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2 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

A 6-step prescription for living well INDEX

By Lorraine Wichtowski is better than none just move crisis.
Special to The LCN and groove! n Reduce stress by simpli-
Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester, PC .........28
No matter how old or n Strive for 30 minutes of fying your life.
young, taking care of your exercise per day. n Consider social clubs, Alpine Manor .....................................................15
body, mind, and soul is the n Get your heart rate up, volunteer activities, a reli-
Barber Hill Health & Wellness Center ....................14
key to warding off chronic dis- build muscle, and remain gious organization, or support
eases such as diabetes, heart flexible with exercises like groups as a way of joining Body and Face by Kristin .......................................6
disease, and certain types of walking, swimming, yard others.
Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse ..............10
cancer. work, dancing, aerobics or
While there is no magic bike riding. Elizabeth Wende Breast Care ...............................23
Stay away from
potion or formula for healthy n Maintain a healthy body Deborah Schafer .................................................19
longevity, there are some basic weight in order to keep diabe- harmful drugs
guidelines. tes and cardiovascular disease n Quit smoking. Tobacco Fidelis Care ........................................................32
Feed your body at bay. A healthy body weight causes more health problems Fit Club 24/7 .....................................................12
will also put less stress on your than any other drug.
Feed your body the right joints. n Drink alcohol responsi-
Genesee Valley Health Partnership ........................30
foods the majority of the time. bly. Too much alcohol causes Health & Wellness Referral Services, Inc. .................4
Aim for being on target with Challenge your mind liver damage, fetal alcohol
your diet 80 percent of the n Be a lifelong learner. Dr. Keith Koch, Orthodontics ..................................2
syndrome, and accidents.
time. This allows for celebra- Read books, play games, learn n Stay away from street Lifetime Care ..................................................... 26
tions and treats. to play an instrument or pick drugs such as marijuana, co-
n Emphasize fruit, vege- a new language. Brains need Livingston Community Health Center ........................3
caine, methamphetamine,
tables, whole grains like oat- activity to stay sharp. heroin or pain pills such as Livingston Cty. Center for Nursing & Rehab ..............7
meal, brown rice, and barley n Rest your brain by Oxycodone that have been
and low fat or fat-free milk Livingston Cty. Chamber of Commerce...................14
getting plenty of sleep every prescribed for you. These
products. night. This will aid memory drugs are highly addictive and Livingston Cty. Office for the Aging .............5, 17, 21
n Include good for you and concentration. Plenty of may lead to death even with
proteins such as lean meats, Livingston-Wyoming Arc ......................................10
sleep also diminishes mood one use.
poultry, fish, beans, eggs and swings. Livonia Pharmacy ................................................26
nuts. n Limit screen time. While
See your doctors
n Limit junk food that is Madonna OB/GYN ..............................................8
this is important for everyone, n Schedule a regular phys-
high in calories, fat, sugar, and it is essential for children. ical. Morgan Estates Assisted Living .............................28
sodium. Potato chips, cookies, Their brains and bodies need n Talk to your doctor
candy, and cake should be an Noyes ...........................................................9, 16
toys and regular play to devel- about screenings for blood
occasional treat not an every- op well. pressure, cholesterol, and os- Physical Therapy Professionals ..............................23
day occurrence. teoporosis.
Remain social Rector Hicks Funeral Home ...................................18
Enjoy physical activity n Speak with your doctor
Strollin for the Colon............................................13
n Make time for fun and about mammograms, prostate
every day relaxation. checks, and colonoscopies. Thompson Health ................................................12
Consider it play time! n Gather with friends and n Floss, brush, and see
n Any amount of exercise family in times of both joy or your dentist regularly. Valley School of Dance ..................................20, 24

Traditional Braces
Clear Ceramic Braces
Palatal Expansion

Call for a FREE consultation to discuss how you can get the
smile youve always dreamed of!
Specialist in Orthodontics For Children & Adults

4376 Lakeville Road,

Route 20A, Geneseo
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 3

First-class care. Affordable cost.

When deciding where to go for dental care,
you have options. When you choose
Livingston Community Health Center
(LCHC), youre choosing high-quality dental
care for you and your family.

LCHC isnt your average family dental office.

Its a Federally Qualified Health Center
(FQHC) a provider whose main purpose is
to provide access to superior wellness
services regardless of a patients ability to

FQHCs differ from private practices in that they are:

Regulated by the Federal and New York State governments
Required to have a structured and robust quality program
Inspected a minimum of once every three years
Governed by a board of directors that is made up of a majority (at least 51%) of
active, registered patients of the health center who are representative of the
populations served
Offer a sliding fee scale with discounts based on patient household size and

Whats more, 92% of LCHC patients reported in the patient satisfaction survey that they are
highly satisfied with provider communication, appointment time together, and treatment
Call 585-243-7840 today to schedule your appointment
and experience the FQHC difference.
1 Murray Hill Drive Appointments Available
Building #1, Room 140 Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Mount Morris, NY 14510 Closed for lunch 12:30pm - 1:00pm
4 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

How to cope with fewer hours of daylight

Metro Creative Syndicate
Daylight saving time comes Here are 3
to an end each fall, at a time
when the hours of available
sunlight already are beginning
steps toward
to decline.
Some people are more ac-
better sleep
customed to darkness than Family Features
others. Norwegians, Swedes A lack of quality sleep can
and people living in Alaska lead to aches and pains, stiff-
and the upper reaches of Can- ness, sore muscles, tingling
ada near or above the Arctic or numbness in your extrem-
Circle may go through a period ities, general fatigue and an in-
when winters can be especial- creased risk of getting sick.
ly dark. Fairbanks, Alaska, gets According to the National
just 3 hours and 42 minutes of Sleep Foundation, the aver-
sunlight on the winter solstice. age adult needs 7 to 9 hours of
Those in Barrow, Alaska, will sleep a night.
endure a period of 67 days of A survey by Mattress Firm
darkness, according to Alas- showed a correlation between Residents of Seattle, stress and those who receive
which is even further north less sleep than recommended.
than cities such as Fargo, N.D., Fall and winter darkness does not have to send a person into the doldrums if he or she embraces the Twice as many stressed people
right attitude. get fewer than 5 hours of sleep
or Portland, Maine, deal with
more darkness than those liv- each night compared to those
n Celebrate winter activ- who are not stressed. Those
ing outside the city may know.
ities. Go skiing, snowboard- Fall back: Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 5 who are stressed are five times
Although much of the rest of
North America doesnt experi- ing, outdoor ice skating, or more likely to experience in-
Daylight Saving Time ends on the first Sunday in November,
ence such profound periods of snowshoeing. Look forward to when clocks are moved back an hour at 2 a.m. local daylight somnia at least once a month.
darkness, when the darkness winter for what can be done, time (so they read 1 a.m. local standard time). This year, DST If youre stressed and ex-
of fall and winter arrives, it can rather than what cant. ends remember Fall back on Nov. 5. DST had begun periencing trouble sleeping,
be difficult to maintain a posi- n Socialize more often. Spring ahead on March 12. Looking ahead, DST will begin
again at 2 a.m. on March 11, 2018, and end Nov. 4, 2018.
tive outlook. Instead of holing up indoors See SLEEP T10
Borrowing some of the alone, frequent the places
coping mechanisms relied on
in northern latitudes can help
many people to see the dark in
that become indoor gathering
spots for locals. These can The Alternative To A
include coffee houses, brew-
a different light.
n Be aware of SAD. Season-
eries, restaurants or even the
local church. Plan more social
Nursing Home
al affective disorder, or SAD,
is defined by the Mayo Clinic occasions with friends and
as a type of depression thats
related to changes in seasons,
families so everyone can col-
lectively shoo away the winter
Health and Wellness
beginning and ending at about
the same times each year.
n Exercise more. Use the
Referral Services, Inc.
Symptoms tend to start in darker hours as an excuse to
the fall and continue into the exercise more, be it at the gym
winter, sapping energy and
making a person feel moody.
or outside. The Mayo Clinic A Unique Service That Provides All Around Care
As with other types of depres- says that exercise and other Light Housekeeping Meal Preparation Companion
sion, SAD can get worse and types of physical activity can
lead to severe problems if left relieve anxiety and depres- Transportation Shopping and Errands
untreated. Light treatment, sion, lifting an individuals
talk therapy and medication mood as a result.
Respite At A Cost You Can Afford
can help people who are sus- n Light a fire. Set the WE CAN HELP 382-3260
ceptible to SAD. kindling ablaze in a fire pit,
n Make daylight hours fireplace or woodburning OUR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE
count. Spend time outdoors
while the sun is bright in the
stove, or just light a handful of 24 HOURS - 7 DAYS A WEEK
candles. Flames can be sooth-
sky. Make an effort to switch
your schedule if work inter-
ing and less harsh on the eyes Throughout Livingstion and Surrounding Counties
feres with getting outdoors, than artificial light. CALL MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 9-5PM
even if all that can be managed Fall and winter darkness THOMAS CICERO, COORDINATOR
is an outdoor walk at lunch. Sit does not have to send a person (Fax: 382-9842)
by a bright window and soak into the doldrums if he or she
212 Main Street Leicester, NY 14481
up rays whenever possible. embraces the right attitude.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 5
6 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Manage pain with physical therapy, not meds

By Dr. Andrew Mattle
Special to The LCN
No one wants to live in pain,
nor should they put their over-
all health and well being at risk
Physical therapy vs. opioids
in an effort to be pain free.
Addiction to opiates is a Facts about addiction, overdose, or withdraw-
growing problem in the Unit- physical therapy n Physical therapy does not
ed States and the overuse of just mask pain, but decreases
opioids for the treatment of n Physical therapy as a first line it, along with improved function,
treatment reduces costs and mobility and overall wellness.
chronic pain is finally being improves outcomes for low back
recognized as a major health pain. Facts about opioids
epidemic and the Centers n Physical therapy is as or more
n In 2012, so many opioid pre-
for Disease Control and Pre- effective than arthroscopy for
scriptions were written that every
vention has recommended relieving knee osteoarthritis pain
American adult could have had
and for treating meniscal tears.
non-drug approaches such as their own bottle of pills.
n Physical therapy does not have
physical therapy, as a healthy side effects such as depression,
n One in 4 patients with long-
alternative to addictive pre- term opioid prescriptions struggle
with addiction.
scription painkillers..
n More than 1,000 people are
The National Institute on treated daily in emergency rooms
Drug Abuse estimates that 4.7 for prescription opioid misuse.
million people in the United n 46 people die everyday from
States are dependent on pain- prescription painkiller overdoses,
killers, the sale of which has quadruple the number from 15
years ago.
increased by more than 300
percent since 1999. n In 2015, opioids killed
33,000 people. More than half
The use of pain medication of those were taking them with a
such as Vicodin, Percocet, prescription.
Methodone, OxyContin and
Opana has quadrupled in re-
cent years. Addiction to these
medications are at an all-time
high and people addicted to
prescription opioids are 40 ical therapy can help treat ity of life, overall mobility and Are you, or someone you Dr. Andrew Mattle, PT DPT is
times more likely to turn to il- many conditions and actually reduce or eliminate the need know, struggling with pain owner of Physical Therapy Profes-
licit drugs such as heroin. sionals, PC, which has offices in
provide more benefit than just for opioids. management? Encourage
Addiction to prescription Lakeville, Caledonia and Mount
masking the pain. Improved Partnering with patients them to talk with their Phys- Morris. He founded the business in
painkillers is common. NIDA function, flexibility, strength, and their families in education ical Therapist or Physician 1994 and has been a licensed and
says that up to 7 percent of coordination and self efficacy and exercise should be a rou- about safe and effective practicing physical therapist since
people who are prescribed are all well researched and tine first line therapy for treat- non-prescription alternatives. 1991.
opiate or analgesic pain killers published for back pain, hip ment of pain and dysfunction.
will become addicted. When
and knee arthritis and fibro- Everyone can benefit from
prescriptions to oxycodone,
hydromorphone and fentanyl
Medical exercise prescrip-
these types of preferred treat-
ments and the health benefits
...A day spa in the village
run out, many people turn to
heroin as a less expensive and tions can treat pain with of exercise can not be empha-
more readily available means movement and improve qual- sized enough.
of pain relief.
We know most prescription
medicines have a laundry list
of possible side effects, we also
know that these can be elimi-
nated when safer alternatives
are recognized and utilized.
Pain relief therapies, such
as physical therapy, can be
viable alternatives to the pre- Massage Therapy, Facials,
scription pain medicines that
often serve as a gateway to ille- Waxing, & Body Treatments
gal drugs such as heroin.
To help reduce the over-
prescribing epidemic and Online Bookings & Spa Packages
keep people from becoming
addicted to pain medications, Physical therapy can help treat many conditions and actually
people can look for other ways
to alleviate pain.
provide more benefit than just masking the pain. Physical
therapy can improve function, flexibility, strength and
Safer alternatives and phys- coordination.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 7

We are your trusted, local, long term and rehabilitative care specialists
proudly offering person-centered services in an award winning,
state-of-the-art environment.

