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Scientific theory for the existence of God

I thought very thoroughly as to where GOD exists? In fact god is

omnipresent .His rule is commanded in different shapes but where such
commander does live? I do not understand as to how long my curious
thinking is nearer to truth and logic. but my wit dictates god exists where
all principles of physics and ability to predict future breakdown where
all forces, speed aspects become one. This is similar to what Einstein
predicted in grand unification theory that all forces are actually one
although they are in different forms like electrostatic force, magnetic
force. Further swami Vivekananda has elaborated that where can
we go to find god if we cannot see him in our own hearts and in
every living being?

We all recognize the AARTI an important aspect of worship in our

daily routine life .mere one line of this Aarti has compelled me to think
over god with new outlook. I attempted to constitute an intermediately
way between science and spiritualism that may lead to truth. we all are
well conversant with this line of AARTI that pranwakshar ke
Madhya ye teenon aika.
Here the word PRANWAKSHAR connotates the universe. These
three words signify BRAHMA ,VISHNU , MAHESH. According to
Vedas Indian holy book of Aryans, the creator of this universe is
BRAHMA, the protector is Vishnu, and the destroyer is Mahesh, that is
three powers are the basis of life. If considered scientifically entire
Here the analogous nature between science and spirituality can be
I believe that BRAHMA IS PROTON. We all know that Brahma is
creator of this universe. Likewise proton is the main reason of creation
of this universe. Proton has positive charge because it is Brahma and
union brings creation. In the atom 99% part is constituted by nucleus
which consist proton.
Further we can prove the ELECTRONS AS VISHNU ,Vishnu is the
protector of this universe and in similar way electron also act as
protector which is regulating this universe with its wide range of
reactions. Electron is mainly playing role in reciprocal transmission and
receipt of energy through energy exchange only entire life processes and
mechanisms are present in universe. Flow of electrons constitute current
a , the phenomenon of photoelectric effect and Compton effect
incorporates electron which can participate in materialistic energy
transmission. Due to this regular energy exchange entropy of universe is
increasing. It is the prediction of 2nd law of thermodynamics that with
every spontaneous reaction entropy of universe is increasing. According
to Stephen Hawking The increase of entropy with time is one example
of what is called an ARROW OF TIME and distinguishes the past from
future. Thus electron regulates thermodynamic arrow of time, which
was created at Bigbang.
We can recognize lord MAHESH AS NEUTRON. He is the
destroyer of universe and he can put the creation of Brahma to an end,
but simultaneously opens the new door for the revival of life. Equally
neutron also collides with nucleus and generates such reactions which
are sufficiently powerful to cause annihilations. Nuclear energy is based
on energy mass equivalence and neutron is in major role. likewise
violent tandav (a mythological dance leading to devastation and
destruction)is the symptom of the end of the world as per the cyclic
changes of time .
It is the prediction of scientists that if we add more mass to neutron star
to take it over Chandrasekhar limit it would collapse to infinite density
known as singularity. This is rather like big bang at the beginning of
time and universe. Through singularity one can enter into worm hole
which is a door to another universe. Thus it denotes the collapse but
simultaneously the revival of life (way or door to another universe.
PRANVAKSHAR which connatates universe the derivation or origin
as per wordings of aarti the existence of Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh
becomes one in the center of universe. so on this very ground i believe
that effect of electron ,proton ,neutron become one somewhere in the
universe. Even at this stage we can not call them electron, proton,
neutron but united power where all principles, theories and time come to
end because god exists where all discriminations come to an end there
remains only an inorbitant sovereign rule.
Does really become the existence of electron, proton and neutron one
in universe?
We have come into existence by the union of electron, proton and
neutron .In the beginning we were living in this universe in the said
forms today the difference is this that previously we were within
universe but now the universe is within us. If the universe is within us
then god is also within us but we cannot feel realize and recognize this
power and the existence unless we concentrate our whole energy at point
after being above all discriminations and inequalities. such point of
focus within ourselves is called center the creation and was possible
when god established himself in the shapes of Brahma, Vishnu,
Mahesh likewise proton, electron, neutron apart from their own real
sovereignty constructed us .These three are the shapes of an unlimited
power .Swami vivekananda has saidit is impossible to find god
outside of ourselves. our own souls contribute all of the divinity that
is outside of us. we are the greatest temple .the objectification is only
a faint imitation of what we see within ourselves.
Do really electron ,proton, neutron become one in the mid of universe
it is a complex question. scientists have thought a black hole in the
middle of milky -way might be we can also imagine black hole in the
mid of universe. The gravity of said black hole would be so strong as all
materials even our would be attracted to it. As the star contracts ,the
gravitational field at its surface gets stronger and light cones bend
inward thus light cannot escape from it. There is evidence for black hole
in a number of other systems in galaxy and for much larger black holes
at the center of other galaxies. At singularity within black hole it would
be an end of time and it is possible that due to endless force therein there
may be a strong store of energy and existence of
would become one in black hole. also at singularity the laws of physics
breakdown .

