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Student Assessment Feedback Sheet


Student ID: Module Title and Code: 5009IAB SINGING AND MUSICAL
Assessing Tutor 1: NIKKI LAURENCE Assessment Title and Weighting: AS1 25%

Assessing Tutor 2: JONATHAN EI Assessment Date: 25TH JANUARY 2017

Module Learning Outcomes assessed through this assessment:

1. advanced levels of application of technical singing skills (range, style, complexity)
2. advanced levels of application of practical and applied knowledge of healthy practice for singing
3. advanced, expressive and creative evaluated singing performance skills

LO Feedback Comments Grade

Assessed (A E)
1 Your diction is clear, but there is room for further improvement, and you need more work to remember when to use the th C
consonant and not make it a d.

In your lyrical legit ballad, there is good use of sob quality, and your tone is pleasing. However, you could seek more of a legato
style of phrasing, with more use of tilt and perhaps a higher larynx to give more lightness to the tone, as your tone is rather dark.
Areas to explore would be tongue position, use of resonance and larynx height in order to aim to discover more light and shade in
your vocal tone. Working on retraction, anchoring and abdominal support is crucial to freeing up the instrument, especially at the
top of the range. It seems you are using your muscularity against you, rather than to help you support.

2 Your vocal work demonstrates a lot of tension, suggestive that you are carrying a great deal of tension in your body. There is D
constant constriction and strain in the larynx, and your sound is very tight. Constriction is present in most of your vocal work,
especially in the upper register, which is both unhealthy and creates unease in the sound you produce for your listeners. You must
work very hard on discovering the right balance between muscularity and relaxation if you are to free your full vocal ability, and
remain in good vocal health. Exploring your general sense of emotional wellbeing may be important to discovering physical and
emotional freedom in your vocal and performance work.

3 A good variety of songs to demonstrate a range of performance qualities. There is demonstration of your research into the C
characters and it would appear you have made emotional choices, but there is a lot of Flavio in all your character work, it would be
good to see much further departure. To develop this aspect of your work, seek to use the skills you study in Acting and Acting
Through Song classes, and spend time discovering your own strategies, drawing from all your studies and experience, to
discover the strategies that work for you to connect authentically to a range of characters, and convey your thoughts and
feelings in a way that comes over to the audience.


Transposing the numerical mark to a Band:

70%+ =A

60 69% =B

50 59% =C

40 49% =D

0 39% =E