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De La Salle University Library

Balitang Aklatan
Newsette Vol. XLII - Nos. 3-4 March-April 2011

Turn 1 Into a Million Book Drive Commences

The Library Ad-hoc Committee organized
a project that would solicit up to a million
books for its patrons. Dubbed Turn 1
into a Million, this book solicitation
drive is in line with the Library vision of
promoting life-long learning. Posters were
strategically placed all over the campus last
April 01, 2011 to mark the soft launching
of the project.

Turn 1 into a Million hopes to get at

least a book from every Library patron
of the University. By obtaining one
book per patron, in addition to accepting

2 DLSU Library reveals winners ...

3 Olivar, Victoria granted

permanency bulk donations from several institutions, Office), Vivian Soriente (Circulation),
organizations, and benefactors, the project Janice Peaflor (Technical Services), and
4 Fresnido, Frias complete expects to see a DLSU Library book Harold Franco (Information-Reference),
leadership and management... collection reaching 1 million volumes members. Further, the Committee is
within 5 years. This project will accept in charge of formulating the Projects
ASFs receive certificates for ... book donations in various forms print, objectives, policies on accepting donations,
audio books and e-books that will be in incentives on bulk donations, shipping,
5 Enhancing competence of
professional librarians accordance with the projects policy in handling, other activities involving transit,
accepting donations. and the technical processing of donations,
6 On trial databases at DLSU ... as well as the marketing strategies for the
The members of the Library Ad-Hoc project.
7 Gabi speaks for PAARL committee are: Ms. Christine M. Abrigo
Visitors (Directors Office), Chair; Jocelyn Balangue Formal launching of the project will be
Donors (Filipiniana), Willian Frias (Directors scheduled on the 1st Term, AY 201-2012.

8 Recent Acquisitions
De La Salle University Library

2 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

DLSU Library reveals winners of the ScienceDirect and Scopus

Online Quiz
The DLSU Library revealed the six winners Scopus Online Quiz. The winners and corresponding prizes are:
of the dealer-sponsored ScienceDirect and

Rank Name Sector Prize

1st Prize Ms. Heidie Jayo Student, COS Ipod Shuffle and Elsevier
Teddy Bear
2nd Prize Mr. Francis Taala Student, COE USB Drive and Elsevier
Teddy Bear
3rdPrize Mr. Mark Co Student, CoB USB Drive and Elsevier
Teddy Bear
4th Prize Ms. Realey Yu Student, CoB USB Drive and Elsevier
Teddy Bear
5th Prize Mr. Joey Andrew Valinton Faculty, COS USB Drive and Elsevier
Teddy Bear

The ScienceDirect and Scopus Online eight (8) questions answerable by surfing Contest dissemination campaign was
Quiz went on for more than two months, the ScienceDirect and Scopus databases. conducted via the email sent by the Library
from January 11, 2011 to March 17, 2011. Examples of questions were 1) How to the academic community, via the Elsevier
The contest invited 72 participants, from many articles on Consumer Behavior are email, through the information available from
different sectors of the University,--students, published in Journal of Business Research in social networking sites, such as Facebook,
Co-Academic Personnel (CAP) and Faculty the year 2009?; 2) How many papers were Twitter, etc., by word-of-mouth, and via the
members. Out of 72 participants, five (5) published by Journal of Banking & Finance Librarys website.
winners were drawn through electronic from years 2006 to 2008?; 3) Who is/are
raffle, and were announced through the the author(s) for the article: Seeking and SciVerse ScienceDirect and Scopus online
University Helpdesk facility. providing assistance while learning to use databases in science and health information
information systems? are operated by Elsevier, the global company
The participants were made to answer headquartered in Amsterdam.

Ms. Fria
left), First prize winner, Ms. Heidie Jayo s
brigo ( prize Andrew awarding Mr.
e A Valinto J
Chris t in
g 2nd
(right) was delighted to receive her n (right) oey
tulatin aala prize from Ms. Willian Frias his priz
congra r. Francis T e.
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 3
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

Olivar, Victoria Granted Permanency Status

years in the DLSU Library have undoubtedly
helped me expand and explore my potentials
in the field. All the efforts and contributions
have been worthwhile. I am definitely
looking forward for more fruitful years in
the Institution. My sincerest gratitude to
all the people who never stopped exploring
possibilities for my case to be considered.
They are the true Lasallian who value
every persons worth and would never let
anyone be undignified. ANIMO Lasalle!

Juliet and Karen were made permanent

following the provisions under the 2008
Faculty Manual, which requires the following
(among others): 1) completion of a masters
Juliet Olivar (left) and Karen Victoria (right), happy to be a Lasallian. degree or its equivalent; 2) competence of
professional work as attested to by the head
of the unit; 3) academic or professional
After three years of commendable Karen Cecille Victoria had been a very simple development; 4) effective performance
performance, Julieta Olivar (Acquisitions) lady when she first stepped inside the Main as evaluated by superiors and peers; and,
and Karen Cecille Victoria (Cataloging) Library in May, 2006. She came in to take 5) research capability as demonstrated by
were granted permanent employment status the requisite examination for employment of scholarly outputs/publications.
effective 1st Term, AY 2011-2012. the Graduate School of Business of the then,
De La Salle Professional Schools, Inc. She
Julieta Olivar or Juliet, as she is fondly successfully passed the examination which
called, began her career in DLSU as a marked the beginning of her relationship
project librarian of the Social Development with De La Salle University. Together
Research Center (SDRC) for 5 years. Then with Julier Olivar, Karen became an
she worked as a librarian for the Graduate employee of the University in AY2008-
School of Business Library of the then, De 2009. She became an associate librarian
La Salle Professional Schools, Inc. When of the Brother Benedict Learning Center
the Graduate School for Business (GSB) was where she cataloged audiovisual materials,
integrated back to the University during the prior to her assignment at the Main Library
1st Term, AY2008-2009, Juliet became one of as Public Programs Librarian. On the 3rd
the DLSU librarians serving the GSB Library Term of AY 2009-2010, she became a full-
at the RCBC Campus, Makati City. In the fledged cataloger, and was appointed the
process of job rotation, Juliet was transferred head of the Cataloging Section of the Library,
to the Library on Taft Avenue on the 2nd the following year.
Term of AY 2010-2011, as a cataloger. She
was assigned at the Acquisitions Section that For her undeniable charm, Karen was singled-
same academic year. out to personify LORA, the Librarys premier
reference service. During the Awards Night
Juliet had gone a long way since her first held last December 2010, which was held
employment as a project librarian. She to recognize exemplary performances of
had proven dedication in every undertaking the library staff, she was multiply-awarded
handed over to her. She has fully imbibed Face of the Day, Miss Photogenic and Most
the Lasallian way of dealing with work and Promising New Comer. But Karen is not
people. On her permanency, she has this only gifted with charm but is as much a Jul
to say, [I] want to say thank you [to my hard-worker, as well. As a cataloger, she DLS t and
U Kar
superiors and co-workers] for the time, possesses speed and accuracy, traits that en
energy and effort. Most of all, I appreciate are valuable to the Library craft. ying
the support given me. I am proud to be part the
ir st
ay i
of the DLSU-Library family. On her permanency, Karen says, My three n
De La Salle University Library
4 News N e w s e t t eAcquisition
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