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What is Chanting?

To chant is to repeat special vibratory sounds, mantras, or Divine Soul

Songs for healing, rejuvenation, purification, and transformation of
every aspect of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

Why and How Chanting Works

For thousands of years, singing or chanting has been one of the most
powerful spiritual practices for life transformation. Singing or chanting a
mantra of a high level spiritual being carries the power of that being.
Singing or chanting Divine Soul Songs is divine singing or chanting. It
carries divine power. It really is very simple. It may be too simple to

Chanting benefits every aspect of life. A human being could have issues
in many aspects of life, including physical issues, emotional imbalances,
mental imbalances, spiritual blockages, relationship challenges, financial
challenges, and more. Chanting can greatly benefit all of these issues
because it removes blockages on the level of soul, mind, and body. Soul
blockages are bad karma. Mind blockages include negative mind-sets,
attitudes, ego, attachments, and more. Body blockages include energy
and matter blockages.

Chanting is a spiritual gathering treasure. To chant is to gather spiritual

fathers and mothers and, especially, the Divine to help transform any
issues. Chanting mantras works because they carry soul frequency and
vibration with love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Soul frequency
and vibration can transform the frequency and vibration of all life.
Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. Forgiveness brings
inner joy and inner peace. Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality,
and immunity. Light heals, prevents sickness, rejuvenates, prolongs life,
and transforms relationships and finances, as well as every aspect of life.

Chanting Divine Soul Songs works because they carry divine frequency
and vibration, with divine love, divine forgiveness, divine compassion,
and divine light.

Ancient spiritual practitioners often chanted mantras for hours at a time.

The longer we sing or chant, the longer divine frequency and vibration
are transforming the frequency and vibration of our souls, hearts, minds,
and bodies. The more we sing or chant, the more soul mind body
blockages are removed. The more we sing or chant, the purer we

What are Mantras? The Power and Significance

A mantra is a special sound and message that the Divine, Tao, buddhas,
saints, gurus, and other kinds of spiritual fathers and mothers created in
their spiritual and energy practice for transforming all life. Mantras carry
high spiritual frequencies and vibrations that can transform the
frequency and vibration of all life. Mantras carry love, forgiveness,
compassion, and light. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.
Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace to all life. Compassion
boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity of all life. Light heals,
prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body,
purifies and rejuvenates spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical
bodies, transforms relationships and finances, increases intelligence,
opens spiritual channels, and brings success in every aspect of all life.

Chanting mantras can remove soul mind body blockages. Soul

blockages are negative karma. Mind blockages are blockages in
consciousness, including negative mind-sets, negative attitudes, negative
beliefs, ego, attachments, and more. Body blockages include energy and
matter blockages.

In summary, the benefits of singing or chanting mantras are to:

make yourself and others healthier and happier

heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

heal others, humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes

purify your soul, heart, mind, and body

enlighten your soul, heart, mind, and body

purify others, humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes to enlighten


receive divine virtue to clear your bad karma and uplift your spiritual

bless every aspect of your life

spread divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and light to humanity,

Mother Earth, and all universes
transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls to divine

create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all

History of Chanting

Chanting is one of the most ancient spiritual practices. Throughout

history, chanting mantras has been one of the most powerful methods of
spiritual and energy development. Renowned Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist,
and other spiritual beings in many different traditions have shared their
mantras to serve millions of people worldwide.

