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Mobile workstations P38 Siemens

OnshapeNX 7.0 P40

Beta P46 Fusion 360 Q1 P53



A CNC machine
from Othermill
you can carry

RedDOT needed fine resolution
and snap-fits in their prototypes.

Watch the video or call

to see how Stratasys 3D printing with to discuss your application
Nylon12 saved RedDOT time and money: with our experts:

http://tiny.cc/reddot-d3d +44 (0)1908 904373

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Al Dean
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Art Director
Rob Biddulph o, did you make it to DEVELOP3D LIVE? I do hope you did. We
know that we had a record year for this, our fourth event since
Design/Production starting. All told, we had around 1,000 folks through the door
Greg Corke
greg@x3dmedia.com on the day as well as streaming over 1,282 hours of the keynote
+44 (0)20 3355 7312 presentations over three time zones and to around another
couple of thousand people that couldnt make it in person.
ADVERTISING Organising an event, as anyone thats ever done it will tell you,
is a mix of organisation, disorganisation, constant fighting
Advertising Director fire (like last minute runs to PC World in a trannie van to buy a
Tony Baksh Wacom tablet) and utter exhaustion as soon as the last stand is broken down.
That heady mix is offset against the ability to bring people together. To bring
+44 (0)20 3355 7313
you, our readers, into contact with not only one another, but also with some of
Deputy Advertising Manager the leading technology providers. We hope to give you both food for thought and
Steve King inspiration as well as new knowledge and ideas about better ways to work.
I think over the course of that day, once wed all got parked (sorry to anyone
+44 (0)20 3355 7314
stuck in the traffic we know it was an issue for many), there was enough to keep
US Sales Director the energy levels up without resorting to chemicals or, at the least, Red Bull.
Denise Greaves Now its back to the magazine production business. Weve got a fantastic
denise@x3dmedia.com issue that ranges from a CNC focussed start-up I met in San Francisco to farming
+1 857 400 7713 equipment designed, engineering and manufactured in Suffolk. We also take a look
at two leading proponents of cloud-based design and engineering with updates on
SUBSCRIPTIONS Onshape and Fusion 360. Plenty to dig into, so enjoy and well be back in June.
Circulation Manager
Alan Cleveland
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Accounts Manager
Charlotte Taibi
charlotte@x3dmedia.com Al Dean
Financial Controller Editor-in-Chief, DEVELOP3D Magazine, @alistardean
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MAY 2015 ISSUE NO. 68

Carbon3D emerges from the shadows, Objet 1000 Plus
gets a speed boost, MainFrame2 changes name to Frame
and Nvidia gets serious about interactive rendering

13 When is a designer not a designer? This is the question
that Jeremy Pullin is pondering this month

14 Tell us what you think: Your views on the challenges that
the cloud is trying to solve

16 Visual design guide: Crown Hockey stick
18 Product design showcase: Hand-built products
23 COVER STORY Othermill desktop CNC machine
31 DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015 event report
36 Claydon Drills enters the 3D CAD world

38 Mobile Workstation group test
46 Onshape Beta overview
53 Autodesk Fusion 360 Q1
56 Vero VISI Series 21




With a move to a new office, Al Dean is spending a little time
looking at the equipment that he takes for granted

The wood used to produce this magazine

comes from Forest Stewardship Council
certified well-managed forests, controlled
sources and/or recycled material


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Carbon3D has finally emerged from the shadows to launch its take on polymer-based
3D printing and its fast, really fast. Stephen Holmes takes a look at what it means
Finally launched,
Carbon3Ds CLIP 3D
printing technology has
everyone excited

omparative test figures resin pool from underneath, the physical to add elasticity, stretch, or dampening to
announced by Carbon3D object emerges continuously from just a part.
suggest a model that takes above the dead zone. Conventionally made 3D printed parts are
over three hours to print By carefully balancing the interaction notorious for having mechanical properties
on a SLA machine, can be of UV light, which triggers photo that vary depending on the direction the
produced using its technology in less polymerisation, and oxygen, which inhibits parts were printed because of the layer-by-
than seven minutes. the reaction, CLIP continuously grows layer approach.
Its Continuous Liquid Interface objects at speeds that are claimed to be Due to a continuous forming process, the
Production technology (CLIP) harnesses 25-100 times faster than traditional 3D Carbon3D parts should therefore be more
light and oxygen to continuously grow printing. consistent and predictable, and in a way
objects from a pool of resin instead of Excitingly, the CLIP technology isnt similar to injection moulded parts - smooth
printing them layer-by-layer. simply about speed; the finish of the on the outside and solid on the inside.
At the heart of the process is a special printed objects weve seen is extremely The technology was originally developed
window that is transparent to light and good due to a noticeable lack of layering. by Professor Joseph DeSimone, Professor
permeable to oxygen, much like a contact Where existing 3D printing technology is Edward Samulski, and Dr. Alex Ermoshkin
lens. By controlling the oxygen flux through repeated layers, Carbon3D has a tunable at Carbon3D, based in Silicon Valley,
the window, CLIP creates a dead zone in photochemical process instead to allow for founded in 2013 in North Carolina, USA.
the resin pool just tens of microns thick a layer-less and continuous process that With Beta testing already taking place, it
where photopolymerisation cannot occur. eliminates layer stepping. shouldnt be long before we begin to see
As a series of cross-sectional images of Already there are some exciting material the technology in the marketplace.
a 3D model is played like a movie into the properties available, including the ability carbon3d.com


We alluded to this that no customer-ready of Stratasys and 3D with fixed ideological advancing the system.
technology in our 2015 3D machine has yet been built Systems working overtime. limitations of what the Its all rather exciting,
Printing Preview, having however we know of All of which is great new technology can do after 30 and were extremely
had a sneak preview Carbon3D Beta machines for users of all machines. years of existence. Instead optimistic about what this
of what it could do late working in bureaus in the Secondly, its proof that the CLIP technology is one will bring for all industries
last year, but its hard to US that are already getting the next big leap in 3D built on fresh ideas and and sectors looking to
imagine the kind of shake- the job done. printing technology can possibilities by a team new harness 3D printing.
up this will mean for the While the financial clout still come from out of the to the industry. Want to know more
industry. of HP might have shook the blue. Autodesk has agreed to about what 2015 will hold
First, the major players industry from its plateau Carbon3D is not a back it with $10 million for 3D Printing? Read our
are likely to take a line of mainstream media hype, company from the initial from its Spark investment top five trends to watch
similar to when HP this announcement should founding fathers of fund, so already were out for, here tinyurl.
announced its technology have the R&D departments the technology, many seeing top tier support for com/3dprintingtrends15




1000 PLUS A SPEED BOOST Evolve 2015

he latest solidThinking Evolve
2015 release features new
rendering technology, an
enhanced user interface and
a new PolyNURBS toolset,
enabling users to convert polymesh
objects into NURBS curves and surfaces
with a single click.
Evolve 2015 gave us the opportunity
to focus on what matters most to our
user base, says Darren Chilton, program
manager for solidThinking Evolve.
This release gives users more control
and flexibility for efficiently creating
visually stunning models. Adding

polygonal modelling and state-of-the-
tratasys, a global provider bureaus need an additive manufacturing For tough parts art rendering to an already robust set of
of 3D printing and additive system that can take on all challenges in high-speed tools truly makes Evolve 2015 the Swiss
mode, the
manufacturing solutions, has large and small. We believe that's the army knife of modelling and rendering
Objet1000 Plus 3D
introduced the Objet1000 big advantage of the Objet1000 Plus Production System software," adds Chilton.
Plus 3D Production System Production System, comments Ron is compatible solidthinking.com/evolve
with an extra large print size for Ellenbogen, Stratasys product marketing with Endur
producing industrial end-use parts. director. polypropylene-like
Its 1000 x 800 x 500mm or 39 x 31 x It is the first of its kind to combine large
19 inch build envelope now comes with print sizes, multiple materials, accelerated
Dell for CAD

a new optimised print block movement, print speeds, super fine resolution and
said to accelerate print speeds up to 40 a simplified workflow. If you need to ell is looking to take the
per cent faster than its predecessor, while create industrial 1:1 scale prototypes, pain out of workstation
maintaining its multi-material abilities. large ergonomic production tools or low virtualisation with the new
Alongside other refinements and a volumes of small parts all Dell Precision Appliance for
simplified post processing, costs-per-part with the superior Wyse, which it claims can get
should also see an improvement from the surface finish up and running in just five minutes,
original machine launched in 2012. and fine details once powered on, and only limited
Users can choose from more than 100 engineers expect virtualisation experience is required.
Stratasys materials including the range of from Stratasys The appliance features all the software
digital materials that can combine two 3D printing and hardware needed to deploy a CAD-
resins in a single material for a wider range the Objet1000 focused virtual workstation solution and is
of material properties. Plus is the best currently being certified to run a variety of
"Today's designers and engineers at choice." CAD applications.
manufacturing companies and service stratasys.com dell.com


A partnership between Not content with having First Look: sneak peek Autodesk has announced Product designers have
Dassault Systmes and four mobile workstations at The Foundrys next changes to its data capture new options for low volume
Assystem is looking to in its portfolio, HP has now Modo release version offerings including ReCap, metal production parts
transform personalised launched the HP OMEN Pro 901 shows new tools and a free desktop application with Proto Labs injection-
aircraft cabins Mobile Workstation interface for laser scan preparation moulded metals range
tinyurl.com/D3DAssystem tinyurl.com/D3DHPOMEN tinyurl.com/D3DModo901 tinyurl.com/D3DReCap tinyurl.com/D3DMetals



2015 talks now Dassault Systmes

available online 3DEXPERIENCE platform

for Academia is now

available on the cloud.
ur special live event, Teachers and students can
DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015, now access its design and
featured a fantastic lineup of engineering applications
speakers, and were putting on a students or an
the talks online for people to institutions own devices
view for free. eliminating the need for
The event, which took place on 26 March complex IT infrastructure
at Warwick Arts Centre, covered three key and challenges resulting in the shifts in Watch Andy 3ds.com
areas product design, make/fabricate and technology and society. Claughton, Ben
Ainslie Racing's
start-ups with a great mix of designers, Also online is Onshape Chairman Jon
technical director,
engineers and industry specialists taking to Hirschtick, on how the design world has talk about how Samsung has taken its
the stage. changed and how CAD needs to change the company is 2.5-inch 850 EVO Solid
Yet, with so much to choose from and with it, and Mark Shayler of Ape who gave pushing the limits State Drive (SSD) and
people unable to attend every session, the the final keynote of the day on the need to in America's Cup shrunk it down for both
boat design
talks are now available to view via the show restore manufacturing to the UK. mSATA and M.2 form
website develop3dlive.com This year we have also uploaded the panel factors. The miniaturised
With more than 30 talks, keep checking session on the future of 3D design tools, drives, which can store
back over the next few weeks as we continue an eye opening discussion from some of up to 500GB (M.2) or 1TB
to upload more to the site. the leading figures in the industry, and an (mSATA), can be housed in
Some of the talks currently available exclusive to our live event. some mobile workstations
include Autodesk CEO Carl Bass who develop3dlive.com and ultrathin PCs
discusses new means of cloud-based design samsung.com
and engineering and SolidWorks CEO Gian See p31 for the DEVELOP3D LIVE event report
Paolo Bassi who looks at the opportunities together with attendees views of the day
The 2015 release of
Delacms PowerMILL
Robot software for the

MainFrame2 changes its name to Frame programming of robots

for multi-axis machining

operations enables manual
t DEVELOP3D LIVE in March, and CNC programming
Mainframe2 became Frame to be combined in a
and unveiled the public BETA single program providing
of its new end-user product increased programming
that allows engineers and flexibility
designers to put their CAD applications in delcam.com
the cloud and access them through a web
browser on any device.
Frame says its cloud platform is fully Materialise has obtained
compatible with any existing Windows EN9100 and EASA 21G
software and can connect to any PDM or certification allowing it to
cloud storage. Even the most demanding expand its current offering
graphics tasks run smoothly from the cloud to the aerospace industry.
super-computer powered by NVIDIA GRID It will now be able to
graphics, it claims. presentation on Why CAD in the cloud is Autodesk Inventor deliver airworthy additive
The move to open up its cloud platform closer than you think. running in a web manufactured end-use
browser on the
to end users marks a broadening of focus A limited number of Frame BETA accounts parts to its customers
Frame cloud
for the California-based company. At are being made available to the CAD platform together with prototypes
DEVELOP3D LIVE, Dr. Nikola Bozinovic, community. Sign up via the website. and software
founder and CEO of Frame, gave a great fra.me materialise.com

Sir James Dyson has

Share 3D data within the Adobe PDF format announced the Dyson
School of Design

Engineering at Imperial
heorem Solutions has launched or phone, users can access the interactive College London. The new
its Publish3D-Document suite 3D data without the use of specialist CAD School, made possible
of products, which enable software. by a 12 million donation
the translation of 3D CAD Theorem claims that interactive 3D data from the James Dyson
data from within CATIA V5, created using its Publish3D-Document Foundation, will develop
NX, PTCs Creo Parametric, and JT suite of products provides a higher level the next generation of
applications into a readable PDF with an of Intellectual Property (IP) security than graduate engineers
interactive 3D product image embedded native CAD files by allowing the documents dyson.com
within the document. to be password protected.
Using Adobe reader, either on a PC, tablet theorem.com





he TCT Show + Personalize
will return to the NEC in
Birmingham from 30th
September to 1st October 2015.
Held annually, this free-to-attend
event focusses on 3D printing, additive
manufacturing and product development.
Alongside an exhibition space
featuring 200 exhibitors, there is also a
comprehensive conference programme.
Other show highlights include initiatives
such as Bright Minds UK, the Startup Zone

and the RepRap Hub.
vidia is getting serious including Allegorithmic, Old Castle and The Quadro VCA tctshow.com
about interactive, X-Rite. can host 8 Quadro
M6000 GPUs
physically-based rendering, Iray is a push-button renderer designed
which it delivers through for ease of use by designers, architects
its GPU-accelerated
rendering software Iray
and engineers, rather than visualisation
specialists. Greg Estes, VP marketing at 3D printers at
Announced during Nvidias GTC
conference in March, Iray will be made
Nvidia, says Iray is basically like a camera.
It understands the physics of the world. Central Scanning

available for a much wider range of 3D The latest 2015 release delivers much
tools. Rhino, Cinema 4D, Revit, Siemens NX, faster rendering performance, he adds. ollowing an increase in demand
3ds Max and Maya will all support Iray or Iray can run on CPUs but performance for 3D printing, Midlands-
Iray+ (developed by LightWork Design) this is far superior with Nvidia CUDA GPUs based 3D scanning and printing
year through plug-ins or direct integration. Quadro, GeForce and Tesla. company Central Scanning
With Catia Live rendering, SolidWorks Nvidia emphasises that Iray is highly recently invested in two 3D
Industrial Designer, Bunkspeed Shot and scaleable. It can run on a laptop GPU, but printing machines.
Zoom and SketchUp already supporting the for those serious about design visualisation The first of the two new printers, which
GPU ray tracer, the move will mean Nvidia and need results back fast Nvidia says its will be installed alongside the current
will have a much wider set of customers to new Quadro M6000 GPU is the optimal FDM Prodigy plus and Objet Eden 500V
target for sales of powerful GPUs that are GPU for physically-based rendering. printers, is the Mojo FDM printer that builds
needed for the complex processing. Multiple GPUs can be used in parallel, models up to 5 x 5 x 5 inches, and can print
Physically-based materials will also be with up to three in a typical high-end in a variety of different colours and P430
interchangeable across all of these apps workstation. The new Nvidia Quadro Visual materials.
thanks to support for Nvidias Material Computing Appliance (VCA) builds on The second is the Fortus 4ooMC printer
Definition Language (MDL). Nvidia says this, giving designers access to a shared, that is capable of building models up to 14
MDL is being supported by a growing centralised rendering resource over LAN or x 10 x 10 inches and is accurate to within
number of companies who allow designers in the cloud. 0.0015 of an inch.
to create physically-based materials nvidia.com central-scanning.co.uk


Videos of the talks from Dassault Systmess Solid Edge is A look into what the March Siemens FEA tools,
DEVELOP3D LIVE 2015 new upgrades to R2015x experimenting with the update of Autodesks including Femap with NX
are now available to view Simulia engineering cloud by offering a cloud- Fusion 360 has to offer Nastran, helped create the
online, including the simulation tool brings based streaming 45 day rendering, design, CAM extremely lightweight Solar
amazing panel session focus to the designer trial version of Solid Edge a-go-go Impulse 2 plane
tinyurl.com/D3DLivepanel tinyurl.com/D3DSimulia tinyurl.com/D3DSolid tinyurl.com/D3Dagogo tinyurl.com/D3DSolar2


SOLIDWORKS-Simulation-Advert-2015-Develop3D.pdf 1 09/04/2015 09:31:35


Accelerate your creativity with NVIDIA Quadro the worlds most powerful workstation graphics.

Whether youre developing revolutionary products or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories,
Quadro gives you the performance to do it brilliantly.

NVIDIA Quadro K6000 NVIDIA Quadro K2200


NVIDIA Quadro K5200 NVIDIA Quadro K2000DVI


NVIDIA Quadro K5000 MAC NVIDIA Quadro K620


NVIDIA Quadro K4200 NVIDIA Quadro K420


Learn more www.pny.eu/quadro & pny.quadrok-selector.com

Insight Misco Dabs.com Scan Computers

uk.insight.com www.misco.co.uk www.dabs.com www.scan.co.uk
Tel: 0844 846 3333 Tel: 0800 038 8880 Tel: 0870 429 3825 Tel: 0871 472 4747

NVIDIA Quadro / Tesla / GRID / Prevail SSD

2014 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA, the NVIDIA logo, and Quadro are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation. All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the
respective owners with which they are associated.

PNY Ad.indd 1 17/04/2015 08:27


When is a designer not a designer?

