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SEPTEMBER 2010 Birmingham’s Guide to Living in Style

Find out the latest techniques in obtaining the
luxurious hair you have always dreamed of

Beauty secrets from a Russian esthetician

The Man
Behind the Chair
Find out why all of Birmingham is
buzzing about this Parisian stylist!


How a Birmingham native revolutionized the Leslie Pittman’s fashion do’s and
international wine industry dont's from the markets of New York
September/October 2010 1
For length
For flawless voluminous hair
For dazzling color effects

For the world’s finest 100% human hair

hand selected from Europe and Russia

Last up to a year with proper care


International Hair Extension Specialist,
for your free consultation


2 Lallouche Living
 from the editor


he genesis of Lallouche Living is here!
We are thrilled to deliver something
sophisticated, yet eclectic to the citizens
of Birmingham. This comprehensive style guide
invites readers to explore different worlds within
this Southern City. Perhaps it’s the way the crickets
sing at night or the lush landscape that produces
a brand of charm within our people that can be
found no where else. Some of us are gregarious,
others of us are melancholic, but most of us are a
little of both. Compiling this first issue has been
a community effort, energizing everyone who has
taken part.
In honor of Franck Lallouche, “the man behind
the chair,” and the native Parisian, we will awaken
the inner Parisian within the citizens of Birming-
ham. We dare you….Put on a striped shirt, take a
3 hour lunch, go window-shopping and get lost in
your surroundings. You don’t have to be in Paris to be a Parisian. Being a Parisian
is a mindset, not a geographical circumstance. It’s about creating a style that is
decadent yet refined. You are a Parisian from your wardrobe to your wine collec-
tion. It’s about setting trends. It’s about feeling beautiful, regardless of your age,
your creed, your income, or your gender.
In our first issue, we travel to France, Russia, Italy, and Argentina, never leaving
the Birmingham City limits! Alabama is a magnet, drawing many people from afar.
Our medical facility, our beautiful women, and our universities always welcome
newcomers. Writers like Truman Capote have glorified our wonderful state. It’s
time for a new generation to showcase our talents.
Growing up here, I learned enough to take me to France, where I studied at
the American University of Paris, obtaining a degree in International Journalism.
I stayed in the City of Lights for four years, but the magic of the Birmingham
people eased me back with a lullaby. This first issue of Lallouche Living is a
marriage of the two cities, with a unique outcome that we know ya’ll will enjoy!

Libby Malcolm, Editor-in-Chief


September/October 2010 3
4 Lallouche Living

President, Chief Brand Officer Franck Lallouche

Senior Vice President Darrah Horsley

Editor In Chief Libby Malcolm


Vice President of Operations Laurent David


Art and Production Director Arnaud Le Vert


International Sales Director Darrah Horsley


Photography Scott McFadden


Contributing Photographers Kate Phillips, Mary Helen Harris

Birmingham Public Library

Senior Writer Libby Malcolm

Contributing Writers Darrah Horsley, Stephen Humphreys,

Valerie Virciglio

Lallouche Living is published bi-monthly by

Lallouche Media LLC,
P.O. Box 43192, Birmingham, AL 35243
For advertising information please call (205) 552.8294
Or email sales@lallouche.com

All contents © 2010. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use in whole or in part of the contents
without the prior written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Lallouche Living is a regis-
tered trademark of Lallouche Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Unsolicited photographs or articles
are submitted at the risk of the photographer or author. Lallouche Media, LLC assumes no liabil-
ity for the return of any unsolicited materials and may use them at its discretion.

September/October 2010 5
S E PT E M B E R /O CTO B E R 20 10

Franck Lallouche | 7
The Man Behind the Chair

Fantasy Hair With Extensions | 11

Find out the latest techniques in obtaining the
luxurious hair you have always dreamed of

Homewood Synergy Center | 13

Come in for a facial, leave with a new lease on life


Photographer: Scott McFadden
The Parisian forerunner of beauty and style in his headquarters

Location: The Summit,

Birmingham, Alabama
Concept: Franck Lallouche,
captured in one of his favorite
Birmingham spots, The Summit, Style | 7, 18, 26, 32 Dine | 19, 20
a place near his home and work,
Hair | 11, 12, 28 Advice | 21, 30
where he enjoys convenient
shopping and elegant dining. Beauty | 13 Expert | 29

Review | 16, 23 Tech | 34

6 Lallouche Living
lallouche  style

About the Man
Behind the Chair
by Darrah Horsley

orn and raised in the suburbs of Paris,
France. Without question Franck Lallouche
is one of the hair industry’s brightest stars.
His true passion is his creative ability to enhance
an individual’s features to the utmost potential,
making sure that the end result looks glamorous,
unique, and fashionable.
Franck’s career began in Paris when he was
accepted into the Toni & Guy Advanced Hair Acad-
emy. While there, he studied and was trained by
elite educators in every aspect of hairstyling. Being
at the academy could be grueling at times often
working 18 hour days, sleeping on a friend’s sofa,
and waiting for tips just to buy food. However, this

was also a gratifying time for Franck, as he realized
All women are his dream. Working with some of the most famous
stylists in the world has allowed Franck to fine-tune
beautiful and I his talents to the great appreciation of his clients.
After leaving the Academy, Franck was immedi-
am thrilled to ately hired at Toni and Guy Salon in Paris, France.

help them accept From there he was recruited by one of the top salons
in Israel, frequented by many Israeli celebrities. He
and embrace quickly began to work on photo shoots for many
top Israeli publications, as well as domestic and
their internal and European fashion shows. This led him to embark
on a career that has spanned Europe, Israel and the
external beauty!