Today, millions of people recognize the benefits of chanting on the level

of soul, heart, mind, and body.

Basics of Chanting (How to Chant)

Chanting is Sound Power. The one-sentence secret of Sound Power is:

You become what you chant.

Go into the divine condition. Give yourself fully to the mantra or Divine
Soul Song. Become the mantra. For example, when you chant divine
love, you become the presence of divine love on Mother Earth.
There are two ways to chant: silently and aloud. Chanting silently
vibrates the smaller cells and spaces in the body; it is yin chanting.
Chanting aloud vibrates the bigger cells and spaces: it is yang chanting.
Both ways are correct. You may choose to do one or the other or both.
Always chant silently when lying down so as not to drain your qi

Completely relax. Sit straight but comfortably. Open your heart and soul.
To chant is to offer your love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.
Countless beings on Mother Earth and in all universes will benefit from
your chanting due to the increase in frequency and vibration. This
explains why chanting is very powerful service.

For example, you could chant the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and
Harmony, which was given to Master Sha by the Divine on September
10, 2005. Each line of this Divine Soul Song is a treasure to transform
not only our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies, but also to transform the
consciousness of humanity in order to create love, peace, and harmony
for humanity and all souls:

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

Join hearts and souls together

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

I love my heart and soul: Love melts all blockages and transforms all
life. This is the secret of healing all your issues in the physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual bodies. You could chant this first line of the
Divine Soul Song and receive great benefits.

I love all humanity is to offer your love to humanity, Mother Earth, and
all universes. Chant this sentence a lot. Your love will go to the spaces in
Mother Earth and the universes as a service to transform peoples
consciousness. Every moment you are chanting this, Heaven records
your chanting. Then, they give you virtue. Virtue is spiritual currency in
the Soul World. On Mother Earth, when you do work, you receive
payment. In the spiritual world, when you offer good service, you
receive virtue. Virtue in the Soul World is just like a salary on Mother
Earth. When you accumulate enough virtue, your soul will be uplifted to
the enlightened realm.

Join hearts and souls together is a divine calling.

Love, peace and harmony: Love, peace, and harmony are the goals of
Soul Light Era. You can chant this mantra in a meditative state. You can
also chant this every day when you drive, cook, walk, take a shower,
exercise, and more. The secret is that at any moment, any chance you
have, chant this mantra. If you sing Love, Peace and Harmony as much
as you can, purification of your soul, heart, mind, and body could
happen very fast. You could gain a lot of virtue. Your soul enlightenment
journey could move very fast.

Chanting Complements Other Forms of Worship

Chanting is not limited to one tradition or belief system. In fact, almost
all traditions chant though they may use a different term. Some recite a
prayer over and over. Others sing a special song or hymn. To chant is to
offer your love to humanity and all souls.

You can chant special vibratory sounds and mantras for healing,
rejuvenation, and for boosting energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.
This is beyond any specific tradition or group. Moreover, all souls
benefit from your chanting.

Q. The mantra is a mystic A. A mantra can be a word or a sentence which, when uttered in a
phenomenon. Can you explain particular manner and contemplated within, can make sorrows wither
the essence of mantra? and assure mukti (salvation). The aim ofmantra is to
achieve dharma (religious righteousness and duty), artha (philosophical
interpretative value or meaning and even the means), kama (procreative
universal truth and sensual satisfaction) and moksha (salvation from birth
and rebirth). Mantras have definitive importance both at the materialistic
and spiritual levels.
Q. What are the different types A. There are simple mantras which arc known to snake charmers who,
of mantrasin vogue? with the help of these mantras, take out the poison from the mouth of a
snake. However, there arcmantras which are universal benefactors and
take out the poison bag from the mouth of the materialistic world and
ensure emancipation. An ex-ample is the Rama mantra.
Q. What are the dynamics A. Everything in the world is perish-able and we remain mortal. We
of mantra? nurture materialistic cravings. We are all yantra. There are two aspects:
One is yantra and the other is mantra. Yantra only activates materialism
and remains mortal. It does not provide peace and only feeds the world
called maya or illusion. But a mantra is bigger than yantra and remains
the embodiment of Paramatman, the Supreme Being.