Fresnido, Frias Complete Leadership and Management

Development Program Module 1
A Leadership and Management Director, and Ms. Willian S.A. Frias, integrating session on April 18-19, 2011 at
Development Program (LMDP) was offered Assistant Director for Support Services, Capuchin Retreat House, Lipa Batangas.
to incumbent and potential administrators of were invited to join the LMDP. They took This module has been quite an
the University. This program aims to hone up the first module, which was composed experience to the two participants. They were
the leadership and management knowledge, of several sessions with different lecturers, able to open new networks of acquaintances,
values and skills of administrators to enable namely: The Call to Leadership, Theories of work with other Lasallian leaders, and learn
them to engage meaningfully in leadership Leadership, and Team Dynamics/Teamwork and understand new theories on leadership.
roles within the university. The program in Organizations by Br. Ricky Laguda, They were able to evaluate what kind of
consists of the following modules: (1) FSC; 2) Leadership vs. Management and leaders they are, at the same time assess
Foundations of Educational Leadership and Organizational Culture by Dr. Roberto their capabilities, weaknesses and strengths
Management; (2) Academic Management; T. Borromeo; 3) Management Ethics as leaders. Most of all, they get to know a
(3) Service Operations in Educational and Personal Wellness, Spirituality and Lasallian leader more: how he thinks, how
Institutions; (4) Resource Management; Organizational Effectiveness by Sr. Teresa he decides, and how he feels.
and, (5) The University in a Globalizing P. Yasa; The Lasallian Leader: Leadership During the integrating session,
Society. in Lasallian Institutions by Dr. Carmelita I. they were able to form their own leadership
On the 3rd Term of AY2010-2011, Quebengco, AFSC. The Program that started philosophy, which will guide them as they
two librarians, Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido, on January 10, 2011 ended with a 2-day go along their career paths.

ASFs Receive Certificates for Functional English Course

She thanks the Director (Ms. Fresnido), Sir
Librarians Elizabeth Padilla (Periodicals), Edwin (Santiago) and Mayet (Parungao) for
Vivan Soriente (Circulation), Jocelyn organizing the course.
Balangue and Jojie Gonda (Filipiniana) and
Bob Cauilan (Acquisitions) were among
the first batch of ASG Academic Service
Faculty (ASF) participants who finished
the course last April 08, 2011. For the five
ASFs, the 14-week course had been quite
an experience that they cannot help
but tell of their experiences to
other eager listeners. They
Ms. Mayet Parungao of DEAL inspired all were all thankful to their
the participants of the class very supportive teacher,
Ms. Marietta Parungao of
Functional English Class is one training the Department of English
program sponsored by the Academic Services and Applied Linguistics
Group (ASG), of which the Library is a part (DEAL).
of. Functional English class is a 42-hour
course, designed as a service operations Ms. Jojie Gonda had these to
enhancement program, particularly in say about their class, I enjoyed
the area of communications, for the ASG our Functional English class. I
members. This course was organized to (1) learned a lot about how to correct faulty
provide the participants a refresher on the sentences and how to use confusing words
basics of functional English, (2) provide correctly. The new thing that I learned was
the participants a venue to discuss common to be aware of parallelism. Our teacher was
mistakes in functional English and ways to so patient and funny which
avoid them, and (3) provide the participants made our class enjoyable. Clockwise, from left: Bob Cauilan, Elizabeth Padilla,
a venue to practice oral and written English Vivian Soriente, Jocelyn Balangue and Jojie Gonda
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 5
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

Enhancing Competence of Professional

Librarians: an echo report
by Yolanda Odsinada and May Laureno-Cajes

Best Practices in Assessing Subscription Enhancing Reference and use of Resources

to Electronic Resources by Professor Through Social Media by Ms. Marian S.
Salvacion M. Arlante (University Librarian- Ramos (College Librarian-University of the
University of the Philippines, Diliman) Philippines, Diliman)
Professor Arlante explained Ms. Ramos presentation featured
the issues pertaining to and challenges application of Library 2.0 in enhancing
The ABC-RST InfoSpecialists Co. conducted confronting information access and selection reference services. Some of these Library 2.0
a three-day Seminar entitled: Enhancing criteria for subscription to electronic resource applications popularly known and adapted
Competence of Professional Librarians: such as the readiness of librarians to by some libraries she expounded on are
Trends in Organization, Management and undertake Electronic Resource Management the blogs, wikis, tagging, RRS feed, media
Use of Library and Information Resources. Systems (ERMS), cross border access sharing, virtual worlds, second generation
It was held last March 31,-April 2, 2011 at to online journals, multilevel marketing web based services, social bookmarking and
the Opal Function Room of Hotel Supreme and or promotion of academic journals, resource sharing, among others. Accordingly,
Convention Plaza, Magsaysay Avenue, access issues, licensing, effective renewal applications of Library 2.0 enable libraries to
Baguio City. management, user needs and expectations, become more relevant, to increase librarys
and dearth of journal publications on some visibility and web presence (not just librarys
The seminar sought to achieve the following disciplines and areas of studies among website), to reach potential patrons, to offer
objectives: others. In the end, by way of a caveat, she service to patrons anywhere they want and
1. Update participants on changes in underscored the importance of fulfilling most of all to make the library to be the first
library processes and services brought about the mission in resource acquisition, the choice for high-quality reference service.
by the new information and communication most important criteria when considering In her concluding remarks she
technologies; acquisition of e-resource is whether it serves stated that Web2.0 is only a tool, and like
2. Enhance skills and maximize use of the mission, goals and objectives of the every other tool, it has its place, its strengths,
ICTs in library services; library. and its weaknesses; Library 2.0 are no more
3. Foster smooth interpersonal THE answer to all library transactions.
relationships that will ensure customer Best Practices in Managing Electronic
satisfaction; Resources by Ms. Eva B. Brillo (Head Developing Research Instructional Guides
4. Introduce and discuss features of Librarian, Saint Paul College, Quezon by Ms. Marian S. Ramos (College Librarian-
Resource Description and Access (RDA), City) University of the Philippines, Diliman)
the cataloguing tool that replaced Anglo- Ms. Brillo discussed the impact of Ms. Ramos traced the evolution
American Cataloguing Rules (AACR); electronic resources on Library Management of creating research instructional guides in
compare AACR and RDA; inform in the delivery of information to the users the library using new technologies, such
professional librarians how machine readable of the service. Further, she noted that the as webcasting, podcasting, and online
cataloguing (MARC) works in the context of library users now a day expect delivery of brochures, demonstrating their applicability
RDA; information in various formats regardless and usefulness to academic libraries and
5. Teach participants on how to best of time and location, adding that libraries pointing out how they can bring about and
manage library and information resources have accepted electronic resources as a major improve information literacy among library
particularly digital resources; information resource in their collections users and its potential users in using library
6. Show participants how to develop if only to meet such expectations and to resources and services effectively.
research instructional guides such as provide better and instantaneous services.
brochures, podcasts, webcasts, etc; and; She called attention to the challenges that Background and Introduction to Resource
7. Inform participants how the social confronted the managers, namely staffing, Description and Access by Mr. Rodolfo Y.
media may be used to promote and enhance workflow, licensing, and marketing of its Tarlit (University Librarian-University of
reference and use of library and information resources. Furthermore, the speaker exhorted the Philippines, Diliman)
resources. the participants to re-examine and streamline Mr. Tarlit spoke on the recent
the library structure and guidelines, and development in cataloging rules such as shift
The following topics were discussed during continually upgrade its technology in light
Enhancing competence... to page 6
the Seminar: of the technological changes.
De La Salle University Library

