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Spires of Altoorf

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Table of Contents

lNTRODUcriON .'. ' •• '. iii ..... ' •• ' ...... I.'. '!II'" ' .. ' •• ' .. ' •• ' J

About This Book ..• ~ __ .j

Ho» To 'V se This Boo,k , J

HEART OF THE EMPIRE ••••••••••••••••• j

The History of Altdo,rf 5

War and f,ortiJicati:on j

Plague and Punishment _ J

The Time of the Burgomeisrers 6

Siege and Recon.srruaion 6

Wizardry and Statesmarnhip 7

The' Present Day 8

AItdorf Guilds 8

AltdorJ Citi:tenship 8

Places in Altdorf.,. , .•.. , •.••.•• ' ..• ' •.•• ' .' .. " •. '.' 0" , •• , 0,""" 9

TheU pper Cl.asses _ _.,9

'The Loaer Qasses _ 14

PubH.c Areas N ' 18

Specific Places ' ' ..,.,. ' 22,

The Amerhysr College _ 22

The Brighr Colteg,e , 24

The Celestial. College ZJ

Empire House uo 26

The Jade College 28

Tbe LighrCollege 29

The Palace of Retribution ;0

The Temple oJ Sigmar ;1

Evoking Altdorf " '''. ' .. ,., '. '.,. ' .. ' .. '. ' ' .. ,33

Descriprions _ JJ

Events .• ' •. ' ' ' '.'.' ". ' ' ' ,. 3j

I.ocal Colour , 1j

Adventure' Initiations 1.5

Combat Obsracles ON 16

Chance Meedngs ~ J6


THE SECOND SHARD ••••••.•••••••••• 38

Proper Preperatio.n _ 3.9

The Dagger of Y ul K'chaum 39

'Bright Peril , 0 •••••••••••••••••••• 40

Cold Revenge "." ' ,. ' "', ... ".'. ' .... " .. ". , .. 4J


F AB.EWEIL, MIDDENHElM •••••••••• 44

On The Road ' ' .. , " .. 45

The Beastmen Attack, ' .. ' ' 46

Night Attack , , , ..•. , , .. 47

.AJr.ermat,h , , _ 4/I

Arrival in ,Altdorf " ,,, .. , 0 • 48

CHAPTER ill: THE AR. TEFACT •••••• 49

Finding, the' Artefact " , 49

Summary " , ou 49 I ntrigue _ _ ~Jo

NPC, Relanonship Map ' ' '.' .. ' ' ,SI

Getting Srart,ed j1

C'ha1'Q,crers J1

A Tempting .Offer ' '., .. '" " 64

Getting the Anefact .' ..••....•.•. , ...•.. ' , ' 6j

The Eo.zy Wqy 6j

The .Hard 'Wq:y 6j

Destroying the Artefact ................................• 67

The Tra.nsJigurarion

of Resplendent Gl.ory •• _ 67

Cl.eansing oj the Corrupred VesseL 68

The Fleshtess Made _ 70



The Burglary. ' ' ' ·71

Scene oj rhe Crime , 71

Lookingf or Distraaions 72

To Catch a Thi.ej 0 7J

,l:n. [he' .R,uins "' ... " .. ti ...... IiI~.,. t."' .. "! .. ~'IJ!I !!I'I!I'_'tI"' .. ~"IIII!III! I!I!IIIIII.,.11II1I!1! ,. 74

Aslting Around , , 75

At the' Cock Pir _.7j

To tbe Wareoouse 7J

At Empire H ouse _ _ _.76

The 'Bell , ,.' .. , .. '.O' •••• ' ••• ' •• ' •••• ' •.• ' ••••••••• 76

The Secret Shrine .•. , , , ,., , , '!l

Recruiting .Lord Frederick 77

F'inding the Shrine ' 77

Heresy Revealed 78

AJrermarh _ 7'9

CHAPTER V: BAD BLOOD •••••••••• 80

The Daemon utter ' , .. " ' 80

Thugs by Night .. , ,.,., , , ,.82

Sniper , ,.O'. ' •••• ' ' ". 82

Horrors at Home .'.' ' 83

Frenzied Shoppers .' '. ' " ' " " .. ' ' 84

Mutant Murderers. ' '.'.,." ' ....•...• ' 8,5

Finding Carlon' ' .. ,,, " 88

The Three Be'Q,rds ,_ 88

Tbe Tenentenrs 89

CartorrsWeb - 90

Mtennath" '.' ' " 92

Experience Poinr Awards 92

Player Handouts ' ' ' , ' 93


Chapter ill: The Artefact


Spires of Altdorfis the second part of Palhs of thl' Damned, an epic campaign series for Warhmnmer Fantasy Ro/~play. It follows on from Ashes oj MiddcTlheirfi and is intended For characters who are nearly finished wirh their firsr careers or already into their second careers.

In this adventure, the Player Characters (PCs) head [0 Ahdorf to find and destroy me Dagger or Yul K'chaum, the second artefact that contains me imprisoned essence of the Daemon Xathrodox, Once inside the greaT ciry, they get caught lip in intrigue amongst the Colleges of Magic in rhelr attempts to acquire both the dagger and a method to destroy It.


Paths of tbt DamIJtd· Spires of Attdolic:.onsists of rhe followi ng sections:

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

This se lion provides an overview of the capital of rhe Empire. It includes a history of the city, descriptions of both generic and specific locations, adventure hooks, and advice on evoking the proper atmosphere for Alrdorf While this material is focused on providing you what you need co run this adventure, it also gives you plenry of informadon you can use to run further Alrdorf scenarios.

Chapter I: The Second Shard

This chapter is an overview of the adventure In full. It provides details on the three main plots, statistics for the two ptimany antagonists, and general advice on how to run the web of intrigue at [he heart of Spires of Altdorf.

Chapter Ih Farewell, Middenheim

The adventure proper begins here, in Middenheim. The res benefit from research in the Collegium Theologica, which putS them on the path of the dagger and on the way to Alcdorf Jtalso details their journey on rhe road [0 Altdorf. and the perils rnar bevil them.


This chapter provides information and encounters for rhe main plot: locating and destroying the Dagger ofYul K'chaurn, Since this section is intrigue-based, it Includes details on many NPCs, what they know, and how they fillmo the plot.

Chapter IV: The Shadow of Fire

This section derails the machinations of a Bright Wizard who has sinister designs on the Dagger ofYui K'chaum. If his plans come to fruition, a new chaos threat is Ier loose in the Empire.

Chapter V: Bad Blood

"Ihis final chapter provides information and encounters for the final plot. that of a Crimson Skull cultist trying co get revenge on rhe PCs for their acrions in kIm of Middmheim. The Afterlllath section of this chapter wrap up the adventure and details experience point awards,

How To USE THIS Boox

In order to use Spires of ALtdoif, you will need the War-hammer Ftmtasy Roleplay rule book, plus paper, pencils, ~LOd dice. Although you can run this adventure on its own, it works much better as the middle section ofthc: entire Pdths of the Damned campaign. If you are Starting with this adventure, four pre-generated characters have been provided at the back of he book. They are kirted out and ready (Q go.

S,im ofAJtdqiflS not an ideal adventure for the novice GM. It contains three major storylines rhar require constant juggLing by the Game Master. You really need to be comfortable in me GM's sear before attempting [0 run an adventure like rhls one. Unlike Ashes of Miritknheim, the action is not presented sequentially. Instead, me adventure requires you to assess what your players have done and advance the plot all appropriate. This requires good timing and a large dose of common sense. You a150 need to be inrirnarely familiar with the material, so it is recommended you read over the material at least rwice before running the adventure.

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf


Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

A lrdorfas befits the ~pitalof ~he largest realm of the ~ld Wodd, is ageear dry. Srraddling th: Reik and h.nking [he b~nks l'land dozens of smsll Islands with hundreds of bndges, It draws much of the trade of ehe Empire through ItS markets. TIle Storm ofChaos left it largely untouched, so its splendours 5UU awe those comjng from the country. particularly from regions left devastated. Nadves will happily [ell outsiders of their dty's glories and complain birterly amongsrrhemselves about its inconveniences.

The Imperial Palace, the Temple ofSigmar. and the Colleges .ofMagic are only the most important institutions found in Altdorf Opera, [heaue, soirees, markers, shops. taverns, pit fights, sneer brawls-s-Alrdorf has entertainment suited wall tastes and all pockets. As the late Siegfried Johanson, noted rake-about-town, said '''When one is tired of Altdorf, one is tired of!.ife."