Orthopedic Rehab Stroke Recovery Post-Surgical Recovery
Memory Care Program Dedicated Obesity Care Center Respite Care
Hospice Dialysis Care Coordination in conjunction with
Noyes Health Dialysis Center
Adult Day Healthcare Program Out-Patient Rehab
IV/PICC Service, In-wall Oxygen & Suction

Livingston County Center

For Nursing And Rehabilitation
11 Murray Hill Dr., Mt. Morris
For General Info: 243-7200 For Admission Referral: 243-7209
8 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

1882 S. Winton Road Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14618 (Brighton)

144 Court Street, Geneseo, NY 14454 (Geneseo)
PH: 585-698-7077 FAX: 585-461-4105


In-Office Procedures
Health Screening
Family Planning
Treatment of Menstrual Disorder
Teen Gynecologic Care
Minimally Invasive Surgery Madonna Tomani, MD,FACOG
Menopause Guidance & Treatment Founded Madonna OBGYN in
HCG Weight Loss Program 2010 and is the sole proprietor
and visionary for the practice.
Gynecologic Pelvic Ultrasound
Obstetrical Pelvic Ultrasound

3D & 4D Imaging
3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three
dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of
your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.
Madonna MediSpa Services include:
Available in both Geneseo and Brighton locations
Botox, Fillers and Lip Injections
(Provided by Dr. Madonna Tomani, MD)
Medical Massage Therapy
(Provided by Jenn Haran, LMT)
Available at Brighton location only
Medical grade peels and facials
Entertainment Ultrasound Microblading
We also provide entertainment packages for Waxing
early gender determination (16 weeks) Brow and Eyelash Tints
(Provided by Noelia Contreras, Medical Aesthetician)
and 3D/4D pictures
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 9

Clearing up Understanding
what is behind
blemishes can
adult acne banish breakouts
Metro Creative Syndicate mone therapy or birth control
Many youngsters develop pills to see if either option can
acne during adolescence. alleviate the hormone fluctua-
Acne often disappears by the tions that contribute to acne.
time adolescents graduate n Family history: Genes
high school, but for some peo- also may be to blame for adult
ple, acne lingers into adult- acne, as some people may
hood. have a genetic predisposition
The American Academy of to acne.
Dermatology says adults can n Medication: Acne may be
get acne, which may persist a side effect of certain med-
into their 30s, 40s or 50s. Some ications. If medicine is trig-
people even develop acne for gering breakouts, women can
the first time as adults, a con- discuss potential alternatives
dition known as adult-onset with their physicians.
acne. Although both men and n Sugar: Some evidence
women can develop acne, suggests that sugar can con-
women tend to get adult acne tribute to acne by raising insu-
more often than men. lin levels, which then triggers
Adult acne can be partic- oil-releasing male hormones.
ularly frustrating for adults Stick to foods that do not trig-
who had acne as children. ger a sugar (and insulin) spike.
Understanding whats behind Australian researchers found
the blemishes can help people that people who followed
get the treatment they need to a low-glycemic index diet
banish breakouts. (which is low in refined carbo-
n Stress: Stress may con- hydrates like those found in
tribute to adult acne. When white bread) had a 22 percent
stressed, the body releases decrease in acne lesions, com-
certain hormones, most no- pared with a control group
tably cortisol, to address the that ate more high-GI foods.
problem. Skin experts say that n Salt: Its not greasy fries
testosterone can accompany that cause acne, but it may be
cortisol, which can drive oil the salt on the fries. Some doc-
glands to produce more oil. tors suspect that sodium can
Stress can lead to oily skin, cause issues with the skin be-
which increases the likelihood cause the iodine found in ta-
of breakouts. Learning to re- ble salt and seafood can build
duce stress can lead to clearer up and make acne worse.
skin. If these options do not
n Hormonal changes: Fluc- work, speak with a dermatolo-
tuations in hormones are nor- gist about
mal for women. Estrogen and cleansing
progesterone levels vary regimens
depending on the men- and topi-
strual cycle. The Johns cal treat-
Hopkins Department ments
of Dermatology says that can
that acne is prevalent help
before ones menstru- reduce
al cycle, and can also acne
occur during meno- break-
pause when outs.
are in flux
If acne
is prob-
can speak
with their
about hor-
10 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

the mattress tag. If its more IN MOUNT MORRIS YOU CAN BUY THE LIVINGSTON COUNTY NEWS AT: Brians USA Diner, Cooks
Sleep than 8 years old, it is time to re-
place it. Another way to make
Convenience, Dollar General, Kwik Fill Main St., Kwik Fill State St., Letchworth Country, McDonalds,
Rite Aid, Save-A-Lot.

From T4 sure your body has the proper

Lifetimes Fillled with Possibilities

support and alignment is to
these tips from the sleep ex- figure out your sleep position
perts at Mattress Firm can and select the right pillows
help ensure youre getting the to support your body. This
rest you need to improve your can help alleviate tossing and
sleep health. turning, and provide a more
n Minimize technology use comfortable night of sleep.
before you head to bed. The n Avoid nighttime snack-
survey found quality of sleep ing. About 24 percent of ex-
is negatively affected because tremely stressed people in-
of stress-induced technology dulge in a snack an hour before
use. For example, those who bed, according to the survey.
are stressed are 60 percent There are many food and drink
more likely to watch TV an options that encourage a good
hour before bed, more than nights sleep more than others,
twice as likely to post to social such as tryptophan-rich foods
media an hour before bed, like dairy, nuts and seeds, ba-
The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming empowers developmentally disabled people of all ages to experience
twice as likely to check email nanas, honey and eggs. Con- lifes joys and challenges with a growing sense of dignity and independence.
an hour before bed and more versely, foods and medica-
than 40 percent more likely to tions with caffeine and foods PROMOTING A HEALTHY COUNTY WITH PROGRAMS THAT SPAN A LIFETIME
sleep with their phones next to with high-fat content should
their beds. be avoided. The foods you Service Coordination Hilltop Industries
n Ensure your body is get- choose are important, but also (Vocational Services, Day Habitation)
ting adequate support. What pay attention to the timing of KidStart (Early Intervention/Pre-School Services, Day Care, Head Start)
felt comfortable to sleep on when you eat and drink. Fight- Transportation Residential Services Family Support Services
eight years ago may not pro- ing stress with an afternoon Recreation Clinical Services
vide the support your body espresso can affect your ability
to sleep hours later when your 18 Main St., Mt. Morris, NY 14510
needs today. Your weight,
head hits the pillow. 585.991.5459 Intake (Jean Angililli)
pressure points and ailments
can change over the course of Find more ideas for relaxing and achieving
585.658.2828 (Main Office) 585.658.4109 (Fax)
time, so its important to check better sleep at
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 11

On the following pages you CENTER FOR CORNELL COOPERATIVE
will find service and support
agencies based in or serving Saving lives by helping people stay DISPUTE SETTLEMENT EXTENSION OF LIVINGSTON Facilitates partnerships between
residents of Livingston County. well, get well, find cures and fight business and education to pre-
Area code is (585) unless oth- back. Livingston County Government COUNTY HOME pare youth to become productive
erwise noted. Center, 6 Court St., Room 103, citizens and a highly-trained
Geneseo 14454. AND FAMILY workforce.
AMERICAN CANCER 3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
Phone: 243-7007; fax: 243-7006. 14510. Phone: 991-5420 or 335-1752; LIVINGSTON COUNTY CHILD
SUBSTANCE ABUSE GOLISANO HOPE LODGE Parent/child mediation and youth/ fax: 991-5434; email: living- & YOUTH MOBILE MENTAL
& HOSPITALITY HOUSE youth mediation encourage youth
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 1120 Goodman St. South, Roch- to problem solve and find solu-
tions for problems. home-family 4600 Millennium Drive, Geneseo
ester 14609.
/ AL-ANON 14454.
Phone: 224-4900; toll free: 1 Provides educational programs/
Phone: 245-4440. Phone: 243-7250. 335-1711; fax:
(800) 227-2345. THE CENTER FOR YOUTH activities for families, schools
243-7264. and groups to prevent traffic SERVICES INC. safety injuries or deaths. Child Evaluation and intervention to
Meets at locations in county. passenger, teen driving, bicycling youth experiencing a behavioral
Hope Lodge provides free, tempo- 905 Monroe Ave., Rochester
rary lodging for patients and their 14620. and pedestrian safety. or mental health crisis.
COUNCIL ON ALCOHOL AND caregiver when they must travel a
long distance to receive special- Phone: 473-2464, toll-free: 888-
271-7670. PO Box 31, Caledonia 14423.
141-143 Main St., Dansville CANCER SERVICES 2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
14437. Free confidential, voluntary ser- 14510.
Phone: 335-5052. vices for youth/families: counsel- Phone: 243-7270, 335-1716; fax:
& WYOMING COUNTIES ing, emergency shelter, transitory Serves the needs of children in
243-7287; email: dept-of-health@
4612 Millenium Drive, Geneseo living, prevention education, Livingston County that cannot be
Livingston County Department
14454. in-school student support and met by any other program.
of Health, 2 Murray Hill Drive,
Mount Morris 14510 work readiness.
Phone: 991-5012; fax: 991-5013.
GIRL SCOUTS OF Provides immunizations, WIC, Phone: 243-7270, toll free: 1 maternal-child health, early inter-
(800) 588-8670. CHILD CARE COUNCIL INC. WESTERN NEW YORK vention, children with special
Provides outpatient substance
abuse services. 3513 Thomas Drive, Suite 4, Rochester Service Center, 1000 health care needs, Reproductive
Lakeville 14480. Elmwood Ave., Door 9, Roches- Health Center, Community Health
Wyoming County Health Depart- Program and Lead Poisoning Pre-
ment, 5362 Mungers Mill Rd., ter 14620.
Phone: 346-6050, toll-free: (800) vention Program.
HEALTHY COMMUNITIES Silver Springs 14550 754-6317; fax: 346-6058. Phone: 292-5160, toll-free: 1
THAT CARE/CASA OF Phone: 786-8838, toll free: 1
(888) 837-6410; fax: 292-1086.
LIVINGSTON COUNTY (800) 588-8670.
Provides parents with referrals ADVOCACY PROGRAM
4612 Millenium Drive, Geneseo health /main. for childcare. Licenses for those
14454. html Program of the Legal Aid Society
who want to be home daycare HILLSIDE CHILDRENS of Rochester.
Phone: 991-5012; fax: 991-5013. Free colorectal cancer tests, mam- providers. Provides resources for
mograms and pap tests for the people in the daycare field and CENTER Livingston County Government uninsured. parents. Livingston County Office, 24 Main Center, 6 Court St., Geneseo
Coalition involves community in St., Mount Morris 14510. 14454.
assessment, planning, imple-
menting and evaluating sub- CHILDREN AND CORNELL COOPERATIVE Phone: 658-5500. Phone: 243-7944; email: Stewart
Atkin at
stance abuse prevention strate- EXTENSION OF LIVINGSTON
gies. YOUTH SERVICES Provides services in various set-
COUNTY 4-H tings to children with emotional, Provides direct case advocacy or
behavioral or mental health prob-
lems and their families.
case management services to
youth experiencing problems
OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY with school or other agencies in
PROGRAMS 34 East State St., Mount Morris
Phone: 991-5420 or 335-1752;
fax: 991-5434
obtaining services. Information
14510. LIVINGSTON COUNTY and referral services are also provided. Technical assistance
AMERICAN CANCER Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513. BUSINESS/EDUCATION is given to education and human
SOCIETY ALLIANCE services agencies.
Involvement in 4-H can help chil-
1120 Goodman St. South, Roch- Livingston County Government
HOPE Youth Mentoring program dren explore new ideas, expe-
ester 14620. Center, 6 Court St., Room B10,
matches at-risk youth, ages 6-14, rience new opportunities and
Geneseo 14454.
Phone: 288-1950, toll free: 1 with a trained, caring adult men- friendships, and build skills to
(800) 227-2345; fax: 473-6869. tor. Referral required. help them achieve. Phone: 991-5085; fax: 991-5087. See RESOURCES T13
12 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Security System
Cybex Circuit
Cardio Equipment

