Act of 2105
(who used hover-claws and antigrav 500 metres from the walls of Mega-
(Subsection 12), all new private housing
snares to steal cars off the road), City One, East-Meg missile nose-cones
developments had to make a 29 per
mo-bank robbers and mobsters rolling opened to unleash 100 independently
cent donation to the Public Sector.
in style and luxury aboard cargo functioning warheads, each capable of
(High Society)
blimp-sized mosinos (mopad casinos). obliterating an entire city sector. It was
It was impossible for any human to A traffic offence was documented once a blizzard of death the likes of which
know Mega-City Ones entire road very 2.57 seconds. In the aftermath of the world has never seen, destroying
network layout by heart. The traffic the Apocalypse War, wrecker-crews every sector below the 35th Parallel,
flow was so congested that minimum caused traffic accidents along prime home to over 150 million citizens.
speeds were introduced to help keep choke-points, killing and robbing East-Meg 10 megaton devices deto-
the road network moving (80 kph hundreds of drivers. Some wreckers nated along the Mega-City One eastern
along skedways). Human taxi-drivers built fake tollbooths or staged road- seaboard, creating a tidal wave over
and truckers were very much in the blocks in huge sting operations while a kilometre-high and 1,500 kilometres
minority. The traffic ranged from nippy others were more bold, driving huge in length; it broke upon the Atlantic
zimmerzooms to juggernaut baggy- wrecknauts directly into the oncoming Wall, demolishing it and levelling many
hoggers. No vehicle could be consid- traffic, and riding nimble hov-jets to eastern sectors. Among the ruined
ered roadworthy unless it had a fully- rob their victims. (Skedway Madness; Northland sectors, Judges fought
functional auto-con and up-to-date What I Did For Christmas; Whiteout) armies of Block Maniacs.
digimap. There was no rush hour
During long years, an uneasy peace East-Meg One began the invasion,
because very few citizens worked, the
had existed between Mega-City One clearing landing areas with poison
closest analogy being the morning
and its Sov-Block rival East-Meg One. gas before dropping rad-sweeper
pick-up and drop-off traffic jams and
In 2014, the East-Meg One Diktatorat tanks and Sentenoid war-droids. Once
afternoons when mopad residents
(Chief Judge Josef Bulgarin and Judges enemy forces were established along

the northern sectors, Judge Dredd citys West Gate South, a huge exodus ical swamps and lethal radiation pits.
ordered a state of Total Guerilla War, poured into the Cursed Earth - an esti- Housing was in short supply, food even
with Weather Control scrambling its mated 27 million-citizens lacking food shorter. Rats and pestilence (including
computers to cause severe, rapid and or weapons. East-Meg War-Marshal Cholera and Typhoid) abounded.
unpredictable meteorological fluctua- Kazan betrayed and murdered the Lawlessness, looting plagued all city
tions to hamper the enemy advance. Diktatorat before coming to Mega-City sectors, challenging a Judge force
East-Meg Strato-V hoverships sprayed One to assume command where he reduced to half-strength. Chief Judge
the Block Mania antidote in aerosol ordered the creation of Forced Labour McGruder conscripted every able-
form across the city to quell civilian Camps to commence the rebuilding bodied man, woman and child into
resistance. As refugees fled south of the damaged road networks. Dredd Compulsory Labour Units - for many,
along City Bottom, enemy propa- led a crack commando team into the their very first experience of work. The
ganda (leaflets featuring hypnotic Sov-Block, annihilating East-Meg appalling toll on human life left many
pulsers) began manipulating the citi- One with its own nuclear arsenal and thousands of robots ownerless until
zens in the Sov-Judges favour. Dredd executing War-Marshal Kazan. Within Judge Dredd refocused their attention
bonded Mega-City Ones scattered hours, the hostilities had ceased. The upon helping in the reconstruction
defenders into an effective resistance following morning, SJS Chief McGruder of Mega-City One. The other Amer-
force; Judges and Citi-Def unit fought was officially sworn in as Chief Judge, ican Mega-Cities imported essential
together in a hit-and-run campaign replacing the late Chief Judge Griffin. supplies to Mega-City One, which some
to sever all Mega-City exists from the The East-Meg prisoners-of-war were nicknamed Nuclear City. (Meka-City;
occupied Northland sectors while returned home in impounded Strato- The League of Fatties)
being blasted by phobic-pulsers. Dredd Vs. In Mega-City One, the momentous
By 2105, 14 per cent of citizens lived
melted the rockcrete City Bottom task of rebuilding began. (Block Mania;
in conditions considered unfit for rats.
streets using thermal charges, killing The Apocalypse War)
(High Society)
pursuing rad-sweeper crews.
During the Apocalypse War, over half
In 2106, Mega-City Ones bounda-
By the eighth day of the Apocalypse of Mega-City Ones 800 million popu-
ries were revised to accommodate
War, 90 per cent of Mega-City One had lation had perished and 65 per cent
substantial Apocalypse War damage,
fallen to the relentless advance of the of the city was now little more than
the north and southern sectors being
East-Meg hordes. Through the crushed rubble, pockmarked by foul chem-

the most severely-affected. MegCen- system. Once the crisis had been In 2112, the Dark Judges Necropolis
tral (New York City and surrounding averted, the Judges implemented a (aka The Big Nec; Necropolis Event)
sectors) retained its former bound- single payment Clean Air Tax at the caused the widespread decay of Mega-
aries but was reduced to 20 sectors, cost of 105 credits per adult. (Bobs City One estate and the murders of
numbered concentrically from Sector Law) over 60 million citizens. Vast burial
1. MegEast and MegWest shrank as pits were excavated in the Cursed
By 2109, Mega-City Ones population
the new MegSouth annexed some of Earth near the West Wall, and a rock-
had exceeded of 420 million. Statis-
their sectors. MegEast (Sectors 21-108) rete cross erected to commemorate,
tically, 97.7 per cent of all citizens
radiated from MegCentral. MegSouth although the dead would rise again
committed at least one indictable
(Sectors 109-160), MegWest (Sectors during the necromancer Sabbats
crime every year, earning the megalo-
161-240) and MegNorth (Sectors zombie invasion, forcing the burial
polis the unfortunate nickname Crime
241-300) followed a similar pattern pits destruction. Tex-Aid construct
City. (Block War; So You Want to be a
except in the north, where sector teams helped repair damage to the
numbering was ordered in an east-to- city. Over a third of all Judges were
west fashion. A small habitable patch By 2112, East-Meg Two supplied much killed, more requiring intensive
of urban estate among the northern of Mega-City Ones fuel, intermittently medical treatment. A psi-phenom-
ruins became the North West Hab- dwindling and causing traffic chaos enon of static energy associated with
Zone (Sectors 301-305). The sector and prompting a search for alterna- the many Necropolis deaths later blan-
changes were finalised jointly between tive sources. The Block Tax of 2112-3 keted Mega-City One; Exorcist Judge
Justice Department and City Hall, caused outrage across Mega-City Lamia informed Judge Dredd that it
but neither predicted the furore it One, with millions of Anti-Block Tax was a common occurrence in certain
would cause among the citizens. Exer- protesters arriving at Justice Square sectors, homicide blackspots and
cising crafty financial legerdemain, the each Friday for the regular Perp-In block war zones. (High Spirits; Judge-
Justice Department proposed a Sector (one event saw half-a-million marchers ment Day; Necropolis; The Taking of
Relocation Bonus (a 100 credit-bribe) arrive from the North West Hab-Zone, Sector 123)
to every adult citizen, provided they although they were too tired on arrival
In 2113, pro-democrat groups forced
signed a legal document agreeing to to be much of a nuisance). (Mega-City
the first Mega-City One Referendum in
abide by the new sector-numbering News)
46 years. Only 35 per cent of citizens


ONE 2134

voted, the poorest turnout since 2039. completed. The asteroids destruc- The Judge Child Krysler failed to
Of the 43 million votes cast, 23 per tion released a being called Satan from implement its nightmarish City of the
cent botched their vote. Nine per cent his confinement inside the asteroid. Damned, opposed once more by Judge
voted for the Democrats and 68 per Satan survived a Justice Department Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson. (In the
cent voted for the Judges, returning nuclear strike launched from Cursed Year 2120)
them to power. (The Devil You Know; Earth Silos 1 and 7 and then visited
The mega-mobster Nero Narcos Assas-
Twilights Last Gleaming) to Mega-City One, his very presence
sinator droid army defeated Justice
corrupting the minds of the citizens
By 2114, it was estimated 11,017 reli- Department within a mere 24 hours,
and causing widespread and bloody
gions existed in Mega-City One, conquering Mega-City One with the
violence. The Chief Judge launched
from the Aged Aunts of Azrael to the assistance of half a million repro-
subsonic and ultrasonic cannon, fusion
Zomboid Whirling Bugglies. (Reasons grammed mekanoids and booby-
bombs, poison gas and lethal microbes
to be Cheerful) trapped Mk2 Lawgivers crippling
at Satan, all to no effect. Satan offered
many Judges. Assuming command
The mysterious Harlequin briefly Psi-Judge Anderson a partnership
of the Grand Hall of Justice, Narcos
abducted all Mega-City Ones children. as his consort to help him enslave
warned the other mega-cities not to
(The Harlequins Dance) the universe. When Satan detected
interfere in his business. He insti-
Andersons attempt to deceive him,
Circa 2117, Mega-City Ones population tuted a curfew while his Assassinators
he turned against Mega-City One.
was reckoned to have soared to 500 hunted Judge stragglers, rewarding
Anderson countered Satans attack
million. (Satan) citizens who reported the location of
by amplifying to a lethal intensity the
hidden Judges on 0808 SHOPACOP.
The asteroid Icarus broke up as it niggling doubts Satan harboured about
As a special concession to the citi-
entered Earths atmosphere 2,000 his own competence. (Satan)
zens the curfew was relaxed occasion-
kilometres out in the Cursed Earth. In 2120, a foul wind blew in from the ally between certain hours to permit
Some Mega-City buildings collapsed west, worsening daily; evil, stifling looting. (Doomsday)
in the shockwave and fires blazed smog closed in over Mega-City One like
from ruptured fuel mains. Chief In 2121, vast areas of Mega-City
a shroud. Suicides were up, crimes of
Judge Volt instituted a blanket curfew remained too radioactive to enter 17
violence nearly doubled. A spectre of
until a full damage-assessment was years after the Apocalypse War. Fully
the Mutant, a terrible clone of Owen

90 percent of the population was enti- 2129, almost four percent of Mega- Given the extremely high-risk of conta-
tled to Welfare payments, and over City Ones population thought they gion posed by the Sov-Block Chaos
1,000 applicants chased job vacancies. had Cal-hab ancestry, a further 14 per Plague bioweapon, the Judges insti-
(Doledrums; The Trial) cent quite liked the idea and 55.77 per tuted a citywide curfew commencing
cent were in favour of anything giving daily at 1800 hours. Only mopads,
An estimated 80-120 million-citizens
them an excuse to get drunk and start emergency vehicles and author-
were shopping on the skeds during
a fight. (Tartan Terrors) ised driverless deliveries would be
Christmas Eve 2124. (A Nativity Tale)
permitted on the streets. Unauthor-
The newest slab-sport of mutie-
The Total War attacks saw multiple ised vehicles were impounded, and
bashing broke out across Mega-City
thermonuclear bombs detonated destroyed, their drivers sentenced to
One, with mutant immigrants singled
throughout Mega-City One in an a minimum of two years encubement.
out for assault, harassment and
effort to coerce the Judges into relin- When video footage of a top secret
murder. (The Edgar Case)
quishing their control. Two million citi- simulation prepared by Senior Judge
zens were believed to have perished, Chief Judge Hershey supported Judge Vass concerning the mass euthanasia
with many more permanently-injured. Dredds move to allow mutants legal of infected citizens was made public
Emergency camps grew to house citizenship of Mega-City One. Hershey by MCNN reporter Miasma Jennings,
hundreds of thousands of refugees. A was supplanted by Chief Judge Fran- in every cityblock in every sector,
year later, half-a-million citizens lived cisco who rejected the bill. When Fran- anger boiled over. Severely-stretched
in DP camps in poverty; 29 per cent of cisco was incapacitated by the ambi- already, the Judges were rapidly over-
the children suffered from malnutri- tious Deputy Chief Judge Sinfield, the whelmed. Large sections of the city
tion while the mega-corps donations mutant expulsions accelerated, the fell into the hands of the mob. Military
tallied only two percent of their daily new Council of Five voting in favour divisions, normally unlicensed to act
net profit. This angered activist groups of sterilising all mutants who chose to against the civilian population, were
including Direct Action who attacked remain in Mega-City One. By the time granted temporary executive powers.
the megacorps and murdered Judges Francisco was returned to power, only But even the armys additional fire-
who opposed them. (Direct Action; 170,000 mutants remained as citizens. power was insufficient the city was
Total War) (Backlash; Mega-City Justice; Sex, Vi too vast, and insurrection spread like
and Vidslugs; Tour of Duty) wildfire. (Eve of Destruction)
According to a recent survey circa

Cityblocks they automatically returned to their floor, while the better-equipped city-
origin point when summoned. The blocks enjoyed antigrav drop-tubes.
(Aka Citi-Blocks; Hab-Blocks). Most
Block Registrar recorded births and Judges could order Block Mainte-
of Mega-City Ones citizens were
deaths. Friends and relatives of the nance to override el-shafts, open
crammed into cityblocks 400 levels
recently-deceased had 24 hours with barred doors or halt elevator cars,
high, divided among 18,000 apart-
the body before it was consigned to while other cityblocks had a control
ments (hab-units). After the Great
Resyk. Those wishing to keep the box that the Judge could manually
Atom War, it became a widespread
body paid a 950 credit release fee. control. Some blocks had Judge-Only
practice to name new cityblocks
elevators. A breached el-access door
after famous historical figures. Cityblocks featured skedways, over-
automatically triggered a fail-safe,
Warning beacons atop the tallest zooms, flybys/flyovers, feedways,
halting all cars in that shaft. The
blocks prevented hover-vehicle colli- underparks, underpeds, underskeds,
older cityblocks were constructed
sions. An average cityblock housed zoom stations, podports, eeziglides/
around a tower of rockcrete and
60,000 inhabitants (blockers) largely slidewalks, pedways, pipeways and
steel that concentrated el-shafts,
dependant on Welfare payments to zipstrips. Residents divided their
drop-tubes and repair conduits in
afford the 5,000 credits monthly hab- cityblocks into upblock and down-
close proximity for ease of mainte-
rent. From birth in the Block Hospital block strata. Riot doors that should
nance. Distances were sometimes
to death in the Block Morgue, it was have automatically-closed to contain
measured by proximity to ones el
possible for a citizen to spend his block wars or danger zones were
position - downtube or uptube. Since
entire life inside a cityblock without often vandalised by gangs, or proac-
2066, elevators were fitted with
ever having the need to leave. Block tive block warriors. The average
pneumatic brakes to slow uncon-
buggies1 were necessary to cross cityblock had spiralling emergency
trolled descent. Radial corridors
the vast plazas. Hoverducks were stairs at its core, surrounded by
extended from the blocks core to
airborne version of block buggies speedevator banks (aka els) which
the hab-levels. In the event of fires,
used to travel between cityblocks; transported residents from the base-
a fire-foamer system activated while
ment to the topmost levels; some had
speedevators deactivated to contain
el-cars with built-in sprung safety
fire damage. Bio-lume warning lights
1 Communal micro-vehicles which citizens mechanisms to buffer detached
drove to their destination and then deposited in alerted citizens to the danger of
plasticon waybays for others to use. cars against impact with the el-shaft

empty el-shafts. quillising the blockers. Highly-effi- and Block Mayor (aka Governor).
cient ventilation ducts were main- They met regularly in the Council
Teams of robots and robo-engineers
tained by outside contractors such Chamber, chaired by the robot
led by a robot Block Caretaker main-
as the Sweetair Ventilation Company. Mister Speaker. The Councils rulings
tained day-to-day cityblock opera-
were carried out by the Block Super-
tions, reporting to the Block Super- Apartments featured dump-cubes
visor whose office was sometimes
visor. Some residents, too long used (lavatories), habputers and holovids
located in a sub-basement with an
to working and made obsolete by (with V-Net access), a food-droid,
adjoining utility suite. Revenue to
the more efficient robots, could eezi-lounger, techbeds and relaxa-
fund cityblock maintenance and
not adjust to the huge increase in trions. Luxapts (luxury apartments)
essential public services was raised
leisure time. They risked a six-month were fitted with expensive Medi-
by a Block Tax levied upon every
prison-sentence by destroying block acom units. Upblock penthouse
adult blocker, of which City Hall
robots and stealing their tools, fanta- apartments were the most desirable,
creamed off a percentage - the City
sising they were back in gainful which few could afford. The poorer
employment. blockers lived in basement apart-
ments near the noisy underskeds. Each cityblock had its Citi-Def (Civil
Cityblocks recycled their waste
Defence Corps). In theory, they were
products to varying extents, Most citizens were dependant on
highly-trained auxiliary soldiers - in
re-circulating scrubbed and purified Welfare benefits, a fixed weekly
practice, a band of amateur militia
wastewater. Block sewage-recycling stipend barely covering the costs of
populated by idealistic fools. The
plants were located in the basement day-to-day living. For able-bodied
Citi-Def had exclusive armouries,
levels and featured bilge pumps and residents, a requirement of receiving
gunships and aerial defence missile
sanitation sumps. Sewer-hoppers Welfare was to work voluntarily,
silos. The Citi-Def Alert Station acti-
extracted water for recycling but helping the local needy. Block Chari-
vated a call-to-arms of all volun-
were prone to occasional blowbacks. ties asked for donations of unwanted
teers. The average Citi-Def comple-
Mixer tanks could be isolated from apartment goods to be given over to
ment numbered 100, divided into
the Main-Feeder, allowing additives the disadvantaged.
four units (A- through D-Sections,
to be put in the water supply, for
Cityblock communities elected their their troop complement numbered
example the Judges covertly-tran-
ruling council (aka Block Committee) 1-25, 26-50, 51-75 and 76-00). They

regularly embarked on field exer- blocks had their own dedicated outdoor conditions regulated by the
cises using dummy rounds on City vidphone exchange using the Block robot Park-Keep. Trees and flowers
Bottom, and used live ammunition XXX (insert digicode) alphanumeric bloomed under artificial condi-
in the Undercity. (Bad Moon Rising; system. tions. Residents could feed the robo-
Block Mania) ducks with metal filings (two credits
Common cityblock locations and
a bag). The larger parks had artifi-
Under a misguided policy of organisations included the Block
cial beaches with water and waves
fostering better relations with Auditorium (aka Gossiperia), Glee
surrounded by a holographic wall
the community, many Judges had Clubs (organising day-trips in hover-
simulating a pacific paradise. A
been allocated apartments in city- coaches for older residents), Block
beach permit was required to use
blocks. In the latter days of Chief Watch Schemes (members could
the beach, validated by robot life-
Judge Volts term, these had largely report crimes to the Judges but not
guards. Many cityblocks adjoined
fallen into disuse. Block Judges take any direct remedial action),
external Leisure Precincts (aka
were obliged to hold regular Block Quiet Clubs (enjoying rare moments
block plazas) offering a variety
Courts. Some feigned illness to avoid of blessed quiet), Justice Clubs
of attractions including funfairs,
bringing the law to endless queues of (giving those interested in law and
ground-level parks, memorial
local idiots. Cityblocks lacking Block order the illusion of having some
statues and fountains. Tweenblock
Judges had temporary assigned moral influence over their block).
plazas were shared by neighbouring
Street Judges.
Block Travel Bureaus offered cityblocks.
Blocks had their own journalists working holidays to the Mines of
Many cityblocks had intensive Juve
(Block Reporters) who kept resi- Mutieland and their gruelling, 15
Rehab Programmes to help Young
dents up-to-date on all the latest hour days, harsh overseers and the
Perps (YPs) readjust to life outside
local developments via Block News risk of skin disease.
the Iso-Blocks. Their future was
vidcasts piped to every apartment.
Curving parkways, open-air sun bleak, but Rehab tried to teach them
A powerful transmitter atop the city-
parks and block parks compensated interests including various sport,
block received and relayed city-
for the fact that few in the twenty- anything to help them come to terms
wide communications which Justice
second-century would ever see a with the long, empty years ahead.
Department could covertly tap. City-
real park. They simulated natural

The Block Hospital (aka medi-centre; into violence in a moment. Statis- passed on to satellite companies
med-unit) was equipped to handle tically, in a typical cityblock over run by loyal lieutenants and then
any operation, with robodocs and a 750 crimes were committed every to smaller outfits with a percentage
small fleet of ambulances. day, 87 serious in nature. The real of any fees collected passed up the
power in many cityblocks was the crime ladder. If violence was neces-
Block Schools educated on average
Block Mafia. At the top of the crim- sary, outside contractors were
10,000 block youngsters from
inal pyramid was the Block Daddy brought in. Mafias employed the
four-year-old juves to 18-year-old
who ruled the block using a front best lawyers to keep the law off their
predults, preparing them for the life
company, usually dealing in insur- backs; the Judges tried interrogating
that awaited them - such as it was.
ance. Every new resident would residents and bugging their apart-
99 per cent of school-leavers failed
receive a visit, the mobsters claiming ments, anything that might pick up a
to find employment within five years.
a friendly working relationship with few clues to Mafia activities. Under-
Juve Clubs tried to steer youngsters
the Judges to make the block safe cover Judges were installed, but
out of trouble and away from gangs.
when in truth they tried to disable the criminals were good at spotting
With 87 per cent of Mega-City Ones
the blockcams to hide their activi- imposters.
population out of work, Unemploy-
ties. If the residents refused to pay
ment was a compulsory subject in Xerxes Clavier, one of Mega-Us
the Block Insurance (as high as 400
all block schools. Older jobless resi- most controversial lecturers, lucked
credits a month) a neighbour would
dents were assisted by Leisure Coun- onto a high-class Block College job
be ordered to warn them of horrible
sellors who offered them diver- hosting seminars on Genetic Prej-
consequences including beat-
sions and hobbies including old- udice & Revolutionary Idealogy.
ings or murder. The Block Mafias
time dancing, arti-flower arranging, (Mutopia)
were difficult to combat; their front
origami, party-giving and alien-spot-
company acted as a legitimate busi- Moluski was wrongly diagnosed
ting. Juves graduating from Block
ness, issuing genuine (if worthless) with Malignant Creeping Buboes by
School could apply to study in Block
policies. Should a resident prove a block doctor when in fact he only
resistant to gentle persuasion, the had a mild case of Skinners Rash. He
In a cityblocks tightly-packed company would pursue the matter robbed a jewellers store, believing
community, tension could flare no further. Details were, however, he had only two weeks to live. Judge

Dredd sentenced Moluski to five Chem-Pit Downway
years in the cubes. (Rash Action)
(Aka Chem-Pool). Abandoned, dere- Any number of routes providing safe
(A Day Out at the Block Wars; Bad lict industrial districts polluted by and legal passage for hover traffic as
Moon Rising; Block Court; Block man-made toxins. (Chem Pool) they descended to the citys lower
Mania; Block Park; Blood and levels. (SABS)
Duty; Blood Trails; Bury My Knee at Conapt
Wounded Heart; Chief Judges Man; DP Camp
Connecting-apartments, smaller
Citi-Def; Cityblock; Escape From Kurt
than cityblocks with apartments (aka DP Station). Temporary
Russell Block; Give Me Liberty; Inci-
opening directly onto public veran- Displaced Persons refuge-camps.
dent at Rowdy Yates; I Was a Teenage
dahs overlooking leisure precincts. Tents, prefabs and mopads provided
Perp; Jumped; Mega-City News;
Some of the wealthier conapt devel- accommodation for crisis survivors
Midnight Surfer; Monkey Business
opments were gated and protected left without homes. DP camps were
at the Charles Darwin Block; Mutie
by Private Security (aka Pri-Sec). a common sight in the aftermaths
Block; New Year is Cancelled; Night
(Full Earth Crimes) of the Apocalypse War, the Necrop-
of the Bloodbeast; One For the Boys;
olis Event, Judgement Day and
Origins; Phoenix Falling; Rumours
the Total War attacks. The dispos-
Can Kill; School Bully; Shok!; Spooks; Correction Block
sessed might have to wait years to
Ten Years; Terror; The Bad Juve;
Rehabilitation facilities dealing with be rehoused. Those who died during
The Further Adventures of PJ Maybe;
minor offenders. (Palais de Boing) their enforced stay in the DP Camps
The Problem With Sonny Bono; The
were used for transplant purposes.
Shirley Temple of Doom; The Tower
Demolition Zone (The Apartment; The Cal Files)
of Babbil; Triad; Trial By Jury; Varks;
When the El Breaks; Whiteout; Your (Aka Demo-Zone). Walled or gated DP Stations were set up after the
Beating Heart) areas within which damaged or Apocalypse War and the Total
abandoned structures were demol- War debacle; their occupants were
ished. (Nightmares) supplied with ration-slugs and anti-
rad pills. (Unhappy Returns)

Dust-Zone The factory robots toiled cease- Hoverport
lessly, loading robot trucks with
(Aka Indo-Plex). Multicorp manufac- (Aka Hoverpad). Airports accom-
goods delivered to stores to be sold
turing zones dominated by indus- modating hover vehicles. A hover-
by robot salespeople. (Animal House;
trial-pharmaceutical developments port differed from a stratoport, the
The Ecstasy; Wetworks; Whiteout)
and factory-blocks, smelting plants, former largely being the preserve
refineries and creteworks. Ducts of local Mega-City One traffic. (The
and conduits spaghetti-crawled over Feedway Lemming Syndrome)
exposed surfaces like slug-trails,
(Aka Feed). Skedways managing the
and jettison towers spurted flame
flow of traffic as vehicles transferred Hoverstop
as combustive pollutant waste was
from major to minor road systems.
shot through ion-filters to dissipate The twenty-second-century
in the upper stratosphere. Dust-zone descendant of a bus stop, where citi-
estate was at a premium, located Glideway zens queued in wait for a hoverbus.
along sector edges between neigh- (The Law Muscles in)
(Aka Lo-Hov Thru). Designated
bouring residential districts. They routes used by low-altitude hover
were worked intensively, with redun- traffic. (Missing in Action) Hov-In
dant business premises demolished
Hover-drivers parked for free at
and reclam-zones established to
Holding Block hov-ins to watch movies on large
erect new structures. Huge block-
screens; payment was required
houses were owned by humans and Empty cityblocks could be comman-
before they departed. (America)
designed by robots, totally-efficient deered by Justice Department to
in form and function, tattooed with be used as holding blocks serving
barcodes for labour-robot laser- as temporary housing for large Interrogation Block
readers. Only rats frequented the numbers of citizens requiring emer-
The Grand Hall of Justice and Sector
robot factories, hunted by cybercat gency shelter. (The Graveyard Shift)
Houses contained dozens of shake-
patrol automata. In the depths of the
down cubes in their Interrogation
dust-zones there were places where
Wings especially adapted for formal
no human had walked in 50 years.
questioning. They were arranged in

circles around a central processing Iso-Block cast Cube News. Iso-Block prisoners
hub. Pending interrogates were meals included forcemunce patties
(Aka I-Block). The first Iso-Blocks
seated so they could watch their with nutrients and statutory paci-
were built in the first half of the
peers marched in and marched out fiers. Inmates serving life sentences
twenty-first-century when, under
broken and defeated, a tactic to were offered the Lifers Programme:
Chief Judge Fargos Instant Justice
weaken their reserve. Within each on acceptance of a visit to a eutha-
initiative, the prison popula-
shakedown cube was the harsh glare nasium, they received a lump sum
tion consequently soared. Iso-
of lights, the soft hum of the lie- of 3,400 credits to donate to the
Blocks were designed to be imper-
detector and the probing voice of the person or charity of their choice.
vious to nuclear weapons and were
interrogator. A Judge watched from Alternatively, they could opt for the
protected by high-powered lasers
an anteroom to monitor lie-detector Time-Stretcher, a device acceler-
and surrounded by high walls
results and ensure the interrogation ating their age by the same number
and watchtowers. Inbound pris-
was carried out lawfully. (Suspect) of years dictated by their sentence;
oners, having first been thoroughly
the Time-Stretcher was a gamble
searched, arrived with a charge
with numerous prisoners perishing
Intersked sheet from their initial processing
of illnesses they would have other-
at a Sector House. Iso-Block travel
(Aka Intersection). Motorway junc- wise experienced far more slowly
vouchers subsidised the transfer
tions, or points of indirect conver- and could have been treatable.
of prisoners between containment
gence whereby roads occupying When prison sentences had been
facilities, or staff undertaking Iso-
various altitudes overlapped. served, former inmates were issued
Block duties. Prisoners were housed
with a release slip. Repeat offenders
in security wings of various catego-
Interzoom were threatened with lobotomy
ries (low, medium, high) according
or memory-wipe, while the most
Roadways reserved specifically for to the prisoners threat-assessment
serious offenders endured drugs,
intersector traffic and the highest rating, with the most dangerous
anti-psychotics and electroshock
speed limits outside of the supers- held in solitary maximum security
therapy rehabilitation. Under the
labs. (Roadkill) containment cubes. Iso-warders
Prison Reform Program, model
conversed with inmates in their iso-
prisoners could apply to become
cubes via vidscreens, which broad-

Iso-warders. After the Necropolis Luxapt No-Go Zone
Event, many Iso-Blocks were left
(Aka Hyperlux Block; Lux-Block). (Aka Prohib-Zone; Reclam-Zone).
in a general state of disrepair. Iso-
Glamorous cityblocks for the very Areas of Mega-City One devastated
warders (aka Cube-Judges) were
rich, their apartments located far by Apocalypse War conflict, struc-
considered by Street Judges to be
above the downblock rabble and tural instability or unexploded
road traffic. ordnance, off-limits to civilians and
(Bad Frendz; Block Mania; Blood and scheduled for rebuilding. Rad-trac-
Duty; Death Row; Destinys Angels; tors collected radioactive fallout and
Dredd Angel; Mandroid: Instrument of excavated debris. (No Mans Land;
(Aka Boomway; Intersector). Mega- Rumble in the Jungle)
War; New Model Phoord; Nightmares;
City Ones A-roads, dozens of lanes
Origins; Storm Warning; Stranger than
wide. Megways spanning great
Fiction; Tea with Mrs Gunderson; The Pedway
expanses of city estate were known
Further Dasterdly Deeds of PJ Maybe;
as superslabs. Megways converged (Aka Pedwalk; Walkway). Pedestrian
The Scorpion Dance; Top Gun; Turned
at intersections, linkways, traffic walkways connected cityblocks,
Out Quite Nice Again; The Urge;
islands and traffic stacks. They plazas and large internal spaces.
Youre a Better Man than I am, Gunga
branched off onto narrower skedway Tweenblock pedways (aka walko-
B-roads and feedways. vers) were self-supporting and could
In 2134, as the Chaos Bug gripped be designed as all manner of exotic
Mega-City One and crime ruled the curves. In areas of Mega-City One
Neutral Zone
streets, the Iso-Blocks were stripped where suicide rates were high, stun-
to the bare minimum of manpower Areas of neutrality where Mega-City coil chain-link fencing was used
and weaponry to give immediate One and East-Meg forces refrained to block the pedway lips. Pedways
support to the beleaguered Street from fighting during the Apocalypse branched off onto the narrower side-
Judges. (Eve of Destruction) War. The agreement was not always peds while underpeds connected
honoured; among the citys bombed- cityblock basement levels with
out sectors numbered at least one downblock plazas and City Bottom.
former neutral zone. (Exorcise Duty) (Jigsaw Murders; Lawmaster on the

Loose; Whiteout) to be found in poorer districts and agonising death. Judges occasionally
popular tourist destinations. The shot unsuspecting trespassers in an
Covert Operations Establishment act of mercy. Recognised survival
engineered many Public Booths procedures included anti-rad pills
(Aka Parkarama). Vehicle parks, the double-blinded, with embedded and radoraks. The larger rad-zones
name also applicable to cityblock transmitter systems feeding directly sometimes generated rainbow-like
garages and external facilities. Orig- into the COEs encrypted command auras. (Could You Survive a Holiday
inally, the term was used to desig- network. COE had similar setups in in Mega-City One?; Criminal Error)
nate hovercar landing pads, later almost every city-state on Earth.
expanded to identify any category of (Whiteout)
small vehicle garage. Safe-Block
The Judges rehoused narks and
Rad-Clinic Crime Scene Witnesses at risk of
Health centres specialising in the retaliation in safe-blocks provided
Mega-City Ones sectors were treatment of radiation-based inju- by Housing Department, guarded
divided into precincts, Justice ries. Rad-clinics proliferated across by Block Judges. A monthly rent
Department Patrol Grids whose Mega-City One following the devas- was still payable, but the Victims
borders changed to best respond to tation of the Apocalypse War. (A Day Fund helped make up any shortfall.
fluctuating local crime-rates. in the Death of Citizen Egg) (Mandroid)

Public Booth Rad-Zone Sanctuary Station

(Aka PB; Vidphone Booth). Vidphone (Aka Radiated Zone; Radiation Zone; A Justice Department robot-
kiosks were common on Mega- Rad-Pit). Ruins created by East-Meg controlled refuge with a roof-
City streets until the Apocalypse One nuclear strikes pockmarked by mounted flashing light for the use
War when many were destroyed. boiling pits. Scalding heat and invis- of citizens in dire need of protec-
Personal vidfones (aka coms) super- ible rad-clouds lingered for years, tion. Sanctuary Stations were made
seded the necessity for phone and failure to observe safety proto- from plasteel, designed to withstand
stations, but Public Booths were still cols resulted in severe burns and an a las-cannon barrage. A lie-detector

checked the citizens veracity before minimum standard of law and order to boost public fitness. (Alone in a
admitting him and summoning and paying their taxes. Justice Crowd; Antique Car Heist; The Mega-
Judges. (Sanctuary) Department retained the authority to City Times)
intrude at any time during the course
of an investigation. (Playing Futsie)
Sector Stacker
(Aka Section). By the late twenty-first Cheap hotels run by dutydroids
century, Mega-City One had been Skedway offering coffin-sized sleeping spaces
divided into 500-plus city sectors. (Aka Sked). Skedways were B-roads (aka compartments) for overnight
The larger sectors were cities in to the megway A-roads, covering stays. A sterilised toilet-tube was
their own right, with their own shorter distances with fewer attached to each mattress. (Beyond
government buildings and Sector lanes of traffic. Still smaller roads the Call of Duty)
Centres, hubs of commerce and connected to the skedways using
local society. During the Apocalypse skedlinks, while skedways connected
War, half the city was destroyed, to megways via xpressways. The
prompting a reassessment of sector term was sometimes used to denote Small Justice Department store-
borders. The result was a down- pedways running parallel to sked- houses and control relay stations
sizing to 305 sectors. (Bobs Law; ways. scattered throughout Mega-City One.
Revenge of the Taxidermist; The Apoc- (Sector House; The Pit)
alypse War) As the Chaos Bug gripped Mega-
A number of sectors - the Dereg- City One and crime ruled the streets,
(Aka Eeziglide; Walk-Eezee). Motor-
ulated - were turned over to local Substations were stripped to the
ised pedways constructed during
governance by business or citizens bare minimum of manpower and
Mega-City Ones mass-automa-
committees in an effort to relieve weaponry to give immediate support
tion phase. In 2103, public health
pressure from Justice Departments to the beleaguered Street Judges.
concerns were raised by The Mega-
stretched resources. In return for (Eve of Destruction)
City Times readers, one corre-
increased liberty, the local author- spondent requesting that slide-
ities were liable for maintaining a walks be occasionally deactivated

(Aka Underpass; U-Sked). Pedway
tunnel network strung throughout
Mega-City Ones lower strata. (Total

Watching Bay
(Aka I-Bay; Judge Nest; WB). Judges
routinely checked into Watching
Bays built from ferrocrete to observe
Mega-City One from a higher
vantage. Watching Bay cameras only
activated when the bay was occu-
pied, or could be operated remotely.
(The Graveyard Shift; Whiteout)

3rd Street 4th Avenue Conapts 9th Street
Judge Dredd pursued Murder Gang- 4th Avenue resident Ernst Emmingwy A Justice Department Search
leader Mister Buzzz to the second had an extra set of arms, navel Squad located the pyrokinetic Gord
floor of a fleapit hotel on 3rd & and nipple-noses grafted onto his Umbers corpse on wasteground
Grover in Oldtown. Dredd obtained a body. The arms originally belonged near 9th Street. (Pyro)
retroactive demolition order for the to convicted murderer Dirk The
Mopad Club member Buzz Beeberly
building, much to the consternation Gripper Mabon, whose spirit
(Membership 003-71MG2904/01BEEB)
of the owner, who would be compen- possessed Emmingwy. Mabon was
got lost and found himself at the
sated for his loss. Dredd, citing the sentenced to two years encubement
infamous 9th Street. He requested
Public Health Act (2087), burned for Handling Stolen Goods. (Brothers
help from the Mopad Club but the
the building down, flushing Mister n Arms)
latter refused to assist, citing safety
Buzzz. (Mister Buzzz)
concerns. By the time Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd secured a perp to 6th Street Stackers arrived, the locals had burnt the
a holding post on 3rd Street, Gender War terrorist Helga Myer mopad to ashes, but Buzz and his
sentencing him to a years encube- plotted to detonate a nerve-agent at wife luckily survived. (Breakdown on
ment. (Revolt of the Robots) the 6th Street Stackers on Christmas Ninth Street)

The Wicked Juniors street-gang morning. (One For the Boys) Judge Dredd, monitoring crowds
attacked against Staz Comby and at the 2133 Annual New Years Eve
his girlfriend Candy along the 3rd 7th Street Shoppera Parade, arrested a pickpocket on the
Street Tangleway when Staz car was corner of 9th Street & Brassard. (Old
Undercover Judge Nader posed as a
stolen. Candys Sentinel Personal Man Time)
Brit-Citter shopping at the 7th Street
Alarm alerted Psi-Judge Anderson
Shoppera where Nader subdued a
and Judge Goon who were on patrol
cyborg mugger. (The Shirley Temple 10th Street
nearby. (Wonderwall)
of Doom) Savings & Loan Bank
The hoodlum Little Spuggy caused
mayhem in the 10th Street Savings

& Loan Bank and was sentenced to 18-Wheeler Velodrome Dredd or Alive!)
30 years encubement in Iso-Block 47.
Manipulated by Robert Roberts psi-
(Little Spuggys Christmas)
talent, Arfie lured a fattie he met 47th & Shuster
in the 18-Wheeler Velodrome back
The Great Victory Parade celebrated
10 & 20 Shopplex to his apartment; Arfie was caught
the 50th anniversary of the Great
by the Judges in the midst of his
The Jimp (Judge-impersonator) Atomic War; one of its routes was
flushing the fatties remains down
Ralphy Bryce tried to arrest shop- along 47th & Shuster. Virtually all
the dump-cube. (Psykogeddon)
lifters in the 10 & 20 Shopplex. Mega-City One celebrated, including
A repeat offender, Ralphy was the Atomic Hooligans, Gruds
sentenced by Judge Dredd to impris- 23rd Street Goodies and the Mega-City One
onment in the Juve Cubes. (Judging Radiation Survivors Club. The event
Judge Dredd was called to a distur-
Ralphy) was covered by MCTV reporter Ed
bance at a toy shop held up by a
Svelt. A group of terrorists including
psychopath wearing a rabbit-suit
Morty destroyed the MCTV cam-
12th Street during a full moon. After giving
platform before being executed by
chase, Dredd confronted a werewolf
Judge Dredd investigated a report of Judge Dredd. As the corpses fell they
which foolishly swallowed Dredds
a citizen trapped inside an ape-chute transformed into angels of death,
gunhand; an investigation revealed
on the corner of 12th & Dave. (Mutie slaughtering parade-goers before
the werewolf to be a citizen who had
Block) flying along Meryl Street and into Sal
eaten the Werewolf flavour Monster
Dail Alley. Simultaneously, a wave
Bites snack made by Nibble Sweets.
17th Street of archaic aircraft strafed citizens.
(How to be a Monster)
Other reports documented attacks
Judges Beeny and Logan questioned
by sabre-toothed tigers, medieval
locals concerning the movements of 27th Street knights in armour, cartoon charac-
Sov-Block agent Karl Wessel in the
Judge Dredd discovered the corpse ters with chainsaws and a gigantic
vicinity of 17th Street, near Polar
of Undercover Judge Brisco on the Bouncybrat toy. (Gruds Big Day)
Drive. (Eve of Destruction)
corner of 27th & Bleeker. (Wanted:

49th Street (Stalking the Law) ment Mechanismo #5 murdered 18
eldsters at the 101st Social & Spritely
During the Apocalypse War, Psi-
Club on Sunset Sked after finding
Judge Mishka Wallace had a premo- 95th & Cannoli
them guilty of numerous offences.
nition of a Sov-Block wipeout squad
Andrea Spomik, one of Mega-City (Mechanismo: Body Count)
approaching 49th Street. A panic-
Ones top East-Meg analysts, was
stricken mob accused Wallace
killed in a hit-and-run at the corner
of being a witch and stoned her, 110th Tangleway
of Sector 22s 95th & Cannoli. Judge
although Wallace did survive. As she
Adenhauer was the investigator. A busy undersked above a quasi-
predicted, the Sov-Judges slaugh-
(The Assassination List) legal market; all its securicams had
tered 10,000 citizens. (Witch)
been stolen and sold. (Total War)
A Judge placed four juves on hold
99th Street
(handcuffed to a holding post) in a
PSU streetcams monitored Katherine 123rd Street
back alley off 49th Street, so arrested
for dancing atop their victims head. Kitty Rosson passing the Sump A wrecker gang looted eight vehi-
(Control) Mini-Mart on East 99th; the street- cles on the corner of Becker & 123rd.
cams lost sight of Rosson some- (Fear and Loathing in Mega-City One)
where between a mini-mart and a
77th Street zoom-station. (Mandroid)
196th Veterans Union
Judge Dredd arrested three perps
A charitable support organisation
in an alley off 77th Street whom he
101st Street for ex-Mega-City One Space Corps
charged with Robbery with Menaces
Judge Dekker requested a meat- soldiers where the mandroid Nate
(eight-years encubement). Dredd was
wagon on IPA Plaza & 101st when Slaughterhouse searched for his
then attacked by the Stalker, a vigi-
Judge Cara was killed by a home- wife Katherine Kitty Rosson with
lante tailing Dredd for two years.
made explosive device deployed by the help of an old war comrade who
The Stalker had murdered the newly-
three juves. (The Rookie) placed Kittys picture on the city-
graduated Judge Karlson before
wide Vets Board. (Mandroid)
broadcasting his accomplishments The malfunctioning Justice Depart-
on Lawmaster scanner frequencies.

216th Street Hix and Biggy Little. The Society of Street; Narcos body was destroyed,
Executioners captured and threw but his brain was salvaged. (Bad
The batglider Gidiup Roggy, wrongly-
Judge DeMarco (who had uncov- Frendz)
suspected of being a Sov-Block
ered Leviathan Slaughters activities)
soldier, was spotted batting over
into the fight-pit, but then suffered a
216th Street. (The Kazan Gambit) 642nd Street
devastating retribution from Judge
Dredd. Slaughter was impaled and Morons juve gang-member Zits Biloxi
237th Street killed by one of his own weapons. mugged a vulnerable citizen (known
(Beyond the Call of Duty) in gang parlance as a dimp) on the
Judge Ampey discovered 16 severed
corner of 642nd & Ramjam; the dimp
limbs in a 237th Street hov-stop
then fell off the pavee (pavement)
waiting room and a further three
351st Street onto Ramjam. The incident was
limbs in the womens PF. (Serial
PSU tracked the kidnapped Scandi- witnessed by Problem Joovz gang-
navian infant Sven Larssens move- members Jimmy Squid, H and Hs
ments to 351st & Cosmic, but the kid sister J who launched an attack
303rd Club trail was a decoy. It triggered an against the Morons, their traditional
Publicly a civic centre, secretly the automated timed communication, a enemies. (Joovz in the Hood)
location of the Society of Execu- message from Total War demanding,
tioners, led by Leviathan Slaughter in return for Svens life, the release
945th Street
(a former military enforcer). The of all Total War prisoners in Judi-
cial custody, and the arrangement of 945th Street was lined with stun-
Society captured criminals and then
transport for them to the Mongolian coil chainlink fencing to try to deter
murdered them in a gladiatorial
Free-State. (Regrets) suicides. Graffiti along the pedway
fighting-pit. Society members who
included Dan Depresso Jumped
took part in the slayings included
From Here, scrawled over the
Lurky Reaper Manson, Bubba Snip-
477th Street lower megways central cruise lane
perhands Blue and Buzz Blood-
The mega-mobster Nero Narcos (frequented by autotrucks and mega-
vessel. Their criminal victims
was grievously-wounded by a bomb juggers). (Whiteout)
included the surf-sharks Doglas
planted by his enemies on 477th

A Justice Department Mechanismo 1008th Street 1285th Street Stackers
malfunctioned on the corner of 945th
(Aka Muggers Mile). A high- Judge Deck Bilby investigated when
& Sargasso, pulverising the face of a
crime dive located near Ricardo a citizen was stabbed and beaten to
citizen it found to be causing a public
Montalban Block where even the death at the 1285th Street Stackers.
nuisance. (Mechanismo)
Judges only ventured in squads. The fatality was believed to be the
The Wee Shuggy Hall was one of victim of a botched anti-mutant hate-
999th Street Savings & Loan Muggers Miles most seedy land- killing, his medical status as a mute
marks. (Muggers Mile) unfortunately marking him for retal-
A gang of armed-robbers led by
iation by idiotic citizens. (Emphati-
Pops took advantage of a recent
cally Evil)
costuming craze and disguised them- 1119th Street
selves as the Bouncybrat charac-
Judge Dredd investigated a report
ters Bo, Dimwit, Flipsy and Gaga to
of a low-flying vehicle attacked by 1492nd Street
rob the 999th Street Savings & Loan
punks on hover-bikes and weaving A droid under the mega-mobster
bank. They knew the bank received
dangerously on 1119th Street. Upon Nero Narcos control killed several
a delivery each Friday of paycards
arresting the driver, Dredd discov- Judges on 1492nd Street. (Worst of
in denominations of 1,000 to 5,000,
ered him to be Councillor Hamilton Frendz)
tallying 34 million-credits. When the
Gris who had been released from
Bratsuit craze was abruptly-banned
custody barely 24 hours after Dredd
by the Judges, the heisters had to 1494th Street
previously arrested him. (Sleaze)
move quickly. Flush with loot, they A droid under the mega-mobster
bounced north along 998th Street Judge Dredd was called to 1119th Nero Narcos control killed several
and onto nearby Addison, boarding Street by Judge Hookey who had Judges on 1494th Street. (Worst of
their stolen spectromatic-capable arrested the former Judge, Galen Frendz)
vehicle and fleeing into the next DeMarco, for interfering with an
sector. (The Bouncybrats Heist) arrest. (Return of the Assassin)
1812th Underpass
The Crystal Skull hired a gang
of ape-thugs to ambush Judge

Dredd along the 1812th Underpass, Extreme Prejudice) were then abducted by Bojos organ-
spraying Tefoil to force Dredds legging gang who posed as catch-
Lawmaster off the road. The Crystal wagon Judges. (Dead Lost in Mega-
3119th Street
Skull stunned Dredd using an electri- City One)
fied staff. (Master of Fear) Judge Dredd investigated a mutant at
large along the 3119th Street upsked.
2049th Street
A member of the alien Predator
8667th Street
species killed a Judge for sport on
2049th Street. (Predator Versus Judge The fat-fight promoter Tub OLard
Dredd) arranged an eating contest between
the juve-turned-pro-flab-star
Denry Starvin Marvin Pooter and
2122nd Street Expanding Ernie Milkovitz. Lard
A warehouse on 2122 Street, City requested Milkovitz to meet him at
Bottom, was a meeting place for ciga- a hov-stop on 8667th Street, City
rette smugglers nicknamed Holiday Bottom where he would fly them to
Specials who smuggled 30 kilos the contest venue. (The Bazooka)
of Black Lung cigarettes (a Class-A
drug) from Brit-Cit. They hid the
12098th street
contraband inside a Murrays Mobile
Snax Hotties van. (Holiday Special) Judge Dredd encountered Brit-Cit
contestants Rita and Gita competing
in the reality show Dead Lost, impor-
2147th Street Mall tuning passers-by for slabrags
PSU cameras located the fugitive (warm clothing) on 12098th Street
Dorma Jean Waterson inside the after their own clothes were stolen
2147th Street Mall. (Termination With by a fake taxi scam. The two women

Program, citing Judicial Code Section visited the Mega-Garbage Disposal
19/F. Dredd destroyed Quigglys Mk2. Unit. (Worms)
(Mechanismo: Body Count)

Absent friends
ABC Finance Esta Bolinski commissioned the
An accountancy firm owned by animatronic experts of Absent
Almodovar, Bennetti and Crebbs Friends to convert her dead slob
specialising in high-risk, legitimate, of a husband into something more
offworld portfolios beyond Mega- aesthetically-pleasing. (Revenge of
City Ones jurisdiction. (Bad Moon the Taxidermist)

