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Course Syllabus

Course Information
ARTS 3372-002 Color Photography, Fall 2010, Saturday 10:00 am – 12:45 pm

Professor Contact Information

Misty Keasler, mxk108320@utdallas.edu, Office hours by appointment. Please schedule
one week in advance.

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions

Prior completion of a 2000 level studio arts course is required. (ARTS 1301 does not
satisfy this requirement.)

Course Description
This studio art course provides instruction in digital photography including camera
operation, image capture, lighting techniques, and digital workflow. Investigation of the
photographic process and an examination of the various levels on which meaning is
constructed, including selection of subject matter, concern for aesthetics, and socio-
cultural context. Emphasis will be placed upon building a visual library of images as a
means of learning to see the world differently and understanding of how to look at
images with a critical eye. We will look at light and color both in images and in the world
to produce a heightened sensitivity to both light and color and a strong foundation in
color theory.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students will learn to use the camera and prints as a tool for communicating larger
ideas. This process will lend itself to being able to communicating their own creative
work and that of peers through verbal and written critique.
In studying the larger art world and the place of photography within said world, students
will learn the array of communication available in photography and develop a final project
created with camera.

Required Textbooks and Materials

REQUIRED TEXT: Charlotte Cotton, The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Digital SLR Camera that can write RAW files

Course Syllabus Page 1

Card Reader
External Harddrive (USB or Firewire is okay)
Memory Cards

DSLR cameras are sold at the following vendors:

Calumet Photo http://www.calumetphoto.com
KEH (from new and used equipment) http://www.keh.com/
B&H Photo http://bhphotovideo.com
Adorama http://adorama.com

Camera Equipment and Supplies

Competitive Camera
2025 Irving Blvd
Dallas, TX

Wolf Camera & Clearance Center

11171 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75229

Suggested Course Materials

David Levi Strauss, Between the Eyes
Edited by Diarmuid Costello and Dominic Willsdon, The Life and Death of Images
Susan Sontag, On Photography

Photography Class Resources


USER ID: photo2010

PASSWORD: shutter.

Assignments & Academic Calendar

8/21 – Introduction to the course. Discussion of lenses, aperture, shutter, depth of field
Resolution, Image Size, File Types
Contemporary Photography Slideshow. Expectations of weekly photography findings.

8/28 – Camera basics, RAW vs. jpg shooting

Instruction for submission of work and uploading files.
Assignment #1 – Define Light
Final Project Introduction – due 9/11

9/4 – Assignment #1 Critique

Assignment #2 – Define Space

Course Syllabus Page 2

Workflow in Lightroom, Camera RAW, PhotoMechanic
Read Chapters 1&2 Cotton

9/11 – Proposal Submission

Assignment #2 Critique
Assignment #3 – Contemporary Color Photographer, prepare 5 min presentation

9/18 – Assignment #3 presentations

Lighting Demo
Gregory Crewdson and Bruce Charlesworth
Assignment #4 – Lighting for Content and Direction

9/25 – Color Management, Correction and Output

Adjustment Layers/Curves
Layer Masks w/adjustment layers
READ Chapters 3&4 Cotton

10/2 – mid-term exam, present your best 4 prints for critique

10/9 – independent work – prepare for crit

10/16 – Proposal Submission

Print Output for Large Print Demo; Preparing Files
Read Cotton Chapters 5-7

10/23 – Assignment #4 Critique

Read The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Representation by Walter Benjamin

10/30 – Test Strips due in class

Matting demonstration
Lab time, Photoshop tools
Read Documentary/Verite: Bio-Politics, Human Rights, and the Figure of Truth in
Contemporary Art by Okwui Enwezor

11/6 – Critical Essays due


11/13 – Quiz over course materials

Prepare for Final Crit (working critiques of projects)

11/20 – Prepare for Final Crit (working critiques of projects)

11/27 – Thanksgiving Holiday

12/4 – Final Critique – attendance required

Grading Policy

Course Syllabus Page 3

Assignments - 50%
Quiz – 10%
Oral Presentations – 10%
Final Project – 30%

Course & Instructor Policies

Assignments turned in late will be downgraded one letter – after one week assignments
will not be accepted. Being punctual is very important and any student who misses more
than 3 classes will fail the course.

Technical Support

If you experience any problems with your UTD account you may send an email
to: assist@utdallas.edu or call the UTD Computer Helpdesk at 972-883-2911.

Field Trip Policies

Off-campus Instruction and Course Activities

Off-campus, out-of-state, and foreign instruction and activities are subject to state
law and University policies and procedures regarding travel and risk-related
activities. Information regarding these rules and regulations may be found at the
website address
http://www.utdallas.edu/BusinessAffairs/Travel_Risk_Activities.htm. Additional
information is available from the office of the school dean. Below is a description
of any travel and/or risk-related activity associated with this course.

Email Use

The University of Texas at Dallas recognizes the value and efficiency of

communication between faculty/staff and students through electronic mail. At the
same time, email raises some issues concerning security and the identity of each
individual in an email exchange. The university encourages all official student
email correspondence be sent only to a studentʼs U.T. Dallas email address and
that faculty and staff consider email from students official only if it originates from
a UTD student account. This allows the university to maintain a high degree of
confidence in the identity of all individual corresponding and the security of the
transmitted information. UTD furnishes each student with a free email account
that is to be used in all communication with university personnel. The Department

Course Syllabus Page 4

of Information Resources at U.T. Dallas provides a method for students to have
their U.T. Dallas mail forwarded to other accounts.

Withdrawal from Class

The administration of this institution has set deadlines for withdrawal of any
college-level courses. These dates and times are published in that semester's
course catalog. Administration procedures must be followed. It is the student's
responsibility to handle withdrawal requirements from any class. In other words, I
cannot drop or withdraw any student. You must do the proper paperwork to
ensure that you will not receive a final grade of "F" in a course if you choose not
to attend the class once you are enrolled.

Incomplete Grade Policy

As per university policy, incomplete grades will be granted only for work
unavoidably missed at the semesterʼs end and only if 70% of the course work
has been completed. An incomplete grade must be resolved within eight (8)
weeks from the first day of the subsequent long semester. If the required work to
complete the course and to remove the incomplete grade is not submitted by the
specified deadline, the incomplete grade is changed automatically to a grade of

These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the

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