US. Fluent in French, Hebrew, English and a master
of his craft, he keeps up with the latest techniques

September/October 2010 7
Franck is a Master
Cosmetologist with
a Color Specialist
Degree, which puts

him in the top 1% of

colorists in the world.

and hair trends as they appear on the Parisian fashion scene. believes you never stop learning and continuing education
He is constantly working on his own innovative techniques, is very important. He makes several trips a year to Israel
always pushing the boundaries of hair. and Europe, bringing back to Birmingham the latest hair
Franck is now a Master Cosmetologist with a Color Spe- trends and techniques.
cialist Degree, which puts him in the top 1% of colorists in His clientele includes women of all ages. “All women are
the world. He is an International Hair Extension Specialist beautiful and I am thrilled to help them accept, embrace
and an expert in Keratin Treatments. He has relocated to and even flaunt their internal and external beauty!” he says.
Birmingham, Al to be close to his precious daughter. He is With Franck’s artistic vision and impeccable attention to
a highly sought after hairstylist with many high profile cli- detail, you will leave his salon looking effortlessly chic and
ents who travel from all over the US to Birmingham. Franck polished. L

Franck is a natural when Franck is a true artist! From I have had both long and
it comes to hair. He can color to cuts to styling...he is short hair. It always looks
give you any look you want. the best! We are so lucky to healthy with great color. I
Birmingham does not know have him in Birmingham! trust Franck implicitly and
we have a Hollywood Stylist! I have never been steered
- Sherry Kidd
Thanks Franck! You are the wrong. He is the best! I send
best!! everyone I know and love to
him! xoxoxo
- Vivian Cory
- Jaclyn Cardwell

8 Lallouche Living
lowcountry and coastal favorites

business lunch • exclusive wine list • catering

special events • family-style meals for pick-up
lunch and dinner tuesday-saturday
and sunday brunch

121 oak street mountain brook



W hen considering diamonds, most Ameri-

cans think of certain icons- the blue Tif-
fany box, DeBeers Silhouettes donning diamond
and manufacturing facilities are found in India,
Antwerp, London, New York City, Amsterdam,
and Tel Aviv Israel- where Diamonds Direct’s
jewelry, and the infamous “A Diamond Is Forever” cutting and manufacturing facility is located.
slogan. However, these icons don’t tell the story Our master cutter’s create precise angles and
behind the incredible journey a diamond takes facets to disperse the most light and luster from
before landing on your finger. From the diamond the diamond.
mine, to the careful science behind cutting and Modern technology and traditional methods
manufacturing diamonds, the diamond industry are used to analyze the natural components of
is much more than clever marketing campaigns. each stone which affect the color, clarity, cut and
Most jewelers acquire their diamonds from carat weight of the finished product. A polished
third party diamond wholesalers. At Diamonds diamond can weigh as little as 50% of the weight
Direct, we are involved in every aspect of the of the original rough diamond.
diamond process. Our story begins in Russia, Once the stones have been polished, we send Our master cutter’s
create precise angles
where crews are working to extract rough dia- them to the EGL or the GIA, independent dia-
and facets to disperse
monds near Siberia. Active diamond mines can mond laboratories, to certify the quality of each
the most light and
also be found in Canada, India, Brazil, Australia, loose stone. Once certified, reports are issued to
luster from the diamond
and Africa. identify specific characteristics of the diamond.
The diamond trade is closely monitored by the These key characteristics are used not only to
Kimberly Process, which identifies the origin of determine fair market value, but to help identify
each diamond and requires the industry to ship each diamond.
rough and polished diamonds in officially sealed Several times a year Amit Berger, our Vice
packages. This regulation ensures ethical mining President, flies to Tel Aviv to select the diamonds
and selling practices. needed in inventory. Like our customers, he care-
Worldwide, it is estimated that 130 million car- fully evaluates every diamond. The selected dia-
ats of diamonds are mined annually around the monds are then shipped directly to our retail
world- a shocking statistic, but not every rough operation in Birmingham, Alabama.
diamond is polished to greatness. Only about Our history is something we’re proud of and
one quarter of the diamonds mined each year we share this with each customer we meet. So
are jewelry quality- the rest are used for a variety next time you desire a sparkling stone, know that
of manufacturing and industrial purposes. it each diamond is unique, and that its history is
The practice of cutting jewelry quality dia- more than just pretty wrapping paper.
monds is a 100 year tradition. Diamond cutting

10 Lallouche Living
lallouche  hair

DARRAH HORSLEY | Team Lallouche

T here are several methods of attaching extensions.
Although the Lallouche Team has been educated and
has practiced all methods, fusion is the one we utilize on our
clients. Fusion is by far the best method. It is undetectable
from your natural hair and can last up to a year with proper conditioning and oils. Most bonds have to be removed with
care and maintenance. alcohol and pliers. Thanks to our supplier’s research, we can
Even with the fusion method, there are hundreds of offer a dependable and safe hair extension bond which will
brands of hair to choose from. Of course, you only want easily remove with our oil based remover, causing no damage
100% human hair. Just because it is 100% human hair to your own natural hair.
does not mean it is good hair and that you will not have Have you even seen a woman and instantly known she has
problems once it is attached to your own hair. There are 3 hair extensions? From the color to the way that the extensions
main components when choosing fusion extensions: The are blended with your own natural hair, you have to be very
hair, the bond, and the hair stylist who attaches the exten- careful when choosing a stylist to apply your hair extensions.
sions to your own hair. At Lallouche Hair, the team has a superior understanding of
The hair not only has to be 100% human hair, but also color theory. As true hair care artists, we color match client’s
needs to have the cuticle going in the same direction with hair for custom-made orders. Franck started his Extension
no coating on the hair. Many manufacturers will put a coat- education in France many years ago and with continuing
ing on extensions, disguising the fact it is non-cuticle hair. education on the latest techniques, he is a highly sought after
After a couple weeks of washing, the coating diminishes International Extension artist. Darrah received her extension
and you will have problems with extreme tangling. The Lal- education in the United States and combined with Franck
louche Team only uses hair hand selected from Europe and and ongoing extension education completes the sought after
Russia. The European grade is manufactured from raw hair team. Lallouche Team will provide the best quality extensions
to finished hair extensions with strict control over quality and apply them in a way that looks as if they grew from your
-especially tangle testing, moisture content and finished own head. They will be blended into your natural locks for the
color. The 100% Russian virgin, silky hair is hand selected. most realistic finish possible.
This hair is used in many film productions. Our supplier is Hair extensions are the answer to many women’s prayers,
the biggest supplier to the movie industry and can be seen adding length and volume or just increasing volume to fine, thin
in Sex and the City 2. The quality of the Lallouche Team’s hair. Not only can you use hair extensions to increase volume
hair is better than any other brand in the market. and length, but you can use them to add highlights and/or low
Many manufacturers use extensions with a huge piece lights as well. Once they have been applied, you treat them
of glue, rather than using a large and bulky “glue nail.” Lal- with the same respect that you would treat your natural hair.
louche Team’s molded tips contain the precise amount You can shampoo, condition, color, blow-dry, curl, and/or flat
of adhesive needed to create one single bond. Our bond iron them. With hair extensions you can achieve the impos-
applies quickly and easily, with a high resistance to heat, sible and there are no limits to what you can do to your hair.