Academy of Dark Design

A2 Salvage Company Abels Smokatorium Hydra Millstone was the Academy of
On Uro Boulevard, Judge Dredd A geodesic structure destroyed Dark Designs star pupil, picking up
investigated the activities of the during the Total War debacle. Propri- awards for Demon Conjuring, Corpse
former convict Jerard Daave Aaron etor Abel was quick to establish Resuscitation and Voodoo Home
(Rap Sheet: Unlicensed Salvaging) Abels Hotties, a market stall situ- Economics. (Meet the Millstones)
and A2 Salvages coproprietor when ated in the dead zone surrounding
he salvaged the Justice Depart- the new Ezra Pound crater. (Horror in
ment Mechanismo robot #5. Academy of Law
Emergency Camp 4)
After recharging, the Mechanismo The earliest Academies of Law were
murdered Aarons employees. Dredd established across North America
badly-damaged the Mechanismo and Abraham Angus Block by Special Prosecutor Fargo in the
pursued it into the sewers. One of An ill-fated Abe Angus Block early decades of the twenty-first-
Chief Tek-Judge Quigglys Mk2 Mech- School outing led by teacher Mister century. In 2031, First Chief Judge
anismos destroyed #5 to remove Kenbake, which included the juves Fargo led the Judges onto the streets
evidence of the failed Mechanismo Chester Whut and Herman Snood, of the vast conurbation stretching

from Washington to New York which with honour from front-line duties1. were removed from their families,
would eventually become Mega-City It cost the Mega-City One taxpayer billeted in Academy of Law dormito-
One. The main Academy building several million credits to train each ries. While the Judge-Tutors ordered
was located in Justice Central, Sector cadet up to rookie status. Pre- cadets to aspire to refrain from
1, and in 2066 it became the training cadets (aka novices) entered the entering into close interpersonal
ground for the first batch of cloned Academy at the age of five, selected attachments, many forged strong
Judges including Joseph and Rico on the basis of possessing high- bonds to help improve their chances
Dredd, McVey and Bartholomew quality genetic material. Potential of surviving the brutal Academy
Kimble. (Countdown to Arma- cadets were either donated by their regime. The Academy day began at
geddon) parents or the result of an Induc- 0600 hours when the Cadets were
tion Order issued by Senior Judges; roused by the Roll Call bell. During
In 2070, as World War Three (later
cadets older than the orthodox age the next 15 years, the Law was the
to be called the Great Atom War)
considered for intake had to be spon- cadets only family. When frontline
began, Chief Judge Fargo declared a
sored by a respected Judge. The Justice Department manpower occa-
State of Emergency. All Cadet-Judges
selection of suitable Judge material sionally sagged, Accelerated Grad-
over the age of 14 were rushed into
through cloning became increas- uation Programmes fast-tracked
full active service on the streets,
ingly prevalent by the early twenty- the brightest cadets to Full Eagle
outfitted with regulation street
second-century. Pre-Cadet Super- status sometimes as many as five
uniform and full combat armament.
visor Mullaney held induction years in advance. Throughout
Despite their tender age, the highly-
days for prospective Cadets, fining their Academy life, the cadets were
capable Dredd clone-brothers were
time-wasters 100 credits. Once randomly-mind-probed by psi-
allowed to join the ranks of their
the novices passed the initiation counsellors searching for emerging
elders as temporary Street Judges.
their heads were shaved and they mental disorders increasing chances
(War Babies)
of succumbing to criminal tenden-
Cadet-Judges received tutelage in 1 Notable Judge-Tutors included Burroughs,
cies; the cadets damaged in this
the capable hands of Judge-Tutors, Cain, Coburn, Cooper, Cranston, Fernandez, manner were subjected to attitude
Gallow, Kelso, Jonas, Pepper, Mullaney, Pepper, adjustment (a low-level conditioning
those Judges retired or invalided Ram, Royston, Schmaltz, Schwartz, Silver, and
Wintergreen. Griffin was Academy Principal in procedure carried out by Psi-Divi-
2101. Judge Wallis was Deputy-Principal in 2131.

sion) before the failed cadet was from active Street Judges3. Level Six cises against gunmeks5). Wher-
expelled from the Academy of Law2. classes featured Applied Violence, ever a grievance arose between
Penned by Ol Stoney Face (Judge employing Citizen Perpetrators (CPs) Cadet-Judges, Cadets Rights
Dredd) himself, Dredds Comport- as voluntary human punch-bags. was enacted, a combat-to-submis-
ment was cited as the standard refer- Cit-Emp4 (Citizen Empathy) tutorials sion ritual employing weapons of
ence at the Academy, superseding (added to the curriculum in 2129) the cadets choosing. One-in-seven
the traditional Judicial Training concerned 1. Informing the Newly- cadets would die in training, and
Procedure Manual. Cadets under- Bereaved; 2. Winning Hearts & Minds; another four-in-seven cadets were
took regular written and practical 3. The Hand of Friendship. weeded out before graduation,
tests, seeking a pass-mark of 80 per stripped of rank and insignia and
The Academy of Law featured a
cent. The top-performing student discharged. At age 12, cadets could
City Simulation (aka Street-Sim), a
was chosen annually from each class apply to become Offworld Judges.
life-sized recreation of a Mega-City
to be entered onto the Honour Roll. Cadets were - up until the age of
One precinct where Cadets under-
The Academy Curriculum included 13 - only authorised to fire tranq-
went Routine Combat Assessments
lessons in Judicial Hijack, Hostage rounds or blanks on the streets,
(RCA; live-ammunition combat exer-
Takedown, Hijack Protocol, Hostage requiring a permit or a Full Eagles
Retrieval and Psych-Warfare, occa- discretion to upgrade to live rounds.
sionally taught by Judge Dredd. During Year Ten training, each cadet
Level Five classes learned Marks- conducted a full on-street investiga-
manship, Robotics and Unarmed tion with an Invigilator - an experi-
Combat Daystick Technique tutorials 3 Daniel Falcone, the son of Anna
(accidentally killed by Judge Kruger) was inducted 5 The highest combat-scores in Academy
into the Academy despite expressing a hatred of RCA history were achieved by Cadet-Judges
the Judges. Kruger (daystick-fighting champion Joseph & Rico Dredd, followed by Cadets
four years-running) was suspended from duty and Kraken, Ryce and Stone. In the Fire Tunnel,
ordered to act as a Academy Combat Instructor. Judge Eastwood worked on honing Cadet-Judges
Judge Dredd gave Kruger a sound daystick reflexes with autoguns triggered by the breaking
thrashing before a class of Cadets. of invisible laser beams. The Mega-City Times
2 Failed Cadet-Judge Winston Dempsey was 4 Judge-Tutor Royston attempted to extend reporter Douglas Snoop was wounded when he
unable to cope with life among the citizenry; his his Cit-Emp methodology to Street Division. accidentally triggered an autogun. Later, he lasted
distraught mother requested laser neurosurgery Judge Dredd field-tested Roystons pet project, exactly eight seconds against Cadet-Judge Lee
to remove all memory of his time in the Academy. declaring it to be an outright failure. while sparring in the Gyms boxing ring.

enced Street Judge - presiding over worked the streets of Mega-City One Lawgiver8 by the Chief Judge. The
them; in later years, they inversely in Skull Sessions alongside Street families of graduates were allowed
directed the actions of a superior on Judges. When a rookie was consid- to attend the Passing Out Parade,
the Mega-City One streets. Cadets ered to be ready, he underwent his their last opportunity to commu-
were forbidden to leave the Acad- Final Assessment, a street exami- nicate with their offspring before
emys grounds unless they had a nation overseen by a Supervisor, being separated for life. Rookies who
directive from their superior to usually a Senior Judge. On the day failed the Final Assessment were
undertake field exercises including of his Final Assessment, the rookie expelled and received rehabilitation
Primary Disturbance Control and awoke at 0600 hours and reported to ease the trauma of their painful
Familiarisation Expeditions into high- to the Quartermasters, receiving his and humiliating transition back into
crime areas such as the Martha Lawgiver7 and live-round magazines civilian life.
Chesterton Memorial Park. Outland before reporting to the Academy
(A Case For Treatment; A Day at the
missions. Cursed Earth Familiari- Principal for a final pep talk. The
Block Wars; A Guide to Mega-City
sation (aka Hotdog Runs) schooled rookie collected his Lawmaster in
Law; Blood Cadets; Blood Cadets*2;
the Cadets in matters of extreme the Academy Bike Pool where his
Brothers of the Blood; Cadet; Child
survival6 in the Undercity and the Invigilator waited. A rookie who
Prodigy; Cit-Emp; Countdown to Arma-
Cursed Earth. On Family Association passed muster became a Full Eagle,
geddon; Giant; Class of 79; Count-
Day, the cadets were briefly reunited officially recognised at a passing-
down to Necropolis; Crime Preven-
with their kin, but the clones in their out parade held at the Grand Hall of
tion; Cycle of Violence; Heist; Hotdog
ranks instead pulled extra duty. Justice where he was presented with
Run; Hover Bovver; Games Workshop
Cadet-Judges became Rookie-Judges his black field helmet, badge and
JDRPG; Judgement; Masquerade; My
(Half-Eagles) when approaching the
Beautiful Career; Monkey on My Back;
age of 20. Each year, only a fraction
Mutie the Pig; New Year is Cancelled;
of cadets from thousands made the
grade of Rookie (in 2116, 104 cadets
made Rookie status). Rookie-Judges 8 Judge Giant (Junior) was, at the age of 15,
the youngest rookie ever to be forwarded by
7 Placing both palms on the Lawgiver the Accelerated Graduation Programme. The
6 Cadets joked that their field-rations were handgrip to allow infrared sensors to recognise previous record-holder was Rookie Hervey,
made from mutant toejam and rat vomit. the rookies sole authority to wield it. 17-years-old, who flunked out.

Origins; Return of Gary; Revolution; In 2110, the Academy of Law suffered abducted all the Cadet-Judges after
Silencer; So You Want to be a Judge? its first major poltergeist attack, combatting 5,000 Full Eagles who
Test of the Law; The Academy of Law; focussed upon Psi-Cadets Janus, fought in the cadets defence. (The
The Edgar Case; The Hotdog Run; Bryce, Kilmer, Stryker and Ashley; Harlequins Dance)
The Making of a Judge; The Manchu the latters dying screams were
After he was invalided from street
Candidate; The Numbers Racket; The heard across the Astral Plane. Kilmer
duty, Judge-Tutor Barker formed a
Pit; The Rookie; The Shooting Match; suffered a nervous breakdown and
vigilante squad from rogue Cadet-
Thirteenth Assessment; Tour of Duty; ended his career mopping floors.
Judges known as the Extermina-
Walk in the Park; Where the Heart is; The incident prompted a Psi-Judge to
tors. They were defeated by Judge
Word of the Law; Young Giant) be installed on a permanent basis. In
Dredd; member Rookie-Judge Fenk
2118, Psi-Judge Janus was the Duty
The Academy of Law was destroyed was arrested, and Judge Barker was
Psi; she was summoned by Judge-
in 2104 during the Apocalypse War; executed. (Brute Force)
Tutor Baxter to deal with a Code Red
1,000 cadets perished, some only
poltergeist, the revenant of the late The genetically-modified (aka GM)
five-years-old. A temporary Justice
Psi-Cadet Ashley haunting the Mess gorilla Travis Perkins was inducted
Department Headquarters was
Hall. Ashley returned to murder Psi- into the Academy of Law during one
erected among the Academys ruins.
Cadet Kilmer. Janus, using a statue of Justice Departments more liberal
By 2107, the Academy had been
of the Hindu god Ganesha as a good recruitment drives. Perkins passed
completely rebuilt, but was later
luck charm, pursued Ashley into the out with flying colours but learned
destroyed during the 2112 Necrop-
dimension Limbo, manifesting as a Mega-City One was not quite ready
olis Event. The Academy was rebuilt
raging sewer filled with tormented for a gorilla in uniform and so he
at a later, unspecified date. (Meka-
souls. The Ganesh artefact weak- instead found a role within Under-
City; Nightmares)
ened Ashleys powers long enough cover Division. (The Fierce & The
After being freed from the maximum- for the tormented souls of Psi-Cadets Furious)
security Tomb, Judge Fear attacked Stryker, Bryce and Kilmer to annihi-
The young Lenny Zero was enrolled
the Academy of Law, murdering late Ashley before they passed into
into the Academy of Law after the
30 Psi-Cadets and abducting four. the Afterlife. (A New Star)
death of his parents, but he was
(Dredd Versus Death)
The psi-talented Harlequin briefly never fully able to come to terms

with Justice Department ethics. he assisted Judge Dredd in identi- the Academy three times a month
(Wipeout) fying Horst Reinhardt as a bite fight- when circumstances allowed. He
promoter who used a vocorder to was approached by Psi-Cadet Carter
Judge Dredd questioned Judge-Tutor
disguise his voice. (Bite Fight!) Hennessy 9 who predicted disaster
Brunt, the commander of Citi-Def
for Mega-City One on Election Day.
units during the Apocalypse War Judge Dredds demented clone
When Carter suffered debilitating
in a sector where Gregor Stackpole Nimrod underwent training in the
psychic trauma, her twin sister
fought. Brunt was convinced that Academy of Law, but his abnormal
Gabrielle acted as Carters spokes-
Gregor betrayed Mega-City soldiers strength made him a hazard to fellow
person as the latter continued to
to the Sov-Block and executed him on cadets. Nimrod was loaned out to
experience psi-flashes warning of a
a charge of Treason. (War Crimes) Immigration Control and made 34
terrible imminent disaster, a Day of
busts during the first hour of his
Flip McVittie was severely-beaten Chaos. Carter also predicted a fat
very first duty-shift. (Total War)
by Cadet-Judges when he volun- man in an Inscrutables shirt would
teered to become a Civilian Perpe- Deputy Chief-Judge Sinfield closely- attack rival Gazers sports-fans
trator (CP) as part of the Academys monitored the Final Assessment during the Stare-Down-1910 contest,
Level 6: Applied Violence class. Flip of his clone Rookie-Judge March. shooting acid from a plasteen squirt-
was so badly-injured that he devel- Academy Principal Wallis appointed gun smuggled through the weapons-
oped Brittle Bone disease, unable to Judge Rico to be Marchs Invigilator. scanners. The contestants that day
replace the calcium he lost. He lost Despite Rico failing March, the latter were Senga Versus Gimlet. Special
his job as a CP when it was revealed reappeared, having achieved Full Investigator to the Grand Hall of
that another violent blow could very Eagle status by suspicious means Justice Stanley Wile (assigned to
well kill him. (My Beautiful Career) and was now working in Chief Judge Judge Cheevers Office) was a Sov-
Sinfields Office. (Mega-City One) Block agent; in the Academys Med-
Judge-Tutor Hooper worked in Med-
Divisions Forensic Odontology Lab; By 2133, Judge Dredd took a class at
9 A Year Eight Cadet on a Psi-Bursary,
ranked low-grade with minor telepathic abilities
operating at an average of 58.4 per cent accuracy.
10 Competitive staring, though still a minority
sport, attracted a dedicated and fanatical

Bays, Wile murdered both Hennessy Accidental Station Acme Shuggy Hall
twins despite the vigilance of
PSU tracked the fugitive Oddy Murfy The shuggy supremo Max Normal
Med-Tek Ahmed and Duty-Med Little-
as far as the Accidental Station on beat Bonjo, an ill-tempered Rexel-
john. (Nadia; The Assassination List)
Latimer before Murfy turned down lian refugee, at the Acme Shuggy
Judge Dredd assisted Pre-Cadet Lufford. (Mutants in Mega-City One) Hall. Max escaped before the furious
Supervisor Judge-Tutor Chan with Bonjo and his manager Mister Rogan
the latest batch of Cadet-Novices11 could assault him. (Kingdom of the
Acme Diner
whose parents he discovered Blind)
A nondescript fast-food establish-
objected to their children being
ment, the Acme Diner had been
drafted. (Downtime) Acme Zimby Spares
robbed on numerous occasions. (All
Recovering from a neck injury, Judge the Lonely People) Acme Zimby Spares contacted the
Dredd continued to teach First Total War terrorist Sonny Castinello,
Year Cadet-Judges, grading recruits informing him that his skins were
Acme Plant Hire
including Gunter, Olsavski and Villas ready. (Terror)
on their Firing Range performance. Judge Dredd and Rookie-Judge Giant
(Elusive) (Junior) interviewed the Acme Plant
Hire Manager, and Service-Mek 4 Adam Chance Block
As the Chaos Bug gripped Mega- after one of their Heavy Metal Kid The Adam Chance Chancer gang
City One and crime ruled the streets, demolition robots malfunctioned. attacked the simp Nobby Klunk,
the Academy of Law was stripped to Giant suspected Service-Mek 4 was throwing him into a fountain. (Simp)
the bare minimum of manpower and lying and tracked it boarding the 117
weaponry to give immediate support Shuttle eastbound for Nutbush under
to the beleaguered Street Judges. Adam E Terno
the pretence of collecting spare-
(Eve of Destruction)
(Occult Bookshop)
parts. (Giant)
Judge Dredd tracked the serial-killer
and Satanist Adam E Terno back to
11 Year One classes taught Basic Forensics, his specialist bookshop on Meth-
Criminal Psychology, Ethics, Law, Marksmanship
and Unarmed Combat. uselah Street; Dredd encountered

E Terno sat atop a pile of severed son Willis forewarned De Bono Block Aetherworks
heads. (The Hand of Fate) of the impending attack. Meanwhile,
An alien-outsourcing franchise
in Apartment 42/K, Rudyard Quincy
springing up all over Mega-City One,
constructed a homemade nuclear
Admiral Togo Block exploiting tax breaks and reloca-
device with intent to destroy Hitler
tion incentives. Aetherworks was
Admiral Togo Block was 400 levels- Block, but discovered the bomb to
a karma cult helping the lowest of
high. Resident Wayne Farris was be defective. Annoyed, he threw the
the low and banning droids from
murdered in Apartment 236/B21 by nuclear device out of his window,
membership or employment. Admin-
Felicity Plainfolk. (The Devils Play- which Edith Einstein discovered and
istrator Symberline of the Aether
ground) intended to sell to repay her debts.
was overseer of Mega-City Ones
Frank Dolbys Citi-Def ambush was
Aetherworks branches12 but he was
Adolf Hitler Block routed by the well-prepared De Bono
also secretly harvesting the ecto-
Block opposition, leaving Dolby
Considered to be a typical cityblock, plasmic fields of the recently dead to
wondering where he might purchase
with 64,301 residents, 18,000 housing manufacture xeno-narcotics, as was
a nuke for counterattack purposes.
units and 400 levels. Unemployed the practise on half-a-dozen other
(The Blockers)
kneepad broker Frank Dolby (Apart- planets where Aetherworks oper-
ment 39/F) was a keen member of ated. Symberline claimed ambassa-
the block Citi-Def. While his wife Advanced Nuclear Reactor dorial status to escape arrest, but
Manyana knitted a book, Dolby rules did not apply to the vengeful
As the Half-Life virus spread
plotted to cause trouble with Ed De spirits of the dead, who exacted a
throughout Mega-City One, the Cult
Bono Block (V-Level One) and to terrible vengeance against Symber-
of Beatle (infected by Half-Life nano-
this end he roused the other Citi- line. (High-Spirits)
bots) tried to destroy the Advanced
Def, including the apathetic Einsteins Nuclear Reactor with a vektrum-
of Apartment 39/G. Carlton Einstein tipped missile. A counter-signal from
had not left his chair in 12 years, Psi-Divison Headquarters returned
having become a Tri-D addict; his sanity to the cult. (City of Dead)
wife Edith Einstein was a compul- 12 Cohd Moray, Gabriel, Kaspar Glim,
Luminous Rahls, Spiro Plume and Tito Beans
sive shopper, heavily in debt; their numbered among Aetherworks employees.

Aftermath Square Agee Memorial Complex Scots whose only common denom-
inator was petty jealousy. Judge
A Justice Central public plaza The 2116 Mega-Cup13 (formerly the
Dredd arrested the entire Cal-hab
commemorating the defeat of the World Cup, renamed to try to curry
fan-base, charged with over 1,000
insane tyrant Chief Judge Cal; it favour with a disinterested public)
incidences of Indecent Exposure.
featured a statue of the heroic Under- took place at the Agee Memorial
The coach of the host team was the
city denizen Fergee who sacrificed Complex. Citizen Burt Humpbach
Euro-Cit Jeff Massaro of the Megs
his life to kill Cal. (The Invisible Man) was one of the many Mega-Citters
Fives & Kneecapping leagues. Mega-
ignorant of soccer, assuming it was
An assassination attempt on Chief City Ones tournament anthem was
played by Euro-Cits who devoured
Judge McGruder failed, destroying Pennsylvania 65,000; the Calhabbers
frogs legs. Soccer players were
the statue of Fergee. Voluntary dona- was Cal-hab the Brave. The match
allowed minor cybernetic implants
tions in excess of eight million- ended 0-0, called off by Judge Dredd
to boost performance, and the pitch
credits flooded in from appalled citi- when ape-gangs were discovered
was equipped with self-regenerating
zens to pay for a replacement statue, implicated in match-racketeering.
crossbars. The Cup Draw was made
which was erected complete with In the following matches, Bruja beat
by Cart Blanche, soccers ruling
hundreds of robotic flies, replicas Cal-hab by two goals and four stab-
president; Cal-hab was selected to
of the constant companions of the bings; Emerald Isle beat Simba City
play against Mega-City One and so
filthy Fergee. (Judgement Day) 2-1; Mex-Cit took part in the next
Cal-hab Judge Buchan was subse-
match; Brit-Cit was beaten by Hondo
quently dispatched on a damage
City, and Cuidad Barranquilla won
AGGG&G Building limitation exercise to Mega-City
the overall tournament by a single
Mean Machine Angel, his son Mean One. The Cal-hab team (led by Roxy
goal. (Mega-Cup)
Junior, and Means psychiatrist Senga, a master technician and
Linus Ramsbottom, fled in a J & J coach) consisted of two halves: the
Bowell roadhauler when the Judges affluent Brit-Cit-based Anglos and Agg-Bio
surrounded the AGGG&G Building the permanently skint, home-based
Manufacturer of zombies, geneti-
on 9th Street where the trio were cally-engineered, humanoid guinea-
hiding. (Son of Mean) 13 Players included Bax, Dayglow, Hawkes
and McGraw and the Match Commentators were
pigs subjected to industrial chem-
Ray and James. icals and illnesses including Wrig-

leys Disease, to discover how such at the price staff-robots charged for (Passive/Aggressive)
substances might affect human phys- Aggro Dome services, triggered a
New Model Phoords installed at
iologies. Former zombie-keeper riot spilling out into the streets and
the Aggro Dome on Steiger turned
Thomas Zedd set fire to Agg-Bio forcing Judge Dredd to literally bring
against the patrons. (New Model
when he became convinced the the Aggro Domes roof down. (Aggro
zombies were suffering terribly as Dome; Passive/Aggressive)
a direct consequence of the expeir- Judge Dredd discovered the secret
Judge Dredd bested the Devil in
ments. (Zombie Barbecue) headquarters of the FFC (Fat
combat inside one of the Aggro
Freedom Coalition) in a Mount
Domes. (Beat the Devil)
Vernon Aggro Dome basement. FFC
Aggro Domes
Houston Parks Incorporated, owner members included Tucker Jubbly,
The Aggro Dome was the latest in of several Aggro Domes, planned Fifi LeFist (the World Arm-Wres-
a long line of efforts to control (and to close them all down after the tling Tournament Champion four
cash in upon) the seething passions City Mayor caved in to protests years-running), Benny Frenz (the
bred in a pre-apocalypse Mega-City from Cliffo Phabians Campaign Kem Kwong kick-boxing champion
One inhabited by over 800 million, For a Kinder, Greater Mega-City and a cordon bleu chief) and the Kill-
close-packed citizens. Inside, for a One. Aggro Dome Anger-Manager crazy Twins Mort and Eiger, Brit-Cits
fat fee, they could relieve their feel- Betsy Tarbox and Hurt-Me mech- hottest superslam tag-team. (The
ings of pent-up violence and frus- anoids from the Slap-a-rama used Big Hit)
trations. The Aggro Domes owner concealed spit-guns to massacre
boasted that one hour spent in Small-time hoodlum Muggro double-
New Nu-Agers and Happy Clappers
the Aggro Dome would pacify the crossed the mob-enforcer Gaz by
who participated in the protest, stun-
average citizen for an entire week. conning him into rescuing a Wally
ning Phabian with an electro-taser.
The aggro rooms included Big Leap, Judge posing as a mob accountant,
Judges Dredd and Leary arrested
Chainsaw Chop-Up, Chop Wood, who had broken cover after shooting
both factions and discovered that
Punchateria, Road Rage Raceway, Jackie Zapaletti and was being held
Phabian wore an illegal beta-block,
Slap-a-rama, Smash n Bash, Torture, prisoner inside the old Angeltown
a brainwave modifier to keep him in
Vape-A-Teacher and the Ultra- Aggro Dome on Mills & Boon. Gaz
an unnaturally placid state of mind.
Violent Room. One citizen, angered killed the Judges guards (including

Frankie The Plug, Sebbie Butler and Air Meg Terminal Akme Mek
Tony Mariarchi), but was murdered
Cargo and passengers from coun- Tomorrows People Here For You
by Muggro who planned to take all
tries with incidents of widespread Today. Manufacturer of androids.
the credit for the Judges rescue.
contagious disease were steri- East-Meg agents Glenny Mexworth
(Goons, Goons, Goons)
lised and fumigated on arrival at and Orlok briefly stopped at Akme
Mega-City Ones larger commer- Mek. (Hour of the Wolf)
AH Trench Spaceport cial hoverports. Runway Malaria
broke out at the Air Meg Terminal,
Psi-Judge Anderson intercepted Alan Grant Vue-Rise
a roughly-monthly event whereby
the cult-leader Adam Kadman, who
a mosquito crawled from a bag and Under interrogation, a member of a
planned to leave Mega-City One
infected citizens. Justice Department group printing Total War fan-litera-
with 50,000 followers bound for the
Station H was on hand to contain ture including Bomb da Badge and
planet nuTopia, a peaceful virgin
one outbreak; one victim was the Total Justice implicated Myron Loont,
world. Kadman was influenced by
citizen Herrings, bitten on the a known rad-dem agitator resident in
the visions of Zoltan the Prophet,
neck by an infected mosquito that Al Grant Apartment 147/35. (Blood
who foresaw disaster for Mega-
earned him a week in Quarantine. Trails)
City One; he was detained by the
Another citizen smuggled infected
Judges pending a deep-psi interroga-
Barranquilla Nightingales under his Alan Vega Block
tion. Predicting a bomb was primed
clothes, known carriers of the incur-
to detonate aboard the spacecraft Vega resident George Parnell
able mutant plague H3N9 (aka the
nuTopia, Anderson was too late to preferred playing at Hurricane
Creeping Death) which had wiped
stop Kadman from departing, but her Higgs Shuggy Club to long evenings
out the worlds chicken population in
astral body encountered the psionic attempting a semblance of romance
the twenty-first-century. The smug-
projection of Satan. As Dredd and with his wife Daphne. (Death of a
gler was pecked and infected and
Anderson watched on helplessly, Salesman)
quickly quarantined; he soon after-
nuTopia collided with the asteroid
wards succumbed and devoured
Icarus, killing all aboard. (Satan;
himself. (Tastes Like Chicken)
Something Wicked)

Albert Tatlock Buildings ties waiting to take part in the Scot- gangster Vic Burnett, was kidnapped
Block Versus Albion Block games. by the corrupt Sector Chief Kruger
Tatlock Buildings entered into a
Each year, both sides met in a and held ransom in Aldiss in
ceasefire during a block war with
pitched battle to the death for their exchange for Vic Burnett. Krugers
Minnie Cauldwell Block, prompting
sport. A clone of Lionel Blair had accomplices included Judges Dexter
speculation that both blocks were to
his heart torn out and was thrown (Vice Chief), Schmoke (Surveillance
unite against nearby Violet Carson
from his apartment, the third Albion Chief) and Perlman (Street Division
Block. (Mega-City News)
Block citizen to die that week. The Commander). Expelled Cadet-Judge
first, a clone of Barry Took, had Danny Falcone, outfitted in the Hell-
Alberto Runch Block been discovered facedown in a rad- bender armour, came to Gabrielles
A slum-block. Runch resident Homer waste lake, and a Liza Goddard clone rescue, but when Gabrielle discov-
Hoover had taken the neighbouring was discovered beaten to death ered Falcone was behind the armour,
Flauberts hostages as part of his with a walking stick, left to die in a she warned him to keep away.
protest against the high-quality of bed of ectoplasmic fluid. (The Most (Marauder)
living standards enjoyed nearby Dangerous Game)
Blake Carrington Block. Hoover
Aldos Syntherie
claimed that the Housing Committee
Al Bundy Block Aldos Syntherie was a swish restau-
had continually stiffed him when he
The hardy Cursed Earth boy Yassa rant owned by Aldo Pollo on Level
demanded decent accommodation
Povey underwent complimentary 698 of an unknown building. Pollo
for his wife and children, his Uncle
surgery at Al Bundy Block Hospital, fell to his death as a result of a
& Aunt Bill, his brother Cholly and
fitted with bionic eyes by Doctor psychic attack ordered by Third
a home for Cousin Goober. (Mean-
Zilton Northgate, Mega-City Ones Eye Insurance after Pollo refused to
top optic surgeon. (Nightmares) meet their extortion demands. (The
Albion Block
Aldiss Breakers Yard
A housing estate inhabited by clones
A spacecraft salvage and demolition
of Brit-Cit Charades-playing celebri-
facility. Gabrielle, the daughter of

Alexander Haig Silo Codger exposed him as a mobster. of uniformed robbers preying on the
(Channel 9 Crime Time Special) passengers. (Strangers on a Zoom)
Defending Your City. Judge Dredd
experienced a nightmare in which
the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Alexs Higgery Club Alf Garnett Block
attacked Mega-City One. Dredd
Bride of Death movie-director Julius The residents of Alf Garnett Block
ordered Al Haig Silo14 to launch
Scrim was murdered as he dining held the unenviable record of 100
a nuclear assault against the
in the Higgery Club by the actress per cent unemployment for 11
Horsemen. (Horsemen of the Apoca-
Zonda Vauxs psychic projection of consecutive years. (Channel 9 Crime
Judge Death. (Bride of Death) Time Special)

Alex Higgins Block

Al Ferguson Block Alfred E Neuman Block
Gormella Loath, a ten-year-old
The Ferguson Block Chugouts coach Judge Dredd interviewed former
member of the Pals Club, reported
broke down on the Northern Ruins Neuman Zeroes gang-member Herb
her friends dog to the Judges
Link. (Road Stop) Flezzer concerning a sked-smash
for defecating in a Higgins Block
caused by the Koole Brothers, Flezz-
elevator. The dog was put down and
ers former associates. (Koole Killers)
Loath was rewarded with a disguise Alfred Hitchcock Block
kit. (Mega-City News) Sector 7 was cordoned off when
Judges launched a manhunt for a Alice Faye Block

Alexis Colby Luxapts rooftop sniper who slew ten citi- As predicted by Psi-Cadet Carter
zens during Hitchcock Blocks 2103 Hennessy, a hoverbus carrying
Channel 9 Chief Executive Mont-
opening ceremony. (The Mega-City eldsters from Faye Block to the zoo
gomery D Stone resided in Colby
Times) crashed, leaving no survivors. (The
Luxapts until the journalist Rooke
Assassination List)
Hitchcock Heights was a zoom-
station connecting with Roman Rise;
14 It is not known if Haig Silo was a real
structure, or merely a figment of Dredds there, Judge Dredd pursued a group

Alices Park atop powerboards, liberating Alien Penitentiary. (The Last Resort)
many of the aliens from their enclo-
Ernesto Mozel ran away from home
sures. ALA activists Zim Staples
and frequented seedy gambling Alientown
and Charlie Dickens were executed
dens including Alices to practise
by the Judges, but the other crim- Alientown formed a small enclave
gambling. (God of Gamblers)
inals escaped by causing the park within the boundaries of Oldtown,
magnorail to crash into the Mercu- where intelligent and Certi-
Alien Grocery rian Dragons dome. The latter fied Harmless alien-beings were
escaped into the Cursed Earth, while permitted to reside - mainly polit-
In 2116, Jayni Pizmo, her mother and
the remaining ALA activists were ical refugees, traders and arti-
Mister SpahvK, a Bixerite alien who
executed or arrested. (There be sans, certain city employees, and
owned an alien grocery on a street
Dragons) also diplomats. The Extraterrestrial
corner, were rescued from a tap-
Trading & Social Club was a promi-
gang by Judge Dredd. (Whiteout)
nent social venue. There, the alien
Alien Penitentiary nicknamed Rhino was falsely-impli-
Alien Park (Aka The Alien Pen). Survivors of the cated in the murder of Grand Earth
The Exhibition of Extra-Terres- alien Mophioso mobs failed effort Council (GEC) extremists. Extrater-
trial Life in Alien Park occupied two to dominate Mega-City Ones under- restrial Welfare Officer Toowoo Phee
square-kilometres of reclaimed land world were sentenced to the Alien pleaded Rhinos case before Judge
near the West Wall where 9,000 alien Penitentiary. (Mob Wars) Dredd. Grand Earth Council hover-
species could be viewed in semi- raiders launched a savage attack
A hovercoach carrying alien tourists
natural surroundings, an extrav- against Alientown but were roundly-
visited the West Wall and descended
aganza of alien life unequalled trounced by Dredd who revoked
to watch Judge Dredd in action.
anywhere on Earth. One of the main Rhinos license and ordered him
He arrested the tourists for Inter-
exhibits was the fire-breathing deported. (Alientowns Burning; Solo)
fering with the Course of Justice,
alien Mercurian Dragon (Pyro-
Obstructing the Walkway and getting The Judges conducted regular
saurus Mercurious). The Alien Liber-
on his nerves, sentencing them to crime-blitzes in Alientown to control
ation Army (ALA) attacked the Alien
spend the rest of their holiday in the the number of illegal aliens. After

one such operation, over 10,000 ille- Barrio Blocks but where killed by public consumption. Ruckus eyes
gals were sentenced to deportation. Locos girlfriend Catalonia. (True had been replaced by 10,000 credits
(Alien Control) Romance) worth of bionic eye-cams with night-
vision and computer enhance-
On patrol in Alientown, Judge Alientown slabwalkers found work
ments. Following a lead, Ruckus
Dredds clone-brother Rico ignored in the High Dive bar. (Innocence: A
met a backstreet Alientown surgeon
sexual fraternisation between a Broad)
who performed surgery on mutants
human and alien despite a complaint
Two aliens perpetrated a robbery to make them appear genetically-
from an offended bystander. (The
along Spielberg Boulevard. The undamaged. The surgeons backers
Return of Rico)
larger alien split into two separate requested that Ruckus film the
Harvey Frolyx became an Alientown beings to improve its chances of operations to attract much-needed
celebrity when he was the first extra- escaping Judge Dredd. (Alientown) funding. The operation was moni-
terrestrial to attend an institute of tored covertly by Judge Dredd who
The mass-murderer Lucifer Blood- arrested Ruckus. (Old Wounds)
higher learning. (Alien in a Girls
stone was the prime suspect in a
street-gang-murder in 2109 before he
Orville Trite was a regular Alien- fled from Earth (Rap Sheet: 17 counts Alien Zoo
town visitor, making a number of of Space Piracy against Mega-City (Aka Mega-City Alien Zoo). The orig-
payments to Offworld Express (a One shipping). He was born in Alien- inal Alien Zoo compound, situated
haulage company) run by Leon town in 2093, his mother granted in MegWest, was in later years to
Huff, a smuggler of alien immigrants asylum from Rankors World, but be out-performed commercially by
including illegal neuro-nuke life- was later arrested for slabwalking. the Alien Park. Delinquent Melvin
forms. (Nuked) Bloodstones human fathers identity Threebod was thrown out of the
remained unknown. (Firestorm) Alien Zoo for causing a nuisance at
The hoodlum Bato Loco acciden-
the Rawwkrr Exhibit. In an act of
tally supplied the Slyrrm - Alien- Street splatterrazzo and celeb-
revenge, Threebod released many
town gangsters - with a drug harmful rity photographer Rudy Ruckus was
of the aliens using a las-cutter
to their physiologies. The enraged employed by Studio Xstream to film
obtained from a nearby ultra-mart.
Slyrrm hunted Loco into the nearby grotesque real-life events for illegal
Judges responded, led by Dredd,

who liberated a zookeeper from and the multi-bodied Intelligence became too large to contain. The
the pincers of the Rigellian Gorf. A (aka The Professors) of Sandoz-B. problem was finally solved when
pack of Antarean Tentatees trapped Tragically, Lotties visit was ruined Pritzy was executed after unwit-
numerous Judges inside their own when the Grunjii exhibit sucked her tingly swallowing a criminal. (Pritzys
cling-nets. Dredd confronted the clothes off. Egg killed the Grunjii Honour)
Wurlitz Wooflebeast, a towering using anti-rat exploding pellets. (A
Under the Protection of Sentient Life-
biped who had been a zoo exhibit Day in the Death of Citizen Egg)
forms Act (Subsection Four) 2096,
for a decade and kept pacified with
An Amoeban Vroil escaped from certain lesser Klegg subspecies
soy-meat (although it preferred the
Sector 169s Alien Zoo and was gained Protected Species status
taste of humans). Dredd pursued
believed to be seeking a warm and in Mega-City One. Judge Dredd
Threebod into the Duck-Billed
dry hiding place. (Judgement Day) sentenced the Kung Fu Kleggs
Yabba-Dabbas lake enclosure where
Degas, Lautrec, Manet and Monet to
the placid, dinosaur-like creature The Citizens Really Annoyed
life imprisonment in an Alien Zoo.
swallowed both lawman and quarry About Zoo Incarceration (CRAAZI)
(The Juve Mutated Kung Fu Kleggs)
who had to be extricated with a climbed naively into the carnivorous
massive dose of salts acting like a Antarean Grizzly Broos enclosure, Judge Dredd hired an Alien Zoo
mighty laxative. Threebods actions only to be devoured. (Barfur) veterinarian specialising in xeno-
had resulted in 40 civilian fatali- types (extraterrestrials) to flush
ties and hundreds injured, extensive On his birthday, after enjoying a
the assassin Jimmy The Eel Pye
damage to city property, and the wonderful lunch at Shaprios Hottie
from the guts of a fattie crime-scene
loss of irreplaceable alien species. House, Wally visited the Alien Zoo to
witness. (Inside Job)
(The Alien Zoo) view the Gibbl exhibits new litter of
Gibblets. (Whos Wally) Animal rights activists liberated
One Alien Zoo exhibit showcased the many Alien Zoo exhibits including a
Wigglewaggle. Joe Egg and his girl- Pritzy was an alien held in an Alien
pack of dune sharks which devoured
friend Lottie Agar viewed the Swim- Zoo after its ship crashlanded in
bystanders, the Jimp (Judge-imper-
ming Birds of Proxima Centauri, Mega-City One. Pritzy doubled in
sonator) Bojo, and Dead Lost game-
the shaggy Kee, the Whyrlygyg of size every day and rapidly became a
show contestants Charlie and Reg.
Logos, the many-horned Dune Worm favourite with the citizens, but soon
(Dead Lost in Mega-City One)

Other Alien Zoo exhibits included Alky Stores Alley McGraw
the Venusian Fruitbat (fed on tung-
Citywide vendors of alcoholic bever- A chainsaw-wielding maniac under
sten and spam) and Altairian Giraffes
ages including the popular Doom- the influence of a gigantic satanic
which were added in 2124. Former
lager. A branch located in Sector 301 tapeworm called George committed
Nero Narcos assassin Larry Laz-
was staffed by robots. (The Pit) a murder along Alley McGraw. Psi-
Beam Laloush was executed in the
Judge Anderson executed George
Zoo by Judge Dredd. (The Big Shot!)
using a jewelled crucifix earlier
Allen Ginsberg Block
Emmet McBarlot once shovelled confiscated from the Brit-Cit Holy
Cityblock destroyed during the Total Heister. (George)
excrement in an Alien Zoo. (Judge
War debacle. A shape-changing alien
Fears Big Day Out)
nosferatu killed a squatter haunting Judge Dredd, concealed in Alley
Living cargo aboard the Mirage the Ginsberg Block ruins. (Horror in McGraw, monitored the Museum of
treasure ship was destined for an Emergency Camp 4) the Twentieth Century, expecting
Alien Zoo. (Floods 13) the crimelord Jesus Bludd to pay it a
visit. (Kingdom of the Blind)
Alley Baba
Alina Reyes Block A bio-robot war-bike built by Soki-
As the Dark Judges Necropolis tomi Weapons Research went on the
advanced, Reyes Block resident rampage in the Black & Decker area The arrival of the ancient and noble
Ginny locked herself in her apart- near Alley Baba, killing the biker art of Sumo provided a new outlet
ment, refusing even to admit her Cosmo. (War-Hog) for failed Mega-City One fatties;
sister Leslie. As later documented by their vast bulk in part made up for
Judge Kennedy, Ginny began scrub- the lack of the subtler skills of the
Alley Forge Orientals, and their growing army
bing herself obsessively, failing to
notice she bathed in the blood of Judge Dredd dealt with a tap-gang of devotees provided the attraction
the blocks other residents piped operating along Alley Forge. (Monkey and excitement of the Basho. During
through the plumbing system. on My Back) an All-In-Sumo featuring a match
(Blood) between the Killer Blob and Mighty
Pudding Kikitushi, an Undercover

Judge posing as Iceman Delgado escape using a jetpack. (Ojay) Als Skule of Filosofy
tried to frame the drug-baron Mister
Patrolling Skudmore Bottom, Psi-
Slim, offering him ten million-credits
All-Nite Burgery Judge Anderson responded to a
in payment for 500 kilos of the
vision of impending violence at Als
narcotic Shanghai Express. Mister Get em While theyre Luke! Mobile
Skule of Filosofy on the Camelway.
Slim ordered his henchman Hooper snack-food vendor offering Munce-
Earlier, Psi-Judge Janzen had
check Delgados credentials with burgers, Ratburgers and Chunkies.
become contaminated when he made
associate Burgas. The drug-deal (Midnight Surfer)
telepathic contact with maddened
was arranged the next evening at
citizens operating from Als Skule;
the Basho during a match headlined Alpha Alley he died soon after, seemingly-
by the Hondo City Typhoons Sumo-
A bank in Alpha Alley was robbed possessed. On arrival, Anderson
squad and their star-player Ichitumi.
of 10,000 blank credit-slugs. Judge encountered a boarded-up compu-
Judge Dredd discovered the entire
Dredd tracked the robber onto the shop, a facade hiding the activities
Sumo-squad were drug-smugglers,
southbound slidewalk. (Spy in the within. Anderson fought two cult-
having swallowed bags of Shanghai
Sky) members including Al. In the stores
Express to pass risk-free through
backrooms, Anderson discovered
Customs. (A Night at the Basho)
dozens of corpses. (City of Dead)
Als Boingerama
Allison Estate Located on Plantagenet Plaza on the
Al Taylor Block
Eustace Fargo Spaceport approach
Judge Dredd responded to a crime
between Sectors 13 and 14. Als Spiro T Ewing (Taylor Apartment
call from the Allison Estate in the
Boingerama was run by the Van 93/X) was one of 171 Norman Mk1
Los Barrios area. The aeroball
Zandt crime-family. (Bad Moon domodroid owners; he narrowly
Harlem Heroes sports-star Samson
Rising*2) escaped being murdered by
Ojay, armed with a las-cutter, had
his defective robot. (Something
murdered Wendell Fong (a delivery
Abnormal About Norman)
man from Shapiros Kosher Hottie
House) and fellow resident Brunella
Breen-Scalding. Ojay attempted to

Alvin Stardust Block Cal. (Judgement Day) Amity Hall
Judge Dredd responded to an ARV Mutant activists who severely-
along Stardust Pedway; the attacker Amalgamated injured Judge Dan Francisco had
was jacked-up on high-quality, Munce Incorporated links to the Mutant Citizens Union,
refined glucose powder. (The Sugar Amalgamated Munce employed very attending meetings at Amity Hall.
Beat) few human staff because of the prev- (Backlash)
alent and overpowering stench of
Alvin Toffler Block raw munce. It also owned a number Amox Storehouse
of Cursed Earth agri-farms. (The
Judge Dredd responded to a futsie 15
Anti-democracy Judges Swaze and
running amok, driving a block-buggy Crosby ambushed Judge Dredd in
on Toffler Plaza. (Futsie Loose) Amalgamated Munce Incorporated the Amox Storehouse, Kelsey Street.
was the sponsor of The Mega-City (The Devil You Know)
A futsie with a flamethrower went on
News. (Judgement Day)
the rampage in Toffler Block. (Fear
the Darkness) Amalgamated Munce employee Amstor University
Jason Kribbs pushed his desk onto (Aka Amstor-U). Judge-spotter
a public walkway to enjoy the fresh Shelb Fuddlard studied Advanced
Mega-City Studios air, citing the Natural Environment Shelf-Stacking at Amstor-U. (The
Act (2011) and triggering a copycat Listener)
Amalgamated Mega-City Studios
craze. Judge Dredd staged a crime-
was the victim of an arson attack by
blitz on Kribbs apartment, revealing
the vid-star Conrad Conn under the
18 misdemeanours including an unli- Anableps Square
influence of a biochip containing the
censed servodroid, a dangerous A citizen on Anableps Square
personality of the late Chief Judge
cooker and a stolen office pencil discovered his Megalotto ticket
totalling two years encubement. (#218940386Y0) had won him the
15 One who suffers from Future Shock Within half an hour, the streets were annual prize of one billion-credits.
Syndrome, a state of complete mental He incited a riot by jealous neigh-
once more clear. (Jason Kribbs is In)
disintegration caused by a failure to cope with the
stresses of twenty-second-century life. bours and was sentenced to 20 years

encubement. (Unlucky Prizewinner) being ordered to assume Judge erence for a trip to Kathmandu. (The
Dredds identity by Chief Judge Ballad of Toad McFarlane)
Silver, was supposed to be patrolling
Webber during the time he prepared
3117 Anaconda was a large shed Andrew Ridgeley Block
to sacrifice Psi-Judge Agee to the
behind a nitemart rented by a Dark Judges. (Necropolis) Oldtowns Ridgeley Block was
Mutant Underground activist using connected by a rusting childrens
the alias Ron Elvis, a real eldster In the run-up to the City Mayor playground to its rival George
confined to a care home. (Backlash) Elections, Judge Dredd restored Michael Block. The two cityblocks
order to Lloyd-Webber Plaza when were always at each others throats,
a battle broke out between Otto culminating in a fist-fight between
Anders Estate Sumps Ugly Party and the Free Crippen (acting for Ridgeley) and
A shape-changing alien nosferatu Mean Machine Lunatic Fringe. Dredd Turk (for George Michael). (Block
murdered a second victim in a arrested a member of the Punish- Rite)
wasteground on the Anders Estate, ment Party, sentencing him to six
Hoosier. It fled into a podpark and months encubement for Encouraging
transformed into an injured woman Violence. (Election Day) Andrez Conapts
to deceive Judge Dredd. (Black Andrez Apartment 19/Z resident
The parents of human-lizard hybrid
Widow) Brian Urwin Skuter was a freelance
Toad McFarlane despaired when
journalist who scored the scoop of
their offspring desired to strut the
his life when Judge Death requested
Andrew Lloyd-Webber Block peds beyond the walls of his apart-
Skuter interview him. (Young Death)
Wolliss Williams (aka The Vigilante) ment where he had up until that
was observed driving along Andrew moment been kept safely hidden
Lloyd Webber Boulevard and turning from the Judges. Judge Dredd was Android Experience
into Brightman Boulevard. (Vigi- incapacitated by a mind-altering A Red-Light District sexmek brothel
lante) drug secreted through Toads skin owned by Huck Hickey. When human
and the McFarlane family fled into slabwalkers began cutting into Hick-
The former Judda Kraken, after the Cursed Earth, indicating a pref- eys sexmek profits, he hired the

