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God’s Anger at Sinful Society

Even the earth is growing ever more restless, saith the Lord. A deep
rumbling within the bowels of the earth and the spewing forth of
fiery filth from volcanic craters signifies that even the earth can
bear no more of the pressures of wickedness upon it.

Even as the earth vomits out molten rock and lava, so the day is
swiftly approaching when the earth shall vomit out the wicked
(Leviticus 18:25). For even nature herself cannot much longer bear
the presence of wicked, evil men and women who fornicate, steal,
cheat, deal deceitfully, break treaties, abuse others and blaspheme
the Name of the Lord. The earth is groaning under the weary trial
of those who rip it open to plunder its resources without a single
care for replenishing what is exploited for gain. The rain forests do
groan and sigh, as they are chopped down to make way for the
production of rangeland producing cheap hamburger meat, so men
may profit thereby. The native peoples of the Amazon look on in
dismay as THEIR habitation appointed for them by the LORD is
destroyed and they are driven into the diminishing fringes of
whatever is left to rebuild new homes.

Do I value primitive societies any less than I value white men who
are highly skilled in futuristic technology? A thousand times, NO!
The way of life practiced by native populations in Australia and
South America is no cause for Me devaluing them and withholding
from them the chance to be saved from hell like everyone else. The
fact that Bushman doesn’t use electricity and wears minimum
clothing doesn’t make him any less precious in My sight.

I restrained My wrath as Cherokee Indians were frog-marched

across America to desolate places to eke out a bare subsistence. I
kept quiet as whole villages of Native Americans were attacked by
raping, pillaging, murderous soldiers, and had their numbers
decimated by diseases and hardship brought upon them by white
oppressors who hated them and sought their extermination. I even
held My peace as black men and women were sold into the most
degrading toil, had their families split up repeatedly, and were
lashed so cruelly it reminded Me of that awful day when My own
dear Son was whipped by Roman soldiers. You can be certain that
unrepentant white slave masters who treated their slaves cruelly
are reaping similar tortures in a devil’s hell, in accordance with
Galatians 6:7.
There’s no reason to take pride in these things. So enough of this
idle talk about your nation’s “Christian” heritage! Jesus would
NEVER have treated fellow human beings this way. From its very
inception America (and certain other places) has founded its wealth
on the backs of the bleeding poor. Even if it were a virtue to
generate great riches, most of America’s vast wealth ends in the
pockets of the super-rich. My heart aches to see homeless in inner
cities pushing shopping carts full of rain-soaked belongings, outside
the doors of “prosperity churches” whose members march and sing
about how giving to rich preachers sets their own finances free. It
nauseates Me to ponder the vast INEQUALITY that happens when
rich TV preachers own several huge mansions apiece, while My
poorer members get cut off from fellowship by cruel poverty. Some
Christians are made to feel so ashamed for falling on hard times,
and so self-conscious about the fact they can’t give more to pulpit
parasites that they quit “church” altogether, although Christians
ARE the true church! Many of them just got tired of being shamed
from pulpits for failure to “tithe” to fat, greedy vultures who’ve got
more than enough to keep them happy. Where, oh, where is the
EQUALITY of well-being Paul preached about (2 Cor.8:14)? All I see
is a lopsided church house with a few fat preachers wallowing in
THEIR pile of pleasure, while the vast majority are like scrawny
chickens frantically pecking up what few crumbs are left on the
other side of the UNSCRIPTURAL clergy/laity divide in My

For the poorest Christians, life is literally a hand-to-mouth

existence, and they would be extremely ashamed to go to the
“church office” to ask for help. What a vast contrast with Acts
2:44-45 and Acts 4:34, where those who had possessions shared
with those who had nothing, and there were NONE in the church
who lacked for the basic necessities of life! Today the richest hoard
FOR THEMSELVES the most and the best, while hypocritically
preaching the nearness of the Rapture and how they’ll be happy to
go and leave everything behind. Even poor widows eating cat food
are pressured by “church leadership” to “tithe” or run the risk of My
wrath. But guess who’s REALLY gonna end up on the receiving end
of My displeasure on the Day of Judgment?

I am shocked by how even the youngest in your society are being

sexually exploited for gain. Even the clothing of little girls is being
manufactured to look more provocative, to prepare them ahead of
time for “the dating game”. Well, to me, it’s a sick SATANIC game,
and I’ve already warned you ahead of time what happens to those
who rob little children of their innocence!(Luke 17:1-2). WOE, woe,
woe unto those who cause little children to grow up into hardened
fornicators by passing out condoms to kids in playgrounds and
dressing their little girls in harlots’ attire!

I am disgusted by the way schools teach “alternative life styles”

(eternal death styles) to kids in school. Graphic descriptions of men
lying with men, as well as explicit sex education to tiny children who
ought to just be allowed to enjoy being children! What a whopping
big paycheck is being earned by perverted educators, to be paid on
the Day of Judgment by Almighty God!

Certain liberal-minded, “progressive” nations allow their tearaway

teens to run wild, smashing up other people’s property and
frightening lonely old people on the street and in their own homes
without fear of any punishment from the law. If people resist this
abuse, even to protect their loved ones from real danger of harm, it
is THEY who risk arrest and detention as offenders, not the young
hoodlums who provoked the response by threatening their lives and
property. In Proverbs 17:15 I warn that whoever lets the wicked
off the hook and condemns the innocent is an ABOMINATION
(hateful thing) in My sight.