September/October 2010 11
lallouche  hair



hen clients enter Angel Hair Salon, the first been long-time patrons to the twenty-two stylists who
stylist they see is David Sebbag. He is the operate out of the salon.
heart and soul behind the revolution that The philosophy behind David’s work is simple. “If
began in Birmingham thirty years ago. Sebbag was the you don’t see light with at the end of your path, you
forerunner for an empire that began on Montgomery are doing the wrong job,” says Sebbag. He feels that he
Highway in a salon called “Concorde,” named for the is doing the best job for himself and is just where God
glimmering Place de la Concorde in his native Paris. wants him. “I have made the quality of my life as good
Ever since his arrival from the City of lights to the Magic in Birmingham as it was in Paris,” adds Sebbag. It is
City, Parisian stylists have been drawn to Birmingham clear that he is speaking the truth, as a certain joie de
like a magnet, bringing their Parisian flair to the hair vivre radiates from him.
care industry. It is clear that Sebbag has been the influence for a
His salon moved to Crestline in 1980 and renamed it, great movement in the hair care industry. Both of his
“Angel Hair”. The name is derived from the children that sisters, Martine and Rachel, started successful salons
come to David for their cuts. Parents see their children in Mountain Brook (Harper’s and Alexandre). David
as special “angels”. Sebbag and his team of talented stylists have done a
David was determined to have a salon for the fam- remarkable job at contributing to Birmingham style
ily; a place where mothers, fathers and children can for three decades. David Sebbag is a man with a huge
frequent as a family to have their hair styled in lively personality and a good heart. After thirty years in
environment. “Our prices are reasonable. We do not Birmingham, he remains a true Parisian. L
want to turn any person away because of cost.” His goal
works as seventy per cent of Angel Hair’s clients have

12 Lallouche Living
lallouche  beauty



argarita Feldman is passionate about being an esthetician.
“I have a great deal of love for humanity. I have not chosen
this profession, this profession has chosen me,” Margarita
says with a twinkle in her eye. “All of the natural healers
feel this way.” Margarita, whose clients affectionately call
‘Rita,’ came to Alabama in 1993, when her family emigrated
from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She and her family were purged from their homeland.
Washington, DC, issued Political Refugee Visas for Rita, her husband, son,
and mother. After experiencing the effects of cultural assimilation and arriving
to America with only 8 suitcases full of books, Rita still defends her homeland.
“Tashkent is a beautiful city. I still go back every year to a village which hosts
creative minds from all over.”
Growing up in Tashkent, Rita attended the School of Engineering. As Rita
explored her identity; she realized that engineering was not her calling. A great
communicator, Rita came to one of her city’s best estheticians, who taught her
all of her methods. “I was having problems with my own skin.” Rita says. “The
struggle against acne seemed endless.” This esthetician gave Rita the basis of her
expertise. In Russia, skin care specialists cook their skin creams in spa kitchens.
Rita’s mentor used living fruits and vegetables in recipes that had been passed
down for generations. “When I began going to this woman, I would get facials
every other day,” Rita says. “That is the Russian way.”
Rita stresses the importance of loving what is. Rita has consistently worked in
Birmingham’s top spas since her arrival to the city seventeen years ago. Rita made
a name for herself by working at Deborah Stone Day Spa, Interlude, Angel Hair,
and Gus Meyer. “Some people have even told me that they’d let me perform a
facial on them in the parking lot if I had to,” she says with a smile.

September/October 2010 13
“Some people
have even told
me that they’d
let me perform a
facial on them in
the parking lot if I
had to ”

Now, Rita is finally in a setting that compliments her independent

nature: The Homewood Synergy Center. In this lovely setting, Rita’s
has over a dozen diplomas from various workshops. Rita’s chemical
peels are great for people here, because, “people in Alabama have
LOTS of sun damage,” she says. The chemical peel not only repairs
the elasticity of skin, it also gives Rita’s clients an amazingly healthy
Rita is excited about her new Micro-current Machine. It works
the muscles and prevents aging skin from sagging and can tighten
already sagging skin by using a micro-current to allow skin to con-
tract and relax in the facial muscles. It is the face’s equivalent to
going to the gym.
Rita uses some of the worlds most luxurious skin care lines, includ-
ing Yonka. This is the French line that Birmingham native Courtney
Cox swears by. The Homewood Synergy Center is the only place in
Birmingham that carries it.
“I spoil my clients so much,” Rita laughs. They can come in between
appointments if they have a pimple and I will zap them with my
magic wand.” Rita is referring to her hi-frequency electrode machine.
Exfoliating body polishes are a wonderful way to give skin a soft,
silky feel. Rita will also wax any part of her clients’ faces or body
that they need. The word on the street is that Rita gives the most
painless bikini wax in town! L


is located at:
2007 Lancaster Road,
Birmingham, AL 35209

14 Lallouche Living
Welcome to the world of exercising
with a personal trainer.
Our job is to make sure that our clients achieve
whatever goals they set and that they are capable of
conquering those goals independently.

My name is Thomas Sears. I have been a

trainer for about 4 years and still love what I do.

