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Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 18th Edition to 19th Edition Correlation

For its 19th edition, Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has been significantly reorganized to follow a sequence typical of HVACR programs and to group related topics.

The following chart provides a basic content correlation between the 18th and 19th editions. The first column lists the chapter or module from the 18th (2004) edition and the second column lists the chapter in the 19th edition where the content is now located.

A complete table of contents for the 19th edition is provided at the end of this document.

18th EditionChapters and Modules

19th Edition Chapters

Chapter 1Fundamentals of Refrigeration


History and Fundamentals of Refrigeration Module

Chapter 1


Temperature, Pressure, and Measurements Module

Chapter 1


Refrigeration Systems and Terms Module (1.251.40)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2Refrigeration Tools and Materials


Tubing and Fitting Module (2.12.8)

Chapter 4

Refrigeration Tools Module (2.9)

Chapter 3

Instruments and Gauges Module (2.102.11)

Chapter 3

Supplies and Use Module (2.122.16)

Chapter 3, Chapter 8

Chapter 3Basic Refrigeration Systems

Chapter 1, Chapter 16, Chapter 27, Chapter 42, Chapter 44

Chapter 4Compression Systems and Compressors


Compression Systems Module (4.14.12)

Chapter 2, Chapter 15

Compressors Module (4.134.27)

Chapter 15

Chapter 5Refrigerant Controls

Chapter 16

Chapter 6Electrical-Magnetic Fundamentals


Electrical Fundamentals Module (6.16.5)

Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 13

Applied Electronics and Electricity Module

Chapter 10, Chapter 11


Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 18th Edition to 19th Edition Correlationpage 2

18th EditionChapters and Modules

19th Edition Chapters

Chapter 7Electric Motors


Electric Motors Module (7.17.17)

Chapter 12

Servicing Electric Motors Module (7.187.22)

Chapter 14

Chapter 8Electric Circuits and Controls


Electric Control Circuits Module (8.18.3)

Chapter 13

Electric Controls Module (8.48.19)

Chapter 13, Chapter 28, Chapter 45

Chapter 9Refrigerants

Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Chapter 10Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling/Reclaiming

Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Chapter 11Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers

Chapter 17, Chapter 18

Chapter 12Servicing and Installing Small Hermetic Systems

Chapter 19, Chapter 20

Chapter 13Commercial Systems


Commercial Systems Module (13.113.4)

Chapter 42, Chapter 46

Commercial SystemsControls Module

Chapter 45, Chapter 46, Chapter 47


Chapter 14Commercial SystemsApplications

Chapter 42

Chapter 15Servicing and Installing Commercial Systems


Installing Commercial Systems Module (15.115.10)

Chapter 50

Servicing Commercial Systems Module

Chapter 51, Chapter 52, Chapter 53


Chapter 16Commercial SystemsHeat Loads and Piping


Heat Loads Module (16.116.14)

Chapter 48, Chapter 49

Lines and Piping Module (16.1516.16)

Chapter 47, Chapter 48, Chapter 49

Chapter 17Absorption SystemsPrinciples and Applications


Absorption System Principles Module (17.117.9)

Chapter 27

Residential and Commercial Absorption Systems Module (17.1017.13)

Chapter 27

Chapter 18Special Refrigeration Systems and Applications

Chapter 43, Chapter 44

Chapter 19Fundamentals of Air Conditioning


Air Movement and Measurement Module (19.119.7)

Chapter 21

Air Quality Module (19.819.11)

Chapter 22

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 18th Edition to 19th Edition Correlationpage 3

18th EditionChapters and Modules

19th Edition Chapters

Chapter 20Basic Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Chapter 32

Chapter 21Heating and Humidification Systems


Gas Heating Systems Module (21.121.15)

Chapter 35

Hydronic Radiant Heating Module (21.1621.21)

Chapter 33

Oil Furnaces Module (21.2221.30)

Chapter 36

Electric Heating Module (21.3121.37)