Texas City contract-killer Ron Ron Resyk-worker Norman Vandamm Andy Warhol Block
Bone to cull the opposition. (Stone chloroformed Welfare recipient
Home of Mega-City Ones artist
Killer) Emma Jane as she walked her dog
colony. Strat-Bat pilot Mike bought
in the Crawford Municipal Park.
his girlfriend Lyn the remains of a
Norman later kept Emma Jane
Android Park SHOK-trooper salvaged from the
sedated using skin-derms filled with
Cursed Earth. Lyn, an artist, had
Pro-Democrat Millan Jebbs was neuropressin. (Resyko)
just finished creating a sculpture
stabbed to death in Android Park by
she called Electro-Palm in Blue.
the former Genetically-Modified (aka
Andrew Dante Block Lyn was delighted with the SHOK-
GM) soldier Arnon Gill, who believed
trooper remains, intending to make
he was acting on the orders of Chief A Dante resident set fire to his apart-
a soap-holder from its head; she
Judge Hershey. (Chief Judges Man) ment with a laser rather than submit
ordered her robovac Bex to hoover
to Judge Dredd. As the fire spread
up the unwanted remains. Mike
to the rest of the block, Dredd burst
Andy Crane Block was unexpectedly-drafted into the
into the perps apartment and threw
Pupils from the Andy Crane Junior hunt for Flight AZ Beta which had
his blazing body onto a water-bed.
Block School sung Judge Dredd gone missing over the Cursed Earth.
(Fiery Perp)
Happy Birthday, but were cautioned While Lyn enjoyed a bath in her
for exceeding the legal sound limit. relaxatrion, the SHOK-trooper reac-
(Happy Birthday Judge Dredd) Andy Stewart Block tivated and tore its way out of Bex,
Cityblock threatened with destruc- attacking Lyn and activating the
tion by the child genius Albert apartment doors securi-lok to trap
Andrew Crawford Block her inside. When Mike returned he
Sherman on New Years Eve 2101.
Judges pursued the crazed East- Judge Dredd forced Sherman to was ambushed by the SHOK-trooper
Meg Judge Nikita Engels along deactivate numerous bombs he had which had by now murdered Lyn.
Andy Crawford Skedway. (The Last hid across the city. (New Year is (Shok!)
Invader) Cancelled) After the sabotage of Weather
Control, snow fell upon Warhol Block

while across the sked, a heatwave tigated the surge of Crystal Blue16. ogie 9000 firearm. (No Body, No How)
struck neighbouring Jimmy Stewart Corrupt Sector 13 Chief Daveez
Wally Squad Judge Corvid Pete
Block. (The Savage Amusement) threatened Point with the planting
warned fellow Judge Jack Point that
of Gland Brand in his apartment if
Sector Chief Daveez was cracking
he pursued his investigation into
Aneurin Bevan Block down on errant Undercover Judges
the whereabouts of missing tramps
Situated in Sector 301. A computer in Angeltown by assigning SJS
and winos; Point later retaliated by
error meant that Judge Dredd surveillance. SJS Judge Nyssol (who
spiking Daveezs drink with Crystal
authorised a Code 59/A Block Shake- once sent 13 Judges to Titan for
Blue. Point stole an infant alien
down of Bevans neighbour Ernest synthicaf violations). The eldster
raptaur he called Cliq, which grew
Borgnine instead of Bevan. (Bad Day Mrs Stickle commissioned Point to
rapidly into adulthood. Point tres-
at Black Rock) locate her stolen breeding pair of
passed onto local mobster Brutus
endangered pigeonfish at the Angel-
Grimms private estate to discern
town Docks. Johannn Herneoja
Angeltown if he was the culprit behind a spate
and his ScandeNavy smuggled rare
of gangster assassinations. (Crystal
(Aka The Big Meg Enema). The late animal breeds including spider-
Blue; Goons, Goons, Goons; Inno-
Undercover Judge Cheyne likened bats and zephyrfrogs to Euro-taxi-
cence: A Broad; Mega-City Noir)
Angeltown to Mega-City Ones char- dermists. The ScandeNavy discov-
coal lung, greasy from one too Undercover Judge Jack Point inves- ered Jack and Stickle, but Jacks pet
many baccystix. Undercover Judge tigated claims that the Boss raptaur Cliq appeared, maddened
Jack Point operated in Angeltown henchman Dexy Roth was smuggling by the stimulant A-Dren injected
as a Private Investigator, posing as offworld contraband and storing it into the rats it subsisted on. Cliq
a disgraced former Judge to lure in a West Side warehouse. Jack was returned to the sewers, pursued by
the murderer of his partner Judge discovered by Meekly Roth, Dexys the mysterious Miss Anne Throp.
Cheyne into the open. He later inves- wife who was armed with a Blastbo- Stickle was revealed to be Psi-Judge
Rita Delphin, working alongside
16 A downer derived from alien raptaur Throp to capture Cliqs offspring;
venom, so potent that the upper Grade-A drug she soon learned they had all been
Redstimm was the only pharmaceutical that could
counter its effects. eaten by the pigeonfish Point had

accidentally released from captivity. Performing Arts Awards. The celeb- among the guests. Total War
(Petty Crimes) rities included the starlet Amelia murdered Cool McCabe, Dreek &
Karam. The winners included Betty Doris Branhoff, Heinz Hitler, Poot
& Roofer Gordon (Best Song, My Wooters and Rita Stimple. (Fading of
Anne Frank Block
Ugly Cash & Carry), Bob Mishkin the Light)
A low-rent block in a bad neighbour- (Assistant-Assistant Director: Die
hood. In 2103, fugitive Grace Truli Deputy Chief Judge Paul Herriman
Bloody 24), actor Cool McCabe
changed her identity to flee with her was due to give a speech to the
(Bonsai Bullet Baby), Els Vidor (Best
deformed son Leonard, who suffered Fems Guild at the Annie Hall but was
Holography, My Ugly Cash & Carry),
from gigantism, from the Genetic delayed by the activities of a nearby
Evadne Bird (Assistant-Assistant
Police. In 2106, Grace was arrested block war. (Dreams of Glory)
Director, My Ugly Cash & Carry),
and relieved of Leonards custody. actor Frank Doontz, actor Poot
(Sins of the Father) Wooters (Die Bloody 24), Randy Phil- Antarctic Embassy
adelphia (Best Song, Diggy Dog Dog After arrangements were made
Anne Rice Boulevard Diggy), Spelman Dozier (Best Holog- through the Antarctic Embassy,
raphy, Tsumani Surf Bum) and Tom a laboratory assistant planned to
Hollis Nolan, the last surviving
Coffeeman (Assistant-Assistant give the last surviving dose of the
member of the Skorpion Project
Director, Mopad Mopad). Bennett Kilner Bug (a man-made micro-virus
research team, owned a conapt
Benny, a guest (Best Song, Another designed by Lonce Kilner) to Zorba
along Gothtowns Anne Rice Boule-
Dream, from Up From the Undercity) The Geek, a Chaos League sympa-
vard. Judge Dredd interviewed Nolan
had been blackmailed by Total War thiser. (Bug Crazy)
concerning the bioweapon Skorpion
terrorist Victor Portnoy into infil-
Project which had escaped from the
trating the awards ceremony with
West 17 Test-Labs. (Whiteout) Anthony Burgess Block
a concealed explosive to assas-
sinate Coleman Herris, the Presi- Judge Monk returned to his home
Annie Hall dent of the Academy For Performing in Burgess Block to find his father
Arts. Judge Dredd arrested Portnoy murdered by the Birthday Butcher
The Annie Hall was host to the
who revealed a other agents hidden (aka the sub-hume Nathan Bones),
Eighty-Seventh Annual Academy of

who claimed 28 lives before he was store on 9th Street where Mean was Antons Beauty Parlour
arrested. (The Scream) introduced to his son Mean Junior,
The fugitive serial-killer PJ Maybe
the union of Mean and his wife Seven
The Clockwork Pineapple, a valu- posed as Special Agent Judge Joe
Pound Sadie. (Son of Mean)
able gift from East-Meg Two Supreme Wengler of the Bureau of Narcotics,
Judge Traktorfaktori to Chief Judge Undercover Division to arange
McGruder, was to be exhibited at Anton Diffring Block the employment of his other alter
the Burgess Memorial Museum. It ego, Agent Robin Frisby, at Antons
Inspired by his late mentor, the
was promptly stolen by international Beauty Parlour, to secure a face-
skysurfer Osvaldo Carlos, Tarragon
jewel-thief Pierre Franglais. Judge change concealing Maybe from a
Key formed the Mega-City Anti-
Dredd recovered the Clockwork citywide Judge-hunt. Only after
Superstition Society (M-CASS),
Pineapple in time to prevent a major Maybe departed did the Parlours
using the image of the long-dead
diplomatic incident. (A Clockwork proprietor Anton Urlinger discover
singer Mama Cass as their logo.
Pineapple) he had been duped. (Elusive)
They captured 13 black cats from
an endangered species reserve and
Antiques Emporium set them loose along Anton Diffring Anything Goes
Overzoom to prove a twisted point
Judge Dredd and the under- When seven-year-old Ayker Lollins
about cat superstitions associated
performing Cadet-Judge Marrs ran away from his Jerry Mander
with Friday the 13th. (Bad Moon
responded to a robbery at the Conapts home in in search of Grud,
Antiques Emporium on Patrick he wandered seedy streets where he
Swayze Plaza staged by perps passed Anything Goes, a sex-club.
wearing power-suits. (Night Patrol) Antonio Corelli Block (In the Absence of the Sacred)

Corelli residents witnessed a projec-

Antiques Store tile fired from nearby Tom Cruise Apeway
Block that destroyed a hoverliner
Mean Machine Angel and his psychi- Bloodracers from the outlying
and the nearby Nicole Kidman
atrist Linus Ramsbottom were Cursed Earth township of Democ-
Tower. (An Everyday Disaster)
kidnapped and held in an antiques racy Falls took their deadly tour-

nament to the North West Hab- Rad-Beast) in what would become the Applied
Zone where a speedster killed Judge Genetics Facility produced a number
Judges Carter and Manzo were
Edimann. Connie Ways, the navi- of clones using Chief Judge Fargos
lenient towards Martha Stackpole, an
gator, escaped the crime scene DNA. To date, using the bleeding
illegal pamphleteer registered termi-
along the Apeway sked, heading for edge accelerated birthing process,
nally ill who campaigned beside the
Screechville. (Democracy Falls) six infant clones (what Judd called
Apocalypse Monument to have her
Super-Judges) had been success-
late son Gregor pardoned for an act
fully grown in tanks, suspended in
Apocalypse Monument of apparent treason during the Apoc-
green liquid. After 16 months, they
The Apocalypse Monument was a alypse War that saw him executed.
would fully gestate at approximately
rockcrete sculpture of a mushroom (War Crimes)
age 5-6. During their development,
cloud; its construction was one of Tour-guide Lyle Spaulings customers Judd fed their minds with Mega-City
the first tasks of the new Compul- were scheduled to visit the Apoca- One law codes. They would be born
sory Labour Units established after lypse Monument was part of their fit, focused and 100 per cent loyal
the Apocalypse War. A sculpted sightseeing vacation. (Burn!) to Justice Department. Judd named
ribbon extending from the Monu- two of the clones Joseph and Rico
ments stem was inscribed Peace to Dredd (both designated Strain 001/
All. (Meka-City) Applied Computer Fargo). Despite Judge Solomons
In the years following the Apoca- reservations, Chief Judge Goodman
Applied Computers Recruitment allowed Judds cloning experiments
lypse War, thousands of citizens
Facilitator refused to give Jeffrey to continue. (Countdown to Arma-
held mass carol-ins at Christmas
Lionel Queeg a job on the grounds of geddon)
around the Apocalypse Monument
his being too stupid. (Fear the Dark-
as a symbolic purging of bad memo- All potential Cadet Judges were
ries. During one such carol-in, the screened by Justice Centrals
deranged cyborg Bizmo Klux caused GenCon Gene-Genies for inherent
several deaths before ascending the Applied Genetics Facility suitability. Chief Judge Hershey
Monument where he was executed (Aka GenCon; Genetic Control). In significantly accelerated the Judge-
by Judge Dredd. (The Night of the 2064, Chief geneticist Morton Judd, cloning programme during her

time in office. All of Justice Depart- Judge Dredd served a Eutha- Aquatomic Fun Pool &
ments tank-babies were grown nasia Order on his deranged clone Fission Reactor Complex
in GenCons high-security Genesis Nimrod, a Super Judge experiment Abandoned by the year 2128, the old
Laboratory; civilian contracters in modified sensory capabilities17. Neverland Funfair & Orphans Home
including Bio-Clone Incorporated Nimrod had been schooled in the (near Mike Tyson Stadium, and the
manufactured essential cloning Academy of Law, but his abnormal William Holden Memorial Trauma
equipment. Judge Rico visited strength made him a hazard to fellow Unit) had its roof given over to a
GenCon Head-Judge Ashbeck to cadets. Nimrod was loaned to Immi- swimming pool. Brothers Leo and
investigate the backstory of Judge gration Control, making 34 arrests Theo Barkin tried to double-cross
March, a clone of Deputy Chief Judge in the first hour alone. However, the criminals called the Mob Better
Sinfield. Rico gleaned from a GenCon Nimrod suffered from neural decay, a Blues in the ruined Orphans Home.
daybook that the deaths of several common problem with genetic-modi- Later drained of all water and deco-
clones from a bacterial infection had fication experiments. He had immo- rated with garish, oversized mush-
forced the Genesis Lab to be deep- lated himself two months previously rooms, trees and flowers, the pool
cleaned; immediately-afterwards, and was moved into a secure cell for was redeveloped as the Aquatomic
unapproved genetic material was his own protection. (Total War) Fun Pool & Fission Reactor Complex
experimented upon to test the labs (A Nuclear Excursion For the Nuclear
safety, including Sinfields sampled Family). Thermal exchange from the
April Glasspea Block
DNA. Deputy GenCon Head Judge fission-reactors was used to heat
Rydal had authorised the Sinfield Talk of the Meg was a nightclub situ-
the large, irregularly-shaped lagoon
clone to be gestated. Rydal died from ated atop Glasspea Block where
pool, bordered by plastic rocks
an alleged cerebral haemorrhage in Bennett Beeny performed while
and real palm trees, surrounding
2131. (Blood Will Tell; Repo Man; The inhabiting the body of his dead lover
a plastic island upon which was a
Talented Mayor Ambrose) America Jara. (America; Mega-City
three-storey glasshouse containing
the reactors. The pool was guarded
by lifeguards in full body rad-suits.
17 Enhanced visual, auditory and olfactory
functions. Nimrod could read small print from 30 Plants thrived in the humidity and
paces in a darkened room and follow a trail like a radiation of the glasshouse. Shortly

after the complex opened, Judge Judge Dredd discovered a bottle of Arkham Complex
Dredd single-handedly prevented a bootleg whisky beneath floorboards
Judge Hershey responded to a hoax
wayward shuttle from crashing into in McPherson Block, he banned
crime call in the Arkham Complex
the reactor. (Swine Fever) Christmas for all Scots-Block resi-
where she was ambushed by the
dents until the illegal distillery was
renegade Tek-Judge Sondra Lake.
found. (Christmas is Cancelled)
Archaeo-Research (Spider in the Web)

Justice Department research facility.

Psi-Judge Anderson and Judge Dredd Archive Vaults Arnolds Diner
researched the extraction of stone Mega-City Ones Archive Vaults had
Former gang-member Lee Walker
tablets removed from the planet been damaged during the Necrop-
renounced his history by removed
Mars Cydonian head, later trans- olis Event. Pipes on Level 3 had
his gang tattoos with a blade. He
lated by Tek-Division and found to burst and submerged all records
was afterwards employed by Justice
relate to the hostile galactic entity from Community Welfare down to
Departments Anti-Gang Initiative
Satan. (Satan) Deportation Records; two other
under Judge Karras until the oper-
vaults had crashed and another had
ation was shut down due to finan-
stalled. Edwin Drood and Dickens
Archibald Leach Block cial constraints and lack of tangible
were two of the archivists repairing
results. Walker thereafter served
The Archibald Leach Block Volun- the broken systems. (The Mystery of
six years of a nine-year prison-
teers, led by Arnie Oakley, planned Judge (Edwin) Drood)
sentence for gang-related crimes; he
to demolish nearby Norma Jean
was visited every week by his wife
Baker Block to do away with its
Arcudi Heights Eva and his young daughter Billie.
influx of mutant immigrants. (Mutie
One night, Walker returned home to
Block) Merv Whitstable and his wife (Arcudi
find his family kidnapped by Guido
Apartment 47-20) got lost after
Cage of the Cobra gang. Walker
taking a wrong turn in Sector 244.
Archie McPherson Block was blackmailed into assassinating
One of the Scot-Blocks inhabited members of the rival 99 Blades gang
by Calhabber immigrants. When at Arnolds Diner (on Staedtler &

Maine). Securicams in the diner had cyborged body. (Mandroid) Arnold Grove Block
been deactivated because Arnolds
During routine patrol in the Arnold
owner failed to pay his last two
Armageddon Hotel Grove area, Judge Dredd encoun-
subscription payments. (Street-
tered a group of Hunchback gang-
fighting Man) The Armageddon Hotel was a
members. (Report to the Chief Judge
magnet for lowlife, secretly observed
on the Accidental Death of a Citizen)
by Justice Department licensed
Arlington Import Plex peeper Bo Rudly from his apart-
John Casper Brietz, resident in ment in a neighbouring cityblock. Arnold Lane
neighbouring Karl Rove Block, (Bo Peeper)
Judge Dredd sentenced a mugger on
worked as a tariff inspector at the
Arnold Lane to five-years encube-
Arlington Import Plex. (Message
Armaments R Us ment. (Death of a Salesman)
Inside Reads)
Brit-Cit Detective-Judges Armitage When an Umpty deal in Kindle Alley
and Treasure Steel purchased weap- turned into a shoot-out, three of
Arlow Street onry from Armaments R Us before the gangsters delivering payment
Former Space Corps Sergeant and recovering Brit-Cit fugitive Absolom escaped to nearby Arnold Lane
mandroid (combat cyborg) Nate Leviticus Thead who had hidden in where one of their number, now
Slaughterhouse went vigilante armed Mega-City One. (The Medusa Seed) wounded, was murdered by a
with a handblaster18, killing powder- comrade; his corpse was stripped
dealers Deslow Cricket Jiminy and clean by scavengers. (In the Absence
Armitage Shanks Conapts
three of his support group who oper- of the Sacred)
ated from a slabmaster road vehicle. Shanks Apartment 4/B Eric F Spend-
Justice Department Forensics discov- penny was arrested on Everly Steps
ered fragments of a black leather- for Urinating in Public and Littering. Arnold Schwartzenegger Block
ette material and charred plasti- (Caught Short) While the serial-killer PJ Maybe
skin scraped off Slaughterhouses was a prisoner of Iso-Block 4, he
requested that his Banana City
18 Either a Jensen or Butterfield II model.
ally Fonzo send 10,000 credits to

Schwartzenegger resident Elvira Arthur Brown Conapts (Sunday Night Fever)
Meat, the wife of Iso-Block 4 inmate
During a graveyard shift, Judge Judge Dredd served Councillor
Claude Meat, to help pay her med-
Dredd investigated the volunteer Wayward Porter19 with Euthanasia
bills. (The Further Dasterdly Deeds of
fireman and pyrokinetic Rupe Stinley Order #67310/20 to deliberately
PJ Maybe)
(Brown Apartment 39/F) for possible confound Porter who was Chairman
involvement in the murder of local of the Euthanasia Committee. (A
Arnold Stang Block eaterie proprietor Typhoid Al. (Pyro) Death in the Family)
The addictive properties of Uncle
Umps Umpty Candy were discov- Arthur Hayes Block Arthur Miller Block
ered by a robodoc in Stangs Block
Judges Dredd and Miller were Mrs Veronica Seaslug of Miller Block
Hospital. (Umpty Candy)
detained by a traffic jam along the was declared by the android Oscar
Stang Block was infected by the Arthur Hayes Underpass on their J Marz of Spurious Ancestry Incor-
Block Mania and attacked neigh- way to Sector House 87. (Bad Moon porated to be a descendant of the
bouring Ricardo Montalban Block. Rising) twentieth-century Ozstralian chan-
(Block Mania) teuse, actress, style-setter and all-
Arthur Koestler Block round showbiz genius Kylie Minogue.
Marz was about to sell the rele-
Arthur Askey Block A Koeslter resident was about to
vant documentation to Mrs Seaslug
Askey Block was one of three final- commit suicide and leap to his death,
when he slipped on Sammy Seas-
ists in the Twelfth Annual All Mega- but he reconsidered and climbed
lugs skateboard and died. (Death of
City Block-Out Final taking place at back into bed. (The Graveyard Shift)
a Salesman)
the Craterbowl, where it faced off
An angry citizen who vandalised
against Bert Brecht and Derek Batey
a Job Shop at Koestler Exit was
Blocks. Askey won and was awarded
sentenced to three months encube-
the Craterbowl Trophy. (Block Out at
ment. During a graveyard shift,
the Crater Bowl) 19 Architect of the LIAR Partys resounding
the Arthur Koestler Block Kami-
New Honesty, New Liars campaign success
kaze Club committed mass-suicide. during the General Election of 2120.

Arthur Scargill Block social behaviour. Dredd discovered Askew Park
the Level 13 control room had been
The residents of Arty Scargill Block A plaza featuring a contaminated
attacked by Wayne Skummer and the
held the unenviable record of a swimming pool. Judge Dredd
Dorqs who had trashed ASBO. Dredd
decade of continuous 100 per cent pursued powerboarders heading
activated the Emergency ASBO
unemployment. (Channel 9 Crime for Askew Park with intent to assas-
Supervisor who brutally-restored
Time Special) sinate nine-year-old Richie Richer,
order. Dredd ordered the main
heir to the Richer Riches who had
offenders fitted with Personal ASBO
purchased Belgium and assumed
ASBO 1 Units to keep them under constant
its presidency. Dredd executed the
The troublesome Dorq family supervision. (ASBO Block)
surfers, learning they were after the
(Larda, Minger, Mutt and Sonny) was Star of Mars, one of two paired arte-
evicted from James Blunt Block and facts discovered by the first Mars
Asimov Clinic
rehabbed in ASBO 1, one of the citys landing, believed fashioned by an
Any citizen obtaining a body trans-
new Anti-Social Behaviour Ordi- ancient alien race. Dredd predicted
plant must have by law registered
nance correctional facilities; their Richie Richer would be a magnet for
their new host body with Justice
neighbour was Wayne Skummer. further trouble and assigned him
Department. This was how Judge
ASBO (the automated Block Super- round-the-clock security. (Judge
Dredd and Doogie Bogle discov-
visor unit) destroyed Mutt Dorqs Dredd & Lobo)
ered Doogies son Shooey had been
savage pet robodogs but promised
sold to Hugo Skrote, a 126-year-
him a hamster if he behaved. ASBO
delivered frequent, potent electrical
old actor who purchased Shooey Astor Alley
from Body Beautiful in Cal-habs Old
shocks to all the residents, training Judge Dredd confronted criminals
Reekie district. The Asimov Clinic
them to behave in a more civi- in Astor Alley while undergoing
carried out the operation. (Bodies of
lised manner. Resident Bub helped remote-questioning by Accounts
an eldster across the street, condi- Judge OBrien. Judge Guthrie
tioned to fear a shock if he abused informed Dredd that a blood sample
her. Judge Dredd visited ASBO 1, obtained from Travis Cole (aka the
finding it overrun by crime and anti- Sov-Block assassin Pasha) contained

DNA alterants. (Blood Trails) short time it was able to co-ordinate in love with the air-dancer Oileen,
the construction of a small robot assisting when she stumbled in the
force hostile to humans. (To Live and rain outside the club. Sump later
Astral Circus
Die in Mega-City One) purchased Atlantic City to secure
Judge Hershey took her traumatised Oileens continued favour. (Citizen
nephew Anton to the Astral Circus. Sump)
There, the mysterious Harlequin Atlantic Central Astroport
abducted 30,000 children from the Posing as the late Jug McKenzie,
audience while using his psi-talent to Marlon Chopper Shakespeare smug- Atlantic Docks
paralyse the other 50,000 spectators. gled himself into Mega-City Ones (Aka The Black Atlantic Docks;
(The Harlequins Dance) Atlantic Central Astroport aboard a Mega-City Docklands; The Mega-
Hover-Eezy flight20 piloted by Captain Docks). Commercial docks with
Milosovich. With the help of Jugs many wharves and jetties extending
Atlanta Stratoport
love-child Merci Reidel, Chopper ran beyond the Atlantic Wall, over-
Located among the Southland a Justice Department blockade and looked by towering cargo cranes.
sectors destroyed during the Apoc- outmanoeuvred Judge hoverships Ships and road hauliers transported
alypse War. The stratoports south- and Zipper-Bikes armed with catch- cargo pods, subject to searches by
ernmost end had been struck by a nets. Chopper hid among the under- Customs Judges at Atlantic Division
low-yield warhead. (To Live and Die side of a triple-tanker where old Harbour Patrol stations bordered
in Mega-City One) combi-engines had once been slung. by impact-proof fences. At night,
(The Big Meg) the Docks secluded alleys became
Atlanta Cybertron venues for illegal games of chance
and meetings between smugglers.
Prior to the Apocalypse War, Atlanta Atlantic City
Shady deals were made inside
Cybertron was a sprawling robot Atlantic Sectors nightclub where the many bars and taverns. (Bob
manufacturing factory covering the late billionaire Otto Sump fell Zombie: Scouse of 20,000 Horrors;
several kilometres of MegSouth. A
Leviathans Farewell; On the Water-
strange quirk of fate left the control- 20 Passengers had to complete a landing card,
pressing their fingers on a digipad and licking a
front; The Taxidermist)
ling computer operational, and for a
DNA sampler.

A Black Atlantic slime-mould Evidence of Doctor Elize Heller- E-Mail was an amateur marine biol-
invaded Pier 17, killing the crane- manns continuing work in genetic- ogist who ran away from home and
operator Eric as he manoeuvred a engineering was discovered when later served aboard the T-Class
cargo-pod containing New Sheffield a crime-swoop at the East Docks salvageman Longboat, berthed at
cutlery. Judge Dredd discovered discovered chemicals containing the Freight Docks and captained by
Erics half-dissolved corpse among molecular triggers matching those Teach and crewed by Gimlet, Hooter
others killed by the slime-mould used in the cloning of Judges. (Black and the mutant Mermansk. The crew
and stored in the lumber stacks. The Atlantic) were flotsam people, rejects, muties
creature doused its victims with acid and stowaways living between Mega-
The robot X-13 (aka The Purple
and absorbed the sludge nutrients City One and the deep black sea.
People Breeder) sought revenge
through its pores. (Blob) The Longboat was administered by
against the Judges for sentencing
the foul-mouthed seaborg Saul-T, the
Rafe Badowskis brother intended to it to ten years encubement. X-13
Longboats figure-droid. (Meet the
smuggle a ton of sugar from Cent-Am considered itself misunderstood,
through the Mega-Docks, dumping the victim of a deprived background
the contraband inside watertight and an unloving mother. It enjoyed Sector 11s Geek Street was a misty
tubs five miles out at sea. (Levia- drinking and smoking cigars. From dockland formerly controlled by
thans Farewell) a dingy, condemned warehouse the Geek Street Mob (including
on Dock Street, X-13 deployed the Joe, Moe and Curly). The 37-strong
Mega-City kneepad manufacturers
Purple People, an army of walking Lambretta Mob led by Don Giovanni
violently-demonstrated at the
bombs, to kill Judges. X-13 abducted and siblings Mikey and Scooter
Atlantic Docks in protest against cut-
Judge Dredds roboservant Walter attacked Geek Street in revenge for
price kneepads imported from the
and replaced him with a replica the murder of Paxo Giovanni. The
Italian City-States. (American Knee-
programmed to infiltrate Dredds Judges executed both mobs. (The
apartment. Walter escaped by falling Taxidermist)
The old East Dock was a disused through collapsing floorboards and
Chief Judge McGruder, suffering from
section where welfare blocks had saved Dredd, the latter destroying
Alzheimers Disease, was detained at
been built. (The Mega-City Way of X-13. (The Purple People Breeder)
the Geek Street Euthanasia pending

death by lethal injection, but Judge pulled spot inspections in Bays 17-25. take place off the coast. Acting upon
Dredd spared McGruder in favour of Black market human bodyparts were Tragers information, Justice Depart-
a heroic death in battle the Cursed smuggled into Sector 108s Dock ment executed most of the smug-
Earth. (Death of a Legend) 19 aboard the Patrice Lamumba, a glers. (The Final Cut)
Gypsy lug with some organs alleg-
The hoodlum Bato Loco was coerced A Sov-sleeper cell led by Pasha
edly-infected with African Mush
by Don Morte into attending an escaped Mega-City One with their
Lung. Judge Rico was treated in
organlegging buy with Cuban quarry Vienna Pasternak, wanted by
Atlantic General Hospital after being
pistoleros at Pier 146, the cargo a the Sov-Block for the Fargo DNA she
shot several times during the inves-
crate of frozen severed heads in the inherited. They boarded a supply
tigation. Tac-Groups 2, 6 and 7 inter-
shadow of the SS Batista (Nu Guan- vessel at the old dock tower on Pier
cepted a FX shipment at the Water-
tanamo Bay). Loco narrowly-escaped 471, scheduled to dock with a Euro-
side Depot. (Sector House)
arrest by Judge Dredd. (Head Job) Cit Fisheries vessel 200 kilometres
A juvenile Kharapace from the planet off the coast. Judge Dredd was over-
Dock Tower 13 was a Justice Depart-
Obilast was stranded in the Black powered by Pashas gland-implant
ment facility near the mouth of what
Atlantic, resurfacing at Dock Gate accelerants but luckily, Vienna inter-
was once Newark Bay. It was run by
34 and molesting citizens while it vened, shooting Pasha dead. (Blood
Atlantic Division and Immigration
played. Judge Dredd lured the alien Trails)
Division, dealing exclusively with
using a bubble-blowing machine into
water-bound trade, related crimes Judge Dredd coerced the splatter-
a cage, pending immediate deporta-
and city defence. Three jetties razzo celebrity photographer Rudy
tion to Obilast. (Out of the Blackstuff)
were reserved for Atlantic Division Ruckus into filming an illegal skate-
gunboats. (Sector 13) Undercover Judge Pete Trager and boxing contest held in disused ware-
the Dansky Mob (Jonny, Cavell, houses along the Docks. A warren
A large consignment of street-grade
Brett, Hogg, Mauser and Strodem) of old storm-drains and sewage
Zziz was expected at Sector 108s
arranged an arms deal (in a Sector culverts beneath the dock area
Dock 21, necessitating a multi-tac-
14 hottie house on Johnson Boule- provided Dredds force with the
group Justice Department response,
vard) with Banana City smugglers perfect covert approach route, using
rendezvousing at the dock substa-
Martinez and Frederica Taln, to a thermoacoustic lance to burn
tion in advance of the swoop. Judges

through the floor. Dredd searched Atlantic General Hospital intestine. (Strange Customs)
for evidence to incriminate the West
Judge Rico was treated in Atlantic A stratoliner conveying Brit-Cit
Wall Sectors crimelord Miguel The
General Hospital after being shot Detective-Judges Armitage and
Torso Montoyez, a former skate-
several times during an investiga- Treasure Steel was diverted to
boxer who was tempted out of retire-
tion aboard the dockside gypsy lug West 2 Hoverport after the Central
ment to take part. Ruckus duped his
Patrice Lamumba. (Sector House) 1 Hoverports air-traffic computer
way past Iceman, a goon on secu-
malfunctioned, damaged by local
rity detail. Fight-Promoter Jimmy
Atlantic Hoverport psychic disturbances. (The Medusa
Chung found Ruckus a good seat.
The contestants included Hansun, (Aka Central 1 Hoverport). The
Cheevers (the Sector 30 champ), closest hoverport to the Grand The assassin Jeffrey Jacobi
Razorback (a mutant), Mega-Singles Hall of Justice, situated in New attempted to murder Judge Dredd
Champion Gunter The South Side Manhattan. More than a million upon the latters return from Oz
Shitkicker DeSade and Montoyez. passengers passed through its gates when Dredd landed at Central Hover-
Judge Dredds strikeforce moved in every day; an estimated 52 per cent port. (Hitman)
to arrest all 300 perps, but Ruckus of them smuggled contraband. To
died from a rare allergic reaction to Documented by reporter Glendon
defeat the ever-ingenious smug-
Stumm gas. (Old Wounds) Rivet and fashion editor Judith
glers, a whole battery of high-tech-
Blimp, the Bagwan Upfermi-
nology equipment was brought to
To contain reapidly-increasing jimi landed at Central 1 to make
bear, including robo-sniffer dogs,
numbers of citizens falling victim a pilgrimage to the Tomb of the
x-rays, weapon-scanners and explor-
to the Chaos Bug, the Judges Unknown Citizen. (Bagging the
ative surgery. Manuel Girsheeft from
opened new facilities to contain Bagwan)
the Andean Conurb was found to be
them, including a holding pen in a
smuggling inside his body, under a Disembarking from a V69 hover-
condemned waretower close to the
layer of synthiskin, a gallon of blood, ship, the genetically-enhanced Sov-
Harbour. (Eve of Destruction)
two extra hearts, six kidneys, three Block soldier Nadia passed through
livers, two pairs of lungs, windpipe, Spaceport Customs posing as Miss
two spleens and 28 metres of large Silva Torsen, an importer of Ugly

cosmetic products. (Nadia) (aka MCNN), while Professor Lucas Dead Easy funeral home. (Nadia; The
Wyant revealed the distribution of Fourth Faction)
Judge Dredd and 60 mega-troopers
test-kits to uncover further rates of
commanded by Major Drucker
infection. (Eve of Destruction)
embarked from Atlantic Hoverport Atlantic University
to combat bioweapons terrorists (Aka Atlantic-U). The robot
operating out of the Siberian town Atlantic Purification Plant Anatomy lecturer Professor Geof-
Biysk. (The Assassination List) The Purification Plant supplied frey murdered several citizens,
As Mega-City One sealed its borders Mega-City Ones drinking water; constructing a composite being
to prevent the further spread of the it filtered the waters of the Black from their bodyparts to provide a
highly-contagious Chaos Bug, Sov- Atlantic, removing harmful sludge, new body for his beloved Stephana
Block agent Boris Desny, posing as before final treatment in the Flouro Hawks, the crippled Head of Atlantic
Tomaso Vollo (inbound from Da Unit. The Atlantic Plants impor- Universitys Medical Department.
Vinci International Hoverport aboard tance warranted Judicial security. (To Die For)
Firenzina Flight 606 and infected The East-Meg One saboteur Orlok
with the Chaos Bug) was detained poisoned the Flouro-Unit as part of
Atlantic Wall
in a secure facility near the Atlantic his campaign to bring Mega-City One
to its knees. (Block Mania) (Aka The East Wall). The rockcrete
Hoverport. Before Atlantic Hover-
barrier protecting Mega-City Ones
port had fully-instituted quarantine,
eastern seaboard from the Black
112 Flight 606 passengers of the total Atlantic Tech Atlantic, where shipyards and docks
597 had passed through Immigra-
Former biowarfare scientist Elmore nestled behind massive harbour
tion. Judges and over 600 staff and
Yurges held a chair at Atlantic Tech; gates. Older expanses of the Wall
passengers who had contact with
he and his family were abducted and provided open portals for the use
Vollo were quarantined, with those
smuggled out of Mega-City One by of docklands. 24 hours a day, hydro-
showing the slightest symptoms of
Sov-Block agents led by Nadia. The foils and solar-tankers delivered
infection taken away for observation.
Yurges were hidden within Fisher Mega-City Ones precious imports.
Judge Lez Leachman attempted to
407 burial caskets supplied by Sov- Harbour Division Judges policed the
placate the Mega-City News Network
sympathisers who operated the docks while Auxiliary Judges staffed

the Customs & Immigrations Area. mainly legal, some travelled to shed)
The Atlantic Wall was a favourite Cal-hab and returned with refined
Succumbing to the lethal Chaos
haunt for scrawlers (graffiti-artists) Stookie powder to sell on Mega-City
Virus, Mega-City Ones borders were
and a rich source of mass-arrests. Ones black market. (The Mega-City
closed to all traffic including the
Judges protected the Wall with Way of Death)
Cyclops, an antigravity yacht owned
amphibious H-Wagons and heavy
A Code 151 was reported at Harbour by the rich-cit Costos. His lover, the
laser and missile emplacements.
Seven, requiring a Senior Judges goodtime girl Heidi, was really the
The Wall (and the eastern Mega-City
presence. (Blood and Duty) East-Meg supersoldier Titiana, who
sectors) were protected from mass
swam under Atlantic Wall security
enemy attack by the Laser Mesh, Union dockboss and Pro-Demo-
carrying a phial of the Chaos Virus.
a dense network of heavy lasers crat terrorist Bernie coerced ware-
(Eve of Destruction)
controlled from Operations Centres house owner Sam Limpy to replace
manned by Judges and mekanoids. a quarter of the droids employed
In 2104, East-Meg One ten-megaton in Sams warehouses with human Atlas Street Juve Rehab
nuclear devices destroyed the Laser union-members paid a basic wage. A facility where young offenders
Mesh and most of the Atlantic Wall, Undercover Judge Aimee Nixon were offered help in returning to
flooding the Eastland sectors with learned of the operation from her normal society using the medium of
the polluted waters of the Black informer McCready. Nixon infil- jetball and other social activities. Its
Atlantic. (Battle of the Black Atlantic; trated the union posing as Nelson, youthful charges included members
Blob; Blood and Duty; On the Water- knocking co-worker Naz (an Under- of the Piranhas juve-gang (including
front; The Apocalypse War; The cover Judge) off a loading crane Scarleg Cluskey and Spit Turreen)
Pit; The Talented Mayor Ambrose; to fortify her credentials. Nixon and the Scorps, Gulag and Blackjax
Unamerican Graffiti) surmised Bernie was smuggling Sov- gangs. One of the Juve Rehabs Senior
Block refugees into Mega-City One Juve Rehabilitation Counsellors
Hunched on their powerboards and
and then forging new identities for was Wolliss Williams (aka The Vigi-
cloaked against the prying eyes of
them. Bernie tried to escape aboard lante) who delighted in murdering
the Judges surveillance cameras,
a sea vessel but was executed by gang-members outside of Juve Rehab
skysurfers slipped over the Atlantic
Judge Dredd. (War Without Blood- hours. (Vigilante)
Wall. Although their activities were

Attack Craft Silo Autobooths Auto-Pharmacies
Judge Dredd lured an extraterrestrial Autobooths were toughened Undercover Judge Cain The Fang
space vampire into a K-Class Attack vidscreen shelters located across Ferrara received a call from Judge
Crafts launch silo where the entity Mega-City One where troubled citi- Dredd on his handheld (mobile
fed off the crafts cooling system, zens could speak with kindly-faced phone) while he paid for medica-
causing its reactor to explode and psychiatrists before they did some- tion from an on-street self-serving
destroy the space vampire. (The thing they would regret. Justice auto-pharmacy in Sector 137. Agents
Vampire Effect) Department monitored all such including Geller, acting on behalf
conversations to preempt violations of the bite fight-promoter Horst
of the law. (Whiteout) Reinhardt, drugged Ferrara and
Audie Murphy Block
extracted one of his teeth which
The bored Citi-Def of Murphy Block contained a transmitter before
decided to attack neighbouring Betty Auto-Judges
dumping Ferrara in a cell with the
Turpin Block to obtain actual combat Citywide public booths where citi- crazed, blood-starved vampire
experience. Judge Dredd sentencing zens reported crimes of their own Devlin Waugh. (Bite Fight!)
the perpetrators to 15 years encube- making to a video-linked Judge; the
ment. (Citi-Def) guilty citizens inserted their hands
into slots to receive instant judge- Avenue of Brotherly Love
ment. At the Fenshu Street Stackers One graveyard shift, 12 stabbings
Aurora Bank
Auto-Judge, citizen Larry Tigga (three fatal) occurred along the
Judge-informer Zac Castro unwit- confessed defecating on a cross- Avenue of Brotherly Love. (The
tingly gave the Judges a false lead town hoverbus; he was automati- Graveyard Shift)
to a robbery at the Aurora Bank, cally handcuffed and sentenced to
suggesting that his cover had been four months encubement. Banzai
blown. (The Informant) Avenue of the Sponts
Battalion pest-control robots used
another Auto-Judge to report trouble Chief Tek-Judge McTighe was
at Apartment 3229/B, Hamilton ordered to detour along the seedy
Heights. (Banzai Battalion) Avenue of the Sponts to assist in

the transport of a perpetrator who Ayn Rand Block
turned out to be Undercover Division
Judge Bad Manners claimed to be
Judge Vonne Hollister posing as the
investigating intruders in the West
slabwalker Desire. (Driving Desire)
Wall Sectors Rand Block sub-levels
while he enjoyed carnal relations
Avenue of Friendship with a female resident. Manners
killed two burglars who broke into
A riot (a Class-3 Disturbance) broke
the apartment, dumping their bodies
out along the Avenue of Friendship
in the block Underport. Judge Dredd
after a scuffle between two citizens
suspected Manners and dispatched
ended with one of them falling under
Forensics Judge Titus to examine
a truck. When the truck-driver was
Manners gloves and boots for
accused of travelling too fast, he
incriminating evidence. (Rotten
incited a fistfight amongst the other
drivers. By the time Riot Squads
intervened, at least one citizen had
died. (The Queue) Azil Nadir Bank
A robotic version of Judge Dredd
Awdry Zoom Station operated by Eck and Soapy robbed
two heisters of their ill-gotten gains
PSU Judge Roffman considered the
in Azil Nadir Bank, Dennis Healey
Macklin Avenue Zoom Station a
Pedway. (Robo-Dredd)
potential destination for the Judge-
killer Deller, assuming that Deller
took a zoom to Awdry Station and
then alighted in the vicinity of Duvall
Parkway. (Served Cold)

Baden-Powell Park the New Mutant Army. Despite being
exonerated of all responsibility,
Lionel Featherman ran a pork oper-
Dounrey turned to drink to numb his
ation in Baden-Powell Block until
guilt. (Damned Ranger)
busted by Judge Dredd during a
crackdown against pork consump-
tion. (Swine Fever) Baits Motel
Judge Lynn Miller posed as prospec-
Badfellows Club tive Bloodsports Club member
Gance to infiltrate the Club and was
An exclusive haunt of gangsters.
transported by hover-hearse to Baits
In the hovver steam room, Judges
Motel. There, Miller discovered the
Jackson and Klee posed as flippers
corpse of her brother, Cadet-Judge
(corrupt Judges) to blackmail gang-
Babe Roth Building Ryan Miller. Lynn exacted vengeance
sters Paco and Emilio Vicuna into
against the Bloodsports Club and
The Downtown Skriddle Alley head- exchanging 20 million-credits for an
was ultimately executed by Judge
quarters of the Church of the Eternal incriminating data-slug stolen from
Dredd. (Bloodsports)
Time Lord; it was subject to attacks the mobster Frogface. (Flippers)
by members of the breakaway
Masters faction. (Downtown) Badge of Courage Bakerville
Disgraced Judge Hoolio Ramos
West Wall Sector bar owned by Max
Bachman Turner Block evaded arrest on his Lawmaster,
and protected by his robodog Spike,
riding the Bakerville Strip into
Turner Oversked was one of the located near the Ranger Barracks.
Sector 3. (The Edgar Case)
approaches to Nixon Penitentiary Cursed Earth Ranger Chief Dounrey
blocked by Church of Death cultists. was harassed by fellow patrons and
(Dredd Versus Death) plagued by nightmares concerning Baltimore Quadrant
his dead comrades Garvey, Moon
During the Great Atomic War, the
and Landis, recently slaughtered by
South Sector Laser Screen was

breached, destroying Baltimore Clancy Avenue, a stray robodog tried Barbara Streisand Block
Quadrant. (Origins) to seize Dwaynes leg. By the old
Cityblock subjected to a crime
Spughouse, he braved Headbanger
swoop leading to Judge Turpins
gang territory and a shoot-out on
Bamber Gasgoigne Block indictment for inflicting torture upon
the Strip. Dwayne passed Cudd and
a citizen in order to extract a confes-
The Bamber Gasgoigne Block 12th Street, touched the halfway
sion. (Knock on the Door)
Against Curfew movement was post on Ecoli and took the left onto
violently routed by the Judges, with Mulholland Precinct, passing the
some protestors publicly-executed. Queezy downramp. Judge Dredd Barker & Corbett
Harsh measures such as these spotted Dwayne on Tariq Alley Warehouse district. Judge Dredd
and the curfew were essential to and called in pursuit support from arrested the Grim Utter Death rock-
prevent the deadly Chaos Bug from Judges Polanski and Merle. Dwayne band in a warehouse on the corner
spreading further throughout the blasted through a femgang on the of Barker & Corbett. (I Love Judge
Mega-City One population. (Eve of Skelter and entered Robert Filmer Dredd)
Destruction) Underped. The Judges finally cut
Dwayne off along Bannerman Boule-
vard and shot him dead for refusing Barking Badger
Bank of Babylon
to stop. (The Runner) Niterie among several taking part
A disreputable business advocating
in an open air tri-block bop where
virtual slavery as a way out of debt.
Marta first met her lover Zag
(The Mega-City News) Barbara Cartland Block
Johansen. (The Mega-City Way of
Home of Hubert Crump, a vid-flasher. Death)
Bannerman Boulevard Also the territory of the Moral
Minority Brigade, a vigilante gang
Athletic Dwayne began his early
targeting perverts of all types. (Dred- Barney Miller Block
morning run along the Atlantic
dlocked) A casually discarded Kokos Candy
Sectors Bannerman Boulevard,
wrapper drifted slowly down from
down Studebaker and through
the towering heights of Barney
the precinct onto the skedway. On
Miller Block, landing in front of

Judge Dredd. Within minutes, MAC spent most of her time indoors Barracuda Flats
had identified the perpetrator as except for occasional trips to the
Psi-Judge Anderson investigated
Miller resident Charles Cosmo Kung. Sector 7 Gossip Mongers Associ-
a psi-flash from a tap-ganger
(Litterbug) ation. She shared her apartment
concerning his brother Andy (Barra-
with her foul-mouthed robo-parrot
cuda Apartment 17/D, Eastern
Major Barnum and the poorly-stuffed
Barney Sloane Block Street). Andy had drilled a hole in
corpse of her late father who stood
his head to let out evil thoughts,
In the wake of the Apocalypse in a corner, a finger extended eter-
but murdered his neighbours in the
War, Sector 17 underwent exten- nally awaiting a flea to jump upon.
process. Anderson detected a malev-
sive rebuilding programmes, one Baynes Block was surrounded by
olent psi-entity haunting the vicinity.
being the South Side Housing Devel- municipal graveyard buildings and
(Something Wicked)
opment. In 2107, Skyhigh Interests suffered from subsidence which was
Incorporated constructed its first only half-corrected after construc-
cityblock: Barney Sloane Block, but tion droids were destroyed following Barracuda Lounge
it was nearly-destroyed during its a robot rebellion scare. During the Judge Dredd investigated Barra-
unveiling by a strategically placed Funeral Row Massacre, an out-of- cuda gang-leader Mental Gomez
thermo-bomb as part of an unsuc- control hovercar crashed into the protests that he was innocent of
cessful terrorist attack. (The Ulti- block, killing both Baynes and Major mass-murder. Dredd learned Hector
mate Crime of Tony Thermo) Barnum. (Silencer) Pretty Boy Del Morte had assumed
Mentals place, adopting Mentals
Barnum Baynes Block former girlfriend Malicia Sol as his
Bar Rabus
lover. (Death Row)
A small housing complex built by flea Failed Applied Cybernetics student
circus impresario Barnum Baynes Malcame Rudler drowned his
and bequeathed to his daughter sorrows in Bar Rabus until the Barrio Blocks
Muriel upon his demise. Muriel barkeeper inspired him to invent a (Aka Los Barrios). Puerto Novan
Baynes, a constant worrier who was juvieplay toy, the Ruddlers Cuddler. immigrant slums. The Don Morte
hard of hearing, poor of eyesight (Ruddlers Cuddlers) was the Barrios Grudfather. The
and with an appalling dress sense,

gangster Carlito Bato Loco Aggara saved her from a gang of hitmen Street, was founded in 2105 to offer
was raised here. (Bato Loco) outside the Qlity Diner, earning him social readjustment using experi-
a passionate kiss. Vito Machievelli mental techniques to known agita-
Bato Loco lived with his girlfriend,
assigned Loco to a full-time posi- tors and troublemakers from local
the contract-killer Catalonia, who
tion as Abadonnas boyfriend, much blocks. Bazza Norman Home came
threatened to kill him if he did not
to the deadly consternation of Cata- under attack by citizens with
buy her an engagement ring. To
lonia, Locos partner. (Kiss Me grudges against the inmates. Myron
earn enough money, Loco supplied
Deadly) Plankton, the head shrink, believed
the Alientown gangsters called the
in the Homes social benefits despite
Slyrrm with a drug revealed to be
Justice Department considering it a
poisonous to their alien physiology. Barrio Hacienda
mounting failure. (Downtown)
They hunted Loco in the Barrio The assassin and Ecstasian-addict
Blocks but Catalonia was waiting Rohmer waited in the drug-smug-
and killed the Slyrrm. Catalonia gler Orton Barrios private carpark Barryo Housing Complex
ordered Loco to take her to dinner under the Barrio Hacienda, Obama A maze of rabbit warrens where
and dancing at the Copa club with Heights. Rohmer overpowered Judge Dredd and Rookie-Judge
the profit he had made from the drug Orton, coercing him in front of Dekker pursued bullion heisters; the
deal. (True Romance) wounded family-members Alma and Judges plotted an intercept route
Don Mortes Consigliere Vito Benita to make a comm-call to order along Scullys Rise, an xpressway
Machievelli ordered Loco to befriend his henchmen to visit the Floatation slipstrip and across Lloyd Bridges
Don Mortes psychotic daughter Station in search of the alien Ecsta- Bridge. (The Making of a Judge)
Abadonna who had killed her latest sian. Rohmer then murdered Orton.
boyfriend for supplying her with (The Ecstasy)
Barry Sheene Block
the wrong type of flowers. Loco
James Bond, a licensed holiday-
assisted henchman Billy 17 in the Barry Norman Home cover bike technician, rode Judge
disposal of the corpse. On their way For the Terminally Sarky
Dredds Lawmaster around Barry
to the Cocabandito, Abadonna acted City Bottoms Downtown Bazza Sheene Block. (Roll on Justice)
under the false impression that Loco Norman Home, situated on Bleeker

Barry Took Block Basil Fawlty Block sit beside him in Heaven. (I, Jovis)
Total War terrorist sympathiser Downtowns Baz Fawlty Block was
Jimmy Zeen made a note in his copy constructed on the site of Roger Bathory Street
of the banned literature The Bomb Moore Conapts which had been
Bathory Street adjoined Ingrid Pitt
and the Ballet concerning Barry Took destroyed during the Apocalypse
Plaza; it was the location of a med-
Block, one of several cityblocks Zeen War. Fawlty Block became the target
supply warehouse raided for synthi-
planned to attack. (Twenty Years to for a number of attacks from nearby
blood by vampires from the Church
Midnight) Harold Finklebaum Block. In the
of Death. (Dredd Versus Death)
ruins to the north lurked the Gleek,
a renegade mutant who had continu-
Barry Waffle Block
ally escaped capture. (Downtown) Bauer Street
Judge Dredd arrested a bogus
Bella Bagley, infatuated with Judge
magician on Waffle Plaza who was
Bates Insanitorium Dredd, vidded him from a public
conning citizens out of their credits.
booth on Bauer Street in the
(Eclipse) Grud (one of the twenty-second-
Schmaltz Estate. Bagley claimed she
centurys names for God) declared
was pregnant with Dredds child
the Arch-Simp Bishop Desmond
Bart Simpson Block and began murdering citizens to get
Snodgrass to be his son Jovis,
his attention, beginning with the
The Bart Simpson Underklass juve- bestowing him with mystical powers.
zimmerskimmer-travelling eldster
gang featured Cosmo Wilkins; their Gruddian religious groups peti-
Happy Belgrano whom Bagley drilled
enemies were the Rabids. (Midnites tioned the Judges to have Snodgrass
to death with a kitchen-laser. Judge
Children) put away before he put them out
Polanski later discovered Belgranos
A Justice Department Mecha- of business. Snodgrass was impris-
corpse. (Love Story 2: Futile Attrac-
nismo mekanoid malfunctioned on oned in temporary Justice Depart-
Bartman Plaza, strip-searching a ment psycho-cubes in the privately-
crowd. It was hastily shutdown on run Bates Insanitorium, where
Judge Stitchs orders. (Mechanismo) Grud removed Snodgrass powers,
deciding he did not want dorks to

Baxter Overshoot launch bowling bowls at racked after two weeks vacation on Felders
pins. A robber tried to hold up one World where he enjoyed the regen-
Judge Dredd investigated ghoul-cult
of the patrons but in return suffered erative effects the local zema-
necrophage activities in an old Citi-
a bazooka-ball shot into his face. rays had on his scalp, Lutz real-
Def bunker beneath City Bottoms
(Bazooka Bowl) ised he had picked up a parasite
Baxter Overshoot. Resyk-worker Vic
- a Zmmm from the Seneca Quad-
Barabas and others including Denny
rant. The Zmmm infestated the Slap-
were part of a cult feeding their rela- B&B Sprintprint
head Club-members of both the
tives Resyk bodyparts; their loved
A small printshop along Washington Bea Arthur and Duncan Goodhew
ones had suffered strange muta-
Sectors J Edgar Hoover, and a orig- Blocks. Judge Dredd, attacked by
tions arising from acts of annibalism
inator of vi-zines including Torture the Zmmm, crashed into Rubys Wax
during the Necropolis Event. Dredd
Picture Weekly, Cut and Run and The Joint (whose range of slaphead treat-
executed most of the necrophages,
Pancreas of Pauline. Sprintprints ments included Beyond Bush, Bush
consigning the few survivors to the
middlemen supplied 13 outlets in the Be Gone and Pube-Remove). (It Came
psycho-cubes. (Necrophage)
sector. (Young Giant) From Bea Arthur Block)