Locker Rooms With Showers

Personal training Gift Certificates Free WiFi
24 hour access 7 days a week

5 Megan Drive, Geneseo

Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 13

724-2227; fax: 546-5693; email: NOYES MENTAL HEALTH adapted computer training and FINGER LAKES
9221 Robert Hart Drive, Dansville
vocational rehabilitation.
From T11 Free, confidential budget and credit 14437. ACCES-VR
counseling, group education and Adult Career and Continuing OFFICE
debt management programs, tele- Phone: 335-4316.
LIVINGSTON COUNTY phone or in-person counseling,
Education Services-Vocational 620 Westfall Rd., Rochester Rehabilitation 14620.
YOUTH BUREAU interest education, information
on how to stop collection calls, Provides adult, child, family and Livingston County Government Phone: 461-8500; fax: 461-8926.
Livingston County Government group therapy.
bankruptcy avoidance education Center, 6 Court St., Room 107,
Center, 6 Court St., Room 105,
and realistic budget education. Geneseo 14454.
Geneseo 14454.
Offers one-on-one services for peo-
Phone: 243-6909; fax: 243-7598. THE CENTER FOR YOUTH Phone: 991-5093; fax: 991-5096.
ple with developmental disabili-
COUNSELING SERVICES INC. ties and learning problems.
905 Monroe Ave., Rochester
Plans, funds and arranges ser-
vices for children in the county. 2-1-1 FINGER LAKES 14620. Vocational counseling, training and LEGAL ASSISTANCE OF
Funds municipal recreation and Phone: 211 or 275-5151 (24/7), Phone: 473-2464, toll-free: 888- job placement for people with
programs targeted to at risk-youth toll-free: 877-FLNY2-1-1 or 1 617-KIDS, 24-hour help line: disabilities. WESTERN NEW YORK INC.
and youth development. (800) 310-1160; fax: 760-8260. 271-7670. LAWNY AUTISM UP 361 South Main St., Geneva
STARBRIDGE 855 Publishers Pkwy, Webster 14456.
24 hour/7 days a week crisis inter- Free, confidential, voluntary ser-
590 South Ave., Rochester vention hotline and comprehen- vices for youth/families: counsel- 14580. Phone: (315) 781-1465; toll-free:
14620. sive community information and ing, emergency shelter, transition- 1 (866) 781-5235; fax: (315)
Phone: 248-9011; fax: 248-9159;
referral services. al living, prevention education, 781-2565.
Phone: 546-170, toll-free: 1 (800) email:
in-school student support and
650-4967; fax: 546-7069. work readiness.
CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF A non-profit law firm providing free
Offers support and programming
Advocacy and support to families
LIVINGSTON COUNTY DENTAL CARE to those with ASD and families legal services to low-income indi-
and professionals who support viduals and households with civil
of children with developmental 34 East State St., Mount Morris
them. Conference/workshops, legal problems such as evictions,
disabilities. Information on edu- 14510.
foreclosures, utility shutoffs,
cation, respite, parent groups,
Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513.
GENESEO PARISH parent and professional message
welfare delays, unemployment
recreation and other supports. boards, programming, financial/
OUTREACH CENTER scholarship info, support groups. insurance benefits denials, hous-
4520 Genesee St. (Rt. 63), Gen- ing discrimination and access
The Community of Caring program to emergency services. Also
services for victims of domestic
provides intensive counseling EPILIPSY PRALID INC.
KID CENTRAL and support services for at-risk Phone: 243-3120; fax: 243-1189; violence, veterans, households
pregnant and parenting teens and email: 1650 South Ave, Suite 300, Roch- dealing with HIV or AIDS, individ-
25 Chapel St., PO Box 115, ester 14620.
Mount Morris 14510. adult women. uals denied SSI, and households
Phone: 442-4430; fax: 442-6305; whose housing or employment
Phone: 883-7043. Health care for uninsured and email: are affected by criminal record.
Free after-school program and
Provides opportunities for individu-
youth group for kids and teens. HEALTH/COMMUNITY LIVINGSTON COMMUNITY als with traumatic brain injuries, ADVOCACY PROGRAM
Program includes computers with HEALTH CENTER DENTAL
Internet, video games, homework SERVICES developmental disabilities, and/ Program of the Legal Aid Society
or people eligible for nursing
help, mentoring, crafts and rec- 4600 Millennium Drive, Geneseo CLINIC home care who choose to live in
of Rochester.
reation. Also Fishermens Net 14454.
KC2RHY youth amateur radio
1 Murray Hill Drive, Bldg #1, the community. See RESOURCES T14
Phone: 243-7250; 335-1711; fax: Room 140, Mount Morris
club, 14510.
243-7264. Phone: 243-7840; fax: 243-7841.
Livingston County Community
SERVICES INC. Services is a department within State-of-the-art dental center,
905 Monroe Ave., Rochester the Human Services Division of offering services for all ages.
14620. Livingston County government. In All forms of health insurance
addition to being a direct service welcome, including Medicaid
Phone: 473-2464, toll free: 888- provider (Livingston County Men-
617-KIDS, 24-hour help-line: and Child Health Plus. Accepts
tal Health Services), the depart- patients without or with limited
271-7670 ment is charged with: insurance. Sliding fee discounts Encouragement of programs aimed available to those who qualify. Were excited to share the news about our 7th
Free confidential, voluntary ser- at prevention and treatment. Annual event to benefit Colon Cancer awareness,
vices for youth/families: counsel-
ing, emergency shelter, transitory
Receiving and allocating public
mental hygiene funds in accor-
DISABILITY education and research.
living, prevention education, dance with NYS law.
in-school student support and ABVI-GOODWILL This years event will be held at Geneseo Central School.
work readiness. System oversight and planning
across all mental health, sub- Goodwill Industries of Greater
stance use and developmental Rochester, 422 South Clinton Registration begins on March 1st, 2018
CREDIT COUNSELING disability services in our county. Ave., Rochester 14620. Sign up at:
Livingston County Mental Health Phone: 232-1111, toll-free: 1
CONSUMER CREDIT Services is a county-operated out- (800) 640-6005.
COUNSELING SERVICE patient clinic licensed by the NYS
Office of Mental Health, providing
OF ROCHESTER, INC. service to children and adults. Empowers blind or visually
1000 University Ave., Suite 900, These issues may be the result impaired by providing variety of USATF CERTIFIED
Rochester 14606. of stress, changes in a persons/ services, low-vision evaluations,
familys life or may be more social work services, adult rec-
Phone: 546-3440, toll-free: 888- chronic in nature. reation, educational services,
14 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Resources Dennys Restaurant, Kwik Fill, Livingston County News, Mobil, 7-11, Walmart, Wegmans.
From T13 CHANCES & CHANGES INC. Dutch Hollow, Quicklees, Quicklees East Avon, Mini Mart, Tom Wahls, Tops.
PO Box 326, Geneseo 14454.
Livingston County Government Phone: 658-3940, toll-free domes-
Center, 6 Court St., Geneseo tic violence hotline: 1 (888) 252-
14454. 9360 or 658-2660, rape-crisis
Phone: 243-7944; email: Stuart hotline: 1-800-527-1757; fax:
Atkin at 658-9414.

Provides direct case advocacy or Confidential services for victims

case management services to of family violence, both in and
youth experiencing problems out of shelter, including 24/7
with school or other agencies in hotlines, support groups, and
obtaining services. Information
and referral services also provid-
ed. Technical assistance is given
to education and human services
3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris 3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
14510. 14510.
Phone: 243-7520. Phone: 991-5420 or 335-1752;
fax: 991-5434; email: living-
Information and referral to local
resources, support services, and Educate and assist individuals
programs for aging family mem- and communities on a variety of
bers and loved ones of all ages topics, including 4-H, agriculture,
with disabilities. parenting, nutrition, health, safe-
ty, afterschool as well as a Mas-
ter Gardener program.
1545 St. Paul St., Rochester COLLEGE
Campus centers in Livingston
Phone: 544-1240 (Voice/TTY); fax:
544-0383; email: info@rsdeaf.
County: 31 Clara Barton St.,
Dansville, and 7285 Gale Rd.,
Barber Hill Health &
Programs for children with hearing
Dansville phone: 335-7820; Lima
phone: 582-1226; general info:
343-0055 or (866) CALL-GCC.
Wellness Center. L.L.C.
loss, outreach services, sign lan-
guage classes for the public.
Campus centers offer credit and
STARBRIDGE non-credit classes and other com-
munity programs. The centers
590 South Ave., Rochester are connected to resources at
14620. GCCs main campus in Batavia,
Phone: 546-1700, toll-free: 1 including the Alfred C. OConnell
Library, the Student Services
(800) 650-4967; fax: 546-7069.
office and Language Lab.
Maria Benzoni, M.Ed. LMSW
Advocacy and support to families
of children with developmental
GENESEE VALLEY (585) 455-6413
disabilities. Information about EDUCATIONAL Counseling, Art Classes Talking Stick Circles
education, respite, parent groups, PARTNERSHIP
recreation and other supports. Counseling - Family & Individual
Mount Morris Campus, 27 Lack-
awanna Ave., Mount Morris
Girls Talking Stick Circles
THE ARC OF 14510. Womens Circles Drawing & Painting Lessons
18 Main St., Mount Morris
Phone: 658-7790 or 344-7790. Lou Lombardo, M. Ed. L.M.T
GED and home-study programs, 734-2200
Phone: 658-2828; fax: 658-4109. adult education courses, English
as a second language and job Massage Therapy Member of
training programs, including CDL
The Arc empowers people of all truck driver and nursing pro-
5739 Barber Hill Rd. Geneseo, NY 14454
ages and abilities to experience
lifes joys and challenges with
dignity and independence.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 15

SFTB; fax: 344-7026. Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513. THE CENTER FOR YOUTH
Help Works provides emergency
Free, confidential, voluntary ser-
vices for youth/families: counsel-
905 Monroe Ave., Rochester
From T14 ing, emergency shelter, transitory
State-operated day and residential assistance for food, heat, utili- 14620.
living, prevention education,
school for 5- to 21-year-old New ties, eviction prevention, prescrip-
tions and childrens clothing. in-school student support and Phone: 473-2464; toll-free: 888-
LITERACY VOLUNTEERS OF York students who are blind and
work readiness. 617-KIDS; 24-hour help line:
have at least one other disability.
Leicester Service Center, 3 Mount COMMUNITY ANSWERS EMPLOYMENT
Morris-Leicester Rd., Leicester NOYES MEMORIAL NEEDS NETWORK, C.A.N.N. Free, confidential, voluntary ser-
14481. HOSPITAL COMMUNITY Dansville 14437. vices for youth/families: counsel-
Phone: 658-7970, 658-7971; fax: HEALTH EDUCATION Phone: 335-6973. Adult Career and Continuing
ing, emergency shelter, transitory
658-7969; email: lvalc@gvboces. living, prevention education,
org. 111 Clara Barton St., Dansville Answers immediate needs of fire Education Services-Vocational in-school student support.
14437. victims, displaced people or Rehabilitation those with nowhere else to turn.
Phone: 335-4355; fax: 335-4309.
Free tutoring services to adults
Gently used clothing, household
Livingston County Government
Center, 6 Court St., Room 107,
who read below an eighth-grade goods, furniture.
Geneseo 14454.
level or with limited English skills. Alzheimer caregiver support
groups; diabetes, medical termi- Phone: 991-5093; fax: 991-5096. CATHOLIC CHARITIES
nology and phlebotomy training;
blood pressure clinics; childbirth PO Box 31, Caledonia 14423.
ter/geneseo-satellite-office 34 East State St., Mount Morris
BUSINESS/EDUCATION classes and speakers bureau.
Phone: 538-4366. 14510.
Provides vocational counseling,
ALLIANCE training and job placement for Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513.
Livingston County Government NOYES PHLEBOTOMY people with disabilities.
Serves the needs of children that
Center, 6 Court St., Room B10, PROGRAM cannot be met by any other agen-
Geneseo 14454. Help Works provides emergency
Noyes Memorial Hospital, 111 cy or program. LIVINGSTON COUNTY OFFICE
Phone: 991-5085; fax: 991-5087. assistance for heat and utilities.
Clara Barton St., Dansville
Facilitates partnerships between DEPARTMENT OF
business and education to pre- Livingston County Government DEPARTMENT OF
pare youth to be productive citi- SOCIAL SERVICES Center, 6 Court St., Room 105,
zens and highly-trained workers. 1 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
Geneseo 14454. SOCIAL SERVICES
NAACLS Certified, 10-week course 14510. 1 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
Phone: 243-7047, 335-1750; fax:
trains in knowledge and skills 14510.
243-7598; email: rsnyder@living-
LIVINGSTON COUNTY needed to collect blood for labo- Phone: 243-7300, 335-1748; fax:
ratory analysis. Tuition and book 243-7364. Phone: 243-7300, 335-1748; fax:
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH fees. 243-7364.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
htm Responds to needs of local work-
Phone: 243-7270, 355-1716; fax:
ROCHESTER SCHOOL Food stamps, HEAP (Home Energy force and businesses. Increases HEAP (Home Energy Assistance
Assistance Program) temporary the potential of workers looking Program).
243-7287. FOR THE DEAF assistance, health insurance for self-sufficiency through the 1545 St. Paul St., Rochester programs, child support, child Resource Center, career guid-
14621. protective, foster care, adoption ance and training. Funding may
Promotes wellness through educa- services and adult protective be available for those seeking
tion, programs and services to Phone: 544-1240; videophone: post secondary education and for See RESOURCES T16
prevent disease and disabilities 286-2808; fax: 544-0383; email: youth.
for a healthier community. POISON CONTROL Specializing In Individual Personalized Care
LIVINGSTON COUNTY Educational programs for children Phone, toll-free: 1 (800)222-1222.
with hearing loss. Outreach ser-