This bookindudes an overview mapa! the city but not a streer-Ievel maps; tne city is F.u reo large,. and in a few places the magic of the Colleges makes any map unreliable. Insread, r.his section provides maretial you can use [0 make the players feel as rnough they are in Altdorf along with their characters.

of Altdorf can go 10 More!" Hereafter, the city was known as The Grear Reek.

A· ~rdor.f began. its a small Ul1be~ogell getde~ent 011 an ISlet m the river Reik, Known as Rt:!kdorf (rht: !;lIy of the river), it oifered good fishing .. fertile farmland, and an escellenr defensive position. Over time, this tribal capitol beganrogrow. spilling om of its islet home to cover che nearby western snore and many other small islands in the Reik. By the time Slgmar [outneyed Inro the ease, Reikdorf cl~med to be the largest settlement in aU the lands of men. Bridges were bulle, andthe basic structure of the cicy formed.

AJs Sigmar's Empire spread, trade began to blossom. Farmland W,tS churned from the woods and the Goblin tribes. Many small smlements appeared across the ReikJand. and the prosperity ofthe area began [0 grow. Most of the spare food from these fiums found its way to Reikdorf where it was shipped upriver for fine profits. Reikland wool, leamer,. and timber also moved across tribal boarders. Iv; this trade matured. arrracting money and craftsmen to the settlement, Re.ikdorfbegan [Q speclallse in for.giog, cloth, and. fine ales.


From 300 I C onwards, the character of Reikdorf changed. asthe prosperity of the surrounding lands began to wane. Long years of Goblin wars, internal strife. poor harvest. and social decline took their toll on the rich town. The sturdy stone temple of Sigmar was soon joined by defensive walls, as Reikdorf learned to fend ofF hard times.

The strong walls attracted maoy folk to ihe town. and by 500 IC Reikdorfhacl more than quadrupled in size. The ruling powers attempted to persuade the people to build in stone, rather than Harnrnable wood. bur this directive was cheerfully ignored. Despite all his efforts, Emperor Sigismund "The Conqueror" could not break che Reikdorf instinct to do things on the cheap. The Ward~r Emperor formally named the place Altdorf (the old city) and ordered the place forrified in stone [0 better defend against the local warlords and bandit tribes. He died .before his vision could be completed, and in 557 Ie his son, Siefried "The Lawgiver", moved to Nuln in disgust. The young Empercrdeclared, "The reeking streets

From. 600 LC onwards. the Cuk of Sigmar began 00 root

itSelf deeply In the bedrock of Alrdoff sociely. The constant strife and battling of local warlords aided the growth of the culr, whilst growth of commerce repaired AJ[dorf's forru nes. Money Aowed into the culr's .coffers, and by 990 Ie, the Grand Tbeoglrusr convinced Emperor Ludwig the Fat to wam the Sigmarites an electoral vote. Not content with this, thecult threw alavlsh series ofbsnquers and successfully lured the ruler's court to an Aledorf palace, Ten years larer, me Cathedral of Sigrnar was completed. exactly 1000 years after the Battle of Black Fire Pass. The Dwarf stonemasons who laboured on the buildings weregranted .fr.eedom of the city and settled down to create what later became the Dwarf \luartcr. Religious feeling Howered. and the first great iUuminated tomes of The Liflo! Si.gmal' were created.


By Boris Go.ldga.ther's reign, Alcdorf was a rich mixture of races, religions, craftsmen, merchants. nobles, and peasants. TIle Great Reek was famous for its rhieves and riches-c-the Emperor being the biggest crook of them all. His heavy

taxes and free~pending ways resulted in a season of riots and scandals. Several Sigmarite priests were exposed in public alongside their mistresses and harems, causing outrage, shock. and further riots. Martial law was imposed. but only me disasrrous Black Plague ofl llI finally bear OUt the flames of insurgency.

The city folk cheered Coldgather's death in 1115 and attempted to stem the tide of anarchy that foUowed. 11,1s attempt failed, and as the merchants fcafed, trade rook a

rum fOJ the worse. Matters became dire with the accession of Emperor: Mandred Ratslayer in '1124 I.e. The new Emperor SC! up his palace in Middenheim, and. the focus of'rrade moved away &om Alsdorf Chaes ensued as the luxury trade collapsed. debts went unpaid, and the nobility fled !.ike rars from a sinking ship.


Hem of the

Rices and fires broke OUt once more, and me Cul t of Slgruar arrern pred to take control of the City. A cynical policy of «Bread ror Believers" required folk (0 swear an oath of loyalty [0 the cult in return for food and protection. Alrdorfers defrauded this system so extensively that the cult's coffers were almost emptied and for lirrle gain, as the population returned to its cheerful Irreligious narure once rhe handouts ceased. It took over 300 years for me cult and the city to recover fromthls financial disaster.

Around this lime, the beginnings of an organised guild structure began to appear. These guilds later dominate the poljdcallife of the caplrol, butar thts time, they focused on protecting their members against the harshness of the times.

In the wake of plague and turmoil, many country peasants flocked to the city to 611 the empty houses and join the new guHds. 111is move from the farmlands, combined with many poor harvests beggared rhe Reikland Elector. The ruined Doble approached Alcdorf for aid and eventually made a deal, The Counr formally adopted the Prince of Alrdorf the Count then abdicated all Electoral privileges to cherand Prince. Vast sums of money flowed into the RcikJ.aod estates, restoring the fortunes, if not Ute ti de, of the former Coum.

The dual d de of Grand Prince of Alrdorf and Elector COWl[ of Reikland then passed from prince [0 prince, though it seemed to bring little luck with it. 'The crippling upkeep of the Reiklsnd and collapse of Alcdorf trade meant mal before the l200 ended, the rulers of The Reek were known as "the poor princes". From this time forward, money became increasingly important as a source or power and leverage. Bribery and

orruprion seeped into all aspects of ciry life.


The 1500s opened with a bold move &om the Burgorneisrers. Following the trend of the times, the uilds openly bribed (he nobility to rerum LO me cILy. Gifts oflands and walled estates luted some, whilst ocher responded 00 generolls loans and "honour tithes". The Elector count ofWissenLand reportedly received a gifT of 50 white peacocks with gilded beaks and purple- rained feer. He prompcly invited the guild masters of Ahdorf to a f('USc and served up the birds on silver salvers as a lesson about loyalty.

Despite this rebuke, by 1547 IC and the time of the Three Emperors, Alrdorf managed to repair its fortunes. As the territories fought, The Great Reek learned t.O proEh from the civil war, The guilds eifecrively ran most ciry life, and riches became the ultimate dream of every cJdzen.TI\e ciey continued to grow and evolve throughout thts time of strife, By the

lim siege of Ahdorf'In 1701 IC, the famOlls 'dorfer attitude was recognlsably A proud and cunning people, die siege did not break their splrlrs: rather, it became a point of principle to igno~e the hunger, death, and horror of the Ore warlord Gorbad Ironclaw's incursion. All the temples of the city experienced a marked rise in offerings at this Lime, and

a religious renaissance swept the city. in the aftermath of the


siege, the city was rocked by the uncovering ofseveral Chaos cults and II scandal involving a Lector of Slgmar anoin ting

a wollhound to the office of priesthood. Outside the city bounds, Crackle Hill was established as the execution grounds for heredes and traitors, whilst Morr' Oak remained me hanging place for ordinary criminals.

AI; the centuries wore on, the increasingly empty purses

of the counts allowed the rich [0 buy themselves titles and coats of arms from the nobility. Heraldry became deeply fashionable, and Aledorf introduced Mercier laws to govern which colours. cloths, and CUts could be worn by each class. Later repealed as unenforceable, these laws did manage to set custom (and fashion)ror some time to come. By the rum of me millennium, the Burgomeisrers mar hilled the guilds and seized the opportunity to become self-governing. Huge giftS of money surreptitiously Rowed inro the coffers of the Princes of Alcdorf enabling the once-mocking title to again become a reality. The city became a self-governing state, and the newly empowered Burgorueisrers engineered huge eax breaks for themselves.


This prosperity was smashed by civil war and sieges. The vampire lords of the Von Carsreln family laid siege in 2051 IC and 2132 Ie. Both attempts came at a great !;OSt to me city. 'The walls were breached ill several places, and the loss of life was rremendous. The city brazened the sieges out, mockingly adopting the "shade of death" as the banner of Altdorf This gallows humour did nor disguise me rolls the Sieges exacted. The Von Carsrein habit of catapulting rotten zombies into

the city brought many winters or plague, wh i le crippling [axes created an era of poverty and desperation. By rhe Bartle of Hel Fen in 2145 IC Altdorfers no longer Gated mal tile Von Carsrein Line bad been crushed . Every able-bodied man was expected to aid in the rebuilding of the defensive walls or 10 e [heir citizenship. Many protested, bill they lacked the spirit 0 riot,

The nexr 300 years are known as The Grear Recoustrucrion. Gradually, pride, money, and comfort returned to A1tdotf. Even the indignity of the rear Boil Plague of 2302 did tittle

to deflate the growing sense of recovery. The cidzenry laws were revised, and A1tdorf gathered thousands of new taxpayers to her bosom. The early seeds of the Imperial menagerie began when the fashion of gifting rare beasts became popular among t the nobility. The Great War Agains; Chao brought further monies to Alrdorf merchants as weaponry and supplies became scarce. The fall of distant Praag in 1303 caused minor alarm, bur The Reek believed itself im m une to serious change.

