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Installation and
user manual

Pulsar Series
2 3400774700 AG
Quick start


B Ellipse 375 / 600 / 750 B Ellipse 1000 / 1500 USBS

50-20 mn

C 5-40 mn


D Ellipse 600 / 750 USBS or



3400774700 AG 3
Quick start

E F Ellipse USBS 600 / 750 / 1000 / 1500



Solution Pac


Product representations not legally binding.

Battery change Ellipse 1500 / XL

Ellipse 375 / 600 / 750 Ellipse 1000 OFF c
a c c
c c


e d

e e

f f

Warning: take care not to inverse Attention : lors du raccordement

the polarity + (red) and - (black) des batteries, une inversion des
when connecting the batteries as polarits + (rouge) et - (noir)
this will destroy the device. provoque la destruction de
4 3400774700 AG
Technical characteristics

Ellipse: 375 600 750 1000 1500 XL

UPS power 375 VA / 600 VA / 750 VA / 1000 VA / 1500 VA / 420 VA /
225 W 360 W 450 W 600 W 900 W 250 W
Nominal input voltage 184 V - 264 V, adjustable to 161 V - 284 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz (46 - 70 Hz working range)
Voltage/frequency of battery backup 220 V / 230 V / 240 V 7% (50/60 Hz 1 Hz)
outlets 9 in battery mode with pseudosinusoidal wave
Total output current for all outlets 10 A max
Output current of battery backup outlets 9 1.6 A max 2.6 A max 3.5 A max 4.4 A max 6.5 A max 1.8 A max
Leakage current 0.06 mA
Input protection 10 A resettable circuit breaker
Transfer time 5 ms typical
Telephone surge protection Tel, ISDN, ADSL, Ethernet N/A
Sealed lead-acid battery 12 V, 7 Ah 12 V, 9 Ah 2x12V, 7Ah 3x12V, 7Ah
Automatic battery test Once a week
Average battery life 4 years typical, depending on number of discharge cycles and
Operating temperature 0 to 35C
Storage temperature -25C to +55C
Operating relative humidity 0 to 85%
Operating elevation 0 to 3000 m
Safety standards IEC 60950-1, IEC 62040-1-1, CE certified
Electromagnetic compatibility standards IEC 62040-2, C1*
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (mm) 264 x 81 x 268 305x81x313 316x81x388
Weigth (Kg) 4.2 8 12

(*) Warning: Ellipse 1500 FR/DIN/UNI and Ellipse XL are class C2-UPS product. In a domestic environment, these
products may cause radio interference, in which case, the user may be required to take additional measures.

Performances tested according to IEC 61643-1 (class 3) standard for 8/20 s surge wave

AC input source protection, Ellipse: 375 600 750 1000 1500 XL

Uoc (common mode / differential mode) 6kV/2kV 6kV/2kV 6kV/2kV 6kV/1.8kV 6kV/2.6kV 6kV/2.6kV
Up (common mode / differential mode) 2kV/1.2kV 2kV/1.2kV 2kV/1.2kV 1.6kV/1.2kV 1.7kV/1.1kV 1.7kV/1.1kV
In 2.5 kA
Imax 8 kA
Dielectric isolation
AC Ground 2500 Vac, 50 Hz
AC / TEL 3000 Vac, 50 Hz
AC + Ground / Screw 4000 Vac, 50 Hz
Tel / Ground 1000 Vac, 50 Hz
Temporary overvoltage (TOV)
Uc 250 Vac
Ut 400 Vac
TOV 1450 Vac
Load-side surge withstand capability
Uoc 6.6 kV
Up 1.5 kV
In 2.5 kA
Energy dissipation 525 Joules
3400774700 AG 5
Operating conditions Operation Filtered outlets 8 without
This product is an Uninterruptible
battery backup: Equipment
8 : Filtered outlets.
Power Supply (UPS) for computers connected to these outlets is
9 : Battery backup outlets. supplied as soon as the AC cord 2
and their peripherals, television 10 : LED ON indicate that surge is plugged in. They are not affected