If you want to understand yantra then see for yourself the impermanent
aspect of yantra : Childhood, youth,. old age, beauty, wealth etc which
are never permanent and dwell in the sphere of mortality.

On the other hand, mantra ensures peace. Peace can be achieved

through mantra and upasana (sitting near). If a calf does not sit near a
cow then how can it get milk? If a baby does not cling to its mother than
how can it get milk? Not going near God how can one get peace? How
can the soul fill its hunger? So worshipping or
doing upasana with mantraensures a state of emancipation which scales
beyond time and space. Mantras are powerful and by the act
of japa (constant remembrance through counting beads) one is
progressively empowered.
Q. Can mantras enhance will A. Let me tell you a short story. Once Alexander the Great, after
power and mental strength? conquering country after country, finally went to the Himalayas. Near a
snowy mountain he met a sadhu (ascetic). Alexander told the sadku to
ask for anything. The saint asked, "Do you think you are the most
powerful person? Then bring the sun rays here and if you cant then go
away and allow whatever rays to come here." Alexander stood
speechless. The saint could dare to say all this and banish the ego of the
Emperor with his mantra sadhana! Thus a mantraempowers and makes
an ascetic fearless.

To understand the power of a mantra, let me cite another story. Once

Emperor Akbar told his Minister, Mansingh, to find a solution as a fort
being built at Prayag was collapsing again and again for unknown
reasons. The Minister, while contemplating and strolling along the banks
of the Ganga, saw a saint meditating. A python was about to attack the
saint but failed miserably. The saint, with his power of mantra had
defeated the python.

At the sight of this miracle, the Min-ister approached the saint with the
problem of Emperor Akbar. After some contemplation, the saint said that
the fort could not be built as Goddess Devi Shakti was annoyed. Then he
gave a piece of paper with a mantrainscribed on it and instructed the
Minister to lay it on the foundation of the fort and start building again.
Mansingh followed his advice and the fort was rebuilt successfully.

A mantra can make the impossible possible. A simple sadkak can

become a great saint with the power of mantra. A mantra can change an
unfavourable situation into a favourable one.

Q. How can a mantra make A. A mantra can create a favourable at-osphere and the lshta (the God)
things favourable? Can you of that particularmantra can even save a per-son from evil designs of his
cite an example? foes.

It so happened that Shivaji was fighting the Mughals and repeatedly

eluded the sword of the mighty Mughal Empire.

Finally, the Mughals hatched a conspiracy and tried to kill Shivaji in a

clandestine manner. With the power of Tantra and Mantra, a Mughal
killer was able to penetrate the security system of Shivaji. The Mughal
took out his sword and was about to attack a sleeping Shivaji when,
suddenly, an unseen invincible power held his hand. The Mughal asked,
"Who is stopping me?" Immediately an answer was heard,
"Your ishta (God) could penetrate the security system and facilitate you
to come up to this point but ShivajiaIshta who is satvik (pure) and all-
powerful is already present here to save Him". Thus an attempt to
murder Shivaji was foiled by a mystic power which was appeased with
Shivajis mantra sadhana.

Q. Can you highlight the types A. There are three types of mantras. One is Sabhri which empowers one
of mantras we have? with siddhi or mystic powers. The second is Tantra which
gives ckamatkari (amazing demonstrative powers) at the mystic level.
The third is Vedic mantra which goes towards achieving eternal peace
for the soul. Initiation with mantra from the guru covers most aspects
ofsadhana (spiritual cultivation). This mantra once given by a guru can
erase fear within and diminish demonic influences, if any. Whosoever
cultivates the Guru mantra is able to travel to Puramdham, the land of
the Supreme Soul.
Q. Will you elaborate the A. By uttering the seed mantra of naam (name) one gets into a creative
context of Guru mantra at the process automatically. This is called Naam Yoga. A sadkak (worshipper)
power level? is not to bother about its result as the God or lshta Naam takes care of
the disciple automatically. In actuality, the God of any given name resides
within the naam (name) and so the Naam mantra is referred to
as Mantramay or embodiment of God within the sacred sound
of mantra. In the process of japa, the sadkak gets closer to
his/her Ishta or God who in turn bestows love and care on the sadhak.

