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Technology Integration Form COLLABORATION

Selected Technology/Resource Name: Age/Grade Level: 8th Technology/Resource Type: Website
Mindmeister grade
Application Software Device Website
Source: (Web address, company name, etc.)

Associated Learning Standard(s): The resource may be generally applicable, if so, simply state that. List any ISTE-S standards that
seem to naturally align with the selected resource.
Generally applicable, empowered learner, knowledge constructor, innovative designer, computational thinker, creative
communicator, global collaborator.

Give a brief description of the technology/resource.
Mindmeister is an online spider web designer in which the user can map thoughts, as well as connect ideas and organize them
into categories. It can be used to develop thoughts, compare and contrast, and can be shared with others for group contributions.


How might you integrate this resource in a lesson plan to promote collaboration among students in your classroom, or among
students and others outside of the classroom?
I would have my students get into groups of four and have them select a topic of discussion regarding the Civil War. An example
topic would be Reasons for Southern Cessation. Using computers or a mobile device, each student would add their own branch
of ideas with at least three points per branch. They would then submit and share their mind map to a class page for the other
groups to view.

Value-Added Rating Scale

3 2 1

The integration idea described: The integration idea described: The integration idea described:

aligns to content standards aligns to content standards aligns to content standards

transforms a lesson in a way that would enhances a lesson; likely to serves as a nice supplement to a lesson
be impossible or very difficult without it; increase student engagement and but wouldnt necessarily play a critical
very likely to increase student engagement support mastery of the concept(s) role within the lesson
and contribute to mastery of the
will most likely be used by the will most likely be used by the teacher
students directly during a lesson (e.g., a demonstration)
optimal in a student-centered
environment where students are active
and engaged in learning content

Based on the value-added rating scale above, how would you rate the technology integration you described, using the
selected resource?
Explain your rating based on the rubric indicators.
I would rank Mindmeister a 3 because of its ability to hit a variety of ISTE, content, and workplace standards. Teachers already
have their students develop spider webs or mind maps on paper to collect their thoughts or compare and contrast, however,
Mindmeister allows them to do this more efficiently, as well as share their maps with others for collaboration. It provides a more
professional and clean map to submit for a grade and it is easy for the students to navigate.

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