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The Nano Wand is a powerful tool for health and healing. Utilizing a specific
combination of 35 different natural minerals as well as crystals, our Nano Wand
provides zero point and scalar energy, magnetic energy, as well as far infrared
ray (FIR). This specific combination and fusion of mineral elements produces a
catalytic conversion of energy, sourcing the Universal Life Force (Zero Point
Energy), and producing a long lasting natural resonance which has the ability to
be transferred to the body, liquids, food and the environment.

The Nano Wand is a natural energy generating device a transmitter of subtle

energy or life force (chi or prana). Through resonance (entrainment) between
the zero point energy field of the wand and anything it comes into contact with,
harmony, balance and alignment may be restored. The wand itself does not do
the healing. The wand is simply an entrainment device or reminder which
awakens the body to its own innate self-healing capacity, balance and

In this way, The Nano Wand may enhance ones energy and vitality and may
assist in alleviating pain, stress and other health challenges. The natural energy
of the Nano Wand may help improve sleep patterns when placed under the
pillow or on the nightstand. When worn on the body or carried in a bag, the
wand can help improve the positive flow of chi or life force throughout the
body. This helps strengthen the body and immune system against the
detrimental effects of daily stress and exposure to electromagnetic pollution. In
addition, the Nano Wand will rejuvenate the molecular structure in liquids aking
them more vital, hydrating and better tasting. Placed inside of a refrigerator,
the Nano Wand will permeate the area, making all liquids, meat, fruits and
vegetables taste better and extending the shelf life.

The NanoWand May Assist You In the Following Ways:

- Enhances the flow of life force in the body and mind.

- Helps unwind and harmonize energetic distortions in the physical and
subtle bodies.
- Like a tuning fork, helps the body attune to and active its own natural
self-healing capacity.
- Enhance liquids, foods, creams and oils.
- Your pets and plants will respond beneficially to this natural zero point
energy as well.
- By supporting the self-healing process, aches, pains and other ailments
may be alleviated.
- Wear the ZPE Wand on the body to help neutralize the detrimental effects
of EMF pollution.

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Experiencing the Energy of the Nano Wand

Please understand that zero point energy is very subtle. Zero point energy is
the life-force which underlies, permeates, and gives life to dense, physical
matter. It is much more subtle than matter. Please do not expect to hold your
Nano Wand for the first time and immediately feel tremendous amounts of
energy radiating from it. This would not be an accurate perception. Some
people will sense the energy right away, others will not. Thus, you would not
expect to feel or sense this zero point energy in the same way you would a
small electrical shock or heat from a stove, which are much more obvious and
tangible forms of energy. Your Nano Wand will bring wonderful benefits to your
health and well-being whether you can sense the energy or not!

When using your Nano Wand, it is best to be somewhat relaxed and open to the
experience. In this way, you will receive the most benefit from using it. Be
aware of subtle changes taking place in your body, muscles, organs, and even
in your state of mind and emotions. The zero point energy can help initiate
beneficial changes in your physical, emotional, and mental state of being. Some
of these beneficial changes may be obvious and some may be subtle. Enjoy
using your Nano Wand on a regular basis and be open to the potential benefits
and shifts in physical well-being and in your consciousness!

How to Use the Nano Wand

The Nano Wand is a tool which anyone can use, regardless of your level of
expertise. The most simple and common wanding technique involves waving or
circling the wand around any area which your energy field in need of repair,
with distance varying anywhere between touching the skin to being an inch to
two inches from the body. Further basic techniques include poking the wand
repeatedly on or around a desired target-point, or simply wearing the wand

Start with an eagerness to find out what you are wanding by asking :

1. Where does it hurt?

2. How did it start?
3. How long has it hurt?

Longer term and deeper issues generally takes longer to wand away, but
sometimes results can be had quickly. Chronic issues tend to respond
positively, but needs repeated wanding over days or weeks for best results.

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Rotate your wanding hand in a clockwise direction. Hold wand tip about one
inch from the skin. Three four rotations per second is a good frequency for
most people. For older people with weaker energy, you may want to begin
slower starting at 1-2 rotations per second. Older people may respond slower as
their bodies are usually of a higher toxicity level.