The utterance of the name of God in a repeated manner is a japa and

once it is chanted loudly it becomes kirtan or devotional song. On the
score of utterance there are various stages or centres of activity. There is
an involuntary movement of the tongue which is called annamay
kosh. This is powered by the life force called pranmay kosh. But there
has to be a wish for the movement of the tongue which is
called manamay kosh. Then there has to be a doer (karta) called
Vigyanmay kosh. The name of God has to be uttered with deep love,
respect and dedication and then it becomes the harbinger of happiness
oranandamay - anandamay kosh.

While we utter the name of God and all centres of activity work in
cohesion and unison it empowers us with mental and physical strength.
The negative karma of past lives gets effaced with the chanting.
Q. Will you narrate a story A. Mantras have a tremendous impact at the body and mental levels. In
citing the impact of mantras? Jabalpur there lived a saint, Mahamaleshwar, and if anybody touched
any part of his body one could hear Rama Naam ringing automatically.
And when he chanted naam kirtan even dogs danced. Similarly, when
Mahaprabhu Chaitanya chanted naam kirtun trees began to sway as if in
dance to his sacred tune.

A mantra is physically a pure sound and its repeated utterance creates a

ring of sound within and outside. If one ties a small stone at the end of a
rope and swings it to revolve then this small stone gets so powerful that if
released it can even kill. The mantra if repeatedly chanted can create a
dynamic sound wavelength which can inspire one to aspire for anything.
The amalgamative power of a mantra at the sound and bhava level can
become so prominent that one can even assume the qualities of the
Q. Finally, how does Rama, A. Rama, Rama uttered from Gurumukh (mouth of the Guru) has special
Rama, a meaning as the sound comes out of the cosmic touch of the Gurus
simple mantra become a Guru atman (soul) and gets planted in the heart of a sadkak (follower). Let me
mantra? explain this idea: We all see the gigantic Vata Vriksha but its seeds are
very small. We do not see these seeds sprouting in plenty. Actually these
small seeds are food for animals and birds who digest them and out of
their body heat the seeds become soft and sprouting becomes easy.
Similarly, when Rama, Rama is processed by the tapa and siddhi of a
Guru, it becomes cosmic nada of Rama, Rama. Such is the power of the
Rama mantra which emits from the soul of theGuru.

Panch Akasha are five spaces inside body in yogic practice. Akasha or
Shunya means space, vaccum or sky and panch means five. These five
spaces are

Shunya Akasha
Ativa Shunya or Ati Shunya
Maha Shunya
Shunyati Shunya and
Antah Shunya

As per Hathayogapradipika,

Shunya Akasha is inside the heart lotus (Anahata Chakra);

Atishnuya is the akasha inside the throat lotus.
Mahashunhya is the akasha inside the lotus between the ajna chakra

Information about Shunyati Shunya and Antah Shunya is found in the

Satchakranirupana of Paramananda. It is said that meditation on Antah
Shunya brings about mukti or liberation.

If you are reading this blog or happened to be referred to it, the action by itself explains that you are
initiated on this journey of "Gnyana -> Curiousity for knowledge" to unveil the hidden truths of human
life. Ages ago sages, saints, rishis were also inspired towards finding the meaning of human life, the
meaning of birth and death and the consequences of good and bad deeds. After eons of penance,
introspection, watching others lives and probably by sheer grace of god, they understood several critical
and non-negotiable elements as regards human life.

These are :
0) Good and bad Deeds of every species are diligently maintained in separate in-extinguishable counters
(Called "Papa" and "Punya").
1) Any living species which dies (including humans) - would have a rebirth (Unless it attains Nirvana in
the current Janma)

2) The form assumed by the species in subsequent births is determined by the Papa/Punya counters .
There is a hierarchy of Janmas as described in vedas, and Manushya Janma figures out in the top (out of
all the 84 lakh janmas possible). Manushya Janma is the only Janma wherein the species can understand
the significance of Gods ways and attain Gnyana

3) At the end of ones "Janma", Punya counter is not set off against "Papa" counter , but both are
maintained separately.One enjoys prosperities or good aspects owing to the presence of Punya counter
and enjoys adversities or bad aspects owing to the
presence of Papa counter.