OFFICE OF WORKFORCE Free, 24/7 emergency phone,
vices available. help-line for poison (medication,
DEVELOPMENT chemicals, plants, insect bites).
Livingston County Government
Center, 6 Court St., Room 105,
Geneseo 14454. 1 College Circle, Geneseo 14454. SALVATION ARMY Assisted Living Facility
Phone: 243-7047, 335-1750; fax: Phone, toll-free: 1 (800) 933-
243-7598. 9677. Est. 1971 NY SDOH Licensed Facility
A public liberal arts college. Service units in Avon, Caledonia, An adult living facility No Tier Pricing
Dansville, Geneseo, Lima, Livo-
dedicated to providing each RN On Staff
Responds to changing needs
of workforce and businesses.
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE nia, Mount Morris and Nunda.
Has minimal funds for emergen- resident with high quality, Health & Medication
Increases the potential of work- cies on case-by-case basis. Pro- personalized care. With only Management
ers through the Resource Center, AMERICAN RED CROSS vides access to basic emergency Daily Recreation / Activities
workshops, career guidance and services: food, clothing, medica- 36 residents we are able to
training. Funding may be available CLARA BARTON CHAPTER tion and seasonal assistance. give every person the Trained 24 Hour Staff
for those seeking post secondary 57 Elizabeth St., Dansville 14437. Subject to availability of funding. individual, personal care Assist. available for qualified
education and for youth. veterans
Phone: 335-3500; fax: 335-7479. they deserve.
SERVICES INC. 585.346.5880
905 Monroe Ave., Rochester
2A Richmond Ave., Batavia,
Phone: 473-2464; toll-free: 888-
Phone: 343-5384 (ext. 205 or 34 East State St., Mount Morris 617-KIDS; 24-hour help line: 2714 POPLAR HILL ROAD LIMA, NEW YORK 14485
340), toll-free: 1 (877) NYS- 14510. 271-7670.
16 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Phone: 226-2466; fax: 226-9485; DANSVILLE ECUMENICAL HEMLOCK FOOD PANTRY Phone: 243-7520, 335-1732; fax:
Resources email:
41 Elizabeth St., Dansville 14437.
4616 Main St., Hemlock, 14466.
Phone: 367-3138.
From T15 Handles natural resources and Home-delivered meal program
land, air and water by pollution Phone: 335-9030.
delivers a nutritious meal Mon-
control, prevention, waste reduc- 9 a.m. to noon Monday, Wednes- day through Friday to individuals
ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES tion and hazard cleanups. day, Friday (except holidays). LEICESTER FOOD 60 and older who, by reason of
Serves Dansville School District. illness and/or disability, cannot
prepare meals or attend a meal
site. Eligibility determined through
ASSOCIATION INC. FOODLINK assessment. Contribution sug-
Available by appointment 9 a.m. to
5828 Big Tree Rd., Lakeville HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 1999 Mount Read Blvd., Roches-
4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. gested. No one denied because
ter 14615. of inability to pay. Voluntary con-
Phone: 328-3380; fax: 328-9951; tributions treated confidentially
Phone: 346-6864; email: info@ Cornell Cooperative Extension of LIMA FOOD PANTRY and support the program.
email: Livingston County Phone: 582-1737, 624-9432. 3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
14510. Serves multiple counties. Can LIVONIA FOOD PANTRY
Helps with issues regarding the food-pantry
health, safety and welfare of all Phone: 991-5420, 335-1752; fax: answer food stamp questions. Livonia Fire Dept., 4213 South
residents on Conesus Lake. 991-5434; email: livingston@ Available by appointment: 9-10 Livonia Rd., Livonia 14487. a.m. Mondays, 9:30-11 a.m.
GENESEO-GROVELAND Wednesdays and Saturdays. Phone: 346-6470.
GLOW REGION SOLID WASTE Serves Honeoye Falls-Lima
EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY Hours are 10 a.m. to noon Tues-
Programs on baby care, parenting School District.
MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 31 Center St., Geneseo 14454 days and Saturdays. Serves Livo-
and strengthening families. nia School District.
Genesee County Bldg. 2, 3837 Phone: 243-1141.
West Main St. Rd., Batavia LIVINGSTON COUNTY
14020. FOOD RESOURCES Available 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tues-
days and Thursdays and 4-6:30 OFFICE FOR THE AGING
Phone: 815-7906, toll free: 800- p.m. Wednesdays. Serves Gen- 3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
836-1154; fax: 345-3061; email: See RESOURCES T17
AVON FOOD PANTRY eseo Central School District. 14510.
108 Prospect St., Avon 14414
Phone: 438-4500; email: jenann-
Provides information and educa-
tional programs related to waste
reduction, reuse, recycling, com- Serves Avon School District; hours
posting and disposal of waste of operation are Tuesdays 10
stream items. a.m.-2 p.m. and Thursdays 3
p.m.-6:30 p.m.

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Village Building, 74 Genesee St.,
TAL HEALTH Phone: 226-6353.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris Hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tues-
14510. days through Fridays.
Phone: 243-7280, 335-1716; fax:
Provides effective education and
inspection programs to help KITCHEN
reduce public exposure to envi- 10 Park Place, Avon 14414.
ronmental hazards.
Phone: 226-3722, 226-2518.
Open 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.
Livingston County Government
Center, 6 Court St., Room 305, 3239 Cameron Place, Caledonia
Geneseo 14454. 14423

Phone: 243-7550, 335-1734; fax: Phone: 538-6181.

243-7566. Serves Caledonia-Mumford School District.

Education and information on natu-

ral resources. CONESUS WEBSTER
NYS DEPARTMENT Main St., Route 15, Town Hall,
Conesus 14435
Phone: 346-5581, toll-free: 346-
Region 8 Office: 6274 East
Avon-Lima Rd. (Routes 5 and
20), Avon 14414.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 17

From T16

36 Chapel St., Suite 200, Mount
Morris 14510.
Phone: Call Catholic Charities at
Hours are 9 a.m. to noon Tues-
days and Thursdays, and 1 to 3
p.m. Wednesdays.

VFW, 3 Elm St., Mount Morris
Phone: 658-4513.
Serves at noon. Available 9 a.m. to
2 p.m. Mondays through Thurs-


Phone: 476-5954.
Call to make an appointment. All
packages delivered. Serves Kes-
hequa School District.

113 3rd Ave., Wayland 14572.
Phone: 728-5386.
Call to make an appointment.
Serves Wayland-Cohocton School
District and surrounding areas.


Livingston County Department
of Health, 2 Murray Hill Drive,
Mount Morris 14510.
Phone: 243-7530.


2662 Main St., York 14592.
Phone: 243-2673, 243-2199.
Serves York School District.


Cornell Cooperative Extension
3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
Phone: 991-5420.
Free program that helps people
save money on food and live a
healthy and active life style.


