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SI No GST Syllabus ( Functional)

1) Overview of Model GST Law including concept of CGST,SGST & Opportunities

( relevant to SAP)
2) Meaning & Scope of Supply,Time of Suppy of Goods & Services
3) Valuation of Taxable Supply,Job Work
4) Place of Supply of Goods & Services ( Interstate,Intrastate,Export,Import)
5) Input Tax Credit,Filing of Returns,Matching of Input Tax Credit.
6) Transitional Provisions

1) How does TAXINN works ( with existing Law)
2) Setup of TAXINN ( covering Condition Table,Access Sequence)-Will cover 102
Std Document on Best Practice of SAP
3) Pricing Procedure ( MM & SD)
4) Setting up of Excise Plant ( only brief thorugh documentation, since this
will not be followed for GST) Will cover 104 Std Document for Material Mgt
5) Account Determination
6) Relevant Busines Scenario will be covered using Best Practice document of


Service Pack Level
Migration of TAXINJ to TAXINN ( mandatory)
Suggested SAP Solution ----MM
Suggested SAP Solution ----SD
Monthly Returns
Scenario of MM/SD will be discussed since development is still in SAP Labs