6 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

On-trial Databases at the DLSU Library

Some databases that are currently on-trial at the De La Salle Library

The Library, through its Collection Journal Citation Report (JCR) countries, as well as 45 regional aggregates,
Development Librarian and coordinator of is another database on trial. Unlike the running from 1980.
the Technical Services, Ms. Janice Peaflor, first two databases, this does not include Trial access to databases usually
subscribed to the trial access of several online information from books and journals. takes place from two weeks up to 3
databases as one of its mean in evaluating This is a tool that allows researcher to months, depending on what the supplier/
prospective acquisitions. critically evaluate and compare scholarly publisher will grant the Library. After the
Royal Society of Chemistry, a and technical journals using citation data trial period, the Collection Development
database that offers journals and e-books drawn from over 7,500 journals being Librarian/Technical Services Coordinator
in chemical sciences, is first on the list of published in over 60 countries. The Library asks for usage report from the supplier or
databases on trial on the month of March. anticipates its use in the University in terms publisher, at the same time, she solicits
The Library asked for a trial access on this of tracking down faculty research outputs, inputs from the Academic Community
database for possible strengthening of the and their performances in terms of citation regarding their use of the database on-trial.
Librarys collection in hard sciences. ratings. She consolidates the inputs and the usage
Springerlink is another database in Because of its specialized subject reports and makes recommendation to
trial. Springerlink offers complete access to coverage, EIU Country Data is an on-trial the Library Director. In some cases, the
scientific, technical and medical publications database which is only accessible to School University Library Council (ULC) decides
of journals, e-books, e-references, book series, of Economics faculty members. This if the on-trial database merits subscription/
etc. The Library hopes to supplement its database provides economic indicators acquisition or not.
collection in Business with this database. and forecasts. It covers 317 series for 201

Enhancing competence... from page 5

from Anglo American Cataloging Rules2 cataloging tools and how the paradigm by an ABC-RST officer, followed after each
(AACR2) to Resource Description and shift may affect library institutions in the lecture.
Access (RDA), elaborating on the RDAs Philippines.
historical background; purpose & scope; It is indeed a welcome opportunity to attend
key features; objectives & principles; and RDA and MARC by Mr. Rodolfo Y. this seminar. We have learned the state of the
its structure. Tarlit (College Librarian-University of the art technologies which we could apply to
Philippines, Diliman) DLSU library to ensure a more effective and
RDA and AACR Compared by Ms. Joan efficient delivery of reference services.
Esposado (College Librarian-University of His presentation dwelled on the bibliographic
the Philippines, Diliman) record, clarifying such matters as MARC to We look forward to attending seminars such
Comparing Resource Description and Access RDA mapping; RDAs background and as this in future.
(RDA) to Anglo American Cataloging overview; and a summary of commonly
Rules2 (AACR2), Ms. Esposado presented used MARC 21.
the advantages and disadvantages of both A panel discussion, which was moderated
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 7
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

Gabi Speaks for PAARL

The Philippine Academic and Research Librarians or PAARL,
held the PAARL National Summer Conference on the theme:
Library Tourism and Hospitality: The Business of Endearing
Philippine Libraries and Information Services to Publics
held in Roxas City from April 27-29, 2011.

Gabi Bongalos took on the topic, Archives Tourism and

Hospitality. In an effort to fulfill the objectives of drawing
a landscape of archives, promoting archives services, and
reiterating the essentials of archives, Bongalos recounted the
domains and practices of the profession and offered some lessons
learned working in and with the archives. The session, somehow,
goes farther than a view of archives and of the technical work
critical to archiving; towards the more significant role of archives
and archivists in preserving the documentation of the past for a
reliable history and heritage. In effect, there is more to Archives
than sorting out dusty records, obsession for tagging records, or
carrying heavy boxes. Archives is not a junk room. It is a place
of history and power. Monumental records reside in the archives.
Consciously or otherwise, archives have been of service to almost
everyone. Needless to say, there exist an essential in human
nature to remember the past and celebrate memories.

PAARL organization was founded in 1973. DLSU Manila

Librarian Mr. Roderick B. Ramos and DLSU Dasmarias Library
Director Ms. Sonia M. Gementiza serve as President and Vice Gabi (center) receives certificate of aprreciation from
President, respectively, for 2011. Starting this year, the PAARL PAARL President, Mr. Roderick Ramos, and Vice-
Board adopted PAARL: Fully-Engaged, Member-Driven President, Ms. Sonia Genetiza.
Association as its tagline.

Visitors Donors
The DLSU-M Library would like to acknowledge with
March great appreciation the following donors:
03 D. Tugas Megatext Philippines, Makati City Asian Development Bank
10 Edna de Castro University of Asia and the Pacific, Bautista, Ma. Lourdes S.
Pasig City Erguiza, Narciso Jr., FSC
14 Marilou Tadlip University of San Carlos, Cebu Gonzales, Raymond
City International Institute for Educational Planning
23 Eloisa A. Zell Paris, France Japanese Literature Publishing & Promotion Center
31 Br. Johnny Rombo, University of St. La Salle, Lyceum of the Philippines
FSC Bacolod City Marco, Jesusa
Patalinghug, Wyona
April Planters Bank
Royal Thai Embassy
19 Annie Zulueta Don Bosco-Makati, Makati City Scheiter, Joseph, FSC
30 Ryan Mar Cabrera Mariano Masrco State University, Solidaridad Bookshop
Laoag, Ilocos Norte Yoshimatsu, Hidetake
Zell, Reg
De La Salle University Library

8 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

CD09405. 2nd Floor, Systems Services

Recent Acquisitions Spirituality and the word / [Marlon A. Racal...et al editor, Gerlock
Edward]. BX2350.65 L64 2010.