This is the question Jeremy Pullin has
been pondering recently and here he
comes to the conclusion that design
is a matter of approach rather
than education and qualification


ecently I was having a
conversation when the
one when they sit on a CAD station and
model a fixture? The simple answer is no.
A person who fixes vending machines
question arose about In essence, all they are doing is defining the but does not have any engineering
a group of people who physical geometry of an object that serves a
refer to themselves as particular function.
qualifications cannot call themselves
designers. The person Also, there is far more to design than that. an engineer in Germany, but they
I was talking to said Design embodies a holistic approach that
only one in that group encompasses exploring and understanding can (and do) in the UK
is a designer, the rest are engineers
who work at CAD stations. This made
a complex set of requirements and
opportunities and defining a total solution

me question the difference between that addresses not only how to do something educated in different disciplines separately.
designers and engineers. What is it that but also the why, where, when and who. We are taught maths in a maths classroom
makes a designer a designer and not A non-designer engineer will be able to within a maths block by a maths teacher
just another engineer? accurately define the geometric properties who belongs to a maths department. The
Both are problem solvers and possess of a 20 litre bucket on a CAD station but same is true of all STEM subjects. Design is
technical skills. Both also change the status a designer will be able to examine and a discipline in its own right and is a matter
quo of the world around them. So, on the understand all of the issues surrounding of approach rather than education and
surface, there is no difference. the design of a product to contain a 20 litre qualification.
However, the term engineer is broad, volume of an amorphous substance. They Bearing all of this in mind I have to admit
covering many disciplines. Specifically those would for example look at the corrosive that I was wrong in the conversation that I
in engineering institutions have for many properties of any substances that may be referenced at the beginning of this piece, in
years argued that the term is too widely put into the product and use this to decide that not every engineer who works at a CAD
used. This certainly does seem to be the upon suitable construction material. They station is a designer.
case in the UK compared to many other would establish the needs for containment
parts of Europe. For instance, a person who restrictions (i.e. how much does it matter if Jeremy Pullin is the rapid manufacturing
fixes vending machines but does not have any of the substance escapes the product?) manager for Renishaw, having set up and
now in charge of its pioneering Rapid
any engineering qualifications cannot call and how to address this. Manufacturing Centre. He can be found
themselves an engineer in Germany, but They would also look at the portability tweeting as @jezpullin
they can (and do) in the UK. needs and how the product would be
It seems that here we have come to use transported. The list goes on and includes All views expressed here are Jeremy Pullins
own and not necessarily those of his employer
the word to describe a job function rather target costs, end of life, market analysis,
than a professional standing. You need to environmental considerations, applicable
have a medical qualification to call yourself regulations and standards, DFM, DFA etc etc.
a surgeon but you only need to own a For a true designer, the geometry definition
chainsaw to call yourself a tree surgeon. We or CAD work forms but a single part.
can argue all we want that it shouldnt be There was a time when the lines between
this way but the fact remains that it is. engineers and designers were far more
So, back to the original question, and here blurred. This was because roles were not
is where it gets messy. The role of design as studiously defined as they are today.
largely (although not exclusively) sits within Despite the commonly held misconception,
the two disciplines of art and engineering. To Isambard Kingdom Brunel was not a
simplify matters, lets exclude artistic design great inventor like his father Marc. He
In Isambard Kingdom
from the discussion. Now, you can argue that was, however, a civil engineer, a quantity Brunels day, the lines
every designer is an engineer but, as design surveyor, a structural engineer, an architect, between engineers
is a subset of engineering, the reverse is not a mechanical engineer, a project manager, and designers were
true. Similarly, every man is a human being a naval architect and all sorts of other roles far more blurred and
during his professional
but not every human being is a man. which today are discrete professions in their
life he wore many
If engineers spend their lives writing CNC own right. different hats from
code then its easy to see why they should We dont have people who fulfil so many civil engineer to naval
not be called a designer but do they become roles as these today because we are architect



Your views on the challenges that the cloud is trying to solve, Solid Edge using the
cloud for CAD distribution and a hands on environment in the toolmaking industry
Got an opinion on reap large gains in flexibility and efficiency Just wanted to say hello, we met at New
anything that has and will out produce those clinging to Designers 2012. I am now at BigRep Berlin,
(or has not) appeared
desktop file based systems that create way the huge 3D printer that does an uppercut
in DEVELOP3D? Let us
know what you think too many copies of the design to manage to the Stratasys series. I am doing R&D
Greg Corke the data.The forward thinking engineers plus client visits. In March alone I am going
greg@x3dmedia.com are merging with the makers to produce to Singapore, Kiev, USA, UK and France to
Facebook the next generation of things at a blistering train clients and to guided in their facilities.
/develop3d pace. Exciting times to be on the creative Thank you for the article you wrote about
Twitter end and have the ability to utilise massive me in DEVELOP3D, it gave me a push :)
@develop3d compute capabilities.Its going to be a fun Adam de Kaminski
Web ride.
develop3d.com Pete Yodis SOLID EDGE USE THE CLOUD FOR
DEVELOP3D group Thanks Al, yes the times they are TWITTER
Letters may be edited a'changin', for the better we all hope. It @develop3d @SiemensPLM An interesting,
will be interesting to see how fast Onshape and obvious, contradiction to their "we
can add functionality to become a more won't go cloud" mantra.
capable replacement for existing systems. @ScottWertel
Their pricing model will certainly help more
people try before they buy, and if they @ScottWertel @develop3d @SiemensPLM
can keep to that pricing as they get to be From a #SolidEdge POV, we are about
LAST WORD: THE CLOUD A more fully functional, things will get really end-user productivity. Does streaming Solid
BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD interesting. Edge help? You tell us.
DEVELOP3D APRIL 2015 Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata @danstaples
Nice points Al.I love what Autodesk and
Onshape are doing to the pricing structure An only cloud future is no future at all. IS RESHORING HAPPENING?
of professional CAD tools.Its about Imagine this for renting houses renting. DEVELOP3D
time.Dassault will have to get off their Youll have only bills to pay, but no property I fully agree with Peter Sims' comments on
stance of trying to protect Catia like prices at all and when you are in trouble all the the toolmaking industry and what is needed
in their next gen tools and or stop calling stuff is gone. You wont buy things anymore, in this 'hands on' environment.
them SolidWorks. but you have the choice to rent I have been a mould polisher for 43 years
Also, spot on about people eventually dedmin and plan to retire in the next couple of
coming around to CAD and engineering years. I feel that some work is now coming
tools in the cloud.I hear all the arguments Al, if OnShape (or any web app) is available back to the UK from China as we have the
against it from the older crowd.Things will offline, then the computational power I precision and quality needed, the problem
trend this way because of the pure and didn't buy with my new cloud-oriented now is skills going forward. With an aging
simple reduced cost and greatly increased workstation comes from where? workforce more apprentices are needed
efficiency of working this way. Alex Bausk now. I am sure there are youngsters out
It might take the retirement of some there who 'just want to make things', let's
decision makers in a lot of organisations NEW DESIGNERS 2012: OUR hope they are encouraged into this trade
for that to happen in full force.In the mean BEST FINDS PART 1 sooner rather than later.
time, the less fearful ones will be able to DEVELOP3D.COM JULY 2012 Stewart Frith

60 SECOND Why did you become a designer?

There is a heritage of traditional
loved to have designed and why?
Without a doubt the original Swiss
development process between
the physical and the digital.
If you were hosting a dinner party
who would you invite and why?
INTERVIEW engineering on my fathers side Army Knife. For the user it is as Sketchbook to CAD, and then back Ben Fogle, the perfect balance
NICK GRAY and I also have a hobbiest interest useful now as it was when first again, CAD to moulding, casting, of gentleman meets adventurous
in the social sciences and from this introduced. etc. The gaps are beginning to be go-getter, Gary Fisher, accredited
is born an inquisitive nature to ask bridged but time and again I see with being one of the founders of
why, when and who. Play-Doh, Meccano or Lego? it causing time consuming breaks modern day mountain bikes, Rosie
Always Lego due to its balance of and confusion in the process. Swale-Pope, an amazing person
Which designer or company do create and play. who literally ran around the world,
you most admire and why? What would you say is the Donald Crowhurst, I have so many
I don't really idolise any one What are your weapons of choice? biggest challenge facing questions, Graeme Obree, an
designer or company although A small, un-ruled moleskin, the designers? incredible human being, and, Lance
I do admire all designers and red pen under my pillow for those The ever shortening product life Armstrong, whatever the reasons
companies that have a lasting Eureka moments and the time and cycles. we could talk all night.
heritage built around quality and space to think.
genuine need. Can you predict any future Nick Gray is a product designer dedicated
What is missing from your toolset? trends? to producing pertinent products and
What product couldnt you live Knowledge of basic coding, to a Multi-cultural societies are having systems. Currently employed at Ultra ID,
without? level of understanding that would a positive impact on global a company within the Ultra Electronics
During the week it would be my enable the faster turn around of markets but this means the Group, he has most recently co-founded
beloved collection of Japanese early stage prototypes. traditional national identities are DesignWhys, a new venture including
pull saws for their precision being eroded, because of this the design related podcasts, show reviews
and versatility and my sunrise Is there anything that would physical, digital and subliminal and general design discussions.
simulating alarm clock. make your design process run interfaces, across all products and
smoother? platforms, become increasingly If you want to take part please
What design would you have I still feel there is a void in the important. contact tanya@x3dmedia.com


TH AT 15
O O 20


Lifes a lot more colourful

with the new Connex3
Introducing the new range of triple jetting Connex 3 3D printers from Stratasys.
The worlds only multi-colour multi-material 3D Printers, available in three
platform sizes.

To find out more call Tri-Tech 3D the leading distributor of Stratasys 3D Printers.


15 D3D Ads.indd 1 17/04/2015 08:29


The end cap is produced
using industrial grade
silicone for a softand SILICONE-BACKED
durable finish in a matt
colour choice of either jet GRIP
The non-slip silicone-backed grip exhibits
black or brilliant white
excellent memory and dimensional stability
over time and under the force of the
users grip, where traditional foam
backed grips would compress making
them feel hard and uncomfortable

Working with composite experts in British
F1 racing and aerospace, the use of carbon
fibre has resulted in a component that
is not only incredibly strong, but overall
much lighter than conventional sticks

The dimples on the
reverse side increases
theoverallsurface area of
the stick, creating a greater
distance for the vibrations to
disperse over before reaching
the players hands

Throughout May 2015, Crown
Hockey will be physically testing
the stick with cyclical and
destruction tests

The Crown 100 stick will be
available to purchase in May
2015 for 325. Preorders are
currently being taken via the


Crown, a new British sports innovation company, has launched its first product
a hockey stick that utilises expertise in the field of composites engineering
and features a unique dimpled design to significantly dampen vibrations

Evan Mackrill and Matt Hutton, both recent
Sports Product Design graduates from the
University of Brighton, launched Crown
Hockey. Using the globally-renowned
expertise of the British composites industry
we have created a product that we feel is in
its own category, says Hutton

Once the sticks had been modelled
in CAD, ANSYS was used for
engineering stress and frequency
analysis as well as for simulations

Touch Pads are a renewable
HYBRID COATING transparent grip that is applied to

A specially formulated hybrid coating means
the playing face of the hockey stick,
providing control when dribbling and
trapping the ball even in the wettest of
a surface finish that is not only tough but conditions. Touch Pads can be renewed
also offers clarity, revealing the detailed before a game with each one backed
carbon fibre weave beneath with a resilient non-residue adhesive
This month Tanya Weaver takes a look at
three very different products that are all
designed and hand-built in the UK

One of the newer models in Moulton

Bicycles range is the SPEED. Despite
being a full-suspension road bike it only
weighs in at 9.1kg. The spaceframe design
is constructed entirely from stainless
steel with every joint silver-brazed and
the entire frameset hand polished


he small-wheeled, full-
suspension Moulton bicycle
has been hand-built in the
UK for 53 years. It was invented
by Dr Alex Moulton CBE who also
invented rubber- and gas-sprung
suspension units found in over
12 million British cars from the
original Mini to the MGF.
Inspired by his background
in aeronautical and automotive
engineering, Moultons design
flew in the face of conventional
bicycle design with its small
wheels, suspension, stiff unisex
frame, adaptability and innovation
in design.
He approached Raleigh, the
biggest bicycle manufacturer
in the UK at the time, with his
prototype with a view to offering
a licence to manufacture. Being
refused, Moulton built a bicycle
factory in the grounds of his
Bradford-Upon-Avon home and
launched the Moulton bicycle to
great success at the Earls Court
Cycle Show in 1962.
Today a small team of eight
craftsmen, one of whom has been
there since 1962, still work in this
factory hand-brazing the frame
and forks as well as making a
number of parts, including the
Alex Moulton continued to
evolve his bicycle designs right
up to his death in 2012 at the age
of 92.
Many people who buy a
Moulton bicycle now dont buy
them to ride but rather to hang on
their wall. Alex Moulton created
something that was really a work
of art without intending to and
we really feel the responsibility for
that. We are only a small team but
we have been fortunate to work
with him and to learn from him,
says Dan Farrell, technical director
of the Moulton Bicycle Company.
Some of the geometric relations
that make the design look so good
had disappeared from his newer
designs but referring back to his
original drawings, Im starting to
put these back in.
Unlike Moulton, who did all his
drawings by hand, Farrell uses
SolidWorks in his design process.
We like how we can model
things like rubber and do wheel
simulations. Also, clash testing is
very useful.


Ernest Wright and Sons Antique Pattern
Stork embroidery, needlework and thread
scissors is one of its best selling products
retailing for 25.20


nce a thriving industrial town, still used for the companys craftsmen today. for them again. The local universities
Sheffield was home to over 150 small The process begins with hot-forged (Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam
scissor manufacturing companies. stainless or carbon steel blanks. Each University) are involved in these projects,
Today one of the last to remain is Ernest half of a pair is hardened and tempered in explains Nick Wright, managing director.
Wright & Son, a family owned company furnaces and quenched in oil. The blade is Our real pride is in the traditional
established in 1902. then hand-ground on a traditional saddle- methods we use to make our scissors, but I
With over 150 scissors in its range, it has a mounted grinding wheel before its polished see opportunities to move into CAD/CAM,
pair suitable for just about any application, and assembled by the putter-togetherers. CNC milling and even possibly 3D printing
and each is hand made using traditional We are just in the process of getting several for a future range even if to complement,
techniques and skills. of our more unique traditional item forge- and not actually replace, the traditional
In fact, it takes five years as an apprentice to patterns 3D scanned and turned into CAD methodology.
qualify as a scissor putter-togetherer, a title files, in case we ever need to order forgings ernestwright.co.uk

The new Shackleton Islander, with its price tag

of 1,999, is an openback banjo with an ash
block-rim and flame maple neck, with ebony
fingerboard and ebony headstock veneer


he Great British Banjo Company is The banjo design process begins with remaining components are outsourced with
a relatively new company founded by sketches. These become technical drawings the build and finishing process completed
Simon Middleton in Norwich with the which are then turned into carved prototypes. in-house.
aim of manufacturing banjos from scratch. There is a lot of hand-making in our Our instruments do involve a huge
Its first instrument, launched in 2013, was products. Some of our instruments are made amount of handcrafting, and even when we
the Islander Ash Leaf open back, which has entirely by hand whilst others use CNC to use powered tools the result is dependent on
been superseded by the Shackleton Islander. cut out the necks, but we are moving away the skill levels of the craftsman. This means
The Shackleton Islander model is our most from CNC to use hand-controlled tools. The our instruments are more expensive than
luxurious instrument inspired by classic Shackleton Islander doesnt use CNC at all. imports but we offer a six year warranty and
open back banjos from the southeastern Wood is sourced from an East Anglian FSC- many of our instruments, like the Islander
United States, but with a particularly English certified timber merchant and all the wooden model, will actually increase in value.
take, describes Middleton. components are made in the factory. The DEVELOP3D MONTH 200X 20


When it comes to
moulding, were exible.
Introducing quick-turn liquid
silicone rubber moulding at
Proto Labs

Proto Labs has recently added Liquid

Silicone Rubber (LSR) to its expanding
list of injection-moulding capabilities,
providing designers and engineers
with quick-turn LSR parts in a matter
of days!

LSR parts have excellent thermal,

chemical and electrical resistance,
they can withstand sterilisation and
are biocompatible all of which make
them ideal for products and devices
used within the automotive, medical
and many other industries.

Whether you need 25 prototypes or

a production run of 5,000+ parts in
plastic or liquid silicon rubber, well have
them shipped in less than three weeks.

Call us on +44 (0) 1952 683047 or visit

us at www.protolabs.co.uk.
LSR Takes the Heat
Download your free tech brief at

ISO 9001:2008 Certi ed

Proto Labs 2015 | protolabs.co.uk | +44 (0) 1952 683047
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Tanya Weaver tracks the design

and manufacture of the Othermill
a San Francisco-born desktop CNC
milling machine from an educational
research project to a Kickstarter
campaign to a commercial product


he Schoenstein Organ Factory in San contemporary manufacturing technologies into the

1 The Othermill
desktop CNC milling
Franciscos Mission District has a classroom. OMCs three founders Applestone, CTO
machine is easy to
long history of manufacturing. In the Mike Estee, a former Apple software engineer, and board use unpack, insert
early 1900s it saw pipe organs leave chairman Saul Griffith, an entrepreneur and engineering the collet, install
through its doors, and today it serves graduate met and worked together on this project as part Otherplan on your
computer or laptop,
as the office, factory and showroom of the research group Otherlab. However, in March 2013, and make your first
for a completely different product after having created Othercutter, a low-cost alternative to project
a desktop CNC machine called the laser cutters that used scalpel blades in a two-axis desktop
Othermill. cutting machine, the project suddenly lost its funding.
Alongside the hardware, Other Machine Co. (OMC) has It seemed a shame that, after all the hard work put into
also designed easy-to-use software called Otherplan, which creating this product, including the accompanying software
guides users through the process of milling on a computer that Estee had been developing, it would never see the light
or laptop. Once the software has been downloaded from of day.
its website, the process of cutting objects can begin Following two tense weeks while the project team decided
immediately, straight out of the box. what to do next, Estee noticed a side project that fellow team
We are incredibly excited about putting innovation in the member Jonathan Ward had been fiddling around with to
hands of a much broader group of people, those who have cut out 3 x 2 inch blank copper circuit boards for making
the drive to start their own companies and perhaps want guitar effects pedals. Ward developed the MTM Snap whilst
to do their own circuit boards, but also those who want to studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
cut out expertly crafted products, such as jewellers. We (MIT). It didnt use traditional fasteners but was rather held
are at a turning point where these technologies are now together using snap fits.
accessible, says Danielle Applestone, an engineering and From a machine design standpoint, it was a Zen Kan
materials science graduate who is the co-founder and CEO a minimalist meditation in materials and methods,
of OMC. remembers Estee.
The Othermill was actually born out of a government- Estee thought that such a desktop machine would be
funded educational research project tasked with bringing rather useful, especially for creating circuit boards, so


Users are able to cut 2D and
The free software, Otherplan,
- Precision:0.001 in (0.0254 mm)
- Build Area: 5.5 4.5