Bayley Construction The incident at Bea Arthur Block

Bea Arthur Block only increased the sense of anger
Judge Dredd pursued the irradi-
Arthur resident Leon Lutz was a among the bald community who
ated peeper Watt Le Fung through
Bald-O activist and member of the interpreted it as an effort by the
Bayley Construction, near Gosnell
Sector 273 South Slaphead Commu- hairies to eradicate them. Previous
Avenue, as Le Fung gave chase to
nity, charged with arson attacks to his Bea Arthur experiences, the
the loan-shark Beaky. (Return of the
against hair transplant clinics and late Roy Parks had made headlines
harassing citizens wearing toupees. when he refused to stay on the bald
Lutz passed on his wisdom as Block side of a communal changing room.
Bazooka Bowl Champion to the blocks other (Bald Ambition)
baldies (promoting the Dazzle-
In the Bazooka Bowl, citizens used
Dome range including Chunto-Chem
shoulder-mounted bazookas to
and Zitto Ground Zero). Returning

Beaker & Honeydew became trapped beneath a fallen another lonely heart called Avril
pole. A Number 4188 bus was Byker was butchered, Judge Dredd
After a romantic tryst with a sexmek,
hijacked minutes afterwards, east- imprisoned Waughn for 30 years.
Brit-Cit delegate Jago Warner was
bound on the plaza sked, narrowly- Soon after, it was revealed Waughns
treated at the Medi-Centre on the
missing Dredd who later directed jealous mother Glenda was the real
corner of Beaker & Honeydew.
two Asian tourists to the Museum of killer. (Heartbeat)
(Kingdom of the Blind)
the Twenty-First-Century across the
plaza. (Language Barrier)
Beaverton Dust-Zone Bela Lugosi Block
Lugosi resident Zeke Willis
A Justice Department Tek-Team
Bed-on-the-Sked contracted lycanthropy and had to
dredged a number of corpses from a
A grubby motel where the East-Meg be contained in the block laundrette
rad-pit in the Beaverton Dust-Zone.
sleeper-agent Glenny Mexworth by his sister-in-law. (Channel 9 Crime
(Almighty Dredd)
rented a room from which to focus Time Special)
her psi-talent and assist in the
BD Rickenbacker Block Johnny Floods gang of thieves
escape of the East-Meg One assassin
waited in a disused branch
Adele Dahl (Rickenbacker Apartment Orlok from nearby Iso-Block 41.
connecting Lugosi Block to the
70/K) was a professional biller who (Hour of he Wolf)
Karloff Tunnel, ready to take the
began to receive corpses made as
places of Chief Auditor Judge Millets
payment in response to her invoices.
Belcher Luxapts party as it drove towards the Grand
The culprit was the spectre of the
Lonely heart Donald Waughn Central Spaceport. (Floods 13)
late citizen Jasper Peck, who ulti-
(Belcher Apartment 3) lived with
mately-haunted Adele to her grave.
his mother Gelda and domodroid Belmont
(Paid With Thanks)
Randall. Waughn signed up with
The West Street Zoom was Belmonts
dating agency Heartbeat and was put
Beedle Plaza main public transport hub where
in touch with potential love-match
homeless juves arrived regularly.
Judge Dredd shot a futsie wielding Candice McLennon, shortly before
Serial killer-clone Millet Linton
a chainsaw in Beedle Plaza, but she was brutally-murdered. After

Brophy took to the back streets of skankeries where she stuffed single- suffered a power surge, causing a
Belmont where the rough crowd notes and the odd ten-spot cred-note massive electrical discharge. (I Singe
(drug-addicts) and the meat-market into her V-string. Jaynis coworkers the Body Electric)
(slabwalkers) gathered outside the included Latreena and Ashtr.
Ben Franklin Skedway was the
Holograph Theatre (showing I Spit on (Whiteout)
location of a medium-sized shop-
Your Gravy). Linton parked his black
plex with 750 businesses including
Hover-7 along South Neld. (Your
Benito Mussolini Block the Chinese-style restaurant Fu
Beating Heart)
Judge Dredd operated crime-swoops Man Chew. During an investiga-
on numerous Mussolini blockers tion into illegal pork operations,
Ben Casey Memorial Hospital including Morg Jonas and his son Judges Dredd, Belinda Zandonella,
In 2109, the Mutant (aka Owen Pup Jonas (Apartment 1041), a Carver, Esma Karst and Tykrist Karst
Krysler) once again terrorised Mega- murderer describing himself as employed Special Deputy Porkditz,
City One by drawing on the powerful a freelance security consultant. a pig, to sniff out illegal pork-prod-
psi-talent of young hospital patient Neighbour Mrs Sanchez was ucts. (Swine Fever)
Bobby Cameron resident in Casey sentenced to two years encubement
Memorial Hospital. (To Live and Die for Welfare fraud. (Pup Fiction) Benjamin Spock Block
in Mega-City One)
The juve Kilroy Orwell received two Spock Block experienced a spate of
Ben Casey Hospital was the birth- years encubement for scrawling on violence as residents enacted venge-
place of the punk Herman The the head of a sleeping citizen in the ance against the blocks mainte-
Kneepad Kid Sherman. (Portrait of a Mussolini Leisure Precinct. (The nance robots for stealing their jobs.
Citizen Under Suspicion) Mega-City News) (Cityblock)

Spock Apartment 2555 was the

Bendys Benjamin Franklin Block home of Verona Waters, a preg-
Wesson Smythes girlfriend Jayni A Franklin resident was killed nant, reformed drug-abuser who
worked as a pole-dancer in Bendys, during a thunderstorm when the became a human guinea pig for the
one of the gangster Rubin Cortezs android Edison TV repairman Cosmo new narcotic Atom Seed. Waters

unborn child possessed a telepathic his henchmen, Chief Citi-Def Fran- Benny Bunson Block
psi-talent, as detected by Psi-Judge klin Roosevelt and Corporal Bandy.
The Sector 14 Downtown mobster
Anderson. (Baby Talk) Clues leading to the murder culprits
Pinkerton Throt resided in Bunson
were supplied by the Mop Lady and
Apartment 45/98. (Downtown)
Tawdrey Thorne. (Twin Blocks)
Bennett Beeny Block
Beenys Block Judge was withdrawn Benson Avenue
because of budgetary cuts. The Benny Andersson Block
A robot bank situated on Benson
lecturer and Beeny resident Zondra Shelton resident Fenton Finke was
Avenue was attacked with explo-
Smith made love to Total War agent murdered outside Benny Andersson
sives. (Judge Finlays Casebook)
Gil Thomas (aka Sonny Castinello) Block by magic bullets (remote-
after the Judges searched her apart- controlled bullets) directed by After the Apocalypse War, Benson
ment for evidence linking them, but bloodthirsty citizen Bob Neumann Avenue was annexed by Sector 301.
who later covertly-monitored their who despised Finkes happy-go-lucky Rogue SJS Judge Herman Roth hid at
lovemaking. Total War agents Fran- nature. Judges Dredd, Bennett and a lock-up at 23995 Benson, awaiting a
klin Rio Che Harnaby and Maranta Drake initiated a door-to-door search Bio-Sludge tanker dispatched by the
Wanta Kibz murdered Smith while (incidentally discovering the Blood Mega-City Frendz to smuggle him out
she showered. Judge Dredd executed God-worshipper Emily Flowerdew of the sector. (The Pit)
Kibz, but Harnaby committed and 30 kilos of the drug Ice-11 hidden
suicide. (Terror) in a dump-cube). Drake was badly-
Berger Block
injured during a gunfight with Apart-
ment 215/17 gangsters who main- The future psycopath PJ Maybe was
Bennet-Thorne Twin Blocks born in 2097 in the Berger Block
tained a small armoury including
Bennet and Thorne Blocks were the Westinghouse Snipe-40 rifle. Tek- Clinic. (Emphatically Evil)
connected by a lattice of pedways. Judge Wood discovered a fragment Berger Residents Frank and Roda
Judge Dredd investigated the of glass at Finkes crime scene, part Swindley (Apartment 67/K) were
murder of Undercover Judge of a .70 calibre bullet-casing. (Magic murdered by a robot constructed by
Lola Palmtree, implicating the Bullets) PJ Maybe which injected them with
block-owner Bennet Horne and

a poison. (Bug; The Confessions of PJ when Montalbans son Romero fell in Bernie Bloom Block
Maybe) love with Julep Castigate, daughter
Scrawlers (graffiti artists) were at
of Greer Blocks Mayor Berta Casti-
PJ Maybe returned to Mega-City One work along the West Side of Bloom
gate. During the violence, Montalban
disguised as Don Pedro Montez to Plaza, possibly affiliated with the
deployed his elite troops (including
murder former Berger Block resi- Hoyt Axton Block scrawlers. (Judge
the Hot Doggers From Hell and the
dents Aurora Devine, Derekk Deek Finlays Casebook)
Dirty Dozen), but they were no match
Billim Stubbs, Floris McDonald,
for Judge Hershey who sentenced the
Larson Sidowski, Robert Boxx Bertholt Brecht Block
survivors to 20 years encubement.
and Miasma Fung (the daughter of
(Sex War) Edward James Sikoryak, a Medicare
George & Glorious Fung, Apartment
Maintenance Tech Grade XII (Casual)
87/I). Maybe harboured a 20-year-
was born in 2075 in the Sector 57
long grudge against the former after Bernard Munce
Processing Plant slums, a rotting sprawl of prefabri-
they reprimanded him for ruining
cated huts and garbage eventually
their schools Christmas Play when Human remains were discovered in
built upon by Bertholt Brecht Block.
he tampered with their costumes slop-tanks at the Munce Processing
hoverjets. (Six) Plant. Munce was taken off the local
Sector House Canteen menu until Brecht Block was one of three final-
further notice. (The Listener) ists in the Twelfth Annual All Mega-
Bernard Manning Block
City Block-Out Final taking place at
During a graveyard shift, Manning
the Craterbowl; it faced off against
Blocks sewage recycling plant Bernie Beesley Block
rivals Arthur Askey and Derek Batey
suffered a blowback, forcing an Home of the Beesley Bad Boys gang Blocks. (Block Out at the Crater Bowl)
emergency evacuation. (Pyro) who took part in a major gang-
confront in Sector 230s Jungle.
Home of the Ultra-Chauvinists led by Bertie Eco Flyover
(Rumble in the Jungle)
Block Mayor Throbber Montalban.
A section of the Eco Flyover was
Manning Block went to war with
stolen, causing traffic delays
neighbouring Germaine Greer Block
throughout Sectors 241-247. (Judge-

ment Day) Berkoff Skedway Bessie Bunter Block
A number of eld-shelts along Berkoff To qualify for an appearance on the
Beryl Reid Bypass Skedway survived a near-miss by an Tri-D show Tateline, Bunter Block
East-Meg One nuclear-missile during resident Irene Smoult informed on
Two Stookie-dealers were killed
the Apocalypse War. Of the 20,000 her neighbour Sonja Munt who had
along Beryl Reid Bypass by Apoca-
eldsters, a number succumbed to illegally-received a heart transplant
lypse War veteran Archibald Leach
radiation-poisoning and the rest in Mex-Cit using an organ obtained
after he suspected them of selling
were taken by Undercity scaven- from a murder victim. Sonja in
Stookie to his wife Edna. (The Judge
gers. What now remained of Berkhoff turn informed on Irene who had
and the Jury)
Skedway fell within Nuke Alley in previously sold her mutant child
the Northland Ruins. Judge Dredd to Andean Conurb slave-traders.
Besmartco Rental Warehouse hunted ex-Judge Garris Hale after (Youve Been Fingered)
Would-be pit-fighters stored xenom- disarming alarm-beams and sonic-
orph facehuggers in City Bottoms skreemers. Dredd fought the mutants
Best Mega-Western Hotel
Besmartco rental warehouses; the Fangs and Meathead whom he over-
head discussing the kidnapping of The undercover Brit-Cit Judge
facehuggers escaped and insemi-
Mega-City scientist Udo Keenan. Louisa Bertram stayed in the Best
nated their captors with fast-growing
While the mutant Bones blocked Mega-Western Hotels Room 99/1. A
alien enbryos. One of the corpses
Dredds radio communications, Hale suspect fitting the description of a
later discovered by Judges belonged
used mutant powers to shoot Dredd fugitive assassin on the premises
to Rudi Lomas, a skash music fan,
using an old Mk1 Lawgiver, leaving reported to Judge Amy Steel proved
reported missing four days previ-
him for dead. A H-Wagon from North to be a false lead. (The Big Shot!)
ously. Judge Brubaker was attacked
by the aliens, while acidic alien Zone Command arrived in the nick
blood injured Judge Pitt. An adult of time to save Dredds life. (Blood Bet Gilroy Conapts
xenomorph murdered Judges Rauss, Will Tell)
During Simp Week, the residents
Earl and Gomer. (Incubus)
of Bet Gilroy Conapts awoke after
a three-day-long mass sleep-in to

discover they had all been given be able to destroy an H-Wagon at Betty Bacall Block
tattoos and permed hair. The culprit five kilometres. Infiltrating the She-
Hottie stall-staffer Melinda Jayne
was the simp activist Doctor Waldo Devils, Judge Lynn Miller (posing as
Holsen (Bacall Apartment 53-15; Rap
Stubbs, inventor of the Musical Shoe the bounty-hunter Cheryl Cherry
Sheet: Failing to Return a Library
and the Smell-Doorbell for the deaf. Lane) killed the turncoat Wally
Slug on Time) entered into an
(Mondo Simp) Judge Judy Spice Scarotti by drop-
illegal romantic liaison with Street
ping her off the hotels sloping glass
Judge Brophy. As their relation-
roof. Miller attacked the She-Devils
Bethany Beach ship progressed, Brophy covered
when her cover was blown, before
the apartment windows with anti-
An affluent district bordering the the defence systems auto-destruct
glare tape to hide its occupants from
Black Atlantic. Bethany Beach was activated which caused the deaths
nightly Judicial sweeps. Bacall Block
close to City Bottom and comprised of over 2,000 hotel guests. The Twin-
suffered from a lack of funds, having
of dozens of sprawling luxury Towers Hotel was scheduled to be
another two years to wait before
mansions - serviced by a series of demolished and rebuilt from scratch.
securicams could be installed. (Fear
private skedways - owned by the (Silencer)
the Darkness)
very wealthy. (Bad Moon Rising*2)

Bette Davis Block Betty Boop Block

Bet Lynch Twin-Towers Hotel
A prewar cityblock. Russell and
A cityblock infected by the Block
The Bet Lynch Hotels desk-droid Dorus Coypu were rehoused in Bette
Mania. Chief Judge Griffins
had a snobbery implant. The Foyer Davis Block after the Necropolis
H-Wagon, thrown off course by a
included real trees, and a turbolift Event, but discovered their dream
nuclear blastwave, crashed into
led to the penthouse suite, a large, apartment was also the home of the
Boop Block. The Chief Judge was
open space with hover-sofas. The mass-murderer Albert Boeski. (The
badly-injured, forcing Judge Dredd
Suite was occupied by the She-Devils Apartment*2)
to carry him to safety while opposed
femgang who conducted gang audi-
by crazed Boop Citi-Def. (The Apoca-
tions; those who failed were dropped
lypse War)
from a great height. The penthouse
had a defence system rumoured to

Betty Boothroyd Block Pipeway. (Block Mania; The Apoca- During the 2133 Annual New Years
lypse War) Eve Parade, a float advertising
Marv Lenster (Boothroyd Apartment
Beverly Everlys New Munce Empo-
2644, Level 345), pilot of the Ebola
rium handed out free samples to the
Zaire, was killed when the monstrous Betty Stover Block
crowds. (Old Man Time)
Progeny he carried hatched out and
Stover resident Jack Flash wrote to
infected much of Boothroyd Block,
The Mega-City Times defending the
triggering a state of Quarantine. BF Skinner Block
concept of the slidewalk from fellow
correspondent Arnold Crimbaker; The Problem Joovz gang of BF
Vernon Martins (aka Dick Icarus) Flash claimed that the kneepad was Skinner Block waged a turf-war
was born in 2078 in the Boothroyd a greater threat to the public health. against the Rick Moranis Block
Maternity Hospital; he lived on (The Mega-City Times) Morons. Judges Dredd, Portillo and
Level 78 with his wife until she was a reserve Judge were dispatched
killed during the Necropolis Event. to lay down the law. They targeted
Betty Turpin Block
Apartment 78/34 was home to the BF Skinner, where they discovering
Kirschmayers, Mister Kirschmayer The bored Citi-Def of Audie Murphy the murdered Moron Blind Iggy, the
being a Citi-Def Deputy Lieutenant. Block attacked neighbouring Betty most popular juve in Moranis Block,
Apartment 78/42 was home to Mrs Turpin Block to obtain real combat whose demise triggered a block
and Mrs Voogel, friends of Vernons experience. Judge Dredd sentenced war leaving Skinner Block badly-
wife. (Dredd Versus Death) the perpetrators to 15 years encube- damaged. The ruins were considered
ment. (Citi-Def) for demolition, to be replaced by a
podpark or sewer-works.
Betty Crocker Block (Joovz n the Hood)
Beverly Everlys
Cityblock infected by the Block New Munce Emporium
Mania, teaming up with Dan
Muncefectioner Beverly Everly B Haynes Way
Tanna Block to attack Enid Blyton,
made the best-quality munce gum
Henry Kissinger and Rikki Fulton The Apocalypse War-damaged
until she was killed in a burglary.
Blocks. The Betty Crocker Zipstrip Sector 26 was plagued by wreckers
(Dead Mans Gum)
connected with the Downside for years afterwards; wrecker blacks-

pots included Lincoln Causeway and originated by robots. Big-1 then ered by some to be the roughest bar
B Haynes Way, crossing into Sector swiped Kennys art-style, enraging in Mega-City One. Popular vid-show
27. (The Wreckers) him into attacking the robot artists Cheating Drokkers hosted by Donny
and the Senior Editor. Kenny stole Casanovas mixed voyeurism and
a powerboard from the company vengeance, rising in the ratings like
Bianca Jagger Conapts
stores to make his escape. Years wildfire. During one show, Carmilla
Jagger Conapts competed in the All later, Kenny returned, trying to get Falsetto discovered her husband
Mega-City Block-Out. Its star Wally, a job. The robot editor declined, but Antony, Grudfather of the Sector
Jumping Jack Andropov, eventually asked Kenny to autograph a copy 69 Mob, was cheating on her with
transferred to Derek Batey Block to of the new trashzine Finna Haddy, her twin-sister Carlotta in the back-
take place in the Twelfth Annual All produced by a robot Jimmy Who? seat of a Firebird corvette. Carmilla
Mega-City Block-Out finals. (Block Out that had assimilated scans of Kenny traced the couple to the Bigga-Bum
at the Crater Bowl) Whos original artwork. (The Art of Nightclub and a firefight broke out.
Kenny Who?; Who? Dares Wins) Judge Dredd chased Antony into the
Bierce & Porter street where the latter was crushed
In the Big-1 Communications vid-
beneath the wheels of a Falsetto
Bierce & Porter was a chain of under- studios, astrologer Randy Grand,
Waste Disposal truck. Donny Casa-
takers near Redemption Square while copying predictions from the
novas position as host was usurped
and a front for the racketeer George latest trashzines while sitting on
by his conniving cohost Mindy
Gooney. (Mad Tooths Run) the dump-cube, had his rear orifice
Newton. (Cheating Drokkers)
torn off by Edwina Butt-Trapper
Spratt. Grands condition was stable, The Bigga-Bum Club was inher-
Big-1 Tower
although his future career was in ited by Zac Castro upon his Uncle
The headquarters of Big-1 doubt. (Fat Bottom Boys) Harolds death. A crime-blitz led by
Publishing. Calhabber Kenny Who? Judge Dredd discovered at least 17
dreamed of drawing trashart comic Health & Safety violations on the
strips for Big-1, but was rejected, Bigga-Bum Nightclub
premises. Castro became a Judges
informed by the Big-1 Senior Editor An erotic dance emporium & night- Informer, but local kingpin Walden
that all trashart materials were now club along the Rosetta Strip, consid- Stickley discovered Castros betrayal

and electrified his testicles. Upon with wings and armaments. (Road- Bill Bailey Block
his recovery, Castro sold the Club to kill)
Bailey Block was razed to the ground
pay for his medical treatment. Dredd
during the Apocalypse War. The
thereafter instructed Castro to spy
Big Meg Holding Corporation local Citi-Def (A-Section: Lieutenant
on fellow Welfare recipients. (The
Heck Hunkley, Bennet Elderman,
Informant) The offices of Big Meg Holding
Ogbert Oggie Ogden, Roofus Keene;
Corporation were broken into by
former B-Section leader Sergeant
alien Selaphites following the orders
Biggie Smalls Block Greg, Elmo, Phil, Irma, Jerry, and
of Akford J Gulliver to steal company
the new B-Section leader Murray)
Butch, Eva & Mickey Moose, information to be used in insider
emerged from hiding in 2113,
members of the Surveillance Action dealing. (Hot Rocks)
believing they were still fighting the
Brigades SAB-91 cell, met in Donald
war, destroying the Shields Intersect
Tafts Biggie Smalls penthouse apart-
Big Meg Munceburger and the Noxem Plant. Bill Bailey Citi-
ment to plan their attack against
Emporium Def were massacred by the Judges
Sector 91 streetcams. Taft owned an
The Munceburger Emporium was after they were cornered in the Peter
intercontinental HV (hover-vehicle)
mentioned in the Job Opportuni- Palumbo Shelter. (Bill Bailey, Wont
parked on standby on his hoverpad.
ties section of TRI-23s Get A Job You Please Come Home)
program. (Savage Amusement)

Bill Bixby Block

Big Larrys 24-Hour Body-Shop
Bikes n Trikes An alien fang-beest escaped from an
Merv Whitstables Zippy-model car
Judge Dredd commandeered a hover- alien menagerie, flying over Sector
was fitted with a homicidal Quantrak
bike from Bikes n Trikes when New 337 where it alighted atop Bill Bixby
Auto-Pilot, a living brain hardwired
Model Phoords turned against their Block. The fang-beest entered Apart-
into a vehicle guidance system. It
creators at the Phoord Pharm in the ment 24/B where it devoured the
contained the mind of the White
Cursed Earth. (New Model Phoord) juve Kelvin Gosper and his father
Tongue Triad runner Lenny-Lee The
Sam before being executed by Judge
Karaoke Killer Lucas who forced
Dredd. (The Beast in 24b)
mechanic Big Larry to fit the Zippy

Bill Clinton Block formed by rogue Cadet-Judges) Bill Haleys Comet
executed two perps they caught
During a drastic relaxation in law The Haleys Comet Flotel lost control
beating a citizen to death behind
and order ordered by Chief Judge and crashed atop a perp Judge
Billy Clinton Plaza. (Brute Force)
Goodman while possessed by the Dredd had arrested. There were no
mutant Monkey, thousands of citi- survivors among the Flotels crew
zens turned to violence. A militia Bill Gates Block and passengers. (Justice from Above)
from Bill Clinton Block blockaded
Percival Croaker (Gates Apartment
the entrance to the Cauldron district
3331) maintained a virtual garden21 Billie Holliday Block
with scrap vehicles. Judge Dredds
that he had grown from scratch.
Tac-Group cleared the way using A hostile New Model Phoord stress-
Croaker reported the vandalism of
bike cannon and lasers. (Monkey on relief organism threatened the Billie
the garden to the Judges, blaming his
My Back) Holliday Block School juves. (New
rivals Len Conroy, Gladys Siddons
Model Phoord).
The fugitive Heap Molinsky and Monty Flutterbutt whom he
succeeded in swapping his mental claimed envied him for winning First
essence - a personality transfer Prize at the Virtual Garden of the Year Billie Piper Turnpike
through time and space - with Amer- Show (20x20) Section. A swarm of Judge Ironwood and Volkoffs Holo-
ican President Bill Clinton. The latter virtual locusts attacked Croakers caust Squad engaged drug-dealers
awoke to find himself in Mega-City garden, causing him to suffer a heart operating aboard the Moveable
One, trapped in Molinskys body. attack. (Everything in the Garden) Feast22. It ploughed straight through
Judge Dredd burst into Molinskys the Piper Turnpike crash-barrier
apartment, discovering two kilos of before it reached Eccleston Megway,
explosives and firearms including exploding near Justice Park. Volkoff
a KKF-12 implicated in the Krikk died while attempting to steer the
Street Shootings. Dredd sentenced
Molinsky to 30 years in Psycho-Cube 21 The virtual garden featured Clematis
44. (The Strange Case of Bill Clinton) Alpina, Heliopsis, Achillea, Bougainvillaea Glabra, 22 A double-articulated 100-wheeler drug
Foxglove, Knapweed, Campion, Buttercup, factory operating automatically using a OEM
Agrimony, Poppies, Cranesbill, Bellflower, Acer traffic negotiator run by a Megasoft operating
The Exterminators (a vigilante group Palmatum and Cornus Controversa Variegata. system.

Moveable Feast out of bystanders rial Stadium. New track phenom- gambling syndicate who put out a
way. (Dead Man Walking) enon Aaron Johnson beat cyborg contract on Johnson for throwing
rivals Ernesto Bullet Time Batista, out their odds on the games. During
Phil The Piston Durrant and Zack a race against Hondo Citys Naka-
Billie Whitelaw Block
Zephyr Paline, taking third place. mura, Pan-Africas Sesay and Eddie
Dirk Hunter was harpooned by his Johnson refused to use legalised Emerald Isle Express OShea,
wife Tiger on Whitelaw Plaza and bionics or performance-boosting Johnson came in sixth, no mean feat
had a thermo-bomb shoved in his drugs. Monitoring the event, the considering his rivals came off the
mouth, setting off a charge that League of Cybernetically-Enhanced blocks at 200 kph (the winning time
destroyed the blocks uppermost Citizens took a close interest in John- for the 200-metres-sprint was down
eight levels, killing 1,500 residents. sons natural methods. Durrant to less than ten seconds). Judge-
(Babes in Arms) took umbrage at Johnsons newfound sniper Whyte executed an assassin
popularity which cost Durrant wearing Ich Bin Ein Droid-inscribed
Billings his Bio-ENC and Cybo-Tek spon- armour. Durrant, humiliated further
sorship deals. Johnson received on the Gabby Vile Show and now
Former Cadet-Judge and Dredd
2,872 death-threats from anti-mutie parted from his wife Sindi, became
clone Dolman was walking home
fanatics, cyborg supremacists and a living bomb and detonated on the
from Mega-Tech to the apartment
any one of millions of losers who racetrack, crippling Johnson. Dredd
he shared with Vienna Pasternak
hated anybody getting ahead on saw to it that Johnson recovered
when, in a loading bay off Billings, he
talent and hard work. Judge Dredd in a Justice Department med-bay;
defended the citizen Sarney against
was assigned as Johnsons personal Johnson was determined that he
a group of thugs including Puffrey
bodyguard until his next race. As would one day race again. (The
and Yanik Stiffanatos. Judge McGinn
Johnson practised on the Mega- Natural)
arrested Dolman. (Night School)
City streets, Dredd was watchful for
attacks from the Continuity League
Bill Sykes Row
Bill Perry Memorial Stadium of Fatties (who accused Johnson
of promoting an extremist anti- Archivist Edwin Drood was threat-
The Professional Enhanced Athletics
sloth lifestyle) and a New Jakarta ened by an escaped convict, forced
took place at the Bill Perry Memo-
to deliver food to him on Bill Sykes

Row. Drood confronted the fugitive, Billy Bob Thornton Overzoom Billy Butlin Block
acting on the self-imposed authority
A nest of foul-smelling agri-domes Dead batgliders revived by a virus
of a volunteer Special Constable, but
that fermented pond scum was harassed the Butlin Leisure Park
was beaten to death. (The Mystery of
located near to Billy Bob Thornton patrons. They were returned to the
Judge (Edwin) Drood)
Overzoom. (Double Zero) grave by Judge Dredd and Cadet-
Judge Rhinestone. (Dead Mans
Bill Watterson Block Boots)
Billy Bragg Block
Juve Kevin Doonesberry (Watterson Licensed Judge-peeper Homer Blint
A Group 5 security van carrying a
Apartment 13) was raised by Eddie, reported illegal smokers in Butlin
group of mutant criminals crashed
a brutal career-criminal, while his Apartment 259/Z from his vantage
in Bragg Plaza, allowing the perps to
mother became a lap-dancing ugly, point in neighbouring Norman P
escape. (Mr Bennet Joins the Judges)
abandoned him. Kevin used his psi- OConnor Block. (Angel of Mercy)
talent to turn his stuffed toy tiger Bragg was designated a mutant
Hobbit into a real tiger to kill both block in 2131. Under acting Chief
Eddie and his criminal cohorts while Judge Sinfields rule, most of the Billy Carter Block
they planned a robbery. (Something mutant inhabitants returned volun- The home of Mitson and the beach-
Over My Shoulder is Drooling) tarily to the Cursed Earth or faced head of the Dark Judges Fear, Fire
expulsion. Orlando Pattay and and Mortis, who came to Mega-City
his wife Ninda refused to vacate, One to rescue Judge Death. After
Bill Werbeniuk Block
becoming a media Cause Celebre. resurrecting death in Mitsons apart-
One graveyard shift, a low-level Justice Department restricted ment, the reunited Dark Judges
skysurfer was reported in the their Welfare payments and cut sealed off Billy Carter Block using a
vicinity of Werbeniuk, heading the power to their apartment, but psi-shield before embarking on the
east up the Flabway. Judge Dredd Human Rights groups were up in culling of its 70,000-plus residents,
captured him on Silvino Pedway, arms. Judge March (Sinfields clone) including the events of the Peanut
leaving him disabled and hanging suggested irradiating the block to Park massacre. Psi-Judge Anderson
from his powerboard on the dangle. force an evacuation to the notorious breached the psi-shield, allowing
(Pyro) Griffin Block. (Mega-City Justice) heavy Justice Department artil-

lery to blast the Dark Judges back to evoked the twisted spirit of Sir Harry Billy Graham Block
Deadworld. (Judge Death Lives) Lauder to tear the living hearts
Biggie Shanks, leader of the Church
out of the chests of Albion Blocks
Greta Schwab was a juve at Billy of the Almighty Dredd, lived with his
finest Charades players. (The Most
Carter Block when the Dark Judges wife Teeni in Graham Apartment 172.
Dangerous Game)
attacked; her parents were murdered (Almighty Dredd)
by Dark Judges Death and Fire.
Reverend Jefferson Biddle of Billy
(Marked For Death) Billy Fury Block
Graham Block was throttled to death
Judge Dredds would-be assassin by The Marriage Game contestant
Billy Connolly Block Jeffrey Jacobi took a taxi to Fury Troy, who believed he was Judge
Block and then walked the rest of Death. (The Marriage Game)
A Scot-Block inhabited by Calhabber
the way to the Grand Hall of Justice
immigrants. When Judge Dredd
adopting the disguise of Judge
discovered a bottle of bootleg
Bullet. (Hitman)
Billy Horschel Block
whisky beneath floorboards in
Horschel Block was severely-
Archie McPherson Block, he banned
damaged by an impact from a large
Christmas for all Scot-Blocks until Billy Gibbons Block
fragment of the plummeting space
the distillery was found. (Christmas Downtowns Billy Gibbons Block condominium Gemini 2. (Condo)
is Cancelled) was commissioned in 2068; after
Judges investigated a report more than 35 years, it was eventu-
ally scheduled for demolition but the
Billy Smart Block
concerning a number of deaths on a
Apocalypse War delayed the blocks Billy Smart Block was infected by
zoom-train pending arrival at Billy
destruction while the city coped the Block Mania; its crazed blockers
Connolly Zoom Station. (Thrice Upon
with sudden housing shortages. By attacking neighbouring Bugs Bunny
a Time in Mega-City One)
2109, Gibbons population numbered Block. (The Apocalypse War)
Scot-Block Charades team-manager 5,445. Barely a day passed without
Ricky McFulton utilised Celtic Druids violence erupting. (Downtown)
in Connolly Block to make a deal
with the demonic Beast; McFulton

Billy Stewart Block Billy Zane Block by billowing flags recognising fellow
citizens who participated in Mega-
Cursed Earth Judge Koburn and In the remote Cursed Earth Bakers-
City Ones retaliation. (The Kazan
Judge Rico oversaw Mega-City One field Barrens, the Billy Zane Block
Citi-Def squads, including the resi- A-Section Advanced Recon23 Citi-Def
dents of Billy Stewart Block, partic- (featuring Baum, Carpenter, Jolly,
ipate in Cursed Earth war games. Miko, Nemmen, Reyes, Tovey and Bing Crosby Block
(Going After Billy Zane) Unit Commander Amanda Stone)
A Solstice Gross-out commenced
participated in war games. They
on the Second of December for four
tracked a radio mayday broadcast
Billy Stupes Circus weeks; participants were charged 60
they believed was part of the exer-
credits apiece to attend. (The Mega-
A travelling menagerie of novelty cise, but was in fact a lure created by
City News)
acts including the Flying Babani a Gila-Bruja witch-cult. (Going After
Brothers and the almost-human Billy Zane) Sniper Judge24 Walther enforced
cannonball Rotundo Smith. A crime- Judge Dredds Zero Tolerance initia-
blitz found lies and exaggerations tive in the crime-ridden Sector 50. He
across the board: the Fat Lady used Bing Cenotaph
was dispatched to Crosby Heights,
growth hormone, the Invisible Man The Bing Cenotaph in Saddle mindful of anti-mutant lynchings
wore a field generator, Morgo (The Precinct became one of the focal (two occurring the previous week).
Mightiest Man in the Universe) was points for Sector 190s Apocalypse Walther assisted Special Investi-
an android, the Cursed Earth Mutie- Day Parade. It featured a rockcrete gative Units in rousting bars and
Beasts had no license and Benson bust of Nino Vermont, a heroic Citi- clubs along Crosby Plaza. Walther
Bunsen the Fire-Eater was techni- Def Jaeger Squad commander who wounded three runners along South
cally blowing, not eating. The Judges destroyed his cityblock rather than Plaz, as covered by a Mega-City News
put the Circus out of business on its surrender to East-Meg One forces. Network (MCNN) reporter. (The Skin-
very first night. (A Night at the Circus) The cenotaph was situated in the ning Room)
centre of a large circle surrounded
24 Automated rifles made precision aiming
23 Elite-rated with Cursed Earth Survival easy; a Sniper Judges responsibility was primarily
experience. to transport the rifle to a good vantage point.

Bing Hitler Block and mounted on castors over 200 Mega-City One)
rare dogs belonging to the pedigree
Durk Stammers blamed the Housing
dog-breeder Bekki Shulekov. (Mondo
Department for his familys reloca- Biowarfare Research Facility
tion to Doris Lessing Block and the
Elmore Yurges developed a variant
subsequent death of his wife. He
of the parasitic micro-organism
opened fire on the inhabitants of Bio-Clone Incorporated Toxoplasma Gondii, transmitted
a nearby Welfare block, narrowly-
Manufacturers of cloning tanks through the air and estimated to be
missing Judge Dredd. (View From a
and auxiliary equipment for Justice fatal in 99.8 per cent of cases. After-
Department. (Repro Man) wards, Yurges resigned, destroying
his notes and all existing cultures of
Binkys Organ Boutique the micro-organisms. (Nadia)
Biosynth Incorporated
Binkys, on Kesey & 12th, was an
Situated within the Kate Wilhelm
organ bank owned by Elvin Alvis Bishop Mounsey Luxapts
Dust-Zone, Biosynth Incorporated
Elfmann III. On the eve of Simp Week,
manufactured tailored enzymes for The residence of private psychia-
Judge Dredd investigated reports
detergents, synthifood tenderizers trist Doctor Frank Gilbret which he
of another hit by the simp prank-
and other industrial applications. An shared with his wife. Gilbret also
ster Bobfrey Spinks, gaining access
explosion at the factory caused the rented an office in nearby Clapton
to Binkys using a multikey. Spinks
enzymes to mix, creating a strange, Tower. (Hitman)
replaced all organs with a selection
blob-like pseudo-lifeform. (To Live
of tinned meat products of late twen-
and Die in Mega-City One)
tieth-century manufacture. Spinks Bizstricts
had also left the Judges bewildered Business districts featuring business
when he redecorated a Sector House Biotron Incorporated premises, offices and ecom-units.
overnight. He later shaved, stuffed A medical research company manu- The Bizstrict in Angeltown was occu-
facturing nuclear-powered cyber- pied by a 95 per cent robot work-
netic hearts and various medical force. (Playing Futsie)
components. (Thrice Upon a Time in

Bjorn Borg Block Black Atlantic Zoom Terminal Black Museum
Borg resident Rita Roxbottom was The Atlantic Terminal saw a huge A collection of grisly relics, a
witness from her Level 200 apart- influx of European visitors for the constant reminder of evil in all its
ment to the shooting of Alfred Hitch- 2118 European Aeroball Champion- forms, was on permanent exhibi-
cock residents. (The Mega-City ships. Judge Dredd arrested several tion in the Grand Hall of Justices
Times) Brit-Cit supporters. (Euroball 2118) Black Museum. Each Tuesday and
Thursday, between the hours of 0900
Judge Dredd arrested a Jimp (Judge-
and 1100, the public was granted
Black Atlantic Strat-Bat Port imposter) at the Zoom Terminal who
admittance. Judge Critchley was
Admirers gathered to wait for the claimed to be Judge Poirot from
Museum Curator circa 2107. The
arrival of the Brit-Cit Royal Shuttle Sector House 33. During the bust,
Exhibits included a stuffed Klegg,
containing Brit-Cits most eligible Dredd was directed to meet with
the Brain of Judge Cal, the Heart
bachelor, His Right Royal Heartthrob Wally Squad operatives inside the
of PJ Maybe and the Dark Judges
Crown Prince Rudolph-Wilheim, who terminal who gave him a mission to
D-Jump. Thousands of lesser arte-
was to commence his studies at the escort Frankie Petangeli, a hood-
facts were kept in storage, including
Mega-City University. (The Student turned-Judges Witness, on the run
the Sector Seven Poisoners pillbox,
Prince) from Pan-Andean Sugar Syndicate.
an Invisible Bullet, a Atomic War-era
(Strangers on a Zoom-Train)
Judge helmet, a fragment of Death
Black Atlantic Belt lodestone, one of the arms of
Transit Compound Blackbeard Nethersked Voodoo-priest Papa Vaudou, the
A disused skedway, badly-damaged uniform of Judge Howard Price who
A heavily-fortified holding area for
during the Apocalypse War, was later mutated into an amphibious human-
Mega-City One immigrants. Judge
used as a hijacking location by the alien hybrid, a Karpov MF7 Senti-
Kelleher was a Gate Judge working
Carrey Beaners street-pirates. (Bad noids AKZ-70 Command & Control
the Transit Compound when the
Moon Rising*2) Imprint Module, Mister Snuggles,
Teutronic Knights attacked. (The
and vampire canine teeth belonging
Teutronic Knights)
to a future incarnation of Judge Trey
Matellus. (A Judges First Duty; Four

Dark Judges; Heart of Iron; Purga- the son of Edmond The Surgeon counted for, having gone rogue.
tion; Rat Runs; Scouting For Bots; The Rivetts, who killed 12 citizens before (Headshots)
Shadow over James Block; The Invis- he was executed in 2119. Rivetts was
The Black Museum exhibited the
ible Bullet; The Wages of Crime; Who a collector of serial-killers, inheriting
robotoys Ruddlers Cuddlers, named
do the Voodoo that You do?) the family obsession (his trophies
after their creator Malcame Ruddler.
included the eyes of Lorra Laphs, the
Med-Judge Kent was one of Chief An Applied Cybernetics course
third victim of Hoot Frankenheimer).
Judge Cals most zealous supporters. failure, Ruddler abused the stimu-
He freeze-dried, skinned, dissected
Kent rose in rank to the position of lant Cognidine-9 to boost his concen-
and animated Dubble. The Judges
SJS-Chief Psychologist and removed tration and help inspire the design of
uncovered the gruesome collection
a biochip recorder from the Black a best-selling animated toy. Ruddler
and consigned Dubble to the Black
Museum, later used to encode Cals programmed the Cuddlers to steal
Museum. (The Wages of Crime)
personality. Kents role in Cals from their owners, but made in hind-
tyranny was eventually discovered The Headshot Killer exhibit featured sight the mistake of programming
and he was sentenced to Titan, but a rogue heatseeker bullet locked them to acquire what they valued
the Cal biochip remained his secret. in a bulletproof Justice Depart- most: children. Faced with a pile of
(Judgement Day) ment ammunition case inside a dead juves and imminent arrest,
radiation-shielded cabinet. It had Ruddler was spared by his Cuddlers
Black Museum tour-guide Henry
accounted for the deaths of 26 citi- who removed his heart. (Ruddlers
Dubble stole and sold Black
zens including Bryan Mimsee Junior, Cuddlers)
Museum artefacts including Pavlovs
Colin Patrick Farklepurse, Connie
brain (the eleventh victim of Otto Exhibit 7399 was also known as
Wadlow, Felicia Felder, Francine
Slicenger, aka The Brain Surgeon) to The Kiss. Lyle Spauling was once a
Arboost, Morrie Zuckermuss, Myron
Armundo Rivetts, who then black- tour-guide showing visitors around
Pabst, Onslow Slotter, Sagbat Singh,
mailed Dubble into stealing the heart Mega-City One locales involved
and two Judges. Judge Stross led the
of PJ Maybe. Dubble tried to pass off in famous murders. He was also a
investigation in the frantic hunt for
a replica purchased from the Black firebug, having destroyed a eutha-
the mystery killer. In a recent block
Museums Gift Shop. Pursued by the nasium, hottie-house and the Sector
war, Judge Seers second heatseeker
Judges, Rivetts was revealed to be 12 Smokatorium. He used T-9 incen-
round was fired but went unac-

diary charges, lightweight and easy on New Years Day 2122 challenged Department blasted the vessels
to carry, hidden inside polypropylop the Devil to a game of Sector Seven state-of-the art electromagnetic
Austin Spires carrisacks. When the Slam Poker in Iso-Cube 666. Mozel drive, creating a fierce temporal
tourist Mrs Brinkmeyer thought she thought he had won the game and storm displacing the Arkus 40,000
was doing Spaulding a good deed by awaited his reward of eternal life. years and bringing forwards the
returning one of his carrisacks, the The Devil cunningly-granted Mozels original Noahs Ark. Unable to
resulting explosion fused their heads desire by abandoning his body return the latter to its original time-
together, becoming the Black Muse- (leaving only a desiccated shell) and frame, the Judges encased it within a
ums latest bizarre exhibit. (Burn!) sharing Ernestos. (God of Gamblers) network of stasis-beams. (Apres Moy,
La Deluge)
A knife belonging to Martha Challis Sunglasses once belonging to
was another exhibit. When her son the disk-jockey Cool Johnny Cool In 2089, avid Sector 42 cook Michael
Biff was bitten by one of Sabbats became a Black Museum exhibit Kerrigan became Mega-City
zombies, Hal Challis stole body-parts after they accounted for both Cools Ones first victim of Future Shock
from Resyk to feed Biffs insatiable suicide and Brit-Cit pop star Justin Syndrome when he slaughtered his
hunger; a visiting Jovus Witness Sharps lynching by fans. (Shades of partner using a set of las-knives. The
was murdered and decapitated to Grue) knives later became an exhibit in the
the same end. When Hal died of a Black Museums Futsie Wing. (Build a
Chief Judge Griffin and Tek-Division
massive brain haemorrhage, Martha Better Mousetrap)
authorized Project Arkus, where-
severed her own appendages to feed
upon Judges Addam and Evelyn Dexter Better was a thinker-upper
Biff. The Judges humanely-destroyed
would fly to distant galaxies carrying employed by Ideogasm Incorpo-
Biff after a brief medical examination
a complete Earth-life DNA bank rated owned by CEO Ezekial Gasm.
by Tek-Division. Martha was thought
should Earth be destroyed during Better was charged with designing a
to have been sectioned. (Feeders and
the Apocalypse War. Before the profitable new concept every day of
Judges embarked, they were inter- his life. The average thinker-upper
Exhibit 2479/C was the God of cepted by Micky Moy and his girl- lasted 68 days in the job, but Dexter
Gamblers, two packs of playing cards friend on a sugar-fuelled rampage had endured for three years. Betters
used by gambler Ernesto Mozel who who hijacked the Arkus. Justice creations included Videogame Acne,

Self-Shaving Chest Wigs and Soulo all time. Masterminded by Ricky dard. Vincent Chickle Hughes
(The Mint with the Existential Crisis Branson and Mikey Mike, the games fled with the last piece of gum
of Self ). When Dexters job-secu- included Who Wants to Gut a Million- when Gruddard was ambushed by
rity was threatened by his young aire? (contestants disembowelled the Judges. Chickle, Pops Pomer-
rival Zeus Sharkleys mousetrap their rivals to retrieve a key offering antz and unemployed Unemploy-
invention, Dexter murdered Shar- escape from a Cytrux gas-filled ment Counsellor Harmony Chorister
kley and marketed the Better Mouse- room) and Rock the Boat (contest- fought over the gum, estimated in
trap, accompanied by killer robo- ants had to cut a live rat out of their excess of over four-million-credits.
rats (available in packs of ten) which chests before it chewed its way out). All three factions perished and the
usurped cuddly robo-mice in the Ultimately, Ricky and Mikey became pre-chewed gum became a Black
marketplace. Dexter was executed murderous rivals over the vast Museum exhibit. (Dead Mans Gum)
while breaking into Saint Wagn- fortune they made from the show
The skeleton of the infamous Cursed
ers Maternity Ward with a crate of and gassed each other to death.
Earth mutant Father Earth, still
robot vermin. His Better Mousetrap Trophies from The Incredible Teatime
wreathed in the sinister plant life
became a Black Museum Futsie Wing Torture Show later adorned the Black
that once adorned his living body,
exhibit. (Build a Better Mousetrap) Museum. (The Incredible Teatime
stood upon a small podium amongst
Torture Show)
Millionaires including AJ Cribber numerous other exhibits. (Slay it
(CEO of Lunar Incorporated), Billy Muncefectioner Beverly Everly with Flowers)
Angel (racing- promoter), Ricky Shar- made the finest quality munce gum
oder (Oxy-Gyn), Hughie McMillar, until she was killed in a burglary.
Blake Edwards Sked
Kent Stromm, Elton Munce, Wilson Acting for Everlys rival Manky-
Pilson and Johnny The Lung nuts, poor neer-do-wells Stove- Judge Hershey drove a H-Wagon
Jabroche were abducted by the pipe Stevenson and Bedwetter along Edwards Sked towards Gerald
robot Vincent to fight for their Leadbetter searched Everlys apart- Ford Block to assist in a crime-blitz
lives on pirate Tri-D in a variety of ment for money, but only came away ordered by Judge Dredd. (The Acci-
esoteric and painful ways, making with six pieces of munce gum (one dental Culprit)
The Incredible Teatime Torture Show pre-chewed) which they failed to
one of the biggest pirate shows of sell to the mobster Mister Grud-

Blammo Ammo Dump Bleakwalk Road Bleeker Sked
During a graveyard shift, Justice Judge Dredds servodroid Walter was Judge Dredd discovered the body
Department Bomb Squads were kidnapped by robo-thieves operating of the murdered Undercover Judge
dispatched to a major fire at the in the Bleakwalk Road area. (Synthi- Brisco on the corner of 27th Street &
Blammo Ammo Dump. (M-C Dollz) caf Vindaloo) Bleeker. (Wanted: Dredd or Alive!)