1. Books and Audiovisual Materials D History (General)

BD Speculative Philosophy Unsurrendered [videorecording] : 100 voices : the story of Philippine

guerillas and bolomen / Spyron-AV Manila Productions producer, Tea
Introduction to philosophy / Christine Carmela R. Ramos.BD21 .R35 Morales, Rodolfo A. Salalima, Renato O Marzan executive producers,
2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation Elvi John Asuncion ... [et al.] direction-script-photography, Peter
Parsons. CD09420. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
BF - Psychology
DS History. Asia
Cognitive psychology/ E. Bruce Goldstein. BF201 .G64 2011. 3rd
Floor, Circulation Arab voices : what they are saying to us, and why it matters / James
Zogby. DS36.7 Z64 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Counseling in challenging contexts : working with individuals and
families across clinical and community settings / Michael Ungar. Doa Gliceria Marella : angel of the revolution / by Francisco
BF636.6 .U54 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation Zaragoza translated by Alfredo S. Veloso from the original Spanish
edited by Carlos A. Arnaldo. DS675.8.M37 Z3713 2011. 4th Floor,
Introduction to counseling : an art and science perspective / Michael Filipiniana
S. Nystul. BF636.6 .N97 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Luz Vi Minda : a quick and gamely tour of the Philippine past / Nilo
Lifespan development : infancy through adulthood / by Laurence G. Ganacias. DS667 .G36 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Steinberg ... [et al.]. BF713 .L55155 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Meme na Mindanaw [videorecording] : a lullaby for peace / project
Majoring in psychology : achieving your educational and career by Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural Dialogue Alchemy of Vision
goals / Jeffrey L. Helms and Daniel T. Rogers. BF76 .H44 2011. 3rd & Light productions director-editor, Kenth O' Bajo concept & lyrics
Floor, Circulation by Albert F. Alejo, S.J. CD09385. 2nd Floor, Systems Services

Psychology of human behavior [videorecording] / taught by David G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation

W. Martin. BF199. M38 2006. BBLRC
Scenic walks around the world [videorecording]. CD09198; CD09199;
Nonverbal communication and culture [videorecording] / produced CD09200. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
by Odyssey Productions. CD0922. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
GT Manners and Customs (General)
The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development
/ edited by Usha Goswami. BF723.C5 B5 2011. 2nd Floor, Filipino tattoos : ancient to modern / Lane Wilcken. GT2346 P6 .W44
Reference 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

BL Religion. Mythology. Rationalism GV Recreation. Leisure

The sociology of religion [videorecording] / Promedion Productions Analysis of teaching and learning in physical education / Mary
producer/director, Banning K. Lary writers, Dax Xenos, Anna Lou Veal, William G. Anderson. GV363 .V43 2011. 3rd Floor,
Carlton. CD09218. 2nd Floor, Systems Services Circulation

Understanding religion and science : introducing the debate / Michael H Social Sciences (General)
Horace Barnes. BL240.3 .B375 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Theory construction and model-building skills : a practical guide for
BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc. social scientists / James Jaccard, Jacob Jacoby. H62 .J34 2010. 3rd
Floor, Circulation
Muslim, Christian and Jew : finding a path to peace, our faiths can
share / David Liepert. BP171 .L54 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana HB Economic Theory. Demography

BX Christian Denominations The myth of the ethical consumer / Timothy M. Devinney, Pat Auger,
Giana M. Eckhardt. HB835 .D48 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Handog ng misa [videorecording] : isang pag-unawa sa Eukaristiya.
Recent De La Salle University Library

Acquisition Newsette News 9

Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

Populations on earth [videorecording] / Hawkhill Associates written Floor, Circulation

and produced by Bill Stonebarger. CD09220. 2nd Floor, Systems
Services Sustainable employment relationships / editors, Jorge V. Sibal ... [et
al.]. HD8716.5 .S87 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
World population [videorecording] : a graphic simulation of the
history of human population growth. CD09237. 2nd Floor, Systems Toward the next economics and other essays / Peter F. Drucker. HD31
Services .D775 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation

HC Economic History and Conditions HF - Commerce

Credit engineering for bankers : a practical guide for bank lending / Financial accounting : information for decisions / John J. Wild.
Morton Glantz and Jonathan Mun. HG1641 .G554 2011. 3rd Floor, HF5635 .W695 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Fundamentals of accounting / Raquel Monte-Galaza, Rouella Marie
The handbook of infrastructure investing / Michael D. Underhill, G. Corpuz. HF5635 .G348 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
editor. HC110.C3 H36 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Fundamental financial accounting concepts / Thomas P. Edmonds,
HD Industries. Land Use. Labor Frances M. McNair, Philip R. Olds. HF5635 .F85 2011. 3rd Floor,
Beyond corporate social responsibility : oil multinationals and
social challenges / Jedrzej George Frynas. HD60 .F79 2009. MEC Globalization and diversity : geography of a changing world / Les
Library Rowntree ... [et al.]. HF1025 .G56 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Beyond good company : next generation corporate citizenship / Introduction to accounting : an integrated approach / Penne Ainsworth,
Bradley K. Googins, Philip H. Mirvis, and Steven A. Rochlin. HD60 Dan Deines. HF5636 .A35 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
.G66 2007. MEC Library
The quarters theory : the revolutionary new foreign currencies trading
Corporate social responsibility and international development : is method / Ilian Yotov. HG3851 .Y68 2010. 3rd Floor, Circualtion
business the solution? / Michael Hopkins. HD60.5.D44 H66 2007.
MEC Library Rethinking the MBA : business education at a crossroads / Srikant
M. Datar, David A. Garvin, Patrick G. Cullen. HF1131 .D37 2010.
Corporate social responsibility as an international strategy / Christina 3rd Floor, Circulation
Keinert. HD60 .K44 2008. MEC Library
Rewarding performance : guiding principles, custom strategies /
Handbook of service science / Paul P. Maglio, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, Robert J. Greene. HF5549.5.C67 G74 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
James C. Spohrer, editors foreword by Carl J. Schramm and William
J. Baumol. HD9980.5 H355 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference HG - Finance

