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Sourdough toast or raisin toast with a choice of either21 WEEKENDER $16.5
Jam, vegemite, marmalade or nutella $5.5
Banana bread with ricotta and honey $7 Delicious corn fritters served with bacon, baby spinach,
Croissant with ham, cheese and tomato or nutella $8.5 avocado and tomato salsa
Bacon and egg roll + coee $11
Sourdough toast and eggs $9 EGGS BENEDICT
Sourdough toast and eggs with bacon or sausage $12.5
250gm Pasture fed beef scotch llet with Poached eggs covered in hollandaise served $12
sourdough toast and eggs $21 with either bacon or smoked salmon on sourdough
Tomato, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, egg $3 ARNOLDS VEGGIE BREKKY $17.5
Avocado, salmon, ham, bacon, sausages $4
Sourdough toast, eggs, spinach, avocado, tomato,
hash browns, mushroom and cultured butter
Fluy buttermilk pancakes served with strawberry,
banana,ice cream and your choice of either maple Sourdough toast, eggs, bacon, Paddy's pork sausages,
syrup or nutella hash brown, baked beans and pudding (black or white)
and cultured butter

Cloudy apple soaked muesli w/ natural yoghurt BEHEMOTH BREAKFAST $20.5

and fruit
Sourdough toast, eggs, bacon,
sausage, hash brown, tomato, mushroom,
FRUIT SALAD avocado and cultured butter

w/ natural yoghurt $12 EGG WHITE OMLETTE

w/ burnt g and cinnamon muesli $14
Mushroom and avocado with egg whites $12
CINNAMON FRENCH TOAST $14 Omlette's made to order: $16
Egg's and cheese with your choice of ham, spinach,
French toast topped with fresh berries feta, bacon, red capsicum, onion, shallots, mushroom'
and ice cream
Toast with bacon and sausage or egg
Chia seeds, quinoa and pistachio granola over acai Pancakes and ice cream with strawberry/banana and
with inca and goji berries. Expect a smoothie bowl maple syrup/Nutella
of antioxidant goodness Fruit salad topped with banana and/or yoghurt
FROM 10.30 AM


Pulled Pork $14 Fettucine boscaiola $16.5

Crispy Asian salad under slow cooked pulled pork Chicken with creamy mushroom and bacon sauce, fresh
rocket and parmesan cheese. Served with Garlic bread.
Tuna Avocado $16
Cos lettuce, beetroot, red onion, capers and cucumber Garlic prawn linguine $16.5
Garlic and chilli tomato sauce with spanish onions.
Classic Caesar $12 Served with Garlic bread
Bacon, cos lettuce, croutons, shaved parmesan
and poached egg GOURMET

w/ Chicken $16 Sausage roll w/ garden salad $8

Tri colour quinoa $12 Leek and gruyere quiche w/ garden salad $8
Tri colour quinoa, pomegranate, almonds, baby spinach
Chunky beef pie w/ garden salad $14
w/ Chicken $16
Chicken and mushroom pie w/ garden salad $14
Pasture fed beef lasagne w/ garden salad $14
Beef burger : A juicy beef pattie with a sweet brioche $16
bun and basket of chips For beetroot, baby spinach and feta salad
please add $3
Chicken burger: Grilled chicken breast with a $16
sweet brioche bun and a basket of chips

Chicken schnitzel w/ salad and chips $16 KIDS MENU

Beer battered athead w/ fresh garden salad and chips $21 Chicken nuggets and chips $9
Cheeseburger and chips $9
Pan-seared atlantic salmon w/ steamed $21 Calamari rings and chips $9
vegetables and a creamy sweet potato mash

Pasture fed beef scotch llet with either $23

salad and chips or steamed vegetables
and a creamy sweet potato mash

Slow roasted pulled pork: with cos lettuce and garlic aioli $23


Bottled: coke, diet coke, coke zero, lemon lime bitters $4 Your choice of fruit and ice from the following: Acai, $8
Canned: sprite, Fanta, lift, coke $3.5 apple, watermelon, pineapple, mixed berry. with either
Organic: smoky cola, ginger beer elixir, $5.5 water or coconut water
sparkling pear, sparkling apple

Lemon or peach $4.5 Breakfast blend, Aged earl grey, Gunpowder green
Apple and rooibos $5.5 Morrocan mint, Chamomile lemon
Black tea and raspberry $5.5
Lemongrass and ginger $5.5 TEAS

MILKSHAKES AND MILK DRINKS Barry's, Lyons, chai loose leaf $3.8
MILKSHAKES: Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, caramel, $6
ICED DRINKS: Coee, chocolate, strawberry $6.5 FRESH JUICE $8

Steve Steals Thunder: maca, banana, ax seed, $9 The Cleanser: apple, celery, cucumber, mint, ginger $6
honey, cinnamon Zing: Apple, lemon, pineapple, mint $6
Anti Radical: pomegranate, orange, pineapple, turmeric $6
Arnolds Signature Smoothies $9 Arnold's Sunset: apple, strawberry, lime $6
Drinking Coconuts $5
The Arnold: Enzyme active chocolate protein, $9
chocolate coconut butter, banana, almond milk Design your own from the following: $6
Berry Arnold: Enzyme active chocolate protein, $9 Apple, celery, carrot, beetroot, orange, pineapple,
blueberry, banana, almond milk pomegranate, ginger, turmeric, mint, watermelon, pear.
Nutty Arnold:Enzyme active chocolate protein, $9
peanut butter, banana, almond milk HOT DRINKS

Brazilian Berry: Acai, mixed berry, strawberry, $9 Macchiato, short black, long black $3.5
coconut water
Regular cappuccino, at white, latte, piccolo $3.8
Mango Marie: mango, milk, honey, ice cream Large cappuccino, at white, latte $4.8
$9 Mocha, hot chocolate $4.8
Green Guns: Enzyme active vanilla protein, Flavored syrups $0.5
kale, spinach, rice milk

Nuts For Greens: Peanut butter, banana, $9

almond milk, baby spinach

Burnt Brekky: Burnt g and cinnamon muesli, $9

banana, honey, natural yoghurt and milk
Banana or strawberry smoothie

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