Tt came as a shock when Magnus me Pious announced rhar Alrdorf would become home to me Orders of Magic. RiOtS erupted throughout the summer of 23041C, and few were prepared for the martial law that followed. Many abandoned the city when the time came for the High Elves [0 warp me fabric of ALtdorf to accommodate me College buildings. They eventually returned to find the city much me same, yet utterly different. Becoming thoroughly unmappable, pandemonium

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

ensued. as 'dorfers learned to navlgaee by landmarks rather than sense of direction, Street guides became common, and rnarrial law remained as and-wizard sentiments remained high.


The Orders of Magic quickly set OUl to court the guilds and their leaders. The Grand Prince grew aiarrnedat this .. for the wizards seemed toqulckly enmesh themselves in the complex web of negotiation and extorticn that passed for Alrdorf . politics. Magiseer, a separate state of citizenry •. was created to curb the power of the Orders. Complex laws on trading. land ownership. and voting rights served eo keep the wizards in line, at least for a while.

A vital distraction occurred in 2324 Ie when the water

system collapsed. Wells filled with foulness from the midden heaps, sewers clogged, and the river ran black with filth from thousands of privies, tanneries, and gravey:trds. 111e "Summer of Cess" united the guilds for the firsc rime as tbey banded together to sink new wells, line sewers, and create aqueducts. The Clean Company was created with monies from all craftsmen; however, it was riven infighting, rivalry, and virtual ineffective for many year,!;. A political cool ofthe guilds. the company was pushed from pillar to pose for over lOO years, gradually accomplishing its goals a.t a great COSt to the people.

By 2429 A1tdorf was richaenled, and powerful. Despite

its own past,. the city was scandalized by Marlenburg's announcement of independence. After an e.mergency session

of the aldermen and gulldreasrers, a series of trade sanctions were applied to the new city state. Fearing that their status as

a rax haven would be challenged •. many of the upper echelons of Ahdorf loud Iy pmrem:d the move. Many privately lenrtheir inil.uence to aid in deposing Emperor Dieter IV. which was accomplished shortly rhereafeer,

A month of celebrations ensued as the Prince of Altdorf was elected to the throne, The guilds publicly swcreallegianee to Willhem 1Il, offering huge gifts and revenues to the onceimpoverished office of Prmcedom, Merchants and instleutlcns scrambled for Imperial patronage, and under die advice

of the Grey Order, Willhemauctionedolf his fa.vours and appointmentsfor huge sums. ' moneyal1owedthe new Emperor to engage in unprecedented amounts of statecraft, ensuring loy.alr.y amongst much of the nobility for some orne. The Grand Prince offiCially recognised the Altdorf Press as

a newspaper, hoping to gain a measure of conrrolover me scandal sheet. Typical. this move failed as the paper remained true eo the izreverene spirit of Aledorfers everywhere.

The Great Fire of2431 allowed WiUhelm to entirely rebuild Altdotf's east side and curb the Order of Bright Wizards. The reconstructed area became a prestigious neighbourhood, having well laid OUI streets and stone buildings. The loss of goods and revenue hit the merchants hard. and while they were 00. the bade foot. the Grand Prince sei7.ed many political gains. 'Ihis trend continued with the accession of Karl Franz in 2502. His personal interventions evernually resulted In the Stench Act of 2506. This legislation effectively handcuffed the overweening egos of the guilds and the Orders of Magic, causinguproar and outrage.


Hem of the Empire: Altdon


The Burgomeisrers seethe and plot as they have fOJ; many years. Recently, wars have demanded the Emperor's full attention, and a regent Marshal has been appointed to govern Aledorf The guilds have attempted to bribe, depose, and scandalize this office, to little effect. Secret plots abound,

and in the political climate of2522. Akdorf is rife with cliques, cults, assassins, and resentment. The Srorm of Chaos thre-atens much of the Bmpire and while the Emperor bas been away, many powerful factions have tried to gain the upper hand.

The Orders of Magic remain apart from this intrigue,

no doubt due co some secret knowledge of their own. Meanwhile, in taverns across the capitol. the ordinary folk gOSSip of the next manoeuvre by the city council and the Marshal's likely counter measure. The. Alrdorf Press has reported trange goings on throughout the docklands and an uncharacteristic silence from the Cult of Sigmar. The dispossessed and war-orphaned have Hooded into me poor quaner of Altdorf, and terrible tales of plague abound. An air of expectation hangs over the city. What the future holds is unclear-bur this much is certain, [0 live in Altdorf these days, is to live in inreresdng times ...


Many hundreds of guilds lind their homes within the Stinking streets of AI tdorf. Technically, to quali1:Y as an official guild, an organtsarion must be recorded in the Civic List, but

this is increasingly irrelevant. Guilds frequently operate as a law UntO themselves, policing their members. protecting their interests, and attempting [0 gain concessions from the various political groupings of the City.

Guilds are almost infinite in variety. Broadly speaking, all offer some form of apprenticeship and career progression co their members, while demanding fees and services in return. Admission to a guild allows the individual a chance to earn Alrdorf citizenship and. perhaps, a chance to join one of the many city councils.

Some guilds are powerful enough (0 defy dty law, having somehow won charter to try their own members by private means. Gui Ids offer a variety of benefits to thel r members from pensions and scholarships [0 matchmaking and widow funds. A man may easily spend his whole Life within a guild; although, ir is a rare day when loyalties are allowed to change.

If asked (or even bribed) the average A1tdorfer might say the following about the foremo~t guilds:

The Merc~r)s Association: "Bfmch ofjllmped-Ilp tailors.

Vcr om spot 'em by their fancy robes. "

The Guild of Stevedores: "Don't mess with the Wharf Rllts-there~ an awfill lot 0' hig Lads in th{it Gt/ild."

The Mercantile Society: "The Grocm? Ab, they're sponsoring that new weights an' measures filw, right?"

The Butchers' Guild: "Solid lads-Slill, I w(mdrr if they're going ter survive that dead body scandal?"

The Masons' and Carpenters' Guild: " Damn builders!

They're siow,expmsive, an'sN4ck tp.How many ql~alifications do ycr need t» lift-bricks, [say/"

The Blackpowder Men: "I neuer sun no one scareder of 11 Bright WizArd. Heb. Run {It 'em in orange robes an' watch 'em ItjlfMI! Glln! or no guns, they !OIlnd Like girls!"

• The Imperial Guild of Arms and Armourerss "Tile A

and A is a solid guild. They're all.Q bit dl!ftfi but they"rt: good to widows. "

The Lawyers' Guild: "[ust like Mor~yer can't avoid 'em. but you don't bau« ter like it, .,


Alrdorfers are a proud lot. Even the lowest citizen takes pleasure in their status as a par[ of the great dry. They J11ay

not understand the arcane system of rights and vassalage, but that doesn't prevent them from telling folk about it. Outsiders from the provinces are treated with a measure of disdain and pity, for what ancient glories can they claim kinshipto? What history is there in some godforsaken patch of trees? Whatever [hey say, nothing compares to the heritage of cam and every citizen of Altdorf; at least, chat's what they believe.

Dating from the feudal times of Sigmar, the citizenry laws orlginally dietared who worked where, what tax rhey owed, and who they served. Complex even then. these dubrous


businesses can expect to pay rates. while all guild members and Magisrers are committed to paying their dues, Added co these legal taxes are the illicit protection tackers, charlatans, and out-and-out thieves thar operate all over Alrdorf.

Outsiders ro the clty can quickly find themselves thoroughly fleeced. To survive the capitol, a certain level of savvy is need<ld.

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

laws have grown into a bewildering variety of legal statuses [bar serve mostly co ensure the hegemony of the Lawyers' Guild.. Famously described as "a carbuncle upon the rump of justice." these laws govern all SOrtS of activities. including who one may marry. which dry gare one can use, and even what type of hat one can wear.