A Justice Department roadblock

Bleacher Mall Bledsoe Drive along Bleeker Sked halted a Mobi-
In Bleacher Mall, Judges Dredd and On Bledsoe Drive, in the prophesied Cred autobank, hijacked by the
Hershey intervened when a citizen year 2120, Judge Dredd encountered Weather Gang soon to be defeated
carrying a stone attempted to incite a spectre of the Mutant, the freakish by Judge Dredd. The lawman was
mass-hysteria by throwing the stone clone of the late Judge Child Owen afterwards instructed to report
at a stranger, only to find himself Krysler. (In the Year 2120) immediately to the Grand Hall of
being stoned. (Hot Night in 95) Justice by Traffic Control Supervisor
Judge Evans. (Eclipse)
Bleeke Mansion
Bleakview Hotel Judge Berger thought he had killed
Blenners Work School
A low-rent flophouse on Bleak- the psyker Leroy Tamerlain in a gun-
walk Road frequented by prosti- battle at Bleeke Mansion; in truth, Blenners was a school on West
tutes. The Bleakviews nightman Tamerlain feigned his death and Slab 14 administrated by the ecen-
was Howlan Yogi Yogman. There, used a psi-amplifier hidden in the tric robot Skudmore. Judge Castillo
the slabwalker Sugar Lumps (aka basement to exact revenge upon investigated a mindless shooting
Myriad Sinks) was brutally-murdered Sector House 9. Tamerlains life- staged by the Tribe (a Sector 44
by the Surgeon (progeny of the Henk force was completely drained in the outfit), who attempted their escape
Villems Clone Kit). The Surgeon attempt. (The Haunting of Sector in a two-tone school spugbus.
removed several organs from Sugar House Nine) Castillo pursued, but Judges Orr
Lumps corpse. (Your Beating Heart) and Gill refused to back her up
(recalling Judge Nymans plastic
spleen replacement, incurred when

Castillo froze during a past inci- Bloated Corpse a Democrat)
dent and indrectly caused Nymans
Dockland bar where mobsters Joe
injury). Castillo was soon after part-
and Moe Geek and their bodyguards Bloomingmacys
nered with Judge Dredd. (Farewell to
Lawrence Larry Strange and Trigger
the Chief) Several Judges died in a terrorist
Trig Rogers died in a shoot-out with
attack by anti-commerce activists
rival gangster Paxo Giovanni. (The
directed against Bloomingmacys
Blight Clubs Taxidermist)
department store. (Bad Moon Rising)
Specialist clubs where the trend-
iest uglies (citizens who underwent Blocktop Eldsters Rest-Home
Blue Dreams Eroto-Palace
tasteless cosmetic surgery) partied.
A serial-killer armed with a high-
(Ugly Clinic) You Want It, We Can Help You Dream
powered laser-disintegrator gun
It! Blue Dreams on Larry Flynt Plaza
killed 59 eldsters and eight members
was a sleazy dream palace neigh-
Blimpys Burgers of the Blocktops staff, leaving only
boured by Porn U Likes and pole-
their severed right arms. The Judges
A family enjoying a family Burger dancing bars. In 2111, the self-
believed the killer was attempting
Blow-out with Fries at Blimpys appointed religious crusader Morris
to break Mad Tony Newtons 2102
Burgers on 9th Street & Friedman Weems25 fire-bombed Blue Dreams
record of 134 killings in a single
Avenue discovered mutant using 12 bottles of synth-oil, paint-
night. Newton stunned his victims
bodyparts in their meat. Judges thinner and household detergent.
before injecting them with gas
Sabaji and Flint investigated, discov- To gain access to Blue Dreams,
capsules, swelling them to grotesque
ering Blimpys sourcing its meat from Weems posed as a new customer.
proportions. (Serial Killer)
dubious sellers who were undercut- The fat man running the dream
ting Resyk. This act of economy cost
Blimpys all its merit-creds previ- Block UK
ously earned for hygiene and qual- 25 A member of the Jaronite Brethren, a
The home of Democratic Tendency heretical splinter group of the Church of the
ity-control. (Carrion Carnage) Original Holy originating in the mid twenty-first-
member Hester Hyman, her husband
century who survived the Vaticans Inquisitors and
Gort and their two sons. (Letter From fled to Mega-City One with their holy book The
Testament of Jaron.

palace offered Weems various erotic 35. (Hov-Bus Blues) in Robinson Block. (Faster than a
fantasies including Beach Blanket Speeding Hoverpad)
Bimbos, Boss Bitches a Go-Go, Hell
Blunkett Tower
City Hellions, Sleazy Schoolgirls,
Cityblock on Blunkett Street along Bob Binks Bank
Three Makes Fun and Wicked Nuns.
Fetish fantasies concerning inani- the Crosstown 2201 route, accompa- Judge Sladek arrested suspicious-
mate objects included If There Aint nied by a statue of the long-dead and looking punk Herman The Kneepad
No Wood it Aint No Good, School of blind Brit-Cit political celebrity David Kid Sherman in front of Bob Binks
Hard Rocks and The Glass is Half- Blunkett and his guide-dog. Resident bank. (Portrait of a Citizen Under
Empty. Additional fantasies could Dudly D Dudson was terrorised by Suspicion)
be designed from scratch for a Judges Dredd and Skerrit during a
premium. (Fear the Darkness) crime-blitz. Forensics Judges discov-
Bobbit Street Stackers
ered minor traces of Effalefanol, a
legal medical drug. (Caught in the The itinerant musician Walbert
Blue Moon Movers Act; Mad City) James Sturton died from heart
A hov-bus company run by Elvis failure in the Bobbit Street Stackers.
McCloud, relatively small fry in the Judges altered its external features
Bluter Street to resemble the offically deceased
hov-bus industry deregulated when
Rawhide Hov-Bus lost its monopoly Cuth Hartley made death-threats City Mayor Byron Ambrose. (Mega-
status. Intense competition between from a vidphone booth on Bluter City Justice)
the hov-bus companies led to all-out street to the radio DJ Cool Johnny
warfare, causing many civilian casu- Cool, host of Rapattack. (They Shoot
Bob Burden Block
alties. Judge Hershey intervened and DJs Dont They?)
Vegetarian Harry Vegan, editor of
was attacked by Blue Moon vehicles
the Mega-City Veggie & Other Semi-
inbound from Sectors 27 through Bobbie Robinson Block Persecuted Minorities Guide, lived
29. Judge Hershey requisitioned
Wealthy advertising executive with his parents (who were unsym-
Heavy Armour to ground most of the
Grace Dixon (aka the superhero pathetic to his meat-free lifestyle) in
offending hov-buses. McCloud was
Silver Streak) owned an apartment Burden Block. (Confessions of a Vege-
decapitated while fighting in Sector

tarian) Loathing in Mega-City One) Party was massacred by Cursed
Earth bandits. (Total War)

Bobby Brown Block Bobby Drake Block

Pals Club Junior Informer Goody Drake Block resident and unem- Bob Geldof Block
Jackson invested in a high-power ployed actor Thomas B Farmhand Over a thousand citizens jumped
sonic imaging system available to suffered an attack from neighbouring to their deaths from Bob Dylan
Pal Club-members at a knockdown Michael Crawford Block juves and Block and neighbouring Bob Geldof
price capable of peering through found himself abandoned on City Block when a drug released into
curtains. Goody spied on nearby Bottom. The arduous return journey the blocks food supply brought
Bobby Brown Block on Brown Street, back to Farmhands apartment left about a mass-hysteria in the form of
earning him sufficient Pal Points him infested with rad-fleas. (The Lemming Syndrome. (A Night in the
to earn a silver Electraglide hovers- Rookies Guide to Crazes) Death of Sector 255)
cooter. He framed his neighbours to
gain more points, planting vi-mags
Bob Dylan Block Bob Hawke Block
and pushing the Schneider fami-
lys dog excrement through neigh- Over 1,000 citizens jumped to their Australian muzak celebrity Jaz
bour Mrs Quirts letterbox. Goodys deaths from Bob Dylan Block and Ramsay was shot dead in his Hawke
underhanded tactics were eventu- neighbouring Bob Geldof Block when luxapt by Marty Zpok. (Muzak Killer)
ally discovered and he was expelled a drug released into the blocks
from the Pals Club, sentenced to food supply brought about a mass-
Bob Marks Block
three years in the Juve-Cubes. (Elect- hysteria in the form of Lemming
Syndrome. (A Night in the Death of The Bob Marks Y-Bobs gang stole
raglide in Silver)
Sector 255) rad-tractors from a Sector 231
reclam-zone to take part in a gang
Bobby Benno Block confront in the Jungle26 district
Bob Flowerdew Block where they caused major damage.
Magnus Linklater Krooker was born
in Benno Block and educated in its During the Total War attacks, the Bob
Saint Esters Juverama. (Fear and Flowerdew Escaping the Nukes Scout
26 Not to be confused with Apetown.

(Rumble in the Jungle) Arthur Vasseivich Whittaker at Bogels Shuggy Joint
Extraction Point 3 (Bob Woodward
Gambling house owned by the
Hotel) following Gruschenkos brutal
Bobo Bolinsky Block mobster Rekk Bogel and defended
killing. (Sins of the Father)
by his minions Schnozzle Halloran
On the corner of West Wall Sector
and Larry. All were later to became
Foont & Bolinsky Blocks, Eleanor
Bodega Street victims of the Stupid Gun. (The
Groth, an Arachnid Gene Virus
Stupid Gun)
(AGV) sufferer, was observed in A suspicious package was reported
her terminal phase (having trans- in the vicinity of Bodega Street. (The
formed into a giant spider), scut- Hotshot) Boils Head
tling towards the apartment she
A Good Spot to Squeeze in. A
once shared with her husband John
Bo Dukes Pod-Crushing Plant watering hole opposite Big-1 Tower
and their two children. (Return of the
where the demoralised artist Kenny
Spider Woman) Two Judges were injured in a firefight
Who? drowned his sorrows. (The Art
with Iso-Block escapees at Bo Dukes
of Kenny Who?)
Plant. (Break Out)
Bob Patterson Hi-Rise
Judge Dredd arrested a juve residing Boingbowl
in Patterson Hi-Rise for playing an
Total War planted a thermonuclear
illegal Bitmeg Brothers-programmed The human collateral exchanged
device inside the Boingbowl, deto-
vi-game on his habputer. (Computer to secure loans from body-sharks
nating during a match attended by
Warrior) were stored in secret citywide body-
30,000 fans between the Midtown
banks, sus-an (suspended animation)
Fleas and the Grass Hoppers
cold-storage facilities protected by
Bob Woodward (featuring sports-star Bret Mahaffy).
armed thugs. (The Body Sharks)
Hotel & Buy-Mart The Judges quickly installed a force-
The mobster Peter Arkady shield to contain the spreading radi-
(Konrad Gruschenkos Organizat- ation. (Total War)
siya successor) met with chauffeur

Boingarama Bolshoi Buildings offences that forced the Bongo Clubs
closure. (The Pit)
A chain of entertainment centres The serial-killer PJ Maybe, imperson-
based around the exploitation of ating the widely-regarded do-gooder
the wonder plastic Boing . In Bally Byron Ambrose, murdered Bolshoi Bongo Imports
Alley, where human pinballs were Apartment 3398 resident Girda Jane
Judge Dredd, as Sector 301 Chief,
launched at 300 kph, Brocca and Foyles (who ran Kitchen Club forums
authorised raids on the mobster
Pooch Raymer lured Judge Dredd to in nearby blocks) and her boyfriend
Fonzo Bongos properties. Judges
exact revenge for sentencing them to Cobb Williams, an unemployment
used a ram-raider to smash through
the iso-cubes five years earlier after advisor, using custom bio-poison
the wall of a Bongo Imports ware-
a previous confrontation in the Boin- grown from a culture obtained from
house. (The Pit)
garama. (Pinboing Replay) a lizards mouth. Maybe lured Judge
Park to the crime scene so that
A Sector 276 Boingarama, its tagline
Maybe could use a robot insect to Bonners Bridge
More Fun than a Poke in the Eye with
bore an explosive into Parks skull Operatives working from the Psi-
a Sharp Stick, was destroyed during
which was intended to detonate in Division Psi-Monitor Room predicted
the 2126 Total War debacle. (Horror
Judge Dredds presence. (The Ginger- an impending suicide at Bonners
in Emergency Camp 4)
bread Man) Bridge. (The Screaming Skull)

Bolger Dult Rehab

Bongo Club Booker Multi-Stacks
The rehabilitated Judda Kraken (in
The headquarters of Fonzo Bongo A Watching Bay in Sector 44 over-
his new identity as a replacement
(aka Alfonze Bongovitz), represent- looked the Booker Multi-Stacks
for Judge Dredd) arrested Bolger
ative of the Mega-City Frendz who where Judge Murdoch had over the
Rehab ARV mother-and-daughter
controlled 85 per cent of all organ- years made a number of notable
team Gladys Reeta Nunce and Wanda
ised crime in Sector 301. Judge Dredd arrests. (Fitness Test)
Gladys Nunce on Walper Alley. He
raided the Bongo Club to intimidate
sentenced them each to ten years
Fonzo, strip-searching him and then
and their victim to 60 days for Incite-
hitting Bongo with multiple hygiene
ment. (Rights of Succession)

Booker T Parkway Boot Hill Block Booze Cube
Booker T Parkway, in the Atlantic Boot freak shoe-fetishists Mrs Mickey Man Boobs Marrs (Welfare
Sectors, was a podpark and the site Peeler and Mister Speed resided at #219575801) and Deke Rockwell
of Judge Giant Seniors shocking Apartment 6769, Boot Hill Block. mugged Walter Whittard and stole
murder by the East-Meg One They murdered to obtain new boots his case containing 150,000 credits.
assassin Orlok on the eve of the for their collection and nearly killed While drinking in the Booze Cube,
Apocalypse War. (Block Mania) Judge Dredd on Heel Lane. (Kinky Rockwell planned to scarper with
Boots) the money while Marrs was busy in
the dump-cube. Judge Dredd visited
Booth Industries
the Booze Cube to deliver a hygiene
Lets Make Tomorrow Happen! Bryce Bootsy Collins Block
citation, spooking Marrs and Rock-
Bunko Booth (Rap Sheet: attending Undercover Judge Aimee Nixon well into attacking Dredd; Marrs
Hobocalypse vagrant-hunting events) visited her mentor, the Wally Squad was killed but Rockwell fled, badly-
made a fortune by enabling blood- Judge Dirty Frank, in the latters injured, with the money. (Blood
thirsty citizens for a fee of one grotty Low-Life Bootsy Collins Money)
million-credits a kill to murder their apartment to warn him of the assas-
enemies using remote-controlled sination of Undercover Judges. Nixon
bullets. Victims included Fenton discovered Frank badly-injured by Bop Shop
Finke, the Fatcon 2131 celebrity Norm corrupt Wally Squad Judge Link. Dance-club on Isadora Drive. Psi-
Biggs and the current Sov-Block Despite quoting her Wally Squad Judges Anderson and Corey briefly
tractor-eating champion (triggering Code-Ident #CAL-1582T, Nixon was worked undercover in The Bop Shop
a misdirected investigation into foul arrested on a charge of murdering following a psi-flash predicting a
play by the Euro-teams ahead of local mob-boss Gattuso. It was all series of murders committed by
the Texas City Olympigouts). Judges part of a grand scheme orchestrated Rigel Walthers. (Helios)
Dredd and Bennett survived a magic by Judge Farnsworth to frame Nixon
bullet murder-attempt and arrested and deflect attention away from his
Booth. (Magic Bullets) own vigilante activities. (Paranoia)

Boris Becker Block Benny Kirkpatrick, a job-hunting Judge Millets party as they drove
juve, was inspired to apply for a role towards Grand Central Spaceport.
The 248 level-high Boris Becker
he saw advertised on Get a Job and (Floods 13)
Block was constructed between
made his way to Apartment 1313,
2100 and 2101. By 2107, its popula-
Boris Karloff Block. It was a fictional
tion stood at 12,590. (Games Work- Boris Yeltsin Conapts
address used by the psyker Roland
shop RPG)
Savage to lure victims whose life- Dwyt J Goody (Yeltsin Apartment
A wrecker gang on the corner of force he stole to extend his own. 9D/3) was part of a pro-democracy
Becker & 123rd looted many vehi- Kirkpatrick was gassed, waking to protest staged during the completion
cles. (Fear and Loathing in Mega-City find his lifeforce was being used of the Statue of Judgements recon-
One) to power a psi-amplifier worn by struction. Goody fell to his death
Roland Savage; Benny died shortly after climbing connecting cables
afterwards. Stone steps led up to beneath a construction hoverlifter.
Boris Karloff Conapts (Statue of Judgement)
the dark entrance hall surrounded
The Bat-Mugger (aka playboy by the words ABANDON HOPE ALL Judge Dredd responded to a juve-
Chester Wiggins) robbed two citi- YE WHO ENTER HERE. Psi-Judge gang confront in Yeltsin Block.
zens on Karloff Street, incapacitating Karyn investigated, only herself to Judges Rourke, Sola and Tulk
them with Mug-Off gas. (Bat-Mugger) be captured by Savage. (The Savage pursued the fleet-footed gang-
Former Judge Galen DeMarco Amusement) sters under a zoom-line towards
resided in the Karloff Conapts. the sector border. A member of the
Judge Dredd asked Judge Hookey to Boris Karloff Tunnel alien Predator species attacked, with
take DeMarco home after detaining Dredd giving chase to an old zoom
Johnny Floods accomplices Hocus
her for trying to obstruct Hook- shed where the Predator escaped.
and Mo White posed as maintenance
eys arrest. PSU spotted a three- (Predator Versus Judge Dredd)
workers inside the Boris Karloff
man assassination crew armed with
Tunnel to attach a remote-controlled
a vidcam waiting nearby for Dredd.
disruptor to Cam-19, deactivating
(Return of the Assassin)
it long enough for Floods gang to
switch places with Chief Auditor

Boris Yeltsin Sunset Home Gimp hid inside Pooters stomach to Among the 50-odd staff of Research
ambush the villains. (The Bazooka) Department 4/F, the botanist
Judge Dredd interviewed Odessa
Crayton Stump worked alongside
Deine, a Yeltsin Sunset Home resi-
pollen specialist Persephonie Ilk
dent and the mother of late glamour Botanic Gardens
under the supervision of Derryn
model Angel Alice Deine, concerning
A large plant-life exhibition with Shankley who attempted to worm
the details of her daughters murder.
gardens and botanical glasshouses his way into Ilks affections. Knowing
(The Edgar Case)
featuring carnivorous alien plants she held an unrequited love for the
including the hypnotic Bloodplant, downtrodden Stump, Shankley had
Bosche Museum and the Deadly Puff-Balls from the the latter transferred to the facili-
Planet K-37. An army of mutants tys subterranean Archive Depart-
A private museum owned by the
led by Father Earth, a mutant with ment. It was during Stumps short
late Gaythorne Bosche, killed by
the power to control all plant-life, spell in the archives cataloguing
his own robodogs when he forgot
led a campaign against Mega-City flora from across the galaxy that he
his ID badge. After the Apocalypse
One which he considered to be an stumbled across the skull of Father
War, the Bosche museum survived
abomination. During the attack, Earth, wreathed in sinister plants.
and the robodogs escaped to attack
the Botanic Gardens was targeted Earlier analysis of the plant had
passersby. (Rabid)
and the Bloodplants soundproof revealed that the blooms, similar in
tank shattered; many of the man- appearance to Grandiraria Cruentis,
Bosnia eating plants escaped. The Blood- contained psychotropic pollen that
Kidnapped juve-turned-pro-flab- plants siren call drew many victims, mesmerized anyone who came into
star Denry Starvin Marvin Pooter, including Father Earth, whom the contact. Stump was able to immu-
his agents Shade and Bambam and Bloodplant devoured. Some time nise himself against the flowers
the fight-promoter Tub OLard hid later, Father Earths remains were effects and use them to instruct
in loft-habs in MegEasts North Side disgorged by the Bloodplant; the Shankley to request a transfer to
Bosnia until the heat died down from mutant flora wreathing Father a five-year Cursed Earth sample-
a brush with the law. Working with Earths body had survived by feeding collecting mission, citing his interest
Judge Dredd, the retired flab-trainer off the Bloodplants digestive acids. in thermo-puffballs, rad-fungi
(Father Earth; Slay it with Flowers)

and man-eating cacti; Stump then fire-detection system. On a rainy League, comprised the Democratic
replaced Shankley as Head of Pollen. day, the staff gathered in the fore- Charter March. They filled Boul-
Stump cloned the original flower, court, only to suffer the same fate as evard 14, stretching five kilome-
splicing it with his DNA and adding Ilk. While fireteams fought the blaze, tres into the next sector. In the
a steroid to make the suggestive Stump perished, but again the flower ensuing riot, George Sholley was
effects even more potent. Bunches survived. Attending Judges discov- brain-damaged by a Judge who had
of these flowers were given out to ered the transformed evacuees and savagely beat him. (A Letter to Judge
the staff to ensure their devotion relocated the mutant plant and the Dredd; Revolution)
to Stump while the latter coerced remains of Father Earth to Justice
Ilk into bed. While showering at Departments Black Museum. (Slay it
Bowfer Street
Stumps apartment, the pollen in with Flowers)
Ilks body reacted with the water Judge Dredd arrested a number
and changed her into a plant. Horri- of citizens including Channel 001s
Bottomley Med-Block Eldon Dodge for obstructing the
fied, Stump dowsed Ilks remains
with bleach before returning to the Mean Machine Angel attacked a Bowfer Street pedway. (Dodge the
research facility to stop the same group of protestors demanding an Issue)
fate befalling the staff. Believing that end to budget cuts at Bottomley
if the body was starved of water Med-Block. After numerous casu-
Boy Porka
the effects of the pollen might wear alties were suffered, Judge Dredd
requested the unit re-opened to treat When Psi-Judge Anderson prema-
off, Stump drained the buildings
the injured. turely discharged herself from Psi-
water supply before gathering all the
(Mean as Sin) Division Med-Bay, her Lawmaster
flowers and destroyed them using
was deactivated pending her offi-
Weednuke, but the original flower
cial return to active-duty and so
survived. In desperation, Stump Boulevard 14 she was forced to find an alterna-
attempted to incinerate it but caused
A crowd of an estimated 16-million tive means of transport. Anderson
a fire. With the sprinkler system non-
pro-democracy supporters, hailed a hovertaxi outside the Sector
functional, the staff were ushered
including Blondel Dupr, the Sons 1 vendors Boy Porka and Vintage
to safety by the buildings Flamoff
of the Constitution and the Freedom Sonix. (The Trip)

Boyson Conapts Brad Pitt Eldsters Condo paid the vagrant called Foley with
SoyBoy Crunchies in return for safe-
Mutant assassin Vitus Dance The Brad Pit Eldsters Condo on
guarding his podcar. Flex beat on
mesmerised and then murdered Wistey was run by housedroids.
Wesson for failing to repay shuggy
Boyson Apartment 98 inhabitants The Siamese mutant Chuck & Tooey
match-winnings owed to Bob Toes,
Impala May Kimple, Gig Kimple and visited Apartment 8/Q, home of resi-
one of the mobster Rubin Cortezs
Bryce Ova. (The Scorpion Dance) dent Spender J Gant, a former Judge
henchmen. Judge Dredd responded
who resigned after a moral dilemma
to a tip-off from one of his narks
over Justice Department Instant
Brad Dourif Block concerning an impending wrecker
Justice policies. Now aged 138 and
Direct Action militia equipped with attack against Braga Skedways Junc-
confined to an invalid buggy, Gant
stealth-capable glide-suits cruised tion 846. The wreckers coated a
received a box from the mutants
the thermals over Dourif Block while yellow Orbis slabster with a home-
containing a ransom note penned
they awaited a Justice Department made napalm recipe copied from
by Cursed Earth bandits. Gant was
transport carrying their comrade the Global Anarchist Armys Give
requested to deliver it to the Grand
Mercey Shakespeare, the love-child em Hell manual27 and drove it into
Hall of Justice. (Six; The Connection)
of Marlon Chopper Shakespeare. traffic before flying into battle using
(Direct Action) jetpacks stolen from the Johnny
Braga Skedway Ainsworth Block Sport Centre.
The foundations of Braga Skedway Wesson Smythes podcars polyprop
Brad Pitt Block bubble and rubbereen tyres melted
touched City Bottoms skid-district,
The psi-sensitive alien entity the between which a cardboard shanty- from the napalm while the battery
Bodysnatcher inhabited the body of town served as an unofficial border. pack in the trunk caught fire. (Whit-
44-year-old Pitt Block resident Violet Wesson Smythe kept the locals eout)
Bunt, killing her husband before friendly by occasionally dropping
raiding the Citi-Def Armoury to packs of Grot-Pot and InstaFuud.
enable the Bodysnatcher to continue He met with gangland enforcer
a war game with another of its Flex underneath a Sov-Block 27 An outlawed publication authored by
species. (Bodysnatchers) army surplus camo-net. Wesson Mega-City Twos Fresno Militia, originally
distributed in the 2080s.

Brandon Lee Boulevard Branson Insurance Brazzi Plaza
Hondo City Ninja-Yakuza working Branson office-workers including Judge Dredd arrested three wet-
for Lord Itaki and armed with holo- Rich were transformed into zombies suited thieves hiding in a fountain on
projectors, heatseeking laser- after eating Monster Bites snacks; Brazzi Plaza and stealing money that
shuriken and electroknux, slaugh- they were destroyed by Judge Dredd. citizens had tossed into it for good
tered members of a China White (How to be a Monster) luck. (Three Cons in the Fountain)
sugar-smuggling operation in a ware-
house on Brandon Lee Boulevard.
Bransons Mega-Mall Breaker Canyon Estate
Judge Dredd battled the ninja; some
of their number committed suicide, Judge Croft went futsie on A block war took place at the
turning their electroknux on them- Christmas Eve, killing many shop- Breaker Canyon Estate on Canyon
selves rather than face capture. pers. Judge Dredd put a bullet Boulevard; senior Judge Kling led
(Ninja!) through his head. (I Hate Christmas) the peacekeeping effort. (A Day at
the Block Wars)

Branson Building Branson Necker Block

Psi-Cadet Anderson discovered the Brendys Pad-Mart
Sov-Block agent Pasha, posing as
the debonair Brit-Cit entrepre- corpse of Jessie Rey (Necker Apart- Marcus Elizabeth Bropes worked
neur Travis Cole, rented a condo ment 15/8) in front of the Don Trump at Brendys as a pointer, tempting
in the Branson Building. Judges Homeless Centre. Rey had been potential customers to make
Giant and Guthrie led a raid against murdered by hitmen. (Algol) purchases by gesturing enthusiasti-
Coles apartment; a snooper device cally towards select products. (Black
revealed a single lifeform inside, but Atlantic)
the Judges were fooled by an explo-
Judge Dredd, monitoring crowds
sive booby-trapped dummy that Brenner Block
gathered to watch the 2133 Annual
severely-wounded Guthrie (Blood
New Years Eve Parade, arrested The Brenner Blocks famous dome
a pickpocket on the corner of 9th housed the Pinboing Stadium.
Street & Brassard. (Old Man Time) (Missing; Pinboing Wizard)

Brenner Overpass was strung between Bolland and one of the movie-star Schwartzen-
the adjacent Carlos Ezquerra Block. burger clones. (No More Jimmy
Deputy Sector Chief Herriman was
(Psykogeddon) Deans)
delayed while travelling to the Annie
Hall by an interblock war along
Brenner Overpass. (Dreams of Glory) Brian D Ferry Block Bright Street Stackers
Residing in Ferry Block, the hoodlum Nate Slaughterhouse murdered
Brett Anderson Pedway Harry Sheemer asked for help from the stacker tenant Bo Eevers who
Justice Department moments before attempted a stick-up with a las-
Along Anderson Pedway, a group
he was murdered by the animatronic blade. (Mandroid)
of perps including Jakka and led by
replica of his girlfriend Hayley
Patatas deployed a stolen neuron
Suspects late boyfriend Vernon The
extractor against a tramp in an act of Brinsley Portahabs
Vermin Kraye. (Harry Sheemer, Mon
thought-theft; the same tramp was
Amor) Brinsley Apartment 2525 resident
later jailed for Begging. (The Great
and actor Gifford Crowley was driven
Brain Robbery)
insane while impersonating Judge
Brian Warner Memorial Park Death. (Death Becomes Him)
Brian Blessed Block Outlawed music punks Funeral for
a Friend staged a concert in Brian
Judge Dredd sentenced a citizen Brion Gysin Block
Warner Park; they teleported to a
to three months encubement for
waiting spacecraft before Judge Psi-Judge Roerich detected a major
shouting loudly in a public area on
Dredd could arrest them. (Its Your psychic disturbance at the Municipal
Blesseds northeast quad. (Open
Funeral, Creep) Dreamadrome in Gysin Block. (Will
o the Wisp)
Years after Chief Judge Cal repealed
Brian Bolland Block the Cloning (Regulation of Commer-
cial Exploitation) Act, a crime was Brit-Cit Embassy
Bolland Block was 700 levels-high
committed on Warner Plaza by a Brit-Cit Chief Judge Gideon visited
and based on a minimalist, oblong
perpetrator fitting the description of Mega-City One, residing at the Brit-
monolithic design. Cantilever City

Cit Embassy. (Judgement Day) Gunderson was among the audience. papers and fake DNA 28. Judges Giant
Former Space Corps veterans Major and Oldham ambushed the Zziz-
John Gris, Podman Fixer Ellery, packing plant in the Brons Industrial
Broadcast Control
Ju-Ju Tsabo, Bruise Bruiseman Park, whereupon Pluke was executed
In the era of Chief Judge Cal, all and Whitey gatecrashed to extermi- by Oldham. (Whats Another Year?)
Mega-City One media broadcasts nate the clubbers who they believed
were routed through the Broad- were shape-changing alien Patuu-k
cast Control building where they Brooke Bond Memorial Hall
tribesmen. (Spooks)
were reviewed by Cals SJS for offen- Judges Dredd and Benn were
sive content. Judge Dredd hijacked assigned to the Brooke Bond Hall to
Broadcast Control, urging the citi- Bront Conurb ensure the safety of tea merchant
zens to help him overthrow Cals evil The Anne, Charlotte and Emily TaiFu at the Tea Sales Conference.
regime. (The Day the Law Died) Bront Blocks were infected by the A Triad hit was carried out against
Block Mania, the Bront Conurb TaiFu by his nephew Ha Fu whose
was badly-damaged by an attack by guards used stub-guns to fend off
Broadway Plaza
neighbouring Fats Domino Block. the Judges. (Char Wars)
One graveyard shift, the pyrokine (Block Mania)
Gord Umber used his psi-talent to
cause Crosstown 40 to crash into Brooker Watts Block
New Manhattans Broadway Plaza. Brons Industrial Park The Grout family had fallen into
(Pyro) Young mutant Pluke Threefoot crime after Mister Grout committed
feared his familys expulsion from suicide. Their two sons served life
Mega-City One and was blackmailed sentences in Iso-Block 51. Hucky
Bront Club
into participating in the mobster E-Z Grout was shot resisting arrest after
(Aka Bronts). Nightclub on Heath- Ryders Zziz-dealing racket to pay he was discovered peddling drugs
cliff Dragway where the ageing- for a face-change operation, fake ID cut with rat poison to school-juves.
rocker Click Rickard and the Spooks
played a centurys worth of their
pop music hits; the elderly Mrs 28 This exploitation of vulnerable mutants
was nicknamed freak-farming.

Mrs Grout visited Hucky in hospital and two were holed up in the flota- Bruce Dickinson Boulevard
and deactivated his life-support tion room, requiring heavy artillery
Judge Dredd sentenced a vendor of
before leaping to her death. (Free- to winkle them out. Dredd sentenced
banned audio-slugs on Dickinson
fall) the Citi-Def to 20 years Mandatory
Boulevard to five years encubement.
Psychiatric Evaluation. (Blood and
(Its Your Funeral, Creep)
Brooklyn Bay
Oceanographic Institute
Bruce Forsyth Crock-Block
In 2111, while looking for a way to Brookside Chem-Factory
A tour-coach belonging to Forsyth
manufacture synthifish, the Oceano- We Care For Your Environment. The
Crock Block was hijacked along the
graphic Institute accidentally discov- psychopath Finnegan Callus shot a
Des OConnor Skedway by Mean
ered how to break down the struc- batglider who collided with a Sinbad
Machine Angel who ordered the
ture of lifeforms and encrypt them Fuels truck, causing it to crash
coach driven to the Statue of Judge-
onto datachips. (The Hundredfold into the Brookside Chem-Factory.
ment. (Mean as Sin)
Problem) (Dumskulls)
The Teutronic Knights, an extreme
vigilante group, slaughtered eldsters
Brooklyn Bridge Brown Street
in the Forsyth Crock-Block; Judge
When Brooklyn Bridge was stolen, The intersection of Clancy & Brown Dredd executed their leader. (The
its owner advertised for its safe featured a branch of Otto Sumps Teutronic Knights)
return in the vid-pages of The Mega- New You Face-Change Clinic which
City News. (The Mega-City News) Judge Dredd badly-damaged, and
an auto-confession booth operated
Bruce Kent Block
by the robopriest Mother Virginia The Kent Block Bombers gang took
Brookner Warren
Mortimer, (Wanted: Dredd or Alive!) part in a major gang confront in
(Aka The Warren). Judge Kemble was Sector 230s Jungle. (Rumble in the
badly-injured in a firefight with rogue Jungle)
Citi-Def. Judge Dredd pinned down
Citi-Def stragglers on the crossblock

Bruce Springsteen Block Bruno Ganz Pedway Action)
This guitar-shaped cityblock on E Bert, a model dressed as the Nazi
Street Plaza had a population of leader Adolf Hitler, fled from Judges Brynner Hospice
29,000, neighbouring its rival Jon Dredd and Bennett along Bruno Ganz
Elderly Harlem Heroes aeroball
Bon Jovi Block - they were nick- Pedway after killing his boss Jarrod
sports hero John Clay Giant ended
named the Rock Blocks. A skeleton in self-defence. Bert, panicking, was
his days in Brynner Hospice, 75
believed to be that of the long-dead responsible for a strong of accidental
years after the Heroes beat the Balti-
rock-legend Bruce Springsteen was deaths. He took Janey - fellow model
more Bulls 6-5 in 2050. John Clay had
locked inside a central vault. The and the object of his unrequited
four surviving children, 16 grandchil-
Block Council - the E Street Band affections - hostage, but in the reflec-
dren and more great-grandchildren
- insisted Springsteens music was tion of Janeys terrified eyes, Bert
than he cared to remember. Giant
piped throughout the block day and saw genuine evil in himself. He hesi-
watched juves on powerboards fly
night. The E Street Juve-gangs activ- tated outside Ortiz Block where he
past the hospices sky-terrace who
ities centred on the Clarry Clemons was executed by the Judges. (What
worshipped skysurfing idol Deek
Parkarama. (Sector 13) the Adolf Saw)
Kwanga and the Fly-By Crew, the
flavour of the day. Judge Giant paid a
Bruno Brooks Block Bruzeland Street visit to his Grandpappy. John Clay
died three months later, bequeathing
DJ Cool Johnny Cool resided in Total War was implicated in the
Judge Giant Seniors badge to his
Bruno Brooks Block until, bending to Bruzeland Street killings by the
grandson via Sector Chief Duggan.
the combined psychic will of Mega- distinctive ammunition they used.
(Whatever Happened to John Clay
City Ones irritated listeners, he (America)
committed suicide by climbing into
his garbage-grinder. (Talkback)
Bryan Ferry Block
B Street
Judge Dredd executed Ferry juve
The Judges tracked an alien shape-
Persephone Sanco, a Judge-killer
changing nosferatu to an old under-
and member of Direct Action. (Direct
sked emerging on B Street. Dredd

killed the nosferatu, driving a metal ping to lure Judge Dredd. Hag then Citi-Def squads, including residents
stake through its chest. (Horror in crushed Bucklys head using one of of Buddy Holly Block, participate
Emergency Camp 4) the latters own vices. (The Revenge in Cursed Earth war games. (Going
of Trapper Hag) After Billy Zane)

Bubs Chow-House
Fatties including the staff and Bucknards Everfull Bank Buddy Minto Apartments
patrons from Bubs Chow-House, Wally Squad Judge Graham, while A clone produced from the Henk
emerging from fat-clubs and pork- investigating an umpty-bagging Villems Clone-Kit rented Minto
parlours, convened on the Sector 43 racket, went missing after reporting Apartment 755 under the name
Juvie Support building. (Fat Fathers) in from Bucknards Everfull Bank. (A Millet Linton Brophy. PSU Judge
Night in the Death of Sector 255) Hurst tracked the clone in the Minto
podpark as the latter climbed into
Buck Chegwin Block
a black Hover-7 pod. (Your Beating
Werewolf attack victim Darlene Buddy Abbott Megway
OSmith and her husband Floyd lived The Bruce Springsteen Block gang
in New Manhattans Chegwin Apart- known as the E Street Juves ille-
ment 6494/M. Darlene transformed gally-raced antique petrol-burning Buenavista Studios
into a werewolf, butchering Floyd cars from their base at the Clarry Broadcaster of Nobbys Hobbies,
and her neighbours before she was Clemons Parkarama; they raced hosted by Nobby Nicenzo. Guests
executed by the Judges. (Cry of the along Kevin Spacey Intersect, down included Hoss Cart, who spent seven
Werewolf) Meryl Streep Skedway, through the years modelling toenail clippings
Patty McBride Underzoom and along into a lifelike statue of the Queen of
Buddy Abbot Megway. (Sector 13) England. Nobby and Mega-Vets in
Buckly Scraps
Love actor Ralf Horris both received
Scrapyard owned by Buck Buckly, death-threats from the drug-addled
whom the alien bounty-hunter Buddy Holly Block
Daniel The Pumpkin Eater Dickan-
Trapper Hag coerced into vidding Cursed Earth Judge Koburn and jane. The serial-killer Pier Zibling
the number 0808 Crimesappop- Judge Rico oversaw Mega-City One sent 200,000 gallons of unleaded fuel

into the Studios, determined to stop belonging to a local woman, over- Burgobar
the Pumpkin Eater from stealing his riding the autodrive controls to
Mean Machine Angel escaped from
glory. Presenters killed in the explo- suddenly change course along Sector
Roboco Robotics and went on a
sion included Reverend Billy Ray 294s Bundy and murder Senior-
head-butting rampage through the
Satan, Chump Chefs host Aynzley Judge Vincent Quant. (Eve of Destruc-
streets, demolishing a Burgobar
Azole, chump Verner Grubb, tion)
stand. (The Mean Machine)
Slapper (an alien comedian), Fat n
Chat host Jesse The Body Thebody,
Bungit Din Indo-Eaterie Burgostop
The Taking Off Show star Shanna-K
and doorman Arturo Mool. (Pumpkin Graveyard shift Meat-Wagon Patrol-
A floating, burger-shaped junk-food
Eater) Unit 613 (Judges Arkins and Dredd)
eaterie servicing hover-traffic. A tap-
used las-cutters to dismember a
gang was active along nearby Arafat
fattie who died of terminal gluttony
Pedway. (Back on the Streets)
Bugs Bunny Block in the Bungit Din Indo-Eaterie, who
Bugs Bunny Block was infected by otherwise would not fit into their
the Block Mania and staged an meat-wagon. (Meat Patrol) Burnett Estate
attack against neighbouring Billy Situated on Rykers Island and the
Smart Block. (The Apocalypse War) sprawling home of Gabrielle Burnett
Burger Me!
and her father Vic Burnett, former
A citywide chain of fastfood outlets.
professional fighter and one of Mega-
Bundys Bank In the Sector 87 branch, Wesson
City Ones most powerful gangsters.
Two bank-robbers used disintegra- Smythe ordered a Flamb de Fungi,
Burnett and corrupt Sector 13 Chief
tors to gain access to Bundys Banks Twirler Fries and a Fauxcola. Smythe
Judge Kruger met to discuss a spate
vaults. (Fast Withdrawl) was pursued by Hoog and Bob Toes;
of attacks by former Cadet-Judge
Smythe fled in the direction of the
Danny Falcone, outfitted in Hell-
Q-Save. (Whiteout)
Bundy bender armour, against Burnetts
holdings. Burnett coerced Kruger
East-Meg One sympathiser Mosely
into dealing with Danny by threat-
Bronco Horsman sabotaged a car

ening to make public his vid- Apartment 4011. (Back on the Streets) all traffic in to make way for the
capped murder of Sonny Carvallo. Third Annual Blockleap Champion-
(Marauder) ships; over three-million fans were in
Buster Merryweather Block
attendance. (City of the Damned)
While working on the case of the
Burnside Projects missing juve Emilia Simms in Merry- Rodney Lewis, under the influence
Judge Meers rogue heatseeker weather Block, Psi-Judge Hamida of an alien neuro-nuke, drove his
bullet, drawn to the heat generated sensed widespread psychic anguish blubba-bus like a madman, imagining
by a radioactive isotope in a bullet- caused by the usage of the new he was participating in Death Race
proof Justice Department ammu- narcotic Scream. (Scream) 2130 until Judge Dredd (hiding on
nition case, was captured in the Berkley Street) put him out of action
vicinity of the ruined Burnside using a zapper grenade. (Nuked)
Butterworth & Sims
Projects on Outer West 8. (Head-
shots) Judge Dredd arrested an attempted
Buzz Aldrin Block
suicide at Butterworth & Sims. (I
Love Judge Dredd) Fashioned in the shape of a bloated
Burt Bacharach Block version of the ancient Saturn V
Graveyard shift Meat-Wagon Patrol- moon-rocket, Buzz Aldrin Block had
Butt Street a population of 35,000. The Block
Unit 613 (Judges Arkins and Dredd)
responded to a mop job, the grisly Judge Dredd dealt with Judge Wins- Council was called the Buzz Aldrin
result of the skysurfing Chesney cale who overreacted to a farting Block Syndicate (BABS). (Sector 13)
Molchin colliding with a truck cab citizen aboard a Local 30 hoverbus
along Bacharach Thru-Zoom. (Meat travelling along Butt Street. (Blow
Bypass Building
Patrol) Out)
The Bypass Building was one mile
high and 200 metres long. Block-
Burt Russell Block Buzby Berkley Block protesters including Granny Loew,
Rafe Speckley, a mo-bank heister In an alternate reality in the year Madda Green Hairy Monster
and Stookie-addict, lived in Russell 2120, Berkley Block was closed to Veetch and Wilm Spawney Douglas

campaigned against the Bypass 9, where he, purporting to be a City Mayor Katz during a tree-chris-
construction. Spawney hid among strong supporter of Justice Depart- tening ceremony which sparked a
the Bypass foundations to delay ment, also worked as a coun- City Mayoral Election, exactly as
the construction project. Fine Line cillor. A second mission was estab- Maybe had hoped. (The Gingerbread
reporter Colin Blow documented the lished in Sector 301. Promoted by a Man)
ongoing tensions. (Spawney) guest appearance on Chew the Fat
and interviewed by Feral, Maybe
launched the Byron Ambrose Ginger-
Byrite Hypermart
bread Man Appeal to raise funds for
Byrite Hypermart was raided by the citys unwanted and unloved
looters shortly after the Apocalypse which functioned as a smokescreen
War. (Fungus) for his murderous activities. Judge
Mortimer Park, investigating the
Byron Ambrose Bridge murder of Abdul McDodd (devoured
by Andean Blood-Bugs) and Coun-
Serial-killer PJ Maybe abducted
cillor Orace Buckmaster, interviewed
and murdered his Illiberal Party
Ambrose. When Park recognised
successor Tony Blore, hanging
Maybes sexmek Inga as a Series-7
him from the new Byron Ambrose
Lunquest, worth 50-million-credits
Bridge built to honour the memory
at auction, Maybe knew Park had
of Maybes former alter ego, the
to die. A young man called Chesney
beloved Mega-City One Mayor
who believed aliens were taking
Ambrose. (Elusive)
over Mega-City One (accusing Judge
Dredd, Chief Judge Hershey and
Byron Ambrose Missions the actor Jimmy Smidge of being
imposters), arrived at the Sector
The serial-killer PJ Maybe (imper-
9 Mission seeking help. PJ Maybe
sonating Byron Ambrose) opened
manipulated Chesney into beheading
his first rescue mission in Sector

until Lenny Zero blew the scam wide the illegal mutant Grubber. Sectors
open. (Wipeout) 38 through 39 were reclassified as
Zona Pacifica when local crime levels
fell drastically, their inhabitants
Cafe Cesare
routed by ultraterror waves broad-
Munceburger joint on the Muttering cast through the DreadCity dimen-
districts Robinson Street where, sional portal from the Cafe Cesare.
in 2079, Judge Dredd arrested his Investigating, Judge Dredd passed
clone-brother Rico after the latter through the portal into DreadCity,
attacked the proprietor Edward leaving a message for Judge Hershey
Gee for failing to meet Ricos extor- within an encrypted signature box.
tion demands. Six weeks after the Dredd travelled equipped with a
Cafes closure, Manny Porlock broke CORA (Conversation Or Rigorous
Cadbury Conapts in and witnessed a ghostly manifes- Assessment) computer attached to
tation from the Dreadworld dimen- his helmet. Judge Hershey encoun-
Judge Dredd attacked an Umpty
sion before he was murdered. The tered SJS Judge Mathers in Cafe
Candy factory, supplier to half Mega-
Cafes second owner ploughed all Cesare, driven insane by ultraterror
City Ones Umpty black market, oper-
his savings into the Cafe but he waves. Hershey, similarly-afflicted,
ating from Cadbury Conapts. Anti-
closed shop after only a month. fled blindly into the clutches of SJS
Mob Squad Chief Markley (in the
The third owner went mad after a Judge Eliphas. Judge Dredd, having
mobs pay) gave the Umpty factory
month and the fourth (and final) defeated Judge Dread, destroyed
advance warning. (Umpty Bagging)
owner was found dead, floating in a the dimensional portal. (Dread
vat of munce soup three days later. Dominion)
Caesars Cathouse In 2116, the Cafe became a gateway
to another dimension, a parallel
The mobster Little Caesar owned a
Mega-City One ruled by the Tyrant Cal-hab Expats Club
brothel nicknamed the Cathouse,
Judge Dread. Jessie, searching for a A popular Calhabber haunt. During
where he blackmailed half Mega-
taxi, was murdered by Judge Dread, one Hogmanay nights festivities,
City Ones lecherous City Councillors
witnessed by Judge Maximin and Judge Dredd sentenced several

revellers to 30 days encubement for Callaghan Genetech assaulted by a psi-flash and incapac-
breach of the Noise Abatement Acts . itated, allowing Mueller to restrain
Callaghan was a front company
(Hogmanay) her. The Skinner possessed Judge
for the Prometheus Project which
McKinley who attempted to assassi-
At the 2113 Hogmanay Dinner & specialised in bio-warfare; it had
nate Chief Judge McGruder. Mueller
Dance, robot musician Jimmy a dubious legal history with no
was murdered by the animals he
Shand added to the festivities. less than 27 counts of DNA patent
abused. (Silencer; Skinner)
The Compare read messages for infringement. Employee Jacob
guests Spug McKnight and Big Tam Mueller had bonded bacterium
McNutter; the very reluctant Special with alien DNA and encoded it onto The Callous Farmer
Guest was Judge Dredd. (Auld a self-regulating biochip, creating
William Alya Chass, a small-time
Acquaintance) an assassin - the Skinner imper-
muscle who drank at The Callous
ative - which possessed other life-
Farmer on Ottley, had murdered Jose
forms. Callaghan sent the Skinner to
Calhoun Drive Walter Kindo who ran an import/
Resyk as part of a controlled field-
export business from 197483 Short-
PSU-Judge Roffman tracked the fugi- test. The Skinner, contained in a
sked Street. (The Cal Files)
tive jumpjacker Tyson Reefer package marked as genetic waste,
Bryce, wearing a red camouflage escaped and infected Resyk-worker
jacket-turned-blue as he heading Ninestein. It then infected a transient Cam Kennedy Block
east on Calhoun. (Jumped) before entering Mark Murdock Block Chopper fan Flip Mykle, accom-
and infecting Karl Krispie. Psi-Judge panied by skysurf fans including
Karyn investigated the whereabouts Layne and Rodman, broke into
Calico Jack Sidings
of missing Judge McKinley and the their sectors phone-server to
The Carrey Beaners street-pirates deaths of several citizens including rig a gigantic holographic monu-
used the Calico Jack Sidings, a series Ninestein. Karyn interviewed Jacob ment to Chopper that would arise
of narrow streets, as one of their Mueller, Fulton and Godfrey of the from Cam Kennedy Block when a
hijack locations. (Bad Moon Rising*2) Recombinant DNA Research Depart- random phone number was dialled.
ment who experimented on lower Judge Dredd pursued, killing Layne
animals and bacteria. Karyn was and Rodman, but Dredd had to be

rescued by Flip when he went into from a stall of the same name. Trading Platform. The Cool Right
freefall. (Flipped) (Terror) Hands gang fed their enemy, the
Sons of the Black Fandangos, into
ReFAB molecular fabricators; this-
Candor & Martin Candyman Sweet Store
created the Screaming Meatgun, a
On New Manhattans Candor & Judge Dredd responded to an armed hybrid human/weapons template,
Martin, Judge Amy Steel responded robbery staged by synthi-sugar which supercooled the surrounding
to the theft of an armoured truck addict Sweet Tooth Sam at the air to generate an unlimited supply of
belonging to two robots; she had Candyman Sweet Store. (Return of plasma ammunition. (Psykogeddon)
difficulty deciphering their droid- the Peeper)
speak description of the incident.
(Death Trap!) Captain Bobs Empty
Cannibal Club Bun Pension Burger
Stookie-pusher Little Macho met One Halloween, Psi-Judge Anderson
Candy Castle with Undercover Judges posing as treated Psi-Cadets Corann and
A confectionary shop raided by drug-dealers at the Cannibal Club; Lesley to a meal at Captain Bobs.
Justice Department who confis- the Judges staged a bust to boost (The Witch Report)
cated all of its dangerous Monster their undercover colleagues under-
Bites confectionary which had trans- world credentials. (She-Devils)
Carbunkles Bar
formed consumers into monstrous
versions of Monster Bites Featured A drinking joint shaped like an over-
Cantilever City flowing pint-glass. Time-travelling
Creatures. (How to be a Monster)
A complicated mass of canti- Souther soldiers led by Sergeant
levers, gimbals and gears hooked to Bartram B Hagar sampled Carbun-
Candy Flozz dynamos and banks of storage cells, kles jungle juice. (Casualties of War)
Total War member Sonny Castinello strung between Carlos Ezquerra and
received his instructions from a Brian Bolland Blocks. Judge Dredd
fellow terrorist who had recently responded to a battle between rival
purchased candy flozz confectionary gun-runners near Cantilever Citys

Cardboard City Carmine Ford Coppola Block Carl Menger Block
City Bottom slums where the desti- One of three blocks (including Menger Blocks Benoit Mandelbrot
tute, addicts and the disaffected Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia Home refused entry to post-fractal
- Mega-City Ones forgotten ones Coppola) supporting a raised square apologists and chaos casualties.
- lived in homes built from waste plaza on which stood a Wiggly Little (The Mega-City News)
materials. The resident slummies Piggly pork outlet below which was
depended on the luxapts throwing the Diana Krall Skedway. Coppola
Carlos del Astros Block
out good-quality packing boxes Plaza was sabotaged by Mob Better
which made for ideal makeshift shel- Blues while they kidnapped the alien A cityblock which, along with neigh-
ters. (Cardboard City) Cetacean Ambassador visiting Mega- bouring Lillian Gish and Bobby Louis
City One to protest against the citys Stevenson Blocks, was severely-
Carlos Eposito and his family were damaged during the Apocalypse
pork trade. (Swine Fever)
forced to live in a cardboard city War. (Firefight on a Hot Summers
after the demolition of Reggie Kray Night)
Block. (The Poverty Trap) Carl Denham Boulevard

