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Name: Amritraj Thakur

Nationality: British
Designation: Associate Vice-President. Consulting, Intellecap
Proposed Position: Project Manager
Key Qualifications:

Amrit brings a wealth of experience from successfully managing delivery of large scale reform projects for
government and multilateral agencies. He has worked in addressing educational, social and technological
issues across all three sectors - public, private and voluntary.
Prior to joining Intellecap, Amrit worked with the Tribal Group and managed various client engagements
covering the sectors of Healthcare and Education. He was a key member of a team responsible for designing
a workforce development programme (via e-learning) for the National Health Service (South West) in the UK.
He also has extensive experience of business modelling for healthcare firms ranging from diagnostics,
biomedical products and healthcare trusts.

Amrit has an MBA in Strategy and Finance from Warwick Business School, UK and is also a qualified
PRINCE2 practitioner.
MBA Marketing, University of Mumbai, India
MBA Strategy and Finance, Warwick Business School, UK
Relevant Experience:

Care Pathway optimization - National Health Service (NHS), UK

The engagement focused on review of care delivery for 3 Primary Care Trusts of NHS for reducing costs by
managing demand. The team engaged key stakeholders to identify range of options to provide care that is of
higher quality, delivered more efficiently and had potential to generate financial savings. Suggested model
reduced costs by up to 2.5m per annum (42% of the baseline cost) through delivering community-based
services below the tariff price.

Workforce development National Health Service (NHS), UK

The objective of this programme was to ensure the provision of education to support development of non-
medical healthcare professionals. The team was responsible for defining & prioritising the learning
requirements for South West region and we developed blended learning solutions which were underpinned by
an e-learning platform.

Naandi Community Water Services (NCWS)

Evaluated the challenges faced by NCWS in growing sustainably and helped develop a strategy for
sustainable expansion. We developed a blue-print for future expansion, identified market opportunity in terms
of geography and size and proposed potential operating models for future. This project enabled NCWS to
raise INR 9 crores in equity funding.

Diagnosis of Barbados TVET system (IADB)

The objective of the engagement was to analyse public and private providers at the secondary and post-
secondary levels, strengthen the articulation between secondary and post-secondary institutions and
strengthen the interphase between providers and labour market needs. The study was in preparation for
release of a larger multi-year grant to the Government of Barbados by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Improving Special Needs Education in Turkey (EC)

This engagement focussed on the strengthening the provision of Special Needs Education in Turkey. The
team was responsible for identifying the gaps in the provision and recommending improvements. Teacher
training courses were designed and delivered as a part of the capacity building programme for the Ministry of
National Education in Turkey. Senior educators and administrators from Turkey were shown best practice
models by way of exchange programmes. The team also designed advocacy programmes for parents and the
general public.

Record of Employment:
From To Designation & Name of the Firm
October 2012 Till date Associate Vice President, Intellecap

October 2009 September 2012 Business Development Manager, Tribal Group

June 2006 September 2009 Consultant, Capita Consulting, (on contract with Department of
Economic and Social Engagement at University of Brighton)
Languages Known:
Read Write Speak
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hindi Excellent Excellent Excellent
Marathi Excellent Excellent Excellent
I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes me, my
qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any wilful misstatement described herein may lead to my
disqualification or dismissal, if engaged

Amritraj Thakur Date : 18 September 2013

Full Name of authorized representative Amritraj Thakur