I abhor the so-called bullying in your schools (verbal and physical

abuse, sometimes deadly assault). Far from being a harmless
childhood prank (there’s no such thing as ALL negative actions carry
negative consequences), bullying is the precalculated destruction of
another human being’s body or soul. I detest those who gang up
on the weak and the helpless to hurt them. I am angry with
teachers and other school staff who repeatedly make excuses for,
and turn a blind eye to, violent offenders in their schools. I am
especially angry that this problem is swept under the rug to the
extent that many innocent children are driven to take their own
lives to get away from their persecutors. Even Christian school staff
sometimes blame the victims and excuse the guilty, and I shall hold
them accountable for every life ruined or lost because of bullying in
THEIR schools!

And what about this business of ALL children being innocent, no

matter how vicious they act, even if they blaspheme My Holy Name,
kill helpless animals, and hurt other kids in school? I have known
children to finally reject Christ and end up in hell. Age of
accountability? Where is THAT teaching in My Word? True, I show
compassion and mercy to tiny babies and little children who know
no better, with no awareness of sin in their lives, even to mentally
handicapped people who barely realize they’re alive. Every parent
who has lost an infant or toddler to premature death can rest
assured their child is at peace now, in the loving care of angelic
guardians who tenderly nurture their souls and watch over them,
and that if the parent is found in Christ at his/her own death, they
shall indeed enjoy a blessed reunion with their precious, beloved
child when they enter heaven (see 2 Sam.12:23).

But teens and pre-teens threatening other kids and hounding them
even to their graves are in serious trouble with me. They have the
spirit of murder at work in their lives, and NO murderer has eternal
life dwelling in him/her, regardless of their youth (I John 3:15). In
this verse John makes NO exception for kids under 21, 18 or
whatever age. Those who bully others to death are guilty of first-
degree murder in My sight, though a secular judge might let them
off lightly. A devil’s hell awaits all unrepentant men, women, boys
and girls who oppress and torture their innocent neighbors. And no,
I don’t forgive and forget just because twenty or thirty years have
passed since the transgressions of their youth. I don’t even forgive
just because a person becomes a highly respectable figure in their
community, who seems to be bringing up an exemplary family of
their own. Time does NOT cleanse away sins. Neither does the
respect of a community or “turning over a new leaf” or “becoming
successful.” Only repentance toward Me and faith in My dear
spotless Son Who died for repentant sinners will ever serve to atone
for the transgressions of a person’s youth.

The rod and reproof give wisdom (Prov.29:15). Yet physically

applied punishment can be a risky business, especially in the hands
of adults who are rash or undisciplined themselves. But even where
corporal punishment is against the law, other unpleasant
punishment can be administered. Shunning a bully or other type of
troublemaker from group activities, making them eat lunch alone
for a time, detention, extra tasks, no playtime, or even temporary
expulsion from the workplace or school might be other options.
Punishment, whatever form it takes, should feel like punishment,
and the offender should be made to count the cost even before he
does something bad! But so many “loving” people refuse to even
reprove a bully with a stern word or facial expression. Even
Christian teachers are afraid of young hoodlums in their own
classrooms! Woe unto a society where the righteous run away from
the wicked and are too cowardly to rebuke him (Prov.25:26). A
righteous man paying fearful respect to a wicked man is a troubled
fountain and a corrupt spring.

Today even the tiniest children cuss out their parents, swear at
them and hit them. Parents weep helplessly as their naughty brat
throws things around and wrecks the house. It takes more than a
“naughty step” to straighten out those troubled children. It takes
plenty of prayer and firm discipline to correct such kids. Whatever
will you do when your child is almost as tall as yourself and refuses
to be dragged to the naughty seat anymore? If you don’t teach
him/her to respect your authority now, they’ll only spit on you later
as being ineffectual and mealy-mouthed.

Don’t fall for the passive, weak, indulgent child-rearing methods so

popular today. Never be harsh or cruel in disciplining a child, but
always be firm in enforcing YOUR righteous rules in your own home.
Do you think I would stand idly by and allow My own children to
cuss Me out and inflict destruction and injury on everyone in sight?
That bratty believer would be in My woodshed getting a spanking
before he knew what was happening to him!

I see big strong nations fighting unjust, undeclared wars to make

the rich richer, turning a blind eye to “collateral damage.” Even
harmless wedding celebrations have been bombed. This has
brought great occasion to these so-called heathen nations to
blaspheme the Christ of the Bible because His own alleged
representatives cheer on these war-mongers and make excuses for
why such unprovoked wars of aggression are necessary.

I, the LORD, am NOT a cultural icon, to be waved around with your

flag. I am not partial to the white man, the Western man, the
brown man, the black man, the pink or yellow man, or any other
manmade classification of humanity (Acts 10:34-35). Why don’t
modern Christians believe the apostle Peter who admitted this fact
as he, a Jewish follower of Jesus, ministered to an outsider, a
Gentile general named Cornelius? Instead of agreeing with Peter
that I am no respecter of persons, a lot of Christians have been
brainwashed by biased churches to reject certain ethnic groups as
being trouble-makers or automatically unclean in My sight.

Hollywood churns out filth on a daily basis. Even professing

Christian men download porn or secretly visit strip clubs, or flirt
with other women behind their wives’ back. I see every dirty
magazine, know every foul thought, see so many spiritually dying
men nod off in religious meetings they attend only to “look

A dark ash cloud of indignation spreads over the entire earth, a

world in rebellion against her Creator. Tribulation darkness is
heading your way. Be prepared to leave all this world’s pleasures
and problems behind if you truly love Me, serve Me and believe in
Me. The day comes when I shall burn every vile thing to ashes and
make a fresh start with Creation, and the legacy of man’s sin upon
the earth will no more mar the wonderful work My hands have

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