Judge Dredd and Cadet-Judge Allen Judge Dredd attempted to arrest Guy
Carlos Ezquerra Block
were ambushed in a cardboard city and McGillar, members of the Gorilla
Gang, for littering near Carl Denham Ezquerra Block was 700 levels-
by Konstitutional Krime Kampaign
Boulevard. Dredd was interrupted high and based on an organic, faux-
(KKK) agents. (The KKK Krimes)
by a physical apparition of the late geodesic design. Cantilever City was
The largest cardboard city was Judge Bryce, whom Dredd had killed strung between Ezquerra and Brian
located in Sector 7, near City Resyk. many years earlier. Dredd defeated Bolland Block. (Psykogeddon)
Judge Vesey discovered the corpse the apparition, but the Gorilla Gang
of Judge Dredds former housemaid escaped. (The Dead Judges Society) Carl Puttnam Block
Maria lying atop a pile of bottles
in a shack. (Whatever Happened to Jilted lover Jack Rubee used a
Maria?) Science King Virtual Reality Hacker
headset to spy on his former girl-
friend Leee while she enjoyed a

romantic fantasy with a holo-Judge. was fined 800 credits for costs tion rooms and brothels. The top
Rubee then assumed the Judges incurred at the Bell Vue Surge House deck was Cortezs private domain
guise and invaded the program. for the compulsory removal of a where he remotely-monitored
When Leees software failed, Jacks tattoo. (The Mega-City News) the Carnivales activities. Cortez
headset suffered feedback damage. henchmen Ditta, Flex and Quiet
Half of the 30,000 Jimmy Deans
Although he fixed the problem, Jack Mike enforced Cortezs commands.
clones were born to fans living in
was fused with a butterfly killed by Cortez executed Ditta when he
Carl Sagan Block, the heart-bed of
Leees Pest Zapper. (Science King was revealed to be an Undercover
the Jimmy Deans Fan Club. (No More
Pest Control) Judge. Wess Smyth, controlled by
Jimmy Deans)
the Skorpion bioweapon, slaugh-
tered most of the Carnivales passen-
Carlos Santana Block
Carnivale gers and crew to liberate his girl-
The home of Edwin The Confessor friend Jayni from Cortez. Smyths
A mopad as large as a mid-sized
Parsey, a spont who claimed victims included a City Councillor
hydroliner, one of the few Cosmos
responsibility for crimes committed involved in a bondage tryst with two
Imperial-class on the streets of
by Benji The Invisible Man Doonan. under-aged, tentacular alien Vooties.
Mega-City One. The Carnivale was
(The Invisible Man) After Cortez murder, the Carnivale
owned by Sector 88 mobster and
was beached on a breakdown island
former go-ganger Rubin The Eye
Carl Sagan Block where it was examined by Forensics
Cortez (his motto Judges Can Eat
Judges. (Whiteout)
Former Sagan Apt 47/A resident and My Dust). He kept his gold-plated
ex-trainee psychic-plumber Rodney Fabra Spit-Nine, his first handgun,
Boggis (aka Bhagwan Rodney Shree as a memento of the first Judge he Carol Monroe Block
Matria Boggis) lost his appeal for killed. Next to the parking ramps
A block war between Carol Monroe
early parole from his Iso-Block 300 on the Carnivales lower levels was
Block and Vince Saint Clair Block
prison sentence. His sons Shake- the casino offering Tabloo (amongst
broke out during a graveyard shift.
speare and Herbert, members of the other games of chance), a nightclub,
Monroe Block was demolished when
North West Hab-Zone 7, campaigned dining compartment and kitchens.
the Saint Clair Citi-Def detonated
for their fathers release. Herbert Above were private-suites, recrea-
explosives planted beneath its foun-

dations. (The Graveyard Shift) Casablanca Cinema Him)
An Art Deco imitation of a 1920s
Carol Vorderman Block dream palace, home to the mobster Cashco Skybarge
known as the Overboss. (Dred-
The Underpass below the Randy Fargo and his mutant clan
Vorderman and Whitely Blocks was enjoyed a breakfast as guests
frequented by the busker and former aboard the Cashco Skybarge on their
criminal Harry The Hat McGuin- Casanova Vid-Model Agency way to the Atlantic Hoverport. They
ness. (I Love Judge Dredd) enjoyed cool music from the Android
Freelance leg-breaker Manic
Jazz Combo, haute cuisine from chef
Melvin Milehigh went crazy in the
Anton Anton and chatted with digni-
Carrie Bean Block Casanova Vid-Model Agency, inside
taries including the City Mayor
the Ind-Complex, which ran an
The Carrie Bean Appreciation Byron Ambrose. (Regrets)
organlegging operation, murdering
Society launched an attack using
hopeful models and selling their
grappling hooks against neigh-
organs, retaining their skins for Cash-Points
bouring Robert Louis Block. Captain
sexmek coverings. Judge Dredd
Walter Pidgin made Judge Dredd Automated cash-dispensers and
killed Milehigh, who fell dead among
walk the plank, but Dredd landed financial advisers with a License to
the shells of his favourite sexmeks
safely atop an H-Wagon. (The Pirates Kill. Cash-points required a retinal
Blondie, Ginger and Ebony. (Sinned-
of Carrie Bean) scan as proof of a customers iden-
In City)
tity. Overdraw Alerts triggered an
automatic fifty-credit charge; violent
Carvers Bar
Casey Stengle Building users were electrified and captured
Judge Dredd was arresting a perp on CCTV. (Cashpoint)
Theatrical Agent Mo Le Merrier was
when requested to investigate
murdered in his Stengle Building
Thompson Conapts. Dredd refused,
office by client Gifford Crowley who Caspar Weinberger Block
citing a cluelead he was following
had been driven mad by imperson-
near Carvers Bar. (Flabfighters) The Dark Judges ambushed the
ating Judge Death. (Death Becomes
Caspar Weinberger Citi-Def. Trooper

Jenkins was ordered to cover the Castro Skyrise was Dredds Dirty Dozen. Catalyst
mezzanine, while Robuck deployed a had been formed by the deranged
Arsonists Bernard Shave Killog
sonic mortar on the roof. (Four Dark Erik Rejin and his daughter Ramona
and Fester Groyne (New Manhat-
Judges) (who had murdered her own mother)
tans Castro Apartment 44/C) were
who used it as a smokescreen for
Meat-Wagon Patrol Unit 613 members of the Infidels gang,
their depraved snuff vi-zines; they
(featuring Judge Dredd) responded meeting regularly at the Bay of Pigs
had tortured Engels to death. Their
to a report of multiple casualties Cafe. (Tale of the Dead Man)
major customers included Brit-
from a major fire at Weinberger
Cit, Emerald Isle, Hondo City, Pan-
Block. (Meat Patrol) Casualty Station 9 Africa and Texas City. Ramona was
Gaia Louise Berni Innocenti, a dismissive of low-quality vi-zines
Caspers Cakerie member of Total Wars prime assas- including Dismemberment Today,
Judges investigated the report of sination squad, was treated for In the Flesh and Shreddies. Catalyst
a Capers Cakerie patron who had memory loss after the Total War used only the highest-quality torture
mysteriously exploded. (Body- nuclear strike against Sector 2. Inno- equipment from Pan-Africa. With
snatchers) centi murdered two robbers who the support of confederates (the
attacked Casualty Station 9 looking lawyer Vandris DuBoye and Coun-
for drugs, including Ultra-Caners and cillor Matheson Peat), they dumped
Castenada Square Roobarbz. (After the Bombs) the corpses in pits beneath Peats
City Mayor Jim Grubb was feared Phoenix Campaign construction-
killed during the Apocalypse War; sites. (The Final Cut)
Catalyst Productions
he reappeared as a derelict in Caste-
nada Square, infected with a mutant Judge Dredd visited Catalyst Produc-
Catherine Tate Block
fungus. Grubb died from the infec- tions while investigating the murder
tion which was named Grubbs of the aspiring actress Emmylou Professor James Tillinghurst tracked
Disease in his dubious honour. Engels who had taken part in a Cata- down a Cursed Earth Death Belt
(Fungus) lyst snuff movie entitled Total Annihi- lodestone to an exhibit by Chapman
lation. Another movie in production Deminhirst called Everything Floats
Down: Split Loyalties Between Earth

and Sky within the Catherine Tate block wars. The Judges lost control Celeste Plaza
Block Museum of Modern Art. The over Cauldron West and Central
Celeste Plaza, Landis Precinct, was
lodestone attracted an hostile, to warring civilians who bombed
shared by Sector House 190 and
dimension-hopping incursion by a cityblocks and toppled roadways.
Blythe Spirit Block. The buxom
pack of flying mutant rats. (Rat Runs) (Monkey on My Back)
statue of Celeste stood proud on
the plaza until a stolen Manta Prowl
Catherine Zeta-Jones Luxapts Cecil Parkinson Block Tank ploughed into it. (The Kazan
Zeta-Jones resident Darryk Fellmore At the climax of their Necropolis
was one of the corpses discovered in Event, Dark Judges Fear and Mortis
a burial-pit beneath the foundations murdered many Cess Parkinson resi- Cellar Bar
of Elizabeth Short Block; he had dents. (Necropolis)
Former Judge Galen DeMarco was
been tortured to death for a vi-zine
The Parkinson Leisure Precinct arrested for attempting to make
published by Catalyst Productions.
was blocked by 10,000 citizens a Citizens Arrest against Judge
(The Final Cut)
celebrating a valium bungalow Hookey for being overly-violent
at nearby Tim OLeary Block. Ol towards a perp outside The Cellar
The Cauldron Bangor Airlines operated global Bar. DeMarco learned afterwards
sightseeing holidays from The that Hookey was pretending to
The Cauldron was Sector 149s
Runway, Top Floor, Cecil Parkinson attack the perp who was actually
largest precinct and hottest crime
Block, and cheap Light-Year Return Hookeys nark. (The Narcos Connec-
spot. During a drastic relaxation
flights to the Martian moon Phobos29 tion)
in law and order ordered by Chief
Judge Goodman while possessed by for a fee of 40,000 credits. (The
the mutant Monkey, the Cauldron Mega-City News) Central Combat Depot
was virtually razed to the ground as
Justice Central storehouse of Justice
thousands of its citizens engaged in
Department weapons and equip-
ment, including Heavy Tanks and
29 The galaxys first hyper-tox dump, resulting H-Wagons. The Combat Depot was
in the famous Phobu-glow.

placed on High Alert when the Dark Central Laboratories Justice Department electronics
Judges attacked Mega-City One at storehouse in Mega-City One: Central
Located in Justice Central, Sector 1.
the commencement of their Necrop- Mekanoid, protected by blanket
Lucas Wyant, Mega-City Ones pre-
olis. (Necropolis) surveillance, 24-hour armed-security
eminent microbiologist, performed
and a direct line to the local Sector
an autopsy of the corpse of a Sov-
House. It housed Justice Department
Central Hospital Block terrorist and confirmed it
mekanoids and combat vehicles, a
of Applied Robotics harboured the deadly Chaos Virus.
last line of defence against a future
On XTVs Medicine Today show, Judge Dredd, who retrieved the
crisis on the scale of the Second
broadcast on live Tri-D, Doctor body, took precautionary meas-
Robot War. Central Mekanoid was
Arnold Wisenheimer rebuilt the rogue ures and used robots to handle the
guarded by 12-plus personnel armed
carpenter robot Call-Me-Kenneth corpse before having the robots
with high-powered weapons; massive
to discover what caused him to kill and himself steam-cleaned. (Eve of
reinforcements could be mustered
humans. Wisenheimer located a Destruction)
within minutes. Former Space Corps
fault in Call-Me-Kenneths obedience
General Trig Vincent planned to have
banks, but a mistake with a soldering Central Med-18 the ex-Sp-ace Corps and mandroid
lance reactivated Call-Me-Kenneth
Obstetrics specialist Med-Judge Nate Slaughterhouse attack Central
before repairs were completed.
Kaminski was stationed at Central Mekanoid under pretence, but Slaugh-
Kenneth then murdered Doctor
Med-18 one Christmas Eve when, terhouse discovered Vincents decep-
Wisenheimer. (The Robot War)
supplying remote-assistance to tion and killed both Vincent and his
Judge Dredd, she acted as midwife cohorts before committing suicide.
Central Junction to the birth of the citizen Thereses Attendant Judge Wittle went on to
baby. (A Nativity Tale) organise security for the Chastity
One of several locations targeted
Parade where he expected trouble
during a spate of attacks staged by
from the Liberteens. (Mandroid:
the terrorist group Rage Against the Central Mekanoid Instrument of War)
Megs in the usually sedate Sector 95. Storage Depot
(Hot Night in 95)
Cranberry Corporation Central Ware-
house was a front for the biggest

Central Munce Hammond had studied under Paul (Unnatural Selection)
Ruskin at CNU where she joined a
(Aka Munce Central). Central Munce
reading group with Emily Prentiss,
Employee Wilbur F Peepuls was one Central Rent-a-Pod
Philip Powell and Stephen Godber,
of Hate Incorporateds victims. (Hate
all heavyweight intellectuals who Serial-killer clone Gurt Veiner hired
downloaded banned reading mate- a black, semi-automated slabcruiser
A chem-spill necessitated an emer- rial, including Gerhardt Cranes On from Central Rent-A-Pod and lured
gency diversion around Central Post-Judicial Society, which advo- a hitchhiker inside. (Your Beating
Munce. (Rights of Succession) cated breaking the mega-cities down Heart)
to units of 30-40,000 governed by
Pop-star Ladonna was once Esther
Trial by Jury, a citizen-based police Central Spiral
Gilroy, a homely munce-taster at
force and the chance to achieve full-
Central Munce who later wisely Corrupt Undercover Judge Lenny
employment. (The Family Man)
married a plastic surgeon. (Ladonna Zero dropped the underworld
Fever) accountant Alvin Keyes off aboard
Central Pork Cafe the Tom Fuelery refuelling trans-
Seller of 100 per cent pig-based porter as it cruised along the Central
Central North University
drinx. Central Pork was the meeting Spiral. (Lenny Zero)
(Aka CNU). Judge Dredd investigated
place of the local chapter of the
the Mutant Township 3 murder of
Darwin Society, incorporating the Central Tek
Gina Sherman (aka Rita Hammond),
Chuck Darwin Wild Boys including
a Mega-City citizen disguised as a A technical college with lion statues
Norman Nimmo, and a masked
mutant and slain by the religious flanking its entrance. Judges
member called Dave who supplied
zealot Maddox, a Justice Department searched former lecturer Zondra
them with weaponry. Dave encour-
Black Op. Hammond was a techni- Smiths office for evidence linking
aged the Darwin Society to become
cian who doctored Mutant Cards her to the Total War terrorist organ-
militants, suggesting targets
and arranged face-changes for other isation. Zondras controversy
including the Bring Back Bakelite
norms searching for a new life in the inspired her studes to nickname her
Club, the Goldfish Owners Society
Cursed Earth Mutant Townships. Red Zondra. (Terror)
and Gruds Own Group (G.O.D).

Centre For C Gillick Conapts Faithful were infiltrated by a deep-
Electroconvulsive Therapy cover Wally Squad Judge Sela Kane
Dorma Jean Waterson (Gillick Apart-
Mean Machine Angel escaped a after Theads supporters embarked
ment 1114A/ C) was served with
course of electro-therapy when on a killing spree. A Justice Depart-
Termination Warrant #21/04377 on
his Justice Department hoverpod ment tac-teams vehicles were disa-
her unborn mutant baby; Dorma fled
crashed. After failing to imper- bled by the Soldiers of Light. Located
from the Mutant-Catchers with her
sonate one of the dead Judges, in the lowest level of Chakra Puja
partner Ruff Izaaks. (Termination With
Mean Machine went on a rampage. Block, Capones was owned by Mico
Extreme Prejudice)
Judge Dredd lured Mean infront of Ricci and designed after a 1930s
a building scheduled for demoli- speakeasy30. Judge Dredd pursued
tion and coerced Mean into charging Chakra Puja Block the fugitive Arlo Marcus Jenks (Rap
Dredd, literally bringing the house A tax refuge for the rich, and the Sheet: Outstanding warrants for
down upon Mean. (You are the Mean terrestrial residence of the 15,000 two counts of Armed Robbery, one
Machine) members of the Unending Devoti- count of Homicide and four counts
ates of Kloi Kloi Seki, a religious cult of Substance Abuse) into Capones
who obscured the blocks exterior after Jenks killed two patrons. Unfor-
Cerullo Conapts tunately, Dredds presence prompted
with a bas-relief fresco of a towering,
The home of Malachi Sable (aka many-armed alien creature depicting an automated program in Chakra Puja
Bilbo Snewing), leader of the Blades being eaten by a mass of neotonic Block to detonate the lower 15 levels,
of the New Church cult. (Cage of and razor-toothed larvae. Puja Block destroying Capones and badly-
Knives) was the scene of a hostile takeover injuring Dredd. Jenks was killed by
by the Faithful, run by Brit-Cit fugi- the Soldiers of Light. (The Medusa
tive Absolom Leviticus Thead, who Seed)
Cess Square
installed himself as the Master,
A home for the homeless, where
mind-controlling his militant Soldiers
Judge Joe Patel was reunited with his
of Light. The Faithful initiated a
long-lost father. (The Pit) 30 Alcoves in the walls had animatronic
war of occupation with the original gangsters with machine guns, and a 1930s model
cult members the Unbelievers. The Ford hung precariously on wires above the main

Chalke Street Channel 9 Human Equation Flebclunq, Gracie
M-N, Dinkie The Inside-out Man
Judge Dredd was bewildered by Broadcaster of Tipsters Tonite,
Chaps and Dixon Mottle. The panel
West-17 Test-Labs employee Jackson sporting pundits who were out-
of judges included Powell, Winkle,
Packard who teleported backwards experted by Dave the Orangutan
Young, McShite (replacing the
and forwards in space/time. Packard when it came to predicting the
recently-deceased Tommon Kowll
was briefly-sighted by streetcams winner of Superbowl CXXXIV; Dave
and Relivent Rheer) and James
when he materialised on Chalke went in to correctly predict the
Fenemore Snork (replacing Maxim
Street. (Choose Your Own Xmas) winners of four out of five Jetball
Genko). Snorks nose had been
games. (Portrait of a Politician)
upgraded with flex-servos, photo-
Chamber of Horrors The Channel 9 show Word-Up chromatic holotoobs, built-in Artifi-
A showcase of robot exhibits, was hosted by Gerry Hindu, Kati cial Intelligence, chatterboxes and
replicas of classic fictional and real- Mukkrake and Demanda Calamity. snorkbot fire-extinguishers. Weirdies
life villains including Jack the Ripper, It featured guests Conrad Conn, who failed to make the shortlist
the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Mairaid McSlaphead, the Bel-X included Chapman Bruz and Moola
Boston Strangler and Sweeny Todd. Posse and Big Drokk. Marty Muzak- Moola. (Neoweirdies)
The museums owner ordered his Killer Zpok murdered them all and
exhibits to steal valuables from citi- employed a randomiser device to
Channel 27
zens to help pay off the ailing muse- hijack the broadcast signal. (Muzak
Killer Live) Evan Yablonsky was News Editor.
ums spiralling debt, but he could not
He relied upon the Dish-Dirt Today
prevent them from reverting to their Channel 9 offered 100,000 credits (DDT) vid-line for valuable leads and
basic programming, acting as if they for the Branch Moronians expulsib received a tip-off that Robert Hatch
were their namesakes and causing story of their Hottie House siege Block was about to be destroyed.
several gruesome deaths. (Night of experiences. (Hottie House Siege) (Bad Moon Rising)
the Fog)
Channel 9s Culture Channel hosted Media mogul Ruprecht Maxwell
the annual Neoweirdie Awards. It broadcast CHANCERS (Celebrity
featured Sector 22s Madga The Humiliation and Nominal Career

Enhancement Reality Show) across Questions. Dreery then plotted a to the Judge System. They were
22 Tri-D stations, each covering macabre revenge. (The Game Show summarily-executed by Judges.
the efforts of a celebrity trying Show) (Letter From a Democrat; Revolution)
to survive in a hostile environ-
ment. Channel 27 was a ratings
Channel 41 Channel 99
winner with its 24-hour coverage of
Z-list celebrity porn star Randie Broadcaster of the popular nightly Citywide With Pride! A popular
Mandie Candies decomposing vid-in show Heartline, co-hosted by Tri-D broadcaster with an in-house
corpse. Should the program ever Agony Aunt Claire Hogg. (The Grave- production facility. Its programming
be outlawed, Maxwell had Offworld yard Shift) included Sob Story. (Sob Story)
Chancers waiting in reserve. The At the Witch Trials broadcast an
program was interrupted by The Channel 44 interview with Professor Irving
Mega-City News reporter Enigma Dirving who contested the very
Channel 44 offered 200,000 credits
Smiths newsflash regarding the existence of the Dark Judges
and a ten per cent royalty on
destruction of Joe Chill Block. The Necropolis Event. He was opposed
merchandising from footage broad-
Mutant Liberation Army, Mutant by the Victims of Necropolis spokes-
cast relating to the Branch Moro-
Liberation Front, the Mutant Libera- person Myra Maitlan and Norm
nians Hottie House siege. (Hottie
tion League and 31 other groups all Bronsky, Lecturer in Disaster Studies
House Siege)
claimed sole responsibility for the at Mega-City University. Terrorists
attack. (Kingdom of the Blind) from the Voice of the Silent Millions
Channel 48 stormed the studio in an attempt to
Channel 40 Broadcaster of the popular Break- assassinate Dirving. (The Big Lie)
fast Show featuring guest pop- and
The Station Thats Game! A major
vid-star Romeo Hepp. Hester Hyman
game-show broadcaster. On the Channel 247
led a squad of Democratic Tendency
behest of the Association of Game Judge Dredds niece Vienna
members including Franklin Lund, J
Show Hosts, Channel 40 sacked Bari- Pasternak found employment as
William Williams and Roofer Tuttle
more Dreery for creating the excep- an actress on a sleezy Channel
into the studio, demanding an end
tionally boring game-show Many

247 comedy vid-show. She was Reverend Bruce McKimbo (Path of The Mantis Brothers demanded Otto
kidnapped by Michael Hamilyn, part Grud), Ribena Hardly-Lucidberry Sump leave 50,000 credits behind
of a Sov-Block sleeper cell led by (Simp Party), Ridley Solong (Mutant Atlas Bridges Box 3 every second
Pasha who drove a dark blue late- Tendency) and Tony Blore (Illiberal Thursday at 1200 hours to prevent
model Floover roadster (License Party). The serial-killer PJ Maybe further blitz-attacks against his
#36Y4338/473/T). (Blood Trails) rigged explosives, killing some popular fashion chain of Ugly Clinics.
candidates to distract the Judges (Otto Sumps Ugly Clinic)
while Maybe abducted Tony Blore.
Channel Grade
Broadcaster of The Garbage Road- Charles Bronson Block
show. Its host Art Feebus was ques- Considered to be one of the roughest
tioned by Judge Dredd following Chapel of Grud blocks in Mega-City One, Charles
the murders of guests. (Garbage Daniel Danny Makepeace Gimm Bronson Block was the focus of
Disposal) surprised and infuriated mourners Project: Block Defence, the brainchild
assembled at his funeral by of Tek-Judge Ryker. The recently-
climbing out of his coffin and killed Judge Bronson was used as
Channel You
cracking jokes about his son Grevil, the prototype, his brain implanted
Live from Studio 2, the political Grevils wife Flotilla and daughter into the block computer to govern
discussion show In the Hot Seat Bevilly who had married Tito, son of the Blocks 50,000 residents. In the
interviewed candidates for the 2133 the notorious Tortellini crime-family. first 12 hours, Bronson made 150
Mayoral Election including Angela The ensuing violence forced Judge arrests including that of the noto-
Prince (Reactionary Progres- Dredd to intervene. (Dead Funny) rious scrawlers Delbert and George.
sives), Edith Tofu (Vegan Fringe), Citing non-payment of an air-bill,
Frank Hummer (Normal Defence Bronson suffocated resident Stinky,
League), Lars Piper31 (People Party), Charles Atlas Bridge
a slummie was in possession of
While possessed by Judge Death. stolen ID. Bronson took hostages,
31 He replaced former candidate Paul Peck , Psi-Judge Anderson crossed the prompting Judge Dredd to attempt
who was crushed to death by a runaway slab- Charles Atlas. (Judge Death)
roller after campaigning to abolish all robots in the
a rescue mission. Bronson eventu-
workplace. ally destroyed the cityblock and had

to be dug out of the ruins. A replace- Charles Croker Megway Dredd recognised their tactics as
ment body was cloned to allow Judicial Hijack, Hostage Takedown,
Croker Megway, opened in 2128, was
Bronson to serve a 20-year prison Hijack Protocol, Hostage Retrieval
one of the superslabs; it was 60
sentence on Titan on charges of and Psych-Warfare techniques which
lanes of shimmering blacktop, a dark
Genocide and Arson. (Block Law) the heisters had learned from Dredd
artery running the length of Mega-
during their time at the Academy
Gang activity was reported at City One. Its decades-long construc-
of Law. The heisters final job was a
Bronson Block during a graveyard tion had weathered both the Apoca-
setup, a bank robbery using a chip-
shift. (Blood and Duty) lypse War and the Necropolis Event.
imprinter device to re-credit cred-
Heisters Jack Cyprus, al Leon and
cards. (Heist)
Felix Imber (all failed Cadet-Judges)
Charles Bukowsky Block hacked into a traffic-signal computer
Judge Dredd investigated the to create a huge traffic jam. They Charles Darwin Block
Bukowsky apartment of regis- robbed a lugger belonging to a high-
Darwin Block was contaminated by
tered heroin addict Clara Nichols, end security outfit carrying a litre of
Professor E Northcote Fripps exper-
sentenced to six months encubement Padua Water32. The heisters used a
imental enzyme that turned evolu-
during which time she supposedly skreemer (sonic weapon) to force the
tion backwards. Fripp was first to
kicked the habit. Dredd interrupted driver out of his cab, stole the Padua
regress, accidentally allowing the
a transaction between drug-dealers Water and left a booby-trapped
enzymes fumes to seep into the
and suppliers and was stabbed in robot juve behind, killing Judges
blocks ventilation ducts. Infected
the arm by a boy. The cityblocks Jobe and Coyle and injuring Judge
residents regressed from sub-
one operational security camera Dredd. The heisters were suspected
humans to apes to reptile-men to
recorded Nichols journey to the of recently boosting a Hondo City
amoebas. The Judges arrived to
roof where Dredd narrowly rescued courier carrying an Ithika Box33.
help, but when some of their number
her from suicide. (Born Under a Bad
were affected by the enzymes
32 A room-temperature superconductive fluid fumes, they decided to burn Charles
trading for 20,000 credits a millilitre. Darwin Block to the ground, eradi-
33 A top-of-the-line anti-bugging device
creating an impenetrable cone of silence;
cating the Fripp Enzyme. (Monkey
outlawed following the Total War attacks. Business at the Charles Darwin Block)

Charles Eiffel Block reported Quinn to the Judges. Deformed. Gavin revealed to the
(Jimping) host Simon Swithin that he was in
Eiffel resident Mrs D Finch wrote to
fact born that way and that he took
The Mega-Times expressing hope
exception to the way Swithins show
that the suicidal Dan Depresso did Charles Lindbergh Block
made fun of the disabled. Gavin rein-
not suffer from vertigo. (The Mega-
Psi-Judge Anderson and Judge forced the point by killing Swithin
City Times)
Bryson investigated the abduction with a microwave pistol. (The
of the baby Garret Cooley by the Savage Amusement)
Charles Foster Kane Block religious maniac Lucas Allan Verne
while Cooleys parents Joseph and
Doctor Richard Langstock visited
Mary shopped in the Lindbergh Charles Whitman Block
a Foster Kane penthouse where he
Block Mall. Verne believed Garret Whitman resident Jeffrey Lionel
was paid eight million-credits by
was the new Messiah. (Sins of the Queeg lived in a Level 39 apart-
the dying Roderick Lowe to arrange
Father) ment and spent his days searching
a Total Body Transplant using a
for a job. He returned home one day
body donor procured by the Sov-
to find his apartment trashed by a
Organizatsiya mob-boss Konrad Charles Manson Conapts
bat-burglar, the valuables missing
Gruschenko. Lowe was assisted by
The deceased murderer Pup Jonas including his tiepin collection,
his manservant Prendergast. (Sins of
girlfriend Dyptheria inherited six various Tri-D slugs (including Season
the Father)
million-credits of Pups money which One of Youve Been Fingered), a
The Jimp (Judge-impersonator) and he hid inside her cupboard. Dypth- talking Leprechaun figurine from
vigilante Orson Quinn, known to the eria purchased a luxapt in Charles the Emerald Isle and his best knee-
Judges as J113, resided at Charles Manson Conapts. (Pup Fiction) pads. When Queegs neighbour Sal
Foster Kane Block, attended to by Kowalski began playing loud music
Gavin, a resident of Manson, claimed
his manservant Matthew. He went from his quad-sound, Queeg made
he had cut off his own left foot using
by several Judge aliases: Blood, a formal complaint at Sector House
only nail-clippers to earn an appear-
Goodhand, Jericho and Justice. 12. Unable to obtain assistance,
ance on the early morning shock
When Quinns activities became Queeg departed but was possessed
horror game-show Youve Been
a dangerous addiction, Matthew by a demonic entity. He returned

home and butchered Kowalksi, on Willis Boulevard. It was discov- Charlie Drake Block
discovering a antique gun collection ered that Deller was a clone, one of
An inter-block pie war broke out
including a Browning 9mm, Smith & 300 resident in Mega-City One and
between Drake Block and neigh-
Wesson .44 Magnum and an AK-47. as many again in the Euro-Cities.
bouring Lawson Dyke Block. (Piero-
Queeg compared them disparagingly Dellers likeness was witnessed at 11
with his eras ManSlaughter 12mm, major heists prior to October 2122. A
Violator 3000 and Widowkiller fire- Justice Department holosuite recon-
arms. Queeg murdered 113 of his structed the murder, beginning with Charlie Elliott Slipzoom
neighbours including Artie Gruber, Judge Mackeys discovery of Judge An accident at the junction between
Dolores Wilkerson, Greg Peterson, Westlakes corpse. (Served Cold) Jervis Johnson and Paul Cockburn
the Kinsey family, a Brit-Cit drag- Skedways meant traffic had to be
queen in Apartment 43/13, a man diverted along Charlie Elliott Slip-
Charles Windsor Luxapts
in Apartment 46/A, Vin Meachum, zoom. (A Night in the Death of Sector
Jeannie Chow, Jerry Kramer, Edie Psi-Judge Anderson investigated
Morales, the Markham family of the murder of vid-jockey Jumpin
Apartment 14/A, the Husseins Jiggy Jiggs by Judge Death in Jiggs
of Apartment 18/B and Judges Chuck Windsor Suite 400. (Four Dark Charlie Ramirez Block
including Hoskins, Harlan Ross and Judges) A citizen dressed as a rabbit ran
Margaret Ebden. Psi-Judge Anderson amok in the Ramirez Block Park.
executed Queeg, but he lived a (The Awakening)
Charlie Chester Block
moment longer, revitalised by the
Judges Dredd and Hershey, returning
demon controlling him. (Fear the
from Brit-Cit, responded to an APB. Charlie Sim Block
The hirsute and fanged Dogboy Elrick Mundy (Sim Apartment 46/C)
juve-gangsters on the Chester Block beat his wife Tibia to death, unaware
Charles Willis Boulevard roof were picking off citizens with his neighbour Watt Le Fung (Hymie
In 2122, a thief using the alias Deller shredder fire. (Deathmasques) Goering Block) spied on him. Other
was interrogated regarding the fatal residents included Big Elsie Seuss
shooting of Judge Horst Westlake (Apartment 50/B), Piers Pierson

(Apartment 48/D) and Mrs Kratz. Rejin Estate, where Peat discovered Checkpoint Chico
(The Peeper) the half-mad Erik Rejin, the only
A waystation, one of several located
survivor of his family. (The Final Cut)
Watt Le Fung, now Justice Depart- along the Northland Ruins Link.
ment Licensed Peeper #4188, By 2123, Heston Block had been Howie, wounded while defending
reported a Code 717 violation in annexed within Apetowns borders. his pregnant wife Therese, conva-
Apartment 46/B. Judge Dredd took The ape uplift Travis Perkins was lesced in Checkpoint Chicos med-
the perps into custody. (Peeper) raised in Apartment 1175. (The Fierce unit. Dredd considered nominating
and the Furious) Howie for a Citizens Bravery Award
which would grant his family a
Charlton Heston Block better apartment and possibly a job.
A large, well-to-do cityblock. Cheap Eats (A Nativity Tale)
Infected by the Block Mania, Heston Master criminal Johnny Flood was
formed an alliance with Ricardo released after serving a 21-year
Cheep-O Change-O
Montalban Block, but was wiped out prison sentence. He made contact
by poison gas Heston helped manu- with former accomplice Hocus who A grotty face-change parlour on
facture which accidentally leaked now worked as a weltz-flipper in Griffin Street where the thief Deller
from the Dixy Plasteen Complex. Cheap Eats, a ten-cred eaterie. paid for a comprehensive facial
(Block Mania; City Block) (Floods 13) restructure costing 4,000 credits,
including fresh ID papers and
Matheson Peat led a Block Mania- disposal of all records relating to the
crazed Citi-Def squad from the Cheapo Cheapo Fast Foods operation. Deller refused packages
Charlton Heston Frontliners, Morris Doodle lost his job at Cheapo replicating the features of celebrities
attacking neighbouring Michael Cheapo Fast Foods for being list- Brett Charismo, Lance Taffeta and
Moore Block and the East-Meg less and unimaginative. He sought Zane Zamm, preferring anonymity
One invasion army. Other Front- advice from Austin Metro, The Mega- as Slim Anson, a hick tourist from
liner volunteers included Marriot, City News Agony Aunt. (The Mega- the Space Colonies. The machine
Mattocks, Rawlinson and Topley. City News) carrying out Dellers face-change
They investigated the ruins of the was a EEK-2600 model. (Served Cold)

Che Guevara Block a Citizen) Cher Crock-Block
Jeffrey Jacobi, an assassin of celebri- A defective med-droid, one of thou-
ties, resided in a Che Guevara apart- Chem-Pits sands manufactured by Medko,
ment festooned with photographs murdered half the population of
(Aka Chem-Pools). Abandoned and
of those he had killed, including the Cher Crock-Block instead of giving
derelict industrial districts polluted
actress Melina Castranova, ballet- them their daily vitamin shots. (Safe
by man-made toxins. A distraught
dancer Nikos Bulmer and Coun- Hands)
woman requested Judge Dredds help
cillor Courtland Phibes. Jacobis
when her boyfriend fell into a chem-
fourth intended target was Marlon
pool. When the Judges dredged the Cherry Moon Block
Chopper Shakespeare. (Hitman)
pool they discovered at least 67
Three defective Mutogram kisso-
other bodies. (Chem Pool)
grams escaped from Pleasant
Chemfix Dreams GenLabs and embarked
Former Undercover Judge Leonard
Jazz McCracken was a voluntary Lenny Zero tried to fool SJS Judge upon a murderous kissing spree in
guinea pig at Chemfix; he was later Kramer into believing the former Cherry Moon Block. (Kiss of Death)
murdered on Rifkin Street. (Jimping) was dead, by planting a laser-blasted
corpse in a West Side chem-pit; its Cheryl Ladd Conapts
Chemical Surplus windpipe contained a firmly-lodged
The survivors of Sector House
Snoogy Bix, the cause of death.
In the Chemical Surplus building, 190 regrouped in the foyer of the
(Dead Zero)
Judge Dredd encountered Hunch- Cromwell Precincts Cheryl Ladd
back gang-members busy packing Conapts to plan their retaliation
the powerful psychiatric hallucino- Chernobyl Hotel against an invasion of East-Meg One
genic Dyco-Psycho 16 with intent Following the destruction of The sleeper-agents. (The Kazan Gambit)
to sell on the streets. Dredd was Statue of Judgement and its PSU
poisoned by the same chemical and headquarters, the exclusive Sector Chesapeake Bay
suffered a bad trip. (Report to the 123 Chernobyl Hotel was raided and
Chief Judge on the Accidental Death of On the morning of 12 June 2070,
set ablaze. (Eve of Destruction)
Chief of Security Dick McCracken,

Frank Levine and two other be a hygiene risk and ordered him tenders subdued the flames. (Whit-
personnel were killed when their to attend the Laundromat. Judge eout)
hovership blew up over the Atlantic Dredd reprimanded the same Judges
Sector Chesapeake Bay. (Origins) for failing to detect the presence of
Chez Darren
cheese (a Class-2 contraband). Six
doors away, Wesson Smythe fretted Darren Dead commissioned the
Chester Dogg Block construction of a tombstone-shaped
over traces of cheroot tobacco
The Battle of Chester Dogg was crumbs, half a can of Boing , Bite- luxury villa called Chez Darren.
waged between rival jetpacker Fighters magazine, stolen pens and Constantinople Black, head of the
gangs. Judge Dredd and the Justice a sachet of Zzip crystals palmed Magic Circle, requested Dead safe-
Department Flying Squad quickly- from neighbour Bennie Freemish. guard his members from murder at
intervened. (Hells Packers) Smythe once watched a Tri-D flick in the paws of Terry Fields who killed
the local Cineplex about a man who while dressed as a panda. (Eats,
unleashed a virulent alien proto- Shoots & Kills)
Chets Shuggy Hall
plasm organism that devoured his
Rufus, a lackey in the employ of the
entire cityblock. In Apartment 427/T, Chez Sump
disgruntled former Cadet-Judge
the Global Anarchist Army (GAA)
Jenna Corless, remarked he had seen One of Otto Sumps Ugly Clinics; its
was planning a suicide bombing
Judge Dredd beat up six perps in storefront was shattered and several
attack using home-made napalm and
Chets Shuggy Hall. (Dreddline) customers injured when a speedster
chemicals stolen from the local tox-
belonging to Big Tim Olsen, leader
dump, although they wasted most
of the Dwarf Gang, exploded. (Judge-
Chet Hunklev Block of their time by listening to DedRok
ment Day)
music and writing morose poetry.
Home of the Hunka Boyz gang
The GAA perished when Judge Psi-Division coaxed the reticent
featuring Tricke Yippie and Wesson
Dredd fired ricochet bullets through precognitive psi-talent of the Flook
Wess Smythe. Judges Lambert and
their plasteen hab-door. Their stock- family in the service of justice by
Keeble carried out a crime-blitz
piled arsenal exploded, gutting staging a fake game-show which
on Hunklev Apartment 435/G, but
four levels; Fire Department drone- awakened their powers. The Flooks
incorrectly judged the resident to

were offered a course of cookery another and pursued the perp Ha Fu into Kierkegaards old Choice
lessons at Chez Sump, a deluxe along Samo Hung Alley. (Char Wars) Manhattan Plaza server (located in
servodroid and a family set of anti- the Undercitys Old New York). He
grav boots if they could identify the was unwittingly assisted by Choice
Ching-Los Vid-Emporium
brains behind the Linddy kidnap Megaway Junior Under-Manager
case. (Meet the Flooks) Ching-Los was situated on Threep & Edwin Freem. (Here Comes Trouble)
Junket in Sector 14s Downtown area.
Its owner Hyram J Ching-Lo was
Chigger Drive suspected of various vi-slug-related Chooch
Mortimer Mac, proprietor of Macs crimes. (Downtown) Judge Death murdered the free-
Mek Repairs, lived at 414 Chigger lance-journalist Brian Skuter, after
Drive. (Beyond the Call of Duty) supplying the latter with an exclu-
Chivo Brothers Discount
sive interview, when Death took
Depository For the Semi-Dead
exception to the tawdry manner
China Street A front for the racketeering activities
by which Skuter publicised it.
A warren of restaurants, night- of Mo and Rafael Chivo who were
Death contacted Justice Depart-
clubs, sweatshops and laundries, executed by the vigilante known
ment from a paybooth on Chooch,
all controlled by the Ho-Sin Triad. as the Executioner (aka Blanche
New Manhattan, tipping them off
(Slaughter Margin) Tatum). (The Executioner)
concerning the location of Skut-
ers badly-burnt corpse, floating in
Chinatown Choice Megway Bank a chem-pit. The Judges identified
Skuter by his Michelin 494 carbon-
The home of Sino-block immigrants, Johnny Kierkegaard posed as Moses
fibre renal replacement, of which
possessing its own Sector House. Dreitz, associate of mobster Nicky
only three units had been imported
The Wally Squad alerted Justice Scandalous (aka Nikos Skandalis
into Mega-City One. (Young Death)
Department to a possible Triad hit from the Greek Wastes) in order to
against the wealthy tea-merchant transfer 27 billion-credits of Mega-
TaiFu. Judges Dredd and Benn Mafia blood-money from Choice
executed one assassin, arrested Megaway Banks Dillinger account

Chowdome of the Leviathans pro-fat team, Christmas)
was one of the commentators. At
The setting of the All-City Fast
the Red Table were the South Side
Food Championship (aka The Big Chris Cockburn Block
Gorgers (Southern Division Pennant
Fat-Out). Contestants included
winners 16 years-running) featuring While the Judges hunted for Channel
Expanding Ernie Milkovitz (62
Alice Hourglass Jackson, Bill 9 Crime Time Special reporter Rooke
wins and 12 losses; sponsored by
Sutch, Buster & Jelliette Corpulet, Codger, they received a report he
Shapiros Kosher Hottie House),
Joe Jawson, Placido Delores, Reddy had been witnessed leaving Chris
Fatbelly Frank Simpson (All-City
Gobb and Roly OPoly. At the Cockburn Block. (Channel 9 Crime
Fast Food champion for three years
Blue Table were the Fat Guys, the Time Special)
and sponsored by Stonky Bars),
previous years champions (and
Man Mammoth and Slackjaw
12-time winners of Fat Christmas) Chris Evans Block
Perez. Fattie-promoter King Burger
who featured Dave & Dava Winders,
and Hube Lunchtime (former All- When Otis Zirk infected Sector 13s
Frank Aconda, Hardy Tonge, Phil
City Lightweight champion) were in water supply with Nutty Drops,
Mercante and Vern Mallon. Jelli-
the audience. The object, over ten the 50,000 residents of Chris Evans
ette Corpulet was revealed to be
rounds, was to eat and then regur- Block rioted and the cityblock was
expecting team-mate Rolys child. At
gitate the largest volume food destroyed by rogue Citi-Def. (Nutty
the contests end (and marking the
including rice-pudding, hot curry, City 1)
Fat Guys 13th victory), a massive
mock-chops, noodles, wildebeest,
brawl broke out that ignited a riot
sticky-toffee hotties, custard cream
donuts, link sausages, courgettes,
among flab-fans. Participating teams Chris Martin Luxapts
and their coaching staff and three
ice-cream and rad-fowl. (Fast Food) Jumpjacking was the new street-
cheerleaders were arrested. Buster
sport whereby practitioners bunji-
The Chowdome hosted the Grand Corpulet received 16 years encube-
jumped cityblocks, aiming for citi-
Final of the Mega-City Team Eating ment for Attempted Murder (his plea
zens carrying valuables. A jump-
Season, considered to be the Super- of involuntary kebab was rejected
jacking krew including Moxxy, Lola
bowl of the Grunt n Guzzle game. outright). Roly OPoly received a
and Reefer gathered at the Martin
Henry Crawpipe Simpson, formerly four-year prison-sentence. (Fat
Luxapts skyrise, their activities to

be recorded by Mister Richter who Chris Stancombe Block be cancelled. (Midnites Children)
fielded a Snaparazzi rig (his eyes
Organlegger Pitzo Throom embarked
replaced with 20/20+ zoom bionics
on a killing spree to retrieve the Christopher Lee Block
with camcorder function). Reefer
dissembled bodyparts of the
was challenged to jumpjack a Foord- Farina Ffitch (Lee Apartment 85/D)
Voodoo priest Papa Vaudou, after
ster and stole a briefcase that was murdered by the ancient
Throom had murdered Vaudou and
remained attached to the wrist of its vampire Dracula while holidaying in
dissected him for financial gain.
armed-courier; Reefer then panicked the Costa Del Meg, only two minutes
Judges Brendan, Lindor and Lewis
and accidentally killed the courier. from her boarding house. (Costa Del
executed Throom on Chris Stan-
Investigating Judges interviewed Meg)
combe Skedway. (Who do the Voodoo
the Block Concierge who informed
that You Do?)
them of the local palm-coded safety- Christopher Lloyd Block
deposit vault protecting the valua-
Christian Barnard Block Lenny Fox of Lloyd Block took a
bles of its affluent residents. Among
compact disc (The Bros Songbook
vaults contents they discovered a Judge Dredd intervened in a gang-
performed by Rolf Harris) along to
safe-seal weapons canister marked rumble between the Underklass and
The Antiques Skedshow hosted by
Extreme Biohazard. Genetic Control Rabid juve-gangs. Barnard Apart-
the Mega-City One Museum, having
identified as containing Red Death34. ment 13/A resident Dalbert Goong
bought it at a Lloyd Block junk
It was believed the East-Meg One was murdered by gangers led by
auction 20 years before. Co-host
assassin Orlok had secreted further Gimpy who believed he had reported
Terryn Taylor declared the disc to be
canisters across Mega-City One. them to the Judges. The vigilante-
worthless. (The Savage Amusement)
(Jumped) archer Nimrod targeted Underklass
members. A local family died from
food-poisoning when Cosmo made Chrysler Heights
a casserole accidentally laced with The Scum Dogs gang destroyed
cockroach poison, but his mother power-lines spanning Chrysler
34 Developed in Siberia, the Red Death was
a weaponised filovirus, a Marburg variant gene- decided not to report the deaths, Heights to decoy the Judges while
tweaked to achieve instantaneous infection and fearing her Welfare payments might they attacked their real target:
maximum lethality.

Sector House 32. The remaining during its Christmas play perform- Tower. Muster Chump was decapi-
cables were booby-trapped with ance. (A Merry Tale of the Christmas tated by falling glass, and 20 endan-
a second explosive device. The Angel) gered species escaped from the
blackout caused a pileup on Chrysler in-house Zoo. Holocaust Squad 12
Undersked involving a radliner. Citi- responded, donning spider-suits
Chump Tower
zens fought on the zoom-platform, to climb the tower since the severe
with some falling onto the zoom-line. In 2118, as documented by MCTV2s weather had prevented the use of
(Blackout) Bob Bland, Chump Tower was ram-kites. The party-guests tried to
unveiled as Mega-City Ones tallest escape using the emergency eleva-
building. Owner Ronald Chump tors in the Windsor Suite, but came
Chubby Checker Block hosted a gala party attended under attack from an escaped lion,
The home of time-warp thief Benji by celebrities including Colonel wolf, rhino, alligators and leeches.
The Invisible Man Doonan. (The Bullman, Colt Kingsley, Mayor & (Storm Warning)
Invisible Man) Mayoress Lindberg, Shirleen Womb
For Rent DeVere, Suki Oshimoto
and William J Pflug, an 11-year-old Chungs Cleanery
Chuck Berry Block
genius who designed the tower in Laundry on China Street owned
Berry resident Andy tried to talk Ciros eaterie on a napkin; he used by Feng Po, and the scene of a
down the psycopath Laurence Hondo City anti-earthquake tech- number of murders featuring victims
Hoover via the medium of the Line 9 nology to make the tower virtu- who were boil-washed to death.
vid-in show. (Its Happening on Line ally indestructible. Chump Tower (Slaughter Margin)
9) cost eight billion-credits and took
three years to complete with the
Church of GOD
Chuck Dickens Block assistance of Mayor Lindberg who
removed the zoning restrictions. A The headquarters of Gruds Own
The psycopath Ed Flymo (Dickens Group (GOD). It suffered an attack by
severe Weather Control malfunc-
Apartment 3108) strapped five-kilos the Darwin Society, led by the myste-
tion caused a Force-12 hurricane,
of plasteen explosive to his chest rious Dave. (Unnatural Selection)
throwing a chem-fuel tanker off
and attacked the nearby Dramarena
course and headlong into Chump

Church of Almighty Grud Chief Medical Officer Milo Ivers using teleporters to confront Psi-
organised a wedding between Iso- Judge Anderson and the Private
(Aka The Church of Grud). During
Block inmate Mean Machine Angel Investigator Galen DeMarco. (Dredd
the Block Mania, the Richard
and Porsha Wuss. Wedding guests Versus Death)
Dawkins Rational Thinkers attacked
included Mean Junior, Mini-Mean,
the Church of Almighty Grud where
Mister Rockwell and a City Coun-
citizens unaffected by the madness Church of Grud the Confessor
cillor. Porshas horrified mother Scin-
sheltered and prayed. The Churchs
tilla Wuss sobbed, while father-in-law Father Ted Zeigler, a suspected Total
heartbroken Reverend renounced
Augustus reluctantly walked Porsha War activist, made regular vid-calls
Grud and underwrote the Sonik
up the isle. Judges maintaining to Arlo Baine Mostyn the day before
Youth juve-gang (Thurston Moore
security at the Church eventually fellow terrorist Sonny Castinel-
Block) who had stolen Justice
admitted members of the rowdy los suicide mission. The Judges
Department sonic handguns. (A
Cyborg Club, but member Cyber- arranged Zeiglers abduction so they
Contract on Grud)
freak attempted to halt the wedding, could implant surveillance devices
The simp Bishop Desmond attacking the Judges before storming inside his body. (Terror)
Snodgrass operated from a Church the Church. (Angel Heart)
of Grud on the corner of Millet
Contaminated by the Half-Life virus, Church of Gruds Mens Shelter
Street. It featured confessional
a Church of Grud branch led a Gender War terrorist Helga Myer
booths (bugged by PSU) and Grud-
crusade to murder all unbelievers. plotted to detonate a nerve-agent
bank credcard posters. Illegal Fast-
(City of Dead) in a Church of Gruds Mens Shelter
Food-eating contestant Expanding
Ernie confessed his involvement on Christmas morning. (One For the
to one of the vicars. Flavia later Boys)
Church of Death
visited to discuss a moral quandary
The Church of Death was situated
concerning her son Rudney and the Church of Grud School
on Jack Kevorkian Street in the
20,000 credits that had somehow For the Socially Unstable
old Black Atlantic Docks. The Dark
found their way into his possession. Undercover Judge Jack Point inves-
Judges were given fresh bodies by
(Fast Food; The Devil You Know) tigated a surge in usage of the drug
their worshippers before escaping

Crystal Blue35. He traced a number Archangel Street, near Gabriel and taken from the Tyrannosaurus Rex
of missing citizen cases (tramps, Isiah Streets and concealed beneath called Satanus, originally stolen by
winos and slabwalkers) to Angel- the Church of the Divine Root. laboratory assistant Ratfinkle which
towns Church of Grud School For (Bloodline) had caused the mutation of unwit-
the Socially Unstable, where the ting guinea pig Rex Peters into Homo
corrupt Angeltown Sector Chief Tyrannosaurus, a dinosaur/human
Church of the Black Nobility
Daveez was manufacturing Crystal hybrid. When injected into a Black
Blue with the help of the local nuns. Caleb Jones, Jasmine Salem (a Sister Noble, the blood of Satanus created
The abducted citizens had been fed of Satanus36) and Theo were apos- a biomorphic link with Satanus
to alien raptaurs. (Crystal Blue; Mega- tles of the Church of the Black home dimension, allowing Satanus to
City Noir) Nobility37, a cult fronted by Alge- enter Mega-City One. Caleb became
rnon Christie38 who as a 12-year-old a Homo Tyrannosaurus and was
boy watched Satanus destroy his sacrificed by Jasmine and the Sisters
Church of the Almighty Dredd Cursed Earth hometown Repentance of Satanus. Satanus manifested and
A former shoppery situated on Stark and was later exiled for worshipping devoured all the Church-members
Street. Within, a cult led by Biggie Satanus. The Church obtained the save for the Archduke. Judge Dredd
Shanks worshipped Judge Dredd. remaining samples of blood plasma blasted Satanus with Dark Matter
(Almighty Dredd) pipes, sending it back into the Dark
Place. Dredd then executed the Arch-
36 Handmaidens bathed in dark matter from
Church of the Divine Root the Black Lake and experts in saurian combat. duke for numerous crimes including
37 The Black Nobility believed that two Judge Murder. The Church was soon
The former Judda Kraken escaped species of humanity existed before Homo demolished, the site decontaminated
from Justice Department custody Sapiens: their descendants the Merovingians,
and the Black Nobility. Human blood had eight and a MegCo supermarket erected
and made his way to a safehouse on potential mutations, but the blood of these Elder atop. (Blood of Satanus 2: Dark
Races had at least 30, making it highly-suitable
for biomorphosis. The Black Nobles were cold, Matters)
35 A drug derived from alien raptaurs from ruthless and brutal, lacking in emotion and driven
whom venom was extracted and refined, resulting by obsessive, psychopathic personalities.
in Crystal Blue. The latter was so potent that 38 The Archduke of the Black Nobility,
Grade-A Redstimm was the only drug that could Chevalier of the Imperial Court of the Serpent
counter its effects. Sovereignty.