AT A GLANCE 3D objects right away out of a

range of materials including
imports users designs in familiar
formats including Vector graphics
- Max Traverse Speed (Rapid):
60 in/min (1,500 mm/min)
1.25 inches
- Small Frame: 10 10 12 inches
wood, metal and plastic. System (.svg), Eagle (.brd), Gerber, and - Spindle Speed: 7,00016,500 rpm - Lightweight: 16.8 lbs (7.62 kg)
requirements include MAC OS X G-code. Users can even download
10.8 or higher. and cut millions of free vector
graphic designs that are online.
he reworked it. In less than a month he had developed a
prototype, which he named the Othermill.
interdependent design problems. The reason is that a CNC
machine is not a static piece of kit.
needed to
To judge whether others would find it useful too, a An equal and opposite force is generated from the rapidly
campaign was launched with a $50,000 goal on the moving cutting tool, which then moves through the
find the
crowdfunding site Kickstarter. By the time it closed in June entire machine and back to the part being cut. So, every sweet spot
2013, $311,657 had been pledged and 205 backers wanted component in the machines structural loop has to remain between
an Othermill. as rigid as possible to counter these forces and keep the enough
machine accurate while cutting.
THE REAL WORK BEGINS The ripple effects of upping an inch was that the rail
To design Othermill for manufacture, Estee designed it sizes needed to be stiffer and as they went up, the carriage and rigidity
from scratch using SolidWorks. However, the two variables sizes had to change, which in turn caused a change in the to be
from Wards original prototype that he wanted to keep were mounting hardware to accommodate it and so it went on. useful for
portability and precision. The aim was for users to be able We needed to find the sweet spot between enough
to easily carry the machine on public transport and for it stiffness and rigidity to be useful for very fine precision very fine
to achieve repeatability in the range of +/- 0.001 inches work whilst still being portable, explains Estee. precision
(0.025mm). It may seem counterintuitive to use a plastic frame as the work whilst
One of the first things to be reworked was the main component in the structural loop; however, Estee
construction of the frame. Although Estee admits that the discovered that high-density polyethylene (HDPE) was
still being
MTM Snap design was great when trying to save money as
a graduate student, a machine constructed without screws
cheaper, lighter and more suitable than many metals for the
high frequency of the spindle speed and low forces that are

did pose some manufacturing issues, especially as the found in the Othermill. It also allowed him to incorporate
snap fits tended to come apart over time. Instead he created many features into the frame itself, such as cable guides,
a hybrid design one that used locating pins as well as wire routing, lighting mounts, back panels, handles etc.
traditional fasteners.
The next challenge was increasing the machines cutting SCAFFOLDING TECHNIQUE
area, as a 4 x 3 inch bed size was thought to be too small. Using the structural loop as inspiration, Estee began the
But adding just an inch would result in a cascading host of task of upsizing the model using a technique he calls
scaffolding. Starting with a base set of 2D parametric
sketches, the largest governing variables are arranged in
free space, with the components built off of them using the
underlying sketches as references.
After years of doing ad hoc construction in SolidWorks
I eventually learned that, with a little bit of foresight and
planning, you can make things work a lot better by using a
base sketch scaffold.
This technique also allows the designers to go back to
the original design intent and make a macroscopic change
without hopefully destroying too much of the downstream
dependencies, explains Estee.
With his background as a software engineer, Estee
was also simultaneously working on the machines user
interface. His goal with the software, which he called
Otherplan, was for it to easily guide users through the
milling process by showing a visual 3D representation of the
piece being milled on the computer screen. He describes
this as a what you see is what you get software application.
In designing the system I wanted to remove as many
steps as possible so that users are at a point where they
can just start cutting. Just getting rid of anything that
didnt need to be there and add enough features to the
software and hardware that the software can figure out
where the material is within reason. And so, integrating
2 locating brackets for finding the corner of square things, for
instance, describes Estee.

2 The two main aims during the design
and development of the Othermill were
precision and portability
3 The Othermill was designed from
scratch in SolidWorks



the system
I wanted to
remove as
many steps
as possible
so that
users are
at a point
they can
just start

The result of the hardware and software working side by Othermill. There is a post processor in there that works
side is that when the user looks at the 3D interface on their with our machine, says Estee.
computer, it will look exactly like the real machine sitting
next to them on their desktop. INVESTORS ONBOARD
Developing and manufacturing the product was more
CAD TO CAM challenging than anticipated, and with the deadline for
The design was polished and refined until a frame design delivery of the Kickstarter machines looming, more
had been achieved that could easily be manufactured using money was needed. So, Applestone and Estee pitched their
a CNC machine. The tooling needed to injection mould Othermill project to a number of investors and managed
the frame would have cost more than our entire Kickstarter to bag $3 million in funding. One of these angel investors,
funds, and we would have had to get it right the first time. who also backed the Kickstarter campaign to receive a
By milling out our frames, we could stay flexible and fix machine, was Autodesks CEO Carl Bass.
problems as they arose, comments Estee. Our strategy in raising this round was to bring together a
To turn the SolidWorks design into machine-ready group of early stage investors who are passionate about our
toolpaths, HSMWorks a CAM package that had been potential to impact the manufacturing sector, can lend their
acquired by Autodesk but which was still supported in deep operational expertise as we scale, and have incredibly
SolidWorks was utilised. broad networks, says Applestone.
As well as using HSMWorks for their own internal CAM This funding resulted in the establishment of the Other
programming to build the machines, HSMWorks was also Machine Co. (OMC) and meant that the Othermill was no
integrated into Otherplan to help build efficient toolpaths. longer a research project.
Its also worth noting that users of SolidWorks (through
the HSMWorks plugin), Inventor, and now Fusion 360 can
also output using a post processor designed to drive the
Othermill as well.
Autodesks cloud platform Fusion 360 came along much
later in this process and there was an opportunity for us to
work closely with Autodesk to get Fusion 360 to generate
output for our Otherplan software.
So, not only do we use HSMWorks to build the
Othermill, HSMWorks can also generate toolpaths for the

4 The Other Machine Co. staff saying

thank you to its Kickstarter backers
following a successful crowdfunding

5 The three founders of Other Machine

Co. From left: Mike Estee, CTO, Danielle
Applestone, CEO, and Saul Griffith,
board chairman


Design Freely

Evolve is a high quality 3D Hybrid Modeling and

Rendering environment that enables industrial designers
to evaluate, research and visualize various designs faster
than ever before.

Request a free trial at solidThinking.com/D3D

Evolve runs on both Mac OS X and Windows. An Company



The next challenge was manufacturing, and Estee is really
machine, including those of industrial designer, software
architect, lead software engineer and lead mechanical
open about how their path to manufacture was a pretty engineer, Estee now passed these on to others.
bumpy one, especially being their first experience. We I dont do most of those things anymore but I like to joke we are
didnt realise it at the time, but getting our manufacturing that your job as CTO is to wear as many hats as possible and working
strategy in order would be just as much, if not more, work then hire people who are better at wearing that particular on making
than designing the machine itself, he admits. hat than you are, he says.
The original plan was to build the plastic frames and In the office, the two teams the hardware team
as many
metal Z-blocks in-house using a Haas CNC router, consisting of eight people and the software team consisting of these
outsource the remaining component production and have of five people sit side by side. as fast as
the final assembly handled by a contract manufacturer. But According to Applestone, this was a deliberate decision. possible.
following numerous problems with quality control, such They need to know exactly what is going on in each others
as the warping of frames, bushings that worked loose and a heads. For example, if you change the dimensions of the Making
fatal flaw in the packaging, the decision was taken to bring build volume, that will affect the software and how the thousands
assembly in-house too. machine works. So, the two aspects of the machine have to and selling
One of the original painful lessons learned from the be designed in parallel, she explains.
Kickstarter is that if we didnt know how to build in very The second-generation Othermill includes a range of
intricate detail our own products, we were not going to subtle changes both to the software and hardware, such is our next
effectively be able to instruct somebody else to do it in a as dust protection, lock-out switches on the windows, goal, and
timely fashion to the quality levels we came to expect, improved cable management, different power supply once we
comments Estee. configurations and polycarbonate windows instead of
Despite the setbacks, by August 2014 OMC had managed acrylic ones.
can do that
to build all 205 Othermills and get them shipped off to the Interestingly, during this design and development we will
Kickstarter backers. process, the first-generation Othermill was used extensively think about
In the meantime, Estee and his team had been working to prototype parts for the second-generation machine. expanding
on a second-generation Othermill. So, having worn In October 2014, the Othermill was launched for $2,199,
numerous hats in the development of the first-generation and it is available to buy through OMCs website. During into other
the past six months it has found its way into numerous
technology firms, small design houses, workshops,

classrooms and homes.
One manufacturing firm who is finding it particularly
useful is Adafruit, a New York-based electronics hobbyist
company, which uses it extensively to make precision
circuits and prototypes for manufacture. It is also used
to teach the companys staff about PCB design and
manufacture, due to the machines fast turnaround times
and low barrier to entry.


6 Back in the Schoenstein Organ Factory, the OMC team
is working on a number of goals for the future. In the
short term, the aim is to become CE-certified so that
the machines can be exported to Europe, to expand the 6 Timor Ladyada

software platform beyond Mac OS X and to improve on its Fried, founder

of Adafruit, a
manufacturing lead times. New York-based
Currently we are working on making as many of these as electronics hobbyist
fast as possible. Making thousands and selling thousands company, with the
is our next goal, and once we can do that we will think about Othermill which
her company uses
expanding into other products, says Applestone. extensively to make
So, in other words, this small company that has been on precision circuits
quite a journey over the past few years is keeping itself busy. and prototypes for
Yeah, its never boring around here. Its certainly been
7 Assembly of the
7 hard, but its been worth it, smiles Estee. Othermill is carried
othermachine.co out in-house

WOMAN To her role as CEO of Other

Machine Co., Danielle Applestone
engineering from Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT)
materials, which have been
patented and subsequently
dominated industry, Applestone
is particularly passionate about
IN TECH brings a diverse background in
science, technology, education
and having learned how to write
code as a hobby, she co-founded
Applestone then made her way
science and math education,
especially for women and girls.
and entrepreneurship. her first company in 2003 an to San Francisco to work on a I think that we need to do
Growing up in a small town in internet software as a service government-funded education more, especially in the leadership
Arkansas, U.S., she could often (SaaS) company that she still project, from which the OMC of companies, and make a
be found with her dad in his operates. spun out. difference in whether or not your
workshop. Having worked as a materials Obviously everything I ever did workplace is welcoming for all
Building things was never scientist, she then went on to was male-dominated, but I did genders, races and ages.
foreign to me, she says. study at the University of Texas get a lot of encouragement. There I think equality is possible,
With an interest in chemistry, in Austin, where she received were many programmes that I obviously, but it is going to take
Applestone went to a math and her PhD in materials science took advantage of for women, a lot of work from the leaders
science high school. Following and engineering. Whilst there, she comments. of tech companies to make it
an advanced degree in chemical she developed several battery So, as a female in a male- happen.


UK- half-A4-VC at the heart_2015 CMS Trimming DVD3d ONLY.pdf 1 16/02/2015 15:44:38
2615 - SSA quarter page x3D ad:Layout 1 15/9/14 13:55 Page 1

Simulation software,
engineering methodology,
consultancy and training.

We simply call it
At the heart of Global
joined-up thinking. CNC Manufacturing

SSA has many years experience helping

PARTNER customers create and implement different types of
simulation strategies which is why we recommend
SSA also provide a consultancy service to help with complex
and exacting analysis problems as well as creating engineering
methodology for you.
To find out more about how SSA and SIMULIA Abaqus can
provide real financial and technical benefits for your business just
call us on 01608 811 777 email info@ssanalysis.co.uk or click
through to www.ssanalysis.co.uk

M Machine Simulation for:

To register for one of our FREE events
visit www.ssanalysis.co.uk/events
Multi-Axis Milling Mill/Turn Centres

Machining Centres WaterJet Cutting




BIM technology for

architects and engineers

VERICUT is the worlds leading CNC simulation,

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Architecture, Engineering and Construction verification and optimisation software. Used
Dedicated to Building Information throughout the world, in all industry sectors, it can be
Modelling (BIM) since 2002 integrated with all manufacturing software systems
and machine tools including CAD, CAM and CNC
programming systems, and Tooling and Tool
Management Systems.

Right First Time with VERICUT.

Visit cgtech.co.uk to learn more.
Curtis House, 34 Third Avenue, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2PD, England
Phone: +44 (0) 1273-773538 info.uk@cgtech.co.uk

aecmag.com/subscriptions .co.uk

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Environment created in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Autodesk VRED Professional

Design engineers use AMD FirePro professional

graphics to accelerate their workflows.
Combining cutting-edge technologies, full ISV certification and optimizations
as well as professional-grade support, AMD FirePro graphics deliver unmatched
workflow performance, application experience and reliability across our entire
product range.

ALL AMD FirePro professional graphics cards are available from these selected partners.

Scan Computers Workstation Specialists Amari

www.scan.co.uk www.workstationspecialist.com www.armari.com
0871 472 4787 0800 180 4801 0192 322 5550

Copyright 2015 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, FirePro, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are
trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.
Environment created in Autodesk Maya and rendered in Autodesk VRED Professional

MA5832_AMD_d3d_A4_v2_0.indd 1 21/01/2015 12:21


Our yearly celebration of all things product design had its fourth outing
on 26th March at Warwick Arts Centre. Featuring 35 speakers, four tracks
and over 60 exhibitors, for one day the eyes of the global design industry
were on the UK. Event director Martyn Day reports

very year when we start have noticed the beautiful BAC Martyn Day Our two opening keynotes
welcoming attendees
organising DEVELOP3D Mono that graced the mainstage to DEVELOP3D LIVE
were extremely different.
LIVE we wonder how its area, brought courtesy of 2015 in the opening Dominic Wilcox is a designer
possible to top the previous Autodesk. This amazing single session, he was with a unique attitude and
joined on stage by
years event. We really seater road-legal Formula One car Empire Cycles 3D
approach to coming up with
appreciate everyones efforts to get to is designed and made in Liverpool printed titanium ideas, from stain glass cars,
Warwick to experience a very unique by Briggs Automotive Company. mountain bike desks that turn into coffins and
brought by Renishaw
event. Renishaw also provided my luggage with legs not wheels.
and keynote speaker
The editorial team travels far and on-stage opening session with Dominic Wilcox with Then we had Andy Claughton
wide each year, gathering material for the first fully titanium metal 3D the BAC Mono from Ben Ainsle Racing (BAR)
articles by seeing great technology printed mountain bike, which describing how you go about
and hearing from fascinating and it had created for Empire Cycles and designing a world beating Americas
innovative designers. We then spend I suspect probably cost as much as Cup yacht. We dont have permission
months inviting designers and industry the Mono to produce. Both wonderful to upload Dominics talk but we do
developers to come and talk on a variety examples of the kind of innovations that have Andys online now (develop3dlive.
of topical areas. are happening in British design and com/videos/) and its well worth thirty
Those that attended this year would manufacturing. minutes of your time.



INDUSTRY TALKS product developments and the impact of world to the UK event. Videos from all
Thankfully this year it was much easier the Internet of Things (IoT). We expect the mainstage have been uploaded onto
to identify the most pertinent industry to hear more from both these firms on the develop3dlive.com website, with
topics. With the old SolidWorks team cloud strategies moving forward. more to come from the other rooms.
reforming outside of Dassault Systmes No industry event would be complete
and launching Onshape, a cloud-based without SolidWorks and we were blessed SESSIONS
3D modelling tool to join Autodesks with Gian Paolo Bassi, the companys After the first coffee break, DEVELOP3D
Fusion 360 cloud application, the next new CEO who spoke about the latest LIVE explodes into four tracks: Product
generation of modelling tools was developments in SolidWorks, together design, Industry Talks, Make/ Fabricate
now turning into a battle. Carl Bass, the recently announced 3DExperience and Design Visualisation. For the first
CEO of Autodesk, and John Hirschtick Industrial Designer, which uses a time we also ran a track on how to go
of Onshape were our first speakers combination of desktop and cloud about getting funding for start-up
to confirm and attendees benefitted infrastructure for design teams. ideas. With speakers from so many
from $1,200 of Fusion 360 Pro, as well We were also very fortunate this year to different aspects of design there was
as guaranteed access to an Onshape get an exclusive presentation from J Scott plenty to choose from: jewellery design,
account. Schiller, WW Business Director at HP rendering, 3D printing, motorsport,
While all the established CAD systems 3D Printing, who gave a lot more insight bicycle design all the way to Game of
offer years of in-depth development into what HP is developing with its Thrones effects and costume design.
and capability, their Windows-based forthcoming Multi Jet Fusion technology Many of these will be uploaded over the
architectures limit them to operating at a that promises big and strong 3D printed coming weeks.
desktop level. Onshape and Fusion, while parts that wont be as toxic or dangerous
embryonic, have been developed from as the other materials we have been used CONCLUSION
scratch to leverage the strength of cloud- to dealing with. Our fourth year and another record
based collaboration and compute power. For the final session on the mainstage breaking event for attendance. There was
Given the low cost and subscription I got to question all those involved in more exhibitors, more speakers, more
nature of these products, they could bringing next generation cloud-based free software on offer than we have ever
revolutionise the industry, or the internet CAD tools to the market in the panel managed before and the live broadcast
could prove just too bandwidth limited, session. It seems that those with and delayed feeds to North America help
unreliable or insecure. existing products are more cautious put British design and engineering in
Of course Autodesk and Onshape about transitioning their customers to front of a lot of our peers.
arent the only game players in town. new technologies, while upstarts like Wed like to thank everyone who made
PTC has had a version of Windchill Onshape were keen to mix things up the effort to get there on the day, we
available on the cloud for several years a little in terms of price and business realise that the unlucky combination of
and recently revamped this offer. model. Nikola Bozinovic, founder of M6 motorway lane closures, roadworks
Siemens PLM is also experimenting Frame, was also on the panel and his and building work made the trip in and
with cloud-delivery of its latest SolidEdge company currently offers a technology out arduous for many.
trials. We were honoured to have Dan that enables any Windows application to We will see you next year in the same
Staples, VP of Mainstream Engineering be hosted online. place on March 31st. We have already
R&D at Siemens PLM, and PTCs Paul For the first time we broadcast the started planning and its going to be even
Sagar, Director of Product Management mainstage live and attracted an audience better!
at Creo Parametric, give keynotes on of an additional 2,000 people around the develop3dlive.com


equivalent for this? Would love,
pull the trigger on starting one
myself. Thanks!
Post @DEVELOP3DLive sitting in
#coventry cathedral under the
My first @DEVELOP3DLive.. I
really enjoyed a great day... thank
FROM THE love, love to attend. @DriesVervoort sun sketching new ideas using @ you so much...

