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Anouncements Ptr. Marlon He could have called ten thousand angels

Ptr. Nestor Lubuguin
To destroy the world and set Him free.
Welcoming Visitors/Welcome Song-Bro. Bernard
Barya sa Kaluluwa Pastor Lubuguin He could have called ten thousand angels,
Prelude Call to Worship But He died alone, for you and me.
Congregational Singing Bro. Bernard
Scripture Reading Upon His precious head they placed a crown of
Pastoral Prayer thorns; They laughed and said, "Behold the King!"
Congregational Singing
They struck Him and they cursed Him and mocked
Tithes & Offering Offertory Prayer His holy name All alone He suffered everything.
Special No.
Message When they nailed Him to the cross, His mother
Closing Remarks stood nearby, He said, "Woman, behold thy son!"
He cried, "I thirst for water," but they gave Him
I'M STANDING ON THE SOLID ROCK none to drink. Then the sinful work of man was
Through my disappointments, strife and done.
discontentment I cast my every care on the Lord.
No matter what obsession, pain or deep To the howling mob He yielded; He did not for
depression I'm standing on the solid rock. mercy cry. The cross of shame He took alone.
And when He cried, "It's finished," He gave
Chorus Himself to die; Salvation's wondrous plan was
I'm standing on the rock of ages, done.
Safe from all the storm that rages WHEN ANSWERS AREN'T ENOUGH
Rich, but not from Satan's wages. You have faced the mountains of desperation
I'm standing on the solid rock. You have climbed, you have fought, you have won
But this valley that lies coldly before you
Even though He's gone now, I don't feel alone, Casts a shadow you cannot overcome
With comfort came the spirit of the Lord.
Now with His hand to guide me from temptation And just when you thought you had it all together
hide me I'm standing on the solid rock. You knew every verse to get you through But this
time the sorrow broke more than just your heart
Now I'm pressing onward, each step leads me And reciting all those verses just won't do
homeward, I'm trusting in my Savior day by day Chorus:
Close is our relation, firm is it's foundation When answers aren't enough, there is Jesus
I'm standing on the solid rock. He is more than just an answer to your prayer
And your heart will find a safe and peaceful
refuge When answers aren't enough, He is there
They bound the hands of Jesus in the garden Huwag nang magtanong kung bakit nga ba?
where He prayed; They led Him thro' the streets ang landas ng ating Diyos ay alamin
in shame. They spat upon the Savior so pure and pag panatag ang damdamin, anuman kanyang
free from sin; They said, "Crucify Him; He's to layunin, may luha man, tagumpay ay kakamtin.
Kung sagot ay di sapat nariyan si Hesus,
sa dalangin Siya'y sagot, at higit pa.
sa Kanya'y puso'y ligtas at mapayapa,
Kung sagot ay di sapat nariyan Siya.