Whilst dtizenship is usually inherlred from parents or granted by a guild. it can sometimes be granted as a reward. Generally speaking. advancement requires a sponsor and a grear deal of money. The individual's status must be vereed by rhe Lawyers' Guild and then added [Q me grear Civic List of Altdorf

Polk can be recognised as full, half, or even quarter citi7.enstemporary men of Altdorf. traders. vagabonds, and outlaws.

ne might arrain [he scarus of freeman, friend. or even the infamous dastard. Wizards of course, attain the position

of Magister once they complete their apprenticeship. This strange St3,tUS means Wiurds are technically vassals of their Order. each having a form of bsrenial status but only within the bounds of their College.

In practice, the citizenry laws are seldom enforced. for they hark from an earlier age. When it comes ro tax, the collectors have a. difficult enough time collecting a Bat rare from people, let alone trying to apply different rates. Unless buying property or dealing in complex trade. ordinary folk ignore these laws and get by on common sense. Those involved ill high finance and the like simply pay the lawyers until they receive the desired result.

City Tax

A subject close to most 'dOl'fer' hearts. taxation is complicated. Not only are goods subject to levies, but certain gates, roads, and wharfs are subject [0 tolls. Shops and

This section has four parts. Three describe generic locations associated witb the upper class, lower class, and public areas. while the fourth describes a few specific locations. Each entry starts with a general description or type of location followed by four more specific sections. The first section lists features that might be involved in a fight happening in thar locale; the second lists fearu,res relevant to social interactions; the third lists features relevant [0 sneaking around; and the final seed on lists things to decide in order [0 personalise a Location.

These descriptions do not cover the whole of Alrdorf by

any means. TIle important locations that are not described eumumber those mar are .. The locations described here are [hose that are important to the adventure in this book, aLong with generic locations chat the characters are bound to pass through on their way through the capital of rue Empire.


This section describes the sorts of places that members of Alrdorf's upper classes dwell in and visit. While they are

Ordinary folk can expect ro payout as much as half thelr earnings to the state. Most pay JUSt under a rhird of [heir coin in tax. but a rare few enjoy some sore of protected status, This heavy burden means that many will riot at ehe drop of a hat. New taxes [end to be announced OIl public holidays to ensure a workday is not lost to prOtestS.

During anyone year, the average Alrdorfer might take pan in the following demonstrations:

• Beer Riots! "Aptnnyon the pint? Thiellcry!"

Jnheritance Reform: "My fittherf not cold in the grave, and them leeches want half his kgacy.'"

Sewerage Levyl ''Etlrntn's i/oWI'! tIlt drai71? Not ill my ntlme!"

Flour Tax: "Will. bmld ever stop risin'?- think of the poor bakers!"

Cess Riots: "The firms rUR--whl!fl will the council do somethingj"

Pie Tax: '~ pie's a a()lfir's right! JobleJf HllifiiTl's means more thefi!"

Street ToUs: '~ pmny to use thebridgef DayLight robbery!" Order Dlsoedersr "1 pay for ioaschmen; 1m' all we glt is riots!"

physically dose to the places frequented by the lower classes, they may as well be in a different world. AU the descriptions inthis section are generic; II description for a noble estate ill included bur not for the estate of Lord Frederick.

.All upper class buddlngs are well-built and kept in good repair. Most maintenance is invisible, as it is so well-done that it seems like part of the original Structure. Windows are glazed and doors fitted well. ensuring that when the doors and windows

to a room are closed, not even the strongest wind and rain can find a way in.


Only the very richest members of A1tdorfsociety live in walled estates. The outer wall is normally pierced by [')YO gates, one for residents and guests and one on the opposite side for servants and deliveries. The wall Is always high enough to keep casual intruders our. but it does not have a walk-way; It is not a castle.

Within the wall is a garden, and me house itself Is set as dose co the centre of the grounds as possible. Most gardens are planted with fragraJlt flowers and trees, and the first thing


Hem of the Empire: AltdoIf

characters notice as they walk through is that the smell of the ciry fades away. Within the house, dry smells are unnoticeable. The noise of the city Is also muted within the walls and also cannot be heard well from Inside ..

ervants move about, being inconspicuous and efficient, and they lead invited characters to the room where they will meet the owner. Uninvited guests are chased off, if possible.

The house always has at least rwo Hoors and may have more; even for the ve.ty we-althy. space is ar a premium in the ciry.

'The entrance hall is large, designed to impress, while servants and tradesmen enter by a separate door at the back. Walls are decorated with paintings, eapesrrie • and displays of armour, trophies, and exotic sculpture. These items may have been collected by the current oceupanr's great-grandfather and so are nor a reliable indication of his tastes.


• Marble staircases, long corridors Lined with tapestries, wine cellars, and dusty ard :s are all good locations for a fight.

• Tapestries and paintings can be knocked off the wall, and firrnirure and ornaments knocked over. Describe the valuable item being destroyed in the light.

• Weapons and shields displayed on the wall can be seized for use in me. fighT. They could be of any quality; treasured family heirlooms of Besr quality or mere display pieces that COWl.l as Poor in a real fight.

• Liveried servants will either try to help drive the characters off or run awa.y in terror; depending on their personalities.

Social Situations

• Elegant drawing rooms with carpets and chairs upholstered inrhe owner's colours arc a fine location for a meeting.

• The garden is also a good SpOt; gardens arc rare in Alrdorf, offering a good opportunity [0 show off the owner's wealth.

• There are servants around at all times unless rhe characters can convince the owner to send them away. If the players seem to have forgotten the servants, make sure [0 mention their acrivi ties.

• Require Charm Tesrs to sec whether the characters can SUStain proper etiquette for the duration. The owner will be very condescending if they fail.


• Characters must sneak through the garden on the way [0 the house. The garden is llkely to contain statues, which might be mistaken for a person in the dark unless the character succeeds on a Challenging (-10%) Perception Test.

• Inside the house, rhe character rnlghr hide behind an elaborate tapestry, a chair upholstered in embroidered dod), or a piece of furniture decorated with inlays of different wood. Make sure to mention theeosdlness of these items of Cover.

• Servants arc passing to and fro at all times; even at night the house isn't completely quiet. Characters sneaking around will thus hear people moving unless they fail Percepdon Tests very badly.



Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

• State of repair: Are the house and garden well cared for. or could they use some (or a lot) of arrention!

• Esrablishmenc How long has this family been here? IF [hey have lived here for generations, the fumlshlngs will be of different styles and Include andques, If they are new, everything will be of similar age and style.

• Servants: What is the servants' livery like? Are there a lot of sraff members or relatively few? What is the servants' attitude to visiting adventurersl

rest: What is the COat of arms of the family living in the house? Ir will be displayed in several places.

• Distinctive Items: Come up with one or two disrinctive items in prominent places that you can describe ill detail when the characters are looking around.


The town houses of [he wealthy have at least fow floors but rarely more than six. 111ey open straight Onto rhe street; although, they may have a small yard in me back. enerally, the back yard is used for parking carriages and fat the servants to go back and forth; only in [he richest cases will it include

a garden. GuestS use the front entrance and servants and tradesmen use the rear.

Inside, ehe finer rooms are higher up, above the. noise and smell of the streets. The smell never goes away, and characters are only llkely to notice: the dl1ference when they descend again, and it becomes stronger. In some cases, the ground floor may be a shop or office, often, but not always, for the owner's

bu siness.

The corridors in these houses are narrow and of odd shapes, as the residents try to get as much usable space as possible into the structure. eparare.sralrcases for the servants are common, and most houses have a spacious entrance ball. Most rooms seem a bit cramped, as more hems than can really fir have been crammed in. R00l11S ate also often dark. particularly on the lower floors. where the windows are dirty, overshadowed, and always closed against the noise and smell.

All such houses have at least duel'. or four servants, but servants usually live elsewhere. IGt\:hC05 and wash houses are always on the lower Boors. and servants spend most of their time there. The main exception is the butler. the public face of the house. Visitors lire mer by the butler, who finds out if the owner wishes to meet them. and he guides visitorsthrough the house if they are welcome.


• A fight in a narrow corridor will be accompanied by damage to the walls and any paintings or decorations upon them. You should describe blows knocking people inca the walls; although, uch action does no extra damage.

• Fights III crowded rooms will also knock over and destroy lots of fumirure and ornaments. heaves of bills, gaming


Walled Estate

A nobleman kidnaps a labourer and takes her to his estate, The authorities don't wam LO know; so tlrc vktim's family asks the characters to get he, out. TIle nobleman's garden is planted with poisonous and carnivorous plants, and the art decorating the house is deeply disturbing. ls the victi m destined co be a sacrifice to the Ruinous Powers?


