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SDZ3+1-20/385 series surge protective devices
The scope of application
SDZ -20

SDZ -20 series surge protector is widely used in various types of power supply system three surge
protector,is a kind of parallel type protection device. It can be puton the line appears in the low pressure
system of thunder and lightning inducedinvasion of discharge effectively, and can effectively inhibit the
resulting overvoltage,effective protection of lightning by power supply facilities. The products are used in
thepower distribution cabinet power supply system and the building of wind power system.

Product features
1. (8/20s 40kA)
The impact of current high (8/20s 40kA), low limiting voltage;
2. (5ns)
Fast response speed(5ns);
The continued flow cutting ability high;
4. 2 3 4 3+1
Structure (single, 2 combination, 3 combination, 4 combination, 3+1combination), system used in the
different modes of protection;
5. 35mm
Low voltage electrical installation forms in accordance with the international
standard,35mm standard rail mounted on.
VI With remote alarm terminal

Technical parameters
Series name SDZ-20
protection zone LPZ1 LPZ2LPZ3
Model SDZ3+1-20 NPE
Maximum continuous operating 275V 320V 385V 420V 275V

1.3kV 1.5kV 1.8kV 2.0kV 1.5kV
The level of protection

Three phase power and wind power system power supply
Application of power system
Xian shendian electric co.,ltd.
Nominal discharge current
40KA Each phase of 40KA
The Max of discharge current
The response speed 5ns 25ns

Connecting wire cross-sectional area
Protected mode L-PEN-PE
Remote alarm terminal optional

The use of the environment
mmThe shape size 9018n68n is the number of combinations
Installation method 35mm Standard orbit

SDZ3+1-20 SDZ3+1-20

A surge protector series SDZ3+1-20 is a parallel surge protector. When the powersystem is normal, the
SDZ3+1-20 series products are in the high impedance state,normal operation will not affect the system; when the
excess voltage line, start with ananosecond speed discharge current, has low impedance state, the
overvoltageamplitude limited to the low level, so as to protect the equipment from damage of over voltage.

Working principle The shape size

The shape size

Series name
l l1 nb b1 h h1
SDZ3+1-20 90 52 418 35 68 52
nNumber of combinationslBody lengthbBody widthhBody width
b1Track width
Xian shendian electric co.,ltd.

Installation instructions
1 35mm 13 1 3

Standard guide rail installed on 35mmWhen the product is working, the alarm terminal (if
any), 1,3 disconnect, 1, 3 closed when the product is deteriorated.

2. 32A, SDZ3+1-20
If the main circuit are connected in series with the fuse or breaker is greater
than132A,SDZ3+1-20 series of products in each branch need to be connected in series with anominal
value of 32A circuit breaker.

Maintenance instructions

Should be regularly checked for protector front limit flow device, if found that its action ,protector may be
damaged, should be timely maintenance or replacement.