My Degree in Exercise Science allows me to

specialize my results in the development of Core
Training and Weight Loss. Calorie in is calorie out.

My job is to show you the four ways to lose weight,

by burning many calories as possible in a safe
manner. This can be achieved through:

weight training, cardiovascular exercise,

nutrition, and supplements.

With www.goldsgymbirmingham.com,
www.dotfit.com and you can reach me at
Goldspersonaltrainer@gmail.com in
Vestavia Golds Gym location. See you soon!

September/October 2010 15
lallouche  review



 BY STEPHEN HUMPHREYS dropped by the latest art opening at Lite Box Gallery; I was glad to see
that word of the art venue in Pepper Place is finally getting out. I did the
first show at Lite Box, in January 2009, which included works that went
on to show worldwide, including MOMA, but went virtually viewerless in
their Birmingham debut.
The current exhibit, Lite Brite, shows the reason for the resurgence. The
exhibit claims to be informed by pop iconography, but is all the more interest-
ing for its departures from that premise. Guest curator John Lytle Wilson’s
stylized robots battling pterodactyls add to the pop theme a whimsical flair
that actually overtakes the exhibit, and his own middle name foreshadows
some of the reconstructed agrarian fables that emerge from the glam and
retro façades.

Even if you tried, you will not be able to miss the Unicorn installation at
the entrance to the exhibit. The Unicorn interacts with an oversized chip-
munk-woodchuck creature and various fantasy toadstools by way of video
screens in their skulls. Pop or no pop, Kelly Boehmer’s work is a mixture of
the grotesque, incongruent, and comical that is as delightful as it is absurd.

The one thing Lite Box has struggled to do before now is put on two
interesting shows in a row. But Lite Brite does that with its understated
outlandishness, as in the whimsy of Adrian Scott‘s giant DixiePop soda cans
that do more than appropriate images from what is common-cultured and
commercially mainstream, ergo pop.

New gallery coordinator Kate Merritt Davis is largely responsible for taking
Lite Box in this incongruously consistent direction, as she tries to expose
emerging artists with an original flair to the community that spawned them.

All these trends taken together introduce a whole new tone to Litebox in
its struggles to find an identity and fulfill Cathy Sloss Crenshaw’s vision of
a community art space, exemplified by artwork that is challenging and fun.

And, situated as it is in the middle of Pepper Place’s complex of design,

furniture and antique shops, Lite Box may yet even find a home in the art-
stream of commerce and interior decoration for the more adventurous of
Birmingham’s cardboard cutout couples. L

16 Lallouche Living
Keratin is the most effective
smoothing treatment in the world!

If your hair is...

 Dull
 Dry
 Frizzy
 Unmanageable

You can have...

 Radiant shine
 Soft/Healthy
 Smooth/Frizz free
 Effortless hair

Lallouche Hair Team is your

source for Keratin Treatment in

Book your appointment by calling:

205-552-8294 or visit:

September/October 2010 17
lallouche  style


aura Kathryn has dressed Birmingham’s women
for the past eighteen years. It’s an environment
where customers can envision their own style. If
one buys a dress at Laura Kathryn, chances are you won’t
find anyone else wearing the same thing.
After working in the medical device industry for a brief
stint, Leslie Pittman decided to make a change. “I wanted
to do something day in and day out that I was passionate
about. I remember most of my thoughts went to cloth-
ing and fashion, and I decided to pursue it as a career!” Sherrill to head up merchandising. Leslie’s main forte is
Pittman began meeting with local boutique owners and working one on one with her customers, including doing
finding out the tricks of the trade, willing to do whatever closet consultations. The combination of talent has really
it took. increased business and exposure.
Her desire to be in retail didn’t happen over night. It
was a childhood dream…Leslie recalls playing “store” Laura Kathryn carries cocktail dresses, designer jeans,
with her sister Carrie. Later in high school, her career trendy tee’s, shoes and jewelry. Some of the top lines
essay mirrored her ideal job, retail buyer. She interviewed include Tibi, Shoshanna, Alice + Olivia, Rebecca Taylor,
a buyer at Parisian and was intrigued with the behind the Susana Monaco, Joie, Ella Moss, Parker, Splendid, Frye,
scenes aspect. Later, her passion was fueled as a student Cynthia Vincent, and Cordani. L
at Southern Methodist University. “Dallas is a very fashion
forward city,” says Pittman. “Students carried Louis Vuit-
ton’s as their backpacks.
Leslie fit hand in glove with Laura Kathryn Vogtle and
her vision in clothes as well as customer service. Laura
approached her about being sales manager for the store. LESLIE’S TAKE IN A SNAPSHOT:

Leslie was elated to work at Laura Kathryn. She later Things she can’t live without:
Tibi dresses and Prada sunglasses
became buyer for the store, traveling to markets in Atlanta,
Fall’s Top Trend:
New York and Las Vegas. Pittman bought the store in Sep- FUR! Forget the fact that we are in the South. Laura
tember of 2008. “It has been a tremendous experience!” Kathryn can’t wait to showcase fur vests from La Rok.

Pittman has a small but talented team. She hired her Pittman’s dreaded favorite faux pas:
Harem pants
sister, Carrie Pittman, to do the marketing and Lizzie

18 Lallouche Living
lallouche  dine



hef Joe Magnolia has been bringing his Sicil-
ian secrets to Mountain Brook for the past
twenty-two years. Joe’s earliest memory of food
takes him back to his grandmother’s kitchen in Palermo,
where he would play with dough. Customers feel like
they are walking into the dining room of a real Italian
family when they come to Bongiorno’s. The taste is not
The reputation of Bongiorno, which was voted best
overpowered by the ambiance of this simple eatery. The
pizza by the blind taste test held at the Emmet O’Neal
general attitude of Bongiorno: good Italian food, served
Library. “Most of our customers come to us because of
with warm, Sicilian hospitality.
word of mouth,” Joe says. He buys all of his ingredients
Twice a week, Joe goes to the seafood market. He
locally. Everything is fresh. They make their own bread
handles each fillet and selects only the best shrimp and
and unlike many of the chain restaurants, there is not
scallops. Summer specials include a standout dinner and
one ingredient that comes off of a truck from General
salad. Spring mix lettuce is studded with pan-seared
Foods in Minneapolis. No, Joe keeps things the way
scallops and shrimp, laced with Gorgonzola, cranberries
they were back in Sicily: Fresh and delicious. “We want
and fresh pear, then doused in warm bacon vinaigrette.
our money to stay in Birmingham,” Joe says. This Old
Paired with Chardonnay, this is a lovely summer night
World mentality marks the perfection and meticulous
meal. Brightly flavored vinaigrettes include kiwi, kala-
that defines Bongiorno. L
mata olive and roasted tomato. This is not the place
to skip a salad!
Joe does not do much advertising and he never has.