An up-and-coming merchant has bought all the floors of the house where he lives to convert Ie into a suitable residence. Tbe lnhabltants of the attic (or cellar) arc ignoring his notices to move, and the Last time be confronted them. he was threatened with violence. He hired a couple of standard dlUg~ to move them out, bur only one came back, gibbering madly. The merchanr is now desperate to have whatever lives there cleared out because he's sunk a lot of money into the bouse and is tOO scared to enter it.



A theatre PIHS on a play depicting the actions of-a Chaos cult, and their final defeat by the Templars of Sigmar. lc briefly becomes very popular, bur the cast starts to die off, murdered in ways that match the content of the play. When StOpping [he play doesn't stop the murders, the theatre company brings in the player characters. In vesrigation reveals rbac the author based the cult in the play on a real cult, which he hoped [0 6ush into the open. The cultists are now murdering anyone who might know their secrets. Can we player characters unma k and stop them?


An exclusive club for nobles wbo like to think that they arc adventurers hires the player characters to enter the club and talk [0 the patrons, massaging their egos and sharing stories of real adventures. The pay is pretl)' good, but the work is deeply demeaning, the scalf treats the characters as far benearh them, and [he paltOnE expect the characters to trear a trip to Middenheim with a d zen guards as omething at least- as perilous as le.aring OUt a band of Beasrmen, outnumbered three [0 one. However, the chars ter oon notice that the patrons have a tendency to go olf on real adventures and

not come back. Some evil cult or creature is using the club

as a front to entrap the wealthy and use them for some vile purpose.

pieces, or glassware might spill our and break or be stepped on.

• A fight taking place on the higher Iloors provides an opponuniry for someone to be pushed. our of a window (and a lucky fall is a good way to interpret a Fate Point; the character wakes lip outslde Alrrior£, in the back of a manure can).

Heart of the Empire: Altdotf

ince these houses arc in contact with the neighbouring buildings, a fight is likely to draw attenrion from them.


• The characters are led by the butler through small corridors and up narrow stairs to a much larger and more impressive room, decorated to receive guests. This room is on an upper floor and has large windows that let Light in.

• if they become friendly with the owner, they may be taken [0 a smaller, more clurrered room where he actually works.

• If the owner is a merchant and respects the characters, food and drink is of very high. quality, as he show off his wealth.


Description: The Empire's largest cities have a wonder-seen nowhere else in the Old World: the streerlarnp. They are used to illuminate the major streets and thoroughfares, particularly in wealthy neighbourhoods. Altdorf was the first dry to

install streerlarnps and chose surrounding the Emperor's

Palace are particularly ornate, Lamplighters are responsible

for mainralning the streedamps and lighting them each night as dusk falls. They carry a variety of candles and marches and some even use the slow burning matches common to firearms. Cry dwellers are proud of their streetlarnps, seeing them as symbols of sophistication and civillsation. Such is the threat of 6re in the do ely packed buildings mar interfering with the lamplighters is punishable by death.

Notel If you are rolling randomly for your tarring Career, you call substitute Lamplighter for Burgher with your GM's permission.

Skiili: Common Knowledge (the Empire), Consume Alcohol or Drive, Gossip, Haggle, Outdoor Swvival,Perception, Scale Sheer Surface

Talenrs: Excellent Vision or Savvy, Flee], Street Fighting Trappings: Lamp Oil, 20 Matches, Storm Lantern, Tinderbox, 8 Wax Candles

Career Enrries: Charcoal-Burner, 'Peasant, Rat Catcher, Servant,

Career Exits: .Agitator, Burgher, Entertainer, Initiate, Servant, Smuggler, Toll Keeper, Watchman


• It is hard to be stealthy in small, cluttered rooms; raising the difficulty of all rests by one level is reasonable.

• As the from entrance is right On the street, it is much better to try to get into the house from the back, where the characters will be le s conspicuous.

• The clutter might make it harder for the characters ro find anything they are looking for, particularly if th.ey don't know where it is. SearchTests should take at least 10 minutes In most rooms and may take as long as 30 minutes in some. Emphasise the amount of clutter that the character has to son through.


• The butler, What does he look like. bow does he treat the characters, and does he have nny quirks?

• The ornamentation in [he large room where the characters are received should have a theme; maybe there are a lot of dogs in paintings and ornaments, or nudes. or a lot of Elven or Dwarfen work.


The theatres catering to the upper classes are opulent places, having almost every surface either upholstered or gilded, occasionally both (golden upholstery is extremely ostentatious). It is not possible to simply buy tickets to performances;

instead, he hires a box for an entire year, entitling him a attend as many performances as he wants.

Patrons are mer at the entrance by uniformed staff, greeted by name, and guided to their boxes. Patrons are allowed as many guests as their box can hold, and [he theatre Staff will not enforce any nominal limits unless rhings are really our of hand. If a Doble lord wants [0 squeeze three score people into a box made for two dozen, that's his decision. However, if he tries to bring several hundred, the smff will rerncnsrrare,

Boxes are ranged like the sears in a standard auditorium except thar they are reached from corridors behind and have walls and roofs separating them from the other boxes. If someone Jl3S a central

box and sits back, no one can see him, and he has an excellent view of the srage. The side boxes can be seen from the other side, and someone sitting fOrwaro in about half the boxes ill the theatre can see all the way in. The view of the stage is also very poor.

ide boxes ate the most popular and expensive. The upper classes of Alrdorf do not attend theatre performances [0 watch the ope.ra or cultured plays; they go to be seen .flaunting their wealth and searus, The noise of the play or, particularly, the opera, the walls around the boxes, and rhe public entrance make it. a good place for meetings you might wanr to keep somewhat quiet as well. As a result, some nobles hire both a side box, for showing off, and

a centre box, for more clandestine meetings. All boxes can be bolted from the inside to avoid embarrassing interruptions.

There are no bars or the like at these theatre ; patrons ring for servants who bring the requested refreshments to the box and note the cost on the patron's [abo


Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

have a box Locked at all rimes and keep a Chaos shrine .in it. As a site for a1:i.nal confrolltation with a ult, a centre box during a performance of the Famous opera Vulrioh the Witch Hunter has a lor going for ir.) Thus, the taIf is alert for spies while the theatre is open, and the staff are everywhere.

• However, if the characters suspect char: something may have been I.eft in the rheatre, the staff is muchless careful when the theatre is dosed.


• 111e corridors running behind the boxes are qui te narrow, and thus only one 0, rwo combatants can stand abreast.

• Fights ill a box could easily spill out onto the rooFof the box in front and below. These roofs are not strong. and heavy characters, could very well fall through. If three or more characters are standing on tOP of the same box, it wilL definitely cave.

• The walls between boxes are not thar strong either, and fights could easily break them down.

• The performers are used (Q ignoring the people in boxes, since viewers ignore [he people on the stage, and will continue performing right through a fight unless they are personally threatened. Mention the action on the stage from time to time, particularly if mere's a stage fight in progress.


• As noted previously, the upper classes might well arrange a meeting at the theatre. The player character are escorted by the theatre staff [0 the appropriate box. and me performance form die backdrop for me meeting. However, me person they are meeting will completely ignore the performance.


• People often do things they shouldn't at the theatre; although, char usually means llaving an affair rarnerrhan worshipping Chaos Go~. (Although a rich enough person could pay to


The name of the theaue and the dominant themes of its decoration (including the naif livery) are the most important elements of personalisacion. Coming up with a. name for the pLay or opera is also a good idea, but since almost any play can contain almost any t.ype of scene, you will not need a plot summary.


Clubs are the upper-class version of taverns. Ihc Important difference is mar only members and their guests can enter

a dub. orne lubs have further resrricrions, such as men, Dwarfs, or wizards only. These restrictions will always be waived at the request of a suflidencly Influenual member, but the mot elite clubs would only make such waiver at the request of an EJector or {he Emperor.

Most clubs have a building much like a rownhouse, only larger. A few of the most elite have walled estates, and those aimed at the lower end of the upper classes might not control an entire building. All dubs have armed guards on the doors


Heart of the Empire: Altdorr

(use City Watch sradsrles) and bouncers inside to deal with any trouble. They are set up [0 drive off small groups of criminals who mighr think a group of drunken nobles co be easy pickings, but the guards could nor wirh rand a small army.

The credentials of visitors are checked ar a small window before the doors ate opened. and people who do nor look the part (like most adventurers) get a very cold reception, which may warm up remarkably and suddenly when the naif learn who has invited them. However, it would be very rare for a group to be allowed into a dub without the inviting member present.

Inside, most dubs are furnished in elegant neutrality. having a lot of wood panelling, painti ng of hums or lgmarire scenes, and probahly even a library with the books chained co the shelves. There are public areas and a large number of private rooms of varying sizes and purposes-almost all dubs have bedrooms where members can spend the night. Many private rooms have an entrance ro the outside, giving individuals who would not be allowed into the club access to join ill the private entertainment of members.