Just good business : the strategic guide to aligning corporate Applied corporate finance / Aswath Damodaran. HG4011 .D26 2011.
responsibility and brand / Kellie A. McElhaney. HD60 .M335 2008. 3rd Floor, Circulation
MEC Library
Handbook of monetary economics / edited by Benjamin M. Friedman,
Management values, principles and culture / Jorge V. Sibal, Rebecca Michael Woodford. HG221 .H36 2011. 2nd Floor, Reference
S. Gaddi. HD70.P6 S5 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
The hedge fund book : a training manual for professionals and capital-
No logo [videorecording] : brands, globalization, resistance / raising executives / Richard C. Wilson. HG4530 .W546 2010. 3rd
executive producers, Sut Jhally, Loretta Alper producer/editor/ Floor, Circulation
camera, Kelly Garner. CD09226. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
Implementing models of financial derivatives : object oriented
Strategic management : concepts / Fred R. David. HD31 .D334 2011. applications with VBA / Nick Webber. HG6024.A3 W43 2011. 3rd
3rd Floor, Circulation Floor, Circulation

Strategic management : concepts and cases / Fred R. David. HD30.28 Money, credit and banking / Cristobal M. Pagoso. HG3314 .P34
.D39 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Supply chain coordination mechanisms : new approaches for Running money : professional portfolio management / Scott Stewart,
collaborative planning / Martin Albrecht. HD38.5 .A4 2010. 3rd Christopher Piros, Jeffrey Heisler. HG4529.5 .S74 2011. 3rd Floor,
De La Salle University Library
10 News N e w s e t t eAcquisition
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

HM Sociology (General) K Law (General)

Design to thrive : creating social networks and online communities that Research handbook on international human rights law / edited
last / Tharon W. Howard. HM742 .H68 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation by Sarah Joseph, Adam McBeth. K3240 .R47 2010. 2nd Floor,
Handbook of social economics / edited by Jess Benhabib, Aberto Bisin,
Matthew O. Jackson. HM548 .H366 20112nd Floor, Reference KPM Law. Philippines

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Bar review materials in commercial law / by Jorge V. Miravite.
Reforms KPM856 .M57 1998. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH

The predicaments of intimacy and solidarity : capitalism and Comments and cases on credit transactions / by Hector S. de Leon and
impingements / Ferdinand D. Dagmang. HN713.5 .D338 2010. 4th Hector M. de Leon, Jr. KPM900 .A28 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana;
Floor, Filipiniana AGH

HQ The Family. Marriage. Women Comments on Fire Code of the Philippines / Reynaldo B. Aralar.
KPM1568.A32008 A7 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Preschoolers [videorecording] : social & emotional development
/ Magna Systems, program producers, Shanta and Milan Herzog Comprehensive review of taxation / by Hector S. De Leon and Hector
script, Janet Gonzalez-Mena. CD09188. BBLRC M. De Leon, Jr. KPM2790 .D44 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana

Preschoolers [videorecording] : cognitive development / Kathleen O Constitutional law : a Barrister's companion / by Cecilio D. Duka.
Ryan, Thomas Knestrict, Mike Poglitsch, Magna Systems. CD09190. KPM1750 .D84 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH
Employment and outsourcing under Philippine law / C.A. Azucena,
HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology Jr. KPM1229 .A98 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH

Primed and purposeful : armed groups and human security efforts in Family Code of the Philippines : law and jurisprudence / Reynaldo
the Philippines / Soliman M. Santos, Jr. and Paz Verdades M. Santos B. Aralar. KPM534.31987 A52 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
with Octavio A. Dinampo ... [et al.] edited by Diana Rodriguez.
HV6433.P6 S26 2010. 4th Floor, Filipininana Insurance Code of 1978";"The Insurance Code of the Philippines
: annotated / by Hector S. De Leon and Hector M. de Leon, Jr.
Silent witnesses [videorecording] : the Kitty Genovese murder / Triage, KPM931.A31978 P48 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH
Inc. History Channel. CD09217. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
The law on obligations and contracts / Miguela Ancheta Luna.
JQ Political Institutions and Public Administration (Asia, Africa, KPM810 .L86 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)
The law on partnerships and private corporations / by Hector S. De
Politics, governance and the Philippine Constitution / Dionesio C. Leon. KPM953.5 .A28 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Rivas, Michael M. Nael. JQ1411 .R58 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
The law on sales, agency and credit transactions / by Hector S. De
JV Colonies and Colonization. Emigration and Immigration. Leon. KPM865 .D4 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
International Migration
Philippine income tax / by Victorino C. Mamalateo. KPM2832 .M35
Filipinos in San Francisco / Filipino American National Historical 2010. 4th Filipiniana; AGH
Society, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Pin@y Educational
Partnership. JV6891 F54 .F44 2011. 4th Floor, Filipiniana Quizzer and reviewer on commercial laws / by Hernando B. Perez.
KPM856 .P47 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH
JZ International Relations
Special penal laws / Marlo Bermejo Campanilla. KPM3800 .C36
The foreign policy of the European Union : assessing Europe's role 2010. AGH
in the world / Federiga Bindi, editor. JZ1570 .F67 2010. Ground
Floor, EDC Student's manual on the constitution / Hector S. De Leon and Hector
M. De Leon, Jr. KPM1750 .D44 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
We don't play golf here! [videorecording] : and other stories of
globalization / a film by Saul Landau. CD09236. 2nd Floor, Systems Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines : ASEAN Harmonized
Services Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) : incorporating Executive Order (E.O.)
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 11
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

no. 574 series of 2006 and Executive Order (E.O.) no. 627 series M - Music
of 2007 for MFN Rates. KPM3190.A31982 P54 2007. 4th Floor,
Filipiniana; AGH Kapampangan ku [sound recording] / Artista.Rita. CD07569. 2nd
Floor, Systems Services
We, the sovereign Filipino people : the book of seven Filipino
constitutions, 1897-1987 / Rene V. Sarmiento foreword by Pamanuli [sound recording] / Artista.Rita with guest artist, Mon
Antonio V. Panganiban. KPM1760 .S37 2010. 4th Floor, David, Jeff Arcilla. CD09497. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
Filipiniana; AGH
"Paralaya [sound recording] : a Kapampangan acoustic pop album
www.cyberlaw.com / Vicente B. Amador. KPM80.C65 A438 2010. / Artista.Rita. CD09498. 2nd Floor Systems Services
4th Floor, Filipiniana; AGH
Paskung Kapampangan [sound recording] : the Kapampangan
LA History of Education Christmas album / the Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for
Kapampangan Studies, Holy Angel University. CD09500. 2nd
21st Century trends, issues and challenges in Philippine education Floor Systems Services
/ compiled and edited by Nilo E. Colinares co-edited by Lydia
P.E. de la Rosa. LA1292 .T8 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana Salamat king lugud mu-- [sound recording] : a symphony of
Kapampangan love songs / amanu at sunis Crispin N. Cadiang..
LB Theory and Practice of Education CD09409. 2nd Floor, Systems Services