4) The sum total of the inherited Punya/Papa counter of old Janmas signifies "Sanchita Karma" (Karma
denotes deeds). Out of this the mass of Papa/Punya which is selected for a persons enjoyment in the
current Janma/Incarnation is called "Prarabdha Karma".Meaning the person is predisposed to enjoy this
good/bad , no matter what , in this Janma. "Kriyamana Karma or Agami Karma", signifies the Karma
which the being churnes out in this Janma. So, while no one can change the occurence of Prarabdha
Karma (since its already launched and to be experienced) , the being can make sure that Sanchita Karma
is extinguished by the good deeds and devotion towards god and influence Agami karma to the extent
possible thru
righteous behaviour

Side Note: Read More Here : http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Karma/id/22810

5) Once a being attains Nirvana both the counters are nullified and the "Jeevi" is freed out of this eternal
cycle of births,deaths, family, children, responsibilities etc. Nirvana as our ancestors figured out,is no
childs play and calls for great amount of austere living over several janmas

For us to move forward on our thinking plane, in the subsequent posts, one should prima-facie internalise
the above truths completely and whole-heartedly . These are the assumptions based on which one can
understand the journey of Nirvana fully

Ok ,lets back out a little and ask the question as to why someone needs to think about attaining Nirvana.
Are we not happy going through this cycle of birth , education, job, marriage, children , wealth creation ,
oldage and death? Are'nt these activities not giving us adequate enjoyment ? When several hundreds of
people around us just think about getting a day accomplished, why should anyone think of loftier things
like getting out of this Life-Death cycle? Is it necessary at all and would everyone get if one thinks.

Answer: No you neednt think. No one forces you. Indeed , If no attempt is made to influence this cycle
thru any means, one would continue to assume various forms, perform various good/bad deeds, most of
the times unknowingly , create a pile of good and bad deeds, without any realisation. If the proportion of
Good deeds are more cummalatively, the journey continues till he gets "Manushya - Human" janma once
again. Here too he gets a small realisation as to why one need to go through these tribulations , probably
felt thru his own experiences or probably by watching the travails of his kith and kin. But if the realisation
stops there and no meaningful action ensues, the cycle continues and he travels again thru millions of
lowly Janmas, which lack any intelligence and an urge to come out of the rut
The idea hence,is to plant a sapling of "Gnyana" while in Human form itself (while you can still think), so
that the "Sadhana" and "Nishta" that one performs during this Janma, can continue thru "Sad-Vasanas"
even as he enters into various other forms eventually and ultimately , after several janmas, the efforts
finally fructify by culminating into eternal enlightenment and permanent unision with paramatma

Side Note: A study of several instances wherein "Nirvana" is attained , reveals the above truth. One can
read more on this in "Gajendra Moksham" and "Guru Charitra"

Thats the reason why elders say Bahu Durlabham Maanusha Janma . It is very difficult to get a
manushya janma to take human birth. A person is born as a human being because of punya karma
done in the previous births. He gets this birth as human being after undergoing millions of previous
Janmaas (births) as germs, insects, birds, animals etc. This is considered to be the last stage of the
series of births one can have and that is why it is considered to be great to have
been born as a human being. Sarvottamam Maanusha Janma Human being is considered to be the
great because of the uniqueness in attributes of creation both physical & metaphysical. In addition to
Manas, Pragnana, Buddhi viz., emotive, reasoning &
intellectual brain, human beings possess Ahamkara- ego sense, Will power & Chith the source of
innovative & intuitive power, which are unparalleled.

Thus equipped, a human being is in a better position to ascend to a much higher level. Other creatures
like birds, animals etc., can make noises, can eat & procreate but they cannot go any further. They
cannot understand God and hence they can neither think, speak, hear express their feelings/opinions
about God nor they can sing in praise of God. But Human beings alone can do all that and derive a
particular kind of pleasure and satisfaction, which no other activity can bring. Moreover, they can feel the
existence of God, contemplate in the depth of their minds, and express their feelings about God in many

To be completed ..... Since this is a endless journey of understanding, reunderstanding, assimilation of

the cosmic truth,I would urge the readers to provide their valuable comments on the article , thereby
sharing divine knowledge

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rat Race
In olden days, people didnt pray for materialistic desires or lavish lives, they actually prayed for "Anayasa
Jeevitam and Sunayasa Maranam" - meaning "Smooth and Peaceful life and Painless, Natural Death" .
They lead quite simple but inspirational
lives following rules of dharma.