Some clubs are exactly like taverns, drawing patrons on the quality of their service. Others have a specific theme, which can be almost anything short of the worship of Chaos. Although, a dub could secretly house a Chaos cult.

Anything consumed in a club is added to the bill of the member responsible. The bill is never presented at the dub; such a gesture would be vulgar. Instead, if is sent to me member's house. To respect privacy, the bill presented is not itemised. Many dub stewards are expertS ar gauging JUSt how high they can set the bill before the patron will query it.


• The main problem with starring a fight in a club is [he

large number of guards who tum up as SOon as they notice. Thus, fights in public areas rnusr end quickly, and the player characters should be planning a hasty exit, possibly through die windows.

• A fight in a private room) many of which are soundproof, can go on longer unles the dub's patrons pull the cord to summon assistance. Stopping patrons from doing so can be an important part ofthe fight.


• A private room in a club is a good place to meet adventurers if a member doesn't want to be seen socializing with such riffraff .. 'Iheadvenrurers can be ushered up the hack srai rs

by disapproving servants and hustled out again when the meeting is avec.

• Alternatively, you can ignal a change in the contact's arrnude by having him request the characters come to the from entranceas his guest.,.

o Adventurers who favour a particular sorr or activity might be invited to join an appropriate dub once they are sufficiently arnous,


• There are always people moving around in a dub. On one band, chi makes srraighr cealrh very di1licult. On the other, it makes disguises very effective, Di guising yourself as a staB' member is a good way [0 sneak around a large club.

o The clubs pride themselves on their discretion; spying on someone at his dub should be made very d.i:fficulr. On the other hand, people trust the dub's discretion, which means that you can learn a Lot if you do pierce their security.


o The club needs a name. a style of decor, and a class of patrons. A dub devoted ro people who love the hunt will be decorated wirh hunting trophies and paintings of hunts, while one devoted to philosophers wiIJ have a large library, spm:e for debates. and busts of famoll5 philcscphers in alcoves.

• Whatever the [heme. dubs are aimed at me rich. but a club aimed at wealthy merchants who want to pretend that they are still ordinary peddlers is a possibility.


Lower class areas of Alrdorf are not separated from the rench of the streets, and sometimes building interiors smell worse than the exterior. All buildings seem ro be in some state of disrepair; new buildings use such shoddy materials that they almost immediately need maintenance, while buildings that were Originally well-built are now old and failing. The finest buildings are those where me repairs are actually efFective and keep the weather out.

Lower class buildings do not have glass windows because glass is expensive. Instead they might have waxed paper, which rears easily, or it may have shutters over holes in the wall, so rhar on a cold day the inhabiranrs must choose between Light and warmth. Shutters and doors do nee fix their frames well, allowing constant drafts. and even the walls and [Oaf leak.

There are normally more people living in a structure than seems reasonable; at least four people to a room in most cases. Thus, buildings are nor much less crowded inside than th.e streets outside.


Taverns are the main social centre of lower class life. They serve food and drink. but most do not provide lodging. The food and drink is cheap and usually quite bad. Ale and beer are the drink raple, while bread, vegetables, and slighdy old meat form the basis of food. Few taverns draw people by their meals.

The interior of most taverns consists of a single worn with a bar along one wall. This room is dark, smoky. and extremely loud, except at rhe moment when strangers walk in. At that momenteveryone falls silenr and stares at the new arrivals. 111 most taverns, this is more curiosity than hostility, bur there

are exceptions. particularly if, for example, an Elf walks into a


Dwarf tavern.

Tavern buildings tend to be in good repair, and most, keep a

nre burning all through the winter. making them one of the warmer places to spend an evening. While they do nor formally offer accommodations, few ravern-keepers go (0 the trouble of clearing our people who fall asleep on the Boor. The Hoor is, of course, 61thy. andfusridicus characters might be reluctant to put the sales of their boots on it, muchless any other part of their body.

The patrons of a given tavern tend to be drawn from a single area, and people have a local cavern ar which they spend most of their time. As a result. patrons often have either the same job or closely related jobs---esailors, workers from the building trade. and even servants of the upper elas es,


• Fights are common in many taverns, Unarmed brawls

are seen more as enrerralnmene than a problem. but most landlords take a dim view of people using weapons on the premises. 'Thus. an unarmed figlu might be marked by people cheering on one side or the ocher who occasionally fail to get out of the way fast enough as the combatants move acres che floor.

• On [he other hand. an armed fight provokes swift intervention by the landlord and some regulars who try to separate [he combatants and disarm them. Most landlords have some son of weapon under the bar for such. cases; landlords with more money, or more trouble, may have a blunderbuss or similar firearm.


• A tavern is an ideal place to meet people. Some might have interior partitions. making semi-private rooms; more upmarket taverns might actually nave private rooms.

• In mosr cases, the characters will be outsiders. coming to meet one of the regulars. If they are invited, their host greers them early on, and all the regulars return to their drinks. If rhey have come looking for someone. everyone keeps scaring at them until they find whomever they are after and start ralking. If the conversation seems [0 be badly, the regulars wiU naturally take the side of their &iend.

• If the characters decide to meersomeone in a tavern that neither they nor the person rhey are meeting knows, the regulars display a high level of interest in their business, and particularly drunk regulars might decide co invite themselves into the conversation.


• Occupied taverns are so noisy that it is Routine (+10%) to sneak around without being heard. However, avoiding being seen or bumped into is all bur impossible in the main room. If the characters are on a higher Roar of the cavern, hidjng is an Average (+0%) difficulty.

• pying on omeone in a tavern is a lime uicky 1£ you are not a regular because you are the centre of attention. On the

other hand. buying drinks, nor causing trouble, and just keeping (0 yourself causes people (0 lose interest, allowing you. to position yourself wherever you want. Background noise PUtS overhearing a conversation at a Challenging (-10%), but unless rhe larger has a reason to suspect you, there should be lirtle chance of being di covered.


• The nrst thing to decide is the clientele of the tavern. A sailors' tavern is different from one that is home to the City Watch.

• The number ofrooms is important, as is the Iighting, A really poor cavern might JUSt have an open hearth in the middle of me room, the smoke having to find irs own way out. (Such an open fire is perfect for falling or pushing lnto.) Most taverns will have a chimney. bur orne may still use open braziers for lighr. Only taverns char are or wer a bit upper cru twill have candles or lamps for lighting.

• Since che characters are likely to sample the food and drink, it is a good idea to pick one thing that stands OUl; maybe the beer is sour and undrinkable, or che meat is off, 0[' aseonishlngly, rhe bread is excellent.


Fig~t are extremely popular entertainment in A1tdorf ill all levels of society. However. the level of blood and violence means that all the establishments staging fighc are in lowerclass areas. OfficiaUy. the upper classes disapprove. but unoffidally. many of them attend.


Hem of the Empire: Altdorf



Even me elegant sailing vessels from the Elven island of Ulthuan have sailors, and these sailors llke a drink as much

as any ocher. They keep [Q their own taverns, tbough, and are notoriously unwelcomlng of outsiders, particularly Dwarfs. The owner of one of these taverns finds himself plagued by thefts and. finally, a murder. Whl.le most of his patrons visit for only a few days at a time, they normally come back, and he doesn't want these events to scare them away. However, he can't ask anyone he knows ro invesrigare because they are all uspe~{s. (The tavern-keeper's friends are nat rhe most honest

Elves in A1tdorf.) So he asks the player charaerers 10 investigate in a place where rhey an! immedlate objects of suspicion.

Fighting Rings

The characters hear rumours of a ri ug where bets are placed on how long an untrained. unarmed person will last against an unarmed Beasrman .. The rumours also suggest the kind of person for the next fight: an old man, a one-legged Dwarf, a child,

ere, The characters may dismiss the rumours at first, bur then a contact from a tenement asks them [0' look into a rash of recent disappearances: an old man, a one-legged Dwarf, a child ...


A lower-class COJHacc asks the characters to StOP a crime-

lord intent On demolishing everal tenements, mrowing the inhabitants our Oil the Street. The characters' investigations reveal chat the crime-lord is actually a witch hunter as brutal and sadlstlc as any actual crime-lord, bur he is, in fact, aiming to uncover and destroy a dreadful artefact bull into the foundations of those ~enementS. When they learn this, [he characters also find that the artefact has wrought its corruption on the residents, indudlng their conraer,

The arena is almost always circular and sunk inro the floor, allowing the audience to look down 011 the action. The floor of the arena is normally covered with sand [0 absorb blood, and the strength and height of the walls of the arena depend on whar type of f!gluing gues on there. For fighring cocks. me wallis lew and little more than a single piece of wood. The birds have their wings clipped so that they cannot Ay, and they aren't suong enough to break down the wall. For dogs, me waU is at least 1 0 feet mil and solid-the main concern being that the dogs mighr jump over it. For bears, the wall is over 15 fe,et mil. smooth. and with an overhang at rhe rop to prevent the bear from climbing out.