18 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

NATIONAL KIDNEY OFFICE OF HOUSING problems such as evictions, fore-

1344 University Ave., Suite 270,
Provides health insurance options
for individuals, sole proprietors
closures, utility shutoffs, welfare
denials, unemployment insurance
benefits denials, housing discrim-
From T17 and employers. ination and access to emergency
Rochester 14617.
OF SOCIAL SERVICES services. Services for victims
Phone: 598-3963; toll-free: 1
HEALTH CONCERNS (800) 724-9421; fax: 598-3966. HOSPICE 1 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
of domestic violence, veterans,
households dealing with HIV or AIDS, individuals denied SSI and
Phone: 243-7300, 335-1748; fax: households whose housing or
AMERICAN HEART Kidney disease prevention, educa- 243-7364. employment are affected by a
tion, kidney screenings, research HOSPICE criminal record.
ASSOCIATION and transplant awareness.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
25 Circle St., Suite 102, Roches- Assists with Section 8 housing
ter 14607.
programs that help low-income MEDIATION
NOYES MEMORIAL Phone: 243-7290, 335-1719; families, elderly, disabled or
Phone: 371-3227; fax: 461-0949. email: handicapped individuals with their
Heart health resource materials
and professional education. 111 Clara Barton St., Dansville
14437. HOUSING DEVELOPMENT Livingston County Government
Center, 6 Court St., Room 103,
Phone: 335-6001; toll-free: 1
TERESA HOUSE INC. Geneseo 14454.
AMERICAN LUNG (888) 706-6937. 21 Highland Rd., Geneseo 14454. GENESEE VALLEY RURAL Phone: 243-7007; fax: 243-7006.
ASSOCIATION OF NY Phone: 243-1978; fax: 243-3793. PRESERVATION COUNCIL
1595 Elmwood Ave., Rochester ty-education 5861 Groveland Station Rd.,
14620. Mount Morris 14510 Mediation and arbitration for fami-
Alzheimer caregiver support Provides care to residents and ly, divorce, neighbor, custody and
Phone: 442-4260; toll-free: 1 groups; diabetes, medical termi- their families with a life expectan- Phone: 658-4860 or 658-4870; small claims matters.
(800) LUNGUSA; fax: 442-4263. nology and phlebotomy training cy of 3 months or less. fax: 658-4874,
classes; blood pressure clinics; childbirth classes; and free
speakers bureau. Connections to MEDICAL SERVICES
Promotes lung health and prevents
services and physicians.
TRILLIUM HEALTH Rental, home owner programs
lung disease through education, and housing development.
259 Monroe Ave., Rochester CANCER SERVICES
advocacy and research.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Mor-
MEMORIAL HOSPITAL BLUESHIELD Programs and services for people WESTERN NEW YORK INC. ris 14510.
111 Clara Barton St., Dansville 165 Court St., Rochester 14647. affected by HIV and AIDS.
361 South Main St., Geneva Phone: 243-7270, toll-free: 800-
14437. 14456. 588-8670.
Phone: 441-0904.
Phone: 335-4355. VINCENT HOUSE INC. Phone: 315-781-1465, toll-free: 310 2nd Ave., Wayland 14572. 866-781-5235; fax: 315-781-
Provides access to high-quality, 2565. Wyoming County Health Dept.,
Services and classes in Dansville affordable health coverage, Phone: 728-2427; email: 5362 Mungers Mill Rd., Silver
and Hornell, one-on-one educa- including valuable health-related Springs 14550.
tion with certified diabetic edu- resources such as cost-saving Non-profit law firm provides free
cator and registered dietitian for prescription drug discounts and html
legal services to low-income indi-
diabetes self-management. wellness tracking tools. A comfort care facility. viduals and households with civil
OUTREACH CENTER Phone: 383-8104; toll-free: 1
4520 Genesee St., Route 63,
Geneseo 14454.
(888) FIDELIS; fax: 383-8128.
Phone: 243-3120; fax: 243-1189.
Medicaid Managed Care/Family
Health Plus/Child Health Plus
provider. Assists with paperwork.
34 East State St., Mount Morris
Health care for uninsured and Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513.
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Partnership for Success assists
LIVINGSTON COUNTY homeless families and those fac-
4635 Millennium Drive, Geneseo ing eviction find safe, affordable
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 14454. housing. Program provides some Traditional Services
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris emergency housing and main-
Phone: 243-2222.
tains lists of rentals. Cremation Services
Phone: 243-7270, 335-1716; fax:
243-7287. Health and dental info to Cham- LIVINGSTON COUNTY
ber members. Administrator for Excellus BCBS, MVP Healthcare, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Medicaid Counseling
Provides health care, hospice, Guardian Dental, United Health PO Box 336, Geneseo 14454.
health education, immunizations,
WIC, maternal-child health, com-
Care, long-term care insurance.
Phone: 335-5634; email: 111 Main Street Geneseo
munity health worker program, Frank T. Hicks F. Scott Hicks Derek S. Hicks
reproductive health center, envi- MVP HEALTHCARE Working with local volunteers to
ronmental health. 220 Alexander St., Rochester eliminate poverty housing. Tel: 585-243-0995
Phone: 325-3920; toll-free: 1
(800) 991-3920.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 19
Phone: 335-3500.
Wheelchairs, walkers, hospital
October is national
From T18 beds, commodes and transfer
benches, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Free colorectal cancer tests, mam-
mograms and Pap tests for unin-
sured individuals. AVON LIONS CLUB
LIVINGSTON COUNTY Phone: 226-2985.
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Electric hospital beds, walkers,
wheelchairs, canes, crutches and
IMMUNIZATION CLINICS quad-canes. Sponsored by the
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris American Association of Orthodontics
CALEDONIA LOAN CLOSET who remind us that by getting an orthodontic
Phone: 243-7299, 335-1716.
3352 Brown Rd., Caledonia evaluation, you will be giving your child the 14423.
best opportunity for a
Women, infants, children: 243- Phone: 538-4626.
7530 or 877-273-1873; County healthy, beautiful smile.
Reproductive Health Center: 243-
7540 or 800-243-9240 DANSVILLE LOYAL
ORDER OF MOOSE Call Our Office for a No-Fee Consultation
NOYES AFTER HOURS 6 Main St., Dansville 14437.
Noyes Health Services, 50 East
Phone: 335-7948.
Crutches, wheelchairs, walking
Dr. Deborah L. Schafer
South St., Geneseo, 14454. canes. Call 6:30 a.m. to noon. Orthodontics for Children & Adults
Phone: 243-9230.
400 Washingston St., Wayland, NY GENESEO LOAN CLOSET
50 East South St., Geneseo
14454. (585) 728-3830
Phone: 991-6006.
111 Clara Barton St., Dansville
Phone: 335-6001, toll-free: LOAN CLOSET
1-888-706-6937; fax: 335-5881. Phone: 346-5519. Medical items from crutches and
commodes to wheelchairs and
hospital beds.
2077 Lakeville Rd, (Route 15)
Suite 3, Avon 14414. LOAN CLOSET
Phone: 226-3888, toll-free: 800- Liberty Pole Rd., Springwater
243-9240; fax: 243-7287. 14650.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris Phone: 669-2669.
14510 Beds, wheelchairs, canes, com-
Phone: 243-7540, toll-free: 800- modes and bath chairs.
243-9240; fax: 243-7287.
3 Chestnut St., Dansville 14437 VETERANS OF FOREIGN
Phone: 335-8570, toll-free: 800- WARS POST 6780
243-9240; fax: 243-7287.
145 Main St., Dansville 14437.
Phone: 335-8277.
Birth control services, breast
exams, emergency contraception, Wheelchairs, crutches, canes,
pelvic exams, rapid HIV testing walkers, commodes.
with counseling and test results
in 20-30 minutes, sexually trans-
mitted disease (STD) testing and MENTAL HEALTH
treatment, reproductive life plan-
ning. Complete referral service.
Phone: 2-1-1, 275-5151, toll-free:
MEDICAL SUPPLY 877-FLNY211, 800-310-1160.
AND EQUIPMENT 24-hour/7 days-a-week crisis inter-
vention hotline and comprehen-
AMERICAN RED CROSS sive community information and
referral services.
57 Elizabeth St., Dansville 14437. See RESOURCES T20
20 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide
Resources Services for migrant and rural farm
worker families.
Fosters respect for pregnant
women, offering free, confiden- KIDSTART
From T19 tial, self-administered pregnancy CHANCES & CHANGES
tests, non-judgmental friendship, 5871 Groveland Station Rd.,
NURSING HOME emotional support and help locat- Mount Morris 14510. PO Box 326, Geneseo 14454.
HILLSIDE CHILDRENS ing necessary resources.
Phone: 658-4023; fax: 658-4066. Phone: Domestic violence hotline:
CENTER 658-2660, 888-252-9360; Rape
LIVINGSTON COUNTY 31 Clara Barton St., Dansville Crisis Service: 1-800-527-1757;
Livingston Office, 24 Main St., CENTER FOR NURSING AND CATHOLIC CHARITIES 14437 email: support@chancesand-
Mount Morris 14510.
REHABILITATION OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY Phone: 335-5531; fax: 335-6435.
Phone: 658-5500. 34 East State St., Mount Morris
11 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Mor- 14510.
ris 14510. Confidential services for victims of
Provides a healthy, nurturing envi-
Provides services in home, commu- Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513. ronment where kids grow and family violence, including 24/7
Phone: 243-7200, 335-1706; fax:
nity, school, foster care and res- 243-7269. Community of Caring program pro- function at their individual best. hotlines, support groups and
idential settings to children with vides counseling and support ser- counseling.
emotional, behavioral or mental
vices for at-risk pregnant and par-
health problems. Provides 24-hour nursing care; enting teens and adult women. PRESCRIPTION DRUG
outpatient restorative care (243- RAPE CRISIS SERVICE OF
LIVINGSTON COUNTY 7223), Garden of Life Adult Day
Health Care Program (243-7221); LIVINGSTON/WYOMING
MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES two respite beds; hospice care; 116 Main St., Mount Morris
bariatric care. Accommodates IV/
4600 Millennium Drive, Geneseo PICC and post-surgical wound 2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
14454. recovery. Meals, personal care, 14510. OUTREACH CENTER Phone: 658-2370; Hotline: 800-
therapy and medical services. 4520 Genesee St., Route. 63, 527-1757.
Phone: 243-7250, 335-1711; fax: Phone: 243-7530, 335-1724,
243-7264. 1-877-273-1873. Geneseo 14454. Crisis intervention and support for PARENTING Phone: 243-3120; fax: 243-1189;
victims of sexual assault and
loved ones, information and refer-
Provides individual, family and Federal nutrition program which rals, counseling, educational and
group treatment and aftercare fol- training programs and medical
lowing psychiatric hospitalization.
CORNELL COOPERATIVE provides food and nutritional
and legal accompaniments.
counseling for income eligible Health care for uninsured and
Visiting patient services. EXTENSION OF women, infants and children. underinsured.

3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris MATERNAL and CHILD LIVINGSTON COUNTY
Phone: 991-5420, 335-1752; fax:
COUNTY OFFICE 991-5434; email: livingston@ PROGRAM CARD Avon Village Building. 74 Genesee
Zion Episcopal Church, 10 Park 2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris St., Avon 14414.
3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
Place, Avon 14414. 14510. 14510. Meets 6:30 p.m. third Wednesdays
Phone: 226-3150; e-mail: lmcev- Phone: 243-7270, 335-1716; fax: with a dish to pass supper. For
Human development program Phone: 243-7520. 243-7287. information, call the Office for the
providing educational programs Aging, 243-7520.
to strengthen health of families:
livingston-county/ baby care, active parenting, Discounts of 10-20 percent on
PASTA, strengthening families Education guidance on pregnan- brand-name drugs and 20-70 per-
Provides mental health information and parents apart. cy, post-partum, newborn care,
and education for residents, cent on generics. Free for county
feeding, nutrition, safety and par- residents. Cards at participating
groups and businesses. Assis- enting classes. In addition, home See RESOURCES T21
pharmacies and county offices.
tance in locating services and
support groups.
PHYSICAL THERAPY visiting program for pregnant
women that provides education
and links to needed services.
Shakti Yoga
CATHOLIC CHARITIES REHABILITATION CENTERS Certified yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance
Suite 3, Avon 14414.
34 East State St., Mount Morris REHABILITATIVE SERVICES *Gentle *Beginner
14510. 11 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Mor- Phone: 226-3888, toll-free: 800-
Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513. ris 14510 243-9240; fax: 243-7287.
2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
*Level I *Mixed Level
Phone: 243-7200, 335-1706; fax:
243-7269. 14510 *Restorative Yoga &
Hispanic Outreach program acts Phone: 243-7540, toll-free: 800-
as a liaison between students
and school districts. Assists with
Offering outpatient physical occu-
243-9240; fax: 243-7287. Meditation *Mindful
translation and interpretation ser-
vices to area agencies, schools,
pational and speech therapy
3 Chestnut St., Dansville 14437
Phone: 335-8570, toll-free: 800-
Movement & Chair Yoga
organizations, families and indi-
243-9240; fax: 243-7287. *Bodymind Ballwork
Confidential, free or low cost med-
GENESEO ical service: birth control, breast Private sessions available.
MIGRANT CENTER BIRTHRIGHT OF exams, emergency contraception,
3 Mount Morris-Leicester Rd., ROCHESTER INC. pelvic exams, rapid HIV testing Location: 2 School Street, Geneseo
Leicester, 14481. 320 North Washington St., Suite with counseling, and test results

Phone: 658-7960, toll-free: 800-

116, Rochester 14625. in 20-30 minutes, sexually trans-
mitted diseases testing and treat-
245-5681; email: office@migrant. Phone: 385-2100, help-line: 800- ment, reproductive life planning.
net 550-4900. Complete referral service.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 21
Phone: 335-4358; fax: 335-6980; HEALTH AND WELLNESS CARE PROGRAM
Resources email: caregiver@noyeshealth.
212 Main St., Leicester 14481.
11 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Mor-
From T20
ty-education. Phone: 243-7220, 335-1706; fax:
Phone: 382-3260; fax: 382-9842;
Caregiver support services includ- email: healthandwellness@fron-
CALEDONIA ing information and assistance,
3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
SENIOR CITIZENS support groups, education Medical program to assist adults
St. Columba Catholic Church, 198 programs, monthly newsletter, Phone: 243-7520, 335-1732; fax:
in-home respite and classes. wishing to remain in community.
North St., Caledonia 14423. Services include companionship 243-7516; email:
and homemaker services, shop-
Meets noon third Monday for lunch ping, yardwork, chores and trans-
and meeting. For info, call the CATHOLIC CHARITIES portation for seniors.
Office for the Aging, 243-7520. CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH
OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY Programs and services to residents
34 East State St., Mount Morris LIVINGSTON COUNTY AGENCY 60 and older and caregivers who
CONESUS GOLDEN YEARS 14510. 2 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris assist the elderly to remain at
United Church of Christ, 6199 CENTER FOR NURSING AND 14510 home safely and independently.
Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513.
South Livonia Rd., Conesus REHABILITATION GARDEN
14435. Phone: 243-7290; fax: 243-7287; See RESOURCES T22
Faith in Action matches volunteers
Meets 12:30 p.m. first Tuesday
of month for sandwich lunch. For with elderly to provide transpor-
information, call the Office for the tation to medical appointments,
Aging, 243-7520. shopping, home visits, respite for
United Methodist Church, Route CENTER FOR
63, Geneseo 14454. DISPUTE SETTLEMENT
Meets 1:30 p.m. first Sunday of Livingston County Government
month for dish-to-pass or two for Center, 6 Court St., Room 103,
dessert. Call the Office for the Geneseo 14454.
Aging, 243-7520.
Phone: 243-7007; fax: 243-7006.
Meets at a different restaurant Parents and children can plan
each month. Contact the Office together for intergenerational
for the Aging, 243-7520. changes in mediation and family
group conferencing.


Leisures Restaurant, 6001 Big
Tree Rd., Lakeville 14480. PROGRAM
Meets noon second Wednesday Noyes Memorial Hospital, 111
of month. For information, call Clara Barton St., Dansville
Office for the Aging, 243-7520. 14437.
Phone: 335-4359, 1-800-242-
1306 ext. 4613; fax: 335-6980;
York Town Hall, 2668 Main St.,
York 14592.
Meets noon first Wednesday of the
month for dish-to-pass luncheon. An affordable, easy-to-use emer-
For information, call Office for the gency response system allowing
Aging, 243-7520. people to call for help from any-
where in their home/yard.


