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Roberto Carlos Viramontes Bocanegra Basic IV Sabatino (14:00 a 19:00)

1. Orations with cognates

1- When the actor Eddie Redmayne is in public is very shy.

2- The rescue dogs of the tremor in CDMX are very admirable.

3- The principal drink of young people are alcohol.

4- My favorite animal is wolf because it is very beautiful.

5- My favorite horror movie is It by Stephen King because the clowns are very scary.

6- The celebration against piracy was very noisy.

7- My parents will have their anniversary celebration next week.

8- The boyfriend of my sister is very romantic.

9- I hate spiders, they are the most disgusting insects in the world

10- The chocolate is very delicious.

2. Orations with false friends.

1- The rope that holds the swing is very old

2- The fight will take place in the arena of Mexico City

3- Avocado is a fruit with many fatty acids.

4- Last year I went to a camp near the mountains.

5- The conductor of the orchestra did a beautiful job.

6- At dinner last night I ate chicken with spaghetti.

7- I am very excited because next week I am going to go with my grandmother.

8- Strawberry jam is very delicious.

9-The bathroom soap smells good.

10- The cookies with tuna is my favorite food.