Rings where Human fight often have a simple rope barrier to merely seop the combatants from falling our of the ring coo easily. Such a barrier is a sign that aU the combatant's arc there voluntarily. If a place employs slaves or people picked up off the streets, the pit is sunk quite deep into the ground and has an overhang.

The ring is surrounded by two or three rows of seats, and seating closest to the ring offers the best view. Outsidethe viewing sears are a bar and tables and chairs for patrons raking a break. Most places also offer odds on me fights.

A good fight venue can pull in a lot of money; so many fighting rings are much berrer maintained than is normal for their area. If members of the upper classes frequent the place, ao area is often marked off for those who can pay, having better furniture and more expensive food and beverage. In any case, there are always a lot of armed guards in the pay of the house, JUSt in case something escapes from the pic. Even a fighting cock can kill a person if it gets lucky, and an escaped pit fighter could CUl his way easily through an unarmed crowd.


• Any unauthorised fight at a fighting ring is met by the intervention of the guards-at lease a half dozen in medium armour, armed with hand weapons. They don't want to kill anyone, but theywill kill people who don't have enough sense to give up. They also run away if ehey are being beaten.

• A struggle can easily knock characters into the .ring where they might have to face dogs, bears, or even pit fighrers, Inrelligenr creatures will probably stay OUt of a random fight. bu-t some may not. The audience is almost certain to be enthralled by unexpected entertainment, and they will shout encouragement to whomever they have bet on.

• At certain establtshmenrs, the characters might even be forced to complete their light in the pit. They'll receive an audience without the added complication of the professional fighters.


• Like taverns or theatres fighting rings are a good place

[0 meet people. Unllke taverns, most patrons ignore

new arrivals, being toe Interested in the current fight. Unlike theatres, the patrons are actually interested in the enrertainmenr provided in the ring, and thus they may get distracted during the conversation,

• You should be sure to describe both what is happening in the pir and the NPCs' reaction [0 it; this is a good way of esrablishing an NPC's personality.


• Like most lower-class areas, fighting rings are too crowded to sneak around most of the time. However, in rings that employ Humans, the pit fighter quarters are somewhat quieter. And if a ring kidnaps people to provide victims, the player characters migbt have a good reason to sneak around that area. If 6ghts are going on, the noise makes it Easy (+20%) [0 go unheard, and hiding from sight is normally of Average (+0%) difficulty.

• On the other hand, if a character is caught. many cOffipetellt warriors on hand will show him the error of his ways.


Heart of the Empire: Altdorf


• The most important decision is the nature of the fights; what fights are going on in the ring and are they to the de,a(h? Fights involving animals are almost always to the death; intelligent combatants arc ofren allowed to surrender.

• Not all fighttng rings are patronised by the-wealthy, some are little more than warehouses with a basic marker for the battle ground. There the dregs of humanity slug it OUt for a few pennies. At me other extreme, the most popular dugs might sell Jine brandy at prices even more inflated than normal to keep the wealthier patrons happy.

Tenemems ace where most of the poor live ill Alrdorf These buildings typically have at least four or more Boors and at least two rooms on each room having windows onto the street and the other having windows Onto tile alley behind. Tenements are built up against each other, meaning there are normally no windows in the side walls.

There is a ral'lge of quality in tenements, JUSt as in any

other form of housing, bur it never gets very high. TIle best tenements are solidly built but are still drafty around the doors and shutters, A Boor houses a single family in tWO rooms. The rooms nave fireplaces and chimneys. and most families have a reasonable selection of usable furniture. There is a shared toilet in a small yard to the rear of the house

and possibly a well Of pump. 'the ground floor is likely to

contain a shop, and access to me home is from rhe yard at the back ramer man the street.

At the boreom of the range, the building is on Iy standing because the residents continually carry our ad hoc repairs.

The stairs are missing steps and are held up with beams raided from even more decrepit buildings. Most shutters are missing, replaced with pieces of cloth stretched over the windows,

and not all the rooms have doors. Most rooms accommodate more than one family and are divided by blankets hung

from the ceiling. If there are chimneys. they have long since become blocked. Many of me famHies light fires in braziers when they can afford the fuel. Water has to be brought from some distance away, and the toiler facilities consist of buckets emptied OUt of a window. It is not uncommon for such tenements to simply collapse. killing many of rhe people inside.


• Even the best tenements are home to IU least a couple dozen people; they are likdy (0 first investigate and then probably run away. Doors are not strong enough to resist Large people crashing into them. making the 6ght likely to spill into the rOOmS. Candles and braziers can all be knocked over very easily. causing fires that spread quickly through the old buildings.

• In ehe lower-quality tenements, the stairs and Aoor might easily give way under a heavy character, or as a result of a vigorous combat. There are more than a dozen people living on each aoor, at least half being preseOt during the day. making bystanders likely [0 get hurt.


• The main reason for visiring a tenement is to talk to someone who lives there. Most adventurers now seem to be fur above such. people> even if theey were originally rat-catchers. Some people are as house-proud as possible, putting on the best show they can. This behaviour typically occu rs in the upper classes. Others will not want CO speak to anyone who looks

to be wealthier and will polnredly ignore them.

• In any case, a truly private meeting within a tenement is Impossible, The walls and floors are Dot truly soundproof, and mere are always lots of people around. Further, the residents are invariably curious about their neighbours' doings and will take notice if someone is visited by a party of adventurers. Speculation about the reasons for the visit will occupy the local taverns for a day or two or until the next

major scandal, comes along.


Description: It used to be that scribes bad a monopoly on the written word bur that changed with the invention of the printing press. Now newssheets hav become common in the towns and cities of the Empire. They are usually published once a day and are filled with local news and sensational tales. A big Story may merit a pecial edition. Newssheet vendors walk the streets, calling our the rop headlines andrrying to outdo each other with their theatrics. There are many newssheet publisher in each oity and the competition amongst them is savage. It is not unknown for rival vendors to ligbt each other in the streets. Ironically, big brawls of this type often become tomorrow's tOP news item.

Note: If you are rolling randomly ror your Starting Career, you can substitute Newssheet Vendor for Agitator with your GM' permission.

SkiLls: Blather or Sleight of Hand, Chann, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gossip, Haggle, Perception, Performer {Storyteller}, ReacllWrite

Talents: PublicSpoking, Street Fighting or Streetwise Trappings: Backpack, rdro NeYJSSheeu, Scroll Case Career Entries: Burgher, Messenger, Peasant, Servant,


Career Exits: Agitator, Demagogue, Entertainer, Messenger I Rogue, Scribe, Ualot


• Tenements are probably the hardest places to be stealthy. There are people around at all times, and tenants know everyone

who lives in the building, making out-of-place characters stand out. Any Skill Tests made to -stay hidden should be Very Hard (-30%). On the other hand, the consequences of being found may nor be very serious. Few residents have much to Steal and they don't want to get involved in things that are none of their business. Interlopers who do nor seem to pose an immediate threar are probably JUSt asked nosey questions.


• First, you need co choose the quality of renemenr, It can be anywhere in the range between the two extremes outlined before. Then you should decide the original purpose of the building. Some tenements are purpose built, but many are convened &om townhouses. warehouses, and similar buildings. 1n chat case. the floor plan may not make much sense, or mere may stilI be heraldic earvings in the stonewerk, keeping alive the memory of a noble family long since moved on.

• Finally, most tenements have a resident eccentric. This might

be someone who has gone a bit mad bur not in a dangerous way. a woman who wants to look after everyone in the building, know all of their business and cell them how to live their lives, or a small child who gets into everything. Visiting a tenement without encountering this person is nearly impossible. and it provides an easy and memorable hook for telling [he places apart.


Public areas include the streets, markets, and bridges of Altdorf People frorn all levels of society can be found here, crammed togemer in a noisy, heaving, stinking mass.

The SHeets ofAltdorf are narrow, crowded, and filthy. While most are cobbled. in many places the cobbles have long since lost the battle with mud, ID3JIUfC, and less pleasant substances, becoming lirde more than an additional hazard. The drains and sewers are almost always on the surface, and people pour their waste straight out of [heir houses into the street. The more polite give warning nrSt.