THE DAY @Aicher

I loved Mike Paynes @
dominicwilcox book as inspiration

@DEVELOP3DLive thanks for a develop3dlive panel quote

great event yet again, need a The rest of us up here are @_riut thanks for sharing your
bigger venue but that might spoil now following @carlbass and #startup story yesterday at @
the special atmosphere. See you Autodesk to the cloud DEVELOP3DLive - love the back to
next year. @buzzkross front backpack
@p2dme @Mushcado
Well invested day. Thanks to the
@greenape: absolutely awesome @DEVELOP3DLive team! @alistardean @dominicwilcox @ What an absolutely awesome
talk @DEVELOP3DLive! @XavieMX DEVELOP3DLive Too bad some and inspiring day! Thanks @
@jhirschtick of Dominics inventions werent DEVELOP3DLive - cant wait
raffled off at the conference. Love for next year! #cad #design
the square peas! #productdesign
@DarrenCAD @StiffRob

@DEVELOP3DLive Certainly did! Incredible day @DEVELOP3DLive

High points for me were talking to by far the greatest event of the
the Ember crew and seeing what year. Simply ran out of time this
that little wonder can do. year #D3DLive
@Pot8oSh3D @talktonickgray

Best part of @DEVELOP3DLive for Great presentations today from @DEVELOP3DLive West Coast
me was @77A and @greenape. industry leaders @gpbassi feed just ended. The about face
Real, honest talks with meaning. @jhirschtick @carlbass @ of the industry to face the cloud
@DEVELOP3DLive Seen so many No waffle. No fence-sitting. DEVELOP3DLive. Each have underlines the huge industry
great new tools for starting Quality! #D3DLive unique value propositions. shifts on the way.
businesses. Helped me to finally @nick_chubb @MusicCityTTM @kat5


1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8

1 Everyone loves 3D printing 2 Al Dean

hosting the Building a Start-up Business
track 3 Andy Claughton of Ben Ainslie on
stage talking yacht design 4 Chatting to
attendees at the ANSYS stand 5 The BAC
Mono taking pride of place in front of the
stage during the keynote sessions 6 A
steady stream of visitors to the stands 7 A
virtual reality experience on offer at the HP
/ AMD stand 8 Mark Sanders brought his
latest bicycle invention along 9 The panel
session at the end of the event 10 Visitors to
the Roland stand 11 Delegate Nick Harvey
walked away from the event with a prize

9 10 11



From delegates and exhibitors to sponsors and speakers, eight
attendees share their personal experiences of DEVELOP3D LIVE


GROUP My colleague As previous D3D This was my
NETWORK - Robin Weston and Lives, this is one fourth year at
NORTH WEST I joined the event of my design DEVELOP3D Live
The event was very on the Wednesday brain feeds of and I can honestly
well run. I was evening for the the year: there is say that this event
interested to see pre-conference almost too much has grown into
the wide variety of CAD packages get together. The D3D Live fascinating information to feed something huge. Where else can
and supporting products and team were perfect hosts, we on. Thank goodness the talks are you go and see everyone in our
services available. The speakers were introduced to and chatted all videoed for later snacks. industry all in the same place
were fantastic; I found it with MAS Design Products, The overall impression I got is and the respective CEOs sharing
particularly interesting listening Carbon3D, IPF and Onshape. that the CAD industry is finally the main stage? Epic, as my
to Dominic Wilcox and seeing Staying on site really helped waking up to realise that user kids would say.
his approach to design. I also maximise our time. Even just experience is king gone are the Even though Autodesk had
enjoyed the talk from Richard walking over to the Arts Centre, days when users were grateful a stand, its unlike any other
Varvill at Reaction Engines and on the Thursday morning, for simple improvements to their conference in that we all still
hearing how they have overcome allowed the good fortune for us CAD systems (such as the ability found time to share ideas and
design obstacles for their Sabre to be joined by Sarah Giblin, to draw a line from its centre). network with all other vendors
Engine. RiutBag creator. Today, just as we aim to make our at the show. Its amazing really
Six of the Renishaw team product designs state-of-the-art what you can learn just by doing
Highs: For me the highs were attended the conference and I and a total delight for our end one circuit of the exhibition halls.
meeting SolidWorks CEO Gian believe we all came away with users, we want our CAD design The highlight for me is the
Paolo Bassi and watching Jon a positive experience, from tools to do the same. And not quality of presenters. There is no
Hirschtick present his latest being inspired by intelligent just for big auto and aero with death by powerpoint they are
product OnShape. It was also and informative talks to seeing thousands of seats, but for every always informative and on the
particularly interesting to hear the latest exhibits and making user. This years exciting new and money. Im looking forward to
from all of the different CAD valuable contacts. Prior to and disruptive CAD products such next year.
packages and listen to how they throughout, the D3D team were as OnShape are showing the rest
plan to tackle the inevitable move there and straight on it with of the industry that end users Highs: Accidentally handing
away from the desktop to the answers to queries and solutions expect more. Such competition out free Fusion 360 Ultimate
cloud. for any changes we required as will mean that one man bands subscriptions to everyone in the
Lows: As the event is growing, sponsors. Great collaboration such as myself may finally get Onshape room.
and more and more exhibitors and an all-round excellent 24hrs. all the tools that big auto and Lows: Realising that most of the
are represented, navigating the The 31st March 2016 is fixed in aero use at a fair price and with Onshape team did not find it
various rooms and floors made my diary. interfaces that dont make a funny.
the event seem a bit disjointed. monkey of us. Most surreal moment: Being sober
I guess this is a good problem to Highs: Rising star and amazing for the actual conference and
have for a growing event. creative talent, Dominic Wilcoxs Highs: Mingling with CAD having a grown up conversation
Most surreal moment: Just before inspirational and captivating talk, legends such as Jon Hirschtick, with Al over coffee.
lunch I had the privilege of Martyn Days witty opening Mike Payne, Carl Bass and Gian
meeting Gian Paolo Bassi. I was welcome with the Renishaw/ Paolo Bassi.
accepting a drone on behalf of Empire bike and then watching Lows: Having to miss some
one of the UK SolidWorks User colleague David Ewing take the overlapping talks.
Group NW members, who won it stage and nail Q&As. Most surreal moment: Unexpected
at our last meeting. Lows: What lows? offer to ask a question during
Most surreal moment: Being the panel session. I asked Why
introduced to inventor and are CAD companion products
engineering legend Mark not included in main CAD? and
Sanders having studied his work. then watched some squirming.



This was my I was invited to The DEVELOP3D I have attended all
fourth Develop3D talk to some of the team did it again! four Develop3D
Live, but the first most experienced A fantastic event. Live events and
time I had stayed designers on the The main reason each has exceeded
the night before planet about is the quality and the last in both
for the networking design. The energy of the size and quality, so
event and what a great night design of my creation the attendees. Thats why we chose much so that I wonder how long
it was, finally meeting so many RiutBag rucksack to be exact. DEVELOP3D Live as the first live before it out-grows the existing
people Ive known for years via Yes, my heart was thumping event to show Onshape publicly venue which would be a shame
social media. when I went up on stage. and we could not have dreamed as the Warwick Arts Centre is just
I thoroughly enjoyed Dominic of a better response. the right size to give an intimate
Wilcoxs opening keynote very Highs: It feels like theres a real We were talking CAD non- feeling while being big enough
different to previous years, and desire to get strategy right in stop from the day before the to include a lot of relevant and
very entertaining. I spent the your industry, even radically, show until the drive away. Its interesting content.
morning in the keynote track, so a desire to win long term also great to talk to people about Im never the first to arrive,
which was particularly strong battles and yet respond to new their product design process, 3D which does make parking a
this year, then hopped around directions that are breaking out printing, design education, and problem, however, once that
the exhibition area and different in the short term too. There was all sorts of topics beyond CAD. frustration is overcome, a cup of
tracks in the afternoon. One a serious buzz of friendly rivalry, I managed to squeeze in free coffee while deciding where
of the joys of DEVELOP3D competition, knowledge and time to catch some of the other to start allows me to gather my
Live is that you get side tracked care. It was a pleasure to behold. speakers. Dominic Wilcox thoughts while nodding to a few
into conversations you didnt I told everyone who came to the wow! What a creative guy and familiar faces.
anticipate. start-up theatre that they need in true DEVELOP3D style, not Half an hour in, and a lot more
Mark Shaylers blockbuster to revolve their thinking around just informative but highly information later, off to find Lloyd
finale (always entertaining, the user. This might just lead entertaining. The DEVELOP3D Pennington who was sadly there
always thought provoking and to the production of radically sense of humour and fun seems without his new CNC machine as
always in great shoes) and the different products. Revolution to pervade everything at the event he had made the wise if difficult
welcome return of the panel in user thinking (Riut) is my from the keynote speeches to the decision not to rush things. Then
discussion, which I have to say mantra. It also describes my first bar. a catch-up with SYS, who supplied
was the best yet, completed ever creation, the RiutBag. The our Objet system, followed by a
another fantastic event at a great audience was fantastic. They Highs: Opening up our exhibit chance to see Markforgeds Mark
venue. had so many great questions and in the morning and showing One Composite printer and
interest in the project. Its been a Onshape live for the first time some sample parts. Then lunch,
Highs: Witnessing two CEOs party on social media ever since! ever. Having crowds visiting with a very good presentation by Mark
at the very top of their game, Lows: No lows. us all day. Sanders and a tour of the trade
Carl Bass and Jon Hirschtick, Most surreal moment: When asked Lows: Could not possibly see all stands saying hi to old friends and
outlining future plans.. during my talk how I modelled the speakers and exhibits I would making some new acquaintances.
Lows: Missing Mark Sanders my creation, I said I just wore it have wanted to. Only having time And before I knew it another D3D
talk. myself. Confusion reigned until for brief hellos with old friends. Live was over.
Most surreal moment: Walking we realised what was going on. Most surreal moment: After many
back from the networking event I didnt use software to design years of work I finally did my Highs: Why catching up with
at 1am and being approached by the RiutBag. The sketches I drew first-ever Onshape live demo Tanya Weaver of course.
a guy in a dark pathway. Tell me have been PDFed but thats as far in front of a crowd during my Lows: Getting parked.
how to get to Liverpool, he said. as its gone. Ive blogged about keynote, CADing in a browser Most surreal moment: Listening
Go up there, then right, then my design process on the website and on my iPhone using the to Mark Sanders thoughts on
left, then straight on, I said. And riutbag.wordpress.com to prove events wi-fi. IP and realising we were in
off he staggered. I wonder if he that Im not kidding. total (almost word for word)
made it. agreement.



Solving farming problems through technology,

Stephen Holmes meets farmers turned designers Claydon Drills

arming equipment company Claydon Drills New Zealand and Chile.
began its life on the farm, and still brings Jeffs son Oliver, now design director at Claydon Drills,
generations of experience to its products explains that the path to innovation came through that loss-
from the rural fields of Suffolk. making patch in 2002.
Founded in 1980 by Jeff Claydon, his We cant change the input costs of farming because
first creation, the Yield-O-Meter, was a diesel is a fixed price, fertiliser is a fixed price, were told
revolutionary load counter for combine what we will buy everything for, and cant change what
harvesters. we sell for because its demand on the global market. All
Essentially a calculator in the drivers we can really do is play with what weve got in the middle,
cabin, it could calculate how much crop the machine had which is really how we farm, he explains.
collected over a certain area.
1 Claydon Drills
produces time
Arriving at a period where digital technology was AIMING HIGH and cost-saving
beginning to find its way into farming, it also allowed Jeff Claydons aim was to improve the process of direct agricultural tools,
farmers to experiment too. drilling arable land, which struggles to work in the UK such as this Hybrid-T
model, for cultivating
Trial plots using different fertilisers, seeds, planting because of heavy clay-based soils that fill up with water, and planting the land
methods to get the best results and being able to measure rotting the seed.

2 Folding wings
these yields, allowed farming to take the first steps into Natural factors like earthworms not thriving in the same mean customers can
becoming the modern, technology-driven industry it is soil to de-compact it also mean that slugs then thrive, have bigger machines
that fit on the road
today. tearing through harvests.
Claydon Drills is still farming the familys thousand acres Claydon Drills decided that by tilling the soil over only

3 The team use
of arable land, however a loss of profits in 2002 saw Jeff in the area that needed to be planted a labour intensive SolidWorks to model
Claydon inventing once more. process needed to air the soil - and ignoring the rest of the increasingly complex
Over a decade later, and with a cluster of storage barns field, it could halve this cost. design systems for
weight distribution,
and assembly workshops humming with action, this path The idea came to put a digging tine directly in front of a strength and
to rescue has been a success with customers as far away as seeding tine, with a harrow on the back. The digging tine efficiency


The design process at the beginning
was to get some off-the-shelf
parts, go into the workshop with an
oxyacetylene torch, a mig welder and
some hand tools it was very much
A-Team stuff!
Oliver Claydon, design director


provides cultivation and breaks the soil, and in the same increasing the amount of its own design work.
pass the seeding tine places the seed in the right place with By 2009 it had designed the Hybrid model a
the harrow covering it back over with soil. combination of the best parts of its previous drills
A huge success, the general principle of how the product dropping the weight and adding some deceptively well
works has not changed since 2002 yet its evolution has not thought out design components.
stopped. A better-designed hopper to hold the seed means the
The expanded product line is a continuing progression wings can fold upright, doubling the wingspan from three
of tweaks and design improvements built on the Claydon metres to six.
Drills teams own experiences, and from its users around The latest design has cut operation time on the Claydons
the world that run the equipment 12 hours a day for nearly own farm by a fifth, and costs them only a third of their
2 two months during the season. original design a saving of nearly 100,000 a year.
The demand for bigger machines meant the need to At an estimate, Claydon suggests that 80 to 90 per cent
incorporate a folding-mechanism, allowing the wings to of its operation now is first modelled in 3D and through
pull upright so as to fit on public roads, and pushed through taking in STEP files from component suppliers.
the need for in-house 3D CAD and a shift from building With a workload of producing over 300 machines annually
solution and outsourcing 2D drawings afterwards. for this small enterprise, it means things like rendering
The design process at the beginning was to get some off- models in Photoview 360 are a luxury.
the-shelf parts, go into the workshop with an oxyacetylene Yet a tool such as the SolidWorks assembly structure-
torch, a mig welder and some hand tools it was very much planning tool, Treehouse, proves invaluable for getting
A-Team stuff! says Oliver Claydon. machinery built, ready for the new season.
3 In the future the company will utilise more of the software
JUMP TO 3D features, adding more virtual engineering to the teams
In 2006 the company made the jump to 3D, taking hands-on approach, and increasing the range of products
SolidWorks in-house with help from Innova Systems, that has already expanded to form a flourishing business.
freeing its designs from the limitations of stock parts and claydondrills.com



Theres no standard
template for these next
gen mobile workstations.
Manufacturers blend
portability and performance
in different measures

The sleek HP
OMEN Pro (p44)

Group test: Ultra portable

15-inch mobile workstations
CAD folks with hefty laptops have long envied the Ultrabooks and MacBooks
of fellow travellers. But a new generation of slimline mobile workstations is
changing the way you can do CAD on the go, writes Greg Corke

he first mobile workstations were 5kg under 2kg and when power adapters are included To test battery life, we used PCMark 8s Creative
beasts, almost guaranteed to put your the savings can be as much as 1.5kg. test (OpenCL) which uses CPUs and GPUs for tasks
back out on work trips. Weights have now There is no standard template for these next including video editing, media transcoding and
come down, but most 15-inch machines gen mobile workstations. Manufacturers blend gaming. Its not CAD but should give a fairly good
still come in at a hefty 3kg. Bruised shoulders from portability and performance in different ways. indication of what to expect under a heavy compute
laptop bags are no longer guaranteed, but youll Broadly speaking there are two types of machines. load though it is important to note that the test
likely feel the strain at the end of the day. uses built in Intel graphics, rather than the discrete
Until recently, attempts at ultra mobile 1) Those based on a business-class laptop chassis, so Quadro or FirePro GPUs which draw more power, so
workstations have meant serious trade-offs in both include enterprise features like fingerprint scanner its not perfect.
performance and screen size. And when your job and docking port. Some models are classified as All machines were set to high performance.
relies on detailed engineering design, running CAD Ultrabooks. With low voltage Dual Core CPUs and low Display brightness was set at lowest and highest
on a 14-inch laptop simply wont cut it for some. power professional GPUs they prioritise battery life levels and both scores recorded.
Everything changed in 2013 when Dell unveiled over performance. They are more suited to entry-level Of course, dont take the battery figures as
the Precision M3800, the first proper ultra portable CAD than rendering or simulation. They include the HP gospel. If you only use your machine for Word or
mobile workstation with a 15.6-inch screen. At ZBook 15u (p40) and Lenovo ThinkPad W550s (p41). Excel then the battery will last a whole lot longer.
1.88kg in weight and 8mm at its most slender, this
MacBook Pro look-alike certainly turned some heads. 2) Those based on a 3D gaming laptop chassis where
Since then HP, Lenovo and MSI have all followed performance is an absolute priority but battery life MOBILE
suit, delivering 15-inch machines that are certified is more limited and fans are noisier under load. WORKSTATION
and optimised to run 3D CAD but also offer the They feature Quad Core CPUs that deliver in CAD as BUYERS
same mobility as a slimline business laptop. well as rendering, simulation and CAM. Professional GUIDE
Compared to a standard 15-inch mobile GPUs sit between entry-level and mid-range. They
workstation, there are some compromises. include the Dell Precision M3800 (p42), MSI WS60
On the whole, performance is lower. Theres a (p43) and HP OMEN Pro (p44).
maximum 16GB of RAM (instead of 32GB). There is
only room for one or two drives (instead or two or To assess performance we used our standard suite EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO
three) and you can forget about having a DVD drive. of application-specific workstation benchmarks KNOW ABOUT CAD-CLASS LAPTOPS
But they are considerably lighter. Most come in (see tinyurl.com/D3Dbench for details).


