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Top 8 Things To Do & See In Corfu

No words can describe Corfus atmosphere, warmth and charm. Pictures may help. But if you
decide it to find out by yourself, heres a list of recommendations.

Watch the planes take off above your head at sunset

There are many ways to enjoy a magical sunset in Corfu. A mainstream yet
interesting suggestion is to visit the touristy area of Palaiokastritsa and watch the
sun set from the Monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritsa, with an amazing view of the
Ionian Sea.

Another suggestion is to stay closer to the city of Corfu, in Kanoni and sit on the
narrow path that crosses the sea, across from the famous Pontikonisi, and enjoy a
stunning sunset. Every ten or twenty minutes airplanes will take off right above your
head, as the airport is located just some minutes away. This breathtaking picture
combined with the sight of the sun slowly diving into the sea is a Corfu highlight.
Taste the Corfiot cuisine
The Corfiot cuisine offers a special culinary experience based on the Mediterranean
cuisine with influences from the Greek and the Italian tradition. Some of its most
typical dishes include sofrito (beef meat with a lot of garlic, accompanied with wine
sauce), pastitsada (rooster with tomato sauce and a lot of spices served with thick
spaghetti) and bourdeto (fish cooked in a red sauce with a lot of pepper).

nice place to get in touch with the authentic Corfiot cuisine is the traditional
tavern Doukas, located in the central square of the picturesque village Doukades in
the wider area of Palaiokastritsa. If you prefer some delicious grilled meat you
should visit Ladokollain the village Temploni, half an hour away from the city center,
where they serve exceptional grilled meat in grease-proof paper and host some
amazing live music nights.

Succumb to a sweet temptation

Numerous small places serving sweet delicacies have recently popped up in
Corfu. Yogart is located in the heart of the old city, just a breath away from Liston,
and serves the most amazing frozen yogurt in Corfu using Greek yogurt and other
healthy ingredients. Here you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide
variety of options and more than 50 garnitures. Dimitris, the friendly owner of this
place, will also introduce you to other sweet tastes, like the famous waffle with ice

Another place full of sweet temptations in the heart of the old city is called Stazei
Meli(literally means honey dripping), which offers
unforgettable loukoumades (pastries made of deep-fried dough), a vital element of
Corfus culinary tradition. Stazei Meli offers delicious classic loukoumades with
authentic Corfiot honey and cinnamon, as well as more modern versions,
like loukoumades stuffed with white or black chocolate and covered by a wide
range of ingredients, from strawberry marmalade and banana to Oreo cookies and

Yogart : 11, Agion Panton Street, Corfu, Greece, +30 26610 20726

Stazei Meli : 60, Guilford Street, Corfu, Greece, +30 2661 300537
Fall in love or stay in love forever
If you like the idea of falling in love or staying in love forever Corfu is your place.
According to the legend, if you swim through Canal d Amour, a sea tunnel in Sidari,
you will meet eternal love at the other side.

But even if you dont believe in such supernatural narrations, the atmosphere of
Corfu is definitely going to affect you. One of the best choices for a romantic walk
is Anemomylos, a picturesque windmill in the area of Garitsa that you will reach via
a wonderful twenty minute seaside walking route.

Organize a short excursion

According to a local saying, if you visit Corfu you will never leave it. That makes
sense if we take into account the beauty of the island but lets make an exception
for some short excursions. Northwest of Corfu are located three beautiful virgin
islands, Othonoi, Erreikousa and Mathraki, which are called Diapontian Islands. In
order to get to this magical complex of islands, the shortest and easiest way is to
take the boat departing from the small port of Agios Stefanos.

Another option for a daily excursion is Paxoi and Antipaxoi, small islands in the
Ionian Sea, which are located ten miles south of Corfu. Covered by rich vegetation,
mainly olive trees, these small islands will fascinate you with their breathtaking
beaches, their beautiful landscapes and their friendly small taverns. During the
summer months, boats depart daily for Paxoi and Antipaxoi from the central port of

Get drunk in a tsipouradiko

A common complaint that used to be heard in the narrow streets of Corfu by locals
and students was the lack of vivid nightlife in the city center, with
the tsipouradika and the bars being counted on the fingers of one hand. This has
fortunately changed during the last three years, with the establishment of many new
small haunts.
One of the best ways to become one with the locals and the students is to visit
Prosalendou Street in the heart of the old city, which has been nicknamed
Psirri because of its numerous tsipouradika getting crowded every night, which is
what happens in the homonymous street of Athens. Getting drunk on
some tsipouro and ouzo while listening to rempetika music at Berdes, one of
the tsipouradika on Prosalendou Street, is an unforgettable authentic Greek

You can also visit the all time classic Tsipouradiko, which is located at the end of
Prosalendou Street, to drink authentic tsipouro (what else) from a small village
outside Ioannina and taste a wide range of meze and other dishes. The
atmosphere in this traditional family restaurant is also warm and welcoming, with
Vassilis, the owner of the place, Eleanna, George and Thodoris always serving the
customers with positive energy and a huge smile.

Mperntes : 13, Prosalendou Street, Corfu, Greece, +30 6976870532

Tsipouradiko : Behind the Old Courthouse, Corfu, Greece, +30 26610 82240
Explore a fortress (or two)
Corfu is surrounded by two fortresses that used to protect the city from hostile
invasions during medieval times. Nowadays they have lost their practical application
but not their beauty, dominating as proud symbols of a glorious time.

The Old Fortress is an architectural masterpiece of the Byzantine and the Venetian
period located on the east side of the old city of Corfu. Wander around its paths
under the harmonic sounds produced by the students of the Music Department,
which is located inside the fortress, go for a romantic date in the battlements and
walk up to its top to enjoy the best panoramic view of the old city.

The New Fortress, also called Fortezza Nuova, was constructed by the Venetians
during the 16th century, when the Old Fortress was inadequate to protect the city. It
is an imposing construction standing over the Old Port of Corfu that suffered severe
damage during the consecutive wars. Nowadays it hosts facilities of the Greek
Navy, as well as various cultural events.

Feel the rain on your skin

An umbrella is the number one accessory of the island, as rain makes its presence
known all year long. The summer period is no exception, with periodical rainfalls
even in July and August. Friendly advice: if that happens, dont let it ruin your stay in
Corfu and simply enjoy it. When the crowds start running, grabbing umbrellas and
raincoats, simply remember that there is nothing better than swimming in an empty
beach under the raindrops.