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Unit 3 Vocabulary practice

Crime and justice 4 Replace the underlined verbs with the phrasal verbs in the
bring in find out let on own up to
1 Complete the sentences with the correct bold words.
set you up stamp out stand up to
If you break the law, you might have to go to court.
It was brave of you to confront your bullies.stand up to
(court / crime / law / sentence)
1 Theres no chance of getting your money back. The company
1 After Jack was given his ___________________, he had
has tricked you. ___________________
to ___________________ six months in prison.
2 Abigail revealed that her cousin had been caught shoplifting.
(go / sentence / service / spend)
2 If someone ___________________ a crime, they shouldnt
3 The police are determined to discover where the criminals
be allowed to get ___________________ with it.
might be hiding. ___________________
(away / breaks / commits / to)
4 I know you stole my money. When are you going to admit it?
3 Two of the offenders went to ___________________, but
one woman ___________________ away with doing
5 The police and local council are working very hard to stop
community service. (got / paid / law / prison)
crime in this area. ___________________
4 The judge ___________________ the offender by ordering
6 I think the government should introduce tougher punishments
him to pay a ___________________.
for offenders. ___________________
(fine / punished / sentence / spent)
5 The witness was frightened of ___________________ to
Noun suffixes
court in case she wasnt ___________________ fairly.
(breaking / going / punished / treated) 5 Complete the sentences with nouns formed with the verbs in
A and the suffixes in B.
2 Complete the verbs and nouns in the sentences.
A disturb enquire enter imprison interfere offend
The offender attacked an old woman who lived alone.
1 The judge decided that he should do B -ance -ence -ence -ment -y -y
c_____________ s_____________. The teenagers ignored the sign saying No entry.
2 The w_____________ described what shed seen during the 1 I realize that the music at our party was too loud, so Id like to
robbery. apologize for any ___________________ we caused.
3 The police a______________ her because shed broken the 2 The judge sentenced the offender to two years of
l_______________. ___________________.
4 He was caught speeding and had to pay a f_____________. 3 Please dont tell the neighbours what happened. I dont want
5 Its important for judges to t_____________ everybody fairly. any ___________________ from them right now.
4 Thank you for your ___________________, Mr Brown, but
Idioms we havent got any information at the moment.
5 Did you know that posting that message on Facebook might
3 Complete the text with the correct form of the idioms in the
be a criminal ___________________?
be above board catch someone red handed 6 Correct the underlined mistakes in the sentences.
face the music get to the bottom of
keep your nose clean step out of line Following the discoverance of the body, the police are now

Three years ago, Alan was caught red handed selling stolen investigating his death.discovery

products. The judge sent him to prison. The police, who believed 1 Despite the establishence of a new scheme to monitor crime

that there were more people involved, were determined to levels, the number of offences has continued to increase.

(1) _____________________ it, and they arrested many people. ___________________

2 Scientists will need to carry out a full examinal of the area to
However, Alan realized that it was time to
discover what happened. ___________________
(2) _____________________ and accept his punishment. He left
3 Due to contaminment of the evidence, it can no longer be
prison knowing that, if he (3) _____________________ again, he
used. ___________________
might be back in there very soon. He made the decision to
4 During the triment, several witnesses were asked to give
(4) _____________________ from that moment on and, since
evidence. ___________________
then, all his work (5) _____________________. He retrained as
a gardener and now works in a local park.