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EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Lesson Plan 4
Name of student Teacher: Anfal. School: Emirates National Schools.

Date& Duration of lesson Number of students Grade & Age

October 23, 2017- 40 minutes. 23 students. 3A 8 years old.
Personal Learning Aims:
The overall aim of this lesson is to discuss how people can save energy in the world.
Subject Strand
Science (Saving Energy). Earth and space.
Learning outcomes Resources
(refer to MOE PYP planner.
Learning Outcome Opening
(MOE) The email activity.
Students will be able
- List the types of Activity 1 Activity 2
energy (renewable and
nonrenewable). The energetic people. Matching journey.
- Identify different ways
to save energy (switch Activity 3 Activity 4
of the light, walking,
close the pot).
Numbers activity. Poster activity.
- Demonstrate that
saving energy is
important for the
world. Closing
The cup game.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Supporting activities based on grouping considerations ( See MOE document)

Opening: Email activity. Time: 5 minutes.

( Consider prior learning, Motivation, Overview and the presentation of the learning outcome)
The teacher will greet the students, then she will pretend that there is an email coming from the principal.
The email will have a flight number 857 and its going to the science village but to let the students visit the
village they need to answer two questions which are What the types of energy ? and List three
examples of each energy. The students in this activity will revise the types of energy and the example
which will help the teacher to engage the students to the lesson.

Practice Activities ( Use grouping as required)

Time: 20 minutes.
Describe the activities and what the students will be doing. Consider differentiated activities.
Describe here What the teacher will be doing during the practice activities:
Activity 1 Activity 2
The teacher will stick different cards that have a The teacher will ask all the students to sit in the
picture of an energy under the students desks and floor and she is going to present a video about how
in different places in the class. The teacher will people can save energy, then she will divide the
choose different students to find out the cards in the class into four groups each groups will have a
class. Then she will sit a timer for two minutes to colour ( red, green , yellow, and blue). Also, she
find the cards. The teacher will ask the students to will show the students a bottle of water and she will
share the picture they have with the students. say from the video how people can save energy and
Finally she will ask them the type of energy they the students will raise their hands and they will say
have found which will be the renewable energy. close the tap, so the students will match their
information with questions that teacher asks.
Activity 3 Activity 4
The teacher will ask the students to show her closed The teacher will give each group of students an A3
lips and ear listening. Then she will present in the paper and she will ask the high group to write how
board numbers game and the students need to they can save energy and why its important. The
choose number and do what it is asking. For middle group will draw examples and write the
example, number 9 has draw a picture that shows examples. The low group will draw the examples
how you can save water energy. only. The teacher will support the students by
showing them on the board the examples of the
saving energies. Then she will ask each group to
give her one example of what they have done.

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani

EPC 3903 Practicum 3b.

Activity 5 (for hamad)

Hamad has a disability in learning, so to involve

him in the lesson the teacher will provide a cards
that has the picture of the energy and the name of
each energy, and she will ask him to copy the name
of the energy, so he will be able to get involved
with the lesson. Also, to support him more the
teacher will talk with him in sometimes in Arabic
and she will use simple words if she would talk
with him in English.

Closing: The cup activity. Time: 5 minutes.

Consider a review of what the students did during the practice activities and ensure that all
students are assessed for learning
The teacher will provide a cup that has sticks. On the sticks the students names will be written in, and the
teacher will ask the students to prepare themselves because she will pick two names and she will ask the
first student to ask the second student about how he or she can save energy. If the second student answered
correctly, she or he will get a point but if not the teacher will ask the second student to choose a name from
the cup to find a helper.

The Process of the lesson

Teaching strategies Inquiry based learning.
Classroom Management Card Points.
strategies 1, 2 eyes on me.

Transitions Show me closed lips.

High five.
If you are ready raise your
Assessment Strategies Questioning.

General Comments

Recommendations/ Future personal targets/ area of focus

H00296953 Anfal Mohammed AlDahmani