Mobile workstations.indd 38 17/04/2015 08:33

Lenovo ThinkPad Dell Precision HP OMEN Pro
HP ZBook 15u MSI WS60
W550s M3800 [pre-production unit]
Intel Core i7-5600U Intel Core i7-5600U Intel Core i7-4712HQ Intel Core i7-4710HQ Intel Core i7-4870HQ
Processor (CPU) (2.60GHz up to 3.20GHz (2.60GHz up to 3.20GHz (2.30GHz up to 3.30GHz) (2.50GHz up to 3.50GHz) (2.50GHz up to 3.70GHz)
(2 cores, 4 threads) (2 cores, 4 threads) (4 cores, 8 threads (4 cores, 8 threads) (4 cores, 8 threads)

16 GB (2 x 8GB) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 16GB (2 x 8GB) 1600MHz
Memory (RAM) DDR3L-1600 SDRAM 12800 DDR3L 1600MHz 1600MHz DDR3L DDR3 L 1,600MHz DDR3L SDRAM

AMD FirePro M4170 (1 GB) Nvidia Quadro K620M (2GB) Nvidia Quadro K1100M (2GB) Nvidia Quadro K2100M Nvidia Quadro K1100M (2GB)
Graphics (GPU) + Intel HD Graphics 5500 +Intel HD Graphics 5500 + Intel HD Graphics 4600 (2GB GDDR5) + Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200

15.6 4K Ultra HD (3,840

15.6 diagonal LED-backlit 15.6-inch 1,920 x 1,080, 15.6 diagonal full HD
15.5 3K (2,880 x 1,620) IPS x 2,160) Dell UltraSharp,
Display FHD UWVA IPS eDP anti- Anti Glare, Wide Viewing WLED backlit touch screen
Multi-touch, 350nits IGZO2, 10 finger multi-touch,
glare + PSR (1,920 x 1,080) Angle display (1,920 x 1,080)
wide view, LED-backlit

256GB HP Z Turbo Drive 256GB Solid State Drive 128GB M.2 SATA SSD + 512 Gb HP Z Turbo Drive
Drives (PCIe SSD) + 512GB 2.5-inch 512GB 2.5-inch SATA SSD (SSD)Full Mini Card 1TB 2.5-inch HDD (PCIe SSD)

Spill-resistant keyboard. Full-size island-

ThinkPad Precision Backlit full size keyboard. Full-colour Backlight
Image sensor Touchpad with style backlit keyboard.
Keyboard / Mouse Keyboard with NumPad & Gesture enabled multi-touch Keyboard by SteelSeries
two-way scroll, gestures. Touchpad with multi-touch
Backlight touchpad with two buttons (includes numeric keypad)
Pointstick with two buttons gesture support

Battery HP Long Life 3-cell, 50 WHr 3 cell Front (44 Whr) + 6 cell Dell 61 WHr 6-Cell 6-Cell Li-polymer Battery 4-cell, 58 WHr 3.82Ah
Li-ion polymer prismatic Rear High Capacity (72 Whr) Lithium-Ion Battery (52.9Wh) Lithium-ion polymer battery

Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 Intel Dual Band Wireless- AC Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC
Wi-Fi (Intel 802.11 a/c)
Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n (2x2) and 7265, 2x2, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, 7260 @ 5GHz + 7260 802.11ac (2x2) WiFi +
Bluetooth v4.0
Bluetooth M.2 card Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Combo
2 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0
3 x USB 3.0 3 x USB 3.0 (one Always-On (all with PowerShare), 3 x USB 3.0 4 x USB 3.0
(1 x USB 3.0 charging)
Ports charging port), RJ45 Gigabit Thunderbolt 2.0/mini Thunderbolt 2 USB to Ethernet Adapter
Intel I218-LM Gigabit Ethernet DisplayPort (mDP). USB 3.0 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet (included)
Ethernet to Ethernet adapter included
Fingerprint reader. Smart
1 secure digital; SD (XC/HC) memory card Multi-format SD media
Expansion / security Card reader. Integrated 4-in- 3-in-1 media card reader
1 smart card reader reader card reader
1 SD card reader

Display outputs VGA, DisplayPort VGA, Mini DisplayPort v 1.2 Mini DisplayPort, HDMi Mini DisplayPort, HDMi HDMI, Mini DisplayPort

Light sensitive HD video HP TrueVision Full HD

Webcam 720p HD 720p HD FHD type (30fps @ 1080p)
webcam WVA Webcam

Side docking port for HP Bottom docking port for No dedicated docking port
Docking No dedicated docking port No dedicated docking port
UltraSlim Docking Station Ultra Dock Docking Station Dell D3100 USB 3.0 dock

Size (W x D x H) 375.5 x 253.6 x 21.42 mm 380.6 x 258.2 x 23.3 mm 372 x 254 x 8-18 mm 390 x 266 x 19.9 mm 383 x 248 x 15.5 mm

Weight (machine + Starting at 1.91kg + 0.45kg 2.48kg + 0.33kg Starts at 1.88kg + 0.49kg Starting at 1.9kg + 0.67kg 2.12kg + 0.63kg
power adapter incl UK plug)

Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7
Operating System Professional 64-bit Professional 64-bit Professional 64-bit Professional 64-bit Professional 64-bit

Standard 1-year (optional 3,

Standard limited 3 years 4 or 5 year) Next Business 3 year: parts, labour, collect 3-year Next
Warranty parts, 3 years labour, and 3 3 year on site Day Service On Site Service and return Business Day Onsite
years onsite service (3/3/3) after Remote Diagnosis
Details of all benchmarks can be found at tinyurl.com/D3Dbench

Website hp.co.uk lenovo.co.uk dell.co.uk uk.msi.com hp.co.uk

CPU benchmarks
(smaller is better)

CAM (PowerMill 2010) (i) 296 (ii) 537 (iii) 814 (i) 316 (ii) 511 (iii) 745 (i) 190 (ii) 302 (iii) 426 (i) 176 (ii) 272 (iii) 386 i) 176 ii) 283 iii) 411

Rendering (3ds Max Design) 574 643 300 267 273

Graphics benchmarks
(bigger is better)

CAD (SolidWorks 2013) 3.14 Benchmark does not run on Win 8 4.28 @ HD / 1.85 @ 4K 4.55 4.26*

CAD (PTC Creo 2.0) 3.45 3.44 to 4.12* 4.24 @ HD / 4.14 @ 4K 4.98 4.46*

Battery test (PCMark 8) 2h 40mins 6h 33mins* 2h 11mins 1h 32mins 1h 50mins*

Compute intensive creative 3h 23mins No min brightness recorded 2h 42mins 1h 45mins 2h 07mins*
test (max & min brightness)

Price (excl VAT) 1,315 1,956 1,599 1,416 TBC

* Testing performed on pre-production unit so performance could change with final production unit

Mobile workstations.indd 39 17/04/2015 08:26

HP ZBook 15u
This new addition to the HP ZBook family goes all out for portability
but still retains the key enterprise features of its older siblings

ortability is now a big focus for HP, for mainstream apps and swaps over to the higher memory, storage, WLAN and battery are all within
launching not one but two slimline performance CAD-focused AMD FirePro M4170 (1GB easy reach. HP scores big points here, standing
15-inch mobile workstations in the GDDR5) as and when required. head and shoulders above the competition which
space of six months. This should happen automatically, as it did for our all require messing about with lots of fiddly screws.
The HP ZBook 15u is the more CAD test suite, but individual apps can be matched Despite its moderate spec, the HP Long Life 3-cell,
enterprise-focused of the two (the HP OMEN Pro to GPUs in AMDs Catalyst Control Center software. 50 WHr Li-ion battery lasted a respectable 2 hours
(p44) being the other) and delivers many of the Despite its entry-level positioning, the AMD 40mins under the heavy load PCMark 8 battery test.
features youd expect to see in a higher-end mobile FirePro M4170 delivered some decent scores in our The multi-touch image sensor Touchpad is precise
workstation. This includes fingerprint scanner, Smart SolidWorks and Creo tests. and the backlit keyboard comfortable in use but
Card reader, (side) docking port and the impressive Compared to the more powerful Dell Precision a numeric keypad is noticeably absent. Dedicated
HP Easy Access Door (more on this later). M3800 with Nvidia Quadro K1100M, it was only power, airplane mode and mute buttons sit
The big pitch for the ZBook 15u is its portability 19% slower in Creo and 27% slower in SolidWorks. conveniently between keyboard and screen.
and HP is placing much of its marketing efforts In practice it should give users a good experience The HD (1,920 x 1,080) matte screen is of good
around the machines Ultrabook standing. For with small to medium-sized CAD assemblies. quality but, in this age of IPS panels, nothing
those not familiar with this Intel classification, for While compromises have been made with CPU outstanding. There is no optional touch screen like
a laptop to be called an Ultrabook manufacturers and GPU, theres nothing entry-level about the there is with its Ultrabook sibling, the ZBook 14.
have to meet certain specifications relating to storage with a PCIe-based 256GB HP Z Turbo Drive Even with a thickness of 21.42mm HP has
battery life, thickness, performance, wake from for operating system and applications and a 512GB managed to include a standard RJ45 port in the
sleep time and others. SATA-based SanDisk X210 2.5-inch SSD for data. chassis. This ingenious design has a spring-loaded
With the HP ZBook 15u (and the Lenovo ThinkPad Our tests showed that the HP Z Turbo Drive hinge that expands the port to its full width when
W550s) things get a little confusing as not all delivered around 70% better sequential read you plug in an Ethernet cable. Dual Band Wireless-
models qualify as an Ultrabook specifically, we speeds and 40% faster sequential read speeds AC is on tap for high-speed WiFi.
think, those that dont use an SSD for OS but on than the SanDisk X210, which is great news if you There are four USB 3.0 ports, one of which is
the whole one can expect all models to come close. frequently copy large files. 3ds Max also opened always on so smart phones and other devices can
Key to the ZBook 15u achieving its Ultrabook status slightly quicker, taking 17.3 secs on the HP Z Turbo be charged even when the mobile workstation is off.
is the Core i7-5600U, an Ultra low voltage (ULV) dual- Drive and 18.4 secs on the SanDisk X210. DisplayPort and VGA give both digital and analogue
core CPU based on the Broadwell architecture. However, in the AS SSD benchmark, the SanDisk options for connecting to external displays.
This CPU might lack the multi-threaded power X210 SSD actually scored higher in random read/ The HP ZBook 15u is an impressive addition to the
of the quad core chip found in the HP OMEN Pro write performance and access time so the benefits of HP ZBook family, giving fans of the enterprise-class
and Dell Precision M3800, but with a clock speed PCIe storage arent as broad as one might presume. CAD laptops an ultra-portable 15-inch offering.
of 2.6GHz rising to 3.2GHz, it still delivers where it As you would expect from an HP ZBook, build While the ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 are pitched
matters for CAD. And it does so without breaking quality is excellent and despite its 1.91kg mass the as desktop replacements, the ZBook 15u, with its
into a sweat with fan noise kept to an absolute machine feels solid and well built. entry-level 3D graphics feels more like a companion
minimum, even under heavy loading. Serviceability is superb with all key components to a desktop machine.
Like most mobile workstations, the HP ZBook 15u easily accessible behind the excellent HP Easy But if you want a slimline, highly portable
relies on switchable graphics with a view to saving Access Door. Simply remove the optional security Ultrabook for travel that is also optimised for
power. It uses the built in Intel HD Graphics 5500 screw, slide the switch, pull off the panel and entry-level 3D CAD, its an excellent choice.

5 The HP ZBook 15u offers impressive
7 serviceability, head and shoulders
above all other ultra portable
4 mobile workstations

1 HP Easy Access Door
3 2

2 3-cell, 50-WHr, 4.5-AHr battery

3 2.5-inch drive (SSD or HDD)

4 HP Z Turbo Drive

5 WLAN module

6 Memory modules

7 Screws to release keyboard


Mobile workstations.indd 40 17/04/2015 08:26


Lenovo ThinkPad W550s [pre-production unit]

With unrivalled battery life Lenovo has created a CAD-class laptop

that can truly be used all day long without having to plug into power

attery life can be a big issue for Cooling technology, which seemed intent on class to offer both 2.5-inch for data and a small
CAD on the go. But when a laptop clocking the CPU right down to 1.2GHz under most form factor SSD (mSATA or M.2) for operating
has workstation-class components loads, significantly impacting performance. system and applications.
throughout one cant really expect it Switching off Intelligent Cooling meant Of course, storage can be supplemented by an
to last more than a few hours away performance was restored to expected levels and external USB 3.0 drive. There are three ports (one
from the mains. it did this without negatively impacting fan noise. is always on, which is useful for charging smart
This really sucks if youre a frequent traveller or Lenovo told DEVELOP3D it is working on a patch to phones). Data can also be brought in and out via
too old to be fighting over sockets in Starbucks. fix this issue. Gigabit Ethernet or fast Intel Dual Band Wireless
And something that Lenovo has acknowledged Intelligent Cooling is one of a number of features - AC 7265. 3G or 4G WWAN is an option extra with
with its new ThinkPad W550s, which gets the Intel that can be adjusted through the intuitive Lenovo a Sierra EM7345 LTE or Ericsson N5321 3G, HSPA+
Ultrabook seal of approval in some configurations. Settings software. Rather than having to drill down module.
Lenovo claims its new slimline machine has the into the Windows Control Panel and dialogue box The ThinkPad has always been a popular choice
best battery life of any mobile workstation. And upon dialogue box, the touchpad, wireless, network, with enterprise customers so its good to see that
wed have to agree. Fully loaded with 9 cells, it power, camera and fingerprint reader can all be Lenovo has not cut corners when developing this
lasted an incredible 6h 33mins in our compute configured from an easy-to-use touch screen menu. slimline model.
intensive PCMark 8 battery test, about twice as Having initially been a little sceptical about Fingerprint and smart card readers are available
long as its closest rival, the HP ZBook 15u. the real value of touch screens on a mobile and, thanks to the underside docking port, it
With the benchmark hammering CPU and GPU for workstation, using the ThinkPads 15.5-inch 2,880 can mate with a ThinkPad Pro Dock or UltraDock
most of its duration, we would expect this machine x 1,620 multi-touch display with Windows 8.1 was a making it easy to hook up to external displays,
to last well over a whole day under more restrained moment of enlightenment. peripherals and LAN via DisplayPort, VGA, DVI,
use (think Word and Excel with a sprinkling of CAD). While we wouldnt recommend it for precise CAD Gigabit Ethernet and USB.
The secret to the ThinkPads longevity is not work, in terms of navigating files, apps and web The ThinkPad W550s offers a unique proposition
rocket science powerful batteries combined with pages, touching the screen directly is often much in the ultra portable 15-inch mobile workstation a
low-voltage processors mean the power issue is quicker and more intuitive than using the trackpad CAD-class laptop that can last all day on batteries.
tackled on two fronts. or point stick. As a result its a little thicker (23.3mm) and heavier
However, the way that Lenovo has implemented Thats not to say the trackpad is poor. A vast (2.48kg) than other models, though with all day
its batteries is rather unique. improvement over the one used in the ThinkPad battery you probably wont need to carry the power
Rather than having a single battery the ThinkPad W540, we found it comfortable and precise. adapter with you so that saves some weight.
W550s has two: a fixed internal 3 Cell (44 Whr) and The backlit keyboard took a little getting used to, With the slightly bulkier frame its a little
a removable external battery that clips underneath. as the island style keys have more travel than most, disappointing it doesnt have more storage options,
The external battery comes in three options. but we adjusted quite quickly and the numeric but this shouldnt detract from what is otherwise
A 3-cell (23 Whr) model that sits flush with the keypad is a big bonus for CAD. The ThinkPad W550s an excellent enterprise-class mobile workstation
underside of the machine or a 6-cell (48 WHr) or and the MSI WS60 were the only two machines in ideal for truly mobile designers.
6-cell (72 Whr) that protrudes from the bottom by this group test to boast this often-valued feature.
about the width of an AA battery. The chassis is classic ThinkPad a solid, well built
As the eternal battery can be easily removed, simple design with a soft touch finish on the lid.
you can extend battery life even further by keeping However, it lacks the serviceability of Lenovos
a spare in the laptop bag. This makes 3D CAD all desktop P-series workstations and
the way from LHR to SFO a distinct reality. You can accessing the internals is a
even swap out the external battery without having bit of a challenge due to an
to power down. awkward plastic back panel
Keeping power consumption down, the ThinkPad with multiple screws.
W550s features the same Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) In saying that there probably
processor as the HP ZBook 15u an Intel Core isnt much need for access as
i7-5600U. With only 2 CPU cores, performance will upgrades are limited. Like all
be restricted in simulation or ray trace rendering of the mobile workstations in
software. However, with a clock speed of 2.60GHz our group test, RAM is maxed
(Turbo up to 3.20GHz) its a decent option for single out at 16GB. However, more
threaded CAD operations. surprisingly, Lenovo only has
For 3D graphics, Lenovo has taken a different tack room for one 2.5-inch drive.
to HP, partnering the Intel CPU with an entry-level Our test machines 512GB SATA
Nvidia Quadro K620 GPU. In our hands-on 3D CAD SSD is perfectly adequate, but
tests the machine felt responsive, even with some those in need of more capacity
relatively complex models. However, its hard to store hefty CAD datasets
to put an exact figure on performance as a) our will have to choose a
SolidWorks benchmark does not run on Windows slower 1TB HDD.
8.1 and b) the benchmark scores in Creo were a One would
little erratic ranging from. 3.44 to 4.12. expect a
This inconsistency could be down to our test machine
machine being a pre-production unit. of this
We did experience a few quirks with the system,
specifically in relation to Lenovos Intelligent


Mobile workstations.indd 41 17/04/2015 08:27

Dell Precision M3800 [2015]
Recently updated with a new 4K screen and Thunderbolt 2,
Dells slimline beauty continues to shine, albeit with a few tradeoffs

irst unveiled in Autumn 2013, the Dell certainly make the most of its pin sharp resolution to storage and memory, youll also find the 6-Cell
Precision M3800 was the original ultra and it is arguably the best laptop panel weve battery which is rated at 91 WHr and not bad
portable 15-inch mobile workstation seen at DEVELOP3D. However, unlike most mobile considering the spec of the machine. It lasted 2h
and, in our opinion, still the best looking. workstation panels it has a glossy finish so can be 11min in our heavy duty PCMark battery test but we
This slender MacBook Pro look-alike may prone to annoying reflections in direct light. would expect much longer operation when using
lack originality but it is still a thing of beauty. But with four times as many pixels to push about standard office applications.
Beyond aesthetics, theres an innovative use of on screen 3D performance can slow down. Running The backlit island style keyboard and spacious
premium materials. A CNC machined aluminium our SolidWorks benchmark at 4K (3,840 x 2,160) trackpad with soft touch surround are a pleasure to
lid protects the glorious 4K touch display, while resulted in a significant drop in performance, less use, but theres no numeric keypad.
a magnesium mid panel, overmoulded with than half that we experienced at HD (1,920 x 1,080). For connectivity, the laptop is well appointed
silicone does a great job of keeping the palm rest With PTC Creo the impact of resolution with 3 x USB 3.0 ports and Thunderbolt 2 a
surface cool to touch. The carbon fibre base gives was negligible, so its important to note that nice addition for those that want lightning fast
lightweight strength as well as keeping laps at a performance in relation to resolution will likely external storage.
comfortable temperature. depend on the application, datasets and how the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 means CAD data
And the insulation is important as the machine model is viewed (e.g. realistic effects or shaded). can be transferred over WiFi more quickly than with
does produce a fair amount of heat, evident by The good news, because HD uses exactly half the 802.11 a/b/g/n (providing you have an optimised
its two audible fans, which kick into action during horizontal and vertical pixels, the image still looks network, of course). Gigabit Ethernet is still the
most CPU and GPU intensive operations. Warm air good at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. With other panels preferred way to connect to the network but the
is expelled at the rear underside of the machine. when you use a non-optimal resolution fonts and slimline design means no Ethernet port. A USB to
What the Precision M3800 lacks in acoustics, it images will be blurry. Ethernet adapter is included in the box though.
makes up for in performance. With four CPU cores, This is also an important consideration as software Other notable omissions include fingerprint
the 37W Intel Core i7 4712HQ CPU cut through developers make changes to the user interface. scanner, smart card reader or dedicated docking port
our 3ds Max rendering benchmark in a mere 300 Many applications are still not optimised for 4K so all important enterprise features although the
seconds, twice as fast as the UltraBook-class HP icons and dialogues appear unreadable even with machine can connect to a USB dock.
ZBook 15u and Lenovo ThinkPad W550s, and not far Windows settings ramped up. Having a real choice Finding the balance between performance
behind the HP OMEN Pro or even the desktop Lenovo of HD or 4K will help smooth the transition. and portability is a major challenge for
ThinkStation P500 reviewed earlier this year. An HDMi and Mini DisplayPort are included to mobile workstation manufacturers.
With a clock speed of 2.30GHz going up to connect to external displays. The emphasis on delivering
3.30GHz, a small improvement over the Intel Storage is more standard, courtesy of a 256GB performance in an exceedingly
Core i7 4702HQ CPU in last years model, it also Solid State Drive Mini-Card (mSATA). While some sleek chassis means inevitable
performs well in single threaded applications. may find this a little light on capacity, theres plenty trade offs in battery life and fan
For a machine of this size, 3D graphics of ways to remedy this either by upgrading to a noise but the Dell Precision
performance is impressive and the 2GB Nvidia 512GB or (soon) 1TB mSATA, or adding a 2.5-inch M3800 continues to be an
Quadro K1100M delivered solid scores in our drive (HDD up to 1TB, SSD up to 512GB or Solid exceptional machine for
SolidWorks and Creo benchmarks. But there is a BIG State Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD) up to 512GB). CAD on the go, though
caveat to this and that is the impact of display User upgrades are possible but youll need be sure to consider
resolution on 3D performance. a T5 Torx screwdriver to remove the implications of
The new 4K (3,840 x 2,160 ) Dell UltraSharp the 12 screws that secure the having a 4K screen.
touch panel is a thing of beauty. Vibrant colours back panel. In addition