Contemporary issues in curriculum / [edited by} Allan C. Ornstein, N Fine Arts

Edward F. Pajak, Stacey B. Ornstein. LB1570 .C813 2011. 3rd
Floor, Circulation El Prado project : dialogue with the masters, re-interpretations of
selected paintings from the Museo Nacional del Prado. N4042 .A9
Developmental reading / Flordeliza C. Buendicho. LB1050.5 .B84 P7 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
A vision of Philippine art : selections from the Purita Kalaw-
Music and early learning [videorecording] / Magna Systems. Ledesma collection N7329.L4 V57 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
CD09324. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
P Philology. Linguistics
Music and movement [videorecording] / Magna Systems.
CD09323. 2nd Floor, Systems Services Managing electronic media : making, marketing, and moving
digital content / Joan Van Tassel, Lisa Poe-Howfield. P96.M34
Student teaching : early childhood practicum guide / Jeanne V36 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Machado, Helen Botnarescue. LB2157.A3 M28 2011. 3rd Floor,
Circulation Writing for visual media / Anthony Friedmann. P96.A86 F74
2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Teacher assessment and the quest for teacher quality : a handbook
/ edited by Mary M. Kennedy foreword by Marilyn Cochran- PE Language. English
Smith. LB2838 .T37 2010. BBLRC
Sheltered content instruction : teaching English language learners
Teaching & acquiring higher-order thinking skills : theory and with diverse abilities / Jana Echevarria Anne Graves. PE1128.A2
practice / N.S. Rajendran. LB1590.3 .R34 2010. 3rd Floor, E26 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
PJ Oriental Philology and Literature
LC Special Aspects of Education
Arabic for all : with Filipino-English-Arabic dictionary / Margani
Boys and girls learn differently! : a guide for teachers and parents U. Mohammad foreword by Aboulkhair S. Tarason. PJ6309 .M64
/ Michael Gurian with Kathy Stevens, Patricia Henley, and Terry 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Trueman. LC212.92 .G87 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
PL Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
Teaching in the inclusive classroom [videorecording] : elementary
/ Quality Educational Programs directed by Jim Thompson Diksiyunaryong Tagalog : makabago at pinagaan / Angelita G.
produced by Jim Thompson, Annemarie Thompson associate Gonzales, Maria Lourdes S. Lim, Lolita P. Vargas. PL6057 .G66
producers, Debbi Leialoha ... [et al.] edited by Annemarie 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
Thompson. CD09214. BBLRC
Pusod / Domingo G. Landicho. PL6165.4.L34 P78 2010. 4th
De La Salle University Library

12 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

Floor, Filipiniana Circulation

Tamang hinala / Camilo M. Villanueva. PL6165.4.V695 T35 2010. Elementary and intermediate algebra / Stefan Baratto, Barry
4th Floor, Filipiniana Bergman, Don Hutchinson. QA152.3 .H874 2011. 3rd Floor,
PN - Literature
Elementary statistics / Josefina Venegas Almeda, Therese Garcia
Take two / [text:] Rudi Miel [illustrations:] Christian Durieux ... Capistrano, Genelyn Ma. Ferry Sarte. QA276.12 .A45 2010. 3rd
[et al]. PN6790.B44 M54 2010. Ground Floor, EDC Floor, Circulation

Theater for the nation : a prospectus for the National Theater of HTML5 : designing rich internet applications / Matthew David.
the Philippines / Cecile Guidote-Alvarez. PN2911.A58 2010. 4th QA76.76.H94 D38 2010. 2nd Floor, Reference
Floor, Filipiniana
Programming massively parallel processors : a hands-on approach
The theater in Manila, 1846-1946 / Cristina Laconico-Buenaventura. / David Kirk and Wen-mei Hwu. QA76.642 K57 2010. 3rd Floor,
PN2916.M3 B84 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana Circulation

Write your way into animation and games : create a writing career Principles of computer system design : an introduction / Jerome
in animation and games / Christy Marx. PN1996 .M377 2010. 2nd H. Saltzer, M. Frans Kaashoek. QA76.9 S88 S247 2009. 3rd
Floor, Reference Floor, Circulation

PS Philippine Literature in English Smart things : ubiquitous computing user experience design / Mike
Kuniavsky. QA76.5915 K86 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Color of sky : growing up Swiss with chocolate brown skin / Lenny
Kaye Bugayong. PS9993.B876 C64 2011. 4th Floor, Filipiniana Usability testing essentials : ready, set... test! / Carol M. Barnum.
QA76.9.U83 B368 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Filipino ghost stories : spine-tingling tales of supernatural
encounters and haunting / Alex G. Paman. PS9993 .P18346 F54 Web 2.0 fundamentals with Ajax, development tools, and mobile
2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana platforms / Oswald Campesato, Kevin Nilson. QA76.625 .C36
2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Ang inahan ni Mila = Mila's mother : a novel / by Austregelina
Espina-Moore translated into English by Hope Sabanpan-Yu. QB - Astronomy
PS9993.M66 I513 2008. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
In quest of the universe / Theo Koupelis. QB45.2 .K84 2011. 3rd
Walang hiya : literature taking risks toward liberatory practice / Floor, Circulation
edited by Lolan Buhain Sevilla and Roseli Ilano. PS508 F53 .W34
2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana QD - Chemistry

Q Science (General) Analytical chemistry and quantitative analysis / David S. Hage,

James D. Carr. QD271.7 .H34 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation
The scientific method [videorecording] / produced, directed, and
edited by Robert Willgoos writers, Don Hall, Charlotte Angel, QH Natural History. Biology
Jim Wolfe. CD09216. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
Genetics of populations / Philip W. Hedrick. QH455 .H43 2011.
QA - Mathematics 3rd Floor, Circulation

Academic genealogy of mathematicians / Sooyoung Chang. QA28 QK - Botany

.C44 2011. 2nd Floor, Reference
Photosynthesis [videorecording] : grades 6-12 / Sunburst Visual
Analyzing social media networks with NodeXL : insights from a Media. CD09219. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
connected world / Derek L. Hansen, Ben Schneiderman, Marc A.
Smith. QA76.9 D343 H367 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation QM Human Anatomy

Applied calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences / S.T. Light & skin interactions : simulations for computer graphics
Tan. QA303.2 .T36 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation applications / Gladimir V.G. Baranoski, Aravind Krishnaswamy.
QM484 .B37 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
Computers as components : principles of embedded computing
system design / Wayne Wolf. QA76.9.S88 W64 2008. 3rd Floor,
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 13
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

