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Wayne Michael L.

Novera INTFILM A51



Witnessing two brothers caught up with a heinous struggle taught us the dismays

of war, in which it is truly tough to grasp. It is not just merely fighting over ones

liberation and restricted prerogatives; it is actually fighting for survival amidst the

detrimental milieu. Taegukgi: the brotherhood of war delineated the certainty of war

and how war inevitably changes peoples meek livesfor instance, the Jin brothers. The

film significantly highlights the flexibility of average individuals in seeking after their

mundane lives while rising above the political and ideological disagreement.

The 38th parallel war of South Korea and North Korea may not have an impact for

those who are not affiliated. However, the film was able to persuade its viewers to

anticipate the atrocious advent of war in a very creative, innovative way. Considering the

fact that it was filmed during the epoch of 2000s, it is expected to have a more realistic

and high technological depiction of warand truthfully, its editing and cinematography

significantly portrayed the actuality of war and how gruesome it is as though an

opponents blood is the source of their triumph. In all honesty, the films costumes and

make-up made it more convincingly vehement and it really deserves a commendation.

Their depiction of every soldiers and citizens demise was too cruel to witness as though

the film depicted the actual people who died in the 38th parallel war. The last and best

component I want to commend is the films dialogue. It may have been in the mother

tongue of Korea, and even though we only read its subtitles, it instilled us with such

melodramatic emotions and communicated with us in a very personal level, of course, the

musical score added more tension to intense scene.

With its humble beginnings, Korea has made its impact in the film industry.

Korea has teamed up with China in making films in terms of its executives, essayists and

performers; profits and investments; and finally, the locations of their shootings. Their

coordination efficiently activated improvement in contributing techniques and

spearheaded the progression of innovation and animation. It is evident that Korea is

competent in every genre and they delineated their expertise when it comes to technique

and industrialization, according to CAO (n.d.). They can even explore different stories in

simple and exciting way; moreover, in view of their prosperity, the collaboration of

Korea and China, in the long run, made its hallmark in Hollywood. It essentially became

persuasive, they were frequently approached for remakes of such films and they had a

high likelihood to take part in Hollywood creations.

The title Taegukgi: The brotherhood of war absolutely fits as the title of the

film. Taegukgi, in Korean language, means the flag of Korea. Besides the fact that the

film delineated the agonies of the South Korea in the aforementioned war; it also

delineated the conflicts that arouse within the two brothers that actually tested their

brotherhoodhence, Taegukgi: The brotherhood of war. Basically, the film

commenced in a very light way. Though their commencement is a flashback, and it is not

new to their given epoch, it is still an effective beginning as to what we should anticipate

for. After the flashback, it just depicted the inseparable brothers and it significantly

exhibited their unconditional love to each other. It commenced this way since it would be

peculiar if it would commence in a very drastic, nave way. Since this is just a glimpse of

their milieu and also a preparation for the upcoming scenes. And as it concludes, the

flashback just basically continues. However, their conclusion was consistent in terms of
the level of drama, they made it more earth-shattering; actually, they made it more

devastating yet touching.

We all know for a fact that there has been countless of war films, they all

delineated tragedy and horrors of war. Taegukgi, however, is completely different when

it comes to plot. All of the war filmsfor instance, Battleship Potemkin and Pearl

Harbor had almost perfected its editing as though the bloods and tragic demise of the

affiliated people were genuine. As has been noted, Taegukgi delineated an altered

depiction of warsetting aside, of course, the exhibition of the vehement war the war

of two brothers who were dreadfully changed and divided by war; the war that devastated

not only the family of the brothers, but its viewers as well.

I cannot renounce the datum that each sequence has no dull moments and is an

absolute necessity to witness! One of those sequences would be the scene of Jin-tae

capturing the Captain of the Communists and was awarded with the Medal of Honor. Of

course, that medal was not solely for his pride, it is for the liberation of his brother, Jin-

seok. Conversely, the superiors did not commit to their promise of liberating his brother;

and unfortunately, Jin-taes effort to garner such an honorable medal became a way of

deterioration of his brotherhood and unconditional love to Jin-seok. Which leads me to

another pivotal scene: the scene where Jin-tae joined the commies and became absurd,

not knowing the fact that his brother is still alive. When the war commenced once again,

the paths of the two lost brothers crossed, and Jin-tae took time to realize that his brother

is still alive. The dialogues that were uttered are dreadful and extremely moving. The way

Jin-seok rekindled their forgotten love and Jin-tae became mindful of his absurdity

constitute how war can construct a dreadful impact to such ordinary people. Lastly, the
scene that really compelled me to cry is the concluding flashback of Jin-seok witnessing

the remains of his brother during the war. This has been the moment where every sibling

can relate; this scene is relevant to me in a very personal level, and it does not only

constitute the drama that was being exhibited, but the dialogues that were really relatable

to everyone who has a sibling, including me. This presented nothing but the truth and the

horrifying impacts of war, that even ordinary brothers who only have a meek living can

actually have a more distressing storyline than the war itself.

There were not much of focal characters since only a couple of them were

determined. I was astounded, however, by the character of Jin-tae. He may have a

hackneyed portrayal of an older brother, but his strengths are also his flaws. He may be

an exceptional warrior, but the inspiration and strength behind his success is none other

than his brother. Ironically, the one responsible for his destruction and annihilation is also

his loving brother, which represents both his weakness and strength. Jin-tae, in my

humble opinion, is but an inspiration to older brothers out there. Another central

character would be Jin-seok, the younger brother of Jin-tae. He is your non-hackneyed

brother who does not constitute selflessness and consideration in his body. He may have

been egotistic and ignorant of his actions before, but he then realized the faults in his

actionsevidently, his actions are archetypal for a younger brother, but he defied his

meekness and egotism in the latter part of the film.

Owing the ideas to their action, it gave a momentous meaning to the film. The

film in general, depicted atrocities and bloody demiseshence, the theme of tragedy/war

is evident. We also cannot be evasive to the actions brought by our central characters;
they delineated unconditional love and remarkable brotherhood which depicts another

theme: Love/Brotherhood.

War, undeniably, is a tragic phenomenon to humankind, it has annihilated

countless innocent lives, destroyed structures and edifices, and demolished the

camaraderie that we human must share and disseminate. Having such, wars are only

grounded to their misunderstandings and contrasted dogmas, but this does not necessarily

mean that war should partake and be the only solution to this hindrance. Let love and

understanding be the ubiquitous and prevailing thing in this world, thus, we can make this

mundane world to create better people, a better society, and a better place. Let this be a

lesson to all of us; let us not immediately resort to war. This film has a probability to

partake in this contemporary epoch of ours, we should be mindful that innocent lives are

to be imperiled and we do not want to commit the same mistake again.