Mobile workstations.indd 42 17/04/2015 08:27


MSI WS60 mobile workstation

The best performing of all the ultra portables but there are some compromises

e first looked at MSIs slimline life. High-powered components also mean a bigger peripherals. Thunderbolt doubles
workstation-class laptop back in October 150W power adapter, which weighs in at a hefty as a mini DisplayPort, which
2014 (tinyurl.com/MSI-WS60). Since 670g. The good news is the machine is only 1.9kg so together with HDMI, means you
then the machine has undergone a few tweaks a the overall package is still significantly lighter than a can connect up to two external
faster CPU (Intel Core i7 4720HQ CPU - 2.6GHz up to standard 15-inch machine. displays.
3.6GHz) and optional 4K (3,840 x 2,160) display At 390 x 266mm it is the biggest ultra portable Overall, the WS60 is an
but the key specs remain the same. in terms of height and width and even though build impressive machine and very
As this new model is not available quite yet, we re- quality is good it is not quite on par with the others. hot on price (1,416). There
visited the exact same machine we tested last year. There are some compromises. Despite having is no other sub 2kg mobile
The Intel Core i7 4710HQ CPU (2.5GHz up to 3.5GHz) room for three drives (2 x M.2 SSDs and 1 x 2.5-inch workstation that can deliver
may be a touch slower than the new 4720HQ HDD) the M.2s are limited to 128GB. To get up to such performance, but there
but this quad core CPU still makes the WS60 the 256GB you need to stripe two drives in a RAID 0 are some downsides including
fastest ultra portable mobile workstation available. array. While this has the benefit of delivering faster battery life and always on
Coupled with an Nvidia Quadro K2100M GPU it just sustained read/write performance, it does mean fans and its let down
edged out the HP OMEN Pro in all of our processor you have two points of failure on the critical OS a bit by the poor
intensive tests from rendering to 3D graphics. drive. In saying that, if you only use a handful of touch pad.
Considering MSI has packed so much power into apps 128GB should be more than sufficient.
a small envelope, it has done a pretty good job on The keyboard is excellent and comes with a
acoustics. Dedicated fans for both CPU and GPU numeric keypad, great for engineering input. The
mean it doesnt get too loud or too hot, even under touchpad is less impressive and we found the
heavy loads. However, they do run all the time, even cursor jumped about at times, which makes precise
when idle, which can be annoying. CAD work very difficult. Of course, this is not a
With levels of performance that rival standard problem if you use an external mouse.
15-inch mobile workstations, it will come as no The WS60 is well connected. With 3 x USB 3.0
surprise that the WS60 had fairly poor battery and Thunderbolt 2.0 there are plenty of options for

EXTERNAL STORAGE 36 secs to write. However,

rather surprisingly, it slowed
down in our parallel test
the performance it offers in
a compact footprint it cant
be beaten.
At 161 its the cheapest
of all the SSDs and offers
flexibility, should you wish
The limitations of
mechanical drive
technology were exposed
completing it in 137 secs The Samsung T1 SSD is to install the M.2 (2280) SSD in our multiple copy test,
Mainstream 15-inch transfer 7GB (13,500 files) (read) and 133 secs (write). also available in 250GB and in a laptop or desktop, but as the drive slowed right
mobile workstations of CAD data to and from With a high-quality 1TB capacities. other than that wed find it down when transferring
can typically hold up to the drive. aluminium case, built hard to recommend over the three separate datasets in
three internal drives but We then did a parallel in cable, carry case and SSD 850 EVO M.2 (500GB) Samsung T1 SSD. parallel (525 secs).
their slimline siblings are copy test where we high-speed transfer, the 144 (scan.co.uk) 3 This is likely to slow down
limited to one or two. This transferred three sets of premium grade pocket 3 year warranty + Seagate Backup Plus Slim as data gets scattered over
increases the importance data in quick succession so size drive is no doubt Startech M.2 Enclosure (2TB) 62.50 (amazon.co.uk) different parts of the disk
of external storage for all three were being copied an attractive package. 17 (uk.insight.com) 2 year warranty 4 (as the drive head has to
storing huge CAD datasets. at the same time. If, like However, at over 1 per GB This DIY solution houses This slimline traditional move further). However, a
When youre talking me, you often grab datasets the price is high and despite a SATA-based Samsung mechanical drive is only managed approach to file
about Gigabytes of data from different folders as and it winning our standard M.2 (2280) SSD in a metal 12mm thick. It is housed in copy (dataset by dataset,
performance is important. when you find them, this can copy test by some margin, Startech caddy. Installation a solid metal case which rather than throwing
No one likes waiting, be a real bottleneck with with performance dropping takes a few minutes and, hey comes in blue red, silver everything at it at once) will
particularly when rushing mechanical drives. under parallel copy you presto, you have a highly or black. help ease this bottleneck.
out of the door and late for need to carefully consider portable SSD, not much For sequential read At 1.6 pence per GB, the
an appointment. Akitio Palm Raid (512GB) the way you work to choose bigger than a USB stick. and write, performance is Seagate Backup Plus Slim
Mechanical Hard Disk 436 (scan.co.uk) 1 it over the Samsung T1. Performance is slightly pretty good. Read speeds, wins hands down on cost.
Drives (HDDs) with spinning 1 year warranty below that of the Samsung in particular were only And it also cant be beaten
disks used to be the only This high-speed Thunderbolt Samsung T1 (500GB) T1 (sequential - 51 secs read, 1.5 times slower than the on capacity - 2TB makes it
serious technology for drive features two mSATA 180 (scan.co.uk) 2 58 secs write) (parallel - 118 Samsung T1 SSD, completing incredibly attractive to those
storing CAD data but with SSDs combined in software 3 year warranty secs read, 120 secs write). in 72 secs (124 secs write). with swelling datasets.
capacities increasing and RAID 0 (where two drives Smaller than a business
prices dropping Solid State become one to boost card and only 9mm thick iPhone 5S
Drive (SSD) technology performance). For those Samsungs USB 3.0 T1 SSD 1 4 for scale
is now becoming an that prefer to protect fits easily within a pocket.
attractive alternative against data loss, it can The performance of the
not only because of the also be formatted in RAID drive is also excellent, taking
superior performance but 1 (mirrored) so your data 48 secs to read and 55 secs
built-in protection against should stay safe even if one to write our CAD dataset.
accidental drops. drive fails. It also performed
Most drives are USB 3.0 The drive is primarily exceedingly well in our
but with Thunderbolt 2 now designed for Mac OSX so parallel test completing the
being introduced in some needs reformatting for copy in 100 secs (read and
machines (e.g. Dell Precision Windows. This proved to write), quicker than it would 2
M3800) this could change be easier said than done as have taken to copy all three 3
over time. some partitions were locked in sequence!
We tested four different (needed both DISKPART and Overall, its a hugely
portable storage options, all Disk Management tools). impressive drive and comes
of which can be powered by Once up and running it highly recommended. At
the USB or Thunderbolt bus. was the fastest drive on 0.36 per GB its significantly
Our initial testing was test, taking just 40 secs to more expensive than a
simple: the time taken to read the CAD dataset and mechanical drive, but for


Mobile workstations.indd 43 17/04/2015 08:27


HP OMEN Pro [pre-production unit]

With a brand new mobile workstation, HP breaks the mould of its enterprise-focused
ZBooks offering a uniquely styled machine that is highly tuned for performance

ot content with producing one ultra giving the appearance of a much more slender Rather than leaning slightly to the side to see
portable 15-inch mobile workstation, machine. Thats not to say it needs any visual exactly where the ports were, we found we had to
HP surprised everyone this April trickery. The beautiful chassis, CNC milled from turn the machine round a full 180 degrees.
with the launch of a second. The solid aluminium and anodised with a black At the rear youll find four USB 3.0 ports (all
fact that the HP OMEN Pro was not a textured finish, is only 15.5mm at the front and charging), mini DisplayPort and HDMi. With such a
member of HPs established ZBook family also got 19.9mm at the rear. It looks exceptionally smart slimline chassis, theres no Ethernet port but a USB
everyone talking. but is prone to fingerprints. to Ethernet adapter comes in the box.
HP has spent years building up its Z Workstation Its gaming pedigree becomes apparent as soon Performance is excellent. Having a full 0.2GHz
brand, which spans both desktops and laptops, so as you switch it on as you are greeted by glowing over the M3800 (0.4GHz in Turbo) it has a clear
to launch a CAD-certified mobile workstation under red lights. Colour emanates from everywhere lead in our multi-threaded, CPU intensive 3ds
a different name at first seemed odd. speakers, power button, keys and the exhaust grills Max and Delcam PowerMill benchmarks and is
We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre- at the rear of the machine. only a whisker behind the MSI WS60. With the
production unit (the final shipping machine may be While gamers reportedly love this kind of thing, same Quadro K1100M GPU as the M3800 the
slightly different) and having seen the OMEN Pro in product designers may not be so enamoured. The performance increase is far less pronounced in our
the flesh it all makes perfect sense now. good news is, the lights are fully customisable and Creo and SolidWorks graphics tests. Fans kicked in
Like the Dell Precision M3800 and MSI WS60 the can be toned down to a calmer shade, including significantly under load, making a fair bit of noise.
HP OMEN Pro is based on a gaming laptop of the white, or switched off altogether. HP has said that They also ran slowly in the background when idle but
same name. As a result it was originally designed to lights will be switched off by default when the final this was less noticeable than with the MSI WS60.
tick two boxes. One, be high performance (both CPU machine ships next month. We actually experienced a few issues in our
and GPU) and, two, be slim and styled for gamers. The keyboard is excellent: firm, responsive and a SolidWorks test with PhotoView 360 crashing
This means it lacks many of the features that pleasure to use. While there is no numeric keypad regularly. It should be emphasised again that this
have become synonymous with ZBooks over the (none of the gaming-evolved mobile workstations was a pre-production unit and software issues like
years: enterprise features, such as docking port have them) they are six programmable keys that sit these are likely to be ironed out with the shipping
and fingerprint reader, plus serviceability that has to the left of the main keys. machine and during CAD certification. Performance
become the hallmark of all Z Workstations, both While these were designed with games in mind could also change slightly.
desktop and mobile. It is also less customisable, they could be put to good use as CAD shortcuts. Overall, the OMEN Pro is an excellent addition to
coming in a few base configurations. Each key (P1 to P6) can be used on their own or HPs workstation portfolio a beautifully styled,
With this in mind it would actually be a bit in conjunction with four modifier keys (shift, FN, slimline laptop that delivers performance to rival
disingenuous for HP to call the OMEN Pro a ZBook. CTRL, ALT) giving up to 30 different combinations. most standard 15-inch mobile workstations.
The OMEN Pro also gives HP another string to Customisations can be saved to profiles. There are some compromises, of course. Battery
its bow in this growing Ultra Portable market. The The multi-touch touchpad is excellent. It feels life is not great and some may find the storage too
ZBook 15u prioritises battery life over performance very similar to the MacBook Pros, but is presented limiting and rear ports annoying but, apart from
with a Dual Core Ultra Low Voltage CPU and entry- in a much wider landscape format. The touch these minor gripes, the OMEN looks to be a very
level GPU, whereas the OMEN Pro is all about screen panel is also very useful for navigation, impressive machine for mobile CAD and entry-level
performance, with a Quad Core processor and though not recommended for accurate CAD work. simulation and rendering.
higher spec GPU. In this respect it is very similar to Of course, with Windows 7 64-bit pre-installed on
the Dell Precision M3800. the HP OMEN Pro as standard you wont get as
Both Dells and HPs machines feature Quad much out of the touch screen as you would with
Core CPUs; the OMEN Pro having a slightly more Windows 8.1 Pro 64 (which is supported but
powerful Intel Core i7-4870HQ (2.50GHz up to cant be pre-installed).
3.70GHz) compared to the M3800s Intel Core The panel itself is glossy so reflections
i7-4712HQ (2.30GHz up to 3.30GHz). Both have a and fingerprints show up more but the
Quadro K1100M (2GB) GPU and 16GB of RAM. colours are extremely vivid and bright.
In terms of spec, storage is the big differentiator At 1,920 x 1,080 (HD) it may not match the
with the HP OMEN Pro having fast PCIe-based pixel count of the 4K Precision M3800 but
storage in the form of a 512GB HP Z Turbo Drive its an impressive display nonetheless.
while the Dell has an mSATA SSD and, crucially, By having such a sharply bevelled chassis,
space for a 2.5-inch drive (SSD or HDD) which can be which falls away at the front and sides,
very useful if you want to store a lot of CAD data. all of the I/O ports are found at the rear.
While the HP Z Turbo excels in sequential read/ At first this looks like a neat solution for
write tasks i.e. copying large files or in workflows keeping unsightly cables out of the
where exceedingly large files are the norm (e.g. way, but it can be a real pain to
video editing, point cloud processing and simulation) plug monitors, mice and
mainstream CAD users probably wont notice external storage.
much benefit. (See our PCIe vs SATA SSD article for
more on this - tinyurl.com/PCIe-SATA-SSD).
Beyond the core specifications, similarities to the
M3800 end. While Dells machine is a dead ringer
for MacBook Pro, the HP OMEN Pro is like no other
laptop weve seen before.
Its striking angular chassis falls away at the
front and sides with a sharply bevelled edge,


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Workstation Special.indd 1 17/04/2015 08:36

Onshape - Beta Overview

Weve been waiting for it to go public for a while and its finally here. Al Dean takes a
look at the beta release of Onshapes cloud-based 3D design and engineering system
to see how it works and what it offers to the market

f youve been connected to the desktop software. There is no download of Product: Onshape The difference with Onshape is that
world of 3D design and engineering multi Gb installation files, no trials and no Supplier: Onshape all modelling activities, whether its the
software for the last few months, serial numbers. Price: Free to $100 building of a single part or an assembly,
per month per user
youll have heard about Onshape. At its core, Onshape is a history-based are done in a single Part Studio.
Founded by most of the same team parametric modelling system built on onshape.com All the modelling tools are located
that started and grew SolidWorks, the the Parasolid kernel and is designed across the top of the user interface. There
company has been gaining headlines to work predominantly in a multi-body are the usual sketching tools together
and column inches across the globe. environment. with features such as extrudes, revolves,
That said, in case youre not aware of So, once logged-in, the user is presented sweep (no loft as yet), fillets, chamfers
what the company is doing, lets have a with the Documents page. Its worth and the like. There are also patterns
quick recap. spending some time here as all work is and mirroring, Booleans, part splitting,
Onshape is delivering a free 3D-led managed in Documents. (See the list of transforming geometry (move, rotate etc.)
design system in the browser. That means documents shown in figure 2). as well as a couple of direct geometry
theres little local computation and no However, the word Documents is a little editing tools for fillets, deleting or
install or manual updating of software. misleading. A better way to get your head replacing faces and offsetting.
However, its worth bearing in mind that around it is to think of each as a project The 2D sketch is pretty slick and in
Onshape is currently in Beta test. That because within each Document, there line with todays expectations. Inferred
means its not intended for production can be as many data files as needed. So, constraints are added on the fly and
use although some products are already alongside the Onshape native Part and constraints and dimensions can be added
on the market that have been developed Assembly Studio data, the user can also in where needed. Of course, relations
using it. So, the software will change, upload all manner of data into Documents, between dimensions can also be added in
probably on a monthly if not weekly basis. such as requirements spreadsheets, PDFs, where required.
MSDSs, third party data etc. Whilst modelling, the features and
GETTING UP AND RUNNING history are added to a sequential list on
The first step in getting signed up for BUILDING YOUR FIRST MODEL the left hand side of the screen. This is not
the system is registering at Onshape. To start modelling, simply create a just a list of features. Rather it combines a
com. Once complete, the user can simply Document by giving it a name and a feature list and the history of everything
log-in and get started as long as their web description. 1 Onshapes user that is done in that Part Studio.
browser is WebGL compliant. For PC, users As already discussed, Onshape is a multi- interface (in the As the system takes a multi-body based
thats Chrome and Firefox and for OSX body parametric modelling system that browser) for part and approach, different bodies can represent
assembly modelling
users, thats Safari, Chrome or Firefox. uses a feature and history approach. This different solid chunks of that model.
is stripped back,
Even at this very formative stage, its will feel familiar to users of the likes of uncomplicated and Each of the operations allows the user
clear that Onshape isnt like traditional SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia etc. clearly laid out to define whether their current feature is