This is an in-out motion of approximately 3 inches with the wand tip coming
close to the skin surface. It creates an energy wave penetrating deep into the
body's bio-field. Dipping works well for deep issues and has a rejuvenating
effects .

A combination of circling and dipping usually with 3-4 circles, followed by 1-2

This is a simple back and forth motion with alternating directions. Up and down
for ten seconds followed by left and right for ten seconds and so on. This action
tends to loosen up and allow for drainage of toxins. Always follow with circling
to finish.

This is a swooping motion in the direction of energy flow. Mostly is used for
tracing and flushing the meridian system, please refer to Traditional Chinese
Medicine for futher information about the meridian.

Gently tapping the area with the wand tip in a rapid manner will help people
who are energy-deprived and toxic due to working in office buildings, using cell
phones, or being exposed to unhealthy environments.

Wanding a glass of water in a circular motion and drinking the water will aid in
the cleansing process, as internal water molecules listen more effectively to the
wand energy. When wanding a glass of water, contact between the wand and
the water is not necessary and no more effective than circularly wanding above
and around the water.

Using the side of the wand to gently brush the skin back and forth.

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You may use the Nano Wand for the following points on the body:

.. continued

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Nano Wand for Chakra Balancing (using 7 chakra stones/crystals)

Your energy system is the source and channel for everything that happens to
you in your life. The clearer it is the more joyous life will be. It has been known
for centuries that your chakras are the gateway to nirvana. You dont have to
be enlightened to be in joy all the time. As a matter of fact enlightenment is far
to serious and far too abstract for most people. Besides its a lot of work. Being
satisfied and joyful is a high enough goal for most of us.

To that end, we have the opportunity to maximize our life potential by

improving the overall clarity and function of our energy fields, and you have
many of them. The one that can be seen is called the aura and there are
several layers of it close to your body, but that is only the tip of the iceberg as
far as your individual energy is concerned.

The part that drives the function and circulation of your energy is your chakra
system. You have 7 major chakras within your body space and many minor
chakras, according to yoga. I am going to explain how you can increase the
potential of your energy system by using a Nano Wand in combination with your
7 chakra stone.

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First, a primer on how the chakras rotate. If you are male your first chakra
will rotate clockwise and if you are female, your first chakra will rotate counter-
clockwise. Each successive chakra will rotate in the opposite direction of the one
preceding it. In other words, a males chakra rotation should be thus when you
are looking down at where your chakras are located, starting from the bottom
first, clockwise; second, anticlockwise; third, clockwise; fourth, anticlockwise;
fifth clockwise; sixth anticlockwise; and seventh, clockwise. A females chakra
rotation should be first, anticlockwise; second, clockwise; third, anticlockwise;
fourth clockwise; fifth anticlockwise; sixth, clockwise and seventh,

The idea of this powerful exercise is to make the spin of your chakras more
efficient so that the spin starts flinging debris out of itself and pushing more
energy through itself much like the fan blade on a fan pushes air through itself.
If you are doing this exercise on yourself or
anyone else, the person having the chakra
work done needs to lie down on their back.
Place the chakra stones on each corresponing
chakra as shown in the picture. If the person
laying is a man, hold the Nano Wand like you
are going to write with it and start to circle the
Nano Wand clockwise about one-half inch out
from the perimeter of the chakra stone and
about one inch above the body surface. Do this
for about one minute. If the person laying is
female, circle the Nano Wand counter

Move to the orange or second chakra, circle

the Nano wand counterclockwise for males and
clockwise for female. Repeat with the remaining chakras in order they appear
on the diagram.

The person laying should begin to feel more energized and alert. They may
even feel a tingling or buzzing in their body as the chakra spin becomes more
efficient. The more you do this exercise the clearer your energy field should
become. Human energy fields become packed with debris and may take
consistent and extended effort to clear them sufficiently to make a significant
difference but this is one of the most efficient ways of doing it without a great
deal of skill.

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