Bongiorno Italian Restaurant
68 A Church Street
Crestline Village, Birmingham

Phone: 205.879-5947
Web: www.bongiornoitalianrestaurant.com

September/October 2010 19
lallouche  dine

Dyron Powell and his wife Sonya love to travel. Over

ten years ago, they were fortunate enough to happen
upon the lowcountry of South Carolina and Georgia.
There they found relaxed lifestyles combined with one-
of-a-kind culinary tastes. In their opinion, it is the
greatest place on earth to slow down and enjoy
great food and great friends.

Joined by Executive Chef, Phillip Baio. they

opened Dyron’s Lowcountry Restaurant in
Mountain Brook to share their love for the
culinary offerings of the region. It’s a place for
those who have been to revisit their memories
and refresh their pallets and a place for those
who have never been to get an authentic taste
of the unique foods.

For centuries lowcountry dwellers have

turned to the water for culinary inspiration.
Crabs, shrimp, fish, and oysters form the
basis of any traditional menu, and seafood
dishes are offered at every meal. Rice,
grits, and the produce of t h e co a st a l
p l a in also play a n i n st r u m en t a l ro l e
in lowcountry cooking. Whether served as
a simple side or cooked with tomatoes and
other vegetables to make pilau, rice is
integral to the region’s meals.

But, lowcountry cooking is more than a

culinary tradition. It’s a relaxed, welcoming attitude
that makes everyone feel at home. It’s a commitment to
keep things simple and uncontrived. It’s a state of mind.

Welcome to Dyron’s Lowcountry. Plenty for Everyone.

20 Lallouche Living
lallouche  advice



rofessionals are facing the softest economy
and toughest job market in decades. The Bir-
mingham area has been particularly hard hit,
according to rankings released in recent months.
Gaining a competitive edge is key not only to getting and
keeping a job here, but also in climbing the corporate ladder.
What often makes the difference in hiring and promotion
decisions in the Magic City, as elsewhere, is how profes-
sionals present themselves.
Are you impeccably dressed? Do you know how to navi- of a variety of high-profile individuals, including the wife of
gate a formal dinner? Are you aware of the finer points of a a Los Angeles-based billionaire.
business lunch? Many of us could use some improvement.
That’s where Successful Image comes in. Deborah has provided consultation to individuals from
Veteran social strategist Deborah O’Connor recently and organizations including the University of Alabama in
created the Mountain Brook-based company to help Bir- Birmingham, Broad and Cassel Attorneys At Law, Becker
mingham-area executives, business leaders and job seekers and Poliakoff Attorneys At Law, Development Associates
prepare for career advancement. She provides private and International, Jefferson Pilot Communications, Greater
group coaching and seminars that enable her clients to Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Tenet
better dress and conduct themselves. Healthsystem.
Billy Harvill, Chairman of the Board of IntermarkGroup, Recently Deborah decided to relocate in Birmingham,
is one of Deborah’s many fans. which she considers a vibrant city full of potential.
“She knows business, and why it’s important that profes- “Birmingham is one of the South’s best-kept secrets,”
sionals present themselves well. She’s a valuable asset to she says.
Birmingham and Successful Image will fill a much-needed “I’ve been enjoying consulting with professionals and
gap,” he says. students here who want to be their best.”
Dr. Lauren Skinner Beitelspacher, Assistant Professor
During the early 1990’s Deborah became a respected of Marketing at UAB, has asked Deborah to work with her
community leader in Atlanta. She served on boards and American Marketing Association students this fall.
fundraised for a major hospital and other organizations, “Deborah has an inherent understanding of etiquette,
including the Junior League. image and social strategy and how they impact the job
Later she earned her MBA and began offering image search, especially in this difficult economic climate.”
and etiquette consulting to Fortune 500 executives and
attorneys in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. For more information visit www.successfulimage.biz
Since then Deborah has advised and managed the affairs

September/October 2010 21



Blackjack Gardens is unique. Blackjack is more than an outdoor

garden and accessory shop, it is a shopping experience. Come
out and plan to spend time exploring casual and outdoor
furniture selections and the carefully selected accessories for
indoors and out.

The reasons customers shop specialty stores like Blackjack are:

“You find the most “Good prices, good “You can try a lot
exceptional styles to choices and great of chairs to find
select from.” service.” comfortable ones.”

“The store focuses “It's nearby and has “It is easy to find
on customer service a large selection.” strong construction
and has well- and products that
designed displays.” will last.”

22 Lallouche Living

“T here is not such a cradle of democracy upon the

Earth as the free public library—this republic of letters,
where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest
consideration,” said Andrew Carnegie in 1904. This truth rings
true to all who enter the dramatic atrium of the Linn-Henley

LINN-HENLEY Research Library.