435 East Henrietta Rd., Roches- STEUBEN AND
Phone: 760-5400, 24/7 helpline: 3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
800-272-3900. 14510. Phone: 243-7520, 335-1732; fax:
Information, referral, care consulta- 243-7516.
tion, counseling, educational pro- (Under
grams, support groups, advocacy Office for the Aging Dept.)
and safe return program for care-
givers and people with dementia. Foster Grandparents: men/women
age 55 and older volunteer 15-40
hours/week in schools, daycares
CAREGIVERS RESOURCE and youth programs helping spe-
cial needs children with tutoring,
CENTER mentoring, listening and caring.
Noyes Memorial Hospital 111 Volunteers must meet income
Clara Barton St., Dansville guidelines; they receive tax-free
14437. stipend/benefits.
22 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide


Phone: 335-4358, 760-5500.
35 Elizabeth St., Dansville 14437
361 South Main St., Geneva
From T21 CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF 14456. and www.alz. LIVINGSTON COUNTY Phone: 335-8398
org/rochesterny Phone: 315-781-1465 (Voice/
MEALS TO GO 34 East State St., Mount Morris TDD); toll-free: 866-781-LAFL;
Avon: Every Thursday, 6:30-7:30 14510. HALLEY-ALLEN POST 1341 fax: 315-781-2565.
Noyes Memorial Hospital, 111
Clara Barton St., Dansville p.m. at Avon Nursing Home, 215
Clinton St. Phone: 658-4466; fax: 658-2513. Route 36, 7150 Sonyea Rd.,
14437. Dansville 14437
Dansville: First Monday of month,
Phone: 335-4253; email: rbowen@ Phone: 658-2620 7-8:30 p.m. at Dansville Public Wheels for Work program assists LIVINGSTON COUNTY
Library, 200 Main St. eligible working families in main- taining private transportation or
ty-education Geneseo: Fourth Monday of month, HARRISON LEE AMERICAN 7 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris
1-2:30 p.m. at Geneseo Method- in acquiring vehicles.
Provides four meals at a time ist Church, Route 63 at Court St. LEGION POST 283 14510.
which can be heated up, along 3850 Federal Rd., Livonia 14487 Phone: 243-7960, 335-1749; fax:
with a snack. Meals must be RTS LIVINGSTON 243-7961.
picked up by a family member BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT 4390 Gypsy Lane, Mount Morris Phone: 346-9663
or friend at Noyes Hospital Cafe 14510.
Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to GROUP
Phone: 658-4690. KERN-ROBINSON AMERICAN Provides entitlement information
1 p.m. Doctors order needed to Phone: 243-7290; email: jcraft@ and advocacy assistance to mili-
supply dietary requirements. LEGION POST 905 tary personnel, veterans and their 7998 School St., Springwater dependents.
Provides convenient and economi-
NY CONNECTS Sponsored by Livingston County cal public transportation through- 14560
Department of Hospice. Meet: out Livingston County. NY CONNECTS
3 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris Dansville: Every Thursday, 1:30-3 LIVINGSTON COUNTY
14510. p.m. at American Red Cross/
Livingston Chapter House, 57
Phone: 243-7520, 335-1732; fax: Elizabeth St. LEGION POST 255 14510.
243-7516. AMERICAN LEGION 3155 Church St., Caledonia Phone, toll-free: 888-443-7520.
Geneseo: Every Wednesday, 1:30- (under 3 p.m. and 2nd and 4th Monday, J. LIVINGSTON 14423
Office for the Aging). 6-7:30 p.m. at St. Timothys
WADSWORTH POST 271 Phone: 538-6050
Church, Rt. 20A. Information and referrals to local
Information and referral to local
PO Box 388, Geneseo 14454. resources, support services, and
support services and programs
programs for aging family mem-
for aging family members and dis- Phone: 243-3456.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE bers and disabled loved ones of
abled of all ages. Available 24/7
by phone or website. VFW POST 6780 all ages.
SUPPORT GROUP 145 Main St., Dansville 14437
Meets at several different times
3 Murray Hill Drive, Room 272, Changes at 658-3940. 4 Honeoye Commons, PO BOX
POST 5005 706, Honeoye 14471.
Mount Morris 14510.
PO Box 221, Geneseo, 14454.
Phone: 369-4294. HAND IN HAND Phone: 229-8000.
Phone: 943-1782. VFW KENNETH B. KEATING Goodwill Community Center, 4119
Lakeville Rd., Geneseo 14454. POST 26 wordpress/
A program of Lifespan of Greater 7305 East Main St., Lima 14485
Rochester which provides volun- Phone: 226-8220 or 226-3150. A non-profit organization offering instruction, equipment and sup-
teer mobilization and matching A peer-run organization for people AVON VETERANS HALL port to disabled military veterans
services for adults age 55 and with mental health issues. Meets
older. Working with non-profits to 5480 Avon-East Avon Rd., Avon in a variety of sports activities.
meet community needs.
from 1 to 3 p.m. Thursdays. 14414. VETERANS SERVICES
Phone: 226-2750. ROCHESTER VA
GLOW FAMILY SUPPORT BOYD & PARKER 76 Veterans Ave., Bath 14810.
6654 Cadyville Rd., Livonia 465 Westfall Rd., Rochester
14487 24 Main St., Mount Morris
14510. VFW POST 547 Phone: 607-664-4000; toll-free: 14620.
Phone: 346-7162; email: SHS- 877-845-3247.
3 Elm St., Mount Morris 14510. Phone: 463-2600; fax: 463-2649. Phone: 658-5509; fax: 658-5501.
Phone: 658-9570. tions/rochester.asp.
Non-medical in-home services for Serving parents. Provides educa- CANANDAIGUA VA
seniors by seniors providing com- tion, advocacy, linkages/referrals CALEDONIA VFW
panionship, housekeeping, meal and support. Support groups. POST 10844 MEDICAL CENTER VA WESTERN NEW YORK
prep, transportation, respite care,
3155 Church St., Caledonia 400 Fort Hill Ave., Canandaigua HEALTHCARE SYSTEM
overnights, house maintenance 14424.
and small repairs, dementia care PANIC/ANXIETY DISORDER 14423. AT BATAVIA
and others upon request. Phone: 394-2000; toll-free: 800-
SUPPORT GROUP Phone: 538-6050.
222 Richmond Ave., Batavia
Goodwill Community Center, 4119
SUPPORT GROUPS Lakeville Rd., Geneseo 14454. CONLON-MULVANEY Phone: 297-1000.
Phone: 226-3150. AMERICAN LEGION
Meets 1 to 2:30 p.m. first Fridays POST 1779
/ AL-ANON of month. All ages welcome. Info: GREATER ROCHESTER Treatment to veterans, including
Mental Health Association, Living- 6317 Marshal Rd., Conesus primary care for patients not hos-
Phone: 245-4440. 14435.
ston County Office, Avon. pitalized, post traumatic stress Phone: 346-3144. An online resource for veterans, disorder treatment, rehabilitation
servicemembers and their fam- medicine and transitional care
Meetings across Livingston County. ilies. services.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 23
General Store, Dansville Mini Mart, Dansville Village Market, Dollar General, Kwik Fill Main St.,
Kwik Fill Foster Wheeler Rd., McDonalds, Rite Aid, 7-11, Tobacco Outlet, Tops, Village Mart.


Women can take various steps to make mammograms less

How to make
more comfortable
Metro Creative Syndicate prior to your procedure.
Mammograms help to n Schedule your procedure
detect breast cancer early, for the right time. Do not
improving womens prognosis schedule a mammogram right
as a result. Susan G. Komen before or during a menstrual
states that mammography cycle, when breasts already
is the most effective breast are very tender due to hor-
cancer screening tool in use
monal changes. Waiting until
When women should be- seven to 14 days after a period
gin getting mammograms is a better bet.
remains open to debate. The
American Cancer Society now
n Take pain relief pills. A
physician may suggest taking Physical Therapy
recommends that women ibuprofen or acetaminophen
between the ages of 45 and 54
receive annual mammograms.
prior to the appointment to
reduce discomfort before and
Despite the benefits of after the procedure. in 1994 Nationally Ranked And Locally Focused
mammograms, many women n Speak with the techni-
avoid them out of fear of the cian. Women can express their with convenient access to the highest quality and value in
pain and discomfort associat- concerns about pain to the healthcare, wellness, and fitness
ed with the procedure. But re-
mammogram technician, who
searchers are examining how
much pressure mammogram might suggest various ways to Choose
machines need to apply to get minimize discomfort.
accurate breast images. n Learn about padding.
Until widespread custom- Find an imaging center that
ized mammograms are of- uses padding on mammo-
fered, women can take various gram plates. MammoPad is a
steps to reduce the amount soft, white, single-use foam
of discomfort they feel while pad that is invisible to X-rays.
undergoing these important
screening procedures.
n Apply a topical numbing
n Avoid caffeine. Some
women find that caffeine con-
98% patient/client
Satisfaction Rates Top 10% High Performing
Network Provider
tributes to breast tenderness.
gel. says a Avoid caffeine the week before 3163 State Street, Caledonia (585) 538-9460
study found that applying a 66 Stanley Street, Mt. Morris (585) 658-9280
the procedure.
numbing gel an hour before
having a mammogram result- Mammograms are an Healthy U and Aquatic Rehab Center 3506 Thomas Drive, Lakeville (585) 346-0060
ed in less discomfort when important health care tool.
compared to placebo and oth- Reducing discomfort may ITS YOUR CARE, ITS YOUR CHOICE.
encourage women to follow
er pain-reduction techniques.
Be sure to discuss application guidelines regarding mammo-
of the gel with your physician grams more closely.
24 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Symptoms, side effects of low testosterone

Metro Creative Syndicate this is linked to chronic medical and strength. Decreased bone
Regardless of gender, all conditions, such as obesity, mass or mineral density is also
humans produce the hormone diabetes and other hormonal possible.
testosterone. conditions. n Emotional changes:
However, men have much Although not all men will ex- Emotional changes may be a
higher levels of testosterone perience low-T, learning to rec- byproduct of lower testosterone
than women. ognize its signs and symptoms or feelings of helplessness over
Testosterone is a chemical can help those who develop the a seemingly irreversible con-
messenger that is responsible condition address it that much dition. Fatigue, low self-confi-
for the development of male more quickly. dence, sadness, depression, and
sexual characteristics. In addi- n Changes in sexual func- even trouble concentrating are
tion, testosterone helps regu- tion: Changes in sexual function possible.
late muscle size and strength, resulting from low-T can in- The Urinary Care Founda-
red blood cell production, bone clude decreased libido or desire, tion says that low-T is quite
mass, and fat distribution. inability to have or maintain common. Roughly four out of
As men age, their testoster- erections, fewer spontaneous 10 men older than the age of 45
one levels begin to dip. erections, and infertility. have low testosterone. Low-T
Although a natural result of Since testosterone is linked also affects two out of 10 men
aging, lower testosterone lev- to healthy sperm production, older than the age of 60 and
els, also called hypogonadism, lower levels may reduce the three out of 10 men older than
can contribute to any number number of healthy sperm or the age of 70.
of side effects some of which their mobility. If symptoms of low-T prove
men can find interrupt their n Insomnia and trouble bothersome, testosterone re-
quality of life. sleeping: Sleep disturbances placement therapy, or TRT, may
The medical resource Health- may be linked to low-T. These be prescribed. These include
line says that testosterone starts can include trouble falling skin gels, shots, long-acting
to decrease after age 30, falling asleep or frequent waking. pellets, patches, and pills. The
by 1 percent for each year there- n Weight gain: Men with American Urological Associ-
after. low-T may suffer from in- ation suggests discussing the
Some men may even suffer creased body fat coupled with pros and cons of TRT with a doc-
from low testosterone (called decreased energy levels that can tor who is skilled in diagnosing
low-T), which is the underpro- make exercise less appealing. low-T. TRT should not be used
duction or lack of production Weight gain particularly in the by men planning to become a
of this hormone. Typically, abdominal area may also oc- father anytime soon.
cur in conjunction with a condi- Although some people feel
tion called gynecomastia, which that TRT can help them feel
is swollen or tender breasts. more vigorous and younger, the
n Reduced muscle mass: Mayo Clinic says there are no
Other physical changes can distinctive studies that point to
include reduced muscle bulk those results.