Chapter 37

Alternative Heating Methods Module (21.3821.41)

Chapter 34, Chapter 39

Humidification Module (21.4221.44)

Chapter 28

Chapter 22Cooling and Dehumidifying Systems

Chapter 25, Chapter 28

Chapter 23Air Distribution, Measurement, and Cleaning


Air Distribution Module (23.123.6)

Chapter 23

Air Measurement and Cleaning Module (23.723.8)

Chapter 21, Chapter 22

Chapter 24Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps


Heat Pumps Module (24.124.9)

Chapter 34

Central Air Conditioning Systems Module

Chapter 26


Large Systems Module (24.1524.23)

Chapter 26, Chapter 40, Chapter 45

Chapter 25Solar Energy

Chapter 39

Chapter 26Air Conditioning and Heating Control Systems


Control Mechanisms Module (26.126.12)

Chapter 29

Control System Components Module (26.1326.20)

Chapter 13, Chapter 14

Energy Management Module (26.2126.23)

Chapter 40

Chapter 27Air Conditioning SystemsHeating and Cooling Loads

Chapter 30

Chapter 28Automotive Air Conditioning

Removed from text

Chapter 29Servicing and Troubleshooting Simplified

Chapter 5

Chapter 30Passing Technician Certification Exams


Preparing for Exams Module (30.130.10)

Chapter 54

Typical Questions Module (30.11)


Chapter 31Technical Characteristics

Chapter 1, Chapter 9, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 10, Appendix

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 18th Edition to 19th Edition Correlationpage 4

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 19th Edition Contents

Fundamentals of Refrigeration

1. Fundamentals of Refrigeration

2. Basic Refrigeration Systems

Service Basics

3. Tools and Supplies

4. Working with Tubing and Piping

5. Service Calls


6. Introduction to Refrigerants

7. Equipment and Instruments for Refrigerant

Handling and Service

8. Working with Refrigerants

Basic Electricity, Magnetism, and Electronics

9. Basic Electricity

10. Electrical Power

11. Basic Electronics

Motors and Electric Control Systems

12. Electric Motors

13. Electrical Control Systems

14. Servicing Electric Motors and Controls

Compressors, Valves, and Metering Devices

15. Compressors

16. Valves and Metering Devices

Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers

17. Overview of Domestic Refrigerators and


18. Systems and Components of Domestic

Refrigerators and Freezers

19. Installation and Troubleshooting of Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers

20. Service and Repair of Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers

Indoor Air Fundamentals

21. Air Movement and Measurement

22. Air Quality

23. Air Distribution

24. Ventilation System Service

Air Conditioning Systems

25. Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

26. Central Air Conditioning Systems

27. Absorption and Evaporative Cooling Systems

28. Humidification

29. Thermostats

30. Heating and Cooling Loads

31. Air Conditioning Installation, Troubleshooting, and Service

Heating Systems

32. Forced Air Heating Fundamentals

33. Hydronic Heating Fundamentals

34. Heat Pumps

35. Gas-Fired Heating Systems

36. Oil-Fired Heating Systems

37. Electric Heating Systems

38. Heating System Installation and Service

Energy Management and Conservation

39. Solar Power and Thermal Storage

40. Energy Management

41. Energy Conservation

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

42. Overview of Commercial Refrigeration


43. Special Refrigeration Systems and Applications

44. Commercial RefrigerationSystem Configurations

45. Commercial Refrigeration SystemsHigh- Side Components

46. Commercial Refrigeration SystemsLow-

Side Components

47. Commercial Refrigeration SystemsPiping

Designing Commercial Refrigeration Systems

48. Understanding Heat Loads and System


49. Selecting Components Based on Heat Load

Installing and Servicing Commercial Systems

50. Installing Commercial Systems

51. Troubleshooting Commercial SystemsSystem Diagnosis

52. Troubleshooting Commercial SystemsComponent Diagnosis

53. Servicing Commercial Systems

Professional Development

54. Technician Certification