added to existing geometry or whether its

maintained as a separate body.
To make this more clear, the system
automatically colour codes each body. The
user can even have a parts list below the
feature and history to provide even more
That said, there are many occasions
where separate bodies will be used for a
single part. A couple of features, including
patterning and mirroring tools, only work
at the body rather than the feature level.
To replicate features, the user will need
to model them as explicitly separate
bodies, create the patterns or mirrors and
then either join them together or remove
them from the geometry (for patterned
pockets, holes etc.) using Boolean
operations. 2
On a side note, Boolean operations now
come with an offset option for either
all of the faces or a selection. Thats a
pretty nice feature for building interfaces
between components.
Its also worth noting that the system
has the standard direct editing tools such
as move, rotate (done with the transform
tool) and deleting of sets of faces, resizing
fillets etc.
Because of the multi-body environment,
these can be applied to multiple parts at
one time. So you can move faces of two
parts, or edit fillets on five parts
However, using these will also
add a feature entry to that list
but it does mean that they remain
a part of the history and are
Any user thats used a parametric
modelling system in the last few years
will be able to jump in and get to work 4
almost immediately and Id encourage you
to do just that.
For those that havent worked in a multi- design changes and enabling the user to that when viewing, interacting with and 2 Onshapes
body way before, the system might take flex those mates and relations. editing the model, the user is essentially Documents windows
a little while to get your head around, but remotely accessing it through the browser. gives you insight into
all of your documents/
itll click after the first few sessions. TABS ARE KEY Theres no synchronisation with a local
projects, their
At this point, well look at a key element copy and no local download and reupload. status and account
BUILDING ASSEMBLIES of the user experience tabs. These are The data on the screen is the same data management
While the modelling tools are all found in found at the bottom of the user interface stored online. 3 The toolbars for
the Part Studio environment, the other and provide access to all of the data inside So should the internet connection drop, Part Studio (above)
modelling environment is the Assembly each Document, whether thats native although access to Onshape stops the data and Assembly Studio
Studio. Its here where parts can be Onshape Part or Assembly Studios or doesnt suffer at all. The same is true for (below) are clean,
clear and nicely
inserted (from any of the studios in the other data. a browser crash something we found
designed. Lets hope
current document) and relationships built As the users document gets more happened occasionally, particularly if they keep them as
up between those parts. data uploaded into it, the strip expands other tabs are running. more functions are
Onshape uses a joints based approach, enabling them to scroll across to select the But generally, you get a good response introduced into the
so the preferred method is to define joints data required. Data can also be accessed rate. Feature previews are slick and system
on each part, then snap them together from a pop up list (the + symbol). dynamic. Of course, the dynamic nature 4 When youre

using a variety of mates. The current beta Its also worth spending some time of those interactions will be controlled building features, hit
the Final button.
release includes fixed mates, rotational, looking at the right click menu options by the connections bandwidth, but even This will show the
slots, planar, slot or ball mates. on each of these, which provide access on a laptop tethered to a 4G network, its resultant part as
Theres also a more recently introduced to download geometry to carry out pretty zippy. you make design
selection of mechanism style relations translation or conversion. One way to see perfectly how this changes refresh
including gears (to define rotational Tabs will also allow users to copy data works is to build an extrude and use the times will depend on
the complexity of your
ratios), rack and pinion, screw (which from one Document to another. Although dynamic drag handles to vary the length.
history, but its useful
mimics a lead screw) and a linear it wont maintain that link, its a good way Depending on the users speed, there will
movement (think: Vice). These allow the to combine data if needed. be a momentary wait while the system
user to link up mates to create specific catches up with the geometry before it
mechanisms between the geometry. ALL CLOUD DATA STORAGE displays a preview.
Building up assemblies is pretty slick. Being a cloud-based system, whilst the To understand whats going on here, the
The parts or sub assemblies link back to user is modelling, all their data is being in browser tool is used to select geometry
the originating Part Studios, propagating stored on Onshapes servers. This means and then pulls it out. The system talks



to the server and sends back what the

geometry will look like. This happens
every time the user moves that handle.
In terms of calculation, something
thats not immediately clear is that while
the data resides on the cloud and much
of the calculation is done on the server-
side, there are some functions that are
computed locally.
One example is geometry selection.
When working with complex (in terms
of part count) assemblies, selecting
multiple parts using, for instance, a
window select, puts a pretty heavy load
on workstation resources. The reason is
that it uses the local graphics hardware to
determine what was in the box selection,
which is a computationally expensive
process. For that reason, the specs best 5
performancefor Onshape are both a lot
of RAM and decent graphics processing
hardware (the latter being key). As a cloud-based system, anything that Getting these data types into the
5 Joints are the
needs importing into the system has to be system is a little complex as theres a order of the day for
WORKING WITH IMPORTED AND uploaded into the Documents space either different approach required depending on assembling parts
3RD PARTY DATA within an existing Document or as the whether the user is working with parts or together. These allow
you to predefine
So far weve talked about how to build a basis of a new Document. assemblies. For parts, its a simple case of location and
product model from scratch. While thats Onshape currently works with a importing the part into a Part Studio. For orientation, making
key, its also a fundamental requirement number of formats. In terms of neutral assemblies, its more complex. assembly easier
to be able to work with imported geometry or standards based formats, youve got If you import an IGES or STEP Assembly
whether thats data from a customer, a Parasolid, IGES and STEP. On the native file into a traditional CAD system you
supplier, a previous project or output from format front, youve got SolidWorks, would most likely get an individual file not
a third party system. CATIA, Creo, Inventor and AutoCAD data. only for the top level assembly but also for


MEASURE: This is a subtle one. Select an entity and the VIEW CONTROLS: The small cube below the view cube gives TAB COMMANDS: You can upload all manner of files, but if
lower right will show a basic measurement. This can be you display preferences, perspective control, presets (such you upload a CAD file, you can translate it direct from the
expanded to give more details for multiple selections as isometric, dimetric) as well as section view tab. Hit the tab with your right mouse button

TRANSFORM: It took me a while to work this one out. If FEEDBACK: Stuck? Got a question for support? Hit the help SYNCHRONISED COLLABORATION: Invite someone to your
youre working in a part studio, the Transform command menu, select Feedback. You can then mark up a screenshot session, youll see a small icon for each. Doubling click this
allows you to move/rotate components as youd expect and add questions in text. Theyll be back to you via email gives them control and you follow their every move. Slick

SECTION VIEW: Find the small cube below the view cube, HISTORY: As well as the version control, Onshape also INTER DOCUMENT COPY OF TABS: To move data between
click it (left mouse button) - there youll find your dynamic stores a history of your operations - not just for that session documents, find the Tab, right click, copy to Clipboard,
sectioning tool (like an undo/redo stack), but a full history from scratch paste using the create tab command + symbol at bottom left



every part and subassembly.

In Onshape, all the parts are imported
into one part studio, and tabs are created
for each subassembly, and top level
assembly. This may be confusing to a
new user, because the part studio may
appear as a pile of parts laying on top of
each other. Since you currently cannot
edit geometry within the assembly tab,
making changes to specific parts can
be challenging. Onshape is looking to
improve this workflow.


Weve talked about how to create and edit
data so now lets look at the management
of that data. Onshape, due to its very
nature, provides version management 6
with the files.
That means that the data on the system
is the most up to date (as its inherently from each into a single stream again. with partners can be problematic. From
6 Onshape

centralised and single source) along with Onshape brings branching and merging the most basic of FTP-based file sharing, Assemblies lets
some versioning tools. This means that into the world of 3D CAD for perhaps through dropbox, then into the realms of you bring together
multiple parts and
the user can formalise the development the first time. The concept is that at any PDM or PLM linked hosting of data, it can sub assemblies from
stages of their product model. point in the development cycle, the user prove tricky to say the least. your Document into a
Interestingly, it also features branching can choose to create a branch from the Data is out of date almost immediately single environment,
and merging capabilities. This is an current state. as you lose control of it once its outside then use intelligent
approach thats popular in software This copies the data to a new variant your firewall. However, Onshape differs joints and relations
to build up positional
development circles, but hasnt really allowing ideas and concepts to be and differs dramatically.
and functional
become a part of the design and explored. Branches from branches can be As both the data and the tools to do requirements
engineering workflow as yet. created. Figure 7 shows how this is done constructive things with it are cloud-
The concept is that a product model can by providing a graphically led idea of based, if a link is sent to someone, they
be developed to a point where the user whats going on. not only get access to the data along
might be faced with two directions of Once the users at the point where they with some nifty viewing tools, but also
development, each of which they want to want to consolidate these streams, the the editing tools are right there in the
explore and progress further. merge command will bring everything browser too. They dont have to download,
Its the type of thing that can be done together into a single model again. install, or google the use of a viewer for an
very easily using paper or manual obscure file format.
prototyping processes, but is traditionally COLLABORATION The user has control over what folks
very difficult in the digital world. Now lets look at another area that is can do with that data (view only or view
Using a traditional data management inherently enabled because of Onshapes and edit). Also, by removing their share
system, this would require a complete new cloud based nature collaborative privileges access can be revoked.
product model and history of development working. Alongside the asychronous sharing of
for each with very little in the way of In traditional software installs, the data and tools, theres also a more real-
tools to help rationalise the better parts process of sharing the resultant data time, immediate collaboration capability


ne of the benefits that Onshape and its it on an iPad or an iPhone, the experience is Whenever anyone releases a mobile app,
A Onshape on the
browser based way of working is that much the same a specialised interface (rather particularly in the design and engineering space, iPad and iPhone
you can fire up any suitable browser than the browser version which isnt necessarily youll find that the Apple variants come first. is configured for
and get to work straight away. And of course, suited to a multi-touch-based interaction Why is that? Because vendors know that multi-touch
thats not just restricted to PCs and Macs. method). their community favours Apple products that
The browsers on mobile devices typically Download it from the Apple Store and log-in. information is immediately available at the click
B Its not just

should work as well. But of course, in this day viewing, its

What youll get is a version of the Onshape user of a mouse (thank Google Analytics for that). So,
and age, an app(lication) is all the rage, so the interface that is suited to the touch based and it makes sense to get Apple on the street first, modelling too
team have those in place as well. Theres also smaller form factor nature of such devices. then follow up with Android. C Android is
the issue that a desktop solution isnt ideal for a Commands and operations are tucked away Onshape have, at the moment, just the apps for coming soon
touch and multi-touch focussed device. when needed (this is particularly key on the iOS devices but were told that Android support
At launch, Onshape is looking at Apple iOS iPhone version as screen real estate is limited) is coming and, of course, in the meantime itll
devices for its first apps. Whether youre running but youll get to grips with it quickly enough. run in the browser anyway.




built into Onshape. Grab a part, send it

to someone and then jump on the phone
or skype. If youre both running the same
part, you can choose to follow one user
or the other (by clicking on the icon at the
top of the window). That will synchronise
the views in terms of rotation, panning,
zooming and sectioning etc. Any modelling
will be updated in real time as well. To try
this for yourself, just log into the same
dataset using two browser windows and
see how it works.

Now, with a good understanding of
Onshape and what it can do, lets talk
turkey. How much does it cost? The answer
is that the system is free. Thats right.
Theres no trial or a reduced functionality 7
demo. Its free, for life.
What you get for that freeness is 5Gb of
storage space and five active documents
or projects. You can have more than five in
your account, you just have to make them
inactive. Nothing will happen to this data,
you just cant access it until you activate
the document again.
So, where does the payment come into
play? The answer is when you want more
storage. In other words, more than five
documents active at one time. To move
up to the paid version or Pro its $100 per
month, per user. It really is that simple.


If I have a criticism of Onshape at present,
it doesnt have anything to do with the
technology. Its too early to start pulling it
apart and comparing its capabilities with
other systems on the market.
Yes, the system has a small selection 8
of the types of tools that many 3D design
and engineers users are used to. And yes,
many of these users will quickly find that the system without much in the way of seems to be every three weeks). The
7 The last two weeks

theyll try something and support isnt barriers, this type of issue will reduce last update saw the introduction of the have seen a bunch
there yet. But this will come with both some of the effect of that immediate assembly relations. of new tools added
to Onshape, such as
time and customer demand. accessibility. There are a few instances Yes, the modelling tools will need to be offsetting options
Thats the nature of introducing a brand where a simple rethinking of names in fleshed out and there are a few kinks to be when creating Boolean
new product into a market that has a wide line with what designers, engineers and worked out with some fundamental parts operations
ranging and experienced community. If makers might be trying to do, rather than of the system, but the platform onto which
8 The Assembly
youve got potential users that are familiar what the technology is doing, might help something truly interesting can be built, is Studio lets you create
with systems that have decade long reduce this. there and in place. some pretty complex
development cycles, its going to take a Ultimately, and as we said at the outset, Onshape is causing a stir in the 3D CAD mechanisms to test
out design concepts
while to catch up. Onshape is in beta. The development cycle and rightly so. Theres much to be very
Although I do have some concerns is going to be fast and furious. The good excited about.
relating to the inter-relation of Part news is that the cloud-based nature of the At present, it probably wont suit the
and Assembly Studios and the workflow system means that all users will get access majority of our readers, as they tend to be
needs to be straightened out. Those who to developments the instant theyre rolled at the upper end of the geometry creation
are used to organising and editing their out. spectrum, but if youre working on forms
geometry in the context of multi-level Thats a huge difference compared to that can be modelled with a limited toolset
assemblies will also find that difficult, the usual bi-monthly or quarterly service and can live without drawings, then it
unless theyve got everything in a Part pack roll out. It also means that if you might just do it.
Studio (the Assembly Studio environment have an interest in the system, whether But lets be clear here just because
doesnt give you any editing tools at the to complement or potentially replace your Onshape doesnt provide those tools now,
moment). existing tools, you cant rely on your first dont get fixated on that fact, and keep up
No, my criticism is some of the language experiences. to date with its developments.
that the team is using to describe Its worth considering putting a recurring Theres an incredible team behind the
the various portions of the system. date in your calendar to log-in to Onshape tool, theyre well funded and theres the
Documents arent really documents, and see how things are progressing, see potential to build something remarkable
theyre Projects. Similarly, Part Studios where functionality has been added, here that solves many users needs. And
arent just about parts, theyre about changed and enhanced. at a cost thats dramatically lower on a
editing parts and being able to edit Considering that this is the first month monthly basis than almost anything else
multiple parts. of the open beta, the toolset is impressive out there.
When users are able to get access to and expanding with each release (which onshape.com


Were proud to have made our worldwide public debut at DEVELOP3D Live and are inspired by our
many thousands of Beta users in more than 100 countries who are already designing great products!
Visit Onshape.com and nd out why they couldnt wait to get started.



onShape Ad.indd 1 17/04/2015 14:34
Autodesk reimagined 3D CAD from the ground up

The first tool of its kind, Autodesk Fusion 360TM allows teams to work
together in an integrated design, engineering, and fabrication tool,
virtually anywhere and on any device.

Try it for free at autodesk.com/fusion360

Autodesk and Fusion 360 are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names,
product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without
notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. 2015 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Q1

Its been a good few months since we last took a look at Autodesks Fusion 360
offering. With a burgeoning market for cloud-focussed design tools, Al Dean takes a
look through the latest updates to find out whats changed in recent months

nless youve been under a Product: project management and collaboration. STANDARD PARTS LIBRARY
blanket all winter (or, more Fusion 360 Whats interesting is that the team is If youre not familiar with McMaster Carr,
likely, buried with work), Supplier: Autodesk sharing its roadmap publicly, so you can then its a predominately US focussed
youll know that Autodesk Price: FREE to $25 dive in and see whats coming in the next organisation that sells all manner of
has been pushing the messaging (standard) /$100 few months. Our goal here is to catch you engineering fixtures, fittings, fasteners
(Ultimate) per user
around its Fusion 360 product pretty per month up, so you have a good appreciation of and components. It also has a very nice
hard. Fusion is Autodesks cloud-based fusion360.autodesk.
whats going on. filtering and search front end to its catalog
design, engineering and manufacturing com and a good range of 3D CAD models for
offering that relies on a cloud- USER EXPERIENCE CHANGES many of those components.
based infrastructure combined with The user interface hasnt changed a What Autodesk has done is integrate that
more localised computation where great deal. Perhaps the biggest change exact same front end into Fusion. Found in
neccessary is how the user interacts with projects the Insert pull down, it fires up a browser
It brings together direct editing, much of this has been removed from the window inside Fusion, lets you find the
parametric and history modelling, 2D Fusion interface and moved to the A360 part you want and instead of downloading
drawings and much more. The concept collaboration platform. While it removes the part file, itll insert it directly into your
is that while you have a locally streamed some of the immediate look up and project Fusion session. It can then be positioned
application (that keeps you up to date), tools, it does make the workflow easier if and reused where needed.
your data primarily resides in the cloud you just want to get designing and making The part entry in the product structure is
and that enables some interesting things parts. automatically given the part number from
to be done. Not least, centralised and McMaster Carr, so BOMs should be a snap
accessible data enables sharing of that ERROR HANDLING to turn into an order, particularly when
data with those that need it and more in This is one of those smart ones were all youre building prototypes.
depth project collaboration where you used to modelling systems not giving us
may have multiple parties working on the the geometry we want. Its often the case RENDERING - LOCAL
same project. that the mathematics behind it cant work Perhaps one of the most useful, for
In the last review, we looked at some of fillets is a solid example. Whats key is those in design and engineering, is the
the key updates that Autodesk had made that the system gives you feedback about introduction and refinement of the
to Fusion in the months preceding. To why the geometry you want cant be built, rendering options in Fusion. While the
recap, those included the introduction 1 Fusions latest so you can learn from it and fix it. Fusions system got KeyShot integration pretty
updates have brought
of history tracking, 2D drawings based March update brings online some of this early on, that wasnt much use unless you
on your 3D models, 2.5 and 3 axis CAM rendering including type of feedback, particularly when youre already had the system licenced.
and a whole lot more work done on both Depth of Field and dealing with the likes of holes, chamfers, Since earlier this year, Autodesk has
the workflow of existing tools as well as animation support threads, shells and such. brought similar-ish tools directly into



Fusion and theyre found under the Render now standard, Fusion uses a progressive pretty much inoperable until its settled 2 This release brings
environment. renderer thats built on its own, brand new (theres no core limiter as yet). To combat direct integration of
The workflow follows a pretty standard engine with the companys master of this, Autodesk has, in the last update, McMaster Carr's parts
library into the Fusion
process if youve not defined materials rendering in the movie world, this comes introduced a cloud rendering option.
and textures for your model, you have as no surprise. The concept is this. Rather than using
a library (that can be customised) of As you soon as you hit the Ray-trace local computational resources (read:
materials that can be dragged and icon (A teapot of course), youll hear your making your workstation run hot enough
dropped onto your parts these alone workstations fan spin up. to melt aluminium), you can off load that
are pretty well developed and give you There are a couple of settings. Normal load to Autodesks servers.
realistic results just with the standard gives you a nice result, but without any The system gives you a nice clean dialog
shading options in Fusion. self shadowing. Switching to advanced to define size, resolution and such. Click
If you then want to up the ante, you gives you those self shadows and your Start Rendering and the system sends the
can set-up scenes, which uses a range of model looks much more realistic. job to compute.
prebaked in HDR images to define lighting If you want to really nail things, then you Its worth noting that theres a cost
and background (though you can adapt open up the camera controls dialog. This implication for this service. It uses
background to your requirements). Theres is where youll start with using the model Autodesks cloud credits. Each Fusion
controls for the brightness and contrast of view, but you can dial things in further. 360 account gets 100 cloud credits to
those lights as well as rotate to allow fine Recent updates have introduced controls use across all of its services (that covers
tuning of highlights and such. over perspective view as well as providing rendering as well as simulation solves).
Now its time to try the different depth of field controls pick the point A quick way to think of the costs is that
rendering methods. The standard view you want to focus on, vary the controls to each costs $1 and one credit gets you a
is pretty good and doesnt require any adjust focus and youre done. megapixel. Youll see a cost (in terms of
computation. credits) before you send it off, so you
Fusion has some nifty bells and whistles RENDERING - CLOUD know what youre getting yourself into it
that make models look realistic while The issue with the ray tracing is that itll also sums up what youve used and what
youre working on them. hammer your local processing resources you have left.
You then get into the ray tracing. As is pretty hard and render your workstation Im told that Autodesk is keeping a close