What men need to know about prostate cancer Valley School

By The Livingston County Men who make healthier urine, or have constant pain in
Department of Health
According to the American
food choices, exercise, do not
use tobacco products and get
the lower back, pelvis or upper
thighs the Livingston County
of Dance
Cancer Society, prostate can- screened regularly may reduce Department of Health recom-
cer is the third leading cause of their risk of prostate cancer. mends that you talk with your Offering excellence
cancer death in men. Eating a diet that is high in doctor.
About one in seven men will fruits and vegetables, but is Men diagnosed with pros- in dance training
be diagnosed with prostate low in saturated fats is always tate cancer by a doctor, who
cancer during his lifetime the best defense for most
diseases, including prostate
is a Cancer Services Program since 1982.
Prostate cancer develops provider, may be able to
mainly in older men. About 6 cancer. enroll in the New York State
cases in 10 are diagnosed in All men should consult Medicaid Cancer Treatment
63 Main St., Geneseo
men aged 65 or older, and it is with their physicians about Program.
rare before age 40. prostate cancer. If men have Classes for children (3+), teens and adults.
The prostate is a male re- a strong family history of this
Local resource
productive gland that is locat- disease, consume a diet that For more information on
*Ballet *Pointe *Creative *Tap *Jazz
ed between the bladder and is high in fat, and low in fruits prostate cancer, contact the *Modern *Hip Hop *Lyrical *Zumba
the anus. It is about the size and vegetables. If man show Cancer Services Program of
of a walnut. Its function is to symptoms of prostate cancer, Livingston and Wyoming
produce the white milky sub- which include frequent urina- Counties at 1-800-588-8670 or
stance that carries the sperm tion, trouble stopping or start- visit its website at 585-243-5240
during ejaculation. ing urine flow, blood in the
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 25

Understanding the serious nature of mini-strokes

Family Features
Knowing the warning signs
of a mini-stroke could help
save a life.
A survey conducted by the
American Heart Association
and the American Stroke As-
sociation shows one-third of
United States adults have had
symptoms consistent with
a transient ischemic attack,
or TIA, also known as a mini-
stroke, but only 3 percent
called 911 for help.
Ignoring any stroke signs
could be a deadly mistake,
said Dr. Mitch Elkind, chair
of the American Stroke Asso-
ciation Advisory Committee.
Only a formal medical diag-
nosis with brain imaging can
determine whether youre
having a TIA or a stroke.
The survey showed 35 per-
cent of respondents experi-
enced at least one sign of a TIA
or mini-stroke, such as sudden
trouble speaking or a severe
According to the online sur-
vey, those who suffered symp-
toms were more likely to wait
it out, rest or take medicine With proper, timely medical attention, stroke is largely treatable. The faster you are treated, the more likely you are to have a positive
rather than call 911. outcome. Locally, UR Medicine Noyes Health has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Associations Get With The
Stroke is a leading cause Guidelines-Stroke Gold Quality Achievement Award for its success in treating stroke patiens.
of serious, long-term adult
disability in the United States
and among the top five causes TIA, sometimes called a warn-
of death. However, with prop-
er, timely medical attention,
ing stroke, are more likely to
have a stroke within 90 days,
Noyes Health recognized for stroke care
stroke is largely treatable. according to the American
The faster you are treated, the Heart Association and Ameri- Special to The LCN evidence-based guidelines Dr. Paul Heidenreich, national
UR Medicine Noyes Health with the goal of speeding chairman of the Get With
more likely you are to have a can Stroke Association. recovery and reducing death
received the American Heart The Guidelines Steering
positive outcome. Elkind said anyone who Association/American Stroke and disability for stroke Committee and a professor
Warning signs experiences a stroke warning Associations Get With The patients. The measures of medicine at Stanford Uni-
sign that appears suddenly, Guidelines-Stroke Gold Quali- focus on appropriate use versity, noted that research
The American Stroke As- whether it goes away or not, ty Achievement Award. of guideline-based care for has shown there are ben-
sociations Together to End should call 911 immediately. The award recognizes the
stroke patients, including efits to patients who are
Stroke initiative, nationally aggressive use of medica-
This could improve the chanc- hospitals commitment tions such as clot-busting
treated at hospitals that
sponsored by Medtronic, es of an accurate diagnosis, and success in ensuring have adopted the Get With
and anti-clotting drugs, blood
teaches the acronym F.A.S.T. treatment and recovery. stroke patients receive the thinners and cholesterol-re- The Guidelines program.
to help people remember the Stroke symptoms come most appropriate treatment ducing drugs, preventive According to the American
most common stroke warn- according to nationally recog-
on suddenly with no known nized, research-based guide-
action for deep vein throm- Heart Association/American
ing signs and what to do in a cause and may include con- lines based on the latest
bosis and smoking cessa- Stroke Association, stroke
stroke emergency: fusion, trouble speaking or tion counseling. is the No. 5 cause of death
scientific evidence.
understanding; weakness of A stroke patient loses 1.9 and a leading cause of
F Face drooping To receive the Gold Quality million neurons each min- adult disability in the United
the face, arm or leg, especially Achievement Award, hos-
A Arm weakness on one side of the body; trou- ute stroke treatment is States. On average, some-
pitals must achieve 85
S Speech difficulty delayed. This recognition one in the U.S. suffers a
ble seeing in one or both eyes; percent or higher adherence
further demonstrates our
T Time to call 911 to all Get With The Guide- stroke every 40 seconds;
trouble walking, dizziness, commitment to delivering someone dies of a stroke
loss of balance or coordina- lines-Stroke achievement
indicators for two or more advanced stroke treatments every four minutes, and
While the symptoms are the tion; or a severe headache. to patients quickly and nearly 800,000 people suf-
same, the difference between consecutive 12-month peri-
safely, said Noyes Health
a TIA and a stroke is that the For more information ods.
Stroke Educator Patricia
fer a new or recurrent stroke
each year.
blockage is temporary, lasting To learn more about stroke The measures are designed Derowitsch. The recognition
between a few minutes and to help hospital teams pro- ... reinforces our teams For more information, visit
warning signs and treatment,
vide the most up-to-date, hard work.
24 hours. People who suffer a visit
26 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Your Hometown, Independent Full Service Pharmacy 346-5615
5975 Big Tree Road Lakeville

Medical Supplies Full Service Pharmacy

Diabetic Flu, Shingles, Pheumonia
Over-the-counter self care products
Easy online refill ordering
Splints Personalized care and attention
your family deserves
Crutches, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes Unique Gifts, Gift Wraps, and Cards
Rentals are available and if we dont have what
you need in stock, we offer next day ordering

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Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 27

Try these 5 healthy living habits that work

Family Features
When it comes to advice
about healthy living, there are
opinions nearly every place
you turn. Unfortunately, a
great deal of that informa-
tion is based on fad diets
and trendy workouts that
may deliver quick results but
dont promote a sustainable,
healthy lifestyle.
The medical community
generally agrees that slow and
steady is the way to win the
race toward healthy living.
Adopting a set of healthier
habits can deliver results over
time and foster a new way
of living that promotes your
overall health and wellbeing.
Aim for balance
A diet that combines
healthy levels of protein and
carbohydrates from all food
groups is the surest way to
deliver vitamins and nutrients
you need for optimal health.
The Dietary Guidelines for
Americans call for an eating
plan that is centered on fruits,
vegetables, whole grains
and reduced-fat dairy foods,
Increasing your activity level not only helps burn calories and boosts your metabolism, it also helps tone your muscles and improve
rounded out by lean meats,
overall body condition by promoting healthy blood flow.
poultry, fish, beans, eggs and
nuts for protein. When plan- and boosts your metabolism, after exercise is important for
ning your meals, be sure to
limit saturated fats, trans fats,
cholesterol, sodium and add-
it also helps tone your muscles
and improve overall body con-
getting the most out of your
workout. For example, try How to find time for fitness
dition by promoting healthy incorporating an electrolyte
ed sugar. blood flow. beverage, such as Propel Elec- Metro Creative Syndicate hour per day, adults can create
enough free time to meet recom-
Know when to say when The exact amount of ex- trolyte Water, which helps Commitments to work and
family can make it hard to find mended exercise requirements.
ercise you need will vary replace what is lost in sweat n Make it a group effort. In-
Building a healthy lifestyle time to visit the gym or exercise at
depending on your goals, age and supports hydration by home. But the benefits of regular volving others can make it easier
is about more than eating
and physical ability. stimulating thirst and pro- exercise are so substantial that to find time to exercise. Instead
the right foods. It also means
You may need to work up moting fluid retention. The 10 even the busiest adults should of hosting work meetings in a con-
keeping your calorie count in make concerted efforts to find
check. That means keeping to the optimal level, which ac- flavors contain no calories and ference room, take the meeting
cording to the Centers for Dis- provide B vitamins to support time to exercise. outside, walking around the office
the amount you eat and the The following are a handful of complex while discussing proj-
portion size in mind. ease Control and Prevention metabolism as part of a daily ways to do just that. ects rather than sitting stationary
Work with your doctor or is 150 minutes of moderate diet and antioxidant vitamins n Embrace multitasking. around a conference table. At
a nutritionist to determine activity or 75 minutes of vig- C and E. Many professionals are adept home, take the family along to the
orous activity a week for most at multitasking in the office, and
your bodys true caloric needs,
Give yourself a break those same skills can be applied
gym or go for nightly post-dinner
which can vary depending on walks around the neighborhood
Most experts agree its OK to when trying to find time for exer- instead of retiring to the living
numerous factors such as your Replace what you lose indulge and enjoy your favor-
cise. Instead of plopping down
room to watch television.
age, activity level and overall on the couch to watch television,
n Redefine date night. Adults
health. Then get smart about A strong workout may help ite treat occasionally. bring a tablet to the gym or the
you shed calories, but it also Skipping a day at the gym basement and stream a favorite who cant find time for exercise
the portion sizes that will help during the week can redefine date
you stay within those param- can deplete your body of es- wont end your efforts either. show while on the treadmill or the
night with their significant others.
sential fluids. The key is to make those al- elliptical. When running errands
eters. around town, ride a bicycle or Instead of patronizing a local
Initially, you may want to Staying hydrated is crucial lowances an exception rather walk instead of driving. restaurant on Friday or Saturday
weigh out portions but soon to keep your body functioning than the norm, skipping one n Cut down on screen time. night, enroll in a fitness class
youll be able to recognize and properly, from regulating your day instead of three or eating a A 2016 report from The Nielsen together.
adjust your portions on sight. body temperature to provid- sliver of pie, not a giant slice. Company revealed that the av- Finding time to exercise can be
ing the lubrication your joints Rewarding yourself within erage adult in the United States difficult for busy adults. But those
Set your body in motion and muscles need to keep you reason is a good way to stay spent more than 10 hours each committed to getting healthier
day consuming media. By reduc- can find ways to do so even when
Increasing your activity lev- in motion. motivated and create a sus- ing that screen time by just one their schedules are booked.
el not only helps burn calories Rehydrating during and tainable healthy lifestyle.
28 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

Crosbys, Milex Drugs, Petro Mascot.
Pharmacy, Livonia Post Office, 7-11, Shoreless Acres Conesus Lake, Wests Shurfine.

Informal caregivers often fill gaps between medical professionals

or paid aides to meet the needs of individuals.

Regain hope and

strength while
being a caregiver
Metro Creative Syndicate n Social withdrawal from
Caregivers are unpaid in- friends or activities that used
dividuals, typically a spouse, to make you feel good.
child, neighbor or friend, who n Exhaustion that makes it
assist with activities of dai- challenging to complete nec-
ly living and medical tasks. essary tasks.
These informal caregivers of- n Sleeplessness or sleeping
ten fill gaps between medical more than normal.
professionals or paid aides to n Lack of concentration that
meet the needs of incapacitat- impacts daily tasks.
ed individuals. n Overreaction to minor
The National Alliance for nuisances.
Caregiving and AARP indicate n Cutting back on leisure
that about 43.5 million care- activities.
givers have provided unpaid n Neglecting things at home
care to an adult or child in the or other people who are well.
last 12 months. Roughly 15.7 n An immune system that is
million adult family caregivers run down, leading to constant
in the United States care for illness.
someone who has Alzheimers The Alzheimers Association
disease or another form of de- says it is important for caregiv-
mentia, states the Alzheimers ers to find time for themselves
Association. to relax and recharge.
Although it can be reward- Local resources
ing to care for another, care- CAREGIVERS RESOURCE CEN-
giving can be a stressful job TER: Noyes Memorial Hospital
that takes both a physical and 111 Clara Barton St., Dansville.
emotional toll on caregivers. Caregiver support services
including information and assis-
It is important for caregivers tance, support groups, education
to recognize that offering care programs, monthly newsletter,
and support can leave them in-home respite and classes.
Phone: 335-4358; fax: 335-
vulnerable to consequences 6980; email: caregiver@noye-
that can include anxiety, de-
pression, fatigue, and even in- ALZHEIMERS CAREGIVER SUP-
creased exposure to illness. PORT GROUPS: Phone: 335-
Caregivers should take 4358, 760-5500. Avon: Every
steps to recognize symptoms Thursday, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at
Avon Nursing Home, 215 Clinton
of caregiver stress and avoid St.; Dansville: First Monday of
burnout. Keep in mind: month, 7-8:30 p.m. at Dansville
n Feelings of being over- Public Library, 200 Main St.;
whelmed. Geneseo: Fourth Monday of
month, 1-2:30 p.m. at Geneseo
n Feeling alone or deserted Methodist Church, Route 63 at
by others. Court St.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 29

Falls a leading cause of injuries among older adults

By The LCN Staff
Falls among older adults
are too common in the Finger
Tips to help
Lakes region 1 in 4 fell at least
once in the last year, accord-
prevent falls
ing to research by Excellus
BlueCross BlueShield. Falls are not a normal
part of getting older
And of those who fell, nearly
they are preventable. The
40 percent or 2 in 5 adults
Centers for Disease Con-
older than age 65 experi-
trol and Prevention rec-
enced an injury.
ommends the following
But falls dont have to be an
simple steps for staying
accepted part of the aging pro-
independent as long as
cess, especially since there are
simple things people can do to
n Speak Up. Talk open-
prevent them.
ly with your doctor about
Using two years of self-re-
fall risks and prevention.
ported survey data from
n Tell your doctor right
government health agencies,
away if you have fallen, if
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
you are afraid you might
found that falls are common
fall, or if you feel unsteady.
among upstate New York
n Review all of your
adults ages 65 and older. The
medications and discuss
risk for falling and the severity any side effects like feeling
of an injury increase with age. dizzy or sleepy.
Of upstate New Yorkers age n See if taking vitamin
65 to 69: 24 percent fell in the D supplements for im-
Staying active and maintaining a fitness routine is a simple way older adults can help prevent falls.
last 12 months, and 32 percent proved bone, muscle, and
were injured from a fall. nerve health is right for
broken bone or a head injury. steep or too long and that have
Of upstate New Yorkers age

Falling is not an Among older New York inadequate railings. you.