As opulent as a European Cathedral, this architectural won-

RESEARCH LIBRARY der began construction in 1925 after the City Hall of burned

A HISTORICAL SANCTUARY OF KNOWLEDGE down, along with the contents of the city’s library. The structure
was completed in 1927 and over the years, the library has
been a seedbed for some of Birmingham’s most important
institutions, such as the Birmingham Museum of Art and the
Civil Rights Institute. The library was named for Charles Linn
and Robert Henley, who funded the construction.
George Stewart, who has been working at the library since
1967, provides knowledge about the library’s history. “I am now
working on the map collection, which started as the private
collection of four individuals. It highlights the early explora-

September/October 2010 23
tion period, featuring the coast, Native
Americans, and the Caribbean.” He pulls
out a map from 1595, which is one of
the first maps ever drawn of Florida. It
is considered a “mother map.” For the
next 100 years, people took this map
and made changes based on what they
“The earliest map in our collection Henley Research Library when behold-
dates back to 1512. The earlier maps are ing the most visibly spectacular feature
examples, not only of cartography, but of the library: the collection of murals
also artistry. They were both scientists painted on the on the vast walls. The
and artists,” Stewart explains. “Many of high ceiling hosts a collection painted
our maps are not held anywhere else in by Ezra Winter, the Michigan native who
the world. There may be copies, but if won the prestigious Prix de Rome, after
anyone wanted to find the original, they studying fine art in Europe. The European
would have to come here,” Stewart says. influence is visible in his work at the Linn-
“We are cataloging them now to put them Henley Research Library. In his French
into the worldwide database. Next, we mural, Moliere’s Le Misanthrope comes
will digitize the maps and put their actual to life. Alceste is seen seducing the beau-
image on our website,” Stewart says. tiful and vivacious Celemene. There are
“This collection is better known outside depictions from literature in the German,
of Birmingham. Anyone who is really into English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Scandi-
maps knows about the collection here, navian, American, Greek, Japanese, Per-
but locally, it’s relatively unknown.” sian, Chinese, Hebrew, Egyptian, Arabian,
George Harris holds a degree in His- and Hindu murals as well.
tory from Samford University and a Following the completion of the East
Masters of Library Science from Emory. Building of the library in 1984, a reno-
He says that he was hooked. His entire vation of the original library took place.
career started as he shelved books to get As the library was constructed in two
through college. Since that time, George years, the restoration of the library’s
served as the library’s director from 1977 original furniture took two years. Arti-
onward. Stewart actually met his wife in sans cleaned the murals with Q-tips. “The
the library. She was being too loud and horse went from a gray color back to its
he caught her attention by telling her original white,” Stewart says, emphasiz-
to be quiet. She returned the next day ing the level of precision that took place.
and later became his wife. Their story Yes, our city’s most historical gem is
is even featured in a book about library still free and open to the public. It is still a
romances! seedbed of intellectualism and it stands
It is clear to see why anyone could strong and proud, just like the patrons
spend a lifetime working in the Linn- who began it so many years ago. L

24 Lallouche Living




{ please call for an appointment }

lallouche  style

Indulge in the Lavish Splendor of Ivory
and White where all Brides-to-be are

treated like Queens

ntering Ivory & White is a heavenly experience. Margaret Henderson Ellis had a fairy tale last year and
As the doors of the Crestline Village Boutique says, “Brooke and Lauren at Ivory and White are an amaz-
open, brides step into an ethereal realm of luxury. ing team to work with! From the moment I walked into
The front room of Ivory & White resembles the parlor of the boutique, I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. I
a Queen and all brides receive the royal treatment here. shared my vision of what I was looking for and was quickly
If Marie Antoinette were a Birmingham girl, she would paired with an ivory silk cotton faille gown designed by
certainly buy her wedding gown for her marriage to King Priscilla of Boston. The halter bodice featured a draping
Louis XVI at Ivory & White. There is a feeling of fresh, décolletage. The full, dirndl skirt fell from a chiffon floral
clean energy that radiates from this place. It is unlike any sash to a semi-cathedral length train. My experience at
other store of its kind. Ivory & White was exceptional and I recommend that all
Ivory & White carries over a dozen of the most high future-brides make an appointment!”
end designers, including Monique Lhullier, Priscilla of No matter what a customer’s budget, Brooke will take the
Boston, Melissa Sweet, and soon Vera Wang. “It is necessary time to advise anyone on bridal issues. “I don’t want anyone
to spend at least two hours with every bride in her initial woman, regardless of her budget, leaving this store feeling
consultation,” says Lauren Monk, who is Brooke’s only other bad about herself.” She managed the bridal department of
employee, making the experience for all brides as intimate Saks Fifth Avenue prior to opening her shop in Mountain
as possible. Brooke and Lauren go through with the brides Brook. There, she left a wonderful impression on her col-
will last the duration of any engagement. leagues and delivered the most superior service that brides
“There is not one customer that I have not personally in Birmingham had ever seen. L
met,” Brooke says, describing her hands on approach. Cath-
erine Ryals does all of the alterations for Ivory & White and
she is equally delightful to work with.

26 Lallouche Living
September/October 2010 27
lallouche  hair

FOR YOUR HAIR Recommends tips from the
Lallouche Hair Team

EXTENSIONS The first thought that comes to mind for most people when they
think about taking proper care of hair extensions is how it is extremely
difficult. This, however, is not the case. Taking proper care of your hair
extensions is actually quite easy. There are a few things that you can do
that will keep your hair extensions looking great for a long time.
First of all, make sure to wait a few days to your wash your
hair after you first get your extensions. The reason for this is that
it takes a while for the extensions to completely bond to your hair and
washing your hair so soon after they are put in can create issues with
the hold. However, once this period of time is over, you can wash your
hair as often as you like.
Properly washing and conditioning your hair when you have hair
extensions is vital to maintaining the look that you want. Because hair
extensions are not growing like natural hair, they do not produce their
own oils. As a result, it is necessary to use a quality leave-in conditioner
to keep the hair extensions looking vibrant and beautiful. Making
sure that your hair extensions are properly moisturized and conditioned
will lead to long lasting hair extensions.
Just because they need to be maintained does not mean you cannot
do anything with your hair extensions. In fact, it is quite the contrary. As
long as your hair extensions are maintained well, you can do just about
anything with them. You can style them with different products, curl
them, straighten them, even color them if you like.
With proper maintenance and care, hair extensions can last a very
long time. Maintaining hair extensions is not as difficult as is commonly
thought, but it does require some time and effort on the part of the
wearer. The result of caring for your hair extensions, however, is more
than worth the small investment required in order to maintain them.
With the proper care, your hair extensions will continue to look great
and can last up to a year. L

28 Lallouche Living
lallouche  expert

Q What do I do to make my hair look thicker
and have more body at home? Q Should I wash my hair every day?