Church of the Church of the Latter-Day Umpteenth Coming. Other mobsters
Eternal Time Lord Saint & Greavsie in attendance included Rabo
Situated on Downtowns John Cast- During a graveyard shift, Judge Kaputska and Benito Morbidelli.
reces Street and founded in 2106 Dredd dealt with a hostage situation Dredd initially failed to convict the
by Doctor William Patrik Jon Peter at the Church on the corner of Saint mobs of Illegal Possession of Fire-
Colin Brian Anne MBuala Heinrich & Greavsie. (Pyro) arms because they were protected
Chaz OReilly (aka Casper OReilly). under the Mega-City One Statutes
The Eternal Time Lord was regarded of Law (Paragraph 1265/A/3). Palm-
Church of the Quaking Heart trees appearance triggered a family-
as a nuisance, a fad religion that
began life as an appreciation society Jefferson Jiggs took fright when feud, leaving many of the mobsters
for an old Brit-Cit vid-show. To the Judge Dredd visited his Marvin dead and the almost-wedded couple
surprise of all, the Church grew in Hagler Block apartment. Jiggs slugging it out inside a catch-wagon.
popularity. Members wore baggy sought advice from the Church of (Family Feud)
frock-coats, long scarves, checked the Quaking Hearts Father Polanski,
trousers and floppy hats. When two who advised Jiggs to flee Mega-City
Cindy Beale Block
or more cultists met, they exchanged One. (Dead Ringer)
Punk P Punkly (Beale Apartment
the ritual greeting Good grief! You
311/B; Rap Sheet: Offensive Dress,
shouldnt be here at the same time as Church of the served 90 days in Juve Rehab;
me! Members of the Masters, a break- Umpteenth Coming
Caution for Walking Funny), was
away faction, wore black, high-necked
Judge Dredd set up a sting opera- roughed over by a group of bored
frock coats and sported goatee
tion with the assistance of Wally Judges. Judge Dredd apologised,
beards; they stood on street corners
Squad Judge Lola Palmtree to frame promising a visit from the Loss
proclaiming their genius. (Downtown)
the Morbidelli and Kaputska crime- Assessor and compensation; Dredd
families, among Mega-City Ones issued Punkly with a free ticket for
most feared mobs. Lola posed as a the Black Museum for any day but
pregnant former lover of Yossarian Saturday. (Slow Crime Day)
Kaputska to disrupt his marriage to
Marie Morbidelli at the Church of the Parmela Klugman was taken to the

Cindy Beale Block Hospital to give Smut requested information allowing oldest buildings were to be found
birth, tailed by her terrified husband him to construct a household bomb, on City Bottom, the skid-districts -
Peart who was hunted by Imal, the allowing Smut to destroy half of decrepit tenements, old warehouses
Slayer of Generations, who had trav- MacGiver Block along with himself. and factories built on cheap land.
elled back in time to kill 700 genera- (City of Dead) Many sectors referred to their lower-
tions of the thought-criminal Glax most levels as The Skids. They were
Petrosians ancestors including a favoured refuge of fugitives from
City Bottom
Klugman. Imal executed Peart and justice, exploiting the void created
defeated Judge Dredd before contin- The rockcrete floor of Mega-City by a dearth of Judge patrols, an anti-
uing backwards in time to conclude One, sandwiched between it, the quated surveillance network and
his mission. (Generation Killer) sewer system and the Undercity. residents reluctant to report crimes.
The view was dominated by the The denizens of the cardboard
grimy, rockcrete foundations of cities, the squalid ghettoes erected
Citi-Def Tunnel Network roads, transit stacks and cityblocks by Displaced Persons (DPs) and sub-
Underground passages allowing Citi- lit by phoslamps. During the Apoc- humes, kept warm by huddling about
Def to move undetected during field alypse War, the Judges evacuated cityblock heating vents. Prowling
operations. The Judges pursued many citizens along southbound Undercity troggies emerged
a group of Direct Action activ- City Bottom streets. As East-Meg through cracks in the City Bottom
ists into a maze of Citi-Def tunnels, One forces pursued, Judge Dredd foundations in search of food,
where despite the Judges deploying detonated thermal charges to melt weapons and vagrants to devour. In
snoopers (remote cameras), Direct the rockcrete foundations. Some this unhealthy environment, many
Action (wearing stealth-suits) sections of City Bottom were never diseases thrived, including Creeping
escaped. (Direct Action) properly-repaired and remained so Buboes and more than 30 strains of
badly-maintained that heavy vehi- Black Scab. Carnivorous rats meas-
cles suffering the misfortune to uring up to a metre in length were
Citizens Advice
plunge from the higher roadways carriers of over 200 variant diseases.
Citizens Advice (sponsored by Alco- shattered the moudly rockrete foun- The DPs tried to escape rat-attacks
paps) robots offered free practical dations, ending their descent in the by sleeping in special hammocks;
knowledge. The suicide-bomber Jim Undercity. Many of Mega-City Ones

they cooked dead rats in a broth escaped its specimen jar, attacking wounds, but Dredd incapacitated
they called Ratatouille. Giant rad- curious troggies. The Judges retal- her, forced by Bludd to reach the
roaches infested dumpsters, which iated unsuccessfully using Xenon Grand Hall of Justice before a bomb
were caught and eaten, said to taste gas-bombs to try unsuccessfully to inside his helmet was timed to
like crab and best washed down with freeze the creature. (The Vampire exploded. (Kingdom of the Blind)
home-made hooch (mudwort, snick- Effect)
In a dank basement, an under-
erweed and stale kneepad). Blind,
Freddie Biggs was a coffee-dealer world auction offered up the badge
mutant albino alligators lurked in
with strong ties with the Sov-Organ- and chain of the late Judge Amos.
the sewers, ambushing vagrants
izatsiya. His City Bottom hostel The bidding soared to 2,000 credits
and other vermin, and particularly-
concealed a coffee lab where Cuidad before a mysterious bidder offered
fond of unsuspecting Citi-Def on
Barranquilla contraband was cut and what the auctioneer thought to be an
Field Exercises. (Beggars Banquet;
mixed. Biggs was also a gangmaster impressive 30,000 credits; the bidder
Cardboard City; Gator; Helios; Street-
who paid snakeheads to lead illegal was revealed to be Judge Dredd,
fighting Man; The Apocalypse War;
mutants and other social undesir- who implied 30 years encubement,
The Day the Law Died; Whiteout)
ables to his hostel where he black- divided among the scum in attend-
City Bottom Row in District 437 mailed them into performing dirty ance. (Dredds Bid)
(WJ2) was the site of Judge Dredds deeds. (Sins of the Father)
A Nukco courier carrying ten-million
temporary base of operations in his
Pursued by assassins in the Rads worth of nuclear isotopes was
fight against the insane Chief Judge
crimelord Jesus Bludds employ, mugged on Goober Street; a vagrant
Cal. (The Day the Law Died)
Judge Dredd forced a mopad he was stole the carrycase, believing it
Deep-Space Exploration Vessel Scav- being held prisoner inside through contained ten million-credits. (The
enger Four safely scoured 12 star- Peter Wellbeck Skedways crash- Lurker)
systems during its one-year voyage barriers, plunging towards City
One of the decrepit City Bottom
before crashing through City Bottom Bottom. The assassin Di was killed
shopping plazas featured Grubners
into the Undercity. A deep-space in the crash; Dredd executed Tattoo
Hypermart. (Helios)
entity from the Raphael System Sue with a tranq-dart to the head.
which fed on certain types of energy Med-Judge Karter treated Dredds Shaped like a ragged star, the

Condoleezza Rice Municipal Swamp Judge heads and spinal-chords. The City Hall
was a drainage basin for the toxic Predator relocated to a shoppera
Located in New Manhattan, the
effluent of the towering factories where it targeted a Petty Crime Unit,
centre of civilian government in
surrounding it. An illegal pork-farm killing Judges Millar and Rodman.
Mega-City One where the City
hidden in the sewer-system beneath (Predator Versus Judge Dredd)
Council was represented by the
the swamp was subject to a Justice
As documented by the reporter Jag City Mayor. In 2120, approximately
Department raid. (Swine Fever)
Schultz, acid blood dripping from 300 City Councillors served Mega-
Troy Meyers, Channel 333 film- a dead alien xenomorph created a City One. The Council occasion-
maker and host of Survivor Type, was hole that penetrated City Bottoms ally used the Squad Room, also the
granted a seven-day Visa by Justice foundations. (Incubus) mainframe of Barney, the City Hall
Departments Public Relations Coor- computer networked with every
Former gang-leader Lee Walker cityblock computer and control-
dinator to make a vidumentary on
assassinated the 99 Blades gang- ling select cityblock operations, as
urban survival skills. Meyers met
members Joey Skinner and Horatio well as calculating the weekly Mega-
with the grifters Slack Alice and her
Chavez on City Bottom. (Street- lots winning numbers. Barney also
son Clancy, Blind Harry (later eaten
fighting Man) processed General Election results
by rats) and El Doctore (a Mex-Cit
enigmatic). (Survivor Type) after the citizens entered votes into
City Credit their habputers. In 2113, votes were
Surveillance Action Brigade (SAB) entered instead into the Balloteer
activists using powerboards were The robber Huckleberry Pym shot a
mainframe, built in 2067 for use
observed by streetcams over City Judge in City Credit. Under interroga-
with the last Presidential Election
Flats on their way to attacking Sector tion, Pym was revealed to be Judge
and dusted off for the first citywide
91 street-cams. (SABS) Dana, who had switched places with
Referendum in 46 years. The Elec-
the real Huckleberry Pym to evade a
A member of the alien Predator tions were completed in seconds. The
20-year prison-stretch on Titan. (The
species used an old City Bottom most important megacorps in Mega-
factory in Sector 44 as its base of City One had branch offices in City
operations. Two looters alarted the Hall. All visitors to Mega-City One
Judges after they discovered severed had to obtain an Official Entry Permit

issued by City Hall. (A Guide to Mega- Young Norms and The Apathetic where he was invited to hunt captive
City Law; A Tree Grows in Elia Kazan; Fringe. City Councillors included human prey. (The Shooting Party)
Dredd Versus Death; Father Earth; Sell-By-Date Glummer and Coun-
The City Council dictated a heat-
Megalot; Sex, Lies and Vid-Slugs; The cillor Branch (Representative of
wave as part of the 2116 Mayor Dave
Devil You Know; The Problem With the Works Committee). (A Day in
Memorial Day celebrations (Do the
Sonny Bono) the Death of Citizen Egg; Emphati-
Wrong Thing)
cally Evil; Fungus; Portrait of a Politi-
By law, 1,000 nominations from indi-
cian; Purple People Breeder; Ryans Councillor Cosmo had dramatic
vidual citizens were required before
Revenge; The Mega-City Times) architectural ambitions. He commis-
a candidate could run for the posi-
sioned a five mile-high cityblock to
tion of City Mayor. The Chief Judge An edition of the Justice Gazette
house 100,000 citizens, but it was so
presented the new Mayor with the covered a story featuring Councillor
heavy that its City Bottom founda-
trappings of office. Persons to have Dwite B Rosewater. (Walters Secret
tions gave way and it collapsed into
held the post included Bronowski Job)
the Undercity. (Block War*2)
(c. 2069), Amalfi (2093-01; d.01), Jim
The Genetic Prohibition Office
Grubb (2101-04, winning the 2103 Otto Sumps Ugly Party, Oswald
processed the expulsion of illegal
re-election campaign against Myra Norths All-Out War Alliance and
mutants and served termination
Schill), Dave the Orangutan (2106- Norwald Hutts Free Mean Machine
warrants on unborn mutants, carried
07; d.07), Thomas Lindberg (d.19), Lunatic Fringe Parties battled to see
out by the Gene Polices Mutant
unnamed Mayor (impeached 2120), their candidates become the new
Catchers. (Termination With Extreme
Bing Cheesely (2120-25), Larry Bunk City Mayor. (Election Day)
(2125-?), Katz (d.29) and Byron
Judge Dredd exposed 283 City Coun-
Donald Ambrose (2129-32). The highly-controversial Block Tax
cillors corruption (bribery, vote-
of 2112-3 caused outrage across
Mayoral candidates included Dixon rigging, moral depravity and polit-
Mega-City One. (The Mega-City News)
(d.00), Howard Surb (d.00) Hebi- ical manipulation). Guilty parties
smond De Saar, Lil Thrip (All-Out The billionaire politician Selby included Hamilton Gris, the City
War Party), Pete Porky (Lib-Lab-Flab Gummer was a guest at Humber Mayor himself, Monika Bunce
Alliance), Oddball Faction, Uglies, Maxwells Golem Heights estate (accepting no bribe less than 50,000

credits) and Sam Welby (bribed resulted in all politicians being kept in Cyril Lord Block, but the SAM
with 5,000 credits and debauched further out of the information loop refused to deactivate. Groober was
evenings in a Brit-Cit sleaze-pit). The than ever before. (The Final Cut) sentenced to a minimum of ten years
few who remained clean, including encubement while Judge Nestor
After waiting five years on the
the plain-speaking Councillor Dennis tried to negotiate with SAM. (S.A.M)
Housing List, Mikel P Groober
Tanner, faced a huge task to restore
was assigned a single apartment The serial-killer PJ Maybe adopted
public faith in the political system.
in Harold Shipman Block, but the the identity of charity do-gooder and
(Sex, Lies & Vid-Slugs)
Department of Creative Bureauc- mayoral candidate Byron Donald
The LIAR Party (a coalition of the racy made it impossible for him to Ambrose. He seduced Illiberal Party
Libertarians, Idiosyncratics and collect the key, requiring Groober member Canadia Forest, his gateway
Reactionary parties) stormed to to be in residence by midday but into Mega-City politics. Maybe assas-
power in 2120, fronted by the new first having to apply for a Certif- sinated his rivals Orace Buckmaster
City Mayor Bing Cheesely, pledging icate of Rent Worthiness from (Illiberal Party leader), Hardey Wegg
to be entirely honest about lying Welfare (in the same building as (Space Corps war hero), City Mayor
to the general public on manifesto Housing), then across the sector to Katz and Canadia Forest, leaving
pledges they never intended to fulfil, Works for authorisation and back only Eco Thompson, paving the way
and which they continued to dismiss to Housing for the key (by which for Ambroses resounding victory
while in power. Former Idiosyn- time a huge queue had grown, too at the 2129 Sector Elections. (The
cratics Party Leader J Karlton Spinx late for Groober to claim his apart- Gingerbread Man)
attempted to assassinate Cheesely. ment). Losing the apartment allowed
Judge Dredd arrested Councillor
(Sex, Lies & Vid-Slugs) the Department of Creative Bureauc-
Adolphus Gluck (who was in the
racy to declare Groober voluntarily-
Following the murderous Coun- middle of writing a memo to the
homeless, helping make a big dent
cillor Matheson Peats hiring of a Megways Commission Underzoom
in the Housing List and increasing
computer-hacker to extract secret Repairs & Lighting Complaints Sub-
available housing stock by nine per
data from Justice Departments Committee) on four counts of taking
cent. Groober tried to force a settle-
Macro-Analysis Computer (MAC), bribes from property developers
ment using a SAM (Self-Arming Muni-
an investigation by Judge Dredd in exchange for rushing proposals
tion) robot and was awarded a home

through the Planning Committee, rivals Chester Ruttock, McFee, Roota Ambrose to discuss investing in the
three counts of awarding contractors Vega, Rwanda Potter and Frank Flan- latters redevelopment programme.
jobs in return for further bribes, and nery, Co-Chairman of the Public (Marauder)
other crimes. Gluck was encubed for Attitudes Board. (What I Did For
The 2133 City Mayor Elections was
22 years. (Return to Planet Gary) Christmas)
contested by 212 political parties
Mayor Byron Ambrose (aka the Barratt Zimms, former Operations including the Apathy Party (The
psycopath PJ Maybe) introduced Officer of the Republican Demo- Party that Couldnt Care Less), Ultra-
reforms in housing and welfare and crats (Rap Sheet: Disorderly Protest; grey Eldster Liberal Progressives
promoted better relations with the Incitement), was implicated in the (represented by 158-year-old Anemia
Judges. Crime-rates were down and abduction of Sven Helvig Larssen, Blent), Angela Prince (Reactionary
employment at a ten-year high of the infant son of the Scandinavian Progressives), Edith Tofu (Vegan
five-point-seven per cent. So What Consulate. (Regrets) Fringe), Frank Hummer (Normal
magazine described Ambrose as Defence League), Lars Piper (People
Mayor Byron Ambrose chaired a
an able and gifted leader. While Party replacing former candi-
meeting of the Good Will Committee
accepting his 2129 Citizen of the date Paul Peck who was crushed to
before staging an elaborate murder.
Year Award, Ambrose succumbed to death by a runaway slab-roller after
(The Connection)
Salmonella V7, believed contracted campaigning to abolish all robots
from contaminated food. Convinced Mayor Byron Ambrose chaired a in the workplace), Reverend Bruce
he was the victim of a murder- meeting of the Employment Action McKimbo (Path of Grud), Ribena
plot, Ambrose assassinated Deputy Group to encourage the replace- Hardly-Lucidberry (Simp Party),
Mayor Reggynald Nixon at a Plan- ment of robot-labourers with human Ridley Solong (Mutant Tendency)
ning Committee meeting to force the beings, earning him a very healthy and favourite-to-win Illiberal Party-
Judges to take his suspicions seri- approval-rating. (The Talented Mayor leader Tony Blore (successor to the
ously. Judge Dredd assigned Judges Ambrose) late City Mayor Ambrose). Scintilla
Hamilton and Purvis to guard the Ribney married Brosnan Higts, who
The powerful Mega-City One gang- thereafter ran as joint-candidates
Mayors Office. That Christmas,
ster Vic Burnett was scheduled under the Illiberal-Liberal banner.
in a series of preemptive strikes,
to have lunch with Mayor Byron (Eve of Destruction; Nadia)
Ambrose murdered his political

City Life Limited ical Supervisor at City Rehab. (Zero to bring Cals twisted vision of a city-
Tolerance) sized prison to fruition. The City
The headquarters of City Life Maga-
Wall took just a staggering three
zine and employer of Vera Pilcher,
weeks to complete, outfitted with
a reporter who loved Judge Dredd. City Resyk
laser-gun emplacements, napalm-
When Dredd spurned her advances, Reclamation Grounds
cannons and searchlights. It incor-
Pilcher tried to throw herself off a The Grand Council of Troglo-
porated the older Great West Wall.
City Life balcony. (Crime of Passion) dytes, meeting every full moon on
The City Wall remained in place after
City Resyk-Reclamation Grounds,
Chief Judge Cal was overthrown.
City Planning Headquarters required the decontamination of
(The Day the Law Died)
(Low Life Branch) 8,000 identical antique Ford Mitsi-
bushi sewerdroids. (The Mega-City Judge Dredd ambushed a convoy
Undercover Judge Dirty Frank
News) of hover-juggers led by Mico and
considered the City Planning Head-
David Sydney Tork who were smug-
quarters Low Life branch as a stab
gling unrefined sugar (aka White
in the heart of Mega-City Ones City Usury
Powder) from the Canadian Planta-
finest architecture. Frank and Judge
The City Usury was a financial store- tions through Mega-City Ones North
Cameron arrived there in the middle
house robbed by Millard Dyller and Gate and along Watson, the point of
of a region-wide mass hallucinogenic
Art Yoong. (The Squealer) egress for all Pan-Can traffic. The
hysteria; they suspected City Plan-
sugar was hidden beneath clean
ning was implicated in the instal-
soil intended for the citys plant-
lation of billboards enhancing the City Wall
pots. Tork was sentenced to 20 years
effects of Creation, a popular recre- The one-mile-high rockrete and encubement for Illegal Importation
ational hallucinogenic whose use plaststeel wall surrounding Mega- of Sugar, which had been banned in
fuelled the mass hysteria. (Creation) City was constructed in 2100 on the 1999 and replaced by artificial sweet-
orders of the tyrannical Chief Judge eners. (The Sweet Taste of Justice)
City Rehab Cal, built with the sweat and blood
of millions of conscripted labourers The East-Meg One nuclear-strikes
Anton Tyrell, the Sector 12 Samar- against Mega-City One destroyed
housed in labour-blocks; many died
itan, worked as a part-time Cler-

half the city, including the northern- Citywide Banks ening)
most, southwestern, southeasterly
Max Normal tipped Judge Dredd
and southernmost sections of the
that Nervous Nugent was about to Clapton Tower
City Wall. As Mega-City One slowly-
rob a branch of the Citywide Bank,
recovered, new sections of wall Private Psychiatrist Doctor Frank
earning Max a 100 credit-reward, but
were erected to protect what sectors Gilbret operated from Clapton Tower
when Nugent lost his nerve, Dredd
remained. (Meka-City; The Apoca- for four years. One of his patients
reclaimed his money. (Max Normal)
lypse War) was Jeffrey Jacobi, an assassin who
later attempted to murder Judge
Millions of citizens fled Mega-City Civic Halls Dredd. Jeffrey poisoned Gilbret
One during the Apocalypse War with cyanide once he had confided
Citywide forums for local events.
and then desired to return when it his secrets, then set fire to Clapton
The Sector 6 Civic Hall established
was safe, but as far as Judge Dredd Tower. (Hitman)
a blood donation station to support
was concerned, they had aban-
relief efforts during a Space Colony
doned the city to the enemy and
War. (The Blood Donor) Clarion Hotel
had waived their citizenship. When
the flow of illegal immigrants threat- A Civic Hall hosted Dink Olivi- The Clarion Hotel sold two surplus
ened to overwhelm the Judges, ers Macbeth (reinterprated by the robot bellhops to Walts Used Droid
Dredd offered them a concession: Mega-City Shakespeare Company); Lot. They were later sold and modi-
food, if they helped rebuilt the badly- it was attended by the murderer fied to murder the musical producer
damaged City Wall. (The Wall) Corlo Reeber and the contra- Iggy Zeigler. (The Sleeper)
bagger Umberto Bluse. (The Revised
One Christmas, North Wall Judges
detected a fat geek on a flying sleigh Clark Savage Block
resembling Santa Claus entering Savage Blocks Fifteenth National
Mega-City One aerospace; Judge- Clancy Wiggum Block Bank was raided by the Gutz
gunners dutifully blew him out of the brothers. Ko-Net Travel was a front
Bitz Frobisher went futsie and
sky. (Heavy Metal Dredd) for Burt Tenko, manager of the
attacked citizens indiscriminately
in Wiggum Block Park. (The Awak- nearby Tresco Megamart who was

siphoning profits and depositing Clearway 433 Dick Turpin Overzoom to confront
them into Ko-Nets account. (The the robot replica. (Robo-Dredd)
A werewolf attack occurred along
Spunng Ones)
Clearway 433, a New Manhattan
pedway. (Cry of the Werewolf) Cliff Richard Luxapts
Claude Reins Block An old and faded luxapt on Bachelor
Directly opposite Our Lady of the Cliff Barnesway Street. Rogue Total War cell leader
Blessed Virgin, Baxter Parkes III was Arnold (aka the actor Benson
Clark and Hettie were frustrated
shot dead by a sniper atop Claude Keeler who once played lovable
after spending 15 years touring
Reins Block later revealed to be the tough-nut Private Investigator in
Mega-City One in their mopad; they
rogue Control-Judge Laura Rossini. Mega-City Vice) lived in Apartment
sped along the Southfork Estates
(The Savage Amusement) 8444/B. The Judges found Arnold
Cliff Barnesway to apply for an apart-
dead, having committed suicide
ment at a new cityblock develop-
using a mixture of Jacks Perennials
Clayton Towers ment. Judge Dredd pursued the
(a strong liquor) and Pfylanox. Total
couple for speeding, causing them to
Ramon Rockabilly (Clayton Apart- War agent Paul Gee Ruskin (Apart-
panic and their mopad to crush citi-
ment 200/19) was indirectly involved ment 2909) revealed the identities of
zens waiting in the housing queue
in his father Curtis death (he had former associates Odwin Michael
along Neverdunromin. (Mo-Pad)
fallen from an unstable balcony, a Bierce and the bomb-maker Miah
common danger among the older Frank Daller who traded with
cityblocks). Ramon was racked with Clifford Irving Block the HLF. Total War cell-leader
guilt and suffered recurring night- Hube Charles Manto directed the
Judge Buntz was wounded by a
mares that he was being punished terrorist effort. (Total War)
robotic version of Judge Dredd on
by Judge Dredd. His mother Ramona
Irving Pedway operating a Cred-
died and Ramon, a broken man,
checking Station, a scam confis-
confessed his guilt to the real Judge Clink Stevison Block
cating allegedly counterfeit bills.
Dredd. (Son of the Man) A 2086 hoverpod transporter parked
The real Judge Dredd travelled along
on Stevison Street in front of Clink
Irving Skedway, summoned to the
Stevison Block was owned by a

known racketeer. (Judge Finlays guards, the Clive James Cheeky Boys Club Sov
Casebook) gang-members opened fire on them.
Riding the crest of the wave of the
(Are You Tired of Being Mugged?)
Kool Kommunista fashion-craze,
Clint Eastwood Block Club Sov was Mega-City Ones
Clive Sinclair Block newest and most exclusive night-
Gang bosses Jimmy The Brit and
spot. Armoured glasteel windows
Misery Jones planted explosives in Sinclair resident Randy vidded Line
prevented nonpaying customers
Clint Eastwood Block, intending to 9s Open Line talk-show to debate
from taking the customary Sov-
create a barrier from its rubble to individual moral responsibilities
Blocker escape-route. A doorman
keep the Judges at bay. (The Taking in a neo-fascist state, but Line 9s
dressed as an East-Meg Judge was
of Sector 123) presenter Pete Petrie cut Randy off,
encubed for six months trying
accusing him of being boring. (Vigi-
to bar Judge Dredd entry. Patron
Clive Barker Block Anatoli Smirkov (a legendary Sov-
Margaret Case, a rag-picker at swashbuckler) was incapacitated
East Side Resyk, was a witch who Clownburger Bar while trying to escape Dredd, who
believed she had been impreg- The mutant rabbit Bernard murdered had come to warn the proprietor
nated by a demon. She sacrificed the patrons of a Clownburger bar in (operating under the alias Vassily
her husband Adam to provide blood a late-night mall on Lewinski Plaza. Zaminov) of a possible threat from
for her baby. In fact, it was Adam Bernard enjoyed a ClownMeal while anti-Sov extremist groups. Dredd
who was half-devil, half-human. The the employees lay dead, face-down foiled an attack from the Sons of
demon persona gained dominance in vats, while a ClownCrispy coating Orlok (formerly the John Wayne
and murdered Margaret. (Demon- formed over them. (Bernard) Block Big Leggies juve-gang) by
spawn) dropping a replica nuclear missile on
their heads. (Club Sov)
Club Aggresso
Clive James Block A known underworld haunt run by
Threatened by the tough image of Vincent Pec. (The Cal Files)
Guard-O-Peds G-Men private body-

Club Vim mation relating to the abduction advances. Judge Dredd incinerated
of Casey Schweiker, the ten-year- the shadow-self which resulted in
Democracy protesters working for
old son of property tycoon Rudy Adam suffering a psychological melt-
the Nihilist Anarchist Scum (NAS)
Schweiker. (Hard Days Night) down. He suffered schizophrenic
were slaughtered by corrupt SJS
catatonia during daylight hours
Judges. (Deathsquads) A vengeful citizen murdered Sonny
which led into post-traumatic terror
Burke and two of his crew in the
when darkness fell. (Shadowkill)
Club Zero Coco Palace after his wife was
caught in a crossfire over drug-
Johnny Flood and Hocus met
profits. (Nobody) Colek Plaza
muscle-men Mo White and the Borg
Judge Dredd and Cadet-Judge Beeny
Brothers (featuring Newt) at Club
Cogburn Strip responded to a drug-feud on New
Zero; Fllod then hired the electronics
Manhattans Colek Plaza. (Cadet)
experts Vin Doble and Foo Young, The late taxidermist Jacob Sardinis
Pop Weesly, the wheelman Billy animatronic corpse was programmed
Lips Winzer, Shorty Palmer, Harvey to wipe out the Dukes biker-gang Coleman Hawkins Block
Sox and the tekhead Sonja Twyce to along Cogburn Strip, near Kadoc The home of the Crawling Things,
participate in the theft of valuables Photopatic. (Revenge of the Taxider- a gang affiliated with the Twisted
stored aboard the Mirage treasure mist) Ones. (Death Row)
ship. (Floods 13)

Cohen Residence Cole Porter Eld-Shelts

Coco Palace Nightclub
In a wake held at the Ridley Estates A pedscooter registered to the
(Aka The Coco Bar). Haunt of the Cohen Residence in memory of eldster and Porter resident Morten
Escobarites, a minor criminal faction Troy Industries Chairman of the Finzi was fitted with false registra-
formed from the ranks of Colombian Board Warren Cohen, Adam Troy tion plates and employed to shuttle
refugees who came to Mega-City One (possessed by a shadow world the actor and terrorist sympathiser
a few years earlier. Judge Dredd and entity), murdered Cohens daughter Bryce Bryll across Sector 55. (One
Cadet-Judge Moreno obtained infor- Amanda after she rejected his sexual For the Boys)

Colin Wilson Conapts (Dead Mans Boots) Concrete Park
Many of Wilson Conapts inhabitants Judges Roake and Beeny investi-
were possessed by incorporeal alien Colonel Sandys Hottie House gated a homicide at Concrete Park.
mind-parasites leeching the citi- Bobert Bob Ignatz, Executive VP
Judge Dredd, while accompanied by
zens lifeforce; they were eventually at Ebeneezer Industries, had been
a Perpwatch vid-crew, dealt with a
discovered by Psi-Judge Anderson. found dead in a PF (Public Facility),
hostage situation at Colonel Sandys
(Colin Wilson Block) shot in the head by a pocket-blaster
Hottie House. (Perpwatch)
during his morning jog. (Emphati-
cally Evil)
Colonel Rumbelows
Columbus Avenue
Microchip Shoppe
As the repeal of the Mutant Laws Condo (Hotel &
A rundown hypermarket and the
approached, firearms were used at Conference) Centre
largest retail chip & robotics outlet
an anti-mutant rally on Columbus
in Sector 14s Downtown area. It was The Condo Centre hosted the first
Avenue in Ohio State Precinct.
suspected of being a major supplier LIAR Party Conference since the
(Emphatically Evil)
to botters (robot-impersonators), party had stormed into power, amal-
charging vastly-inflated prices for gamating the Idiosyncratics, Liber-
scrapped robots. (Downtown) Con Cluskey Block tarians and Reactionaries parties
to form the Libertarian, Idiosyn-
A dedicated bachelor block (40,000-
cratic & Reactionary Party. Led
Colonel Sanders Food Mall plus residents, many homosexual)
by new City Mayor Bing Cheesely,
and the target of Gender War
The dead, revived by a virus drifting the LIARS gained power by being
terrorist Helga Myer who plotted
in from the Cursed Earth, attacked entirely honest about the corrupt,
to detonate 500 plasteen cylinders
shoppers at the Colonel Sanders deceitful nature of politics. Judge
filled with 100ccs of nerve-agent
Food Mall. The shoppers formed a Dredd deflected a suicide-bombing
programmed to detonate at 0600
protective ring by tipping over pods, attempt by former Idiosyncratics
hours on Christmas morning. (One
but were sentenced by Judge Dredd Party Leader J Karlton Spinx to
For the Boys)
to three months encubement apiece assassinate Cheesely using an explo-
for Wilful Destruction of Property.

sive activated by a micro-pulse pres- Dance) Conservative & Neo-Nazi Club
sure detonator disguised as a LIAR
This address appeared on a wedding
rosette. Spinx died in the attempt.
Connie Booth Block invitation fabricated by Max Normal,
Elsewhere in the Condo Centre,
the Neo-Nazi Club stated as the loca-
Councillor Herbuthnot Doolan, Vice- Clare Wootkins (Booth Apartment
tion of a wedding feast. Dispatched
Chairman of the Law Committee, was 365/5C) and her children Mikey and
to Judge Dredd, it signified that Max
exposed cavorting with four vice- Vanessa fled Mega-City One during
wished to arrange a rendezvous at a
girls. Cheesely proudly-disclosed the Total War attacks. They perished
prearranged location. (Wetworks)
Doolans activities to the enraptured in the Cursed Earth, buried in simple
conference-goers. (Sex, Lies & Vid- graves later discovered by Judges
Slugs) Dredd and Guthrie. In a crazed state Constitution Avenue
of grief, former Citi-Def Trooper
In 2066, the penalty for jaywalking
Howard Wootkins opened fire on the
on Constitution, a fast-track zone,
Coney Arches Judges and was in turn executed.
was a maximum of two years
Judge Dredd executed a sponsored- (The Searchers)
encubement. (Origins)
sniper on the Coney Mezzanine.
(Teddy Choppermitz, a Love Story) Total War cell-leader Arlo Baine
Conrad Conn Hotel
Sigmund Mostyn was observed
Coney Arches All-Night Bazaar sold Chief Judge Hershey made a public driving along Constitution in a dark
many esoteric goods including fungi, speech at Conrad Conn Hotel, Neetron Hovvaglide, heading east on
rustbacks (old robots), livestock, secretly observed by Arnon The the Xpressway. (Terror)
hermaphrodites, hot-rats, babies, Justice Killer Gill. (On the Chief
sewerfish and dogs. The robot called Judges Service) Judge Dredd pursued Errol, a fugi-
Madame George told fortunes from tive of 12 years, who escaped by fly-
a small stall. The mutant assassin riding a crosstown lugger turning
Vitus Dance coerced a vermin stall- Conrad Mall east onto Constitution. (Borrowed
holder into donating two rad-scor- Judge Dredd dealt with a maniac Time)
pions to him before departing along attacking citizens under a Conrad
South Coney Skedway. (The Scorpion Mall archway. (Emerald Isle)

Construct Zones Restaurant, serving dishes including murdered in a vi-vid studio raid
Fillet OTastes Like Chicken, Justice when Judge Lees magnon-pulser
(Aka Construction Zones). Mutant
Burger and Bleeding Heart Salad jammed, allowing an enemy robot to
incursions were common at
(made from human remains). Cookie retaliate. (The Pit)
construct zones along damaged
prepared his meals in Cookies Sanc-
sections of the West Wall. (Rotten
tuary (Atlantic Sectors) at the hub
Manners) Corner Eaterie
of a compound featuring the Seasalt
Abbatoir. Cookie was a guest on The mutant Frank Ogilvy waited
Cooder Building Blandtalk, presented by Vinnie Bland tables at the Corner Eaterie where
(who was presumably-murdered he was influenced by Auriel Bast-
Extremists from Tony Martin Block
by Cookie during an unfortu- ress, one of the Normal Protection
launched a missile-strike from the
nately-timed power-cut). (Whatever Groups leading lights. Her husband
Cooder Building against the CCBT
Happened to Cookie?) Menuin was serving 20 years cube-
demonstration taking place on
time for murdering a group of
Harvey Milk Memorial Plaza. They
mutant Jovis Witnesses. (Backlash)
were pacified by Judges Giant and
Cooper Centre
Cadet-Judges Joe and Rico Dredd
(Prodigal) Cosmos Emporium
dealt with a panic-stricken woman
by instructing her cars auto-guid- A shopplex and a landmark along the
Cookies Sanctuary ance computer to return her to the route of the illegal Mega-City 5000
Cooper Centres Apartment 12/E. slab-bike race, staged by rival biker-
The psycopathic robot chef Cookie
(Origins) gangs. (The Mega-City 5000)
gained fame after he was returned
to Mega-City One by a Mega-City
Two salvage-drone. He hosted the Costa Del Meg
cookery programmes Cant Swab
2930 Cooperstown was a single- On the eastern side of the Atlantic
Wont Swab and Cookies Galley
storey ecom-unit, used by Wall, squeezed between Mega-City
and set up a chain of restaurants
vi-merchants to hide their victims One and the foetid waters of the
including the infamous Euthanasia
screams. Sector Chief Rohan was Black Atlantic lay the 17 mile-long

strip known as the Costa Del Meg. Boarding House where he fought Courtney Brown Psi-Research
There, for a few brief weeks each Dracula and his growing army of
A masked man broke into Courtney
year, the ordinary Mega-Citizens vampires. Judge Dredd wounded
Brown Psi-Research and stole
went to let their hair down in a good Dracula when the fiend attempted to
several psi-enhancers from Lab 71,
old-fashioned holiday. The funfairs escape, shape-changing into a bat
injuring test-subject Mister Clover.
and clubs were open 24 hours a and fleeing into the Hall of Horrors,
The Administrator, Chezbo Hind,
day. A tank at the end of the board- its grisly exhibits including Frank-
was arrested for Dereliction of Duty.
walk provided the resorts fishing enstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy,
Psi-Judge Anderson discovered
opportunities. The polluted beaches the Abominable Snowman and
Clovers brain was surrounded by
connecting with the lethal waters Margaret Thatcher. Dredd incapac-
an Electromagnetic Field from an
were marked by danger signs, and itated Dracula by shooting him full
experiment which created a gateway
the sun-worshippers had to wear of bullets in the shape of a cross,
for the Sisters of Death and their
chem-suits for their own protection. then drove a conical chunk of
cousins Dementia, Ephemera and
This annual blow-out provided a replica meat (from the Abominable
Pustula. By deactivating the EMF, the
valuable safety valve for the citizens. Snowman exhibit) through Draculas
psychic bridge was broken. (Lucid)
The Judges did their best to cast a black heart. (Costa Del Meg)
tolerant eye over the proceedings,
Lawrence Van Helsing, Chairman Courtney Love Luxapts
working from a fun-sized Sector
of the Mega-City Bureau of Psychic
House. A thrall brought the ancient During a graveyard shift, a fatal over-
Investigators, claimed vampires
vampire Dracula to the Costa Del dose was reported at Courtney Love
sired by Dracula were likely to still
Meg in a row-boat, the journey taking Luxapts. (Meat Patrol)
be prowling the Costa Del Meg. (The
20 days to complete. Holidaymakers
Mega-City Times)
Roger and Farina fell in love shortly
before Dracula pounced on Farina Covert Operations
Establishment (COE)
in Pontin Alley; she later became Costello Block
one of the undead and escaped from Justice Centrals Covert Operations
Judge Dredd investigated domestic
Judge Helsings Morgue. Judge Dredd Establishment refined stealth tactics
violence in New Manhattans Costello
followed Farina to Jolly Perkins in a secret Sector 1 facility, a combat-
Apartment 22119. (The Edgar Case)
zone simulation surrounding a

command tent. The tiny pest-control Cozzey Alley and Stevie Tammas sent to murder
robots of Banzai Battalion (featuring Zammy. (See Zammy Run)
The missing juve Ayker Lollins
Captain Bug Stomper, Troopers
was spotted being led away by a
of the Abel, Baker and Charlie
man in Cozzey Alley. Judges Dredd Cratchet Street
series, Specialist Napalm Trooper
and Chavez discovered the boy
Flambo and official war corre- While nursing a concussion, Judge
murdered by a serial child-killer. It
spondent Scoop) were re-purposed Dredd pursued Brad Mad Brad
was Judge Dredds unenviable task to
as a MINSAP (Miniature Surveil- Marley along Cratchet Street. (A
deliver the news to his parents. (In
lance & Assassination Platoon) with Christmas Carol)
the Absence of the Sacred)
enhanced attack capabilities. When
Banzai learned it was slated to be Craterbowl
destroyed in response to Justice Cramptown Dust-Zone
Built atop a decontaminated Atomic
Departments increased hostilities Judge Dredd was kidnapped while
War rad-pit, the Craterbowl was the
towards armed-robots, Stomper attending a call-out on K-Street.
host of the Twelfth Annual All Mega-
kicked his drinking habit (dispensing Volper Sked connected to Cramp-
City Block-Out Final. Judge Dredd
with Shorty the walking oil-can) town, but a traffic diversion forced
was in charge of crowd-control.
and led the escape. Banzai Battalion traffic to divert along Pasadena
Air-hoses and MAV (Movement
searched for the legendary Fitz, the Drive. (Missing)
Assisting Vehicle) ploughs corralled
garden belonging to the late Martha
the blossoming mobs; two drongos
Fitzheimer, where they could redis-
cover their pest-control roots. (The Cranberry Street were arrested trying to smuggle a
laser-cannon into the arena. Dredd
Fitz) Zammy Zocco possessed bionic
executed a Bert Brecht Block sniper
and narco-stim enhancements, the
atop the Con-Dome. Fences erected
chief-enforcer of the mobster Nino
Co-Zee Cuddle Tot to segregate the rival teams fans
Raspler. Zocco suspected the Fran-
An illegal bite-fight was held in a were breached with wire-clippers
chetti Mafia or the Cranberry Street
disused Co-zee Cuddle Tot ware- Mob as the contractors of trigger-
house on Richard Kimble Avenue. men Leopold Varga, Hyman Lopez
(Ready When You Are)

and had to be electrified39. Die-hard Keddy Tennedy), the colour of Spook Dredd and Rookie-Judge Dekker
Brechter Blockers laid an ambush in Donegans kneepad (A. A dirty off- investigated murder threats against
the OK Snackery, met by the Derek pink) and the coefficient of expan- the Radiators. They incidentally
Batey Citi-Def. It eventually led to the sion of raw munce (A. Raw munce convicted many players of offences
Justice Air Reserve incapacitating does not expand, it coagulates). one (Benghazi: Possession of Stookie
the fighters with riot-foam. of the Pigs was Askey Blocks Big Pills; Sabata: Possession of Banned
Thud Mackersie who defeated the Vidzines; Howlitz: Possession of an
In the Craterbowl Commentary
Wally Andropov. Askey Block Wally Unlicensed Firearm; Donovan and
Dome sat Ken Barnet and Guest
Rikki Tikki Wilson broke through Shooter: Accepting Bribes; Kowalski:
Commentator Fess Housego, Captain
Brechts Pig blockade and attacked Conspiracy to Commit Violence; Team
of Doris Day Block, the previous
the enemy Panel Box to throw panel- Coach Bernacious Bagglio: Incite-
years Block-Out Champions, and
list (and Batey Block science-buff) ment to Violence). This decimated
this years Gamemaster was Marv
Art Megus into a net circled by flying the Radiators ranks and they were
Crisp. The competing cityblocks
Netmen. A Brecht Pig used the pneu- ultimately defeated 94-00 by the
were Arthur Askey, Bert Brecht and
matic-howitzer to attempt to land Oldtown Rats. (Superbowl)
Derek Batey. Brecht powered its way
on the Askey panel, but overshot.
through the Group One heat with
This left Askey Block Wally Leapy
the loss of only seven panellists and Craven Precinct
Lavinsky with a clear Ring Run,
a 1.16 game average. Batey Block A Riochem hovertanker secretly-
cementing Askey Blocks victory. For
had signed Jumping Jack Andropov carrying Justice Department-issue
the first time ever, the Craterbowl
(from Bianca Jagger Conapts) to be tranq-gas crashed into North Caro-
Trophy was presented in the stadium
their star Wally. Askey Block had linas Craven Boulevard, contam-
because most of the fans outside had
the roughest, toughest Pigs in the inating the Craven Depths and
been arrested for fighting. (Block-Out
game. The panellists answered ques- causing many deaths. The Judges
at the Crater Bowl)
tions including the identity of the falsified the disaster as a fertiliser
first man on the Sun (A. The late The Craterbowl was the home of the leak, relegating the incident to page
South Side Radiators, a quasi-bionic 17 of Newsmeg. (The Man Who Knew
gridiron football team. As Super- Too Much)
39 Similar violence had marred the previous
11 Block-Out finals. bowl CXXXIV approached, Judge

The Crazed Cur Bar (The Mega-City News) News)
The murderer Pup Jonas met with
mobsters Vincent Vinnie Taran- Credit Banks Credpit
tino and Pinkie at the Crazed Cur Bar
(Aka Cred-Houses; Credit Agencies). Casinos including the Credpit
on Scarf Street. All three died after
Loan specialists. Judge Dredd was in Angeltown, although techni-
a gunfight with Judge Dredd. (Pup
pestered by his servodroid Walter cally illegal, existed because of
while he tried to deal with a robbery very friendly relations with banks,
at the Credit Bank, eventually forcing the taxman and Justice Depart-
Crazeedaizee Cash n Go him to sentence Walter to a months ment. Undercover Judge Jack Point
encubement. (Hyper-Cop) located Elmort Devries Junior, son
Judge Dredd responded to an armed
of the Hunters Club proprietor, in
robbery at the Crazeedaizee Cash n Credit Agency robot D43/7 refused
The Credpit. Elmort had established
Go in Culler District staged by Reiker Egbert Shelduks application for a
the Collateral Club to stage games
J Ryan. (Open Justice) housing loan because of his high
gambling on the probability of
risk residency in the ghetto-like
transforming innocent citizens like
Crazy Mikhails Kenneth Clarke Block. (Revenge of
Zigby Archer (triggered by Collat-
Transplant Mart the Egghead)
eral Club-member Shufflin Chegs)
During a massive, one-week clear- Jimps (Judge-impersonators) into futsies, the winning gambler
out sale, Crazy Mikhails offered robbed a Credit House and tried to the one whose mark amassed the
17,000 assorted eyes (all colours trick their way past Judge Dredd, but greatest number of kills. A computer
on a limited 3-for-2 offer), 5,000 their slovenly dress gave the game in the Mongolian Free-Territories,
kidneys (2,000 credits a bag), 4,000 away. (Jimps) upon receipt of death-toll figures
hands (1,000 credits a pair), lungs intercepted from Justice Depart-
(150 credits each, slightly smoke- In 2113, Justice Department direc- ment press releases, automatically-
damaged), hearts (8,000, 4,995 tives to smash disobedient or defec- dispatched funds to the winner from
credits each), plus bladders, colons, tive robots prompted Cred-Houses a holding account. (Playing Futsie)
old feet, wrists, blood (in family- to extend loan services to cope with
sized economy packs) and torsos. the increase in trade. (Mega-City

Cred-Stretcher Crocker Street Croglin Mansion
A discount store. Judge Bad Psi-Judge Anderson investigated The Brotherhood of Baal used a
Manners assaulted a citizen repre- the kidnapping of the Souza baby, dimension warp to summon the
senting Citizens Against the Wall, an narrowing his whereabouts to Dark Judges to the derelict Croglin
anti-judicial group. (Rotten Manners) Crocker Street, a district with high Mansion, on the Atlantic Sector Dock
radiation levels. (Four Dark Judges) Street. (House of Death)

Creeley Park
Judge Harriman was in attendance at Crockery Nook Home Cross Bar
For the Extremely Aged
a juve-gang rumble at Creeley Park Zigby Archer was served by Joe the
when Judge Dredd contacted her Crockery Nook residents Paul and barkeep at Angeltowns Cross Bar.
regarding a Missing Citizen case he Paula Wildebeest celebrated their Zigby ordered a Mockbra and a
was investigating. (Missing in Action) Bionic Wedding Anniversary (150 pack of munce-crispies, then seem-
years, married in 1955). Judge Dredd ingly went futsie, murdering 22
was a surprise guest, presenting the patrons and Joe using a rifle Joe kept
Croakers Yard Wildebeests with a letter of congrat- behind the bar. Later, Undercover
On behalf of the corrupt Sector 13 ulations from Chief Judge McGruder, Judge Jack Point investigated the
Chief Kruger, Judge Darrin Grim- but the shock nearly killed Paul. crime-scene and located an android
wood received a monthly untrace- (Bionic Bliss) among the dead who was posing as
able retainer of freshly-laundered Joe. Point negated the mekanoids
cash from Eddie Croaker, a hoodlum reticence using Judicial Override
Croesus Conapts
associate of the powerful mobster Code #23N/54PP, and the codeword
Vic Burnett, at City Bottoms Croak- Home of the gangster Morten Sachs.
Monsteroso, to discover the real
ers Yard. Outfitted in Hellbender His henchmen Sergio Mahon and
Joe had been murdered and buried
armour, former Cadet-Judge Danny Meredith Tarbeck were murdered by
beneath the floorboards before
Falcone, working for mobster the late Doctor Helios. (Helios)
Zigby had embarked on his killing
Mikhail Krunt, violently broke up the spree. (Playing Futsie)
exchange. (Marauder)

Cross-Sked Overped many bystanders. (The Stupid Gun) Crusoe Interskeds
Depressed citizen Deborra Tonser Undercover Judge Jack Point used The alien vigilante Fairlyhyperman
went on vacation to Firenzina. the Crosstown Zoom to travel blocked the progress of a stolen
Suspected of being infected with the between his office in Spurious security-pod in the vicinity of
Chaos Bug, an APB was put out for Heights and the Sector 13 Simping Crusoe Interskeds. (Fairlyhyperman)
her detention. Tonsers corpse was Club. Fellow passengers included
discovered in Mega-City One, under chavgangers playing Psychorawk on Cryo-Cubes
the Cross-Sked Overped on Route 9, their We-Pods, and squabbling Brit-
victim of a suspected suicide. (Eve of Situated in Justice Central, a stan-
Cit tourists. (Dorks of War)
Destruction) dalone extension of the Justice
Departments Vaults, where
Crudbary Factory lawbreakers with terminal condi-
Crosstown Loop tions were preserved in suspended-
2109 saw the disastrous launch of a
Judge Dredd led the pursuit of new Umpty Candy Company: Crud- animation until medical science
Harlem Heroes sports-star Samson bary. Grag Peppard, Production could develop a cure for their
Ojay along the Crosstown Loop while Supervisor at the Crudbary factory, ailments. The two-headed mutant
Ojay fled from the Allison Estate went futsie and drugged confec- Prince Vince illegally entered Mega-
after murdering Wendell Fong and tionary intended to be given out City One to rescue his beloved
Brunella Breen-Scalding. (Ojay) freely as part of a publicity stunt. Lady Penelope (a convicted mutant
The effects of the drug brought terrorist) from her enforced sus-an
about Lemming Syndrome, with citi- slumber in the Cryo-Cubes. (Sleeping
Crosstown Zoom
zens throwing themselves in their Mutie)
Zoom-track connecting many city-
droves off tall buildings. (A Night in
blocks including Nat Hiken, Peter
the Death of Sector 255) Cryo-Palace
Parker, Casey Jones and Sartre Halt,
ending at the Wall Street Terminus. The wealthy (and dying) architect
The sabotaged Zoom 444 careened Findhorn Gask arranged to be placed
along the Crosstown network, killing in cryogenic suspension at the Cryo-

Palace. Gask had built 29 robot city- Cuckoos Nest Culver Alley
blocks to exact revenge against
Housing development experiencing The scene of the attempted hijacking
Justice Department for deducting
intergang warfare between the Mac of a roadliner. Cadet-Judge Bryce
five billion-credits in extra taxa-
Murphy Block Mentals, Wild Juves, disobeyed regulations when he
tion. When Gask was betrayed by
Intensive Care Unit and the Bombers. sneaked out of the Academy of Law
his murderous assistant Karamel
Kesey Intersect, in the heart of to try and prevent the crime. (A Tale
Mirandah, he tried to project a
the Cuckoos Nest, was sometimes From Walters Scrapbook)
telepathic warning to Psi-Judge
used as a forum for gang-meets.
Anderson. Anderson sentenced Gask
The Mentals socialised in Candy &
to death for mass-murder and deacti- Cunningham Towers
Sandys Cafe. (Full Mental Jackets)
vated his life-support. (Big Robots) Judges Howard Price and Joshi
responded to a Breaking & Entry
Cuidad Barranquilla Embassy and possible homicide at Conapt
Cubby Broccoli Block
(Aka Banana City Embassy). An anti- 455/D, Cunningham Towers, Atlantic
Broccoli resident R Moor wrote to
Chief Judge Sangenegra riot was in Sectors. The victim was Jart Sedlec,
The Mega-City Times complaining
progress in front of the Banana City a collector of exotic jewellery. He
about the Miss Robo-World contest.
Embassy, Escobar Plaza. The Barran- died from rad-poisoning, the culprits
One of the contestants was Elaine
quilla Ambassador demanded that the Martins Clan of Richard D James
Chrome (SN #85-26-38). (The Mega-
Judges Dredd and Giant use deadly Block. (The Shadow Over James
City Times)
force. Giant instead suggested Block)
One Halloween, a gang of mutant drafting extra Judges from neigh-
wallhoppers including Lefty, Furz bouring sectors and using low-range
Curbishley Court
and the Two Ronnies rode jet-sticks sonic-bursts to disperse the crowd,
with snatch-squads weeding out the The former Judda Kraken (installed
to cause mayhem in the vicinity of
agitators. (Matters of Life and Death) by Chief Judge Silver to act as Judge
Cubby Broccoli Block. (Halloween)
Dredds replacement) attended
reports of a juve brandishing a knife
at Apartment 4/A Curbishley Court.