We have come a long way from it. As we get bombarded with the high decibel marketing of various
goods and services ,available very close to our neighbourhoods, there is an unknown compulsion and
peer pressure, which propels us to indulge in a cat race to earn huge money to fulfill those desires, most
of the times at the expense of our relationships (with parents,siblings,relatives,friends,society at large)
and our own health.
But do we get satisfied having quenched our desires. No we dont get satisfied with what we have , we
get more greedy, aspire for bigger, higher, larger, brighter things, increase the pace of making money
(sometimes through illegal and unethical
ways), to finally procure them. This cycle , which always ends with discontentment and unease,
continues, so long as we have energy left within us

And by this time we are too old to do anything. Your family realising your inability to make further
moolah might not find time for you, since they themselves get busy in their money making possibilities.
At this time you feel lonely. Throughout your life when you were energetic you never remembered god
and felt it important to visit a temple and suddenly you realise how desolate and meaningless your life
has been. Things for which you were behind, have become obsolete now, no one takes pride in you for
procuring them. Suddenly , what has been a very successful life, becomes a
life worn out of materiastic pursuits and one which was un-enriched of spiritual outlook

Where did things go wrong. Why is this frustration and feeling of failure.
Jagatguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya says :

"bhajagovindaM bhajagovindaM
govindaM bhajamuuDhamate .
saMpraapte sannihite kaale
nahi nahi rakshati DukR^iJNkaraNe"


Adi Sankaracharya is trying to bring home the point that human being has no other escape except
immersing oneself in the thoughts of Lord, and praying with utmost sincerity, reciting the Divine Namas
of the Lord rather than getting engrossed in anxieties to possess wealth or acquire social status or

The purport of these words is that any amount of knowledge cannot save the soul when death knocks at
the door of this limited body. At that time, one has to leave behind one's material benefits and social
status. These acquisitions will not help one
gain the knowledge of the Soul, which is permanent, when the impermanent body withers, it turns out to
be a dead-wood.

It does not mean that one should shun away the pursuit of living for knowledge, but, at the same time,
one should understand its limited capacity, and one should seriously try to acquire that knowledge which
alone can save a person from the slavery of imperfections. We should remember the truth that it is a
manifested world and it is impermanent.

Other than God or Soul,everything else is temporary. Death will snatch away the existence of the body
and the manifested world. What is the use of all the acquisitions and secural knowledge then? So, while
living in this secular world, or materialistic world, one should endeavour to understand and master the
secret of purposeful life. One should identify oneself with the Lord, who can only
give solace to the parched materialistic lives. One should progress spiritually after each death, instead of
getting deeper and deeper into mundane pleasures. It is rather sad that quite a few of us are of the
opinion that spirituality is for those
who retired from employment or aged people.

The intellect, which has not been trained to remember God till one attains sixty years, will never resort to
spirituality after that. Even if it does, for argument sake, what is guarantee that the cruel hands of death
will not embrace one before that. So, one should understand the fallacy of this argument and train the
mind from the childhood itself to start practicing recitation of the Lord's name with every breath that one
inhales and exhales, otherwise it is just impossible to remember God's name at the time of death. It is,
therefore, imperative that one should keep repeating the Divine Namas of Lord at every possible moment

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Cultural Decadence

The below article is an inspiration for me to start this blog today.


Great article by the author and just at a time wherein the Indian culture is getting decimated inch by inch
in a gradual and planned way (aka how slow poison acts). Part of the problem lies with us, as we dont
understand the importance of our rich heritage and culture and part of the problem lies with the media
which continuously bombards us with content inspired or lifted from the western media.

Incidentally if you happen to speak to the senior members of American society, they vehmently detest
the way their own culture has deteriorated, how their sons and daughters adopted practices which they
find difficult to get themselves out of!