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HAND-OUTS IN Man versus Man

Abstract composition of concentric circles

CONTEMPORARY PHILIPPINE where above these are portions of four faces.
ARTS FROM THE REGION Is a painting a representation of a target or a target?
What is the difference?
The Artist and Society in the Modern World Could it be about a target the blindfolded victims of
Some of the relevant social issues of artists in the
modern era
Man as a Merchandise
Modern Man lost and Confused (Alienation)
Man Versus Man a firing squad?
Man as Merchandise Social and Political concerns do other field of Art
The artists of Pop found their inspiration address
from ordinary, mass-produced objects and Sculpture-3D artwork that insist visual
images of Americas popular culture-comic presence and impact of the human
books, advertising, billboards, and experience being communicated are much
packaging; the ever expanding world of more powerful.
home appliances and other commodities; Graphic Artist-Visual images that appears
and photographic images from cinema, everywhere, on everything, gradually
television, and newspapers. penetrating the public consciousness.
Architecture: Environment and Human
Is an aspect of a larger concern called
sustainable development, which has been
Andy Warhol, defined as providing for the needs of the
100 Cans, 1962, present without losing sight the ability of
synthetic polymer paint future generations to provide for their own
on canvass.
What Can Architects Do?
They can create a healthier and less wasteful
human habitat or living spaces.
Recent Developments in Green Architecture
1. Preserving and updating existing structures.
2. Work in Harmony with Nature
Modern Man Lost and Confused (alienation)
3. Use green materials.
The realization that life is not perfect and
4. Establish strict standards for energy
that life in the city is lonely.
conservation, indoor air quality, recycling
These kind of theme can be seen in the
systems, and sustainable manufacturing
painting of John Hopper.
5. Architects should respond to local
landscape, climate, culture, and building
traditions instead of imposing a modern
Western building where it may not be
Elements of Cinema or Film
Script- narrative that provides the story on that blended by the eye into the desired final
the movie. color.
Characters- it may be persons, animals, FAUVISM
machines, ordinary things, or fantastic -the first of the avant-garde movements that
creatures (Protagonists and Antagonists). flourished in France in the early years of the
Dialogue- is composed of words that a twentieth century.
character utters (sound and silent movies). SURREALISM
Acting- brings life to the characters. a style of art made out of pure imagination
Production design- is achieved through set and expression
design, costume, props, and decoration. A creation of art without conscious control
Staging- involves the placing or movement as in intuition and dream experiences.
of actors in relation to other actors, the set Giorgio de Chirico- created the most
structures, decoration, and props. enduring and first surrealist art in the world.
Cinematography- is achieved through the Popular Art
artistic use of the camera, which is defined It refers to a style grounded in consumer
by photographic quality, framing, distance, culture, the mass media, and popular culture
movement, and projection speed. thereby making it much more accessible to
Editing- is a technical process of putting a the average person.
movie together to achieved logical sequence, Andy Warhol- prominent figure in Pop Art
artistic presentation, and coordination because his background as a commercial
between action and dialogue. artist and illustrator explains why his works
Sound Design- is the interrelationship of proved useful n Pop art.
sounds and silences in a movie. Abstract Expressionism
The modern world in art: Painting A style of an artwork that produces abstract
What is STYLE? but expressed the artists state of mind.
Refers to the unique handling or mannerism It conveys rough spontaneity and great
by which we might identify the artist. energy.
(handwriting of an artist) The viewer of works done by Abstract
Popular Modern Styles of Painting Expressionists is advised to grasp their
Realists- it was a movement that developed meaning intuitively in a state free from
in France around mid-century. structured thinking.
Gustave Courbet- a forefront of all the
Realism- represented everyday scenes and
ordinary people as they actually look.
It is an art style that tried to capture an
impression of what the eye sees at a given JULIUS V. SININING, LPT
moment and the effect of sunlight on the TEACHER II (SHS)
a style that seek something solid and
It uses individuals bits of color to form
defined shapes.
Example: Seurat Painting- is composed of
thousand and thousands individuals flecks of
pure color, combined in proportions with others