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M10 2nd Statement to Mediator after Chase cancel and reschedule from 11-7 to 11-27-2017 Chase schooling

Cassino v JP Morgan Chase in Jefferson County District Court 2017cv231

2nd Statement to Mediator by Lance Cassino 11-27-2017
Your Honor,
Chase and the law firms and the attorneys they retain to represent themselves are from the school of lie,
deny, delay and photo shop standing. They have thwarted courts nationwide. Discovery is to be minimized at all
costs and are drawn out. All the way committing felony fraud on the land records, fraud upon the court and
fraud upon the trustee, which taken in total are white collar RICO crimes.

The proof of what I am stating for major Chase fraud - like in this case - is the $100 Billion plus in
settlements see below a list starting on page 4. How can this not be ignored by the courts, judges and juries??
And by Chase in settling this case now > before hundreds, maybe a thousand WaMu loan Chase servicer
customers - just like me find out about this case??.

All settled out of court so attorneys and bank executives guilty would not be prosecuted and jailed as
white collar criminals committing felonies in RICO manners as standard operating procedures.

This asymmetry in settlement negotiations escapes most but not all winning homeowners. It gets especially
urgent when the banks made the wrong decision and appealed an unfavorable decision only to find that they
not only lost one case, but many thousands as a result of that one case.

The banks will do anything to sweep bad results under the rug. And that includes eliminating adverse
appellate opinions and trial court opinions.

This is a common practice by them --- to wipe out any trace that the entire mortgage scheme (and
therefore the entire foreclosure scheme) was a scam. Their strategy makes sense for them. By offering
you incentives they get the opinion wiped from the face of the earth. Hence hundreds of thousands of
other homeowners who might have contested foreclosure walk away in defeat.

Most obvious of all the Chase lies in my case is in the FDIC v. Chase $13 Billion November 2013
settlement - where Chase stated stipulated in an exhibit that they are not successors in interest to WaMu
loans like mine. Plus Lawrence Nardi VP of WaMu stating the same in a deposition in Florida in the Circuit
Court Fifth Judicial Circuit Lake County Case No. 2009CA005717 Chase as successor in interest to
Washington Mutual Bank v Sherone D Waisome 5-9-2012.

That evidence and facts by Chase admission and stipulation, plus the previous 4 fraudulent or photo
shopped foreclosing documents falsifying standing and now - per Forensic Document Examiner Gary Michaels
- Chases photo shopped Power Of Attorney for their Lost Instrument Bond, further falsifying standing and
Colorados 6 year statute of limitations validation (per 1909 Colorado Supreme Court case Lovell v. Goss, 45
Colo. 304 (Colo.1909). is more than enough for a quiet title being granted with a fair jury or judge. Further, a
2nd FBI online tip on mortgage fraud will be filed on Chase now allegedly creating a counterfeit $20,000 lost
instrument bond or fraudulent which surely is a felony. This will be done when the forensic report is completed.

So, if Chase does not accept in total the $50,000 settlement offer Tim Bullock emailed to Chase 10-20-
2017 see below by 5pm Tuesday 11/28/2017, then that offer is reduced to $10,000 with the same conditions

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of the $50,000 offer (which is the same offered sent certified to Mr. Jamie Dimon 5/3/2016 and documented at

The new $10,000 offer is good only till Tuesday, 12/10/2017 5pm, when it too will be withdrawn.

Then further litigation will commence after 12/10/2017 - timing to be determined - with a 2nd complaint
for damages exceeding $6 million will be filed by a personal injury attorney representing 9 total plaintiffs 3
Cassino family members damaged directly and 6 neighbors or neighbors to be and their real estate broker
damaged collaterally. This complaint was filed 9/25/2017 and voluntarily dismissed per counsel advice for the
time being.

Finally your Honor, all 12 of my documents submitted to my attorney for you and for Chase in your
mediation M1 through M12 the information is more fully documented for attorneys involved, the jury and
the judge/s 24x7 at the following private websites for the time being:




Thank you for your time and effort to resolve this quickly for both sides and the courts dockets.
Lance Cassino
p.s. My Great grandfather Albert Carr Brown was granted 2 homestead land patents one in 1921 by President
Warren Harding and one in 1927 by President Calvin Coolidge - that apply to the entire property in this case. I
am a direct heir from my great grandfather to his wife Bessie Ann Brown, my great grandmother, to her son
John Albert Brown, my great uncle, to me by the 2 PR deeds as exhibits in my complaint. The land patents are
below on page 6 and 7. This Im told, adds a new legal twist or two.
------------------ $50,000 settlement offer Tim Bullock emailed to Chase 10-20-2017 ------------------------------------
From: Tim Bullock [] Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 8:30 AM
To: Lowery-Graber, Cynthia
Subject: Cassino proposed settlement


Per our earlier discussions about possible settlement, my client desires to continue negotiation with Chase
and has authorized me to propose the following terms:

1. Cassino will pay Chase $50K in full settlement of all claims Chase may have against either parcel or
against Cassino. This amount will be paid out of proceeds received by Mr. Cassino from:

a) the encroaching party's settlement (Jordans);

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b) the sale of a portion of land from the two parcels (a contract is already in place with the

2. Chase agrees to sign the mylar copy of their surveyors minor adjustment submitted to Jeffco planning
and zoning and release its lis pendens.

3. Chase agrees to cooperate in any other matter necessary to reconfigure Parcel II for the McSweeneys
and the Jordans and remove itself from any claim to title.

4. Any conveyance by Chase shall be by general warranty deed with title insurance policies provided by
Chase in favor of Mr. Casino should it later be discovered that Chase had no equitable or legal interest in
the parcels.

5. Simultaneous closings involving Chase, Cassino, McSweeney's and the Jordans - by November 20th,

6. Release of any other interest recorded by Chase or its agents in Jeffco land records related to either

7. Chase agrees to pay our attorneys fees.

8. Chase agrees to not issue a 1099(a) or 1099(c).

9. Chase agrees to correct credit reporting with respect to this matter and Cassino within 30 days of

Thank you for submitting this proposal of settlement to your client. We believe the protections of CRE 408
apply to this offer.


Tim Bullock
827 Good Hope Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80108

This electronic message is from a law firm. It may contain confidential or privileged information. If you received this
transmission in error, please reply to the sender to advise of the error and delete this transmission and any attachments.

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The borrower owes money not to the world at large but to a particular person or institution, and only
the person or institution entitled to payment may enforce the debt by foreclosing on the security.
[O]nly the entity currently entitled to enforce a debt may foreclose on the mortgage or deed of trust
securing that debt . . . . (Yvanova, supra, 62 Cal.4th at p. 928.). The court was not influenced by the
creation of a false assignment post-foreclosure sale, and ruled according to the recorded

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