80 and older: 31 percent fell in n Keep moving. Activ-
state residents who are hos- n Lighting thats either too
the last 12 months, and 44 per- accepted part of the pitalized because of a fall, 60 ities that strengthen your
dim, or so bright that it causes
cent were injured from a fall.

aging process. percent go to a nursing home glare. legs and help your balance
One finding of concern or rehab facility, 27 percent (like Tai Chi or even walk-
n Pets that follow too close-
but we frankly have no expla- experience a hip fracture, and ing on a regular basis) can
ly or lie in prime walking areas.
nation for it is the regional 11 percent suffer a traumatic help prevent falls.
DR. PATRICIA BOMBA, n Unstable chairs or tables
variation in the rate of falls per brain injury. n Begin a regular exer-
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield that cant support a persons
1,000 population ages 65 and The estimated annual im- cise program.
older, said Dr. Patricia Bom- pact that falls have on health n Have your vision
n Extension cords across
ba, vice president, geriatrics, care spending in upstate New checked once a year and
Excellus BlueCross BlueSh- risk factors for falling. Bomba York is substantial, according update your glasses as
n Bathrooms that lack grab
ield. advised staying active and to a report issued by Excellus needed.
bars or that have low toilet
The data show that adults maintaining a fitness routine. BlueCross BlueShield in 2012. n Keep your floors clut-
ages 65 and older in the Utica- Simple activities, such as exer- That report shows $30.6 mil- ter free. Remove things you
n Sloping yards and drive-
Rome-North Country region cising in a chair or stretching lion in emergency room costs can trip over.
reported falls at more than in bed, can greatly improve and $321.0 million in hospital n Remove small throw
n Cracks in sidewalks, or
twice the rate of adults 65 strength and balance. Finding costs directly related to falls. rugs or tape them down to
uneven transitions between
and older in the Finger Lakes a fitness partner can add the keep from slipping.
region, where the rate of re- motivation to go for walks, Common home hazards bare floors and carpeted
rooms. n Have grab bars next
ported falls was lower than take a dip in a local pool or Home hazards contribute to to your toilet and in the tub
We can and should en-
state and upstate New York even learn tai chi. the incidence of falls. or shower.
courage people to stay active
averages. Certain medications can We all take great care to n Use non-slip mats in
as they age, keep their doctors
Simple solutions affect balance. People also childproof our homes when the bathtub and on shower
informed about any issues
are more likely to fall if they there are toddlers running floors.
Falling is not an accept- with balance or vision, and
have vision problems or inad- about, said Bomba. We need n Improve lighting in
ed part of the aging process equate nutrition. According eliminate easy tripping haz-
to give the same attention to your home to see better.
in any region, said Bomba. to Bomba, proper vision care eliminating tripping hazards ards around the house and
yard to reduce fall-related n Have handrails and
There are simple things that (including up-to-date eyeglass for older adults, or anyone extra lighting put in stair
everyone can do right now for prescriptions), proper nutri- who has difficulty with walk- injuries, emergency room
visits and hospital stays, said cases.
themselves and their loved tion and a thorough medica- ing or balance. n Wear shoes both in-
ones to help reduce the inci- tion review can help cut down The most common tripping Bomba.
side and outside of the
dence of falls and promote on falls. hazards include: house. Avoid going bare-
independent and active life- n Throw rugs that bunch or
styles. A substantial impact slide.
View Excellus BlueCross foot or wearing slippers,
BlueShields findings in more unless they have a skid-
Lower body weakness and Nationally, one in five falls n Clutter. detail, online at http://tinyurl. proof sole.
difficulty with balance are causes serious harm, such as a n Steps that are uneven, too com/jsbls4x.
30 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide

lake Station.
rant, Westens Mini Mart.

Waiting until next year to treat your nasal allergy symptoms is

too late.

Gear up as pollen
season winds down
Dr. Emily Weis weed, grass and now dust mite
Special to The LCN allergies called sublingual im-
While the fall pollen season munotherapy. This is a tablet
is winding down, it is the per- placed under the tongue once
fect time to gear up for next daily at home.
year if you suffer from season- However, waiting until next
al allergies. year to treat your nasal allergy
I see many patients with symptoms is too late.
nasal allergies in my practice It takes time to build up on
at Allergy, Asthma, Immunol- allergy shots and sublingual
ogy of Rochester, and while immunotherapy needs to be
the pollen season is almost started well before the pollen
over for many seasonal allergy season. Having a consultation
sufferers, now is the time to with a physician board certi-
prepare for next year. fied to treat allergies can help
There are many good you choose what options may
over-the-counter medica- work the best for you.
tions today. Subcutaneous
immunotherapy treatments Dr. Emily Weis is a Livingston
(allergy shots) are an ex- County native and physician with
Allergy Asthma Immunology of
cellent treatment modality Rochester, which also has an
for seasonal and year-round office in Geneseo. She is a board
allergy sufferers. We also have certified allergist/immunologist and
an alternative to allergy shots secretary of the New York State
Society of Allergy, Asthma and
for those suffering from rag- Immunology.

Did you know?: Facts about food allergies

According to Food Allergy to food can be severe and may
Research & Education, more include anaphylaxis, which
than 170 foods have been re- occurs suddenly and can
ported to cause allergic reac- cause death.
tions. Anaphylaxis can produce a
However, many of the seri- host of frightening symptoms,
ous allergic reactions to food such as rapid heartbeat, dizzi-
can be traced to eight allergens ness, difficulty breathing, and
in particular. These allergens weak pulse.
include crustacean shellfish, Food allergies often resolve
eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, soy, during childhood, though
tree nuts, and wheat. Food Allergy Research & Ed-
Though some people may ucation notes that todays
only experience an itchy youngsters appear to be out-
mouth or a few hives after growing their food allergies
eating food theyre allergic to, more slowly than kids did in
symptoms of allergic reactions the past.
Health Guide Thursday, October 19, 2017 31

Strategies to avoid holiday weight gain

Metro Creative Syndicate then make the smartest selec-
Staying fit during the hol- tions possible. Avoid creamy
iday season can be challeng- sauces, greasy foods and those
ing, even for the most ardent that are heavy on cheese. Fill
fitness enthusiasts and disci- up on vegetables and then you
plined calorie-counters. wont feel bad about splurging
Between Thanksgiving and on a dessert.
New Years Day, many people n Go sparingly on alcohol.
are offered an assortment of People seldom realize how
foods, beverages and other in- quickly calories from bever-
dulgences typically in mass ages can add up. A 12-ounce
quantities. glass of beer has about 150
According to researchers calories, a five ounce glass of
at Stanford University, al- red wine has about 125 calo-
though the average person ries and a 1.5-ounce shot of
only gains around 1 pound gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, or
tequila has about 100 calories,
during the holiday season,
according to the National In-
quite frequently that pound
stitute on Alcohol Abuse and
sticks around, and those extra
Alcoholism. Furthermore,
pounds add up year after year. alcohol lowers inhibitions,
As a result, it doesnt take too so you may be more likely to
many years of holiday bundt overindulge in more spirits or
cakes to gain a considerable extra food when intoxicated.
amount of weight. n You cant buy back calo-
Pack in the fun without packing on the pounds this holiday season.
Holiday season weight gain ries with exercise. Putting in
is not unique to the United Annual holiday weight gain avoid holiday weight gain and or tree-trimming, they may be a marathon exercise session
States. Investigators at Tam- can contribute to weight- still enjoy all of the parties, ad- less likely to overeat. the next day probably will not
pere University of Technology based problems such as obe- ventures and time spent with n Dont show up starving. undo the damage done from
in Finland tracked weight sity, heart disease and Type 2 friends and family. Eat a light, healthy snack overeating the night before.
gained in the United States, diabetes. n Focus on festivity in- before participating in any Maintain a consistent workout
Germany and Japan during The holiday season might stead of food. When hosting holiday revelry. Hunger pangs schedule all through the hol-
those countries festive times not be the best time to start a holiday festivities, make the may drive one straight to the idays.
and found that each countrys diet, but holiday eating does bulk of the celebration about buffet table. Holiday weight gain is not
participants gained weight, not have to derail healthy life- an activity rather than food. n Survey your options pri- inevitable for those who take
particularly during the holiday styles. If guests are focused on fun, or to eating. Guests should control and exercise disci-
season. The following are ways to such as a sing-a-long, dancing scope out the food choices and pline.

Managing high blood pressure during the holidays

Family Features but they have some harmful side ef- contribute to a chain of events leading on healthy eating habits. However, it is
Managing blood pressure can be fects. They can raise blood pressure to more stress on the heart during the important to stay active during these
difficult, especially during the holidays and decrease the effectiveness of some winter months, potentially triggering times and continue eating healthy.
and winter months. prescribed blood pressure medica- a heart attack or other cardiac event, While you are enjoying holiday
A change in routine, family visits, tions. Its best to use them for the short- said Dr. Jorge Plutzky, director of Pre- feasts with family, be aware of sodi-
traveling, illness, holiday menus and est duration possible and avoid in se- ventive Cardiology at the Brigham and um, often found in seasonal foods like
financial concerns can all conspire vere or uncontrolled hypertension. Womens Hospital and a volunteer bread, cheeses and prepared meats,
to derail your best efforts at keeping Consider alternative therapies, such with the American Heart Association. which can increase blood pressure.
chronic conditions, such as high blood as nasal saline, intranasal corticoste- It is vital to keep track of your medi-
Dont feel like you cant indulge a little,
pressure, under control. roids or antihistamines, as appropri- cation and take it as prescribed by your
ate. doctor to decrease chances of heart at- but make sure to incorporate healthy
If you are one of the millions of
American adults with high blood pres- tack and stroke. meals.
sure, it is vital to keep your blood pres-
Keep track of medication The American Heart Associations Staying active while traveling can be
sure stable. Drastic changes can put The winter months tend to bring Check Change Control Tracker is one a challenge, as well. Try bringing sim-
you at risk for heart attack or stroke. an increase in both heart attacks and way to monitor your health, as it allows ple exercise equipment such as a jump
Here are three ways to control your strokes. According to research from the you to set up text message reminders, rope or resistance band with you.
blood pressure from the American Journal of the American Heart Associa- text in blood pressure readings, con- Consider walking to sights or restau-
Heart Association and Bayers Con- tion, a 4.2 percent increase in heart-re- nect with volunteers or providers, and rants nearby, or finding a local park or
sumer Health Division: lated deaths occurs away from a hospi- receive messages from volunteers or indoor walking path.
tal from Dec. 25-Jan. 7. providers. ___
Be wary of decongestants Factors like cold weather, sudden FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TOOLS
Decongestants are in many over- increase in activity like shoveling snow, Maintain healthy eating habits ABOUT BLOOD PRESSURE MANAGE-
the-counter cold and flu medications stress and dietary indiscretion can The holidays can be a bad influence MENT, visit
32 Thursday, October 19, 2017 Health Guide