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Muhammad Aiman Hazziq bin Mohd Nazri

2 AEM 6


1. Where is the location of elevator ?

a) Empennage
b) Wings
c) Cockpit

The answer is A

2. What is the main purpose of secondary flight control ?

a) To ensure aircraft is flying with the best fuel consumption

b) Preventing stall at high angle of attack
c) To aid pilot in maintaning a stable flight condition

The answer is C

3. Which of these following are secondary flight control ?

i Rudder
ii Servo Tab
iii Spoiler

a) i & ii
b) ii only
c) ii & iii

The answer is C

4. The ..... provide lateral control about the longitudinal axis . The movement
produced is ..... .

a) aileron , yawing
b) aileron , rolling
c) rudder , yawing

The answer is B

5. How does aircraft maintaining a stable climbing condition after taking off ?

a) Applying elevator by using control yoke

b) Applying rudder by using rudder pedal
c) Applying aileron by using control wheel

The answer is A

6. What type of tabs that functioned when aircraft is flying at high speed ?

a) Servo tab
b) Trim tab
c) Spring tab

The answer is C
7. What is the best way in preventing tip stall ?

a) by using anti servo tab

b) by using differential aileron
c) putting a wing fence at each wing tip

The answer is B

8. On tapered wing aircraft , stall usually occur at wing tips first .Thus , it
will reduce the effectivity of ailerons . How to overcome this condition ?

a) by installing stall wedge at leading edge of wing at root

b) by using vortex generator
c) flying at low speed

The answer is A

9. The elevator control the aircraft about which axis ?

a) Vertical axis
b) Longitudinal axis
c) Lateral axis

The answer is C

10. How does Pneumatic Stall Warning works ?

a) Increase in angle of attack will cause negative pressure and activate warning
b) When aircraft reach stall angle , emergency lights will turn on automatically
c) Rotating out of balance wheel will cause the control column to shake together
with aural warning

The answer is A