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1.1. Can you tell us why KPMG are the clear choice for you?

I have started searching for the role in financial advisory business after receiving my master degree.
Before that, I was working in local investment, mining and consulting areas. During those years, I have
realized that working directly with multitude clients from diverse backgrounds and industry areas is
what primarily motivates me to contribute more to the different communities. KPMG is the best place
offering such an opportunity and it is the main reason why I think it is more than just a work place I
want to join. Equally, respecting each individuals and being committed to your communities are your
values I uphold as well and it inspires me to be part of the team where I could share the same beliefs
and approaches.

1.2. Can you tell us what interests you about the business area you have applied for?

I had made my mind to work in deals advisory business because the area carries significant
opportunity to take part in 4trln USD worth M&A, private/public deals that eventually grows economy
and directly affects the life of ordinary people like teachers, firemen, engineers. My friends from KPMG
told me about the size and diversity of the deals you are engaging. I am thrilled by the fact that many
international and local firms are counting on your advisory services and expertise you are attaching in
your reports to underpin their decision-making.

2. Considering the current and evolving importance of technology to KPMG, how do you
think technology will influence KPMG's business in the next few years?

The global technology landscape is continuously evolving and redefining business models. KPMG is
one of the few firms applying technological innovations. I would like to mention the forward-looking
potential of cognitive technologies, which is revolutionizing financial services industry. The opportunity
of integrating artificial Intelligence to the traditional business areas such as advisory and audit is
important. In the advisory business, it can quickly uncover bottlenecks in business operations, and
optimally redesign process flows. In deals advisory business, it will help to go beyond the ceteris
paribus principle and simultaneously measure the behaviour of multiple factors to deliver accurate
financial projections. In Audit business cognitive technology allows auditors to obtain and analyse
information from non-traditional sources, including social media sites, TV, radio and the Internet, and
determine if any of this external information may affect an audit either directly or indirectly.