RC Internal Medicine Embedded systems design with platform FPGAs : principles and
practices / Ronald Sass, Andrew G. Schmidt. TK7895.E42 S27
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation
[videorecording] / a production of Ronald L. Scott in association
with Buenda Productions producers, Ronald L. Scott, Eli Reyna Introduction to service engineering / [edited by] Gavriel Salvendy
director, Eli Reyna. CD09191. 2nd Floor, Systems Services and Waldemar Karwowski. TK5105.5 .I587 2010. 3rd Floor,
S Agriculture (General)
TR - Photography
Soil basics for engineers [videorecording] / David Elton Auburn
University. Engineering Continuing Education. CD09488; No plastic sleeves : the complete portfolio guide for photographers
CD09489; CD09490. 2nd Floor, Systems Services and designers / Larry Volk, Danielle Currier. TR501 .V64 2010.
2nd Floor, Reference
T Technology (General)
TS - Manufacture
Technical writing for Filipino students / by Rebecca D. Alcantara,
Felicidad P. Espina. T11 .A44 2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana Introduction to engineering statistics and lean sigma : statistical
quality control and design of experiments and systems / Allen T.
TA Engineering (General). Civil Engineering Theodore. TS156 .A44 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation

Multimedia fluid mechanics [electronic resource] / G.M. Homsy [Kansei engineering] / edited by Mitsuo Nagamachi and Anitawati
... [et al.]. CD09225. 3rd Floor, Circulation Mohd Lokman. TS170 .K36 2011. 3rd Floor, Circulation

The science and practice of sound ergonomics [videorecording] / TX Home Economics

Mike Bracko. TA166. 2nd Floor, Systems Services
The Filipino cookbook : 85 homestyle recipes to delight your
Shallow foundation design [videorecording]. CD09481; CD09482. family and friends / Miki Garcia photos by Luca Invernizzi
2nd Floor, Systems Services Tertoni styling by Theo Domini O. Zaragoza. TX724.5.P6 G37
2010. 4th Floor, Filipiniana
TC Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering

Open channel hydraulics / Terry W. Sturm. TC175 .S774 2010. 2. Faculty Papers
3rd Floor Circulation
Acosta, Jhoana P.
TE Highway Engineering. Roads and Pavements - The effects of different levels of customer dissatisfaction
on behavioral intentions : an empirical study on plus size
Soil classification for roads and engineering [videorecording] / customers
Auburn University. Engineering Continuing Education. CD09487.
2nd Floor, Systems Services Ambata, Leonard
- Internet access improvement plan
TH Building Construction - PCB development plan

Foundations of buildings [videorecording] / prepared for Auburn Apolega, Dennis

University, Business and Engineering Continuing Education by - The very idea of Filipino philosophy in Mercado :
David J. Elton. CD09771. 2nd Floor, Systems Services philosophy or having deep thoughts about the world?

Single-camera video production / Robert B. Musburger. TK6655. Arada, Gerald P.

V5 M89 2010. 3rd Floor, Circulation - Implementation of electromagnetic actuation system on
a continuum manipulator
TJ Mechanical Engineering and Machinery - Remote rain triggered landslide detecting sensor system
with integrated SMS data communication device
Fundamentals of tool design / chief technical reviewer and
managing editor, John G. Nee contributors, William Dufraine, Astudillo, Liezl
John W. Evans, Mark Hill. TJ1185 .F67 2010. 3rd Floor, - A portraiture of the Filipino archetypes in Pugad
Circulation Baboy

TK Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Baluran, Fe

Engineering - Managing for society. Time for corporate social
De La Salle University Library

14 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

innovation? Cruz, Isagani R.

- Mini critique. Adventures in the Middle East
Basco, Emma - Mini critique. Applied mathematics
- Aklat ng kalipunan ng mga dula sa Filipino - Mini critique. Better or more?
- Ang mga Bikolano, dalit at pamimintakasi - Mini critique. Calling for comments
- Mini critique. K + 12 and HEIs
Berino, Dennis L. - Mini critique. The K+ 12 debate
- Managing for society. Business and community - Mini critique. K + 12 for the poor
involvement - Mini critique. Missing freshmen
- The view from Taft. Accountability : hallmark of a - Mini critique. National Book Awards
leader - Mini critique. Remembering the dead
- The view from Taft. What are we in power for? - Mini critique. The technical panel on general
Bernardo, Allan B.I. - Mini critique. What is the K+ 12 plan?
- Validating the factors of the English and Filipino versions
of the sense of self scale Cuarteros, Gladstone
- Crisis of legitimacy
Buban, Raquel E. Sison
- Si Crazy Mary sa Filipino : pamamaybay sa pagitan ng Dacuycuy, Lawrence
mga wika at konteksto - Exploring the use of exchange market pressure and RMU
deviation indicator for early warning system (EWS) in the
Calara, Alvaro ASEAN+3 region
- Ethnicity and social mobility in the era of globalization - Parametric and semiparametric model representations of
: the journey of the SADAKI Mangyans-Alangans the conditional mean of wages do they make a difference
against nonparametric ones?
Camacho, Drexel H. - Testing for omitted variables in partially linear regression
- Designing late-transition metal catalysts for olefin models
insertion polymerization and copolymerization - The functional specification of the wage-experience
relationship and male wage inequality in the Philippines
Chin, Chona T. : A decomposition analysis
- Establishing an identity-giving athletes an ownership of
the team : a proposed program for DLSU-Manila athletics David, Melanie Y.
team : a facilitator's guide - Adsorption properties of BF4-anions on graphene
- First principles investigation for H2 dissociative
Concepcion, Antonio V. adsorption on Ni and Cr decorated Ni surfaces-an
- The view from Taft. Managing the sales force application to alkaline polymer electrolyte fuel cell
- Hydrazine (N2 H4) adsorption on Ni(10 0)-density
Cordel, Macario functional theory investigation
- parameter-based echo canceller for wideband adaptive
multirate codec. Dela Cruz, Arleigh Ross
- Parameter based voice enhancements for mobile - Diplomacy, deception and dollars : Filipino-American
communications in next-generation networking diplomatic relations in 1898

Cruz, Elfren S. Delos Reyes, Virgilio

- Framework. Basket case to bread basket? - A critique of Steinberg's Josling's and Chambovey's
- Framework. CEO as leader positions on the effects of the expiry of the peace clause
- Framework. Effective global managers in the agreement on agriculture on export subsidies
- Framework. Leadership realities - DAR adjudication Board Rules of Procedure 2003
- Framework. The liberally educated businessman - Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Administrative
- Framework. Philippine business education. Orders 1, 2, and 3 Series of 2001-2003
- Framework. Presidential decision making - PGTEP completion report
- Framework. Public service and morality - Road users' charge study
- Framework. Romance books
- Framework. Soccer mania Demaisip, Salvador P.
- Framework. Survival guide for Filipino leaders - Greenlight. The challenge of climate change
- Framework. Why revolutions happen - The view from Taft. Arnis, the Filipino martial art
- Seven deadly sins of leadership
De La Salle University Library

Newsette News 15
Vol. XLII - Nos. 8-9 September
Vol. XLII- October
- Nos. 2010
13-14 March-April 2011 B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n