A You will need to start with a good cut and the

proper style. Shampoo your hair with a volumiz- A Washing too often can tend to dry hair out. So
unless your hair is extremely oily, wash your
ing shampoo and conditioner. Spritz roots with hair every other day. If your hair is slightly
a root boost and rub moose or styling product oily on the second day, you can use a little dry
specifically designed to give volume from roots shampoo on the roots. Baby powder sprinkled
to ends. When dry, use big Velcro rollers, roll to in the roots will also absorb the oil and leave a
the root and leave them in at least 10 minutes fresh smell.
or more. I usually leave them in while applying
my makeup, then take them out and run my
fingers through to style. Color, highlights, and/
or lowlights can make hair appear thicker. By
far, the best way to obtain thickness and volume
is to add some strands of hair extensions.

Q My hair is thick and frizzy. How can I make it

soft and silky?

Darrah was trained by Franck
First try Keratin Treatment which will make your
Lallouche in the techniques
hair frizz free, soft and silky. The soft and silky
he learned in Paris. Darrah is
texture will make it appear not as thick. If this
an expert in Keratin and Hair
does not relax the frizz to your satisfaction, you
Extensions. She and Franck
can do a straightener.
make the Lallouche Team. She

is managing assistant for Lal-

louche Hair. When visiting with

Lallouche Hair, you can leave

a question which may appear

with an answer in an upcoming

issue of Lallouche Living.


September/October 2010 29
lallouche  advice

Lallouche Hair Team 

ave you ever wondered if all of Hollywood The application process takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2
was born with perfect hair? In fact, the Hol- hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
lywood secret to hair perfection is regular After application of the product, it is infused with heat,
Keratin treatments. A Keratin treatment is which seals in moisture, hydrates the hair, and creates a
a revolutionary process that transforms and repairs the glossy finish. Results are visible immediately after treat-
hair cuticle. Keratin is the primary protein of the hair, skin, ment is completed. You will be amazed to say the least.
and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to Hair looks shiny and beautiful.
return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state while
improving the elasticity of the hair. Management of hair after Keratin Treatment is effort-
less. The amount of time required to style hair will decrease
While a side effect of Keratin is relaxed curl, Keratin dramatically. With the addition of a great haircut, hair will
is not a straightener. Unlike other products available on just fall into the proper style. This treatment restores hair
the market that relax curl, such as crème relaxers or resiliency. Humidity, rain, or perspiration will no longer
straighteners. Keratin treatments replenish the condition affect the hairstyle. No more frizzy hair!
of the hair without damaging or changing to the molecular
structure. If your hair is curly, it will be relaxed but not bone The results last two to four months; the treatment
straight. In fact you will have a more beautiful, bouncy dissipates gradually as hair is shampooed. There is no
curl. This is due to the fact Keratin will eliminate the frizz obvious definition between treated and untreated hair
in your curl. The treatment can be used on all hair types as hair grows. With treatment repeat every two to four
such as chemically treated hair, colored, permed, relaxed, months, you will be able to observe a continuous overall
straightened, highlighted, and bleached. improvement of hair. L

30 Lallouche Living
September/October 2010 31
lallouche  style

Birmingham native Stephen Humphreys
revolutionizes the international wine scene by
using his foreign language capabilities, his stellar
education, and a dash of Southern charm.



hen Stephen Humphreys was a new student at Argentina to Hong Kong and Taipei. Since then, Argen-
Indian Springs, his French teacher saw some- tina has been recognized for its perfect soil and climate for
thing special in him after the first month. John winemaking, and Humphreys was again ahead of the curve
Campbell asked the young student to accelerate his studies importing the wines into the U.S, where it is the fastest
and complete French I-III in his first year. growing segment of the U.S. market. Five years after he
Few people are able to use advice given by a mentor to started in Taipei, Argentine wine is as popular in Asia as
pivot their course around the globe. However, Stephen it is in America, and this is all thanks to Birmingham’s
Humphreys has done just that. After Indian Springs, Ste- own Stephen Humphreys. And now he is intoducing the
phen went to Princeton, where he won the prestigious F. wines to Australia.
Scott Fitzgerald Prize. He then graduated number one in Stepehen found that there was still a piece of his identity
his class from the University of Georgia Law School. But left in the South. He runs his company Athens Imports and
it was his expertise in French, and other languages like divides his time between Athens, GA and Birmingham. He
Spanish that he taught himself on his travels, that led him frequently hosts wine tastings at the Piggly Wiggly and
to do business around the world, as intellectual property dinners at restaurants like La Dolce Vita in Birmingham.
advisor to French corporate giant Dassault, and even as He now also imports wine from France and Spain, and
special counsel to the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. is just bringing in a new line from Western Australia. The
When Humphreys started doing business in Asia, his languages change, but for Humphreys the wine business
inability to even get a glass of wine with dinner, ironi- is still about creating connections in faraway lands. On
cally, led him into the wine business. Stephen began to his recent visit to Australia, when a Mt Barker winemaker
notice a change, with Asian interest in wine growing learned of his soccer expertise, Humphreys was recruited
rapidly, at the same time he traveled to Argentina on to guest coach the Mt. Barker U-13 Bandicoots, and the
business and discovered wonderful wines that were not country kids avenged a prior 10-0 loss to their archrivals
being exported anywhere and world-class winemakers in town with a 2-2 draw. Stephen, who won’t soon be
like Hector Durigutti who were just starting out. Stephen forgotten in Mt Barker, proves that there is nothing a
began to make the connections, exporting the wines from Birmingham Man can’t do! L

32 Lallouche Living
Mimi Nolen
RealtySouth- Sales Associate

205-870-5420 (o)
205-908-8767 (c)

“For your Hair call Franck,

for your Home call Mimi!”

