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OIS Model UN

Press Release

Brinda Mehra
Secretary General

Krish Abrol
Director General

Arunima Shrikhande
Charge Daffaires

November, 26th 2017

Mumbai, India.

Time flies and so do chocolates at SC on day 2 when Veto of all USA, China, France,
and the UK was taken away when they walked in late. When the Director-General
assumed the position of UK and USA; the Chair who stepped in as Djibouti, took the
committee to a whole new level.

The delegates burst out laughing when the delegate of DPRK questioned Djibouti for
being a permanent member of the UNSC. The delegate of DPRK asked for an apology
from the delegate of Djibouti in the form of a dance on a "Korean Item song" for
the "omnipresent, great leader the great
Kim Jong Un."

"Is this is a country that takes responsible

decisions or it this is a teenager that has
mood swings every day" - Delegate of
China to the Delegate of India on switching
on his stance.

Even though the delegates of the UNSC

managed to whip up a resolution, the
committee couldn't seem to reach a
consensus and tabled the resolution
The second day unfolded with
some lethal dance movesa
penalization for delegates that
were behind schedule.
Afterwhich, the delegates of
Poland and Bulgaria presented
a resolution concerning the
North Korean crisis that was
discussed the previous day.
Apart from a few amendments,
the resolution received much
commendation from the chairs,
as signified by a small token of
appreciation (chocolate) that

was hurled towards them in full speed. Placards were continuously drummed on the
white-wood desks as the delegates of DPRK and Iran brought across exceptional
refutations leading to the clause amendments. The final resolution was voted for
amongst the committee, with only four delegates against it. However, a re-vote was
requested, with two delegates voting for with rights. With a formal voting, the resolution
was passedSuccess!
With both cabinets sitting on opposite sides, the HWCs merged session commenced
with the chair announcing that every 15 minutes there will be a 5-minute session in which
directives will be announced - with the imposition of a rule in which no warships will be
allowed to descend rivers (like the Mississippi).

Like day 1, the chaos escalated - the sending of directives had gone out of hand (some
had been ripped and trashed)...and the Sec. Gen. had to step in.

Delegates, you CANNOT send more than two directives in succession!

The Confederacy asked for a Q&A session, and two of the chairs assumed the roles of
Jefferson Davis (Confederate side) and Abraham Lincoln (Union side), with the third
handling the (soon to be heated) negotiations.

Nearly every single delegate on each side

used their skills to ask fruitful questions
and debate (occasionally commended by
the chair).The Sec. Gen. came back (as
she did numerous times) to help maintain
decorum - the chair even ended up
threatening to ban the entire Confederacy
from the committee.

The exciting yet rather tiring session

came to a
close in the
midst of
the HWC is
now famous
for - a heated
The delegates of UNHRC were enthusiastic from the get-go, ready to contribute their
points and question each of the working papers. In fact, they were so desperate to speak
that the delegate of Palestine declared that he would be willing to argue for or against the
working paper, as long as he was able to able to participate.

The committee continued yesterdays progress by failing the third of their working papers,
but the chairs took this in stride, encouraging them to find a resolution from the feedback
for their working papers. The young MUNners were not aware of how a resolution is
drafted, as proved by the delegate who sent a note asking what is
sigmitri??!! (signatory), so the chairs patiently taught them before suspending formal
debate and moving into an unmoderated caucus.
When the resolution was ready to be
discussed, there was more confusion in the
form of the delegate of UAE wanting to enter
into wartime. But once this was cleared up, the
discourse was underway. Questions about the
resolution from many of the delegates
impressed the chairs, but the authors defended
their work. Many amendments were
suggested, leading to heated debate. By the
end of the second session, the delegates still
clamored to challenge each other - it was clear
that they were looking forward to resume later.
The ICJs agenda was the Case for Crimea. Unsurprisingly, day 2 began with the chair
banging the gavel, yelling Delegates Decorum! to silence two advocates who were
having a heated argument as to whether they could bring a dead man as a witness.

After the committee had settled, the case resumed with witness examination. Russia
began by cross-examining Ukraines witness, which turned into a loud argument between
the advocates of Russia and Ukraine, then the witness, and even the EB.
This is rubbish! - Russian advocate to the EB.

Then the Russian witness was examined. The Ukrainian advocates scrutinized over any
detail presented before cross-examining him thoroughly. A large quarrel between the
advocates and the EB ensued, ending with the Chair banning the Russian advocacys
use of technology.

The cross-examination continued...So you are saying Ukrainian army, is bribing the
Ukrainian Army to -Russian witness to Ukrainian advocacy. Needless to say, everyone
exploded with laughter.

Multiple rounds of presenting witnesses, examination, cross-examination, and

questioning continued, complete with ridiculous and honest answers, debilitating laughs,
and absurd reactions.

As is typical of court proceedings, various arguments were presented, and countered by

various means, including In my mind, I believed I was working for the government. -
Witness of Ukraine. A resolution could not be passed, and no judgment could be made.

The committee began on a good note, it was full of chatter at the beginning until the
chairs started roll call so everyone could settle down and the committee could
commence. The chairs had to bring out chocolates to give the delegates incentive for
their participation. This immediately helped raise the enthusiasm - chocolate can fix
anything after all!

When session 2 begun, they were at par with their work but it was still quite dry.
However, they then introduced a crisis saying that Germany has been falsifying their
information and will no longer provide the EU with funds.

Delegate of Germany than brought about a little humor by calling the chair delegate of
chair and using a pretty badly hand-drawn flag for his placard.
Delegate of Belgium was then dragged into the crisis and he responded by calling
Germany untrustworthy and said that they are not good people which caused some
laughs. Tired of the questions that followed his outburst, Belgium dramatically exited the

Everyone seemed to be unified against the

delegate of Belgium and his offensive remarks at
this point, which helped increase the energy of the
UK, Germany, and Belgium created their own union
which they said would be better than the EU which
made the committee more intriguing. The session
ended on a high note making room for fruitful
debate in the sessions to come.
The ball got rolling in the third session with a graceful elimination of the central partition, as
DISEC and UNSC joint forces in tackling the next crisis; the restatement of the USSR in
Russia, enforcing communism in Ukraine (basically cold war 2.0).The director general
reinforced several procedures, along with a fun-sized quote:

The reason why a country wins a war is not because its aggressive, its because its smart

When the timer began, all heads dove into computer screensas the delegates typed away,
researching on their countrys stance before their beloved internet would be seized. The
country of Russia was now renamed as NUSSR (New Union of Social Soviet Republic), its
pronunciation quite unusual.

The delegate of USA initiated the discussion with a bold stance, opposing the Soviets and
referring to them as barbaric. Ouch. However, the delegate of China did not seem to

Time and again the president of USA has made wild statements and tall tales, its time we
finally overtake this superpower by uniting against it
Delegate of China

Halfway through the session, the Executive Board was hounded with a cascading mountain
of directives, completely eradicating debate in the committee. This called for a new rule to
block all directives and transition into a moderated caucus.

Overall, the continuous updates launched by the Executive Board kept the flow of discussion
going, from the NUSSR seizing Polish weaponry to communism-adopting ISISthank god
this is all hypothetical.
OIS MUN Press Release
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