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Resignation of 6 council members from White House HIV/AIDS Panel


Citing the disinterest from President Donald Trumps administration regarding fighting the
spread of the disease on AIDS and HIV, Scott Schoettes the director of the presidential Advisory
Council on HIV/AIDS since 2014 and other members Lucy Bradley-Springer, Gina Brown, Ulysses
W. Burley III, Grissel Granados and Michelle Ogle have resigned. Six members of the group
advisers who were designated as advocates in council, founded in 1995 which was designed to
provide information, advice and recommendations on preventing spread of the disease, promote
effective treatment and search for cure appealed their concerns.

The former President Barack Obamas health care reform law, which was provided with
increased access to diagnosis and treatment for public with HIV and AIDS was proposed to repeal
by members of this council who penned a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Tom
Price to express their concerns about GOPs plan and on growing problem.

Schoettes appealed that between reinstating the contradiction by withdrawing the funds
for Medicaid expansion, by imposing per-person caps on benefits and /or stopping the grants for
the program, the changes that deliberated to Medicaid by American Health Care Act would be
ravaging mainly for the people living with HIV.


HIV (Human Immune Virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system, destroying the T-
helper cells i.e., CD4 cells. If left untreated, it severely damages the immune system. People of all
age groups are affected including children as it is transmitted from the HIV infected mother. It is
one of the deadly disease which is said to have no cure.

People affected with HIV encounter various problems both physically and mentally. They
are prone to numerous infections like Pneumonia, meningitis, Tuberculosis etc. Due to this, they
are mentally perturbed leading to depression and suicide. Hence, providing healthcare to people
affected with HIV is salient.


The U.S. government has made untold efforts in supporting this group of people affected
with HIV. Several campaigns were conducted to combat complacency regarding HIV and AIDS in
U.S. like Act against HIV. Some acts provided critical medical and non-medical services to
several people affected or living with HIV like Ryan White and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which
led to decrease in HIV infection nearly by 19% accordingly. Nonetheless, greater than 1.2 million
Americans are currently HIV positive, that is every one in eight people are unaware of affecting
with HIV. Hence, this made a critical concern to be addressed immediately to implement
healthcare policies and conduct several campaigns to save people affected with HIV and prevent
further spread of the disease.

The healthcare delivery system is comprised of several healthcare reforms and

healthcare services that are rendered by hospitals to various institutions and professionals.
Hence, the main objective is to reduce the burden causing illness, injury and disability and
improve the health, functioning and quality of life of the people.

As mentioned in the article, government should reform the ongoing healthcare plan, if not
it would be a major outburst for the people who are already affected with HIV and a drastic
change would happen in millions of lives. My innuendo is that with the help of government and
healthcare providers mutually they should bind and implement numerous programs for HIV/AIDS
affected people and conduct several campaigns for prevention of further spreading of disease
and help them embrace happiness.

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