1 Fusion also supports Autodesks A360 collaboration 2 You can log-in and view your data all from your iOS 3 The A360 Mobile app gives you full model inspection
platform for both mobile access and collaboration device it's configured for multi-touch tools as well as commenting, mark up and lots more



eye on usage patterns in the context of

Fusion and we might see some adjustment
in terms of what you can get and how
much additional credits cost.
Alongside the off-loading of
computation, the cloud renderer option
gives you access to a stored library of
images (it gives you small scale, standard
views for free youll see this across the
bottom of the UI in figure 1 on page 53) as
well as the ability to calculate a turn table
Beware that the turntables use the
same credit system. So, if you bump up
the image size and the number of frames,
youll use more credits if you render out
a 36 frame turntable at 7.9 megapixels
(thats just 1280 x 1024) its going to cost
you $24 worth of credits.
Its a discounted rate, and again, this is
being looked at by the powers that be, but 3
at present, you could burn through your
allowances very quickly indeed.
Pricing aside, once calculated, you can CONCLUSION coming along nicely. You arent likely 3 Recent updates

download these turntables either as Fusion has been released for a couple to get a fully annotated drawing with have seen drawing
static frames, as a movie or as a web- of years and that time is showing the full GD&T out of it yet, but if youre tools enhanced. Parity
is there across PC and
embeddable file, without the need to maturity of the toolset. The 3D modelling documenting a design, perhaps for Mac as well as new
compute them again. tools, whether youre using the direct quotation, perhaps for contract tools for sectioning,
modelling, history based tools or t-splines manufacturing based on a 3D model, detail views as well
DOCUMENTATION & DRAWINGS for organic shape, is maturing nicely. The it could get you there. And lets face it, as parts lists and
Just at the tail end of 2014, Autodesk new environments for animations (we Autodesk knows digital drawing inside out. balloons
began to introduce 2D drawing capabilities havent touched on), rendering and CAM The coming months are going to be
into Fusion. Based on the lessons theyve are also starting to mature. interesting for Fusion. The published
learnt with the web-based AutoCAD 360, Theres also an interesting set of tools roadmap shows that theres much more
these tools are laser focussed on the that see Autodesk take advantage of to come.
creation of drawings based on Fusion the cloud in interesting ways, whether From simulation and better working
models. thats cloud-based rendering or the new with electronics data, from simultaneous
They follow the same protocol as most standard parts focussed tools. collaboration with shared sessions to the
of todays 3D design systems you start On that subject, the McMaster Carr is introduction of 5 axis support to CAM on
with a base view, add in projected views, another good example of combining local the horizon.
isometric view then start to add in your and cloud. Its shame thats its such a US There are also a few things coming that
annotations, sections, etc. centric outfit, but theres plenty of metric weve seen that arent on that public
The most recent releases have seen the options in there for those that need it roadmap, but believe us, youll like it when
introduction of sections as well as parts even if the fasteners come in with the you see it.
lists and associated balloons that link to threads hard modelled (if youre reusing Keep an eye of Fusion 360. The 3D design
that parts list. them a lot throughout your assemblies, Id world is exploring new places and trying
Theres also parity across both the suggest a quick remodel after import to new things, and Autodesk are leading the
Windows and Mac platform (the initial simplify them some what). charge.
release was Windows only). The drawing creation tools are also fusion360.autodesk.com


While all of the CAD modelling and rendering to perform simulated stock removal, keep an eye of tool
tools are nice, whats got a lot of folks interested movement and such, then when youre happy with it, run
in Fusion 360 are the CAM tools. Whether theyre it through the post processor to generate your G-code.
looking for a lower cost alternative to the 2.5 or 3 Theres been a number of key updates for this release.
axis CAM theyve already got in-house or indeed, For those using the system already, the addition of
are bringing machining (whether at the production personal libraries, which are transportable between
end of the spectrum or in the prototyping/workshop different computers, is a biggie. This lets you keep your
environment) in-house for the first time). tools/cutter, posts and templates with you, rather than
If youve not had a chance to try it out, the gist is this. having to manual copy (or worst case) recreate them
The CAM tools are found in their own Environment. This between each computer you ran Fusion on.
switches the UI from modelling to the programming of Another (and a personal one on my wishlist) is the
operations. You then work through a clear workflow for ability to measure the remaining stock between the
part programming. simulated stock and the work piece when youre running
You start with set-up details defining the set-up, a simulation. Theres a whole bunch of other updates, but
datum, material stock and the like. You then get into the Ill let you dig into them if youre running it already.
selection and creation of operations. Fusion 360 has two The CAM tools in Fusion are perhaps one of its best
levels of product Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate. kept secrets there are a lot of folks getting back into
The difference between the two is that the standard machining again or perhaps for the first time.
variant gives you 2 and 2.5 axis machining capabilities, The rise of affordable desktop or small workshop-
allowing you to program simple parts (and if youre into based CNCs is another factor (weve just ordered one for
CNC routing, itll handle that perfectly too). The Ultimate the D3D workshop to run tests on). Theres a desire for
version brings you more complex 3 axis tools (with 3+2 professional grade CAM tools, but few are able to justify
and 5 axis machining coming later on in the year). the high costs of traditional software. Considering that
Whichever youre working on, the workflow is the same Fusion includes up to 3 axis for $100 a month, thats a
build the operations, using the built in simulation tools bargain.



Vero VISI Series 21

Vero has been through some exciting times, the most recent being its acquisition
by Hexagon Metrology. Al Dean looks at VISI 21 and finds a release that centres on
combining existing tools with the best practices in the product portfolio

f youve not been paying attention thats rotatable and zoomable, making life Product: VISI 21 around the design of complex moulds
to the manoeuvres around Vero much easier before youve even fired up Supplier: and die, in particular, where youve got
Software, its perhaps a good time the software. Vero Software multiple cavities in a single mould as well
for quick recap. The company has VISI has been going through Price: On Application as more complex mechanisms.
recently been acquired by Hexagon redevelopment and refreshing of the Multi-cavity support (in this release,
Metrology, but preceding that the user interface for some time and its this pertains to instances of the same
company had been expanding its now looking pretty clean and clear. This part) now gives you a mirroring tool. This
portfolio of software tools through release, however, takes a step back, creates a component copy and allows you
pretty aggressive acquisition. Under evaluating the best practice across all to array them as you need. The system
the Hexagon banner now, we have VISI of the companys products and adapts maintains the link to the original core/
for mould and die design, Surfcam, the user experience to give the best cavity geometry, but allows you to edit
Edgecam, PEPS, WorkNC, Alphacam and experience, rather than purely relying on any of those instances and have the rest
not to forget, Radan for sheet metal how things have been done historically. update automatically.
design and fabrication. Selection of geometry is a good example. VISI 21 also includes many new surface
While its still early days in terms of You now have much more flexibility, modelling tools which expand on the
discovering what Hexagon plans to do particularly when selecting multiple faces previous toolset for surface extension,
with this wealth of manufacturing related or other geometry types. A window (or surface tangency, and blending between
technology, it is clear that the company polyline) select will, as the default, select curves and faces with curvature
is looking to bring these tools together, everything inside that box, whether its constraints. The new tools are particularly
find where the best practices lie in each, visible or not. important for mould tool parting faces and
and roll them out across many of those You also have options to select just the sheet-metal forming stage development.
products all of which is evidenced in this visible entities or faces that have just
latest VISI 21 release. edges visible (the latter is particularly MECHANISM DESIGN & TEST
useful for selecting holes and pockets VISI 20 introduced mechanisms to the
USER EXPERIENCE when youre looking directly down onto existing constraints tools for linking
User experience is, of course, all about them). together components, but these were
the complete process, rather than just the It might sound like a small update, but manually controlled (you had to drag
user interface. when you consider the complexity (in and drop them to move them). VISI 21
So, with that in mind, its nice to see terms of numbers of surfaces) involved in introduces more formalised constraints
Vero integrate previews of native part files mould and die design, itll prove useful. 1 VISI 21 brings
that closer mimic real world mechanisms
improved Automatic
in the Windows environment. Instead of Moving onto the modelling and mould Feature Recognition such as springs, trajectories and paths,
the familiar static thumbnail in Explorer, design tools, theres been a lot of work (AFR) for complex gears, racks and pinions. This means
you now get a dynamic preview of the part across the board. Much of this revolves plate geometry you can not only do the complex work of



developing the moving components of a mould, arrangement in a vertical mill) itll save you a speed 3-axis machining capabilities. What the
but also simulate their action to ensure that huge amount of time by allowing you to do all the team has done for this release is look at the
theyll work. sorting up front. workflow from part geometry to final machined
Also related to this are animation tools Whats also interesting is that Vero has added in component and find a way to make it more
that allow you to define a timeline for those the ability to edit these recognised features. This efficient for the operator to achieve the final
animations, and they work in three modes. means that in the event of a design change or a toolpath.
Normal lets you just move components. Collision quick tweak, you can quickly edit the parameters 3-axis projects are now much more structured.
detection will stop the parts (and highlight those for these features (perhaps hole size or pocket You begin with an end goal, the final, finished
affected) when theres a collision (useful for depth) without having to run through the AFR component. Then you work through the processes
finding and fixing mechanism lock). process again. to reach it.
Physical dynamics gives you a full run down Another new feature thats worthy of note is the That takes you from importing or designing the
of what happens, letting you see what youre ability to stack features together. Its often the workpiece, defining stock, adding in auxiliary
going to get once built ideal when checking for case that you have a large machinable feature features and geometry (such as filling holes and
potential collisions with slides, cams and lifters. which also contains smaller features. These shut off surfaces) and obstacles (such as clamping
These tools are super easy to use and are can now be grouped and quickly reused where and fixtures).
designed to require the minimal number of needed. Once done, you then begin adding in the set-ups
constraints so you can dive in, use them and find The flip side to this is dealing with complex and operations to machine that part. This gives
any areas that need fixing, without too much pockets that might typically require a further you the benefit that with all features defined up
hassle or time spent setting up the job. 3-axis license. front, you can use simulation and collision/gouge
These are relatively simple in terms of outer checking at any time and a greater level of control
2 AND 2.5 AXIS MACHINING boundary, but might have more complex surfaces over what youre machining.
Lets now look at some of the updates for the around them or at the bottom of a pocket for
machining tools in VISI 21. Compared to previous instance. VISI now allows these to be machined MORE ACCESSIBLE TOOLPATHS
releases, this doesnt bring a huge amount of new using a 2-axis machining licence. Alongside the organisational matters, VISI 21 also
tools the existing toolset is pretty complete. sees the company take a different approach to
That said, theres also room for improvement ACCESSIBLE TOOLS providing access to all of the options, variables
and to rework how existing tools operate to make Alongside the 2-axis updates, theres also a shift and parameters for each operation. In previous
them either more efficient or more intelligent. in this release. There are several instances where releases, more advanced options have been
Well start with two axis machining. tools or capabilities from higher-end modules are tucked away in separate dialogs or tabs - making
The interface for 2-axis has been reworked, now available in the entry level modules. All of the them harder to find.
particularly inside the CAM navigator (the panels operations are high-speed enabled, with the feed For VISI 21, this changes. Each operations
used to define stock, set-ups, operations etc.). and speed control, ramping options and such. dialog features all of the options, commands and
The whole process is much more accessible, more Theres also been work done to maintain a more variables in a single window it might sound
clear and more intelligent. accurate stock model between each operation. more complex (and it is, until you get used to
The driver for that intelligence is Automatic Previous releases would have simply tracked the wealth of information presented in one hit)
Feature Recognition. This will find all of the the outer boundary of the cutter it now keeps but ultimately, research showed this is what
features (in a 2D context) from your part and offer a record of where material remains across the customers wanted, and this is about giving the
them up for programming. whole feature. user tools that are accessible.
Once found, you now have greater organisation Elsewhere, its now possible to run full gouge Each dialog is clearly organised and theres
tools that allow you to remove, move, add, checking against not only the part, cutter and tool heavy use of tool-tips and help where needed.
reorder and group those machinable features. holder, but also any fixtures, jigs or clamps.
While for a single part, this wont save you a G-CODE SIMULATION
huge amount of time, when youre programming 3-AXIS MACHINING Completing the CAM developments, a new NC
multiple parts at once (perhaps in a tombstone VISI already has a comprehensive set of high- simulator has been introduced for VISI 21 capable


1 Automotive IP panel with over 600 shut off faces and six
2 21 undercut areas with mechanical side action 3 10 undercut areas with mechanical side action
part modifications during the design stage movement on the ejection side movement on the injection side

4 24 separate parts with cooling, 36 different cooling

5 254 fully detailed general assembly drawing sheets
6 Final project statistics : 5,740 solids, 1,348 screws, 3
circuits and 685 cooling holes concurrent designers, 486 hours design time



of real G-code verification after the

toolpaths have been post-processed. All
relevant G codes, M codes and movements
are simulated.
During the simulation the axis positions,
status variables, offset and other
parameters can all be monitored and
checked. Importantly, the processing
times can be realistically computed,
accurately reporting the processing
times for each tool and each machining

Within the mould and die industries, Wire
Electrode Discharge Machining (Wire EDM)
is a common manufacturing process it
allows the creation of complex and often
fine detailed features that would be 3
difficult, if not impossible, to machine with
traditional cutters.
VISI has supported Wire EDM for many and enhancements weve discussed, VISI and has the tools that industry needs. 2 VISI 21 has
years, but the VISI 21 release introduces a 21 also sees the company embark on a From handling complex but dumb an updated CAM
new Smart operation that eliminates the pretty long term project to consolidate geometry, through machining preparation interface for power
users which presents
need for the user to assign a specific 2 or 4 the toolpaths of choice across all of its to programming machining operation and
all of the options
axis operation to a feature. products to produce a multi-discipline simulation. and variables for an
The cycle creates the simplest NC CAM engine remember, were talking As part of the Hexagon group, its going operation in a single
code by analysing the upper and lower VISI, Surfcam, WorkNC, Edgecam, to be interesting to see how the system dialog
contours of a feature and applying the Alphacam. grows and how the consolidation across 3 This release also

most efficient toolpath. For example, if The development team is working to find that product range is going to pan out in introduces easy to use
a 4-axis feature can be machined with 2 the best toolpaths amongst that wealth the coming years. kinematic tools with
an animation timeline
axis NC code then the smart operation will of knowledge and youll see the same Also the interesting thing happening in
intelligently decide this. consolidation across all of these products the CAM market is how pricing is shifting.
Another key point to highlight is that where appropriate. Looking at VISI 21, its clear that the
VISI 21 fully supports AgieCharmilles Its also worth noting that for many company is seeing this too and some of the
machines with HMI controllers. The years, Vero has been OEM licensing its more advanced, typically greater priced
technology information is read directly toolpath libraries, and others within the cost options (such as machining complex
from the AgieCharmilles EDM Expert industry will benefit from this technology pockets in 2.5 axis as well as full gouge
software, which means the operator can consolidation. checking against 3D fixtures) are now
now fully program the machine, including available in two axis modules.
technology, in an offline environment. CONCLUSION This makes it more affordable for
VISI is a comprehensive set of tools for those that dont need the highly
CONSOLIDATING TOOLPATHS designing and manufacturing complex complex capabilities but want to operate
One thing thats worth discussing is that products in the mould and die industry efficiently.
alongside all of the changes, updates (though it is seeing adoption elsewhere) verosoftware.com


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This is a unique opportunity for a talented individual to join a small design consultancy with
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A degree in Product Design, Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline.

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With a move to a new office, Al Dean is

spending a little time looking at the
equipment that he takes for granted.
Whats proving useful, whats not and
why it is that we become attached to
outmoded ways of working

egular readers of this last
page will know that for the
last few years, Ive been
working out of a small
workshop in the back of my
garden. While its been fun, the simple
facts are that a 12 x 6 wooden building
isnt cutting it any more. Along with
all the usual ephemera we collect over
the years, the recent months have seen
the hardware we have access to expand
somewhat. With the delivery of one of
the first Autodesk Ember 3D printers in
the UK and soon a 1m x 1m 3 axis CNC
router and a new 3D filament based
printer later on in the year, its clear that
something bigger is needed. So move I
The good news is that it has given me
a chance to sort through, what probably
amounts to 15 years worth of collected stuff.
While Im not a big one for keeping paper
work anymore (Ive already documented a me tinkering with near industrial machinery, And of course, mobile high-speed data 1 Assuming that

solution to that), theres a whole tonne of light curable resins and all manner of other connections to back them up. youve uploaded the
data, you can kick
books, manuals and devices that have come stuff something that might be rather Whats interesting is that the tools we
off a print job to
and gone. difficult in a normal office block. want to use are finally starting to catch up Autodesks Ember
I think I have one of every SpaceMouse But during one of the hours of clearing with these advances. printer, monitor its
model since its inception and some others out and boxing up, I found myself pondering Were now seeing systems that can run in progress all from a
from now defunct vendors. And cables. A how the computing world has changed. the browser or through specialised apps. web browser. Itll
connect to your office
billion cables. It was once the case that if you want to do We have the ability to centralise our data,
or workshop hard
Im also trying to learn a little more about some serious digital design work, you had to to ensure that we have access to all of that wired network or your
the world of electronics its something get into the office, fire up 20 grands worth mission critical data whenever we need it, wireless in a snap.
that has always escaped me, but Im of hardware and sit there staring at a 21 wherever we need it. Thats a remarkable
digging into what can be done with todays cathode ray tube monitor to get it done. So, will I be abandoning the hoarding shift
accessible, modular and hacked hardware. Contrast that to today. Were now spoilt genes and running clean and lean in the new 2 The next addition

So, I need somewhere where I can stare with all manner of mobility enabling tools office? Chances are, not so much. to the DEVELOP3D
Workshop the
blankly at an Arduino or a breadboard till and devices. Yes, the workstation is still a Ill still be taking all those reference
X-Carve a 1m x 1m
something starts to stick. big part of it, but theyre complimented with manuals and engineering text books with CNC Router from
The good news is that Ive found the laptops that can have similar horse power. me. Ill also probably maintain Als Museum Inventables.com
perfect spot. A quiet 200 sq ft office above a We have smart phones and iPads or Surface of 3D control devices on a bookshelf
local garage. The landlords also dont mind Pros ever present in our bags or pockets. somewhere and Ill certainly be keeping all
those experimental things Ive built over
the years.
That said, Ill be sorting the wheat from
the chaff, and be taking a few trips up to
the recycling centre, the local RSPCA shop
and donating a few things to local schools
to help them out. But itll be a much tighter,
leaner ship than before. Remind me of that
in 12 months time.

If you happen to be passing Wolverhampton

and fancy a brew and a natter, the kettle is
always on - hit me up al@x3dmedia.com /
2 @alistardean My phone number is in the front of
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