Get Amazing Haircolor from Redken

color specialist Tiffany Horsley at Santa ✦ Precision Cutting
Fe Day Spa. Tiffany was educated in ✦ Dimensional Highlights
color at the Redken Institute, 5th Ave,
✦ Corrective Color
New York. Tiffany creates unique, easy-
✦ Extension Specialist
care styles for each client according to
her/his lifestyle and personality. ✦ Keratin Straightening

✦ Warm & Inviting Atmosphere

Santa Fe Day Spa
611 Doug Baker Boulevard
Birmingham AL 35242
Phone: 205 408-7221

September/October 2010 33
lallouche  tech

Internet Technology is a new and rapidly changing industry. Due to the fact that we are all dependent upon our
computers, when anything goes wrong with our second brains, our business and personal lives slow down. Everyone,
from the web designers to stock brokers, to authors rely on their computers. The IT professional functions as “busi-
ness facilitator” in a sense. Oren Azrad, who holds an engineering degree (specializing in Internet Technology) from
the University of Alabama, has some great tips for the readers of Lallouche Living, to help them avoid any crises with
their computer systems.


Never turn your PC off with the power switch until No need to overstuff your hard drive. Keep at least
Windows has completely shut down. If you do turn off 1GB of free space on the main hard drive and your
the computer by using its power button or electricity computer will be able to function more smoothly.
mains you risk damaging the computer.

 STORAGE Make sure you have current antivirus and anti-spy-
Backup all your files and media. Data loss can happen ware protection, and set it to update at least once a
in many ways. One of the most common causes is day and run a full-system scan at least once a week.
physical failure of the media the data is stored on.
You probably have everything saved on your PCs hard  FIREWALL
drive. That hard drive will not live forever. Because the internet is a public network, any con-
nected computer can find and connect to any

 MAINTENENCE other connected computer. A firewall is a barrier

On a PC, run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter between the public internet and your private com-
at least once a month. This will store files more effi- puter system.
ciently so your system doesn’t slow down.

Probably one of the worst things that you can do Oren Azrad is available for around the

to a PC is to pull the plug on the power when it's clock service. He has ten years of experi-
ence, and will help the most computer-
working. This is bad from a hardware point of view savvy individual to the technology novice.
(especially the hard drive) but it's really bad for the Instead of performing a root-canal on your
computer, Oren will explain what he is
data on the drive.
doing, every step of the way. There is no
problem too big or small for Oren.

34 Lallouche Living
TAN with
3049 John Hawkins Pkwy (by Sam's Club)
Hoover 985-0351 GALS ON THE GO!
2341 John Hawkins Pkwy (Lakecrest Shopping Center) ...A clean home is our Goal.
Let us handle all of your household chores!
We will do a fabulous job cleaning your home as well as…..

GET YOUR VITAMIN D  washing sheets and towels

 drop off/pick up dry cleaning

WE ARE THE ONLY  light grocery shopping

SUN ANGEL SALON  preparing for parties
IN ALABAMA  fresh flowers in your home
 planting flowers outdoors
CUSTOM AIRBRUSH -  pet services
 travel planning

Unique TAN
 holiday decorating

*Call for a customized quote.

September/October 2010 35
2037 Old Montgomery Hwy
Pelham, AL 35244

 Classic and modern cuts and styles

 20 years experience hairdressing
 Professional highlighting
 Brazilian and keratin straightening systems
 Manicures
 Pedicures
 Free consultations on the spot

Relax in our private and

personal color bar

Our stylist have continuing education

to provide the most professional care
that Eclipse can offer.

Mention Lallouche ad and receive 20% off 1st time visit

36 Lallouche Living
Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Germicidal Are you suffering from:

ultraviolet Asthma?
light provides Bronchitis?
a healthier Eye Irritation?
indoor Allergies?
environment Nasal Congestion?
Sinus Problems?
Musty Odors?
Excessive Dust on Furniture?



Fully Insured 1-877-970-8883
Available 6 Days A Week or 205-970-8883
3195 Highway 280 Suite D5 ✦ Birmingham
Save money, reduce energy costs

Springtime In Paris
March 12-March 20, 2011
• Airfare & Transfers • (UAB Spring break)
• 8 Days/7 Nights in 3 Star Hotel •
• Buffet Breakfast •
For Information & Reservations
• 2 Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions •
call (205) 985-2062 or 879-9939
$1899.00 afbham@aol.com | www.afbirmingham.org

$1899.00 Double Occupancy, add $500.00 for Single, Add $50.00 if you are not a UAB Employee or an Alliance Française Member. 4 Coach Excursions Available at Additional
Cost (Beaches of Normandy/Chartres-Versailles/Loire Valley Castles/Reims-Champagne Winery). A deposit of $199.00 should be received by November 16, 2010, to assure airline
reservations. NO REFUND after November 16, 2010. First payment of $850.00 by December 14 and balance of $850.00 due before January 31,2011. Check payable and mail to:
Alliance Française of Birmingham 413 Clermont Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

38 Lallouche Living
Hair Dressing Industry’s hottest talent
The Lallouche Hair Team creates exceptional styles with
attention to the form, function & health of hair.
Lallouche Hair Team will make your hair effortlessly chic,
coiffed, and polished.
Color Specialist
Master at Keratin Treatment
Hair Extension Artist
Hair Straightening

Located in Mountain Brook Crestline Village

Phone: 205-552-8294

September/October 2010 39
From Our Mines to Your Memories
s Direct Ru
m ond ss



Birmingham’s Only Direct Diamond Importer

2800 Cahaba Village Plaza, Birmingham AL 35243 • 205-201-7400
(Located in Cahaba Village on US-280, Next to Whole Foods)
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-7:00, Saturday 10:00-6:00

Diamonds Direct Southpark | Charlotte, NC | 704-532-9041 • Diamonds Direct Crabtree | Raleigh, NC | 919-571-2881

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