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CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________

Mathematics and Science DepartmentsDate __________Mon 10/16____________________

(CCSS, NGSS, WIDA, etc.)
8.G.9 - Solve real-world and
mathematical problems
involving volume of
cylinders, cones, and spheres.

Data Students on the previous days
What data do you have to support lesson struggled differentiating
aspects of lesson? between radius and

Only 60% of students successfully
calculated the area of a trapezoid
on the previous days exit ticket
Objective(s) for this Lesson Sw derive and calculate pi

Prerequisite Knowledge How to use a ruler
Parts of a circle
Potential Misconceptions or Confusing radius and diameter
Procedural Mistakes Not measuring the circumference
of the circle properly
Reading the ruler incorrectly
What questions can I ask to 1.) Circumference for a circle
check my students is like what for other
understanding of the lesson shapes?
objectives and outcomes? 2.) Does a radius cut
Questions should represent all levels completely through the
of cognitive demand. circle?
3.) Why do you think there
are two formulas for
circumference of a circle?
Resources Powerpoint, measuring tape,
Texts calculator, Ipads
Engagement Outcome(s): SW use proper Guiding Questions:
10 minutes academic vocabulary
SW analyze how to use a ruler 1. Where do we start
Essential Question measuring from on a
Opening Activity Activity/Assignment: ruler?
Do now. Students will use circle
2. What does each tick

CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science DepartmentsDate __________Mon 10/16____________________

vocabulary terms to fill in blanks mark on the ruler
and analyze ruler measurements mean?
to determine if the correct length is
reported. 3. Did this student in the
picture measure
Grouping: correctly? Why?
- Students will successfully
use the terms radius,
diameter, center, and
circumference in a
Exploration Outcome(s): SW research circle Pull-out small groups
10 minutes formulas
During this time I will pull
What cooperative learning
strategies are used? students out who got the
How will you model concepts for vocabulary section wrong on the
Students will use their Ipads to
students? exit ticket for small group
find the formulas associated with
What questions will uncover instruction
student misconceptions? circles for area and circumference
and the formulas for surface area
and volume of a sphere


All pairs will have the four
required formulas
Explanation Outcome(s): SW analyze how 1. What are the
10 minutes they are being graded on the components of your
How are misconceptions being math lab grade for this
addressed and cleared? assignment?
How will students explain Activity/Assignment:
learning? 2. How many different
Students will be given a brief over
What strategies and tools will I items do you need to
use to help students actively view of their math lab for the day
formulate new vocabulary? and a breakdown of how they will
be scored 3. In what format do you
have to answer the
questions at the end of

CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science DepartmentsDate __________Mon 10/16____________________

Grouping: the data table?

All students will explain the three
area they are being graded in for
the math Lab
Elaboration Outcome(s): Sw derive and 1. What are the units on
30 minutes calculate pi these measurements?
What questions can be asked to
help students apply knowledge 2. Did you use the proper
and skills to new situations? side of the ruler?
Students will measure the
What new experiences will I
circumference and diameter of a 3. Is your ratio set-up the
provide for students to expand
their understanding and connect range of real life circles. Students way the table says it
to real-world situations? will then make a ratio of should be?
circumference to diameter and

Students will complete
calculations to find pi
Evaluation Outcome(s): Sw derive pi
6 minutes
How will it be determine that the Activity/Assignment:
students have attained the Exit Ticket- students will be given
learning objectives?
the radius and circumference of a
How will students work identify
circle and asked to explain how
needs and be used to inform
future instructional decisions? find what pi is
All students will correctly state in
that pi is the ratio of
circumference to diameter
Homework Answer the questions that follow
the data section of the math lab if
not completed during the

CCMS Lesson Plan Template Name __________LaMarca___________________
Mathematics and Science DepartmentsDate __________Mon 10/16____________________

Differentiation Small group pulled during Section
How will you differentiate for different exploration to reinforce circle
subgroups (Honors, General vocabulary needed to complete
Education, SPED, ESOL, etc.)?
this activity