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Hussein Ali Ibrahim

Current Address: Lebanon, Tyre.

P ersonal Information:

Date of birth: 19/10/1983

Marital status: Married
Nationality: Lebanese

C ontact Information:

Mobile: +961 70 146 366

E-mail: h.ibrahim.7@hotmail.com

E ducation:

University degree, BS Information Technology and Computing at AOU (Arab Open

University) Beirut, and approved by Open University (United Kingdom).

W ork experience : 14 Years

2003 to 2007: Senior Technician for Concrete, Soil, and Asphalt
Dept. Senior Site Inspector, Lab testing approval, ACTS (Lebanon, and
2007 - 2017: Lab manager for concrete batch plants (BMC, Delta,
Inshaat, Societe generale de beton, Concrete for construction,
and BMC plus, Euro Beton).

Notable Projects
NDIA New Doha International Airport / Emiri Terminal CP19 parking area and
Mosque (CDC / Takaneka J.V) Material Testing, concrete field testing and quality
control. Monitoring and controlling of mass concrete temperature.
Dubai Tower Monitoring and performing lab tests. Concrete quality control
through management of ACTS laboratories on site.

Al Bidaa Platinum Tower (QACC Higgs & Hill) Concrete field testing, quality control.
The Pearl of Qatar-Sabban Tower (Sabban Towers) Material testing and assessment
of structures.
Al Areen Tower (Insha / Gettco) Concrete field testing, quality control and
structure assessments.
Lebanese University Campus (ZUBLIN Germany / LACECO) Concrete and soil Quality
Assurance and Quality Control through assisting in management of ACTS laboratories on
site. Evaluation of backfill behind retaining walls, compacted fill (sub-base/sub-grade),
flexible asphalt pavements, asphalt testing, soil testing and concrete testing. Geotechnical
and soil investigation works for buildings structures and retaining walls.
Dora Commercial Centre (Geant): Concrete and soil Quality Assurance and Quality Control,
Monitoring all fresh concrete work, monitoring batch plant and approving concrete work.
Zahle electricity station: Controlling site lab, Evaluation of backfill, compacted fill and
testing Soil material.
Sayfco Abraj Dbayieh (quality control for concrete batch plant).

S kills:

Acted as a third party senior personal, having the main technical requirements to
perform and supervise field and laboratory testing, take out inspections for
construction materials and set up site labs for construction sites.
Capable of training technicians for testing and monitoring concrete, soil, and asphalt
on site and various field tests on construction materials by maintaining a high level of
technical knowledge.
Familiar with devices, machines, computers, site equipment and troubleshoots
mechanical and technical issues.
Applying ISO systems (ISO 9001, ISO 17025)
Capable for learning and managing any new technology for concrete especially new
technology of concrete admixtures and decorative concrete (translucent concrete)

Professional experience in Concrete Admixtures, with properties and Production.

International experience in Qatar ( Hot weather concrete ), and Cyprus (queries and
aggregate production especially Modified Fine Aggregate)

Training at Synmic machinary co.ltd CHINA on CNC (computer numerical control

machines) on 3-axis, 5-axis & plasma machines, and creating my own CNC machine.
Scout Leader in 2002.
Certification as Inventor 3D CAD software professional-grade 3D mechanical design.