(Rights of Succession) 3,482 years worth of cube-time. This largest manufacturers of robots.
earned Pucky the title Young Nark The rogue carpenter droid Call-Me-
of the Year and an all-expenses-paid Kenneth made Cybo-Comp his head-
Curtis & Moore
trip to the Moon. (The Secret Life of quarters during the First Robot War,
Dredd investigated muzak being Judge Pal) reprogramming the vast factories to
played at an illegal volume, discov- produce thousands of combat-droids
ering the culprit to be the aging pop- including the walking bomb Block-
star Brightly Shines who was staging Cus DAmoto Block
busters. With the help of sympa-
a comeback performance. Chief Former Berger Block resident Aurora thetic Cybo-Comp robots Stewart,
Judge Hershey had granted Shines a Devine, now a DAmoto Block resi- Howard, J70-13 and the servo-
special licence to perform. The latter dent, mother of three and wife of droid Call-Me-Walter, Judge Dredd
used her exposure to announce the Gary, was murdered by the serial- infiltrated Cybo-Comp and repro-
accession of her son Justin to the killer PJ Maybe in Mrs Shuberts Pies grammed the new robots to oppose
Brit-Cit throne, falsely-claiming he factory. (Six) Call-Me-Kenneth. Cybo-Comp was
was the offspring of the late Prince destroyed in the fighting, but a
Albert. (For King and Country) month later, Dredd pursued a fugi-
tive mutant into the ruins and
A robot manufacturing plant where
Curt Stengler Block encountered a rogue robot who
a cyborg duplicate of Judge Dredd,
owned of a pack of robodogs and a
Nine-year-old Stengler resident part of a top-secret experiment
restored Heavy Metal Kid demoli-
Pucky Beavis was over the moon initiated by Chief Judge Silver, hid
tion-bot. (Ratted; The Robot War)
when he received his Pals Club in order to effect repairs. It was
Membership Card and badge. destroyed by the real Judge Dredd.
Within hours, Pucky had earned his (Wanted: Judge Dredd) Cyborg Club
own hotline number to Judge Pal Every night of the week except
by informing on neighbours in his Thursdays, the lunks in the Cyborg
crime-ridden cityblock. During the Club got together to compare borg-
following year, Pucky helped Judges For Robots of Distinction! Cybo-
work and catch up on all the latest
obtain 497 convictions, totalling Comp was one of Mega-City Ones
news. Mean Machine Angel was

the Clubs Honorary President. The Sector 255) managed to sneak up on Shojan and
Cyborg Clubs First Rule was Ya stab him to death while the Seven
Dont Get Metal, Ya Get Tin! Other Samurai went on to cause havoc
Cyril Lord Block
members included Cyberfreak and in nearby Canaford Plaza. (The
Mini-Mean. (Angel Heart) Flab-fans from across Mega-City One Warlord)
converged on the ruins of Cyril Lord
Block to witness the Twenty-Seventh By 2126, Cyril Lord Block had been
Cyclon Metalworks World Heavyweight Eating Champi- rebuilt. When Mikel P Groober
A factory reconstituting various onship. The reigning champion was threatened the staff of the Depart-
metals for industrial applica- Little Joe Johansen, who defended ment of Creative Bureaucracy with
tions. Fleeing Judge Dredd, an exo- his title against Ozs Rolf Thunder a SAM40 because they botched
man (a robber wearing a strength- Chops Gunston, Spains Juan Mucho- Groobers rehousing attempts, the
enhancing exo-skeleton) fell into moro, Fatbelly Frank and newcomer Department assigned him the three-
one of the Cyclon furnaces. (The Abdominal Arnie Stodgman, who bed, fully-carpeted Apartment
Exo-Men) scoffed a literal ton of food and won 2114/W in Lord Block. (S.A.M.)
the title before perishing of heart-
failure. (Requiem For a Heavyweight)
Cyndi Lauper Hi-Rise
Lauper resident Raquel Wrench Cyril Lord Blocks ruins became the
was an illegal antigrav wrestler centre of the Earths Psi-Flux. There,
frequenting a warehouse on Meyer Shojan, one of the Psi-Warlords of
Alley. (Beyond the Alley of the Ultra- Ji, carried out the ritual sacrifice
Vixens) of his assistant Sayonara and the
psykers Haller, Grabo and Budetski
to summon the spirits of the Seven
Cyns War Artefacts Samurai. Justice Department tried
Mad Amme Cyn, proprietor of Cyns to annihilate what remained of Cyril
War Artefacts, was found dead, his Lord, but their attack was deflected 40 A Self-Arming Munition, packing three kilos
store robbed. (A Day in the life of by Shojans psi-shield. Judge Dredd of high-grade synthetic explosive and enjoying a
guaranteed six-year battery life.

after mistaking Hunklev for rival Tim Damon Runyon Block
Bisley Block. (Whiteout)
The home of ex-felon Little Spuggys
girlfriend Thelma and her husband
Damien Hurst Gallery Ron, an insurance-dealer. Little
Shuggy murdered Ron before Judge
The Klutz Gang staged an act of
Dredd executed Shuggy atop the
art terrorism against the Hurst
blocks Christmas tree. Thelma was
Gallery. They made their escape
the beneficiary of Rons generous life
in a red Ultima driven by Careena
insurance policies. (Little Spuggys
Buick along Kerouac Xpressway. (Hot
During a graveyard shift, the
pyrokine Gord Umber burned
Damnation Alley
Da Alley Eaterie Judges Litvik and Skay on an
In 2117, crime-rates were well-down underped along Runyon Way. Judge
Cho and Reeky, survivors of an in Sector 196 while Missing Citizens Dredd pursued Gord along Khomeini
Umpty deal gone wrong, sought cases had rocketed. When Judge Street. (Pyro)
refuge in Da Alley Eaterie where they Vincent Rigg was executed in the
discussed ways to appease their slums of Damnation Alley, Wally
boss Big Mal whose cash they had Squad Judge Pandora investigated. Dan Duryea Block
abandoned in Kindle Alley. (In the She fell in with a cult led by Bernard Total War-sympathiser Jimmy Zeen
Absence of the Sacred) and ingested a long-outlawed drug made a note in his copy of the
called Eupho which made Pandora banned literature The Bomb and the
Daisy Steiner Block and the group function along selfish, Ballet concerning Dan Duryea Block,
hedonistic lines. (Mural Scream) one of several cityblocks he planned
Hunklev Block resident Wess Smythe
to attack. (Twenty Years to Midnight)
suspected that drunken Daisy
Steiner Block go-gangers had sabo-
taged Hunklev Blocks drop-tubes

Danetech Building Howard Wootkins (of Connie Booth rookie, and Beat-Judge Graham kept
Block) was a part-time cleaning the angry citizens in line by ridding
Dane, CEO of DaneTech Industries,
droid supervisor at DaneTech. He the dry swimming pool of maniacs,
had his office decorated with Apoc-
died in the Cursed Earth, executed halting a Koola Cola vending-
alypse War memorabilia, including
by Judge Guthrie. (The Searchers) machine fight, and investigating the
the Beria Mark II Flesh-Blaster and
case of the Guggenheims who had
the stub-gun. DaneTech was the
frozen together in death while they
favoured bidder for several lucra- Dan Marino Conapts
tried to keep cool in their refrig-
tive contracts in Mega-City Ones
The home of Dink J Jowett, whom the erated apartment. The Dans Dogs
post-war rebuilding program. Judge
Judges suspected had trespassed in juve-gang instigated a Mega-City
Dredd discovered Dane had been
Martha Fitzheimers Ridley Estate standoff with the Judges. Weather
a Sov-Block collaborator, framing
garden. (Beyond the Wall) Control restored the citys climate
fellow Citi-Def Gregor Stackpole
The Marino Vixens were a resident in the nick of time before Dredd
for Danes crimes. Dane had been
femgang. (A Magic Place) collapsed from heatstroke. (Do the
rewarded handsomely for his
Wrong Thing)
treason, helping him underwrite
Marino resident Pierce vidded the
DaneTechs expansion. When Dredd
vid-show Fine Line to question the
attempted to make the arrest, Dane Danny Baker Block
Block Protester nicknamed Green
retaliated with his prized stub-gun,
Hairy Monster. (Spawney) Three kidnappers held the last of the
but instead decapitated numerous
Ebola Zaires Progeny-infected crew-
subordinates including his secretary
members captive in Danny Baker
Marcy. (War Crimes) Danny Aiello Block Apartment 3656, demanding five
Dick Icarus (aka Vernon Martins) The City Council instituted a heat- million-credits for his release. Judge
worked for DaneTech between 2102- wave as part of the Mayor Dave Dredd executed two of the kidnap-
2115 as a biochemist and researcher. Memorial Day celebrations. The pers and cocooned the plague victim
DaneTech was visible from Private hot climate placed a massive strain using the miracle plastic Boing .
Investigator Galen DeMarcos pent- upon Danny Aiello Blocks climate- (Progeny)
house. (Dredd Versus Death) control systems which went haywire,
risking a block riot. Judge Dredd, his

Danny DeVito Block Dan Goldman block the publics amusement. (The Kazan
DeVito Apartment 141/D resident City Mayor Byron Donald Ambrose
Lyoma Mullett was forced by Judges (aka the serial-killer PJ Maybe)
to pretend she still loved her jilted suspected Councillor Rwanda Dan Quayle Block
lover Wally to prevent him becoming Potter of plotting to assassinate
Situated in New Manhattans Clinton
a human bomb aboard a zoom west- him. Ambrose failed to kill Potter
district, 12th Avenue. A shape-
bound over DeVito Block. (Strangers with an exploding restaurant, so
changing alien nosferatu imperson-
on a Zoom) instead poisoned Potter in her Dan
ated Isadory Wilson (Quayle Apart-
Goldman apartment. (What I Did For
ment 12/B), adored by her neighbour
Danny Jackson Bridge Randy Murdock (Apartment 12/A)
until Wilson devoured him. Wilson
A jackknifed drone-hauler caused
mayhem for traffic heading for Death Leap Arena owned a Series-3 Hoover Skypod.
(Black Widow)
Jackson Bridge, causing diversions Situated in the Plugholes Sov-
tailing back as far as the Sunshine Quarter, the Death Leap Arena
Synthifoods turnoff. A spindly robo- comprised two galleries seating 40 Dan Raspler Block
crane rig slowly extricated the people in total, on both sides of a
Ryan twins Lesley and Corann
upturned vehicle. West-17 Test-Lab steep, artificial, 30-foot-deep canyon.
remote-channeled the juve Eriks
staff were trapped in the snarl-up; This was the traditional Sov-Block
psi-talent to commit murders. Psi-
COE Judge Vedder encountered Tek- sport of the death-leap whereby
Judge Anderson entered the twins
Judge Hollis driving a Vektor slab- competing teams tried to jump
dreams, observing their astral forms
ster. (Whiteout) across a moving gap to score points.
manifesting across Mega-City One
Those who failed, had to climb the
as aggressive paranormal entities.
opposite side of the canyon before
the other team struck them with
splatball guns. In the Sov-Block,
bullets were used instead of splat-
balls to punish political prisoners for

Dan Savage Heights mummifying them. Danse Macabre Dredds guerilla army destroyed
was preserved for posterity, a tribute Dan Tanna Junction, the last main
One of New Manhattans luxurious
to the dead and a warning to others artery connecting MegNorth and
celebrity blocks. Block Security
of the horrors of war. As chronicled MegSouth, to impede East-Meg
discouraged slabwalkers (prosti-
by Justice Department Damage Report Ones advance. Judge Souster sacri-
tutes), but business was lucrative
2323X/17, during Patrol Loop A7, Psi- ficed his life to sever Tanna Junction
for sex-workers who slipped through
Judge Anderson pursued the fugitive using a prototype stub-gun. Tanna
the net. Olympic sex-champion and
pyrokine Deek Chewsits into Danse collapsed, damaging the adjoining
Savage resident Hardy Dix was diag-
Macabre. Anderson evacuated the Kissinger Bypass, Tanna Boulevard,
nosed with chronic impotence. His
patrons and brought a gigantic disco Trans-Tanna Slidewalk, Blyton Flyby
partner Annette was horrified, but
ball crashing down onto Chewsits and Junction Control. (The Apoca-
son Ozzy was relieved, being a Block
head. The tally for the damage to lypse War)
Academy pupil of Reverend Saddle-
Danse Macabre was three million-
back (of the Order of Saint Rush the Citizens gathered at a memorial
credits, and an irreplaceable war
Ultraconservative) who ran an after- of Judge Souster, who saved the
memorial now lost. (Danse Macabre)
school group called The Unsullied day in the legendary Battle of Dan
Ring Foundation For Total Sexual Tanna Junction. A scrawl-artist
Abstinence. Ozzy assisted in a plot Dan Tanna Block tried to deface the memorial, but
to murder contestants Jones, Jones was grabbed by a hidden robot arm
One of Dan Tanna Blocks most
& Croft at the 2131 World Sex Champi- installed by the Judges. (Scrawl
popular facilities was Thunder-
onships. (The Performer) Trap)
bird Park. Dan Tanna was the first
to succumb to the Block Mania and Judge Dredds niece Vienna
Danse Macabre Diskotek was devastated by block war, leaving Pasternak was driven east along the
Memorial Exhibition Hall many of its residents dead and the Tanna Nu-Interchange by Michael
Danse Macabre Diskotek was hit by remaining 277 survivors killed by Hamilyn who was part of a Sov-Block
a dessication bomb during the Apoc- poison gas leaking from the Dixy sleeper cell. (Blood Trails)
alypse War. All water was instantly Plasteen Complex. (Block Mania)
sucked from the dancers bodies, During the Apocalypse War, Judge

Dario Argento Block Child Krysler called the Mutant Darrow Complex
decimated Mega-City One using its
Hershell Lewis (Apartment 83-12), Darrow resident and lawyer Derekk
immense psi-talent. The Dark was
writer of pulp fiction for Flesh Deek Billim Stubbs was murdered
the nickname the terrified citizens
Wound Press, was murdered by by the serial-killer PJ Maybe
gave to the area of the city where
a chimpanzee remote-controlled (disguised as Don Pedro Montez)
the Mutants powers were strongest
by the old ladies of the Legion of with the assistance of Maybes
where a black pall filled the skies.
Common Decency. Protest groups sexmek assistant Inga. (Six)
Wraiths stalked the pedways and evil
claiming responsibility for the
monsters lurked everywhere. The
murder included the Concerned Citi-
Grand Hall of Justice, the Mutants Daves All-Nite Pharmacy
zens of America and the Mothers of
base, was located at the Darks PSU traced the purchase of Nitra-
Prevention. (Monkey Beat)
epicentre. (City of the Damned) cine, Hexaphytol and Wilsons Rub
The psychopath Edwin Creed was (all treatments for Venereal Palsy)
born in Argento Block, the only son from Daves Pharmacy, Macy, by
of Barrington and Robyn. Edwin Melody Corniss, who in 2125 had
failed the Academy of Laws entrance The City Bottom Strutters street-
been raped by a VP carrier while on
exams, and Barrington allegedly- gangers of the Darktown area were
her way home from Music School.
died resisting arrest when he shot all less than 11 years of age. They
(Mandroid: Instrument of War)
at citizens with a laser-rifle. Robyn attacked the South Side Serpents
relied on insurance payouts to while feuding over drug-dealing
survive, but they were reduced rights. Five juves and two bystanders David Alton Towers
when Barrington was revealed to died, with more than a dozen injured. Alton residents refused to issue
have actually committed suicide. Judges halted the carnage using any Block Tax payments until the
(Masquerade) riot-foam. In response to a general Judges released their spiritual
upsurge in juve-gang crime, Judge leader, the Bhagwan Rodney Shree
Goon established Obedience Classes Matria Boggis, from the Iso-Cubes.
The Dark for all juves and certain adults, and The School of Eccentric Business
In an alternate 2120, a horribly- discussed a possible 24-hour curfew Studies offered a Masters Certificate
mutated clone of Owen The Judge for all preteens. (Crusade*2)

in Health Products Marketing, Discov- campaign deadline for Mister Ooters David Essex Block
ering New Allergies, Expensive Cures Synthi-Sausages. (Sins of the Father)
Total War terrorist sympathiser
For Healthy People, Understanding
Jimmy Zeen made a note in his copy
Fractal Meditation, Unnecessary
David Cronenberg Crock-Block of the banned literature The Bomb
Dieting and Vast Credit Accumulation.
and the Ballet concerning David
(The Mega-City News) Dave Cronenberg resident Arthur
Essex Block, one of several city-
Suggs was discovered murdered, his
blocks he planned to attack. (Twenty
artificial heart stolen. (Thrice Upon a
David Attenborough Block Years to Midnight)
Time in Mega-City One)
Atlantic Sectors cityblock infected
Akford J Gulliver (mid-block Apart-
by the Block Mania, attacking neigh- David Fincher Overzoom
ment 1115043) hatched Selaphites
bouring Jacques Cousteau Block.
from the planet U-2, which he used Judge Dredd responded to the ARV
Attenborough Block was destroyed
to commit murder and steal secrets. of a Mobi-Cred autobank41 heading
when a mega-tsunami created by an
Judge Dredd subjected the Selap- west along Dave Fincher Overzoom.
East-Meg One nuclear-strike razed
hites to sunlight, their only vulnera- The heisters were the eather Gang
the Atlantic Wall and flooded the
bility. (Hot Rocks) (Dave, Larry and Royd Dexter) who
eastern sectors. (The Apocalypse
used a weather gun to inflict intense
bursts of sunburn, blizzard and
David Dvorkin Tower storms upon their victims. The same
David Bailey Block Bub Alexai and Rose Janice Knee weapon forced Dredd to abandon his
(born January 19, 1994) lived in Lawmaster and leap aboard the auto-
Part of an upmarket neighbourhood.
Dvorkin Apartment 44/FF. Janice bank as it approached the Bleeker
Leonard and Daniel murdered the
died after 91-years of marriage. (Bury Off-Ramp. Dredd destroyed the
fashion photographer and former
My Knee at Wounded Heart)
Sov-Organizatsiya mob-enforcer
Charles Aron Mayzell in his David 41 Autobanks rested atop eight pairs of
wheels, spanning two lanes of traffic. A docking
Bailey studio while he waited for his platform allowed foot traffic to step off moving
Mmmmm, Take a Bite hyper-model vehicles while a small slip-ramp enabled
groundcar drivers to use the autobanks drive-
to arrive to complete an advertising thru terminal.

gangs getaway vehicle, a Korvette Mannys condition was technically David Icke Block
Slabster, which he discovered idling legal, so he was allowed to remain at
Judge Hershey arrested members of
on the slip-ramp. (Eclipse) liberty, provided he used olfactory
a Doomsayer cult in Icke Plaza as the
blockers. (Im Manny: Me Fly)
necromagus Sabbats global zombie
David Haye Block army advanced. (Judgement Day)

A block war erupted between Jet Li David Hyde-Pierce Bock

Snidely (Apartment 41236), after
Block and neighbouring David Haye Situated on Longeurs. Judges Dredd drinking coffee during The Chaos
Block, both situated in Sector 17. One and Parson investigated the double- Carnival (a travelling show located
casualty was Zerox Minces daughter, homicide of Partick & Chlamydia outside the West Wall), was ordered
an event that marked the beginning Wrench (Hyde-Pierce Apartment by the Judges to undergo a manda-
of a sequence of unfortunate inci- 101), reported by a neighbour who tory stomach-pumping. (The Chaos
dents that tore Zeroxs life apart had originally called to collect Carnival)
and drove him to detonate a nuclear holiday funds from the Wrenches,
device that wiped out Sector 17. (The who enjoyed Cursed Earth sight- Monster Bites snack-infected were-
Trip) seeing trips. The Wrenches had wolves were reported active in Icke
smuggled a mutant in the form of a Block. (How to be a Monster)
large, blue, super-intelligent rabbit
David Hedison Block
they called Bernard, a present for David Langford Block
Home of Manfred Manny and Shee their granddaughter Annabelle.
Bloy. Manfred had been a steward A massive explosion caused Marty
Bernard murdered its keepers but
aboard a Transpan flight that Hoare Block to topple against neigh-
developed a form of schizophrenia,
crashed into the Antarctic Jungle bouring Davy Langford Block.
believing Annabelle kept it company.
where he was infected by a giant (Channel 9 Crime Time Special)
Psi-Judge Karena was requested
fly bite and thereafter transformed to assist in the hunt for Annabelle.
into a human-fly hybrid whenever he (Bernard) David Letterman Block
smelt decay. Manfreds most recent
Judge Hershey confronted Judge
transformation was triggered by
James Ryan, tracked by SJS Judge
fresh excrement on Doover Square.

Carter to Apartment 1701/E of Dave his fair share; the latter explained it Dead Dog Bar
Letterman Block. Wally Squad Judge was for his wife Fecundia and their
After violating probation, Zilch
Lola was part of a honey trap to test nine children. Dredd ordered him to
McKay hid in the Dead Dog Bar, his
Ryans resolve after a routine psi- attend Family Planning classes. The
old haunt. Despite McKays face-
scan revealed he harboured a 57 per citizen was afterwards robbed of his
change surgery, Judge Dredd still
cent dissatisfaction with the Justice rations by the fatties Titan Bloat and
recognised him. (Face Change)
System and its code of celibacy. Og Pursy.
Ryan murdered Lola and wounded (Corpulence, Inc) The Judges ambushed a robot hit-
Hershey. (I Dont Believe in Love) squad attempting to blitz local gang-
sters at the Dead Dog Bar. (A Guide
Daynite Mart
to Mega-City Law)
David Niven Luxapts Shopplex open 24/7. Judge Dredd
Niven was infected by the Block pursued the Jimp (Judge-imposter)
Mania; at least one Judge defected to Judge Galton on Lawmasters through
Dead Easy
fight alongside its crazed residents. the Daynite Mart. Galton escaped Experts in Death Since 2126. Situ-
(Block Mania) along Chernobyl Boulevard, where ated on South Nym, a funeral home
hackers had blanked out the street- and memorial service offering
cams. (The Edgar Case) human taxidermy. Dead Easy was
David Vine Block
run by Jeremiah Anderson and
David Vine Block was cited as a posi- Kareen Carthy as a front for subver-
tive example of historical figures Deadbeat Bar
sive activities for the Sov-Block.
used as names of cityblocks. (The Serial-killer clone Millet Linton Anderson had emigrated from Brit-
Mega-City Times) Brophy picked up a victim at the Cit in 2124 with a Diploma in Level 3
Deadbeat Bar on Belmont, posing as Taxidermy from the London School
the husband of a bigwig at the local of Death; Carthy was another natu-
Dawn French Block
Housing Department branch office. ralised Brit. Judge Elliott searched
The scene of a food-rationing (Your Beating Heart) the premises for a suspected
handout; Judge Dredd questioned a terrorist, but was murdered by
citizen who was collecting more than Judge Wile, a Sov-agent. Dead Easy

was eventually destroyed using him to achieve his ambition. (The to sell Slaughterhouse insurance at
the accelerant Myloprofene; when Legend of Johnny Biker; The Return of 499 credits a month, a block protec-
Judge Dredd investigated, he was Johnny Biker) tion racket on behalf of Gaffney Life,
stabbed through the neck by the the Block Mafia led by Block Daddy
Sov-Block super-soldier Nadia, Denzo Shultz42. Judge Dredd interro-
Dead Tree Press
who was executed by Dredds gated Shultz after the disappearance
colleagues. Dredd barely-survived Mega-City Today reported the end of of Kitty Rosson. (Mandroid)
the encounter. (Nadia) Dead Tree Press, the last publisher of
paper books. The Dead Tree manage-
ment blamed the closure on a series Deansland
Dead Juves Curve of catastrophic environmental disas- Movie heartthrob Jimmy Deans,
Situated along New Jerseys Route 66 ters wiping out half the worlds tree the star of Dwarf, Rebel Without
Downspiral, a corkscrew-like ramp population. (The Big Shot!) Due Cause and West of Sector 301,
with a dangerously-tight curvature. retired from the movie business and
(Dead Juves Curve) acquired a vast personal fortune
Dean Gaffney Block
licensing Jimmy Deans Clone Kits,
Johnny Biker raced a rival triker An old-style cityblock too small to resulting in 30,000 clones born
around Dead Juves Curve for bad- warrant a Block Judge. Former Space to his fans. Deans hid in Deans-
mouthing Mike The Bike. Judge Corps Sergeant Nate Slaughterhouse land, his downtown mansion on
Dredd injured Johnny, forcing the was badly-injured in battle and was East Eden Street. The Jimmy Deans
latter to careen through a Kwik- granted a full medical discharge. He, clones grew angry and restless; they
Strip shop and be doused with acid. his wife Katherine Kitty Rosson and massed at Deansland and demanded
What remained of Johnny flew wide their son Tommy found an apartment Jimmy instruct them how to live
of Dead Juves Curve at 300 kph. in Gaffney Block for a monthly 4,100 their lives. Reenacting a scene from
Inexplicably, Johnnys reanimated credits. They experienced Gaffneys
corpse attempted another pass at violence and temptations (drug-
Dead Juves Curve at 400 kph, again 42 Shultz removed his vocal chords to
dealers peddling uppers, downers, foil incrimination by lie-detector. He was
pursued by Dredd. This time, John- sidewinders and Zziz). Charming accompanied by robot bodyguards Curly, Larry
nys supernatural powers enabled and Mo, and enjoyed sunbathing in an EZ-Ray
OFletcher (Apartment 2113) tried 9000.

East of Sector 301 (co-starring Sylvia killed by Judge Lynn Miller for sabo- were beset by a hail of severed
Dasilva), several of the Jimmy clones taging the Nelson Rockefeller Orbital heads, one being the head of Peew-
fell to their death, taking Jimmy Suburb. Judge Dredd and Rookie ees late father. (The Reign of Fear)
Deans with them. (No More Jimmy Harold Brisco executed Oboe.
Deans) Kincaid was arrested, but assassi-
Debbie Pfeiffer Block
nated by the rogue Control-Judge
Laura Rossini who used Justice Pfeiffer resident Harley Mingus was
Dean Street a navigator with Pan-Galactic who
Department-issue melter bullets.
Private Investigator Galen DeMarco (The Savage Amusement) worked aboard the Galactic Trader.
pursued Garfield Brosius along Dean He stole the Casket of Ikonos from
Street, followed by a dark blue road- the planet K3 which he sold for a
ster containing Mega-City Frendz DeBoers Building million-credits. Mingus retired to
mob-enforcers Manley John Skull The author Truman Kaput, writing Mega-City One, where he was hunted
Skelton (Rap Sheet: Intimidation and his first crime novel, acted out by Ikonos zealous followers. (Alien
Extortion, suspected involvement various plot scenarios, including Tongues)
in gangland executions) and Zed attempting to rob New Manhattans
Rex Youens (Apartment 71/K) lived
Zoot Rills (Rap Sheet: Assault With DeBoers Building, Diamon Row.
with his wife Marjorie. Rex learned
a Deadly Weapon). DeMarco killed (Slick Dickens)
he was dying and had his brain
both men while defending Brosius.
transplanted into a Rottweilers
(The Narcos Connection)
Deborah Ryder Block body. He later killed Marjorie when
Peewee and her mother took refuge he learned she was having an affair
Deaths & Explosions R Us in Ryder Blocks Citi-Def Shelter with his friend Denzil. (Confessions
Industrial espionage and explo- during the Necropolis Event. of a Rottweiler)
sives specialists who had an office at Protected by his Polybeztoz cloak,
Apartment 342, Tipi Hedren Block. Peewees father braved a rain of Debbie Harry Block
Lionel Obee, Tommy Killer Kincaid fire to reach the Shelter but was
Located near Billy Bob Thornton
and William Billy Gun Gunney ran murdered Judge Fear. Peewee and
Overzoom, Harry Block was one of
the operation until Gunney was her mother ventured outside but

the older Super Sixty designs. Its Devourer44, Tvvytiun Nightraven Deep-Frozen
panoramic windows afforded views eggs45 and Villrhian Psi-Spiders46. Emergency Food Centre
east towards the Statue of Judge- Deek was also paid handsomely by Judge Dredd discovered a gang of
ment, and the White Cliffs of Dover the crime-boss Sollie Gambrinus to food-thieves freezing to death inside
to the south. (Double Zero) dispose of murder-victim corpses. the sub-zero climes of the Emergency
Judge Dredd investigated and initi- Food Centre, whom Dredd sentenced
ated a gunfight that saw many of the to ten years encubement. (Frozen Out)
Debbie Rix Block
aliens killed. The Stygian Devourer
Deb Rix Block, on the ough Estate, escaped and wiped Deek out of
was the home to the Spugs juve- existence before escaping to parts Delancey Tunnel
gang, rivals of the Frankie Wilson unknown. (The Menagerie) Warren Cohen, Chairman of the
Weatherboys. Cadet-Judge Briscos Board of Troy Industries, drove
13th Assessment took the form of an through the Delancy Tunnel in a
on-street investigation involving the Deeks Strat-air
hov-pod with Wanda Myers, a high-
murders of Spugs on Moran Walk. A cheapjack strat-bat operator who class escort. The tunnels lighting
(13th Assessment) boasted it suffered 30 per cent fewer system then short-circuited; inexpli-
flight incidents than rival economy cable rises in air-pressure and elec-
hover-operators. (Persistent Vegeta- tromagnetic radiation preceded the
Deeks Exotic Alien Imports
tive State) murder of Cohen and Myers. Cohen
Situated in Alientown. Deeks
was dismembered, scattered over
proprietor Deek Hibbins imported
the road. (Shadowkill)
a variety of rare alien species for
private collectors, zoos and research
programs. Deeks stock included De Laurentis Ordnance
a Kondis Flay-Squid43, a Stygian The De Laurentis Ordnance ware-
44 Hailing from the Necros system, they had
the power to erase their prey from existence. house was robbed by Guy and
45 Extremely susceptible to the tiniest McGillar of the Gorilla Gang who
vibrations in solar radiation.
46 Nesting in preys synaptic gaps and feeding
escaped onto Jessica Lange Over-
43 Required seven weeks to digest food. on their secrets. zoom. (The Dead Judges Society)

Del Deli DeLorean apartment. (Citizen Snork) tion) and two plugheads47. DeMarco
was rescued by Travis Perkins, an
Total War terrorist sympathizers
urbane gorilla, contracted by the
kidnapped Sven Larssen, the infant Del Shannon Block
executors of Galens fathers will to
son of the Scandinavian Consul.
Eggy Watson mistook the bank- protect her. (Ways to Die)
They left some of Svens hair
robber Harry Hedges for his old
attached to a dummys head in a
friend Harry Ramma from Del
dumpster behind Del Deli in the Demolition Zones
Shannon Block. (Good Neighbour)
Southport Nitemart. (Regrets)
(Aka Demo-Zones). Walled or gated
areas within which buildings were
DeMarco Family Residence
Delia Smith Block demolished. Yassa Poveys kidnap-
The luxurious DeMarco home had pers took him to the ruins of
During a graveyard shift, a Smith
been unoccupied since Garfield DeCarlo Block in a demolition zone
Block resident ran amok with a
DeMarcos death, held in trust by the on Levine. They held Yassa captive
power-whisk. By 2145 hours, Mega-
DeMarco Foundation for his daughter inside Apartment Z. (Nightmares)
City Ones crime-rate had increased
Galen, who inherited a 16 billion-
by 19 per cent; citywide, a crime of
credit fortune. (Ways to Die)
violence was committed every 0.72 Dengs Wharf
seconds. (Pyro)
Judge Dredd uncovered a mutant
DeMarco Savings & Loan
fight at the Atlantic Dock Dengs
DeLorean Luxapts Atop the disused DeMarco Savings Wharf between Stonehands and the
& Loans building, Private Investi- Boston Crab (the Crab was managed
Stookie-runner Joey The Gland told
gator Galen DeMarco was attacked by Nesbet, who held 12,000 credits
Judge Dredd about a Stookie deal
by the bent Judge Wesley Blocker of winnings in safe-keeping). The
with Short Sammy in the DeLorean
(in cahoots with Harrison Heller Boston Crab decided the fight was
podpark. (Gate Crashers)
who scammed the DeMarco Founda- to be his last, planning to take his
The criminal Collector (aka Ashley
Sakamoto) stashed his grisly treas-
47 Criminals jacked into power-sources, using
ures in a secret room inside his the excess energy as a weapon.

winnings with him into the Cursed ling Mutant Snails, the Simulated credits). Cheaper models came in kit
Earth. Nesbet poisoned the Crab Juve Rumble, Interblock All-Comers form. Dennis offered a No Quibble,
with a spiked water sponge, but the Slagging Match, and the Freeform 12-month guarantee on defective
Crab survived what would normally Community Choral Singing (with free models. (Attack of the Sex-Crazed
have been a lethal dose. Judge Dredd trifle). Vernon Chainsaw McTebbit Love Dolls)
arrested both the Crab and Nesbet. performed his interactive cabaret for
Now both imprisoned inside a catch- one night only. Admission price was
Dennys Dental Boutique
wagon, the Crab discovered Nesbets 50 credits plus personal insurance;
treachery and murdered him. (The no norms were allowed. (The Mega- Judge Dredd busted a sugar-house in
Boston Crab) City News) Dennys Dental Boutique (6th Street
& Vine, Illinois), leaving two perps
dead and three on hold (handcuffed
Dennis Price Block Dennis Tanner Block to a holding post). (Jigsaw Murders)
Former Judge nark Max Normal lived Situated near Frankie Lymon Block.
in Dennis Price Block circa 2124- A multi-vehicle pile-up along Tanner
Dental College
26. There, he was ambushed by the Overzoom involved an estimated 400
Grudfather Jesus Bludds enforcers vehicles. A gate-search of Tanner The serial-killer PJ Maybe, imper-
Fincher and Angry Sanderson and Block School pupils was conducted sonating the Don Pedro Montez,
coerced into leading Judge Dredd when scrawlers were suspected took Deek Stubbs to an abandoned
into a trap. (Kingdom of the Blind) among their number. (Judge Finlays dental college where Maybe as a juve
Casebook) had received free treatment. Maybe
removed Stubbs teeth with pliers
Dennis Skinner Block before beating him to death. (Six)
Reality Check, an interactive live Dennis Used Droids
cabaret entertainment, offered City Bottom sex-mek retailer, selling
Crink Night (celebrity combat models including Sindee (16,995
flower-arranging), Spag Night (all credits), Barbsie (29,995 credits, Dental care establishment where
the damage you can do for 50 with ten different voice-activated Emilio Bodycramp McMahon had
credits), Oliver Pubis and His Heck- mood-settings), and Russell (13,495 his teeth sharpened. (Fear and

Loathing in Mega-City One) Department of Anthropology force48. The books author, Thaddeus
Rohmer Burton, became addicted
A Justice Department research
to the effects of the Ecstasian and
Den Watts Block facility shared with civilian
pursued the alien to Earth. (The
academics. Doctor Lydecker inves-
The home of Karine Krupps who Ecstasy)
tigated 79 arrowheads ejected from
lived alone after her parents
the mouth of Benito Dogsbody
deserted her without warning.
Cortez; Lydecker later died from Derek Batey Block
Krupps was stalked by Earl
evil magics conjured by the African
Lacewing, who had bugged her Batey Block was one of three final-
witch-doctor Kigishu. (Fetish)
apartment and murdered Krupps ists (its rivals Arthur Askey and Bert
boyfriend. (The Beating Heart) Brecht Blocks) in the Twelfth Annual
Department of All Mega-City Block Out taking place
Extraterrestrial Studies at the Craterbowl. (Block Out at the
Denzel Drive
Judg Dredd discussed the nature Crater Bowl)
The serial-killer clone Gurt Veiner
of the alien Ecstasian with a
drove his black semi-automated slab-
researcher at the Department For Derek Cloy Block
cruiser through North Carolinas
Extraterrestrial Studies. The Ecsta-
Denzel Drive and along 18th Street. Cloy Block resident pyrokine Juliet
sian was a rare lifeform originating
(Your Beating Heart) November was assisted by a robot
from the twin worlds of HII and HII
fire-extinguisher and her habputer
2. According to Burtons Galactic
Hetty. November formed a brief
Denzils Artiste de Hair Extremes, the Ecstasian emitted a
romantic attachment with Tinio
psychoactive chemical inducing
The Rottweiler Rex (aka Rex Gloop whom she met in the Block
sensations of intense ecstasy, a
Youens) attacked Denzil, the propri- Library after Gloop found employ-
defence-mechanism reducing a pred-
etor of Denzils Artiste De Hair, Mavis ment on an experimental robo-
ator to insensibility for several hours
Way, for having an affair with his
while the Ecstasian drained its life-
wife Marjorie. (Confessions of a Rott-
48 Quote: Though the prospect of the
weiler) Galaxys Ultimate High may be alluring, the
traveller should be wary as even a single exposure
can prove fatally addictive.

replacement program. (Phoenix Dermot Kelly Block like spoiled juves, resorting to
Falling) violence and murder, forcing the
Apartment 30/K resident Jo-Anne
Judges to intervene. Barney realised
Plumbley, following a transplant
his error voluntarily-deactivated,
Derek Hatton Conapts operation, gained two heads she
pending repairs. (Christmas Comes
called Joe & Anne. Plumbley was
Situated in a slum on the sector line. to Des OConnor Block)
murdered in his/her bed by members
In 2109, the Hatton residents held the
of The Normal Fringe who left the Des OConnor Skedway was situ-
unenviable record of 15 years 100
note Stop the Weirdy Show. Judge ated between Sector 7 and the Statue
per cent unemployment. (Channel 9
Dredd pursued the Fringe-members of Judgement. There, Mean Angel
Crime Time Special)
through Haynes Plaza. (Weirdies) hijacked a Bruce Forsyth Crock-
Apartment 1804 was the home of Block tour-coach. (Mean as Sin)
Selwyn Falucci, who spied on Judge
The Derryson Place
Slaydek and his lover Yolanda,
Selwyns ex-wife. Falluci was mugged Renegade Judge Karl Raider invaded Detective Club
and killed by Dirty John Dounreay, a City Bottom tenement, the home The New Manhattan Baker Street
Sonny Mokolino and Herman The of gangster Murk Derryson and meeting place for 12 detectives who
Kneepad Kid Sherman, who stole a the base for his extortion rackets. underwent face-changes to resemble
vid-slug containing footage of Judge (Raider) their idols. After falling on hard
Slydog Sladeks unlawful union. times, The Detective Club was in
(The Falucci Tape) Des OConnor Block danger of closing and convened a
meeting. Unfortunately, it was infil-
The City Hall computer Barney
trated by Alvin Bloop, a psychopath
Derek Riordan Intercourse malfunctioned and instigated an
who believed himself to be Professor
Judge Dredd dealt with a masked early Christmas at Des OConnor
Moriarty. He killed Club-member
practitioner of Global Psychos Block. It set fire to the Block
Sherlock and assumed his identity,
twisted ideology who had caused Schools underfloor-heaters and
booby-trapping the Club premises.
multiple casualties along Riordan showered the residents with
Before he was unmasked, Bloop had
Intercourse. (Global Psycho) presents. The citizens squabbled
poisoned Chief Ironsides and Miss

Marples, blown up Kojak and the and suicide the only escape. The a nearby MunceCo plant. This time,
Toff, phosphor-flared the Saint, elec- only legitimate way in and out was Dredd executed Whitey, embedding
trocuted Taggert, spiked Hercule the Devils Island One-Way Special, the formers thrown badge in his
Poirot, gassed Jerberac, hypnotised a prison-shuttle. (Served Cold; The head. (Ten Years On)
Magnam, sent Columbo leaping to Judge Killer)
Willy Muggable Willy (Citizen ID
his death, and strangled Sam Spade.
Judge-killer Randolph Whitey #X2V321/B) was sentenced to incar-
The Detective Club was left badly-
Whitely (aka William Logan) was ceration on Devils Island for sabo-
damaged. (Whodunnit)
the first Devils Island inmate to taging Power Tower and the resulting
escape. He cajoled fellow convict deaths of 10,000 citizens. (Muggable
Devils Island Einstein into remote-hijacking the Willy)
For decades, Devils Island was the Weather Congress satellite radio-
The Carrie Bean Appreciation
prison of some of Mega-City Ones link and ordering a severe blizzard to
Society, led by Captain Walter
most dangerous life-sentence pris- stall the traffic. Whitey intended to
Pidgin, was sentenced to 20 years
oners. It was a traffic island located exact revenge against Judge Dredd,
imprisonment in Devils Island for
in the middle of a major jugger- who turned the extreme weather
attempting to plunder the neigh-
naut junction reserved for robot- and poor visibility to his advantage.
bouring Robert Louis Block. (The
controlled cargo-hauliers and a Whitey was returned to Devils Island
Pirates of Carrie Bean)
major traffic black-spot. Prisoners to resume his life sentence. (Devils
were free to roam Devils Island, Island) Gigantic robots disguised as city-
but faced certain death under the blocks rampaged, causing massive
Welch Logan, Whiteys brother,
wheels of the neverending traffic structural damage to the Devils
threatened Mega-City One with disin-
should they set one foot beyond Island neighbourhood. Lengths of
tegration unless Whitey was freed.
the prison perimeter. Any disrup- roadway crashed atop Devils Island,
Judge Dredd duped Whitey and
tion to the juggernauts programmed creating makeshift bridges allowing
returned him once more to Devils
routes activated an automatic safety many prisoners to escape. (Big
Island. (Whiteys Brother)
feature, getting them back up to Robots)
speed in minutes. The prisoners Ten years later, Whitey managed
Deller (Perp #2267/D) had served
remarked that escape was suicide another escape, taking hostages at

ten years of his life sentence for One probationary citizenship. Judge Dickler Street
murdering Judge Westlake, but Dredd caught the couple in the act
The Mk2 Mechanismo #11 was
prepared for an eventual escape. of drinking tea and, citing City Health
stationed at Dickler Street during the
When a hovertruck (a small-time Ordinance 441/4, sentenced them to a
hunt for the rogue Mechanismo #5.
haulage firm carrying a shipment custodial sentence(Addiction)
(Mechanismo: Body Count)
of fuel to a trekstop in the Cursed
Earth) crashed nearby, Deller slew
DiCaprio Stackers Dick Miller Block
Judges Melno and Sheer using their
own weapons and escaped atop a A City Bottom flophouse charging
Undercover Judge Pete Trager posed
stolen powerboard, inspiring a mass- 27.50 credits for overnight stays and
as an agent of the lawyer Vandris
escape. 47 prisoners were crushed 19.95 for shelf-sharers. (The Island)
DuBoyes vi-zine snuff-movie opera-
by the resumption of the robot- tions. Trager and Alphonse abducted
controled traffic surrounding Devils Dick & Dom Tavern the aspiring actor and Miller resi-
Island. Judge Dredd relieved Warder dent Bertram Stump, star of Strat-
Expanding Ernie Milkovitz and his
Conway of duty on a charge of negli- Bat out of Hell, to feature in one of
trainer Gimp defeated Dicky Tummy
gence upon learning the south-facing DuBoyes vi-zines. (The Final Cut)
in an eating contest in City Bottoms
gun turrets were deactivated while
seedy Dick & Dom Tavern as part
undergoing a refit at the time of the
escape attempt. (Served Cold)
of the hunt for the kidnapped juve Dick Tracy Block
Denry Pooter. They beat Teeny
Hondo City national Hina Tanako
Weeny and Fast Fred in various back-
was found dead by neighbours in her
DeVille Building street venues. (The Bazooka)
Tracy Block apartment. (Slaughter
Tea and sugar addicts Kinneth Margin)
Sturm and Rubella Davies cohabited Dick Cheney Block
DeVille Apartment 12. Sturm worked
in computer design, while Davies
In the Dick Cheney Block High Class Dick Turpin Overzoom
of 2105 yearbook, Cornocopia Challis
modelled for Megamode. They A robotic version of Judge Dredd
was voted the Girl Most Likely to
emigrated from Brit-Cit in July 2109 operated by Eck and Soapy mugged
Marry an Alien. (Road Stop)
and were still subject to Mega-City citizens along Turpin Overzoom

before it was destroyed by the real Dine at the Rooftop discovering Gunga was authentic,
Judge Dredd. (Robo-Dredd) Dredd arrested him anyway for
During the Total War terrorist
removing statutory safety labels
attacks, the Judges located an elev-
from soft furnishing as a way of
Dick Van Dyke Block enth thermonuclear device near the
avoiding a heavy compensation
Dine at the Rooftop restaurant; it
Dyke resident A Rosebud wrote to claim from Dinsdales lawyers.
took 35 minutes to airlift the bomb
The Mega-City Times concerning the (Youre a Better Man than I am,
to a Cursed Earth dump-zone. (Total
subject of honesty. (The Mega-City Gunga Dinsdale)

Dinosaur World Dinsmore Sked

Diego Garcia Block
Crash Diner owner Accident Eddy
On New Years Eve 2113, the inebri-
Cityblock destroyed by a nuclear was discovered by Psi-Division to
ated Big Tam McNutter broke into
device planted by Sam Posta. possess limited precognitive powers,
Dinosaur World and stole a robot
Flaming chunks of Garcia Block allowing him to set up his fastfood
version of the Loch Ness Monster
rained upon the entire sector with stall in locations about to become
which he used to gatecrash the
damage felt over a one kilometre disaster areas. While operating
Cal-hab Expats Club. (Auld Acquaint-
radius. (The Big Bang Theory) along Dinsmore Sked, Eddys van was
hijacked and crashed through the
Dimkins Shuggy Hall No-Finer Diners main window. (Crash
Dinsdale Mansion Diner)
A mega-mob business run by Delroy
Judges raided the home of Steven
Dimkin. The McReady Mob hitman
Gunga Dinsdale, billionaire playboy
Fast Eddie