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Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology

Quiz 1
(Electronic Instrument System)

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1. ARINC specification that contains Guidance For Design and Use of BITE is:
A) ARINC 429
B) ARINC 629
C) ARINC 423

2. During the operational test, BITE programs will perform check of input signals,
protection and control circuitry. Once BITE detects faults, it will:
A) provide ground maintenance the operational status of system.
B) perform isolation and initiates warning, caution or advisory.
C) monitor and verify correct operation after properly repaired.

3. What is the primary purpose of Built-in-Test -Equipment (BITE) system in aircraft?

A) To assist service and repair station
B) To assist aircraft flight crew during flight operation
C) To assist line maintenance personnel for fault identification

4. Which of the following is NOT the advantage of BITE test:

A) Reduction in the overall cost of maintenance
B) Minimize on airplane maintenance time.
C) Rectify for any fault detected.

5. A high frequency sawtooth is applied to the horizontal deflection system sawtooth and a
relatively low frequency sawtooth is applied to vertical deflection system. From this
information, this is applied to which scanning method?
A) Raster scanning
B) Interlace Scanning
C) Stroke scanning

6. Which of the following is TRUE about LCD?

A) It is an active device (emit light)
B) High voltage electrodes are applied between the liquid crystal molecules
C) When no current passing through, the molecule is stable so the devise is transparent
Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology

7. Shadow mask is
A) the element used in CRT to produce colors
B) used to protect LCD from damage
C) controlling the electron beam scanning

8. Problem with LED is

A) it does not have long lifetime
B) it requires TRU
C) it has slow switching rate

9. The wave signal that is swept by an antenna is in ..

A) longitudinal waveform
B) 50 Hz
C) rho-theta format

10. The term Glass Cockpit environment refers to the used of:
A) Toughened glass indicators.
B) CRT or LCD for cockpit displays.
C) Transparent protective glass layers.

11. Which kind of anti-static bag can be used over long periods of time without losing
A) Electrically conductive bags
B) Electrically dissipative bags
C) Electrically insulative bags

12. What document do you need to refer to when updating a software?

A) ARINC 423
B) EASA form 1
C) ED-12B

13. How would electrostatic build-up charge be created?

A) Radiation
B) convection
C) Induction

14. Would the 2 objects of the same material cause ESD when touching?
A) Yes B) No

15. When working on ESDS, what type of shoes should be worn?

A) conductive
B) insulated
C) inductive
Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology

16. What type of scanning that double the vertical frequency?

A) Raster scanning
B) Interlace Scanning
C) Stroke scanning

17. A Letter of Acceptance is given to:

A) Field loadable Software
B) Nav. data

18. A software that could have a minor impact on the safety of the passengers when failed,
should be:
A) Level A
B) Level E
C) Level C

19. Which one is correct about hazardous failure?

A) Failure that has a large negative impact on safety or performance
B) Failure that can cause a crash
C) Failure that can leads to passenger discomfort rather than injuries

20. Electrostatic build-up charge can be reduced/eliminated by _________.

A) Wearing conductive wire that is grounded
B) Removing water molecules from the air
C) Rubbing with similar material