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Good evening everyone. Thanks for being here.

Were level- A2 students and welcome to our

booth. (Aracely)

Today, were going to talk to you about the most popular holiday parade in America, the Macys
Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Luz)

The first Macys Day parade took place on Christmas of 1924. Macys workers dressed as clowns,
cowboys and other fun costumes and traveled with Zoo animals for 6 miles. (Olga)

The aim of the parade was to get peoples attention to the Macys store in New York city.
Surprisingly, it worked. More than 250,000 people attended the first Macys day parade. Ever
since this is an annual event in Manhattan. (Memo)

In the following years, giant balloons took part in the Macys Day parade. Among the most famous
ones are: Felix the cat, Mickey Mouse, and Snoopy. Also, during the 1930s the Macys parade was
first broadcast on the radio and tv. (Diego)

As we said earlier, this parade was celebrated every year, but there was no parade from 1942 to
1944 because of World War II. During those years all the materials needed for the balloons were
donated to the American military. (Kelly)

Back again in 1945 the Macys Day Parade surpassed the 2 million people in attendance and
continued increasing reaching 3.5 million people up to now. Todays Macys day Parade shows not
just giant balloons nor floats but also, dancers, cheerleaders, clowns, and marching bands from
around the country. (Jocelyn)