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The Advent of the Anti-Christ II

By Rixon Stewart on August 6, 2010

The ancient Zoroastrians and Christian esoteric researcher and teacher Rudolf
Steiner referred to him as Ahriman. Mainstream Christians call him Satan or the
anti-Christ while Muslims know him as Dajjal.

Whatever you call him though his appearance

has long been prophesied. Later in this article I will explain why these predictions
may soon be fulfilled but first a little esoteric background.
At the beginning of the last century, Steiner taught that Ahriman would appear in
North America around now.
It is crucial however not to mistake Ahriman for Lucifer. Despite efforts to confuse
the two by their agents in this world, these are two different entities with distinct
modes of operation.
Moreover, Ahrimans emergence should not be seen in isolation. His incarnation in
human form is one of a series that are crucial to humanitys spiritual evolution.
According to Steiner Lucifer appeared first, in central China nearly 4,000 years ago.
While 2,000 years later Christ was born in a pivitol incarnation in the Middle East
Now, another 2,000 years have passed and moving further West, Ahriman has
incarnated in North America. Both Ahriman and Lucifer exemplfy attributes that exist
in all of us but without the redeeming qualities embodied by Christ they can destroy
our spiritual potential.
This is why it is important to learn to discern between Ahriman and Lucifer: not least
because one should know thy enemy. So that by utilizing the qualities exemplified
by Christ we can neutralize their negativity.
Its also no coincidence that Christ appeared between the two both geographically
and historically. Symbolically at least, he balances the two.
As words derive from his name imply, Lucifer is the bearer of false spiritual
illumination. He deceives with illusion, luring man from real spirituality with
delusions and his influence can be seen in much of todays new age movement.
Ahriman on the other hand wants to trap man entirely in the physical realm. So while
Lucifer strives to lure men from genuine spirituality with counterfeit replicas,
Ahriman wants to imprison man in the physical world.
As will become apparent, in his current incarnation Ahriman is ideally placed to do
just that.
As the term suggests, scientific materialism confines itself to things that can be
calculated in terms of substance. So if it cant be measured or weighed or quantified
in some way then it doesnt exist, physically, and for some in the scientific
community thats literally all that matters.
However, esoteric Christians, Muslims and ancient Zoroastrians werent the only ones
to speak of Ahrimans coming. Some of his human underlings, his dark prophets as it
were, have also prepared for his incarnation.
One such was the infamous Albert Pike who as far back as 1871 wrote of his coming.
Albert Pikes letter to Giusseppe Mazzini is one of the most momentous missives
ever written. Although Freemasons have tried to label the letter a fraud, alleging it
to be the creation of one Leo Taxil, it is nonetheless grimly prophetic.
Taxil died in 1907 years before any of the events outlined in the letter took place.
So whoever wrote the letter still accurately predicted most of the major events of the
20th century.
Moreover, it makes some predictions that have yet to be fulfilled, although their
potential is becoming ominously apparent.
Regular visitors to this website are probably familiar with the letter but I will briefly
outline some of its contents. The world will be racked by three world wars, the writer
imparts, the first of which will see the overthrow of Russias ruling dynasty with the
country being transformed into a fortress of atheistic Communism.
The Second World War would end with the establishment of a sovereign state of
Israel in Palestine. While the third world war will start with a clash between Zionism
and the Muslim world that will ultimately lead to a global conflict.
However, the ensuing slaughter would merely be a prelude to the sovereign
enthronement in this world of a diabolical entity. Although whoever wrote the letter
to Giusseppe Mazzini refers to this entity as Lucifer this is probably a ruse. We take
it to be Ahriman/Satan.
All of which serves as an introduction because this writer and a trusted psychic friend
think weve spotted him. The long awaited anti-Christ or Satan/Ahriman incarnate
has been identified.
Im not going to name him but will offer some pointers and leave it to readers to see
if they can identify him.
He started out in the field of science and high technology and while still relatively
young moved into the realm of high finance and banking. A seemingly abrupt
transition but he nonetheless remained in his element because scientific materialism,
high technology, high finance and banking are all spheres where Ahrimans influence
He was also briefly in the public arena fairly recently the object being to establish
him as a figure of authority, if only subliminally before he returned to the relative
anonymity of commercial banking and finance.
Nonetheless, this writer believes that he will return to the public arena by the end of
2012. The cue for his return being a clash between Iran and the West exactly what
the letter to Mazinni referred to with its mention of a war between Zionism and the
Muslim world which can be seen ominously taking shape in the mounting tension
between Israel and Iran.
Once ignited it will rapidly escalate into a global conflagration. Whereupon Ahriman
incarnate will be recalled to the public arena, possibly to oversee and coordinate the
Western war effort. From there he will come into his own with all his servitors in
banking, high finance, the corporate media and government in attendance.
Im going to conclude with extracts from a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner in Zurich
on October 27, 1919:
Ahriman skilfully prepares his goals beforehand; ever since the Reformation and the
Renaissance, the economist has been emerging in modern civilization as the
representative governing type. Rulers are in fact merely the henchmen and
enforcers of the economists. One must not imagine that the rulers of modern times
are anything but the economists agents. And all that is enshrined as law and justice
is, if one scrutinizes it carefully, simply a consequence of a thinking dictated by
From the Incarnation of Ahriman: Seven Lectures by Rudolf Steiner published by Rudolf
Steiner press
.because this dominion of the mere token for material goods (i.e. money) has
arisen, Ahriman has been given another essential means of deceiving mankind. If
people do not realize that the legislative state that safeguards human rights and
organism of spirit must balance and redress the economic order established by
economists and bankers, then again, through this lack of awareness, Ahriman will
find an important instrument for preparing his incarnation. His incarnation is
undoubtedly coming, and this lack of insight will smooth the way for his triumphant
Note that the Bank of England the mother of all central banks and the template for
the U.S. Federal Reserve was established in 1694 in the wake of the Reformation
and Renaissance. Ever since then the power of moneylenders like the Rothschilds
has grown, to the point where they now effectively control governments and
politicians, just as Steiner pointed out nearly a century ago.