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_ CERTIFICATE of CALIBRATION z Ie (= == os) \ssued by OTS (Pvt.) Limited 45, Est Teja, Tejgnon, Dhak 1215 Tel: +88-02-9126028, 9124003, 01755585553-7 Fae +88 02 8153739, mal: nfo@otsbd.com, ww. otsbd.com ‘customer Detals Name Areas ta Email Certtcateno. _015/16-05/5834 sue Date 20/06/2015 Engineering and ship reps te Nusrat Mansion, Pot 14/ lock G,Malisahar Housing Estate, Hashoha, Chittagong, 080 1725078096 hrease@treasecom ‘etal of Unt Under cairaton (UC) Description Manufacturer Mode/Type Seria Number 1h. ange/working Range"), Least count) Accuraey(C) Location of Calibration Visual inspection Date of tnt Receipt Date of calibration Suggested Due Date Service Request No alioration Procedure Calibration Rett Cconeution Thermal imager luxe T3z-agor01e(oH2) e/r/on (2010600) 2 Laboratory OK 6052015 15/05/2015 19/05/2016 sme “Th catation has been performed under controled conditions ung OTS Laboratory reference standards, which are periodical referenced to one or more ofthe primary standrds traceable to [NPUNST ether national physical measuresas equivalent to NST. Te calibration had been performedin accordance with callration procedure COP/0TS/358 (Procedure based on comparison eto The deals of standard equipment used foralbation & resut of calibration are given in For the status of measurements please refer to the guidance nots. nvitonment: (certified against callrateddigtal temperature & humidity meter) Temperature) Relative Humility (RH) 362 ‘Change in terperature and relative humidity ofthe Laboratory during the clation was ess than 403°C per Hour and 25.0% per 4 Hout respectively ‘hi certfeat lsu strc n accordance wit the regurements of ISO 170252005 calbation auipments are traceable tothe nterrational Standards, Documentary evidences avaiable upon request ois/ue-o6ysene age sof 2 eta of standard Equipment Used fr Calibration Sve. oecioton [wate | wt 5-780 | Grrfetene | —_vataty cima ot | prior [wna crveri | oxisiosexcn | _evesane | ontswia a | mamemsen [ wma | orsnwcin | oxanszorco | ovr | omewin sac noe: ‘States A The measurements within tolerance, due allowances having been made forthe uncertainty of the measurement. Status The measurement may be out of tolerance, due allowances having been made forthe uncertainty ofthe measurement ‘Status The measurement out of tolerance, due allowances having been made forthe uncertainty ofthe measurement Status No conclusion can be drawn, because the standards) doles not spect tolerance for this measurement. onseavanion Temperature: veri agains catbrated 7 109 robe Target vaue'C) | Actuntvowve("e) | Devaton('@) | Tolerance | Status | Uneerainty('C) 2000 398 202 NS ° 0.00 202 202 NS ° 2000 ET “08 NS ° 5000 S008 “28 2 70000 too aa 2 15000 15036 Er ° a 200.00 20028 a ° 300.00 30038 235 ws ° 20000 0028 229 NS 2 35000 35008 288 NS ° Notes 1. The values mentioned above are the mean readings 2 Any secon marked"N/S" means Not Speed 3. Any section marked °N/R" means Not Readable. ‘Traceability of Standards}: Te Standard Used for calibration is traceable to International Standards. The reported uncertainty 'satcoverge factor te2 which corresponds oa coverage probably of approximately 95 X for 3 normal dstouton yt Aue aS a eos ‘FO2{ 5.4/02/C) 'ssue No. 01 Oate of Issue: 01/10/2012 RT 015 /16-06/5834