sets, stereo systems and video protection is active on all

recorders... It must not be used to by button 13 .
outlets. Battery backup outlets 9 :
supply other electrical equipment
(lighting, heating, household 11 : LED ON indicate a UPS fault. Equipment connected to these
appliances, etc.). 12 : LED ON indicate an overload outlets is supplied as soon as
UPS can be installed in horizontal, on the battery backup outlets. button 13 turns green (see figure
vertical position, or placed in Rack 13 : ON/OFF button for the battery E). These outlets can be turned on
2U (optional kit). even if the UPS is not connected to
backup outlets.
AC power (button 13 flashes).
14 : Protection circuit breaker.
UPS connections AC-power disturbance: If AC
power is disturbed or fails, the UPS
Connect the UPS 1 to the
12 continues to operate on battery
AC-power system via a wall outlet
power. Button 13 flashes green.
with an earth connector, using the 11 In normal mode, the audio alarm
supplied cord 2 for a UPS with
FR/DIN sockets or with the supply 13 beeps every ten seconds, then
10 every three seconds when the end
cord of your computer for a UPS
of battery backup time is near. In
with IEC/UNIVERSAL sockets (see
silent mode (see the section on
figure A).
settings), the audio alarm simply
Plug critical equipment
beeps once when the UPS transfers
(computer, monitor, modem, etc.)
to battery power.
into the outlets 9 providing Ellipse 375 / 600 / 750 If the power outage lasts longer
battery backup power and surge
than the battery backup time, the
protection (see figure B), taking
UPS shuts down and automatically
care not to exceed the rated current
restarts when power is restored.
indicated in amperes.
Following a complete discharge, a
Other devices (printer, scanner,
few hours are required to recharge
fax, etc.) can be connect to the
9 the battery back to full backup time.
filtered outlets 8 that provide
To save battery power, it is
surge protection (see figure B). The
possible to press button 13 to cut
filtered outlets are not backed up
by battery power in the event of a 8 the supply of power to the devices
connected to the battery backup
power outage.
Optional Internet modem /
14 outlets.
Lightning protection: All outlets,
Network connection:
whether backed up or simply
A modem or Ethernet data line Ellipse 1000 / 1500 / XL filtered, include surge protection,
can be protected against surges by
whatever the position of button
connecting it via the UPS. Connect 8
13 .
the existing device cable between
Shutdown of the battery backup
the wall outlet and the UPS, and
outlets 9 : Press button 13 for
use a similar cable between the
more than two seconds.
UPS and the device, as indicated in
figure C (cable 3 not supplied). Battery disposal and safety
Optional COM connection: 9 Caution. Battery service life is
The UPS devices with
communication (COM) sockets reduced by 50% for every ten
can be connected to the computer degrees above 25C.
using the special USB or serial 14 The battery elements must be
cable 6 supplied. replaced exclusively by qualified
The software available on the personnel (risk of electrocution),
CD-ROM 7 (or downloadable with new elements approved by
from the www.eaton.com site) can Battery charge: The UPS charges EATON to ensure correct operation
be configured to monitor the UPS the battery as soon as it is of the UPS.
connected to the AC outlet, whether The battery must be disposed
and the supply of power to the
computer (see figures D and F). button 13 is pressed or not. When of in accordance with applicable
Follow the indicated procedure. used for the first time, the battery regulations. To remove the
At the same time, register for the will only provide its maximum battery elements, shut down the
warranty on the www.eaton.com autonomy after it has been charged UPS (button 13 OFF), remove
site (see figure G). for 8 hours. It is recommended that the power cord and proceed
the UPS be permanently connected as indicated in page 4 "Battery
to the AC power supply to ensure change".
the best possible autonomy. Warning: take care not to inverse
Switching-on the UPS: press the polarity + (red) and - (black)
button 13 for about 1 second. when connecting the batteries as
this will destroy the device.

6 3400774700 AG
Troubleshooting (For further information, visit the www.eaton.com site or contact after-sales support.)
Problem Diagnostic Solution
1 The battery backup outlets 9 Button 13 is not lighted on. Press button 13 and check that it

are not supplied with power. turns green.
2 The connected devices are not The devices are not connected to Connect the devices to the battery
supplied when AC power fails. the battery backup outlets 9 . backup outlets 9 .

3 AC power is available, but the Circuit breaker 14 , located under Disconnect excess equipment
UPS operates on battery power. the UPS, has been tripped by an and reset the circuit breaker 14 by
overload on the UPS output. pressing the corresponding button.
4 The filtered outlets 8 are not The wall outlet is not supplied. Supply power to the wall outlet.
supplied. Disconnect excess equipment
Circuit breaker 14 , located under and reset the circuit breaker 14 by
the UPS, has been tripped by an pressing the corresponding button.
overload on the UPS output.
5 Green button 13 flashes The UPS frequently operates on Have the electrical installation
frequently and audio alarm battery power because the AC checked by a professional or use
beeps. power source is of poor quality. another wall outlet.
6 Red LED 12 is on and the The UPS battery backup outlets 9 Disconnect excess equipment
audio alarm beeps every 30 are overloaded. connected to the battery backup
seconds. outlets 9 .
7 Red LED 11 is on and the A fault has occurred on the UPS. Call after-sales support.
audio alarm beeps every 30 The battery backup outlets 9 are
seconds. no longer supplied.
8 Green LED 10 is off and the Surge protection is no longer Call after-sales support.
filtered outlets 8 are supplied. provided.
9 The telephone line is disturbed Surge protection on the telephone Disconnect the telephone line from
or modem access is not line is no longer provided. the wall outlet.
possible. Call after-sales support.
10 Red LED 11 flashes. The battery has reached the end Have the battery replaced.
of its service life.

Advanced customizing of your UPS:

Sensitivity to variations of the AC power supply Audio alarm

Only to be used if frequent switching to the UPS Possibility of deactivating the audio alarm when the
battery due to large variations in the AC supply UPS is operating on the battery.
voltage. Accessing the programming mode: with the device
Accessing the programming mode: with the device switched off, press button 13 for 11 s and release it
switched off, press button 13 for 6 s and release it when the audio alarm sounds.
once LEDs 11 12 13 have come on. Display of the 2 possible audio alarm modes:
Display of the 3 possible voltage ranges according to
the status of LEDs 11 and 12 :
Normal mode Low range Low and high Normal mode (factory Silent mode:
(factory mode: range mode: configuration): the UPS emits a single
configuration): AC supply AC supply the UPS emits a beep beep when switching to
AC supply between 161V between 161V every 10 s when operating battery operation and
between 184V and 264V and 284V on its battery. then remains silent.
and 264V

12 12 12 Normal mode Silent mode

11 11 11 activated: activated:
programming programming
13 13 13 by continuous by a beep every
beep. second.
Change from one mode to another by successively Change from one mode to another by successively
pressing button 13 while the sound is audible. pressing button 13 while the sound is audible.
Memorizing the mode: 10 s after the last press of the Memorizing the mode: 5 s after the last press of the
button. button.

3400774700 AG 7

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