Dugos, Nathaniel P. of river basin organizations : lessons learned and

- Devolatilization of different types of Philippine coal recommendations
in a closed-type thermobalance reactor under pyrolytic - The NARBO performance benchmarking : key lessons
conditions from the seven Indonesian RBO pilots
- Synthesis of biodiesel by base-catalyzed transesterification - The NARBO performance benchmarking : review of
process using waste palm oil from a Food Manufacturing performance indicators
Company - Irrigation policy and performance indicators in the
Dy, Regina C.
- Greenlight. The politicized culture Lagua, Benel P.
- Greenlight. Learning from the movies
Estrella, Aristoteles
- The rise of experiential brand marketing in Integrated Lajom, Jennifer Ann
Marketing Communications - Barkadahan : a study of peer group norms and values
among Filipino adolescent
Firmante, Maria Cristina M.
- The effect of perfectionism on academic efficacy as Lugtu, Reynaldo C., Jr.
mediated by achievement goals The view from Taft. Social networking

Fortunato, Teresita F. Macapanpan, Tristan

- Kasalukuyang kalagayan ng pagtuturo ng wika sa antas - Greenlight. Innovation in government
ng kolehiyo - The view from Taft. Sustainable social responsibility

Garcia, Lakangiting Manalastas, Pia T.

- Module ng pagsasanay sa sining ng pagtuturo - The view from Taft. Values in business education
- Module sa pagsasanay sa pagtuturo ng panitikan
- Module sa pagsasanay sa pagtuturo ng wika at Mingoa, Thelma
pagsulat - Children's drawings speak more than words
- Sa tagong sulok ng puso : ang ilang mga sagot sa tanong
na kung paanong magsulat ng akdang romansa Olivar, Julieta
- Factors affecting work attendance of the DLSU library
Gojo Cruz, Genaro R. personnel
- Ilang tala sa pagsasalin ng mga kuwentong pambata ng
Iran sa Wikang Filipino Ong, Arlyn Verina
- A comparison of YAPLU against the C programming
Gozun, Brian C. language
- Efficiency of Philippine Public High Schools using - Analysis of the goddard space flight center java coding
spatio-temporal stochastic frontier analysis convention
- Greenlight. OR in business
- Measuring the efficiency of Philippine education using Paria, Jose Cristina
spatio-temporal stochastic frontier analysis - The four anaphoric repairs of the neo-gricean pragmatic
- Using DEA to assess the efficiency of public health units approach in the distant conversation register of Ice-
in providing health care services Philippines
- The view from Taft. The health of a nation
Promentilla, Michael Angelo B.
Hudtohan, Emiliano T. - A decision modeling approach to prioritize remediation
- Greenlight. Corporate we leadership options for contaminated sites
- Greenlight. La Sallian social responsibility - Microstructure characterization of cement-based
- Greenlight. Maestro Marcelo Adonay materials using x-ray microtomography
- Three-dimensional analysis of cracks in cement-based
Inocencio, Arlene materials using x-ray microtomography
- Economic gains of improving soil fertility and water
holding capacity with clay application : the impact of soil Que, Mary Margaret
remediation research in Northeast Thailand - Greenlight. Passion in the workplace
- Lessons from the Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai citarum - The view from Taft. In word and deed
performance benchmarking and peer review - The view from Taft. Puzzling politics
- Performance benchmarking and peer review
De La Salle University Library

16 News Newsette
B a l i t a n g A k l a t a n Vol. XLII - Nos. 13-14 March-April 2011

nineteenth century Philippine Cuisine in Rizal's Noli Me

Resurreccion, Ron Tangere
- Relationship between family environment and
problematic eating behaviors in a sample of university Uy, Arnel Onesimo O.
students - Greenlight. Motivating Filipino entrepreneurs

Rivera, John Paolo Valerio, Elvin Amerigo

- Economic, demographic and other factors affecting - The Little Brown Brother "Shoots" back : contesting
school participation among children in urban and rural American Hegemonies in contemporary Filipino films
- The demographic impacts of carbon emission and Velasco, Aida L.
economic growth in China and the Philippines - Managing for society. Social entrepreneurship : a new
- The impact of carbon emissions on birth rates and death business trend.
rates in ASEAN+3
- The labor migration industry for health and educational Vergara, Raymond Allan G.
services, its regulatory and governance structures, and its - The green package
implications for national development. - The Magnet Caf high street concept
- The role of income and employment on school
participation rate in Pasay and Eastern Samar Yu, Derrick Ethelbert
- Regression analysis on the chemical descriptors of a
San Juan, David Michael selected class DDP4 inhibitors
- Sining sa lansangan, sining ng pagbabagong panlipunan - Skewered cyano-bridged cobalt naphthalocyanine
: Kontekstwalisasyon ng sosyo-politikal na Graffiti sa polymer : an electron transport engineering
Zantua, Julse V.
Santiago, May Ann Garo - Facilitator's manual on group counseling program for
- Expectations and resource in different contexts of students living away from home
development : towards positive developmental outcomes
among Filipino youth

Siason, Archibald S.
- Adjustment 101 : a guide for student living away from
home : a facilitator's manual

Suleik, Mercedes B.
- Capital view. Angels and demons The Library Newsette/ BalitangAklatan
- Capital view. Ave, vale! is published by the
- Capital view. Bangko Sentral and SMEs DLSU-Manila University Library
- Capital view. Basel 2 and basel 3 http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/library/newsette/default.asp
2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004
- Capital view. Clear and present danger
- Capital view. Governance and based initiatives
- Capital view. Teresa of Avila, doctor Ana Maria B. Fresnido (ana.fresnido@dlsu.edu.ph)
Sy, Dante Willian S.A. Frias (willian.frias@dlsu.edu.ph)
- Greenlight. Conflict economics Florbella Bongalos (florbella.bongalos@dlsu.edu.ph)
- The view from Taft. Tax subsidies Associate Editors
Avelino E. Dancalan (avelino.dancalan@dlsu.edu.ph)
Web Editor
Tan, Raymond R. Gregorio Guinto (gregorio.guinto@dlsu.edu.ph)
- Star science. Measuring the sustainability of energy Photographer
systems Wilfredo A. Frias (wilfredo.frias@dlsu.edu.ph)
- Star Science. Some lessons for graduate students Proof Reader

Teehankee, Benito L. The Library Newsette/ Balitang Aklatan is the official newsletter of
the University Library of the De La Salle University, Manila. It is
- Managing for society. The Catholic challenge to business published every two months by the Documentation of University
L i b r a r y. T h e N e w s e t t e m a y b e a c c e s s e d o n l i n e t h ro u g h
leaders h t t p : / / w w w. d l s u . e d u . p h .

Torres, Jose Victor

- What Capitan Tiago served and Padre Damaso ate :