While you are on the streets, people are constantly jostling against you. This provides pickpockets with perfect COVet for their activities. The crowds also make it hard to keep an eye on a single person, making it tricky to follow someone buc equally hard to spot whether or not you are being followed.

TIle crowds are also loud. Peddlers call our to advertise their wares, and people shout conversations to make themselves heard over (he people shouting next to them. Overhearing a conversation in the street is all bur impossible.

The most overwhelming featUJ"C ofAltdorf's Streets. however, is the smell. Sewage, rotting meat and vegetation. corpses

of both people and animals-c-all of these add flavour to the

overall odour. On the streets, characters become accustomed

to the smell, but you should be sure to mention it whenever they rerum to the streets from somewhere Like a noble estate or townhouse where lt is less noticeable.


• The crowded streers mean a large risk of innocent bystanders being hurt. Missile fire and large weapons are particularly dangerous.

• Characters can easily slip in the mud of the sneers and fall against rnarke stalls, sending goods Bying. Stalls can also be used as cover.


• No one would choose to meet in the streets of Alrdorf it is all but impossible to have a conversation.

• However, the characters might have no choice. IT someone refuses to see them elsewhere, they might be forced to talk on the street as they move. Pushing through a crowd, dealing with bodyguards crying to push back, and crying to gec a meeting co talk about fighting Chaos without yelling ir to everyone in earshot are all good challenges.


• Hiding on the streets IS, in one sense, impos ible. There ate too many people; someone will see you. However, a good disguise can make characters effectively invisible: no one will notice another courier or servant going about their business.


• AJrdorf's streets vary in quality of pavement, width. and the . height and quality of the surrounding houses. Some streets near the Imperial Palace or a major temple might be paved with Bag tone and even have underground drains, rreees

in poorer areas might be simple dirt tracks that rum into stinking mire when it rains.


Alrdorf is builr on the banks and islands of the Reik, which means that bridges form a very important part of the ciry's road network. Just mentioning to [he players that their characters have [0 eros bridges on their way somewhere will serve as a reminder. However, sometimes things can happen on bridges.

There is a massive range of bridges. The largest are made of stone and span wider channels, having houses and shops built on one side .. Underneath are nets and weirs (0 catch the fish chat manage to live in the river, and the restricted flow of water makes a mighty roar. On a cou pie of bridges, chis noise is the only hint that you are over water, while on others there are spaces between the houses.

The smallest bridges. over tiny channels between islands, might be nothing more than a plank of wood. removed when [he neighbours F.ill out. In between are wooden bridges, decorated bridges, draw bridges, and private bridges linking rwo parts of a house built on opposite sides of a channel.


Alrdorf's crowded streets cause all movement to count as Hampered. Normally. this means that it takes rwiee as long to get anywhere. but in a chase, characters are trying to move faster.

Chases are best handled in CornharTlme, Characters arc likely

to use the Run action every round in order to have a chance of keeping up with their <iilll11'}' or ahead of their pursuers. However, on the streets there is no guarantee the chara rcrs will acrually ger triple their Movement characterisd in 2-yard squares,

Every round. each characeer should make an Agility 'Iest, If

he fails the test by three degrees or more, the. character canner move ac all. If he Wls by less than three degrees. the charac er can move a number of 2-yard squares equal to his Movement characteristic. If he succeeds, he can move double his Muvemcm characrerlsric, and ifhe succeeds by three degrees or more, he can move the normal triple.

Failures on an Agility Test L'Cpresenr runnlng into something or someone or even falling over. These accidenes cause no damage, but they delay the character, If a character fail the Agility rest badly (by 50% or more), they might run Into someone who takes serious offence and hold them up long enough for the chase to end. Successes represent skilful WC'<lving in and our ofceowds,

Characters may a.tternpt ro create obstacles to slow down pursuers. For each multiplier to his Movement that a character sacrifices, he may create a Single obstacle. Thus, a character that succeeds 011 his Agility roll may choose [0 move only his Movement characteristic and create an obstacle. This mighr mean upending a marker stall, emptying a barrel of apples onto the street, startling a mule into drawing irs cart liUOSS

the street, or anything else we player can think of In general. an obstacle makes the pursuer's next Agility Test Very Hard (-30%). Particularly effective obstacles might require the pursuer [Q spend a rum not moving in order [0 cross it. On average, creating all obstacle delays the pursued as much as the pursuer, but there are circumstances when this is a help.

Chases finish when the pursuer gives up 1.11' loses track of rhe quarry. 111m. le is often worch delaying a. pUJ;$uer just before you turn a comer, so that you can get out of his sigh .

Bridges 3J'e just as congested as streets but tend to be less muddy. as [here is a layer of stone or wood nor far frOID the tOp. Also. me smell is somewhat less noticeable; bridges drain du:ough holes dropping straight into the river, preventing sewage and rotting carcasses from accumulating.


• Many of the same things can happen in a bridge fight as in a street fight. The obvious addition is mat characters can fall off (thls is a good way ro have a Fate Point work).

• Less obviously, a violent fight 011 a small bridge might break the bridge; ominous creaking noises should him ac chis before it actually happens.


'Hean of the



Someone is cleaning the ssreets of Alrdorf In [he depths of

the night, stretches of'srreer are cleaned and paved with proper A~stones. TIle pattern seems completely random, and no one knows what to make of it. orneone connected to the player characters (or possibly one of me player characters) notices that the paved streets, when plotted on a map. form part ofa chaos rune. Wnat will happen if' the instigator is allowed ro complete his work?


One of the bridges with houses on it becomes cursed. People are found murdered on the street, one every morning for a

few days until the whole bridge is abandoned. The characters are called in to catch the killer, but there are few clues and no further killings. Instead, the buildings on rhe bridge start to be changed. Some are knocked down overnight, while others are remodelled. After a couple of weeks, older residents realise thar the bridge's appearance j changing to match the way it looked 50 years earlier, when over two dozen people were murdered

by a Chaos cult. Is rhls an attempt to repeat history or to set it right~


poutanecus Mutants starr appearing across the ciry. Some are found and lynched, bur many IDmage co hide their afIlictions. A friend of the characters is alfectecl and begs chern to find

the source. 1he mutations are cau ed by warpstone-cainted cloth. which has been pread throughout Al dorf. Tracking the merchants back leads the characters to the largest cloth market in Al.rdorF and a censlgnmenr sold by a particular wholesaler, He is innocent, but investlgaring his warehouse reveals the

kaven warren that rainted his Loth.


A rising neighbourhood decides to construct underground sewers. Initial excavations soon find a much older sewer network, which seems never ro have been properly connected. At firsr, this seems like a stroke of I lick, and che workers

set [0 mapping the old runnels and seeing how they ClI.Il be incorporated. Soon, however, the Iirsr worker is found dead, and more murder fOllow. The characters investigate and find that a gang of thieves had been using the old sewers to expedite their crimes and didn't appreciate the. interference or the possibillty of being ankle-deep in sewage.


• The hou es 011 bridges tend to be middle class; they can't be Largo: enough for the upper classes. but the slightly better air makes them somewhat desirable. Thus. this is a good place to meer a middle- In contact.

: Altdorf


• Bridges have an underneath, which may be extremely useful to rogues-and the Like. A boat cat! get you eo the underside, and while climbing the bottom of a bridge is usually at least Challen.ging (-10%). if you fall you land in the river, it cushions the drop. As all added bonus, the noise of the water makes hiding your noises Routine (+30%).

• The characters may also hide things under bridges or find things that other characters have hidden there.


• Bridges are easy to personalise, as there is such a wide range of possibilities. It ClI.Il be anywhere in me range between the LWO extremes outlined previously; an ornate Slone bridge

is unlikely to link slums, while nobles and merchants will probably pay for something better than a plank. Exceptions should have stories, ideally relevant [0 the adventure ar hand. to reward players who think to investigate the oddity.

Markers are me heart of Alrdorf' commercial life and rhus vitally important to most of the richest people in rhe city, as well as the poorest. While there are a substantial number of shops in permanent buildings temporary stalls in markers are more common. Some rraders might work from the same stall for years, making it much like a shop, while others might only ser up (or a week or so when they are in the City. The rwo types of stalls can be next to each other. 0 if the characters make :I contact of a settled trader, the person who has the next stall is a good way to introduce hints and hooks to dis rant adventures.

Markers vary in many ways. and the following three variations are the most importam. First. markets ClI.Il be covered or open air. A covered market is a huge building containing spaces for Stalls. It may even have more than one Hoor, An open ail' market is slmply a space within me city where traders can set up stalls. The buildings around an open air market tend to contain shops or warehouses. while the stalls ill a covered marker tend to be more permanent. but there are exceptions on both counts.

The second distinction is between wholesale markers, which sell to other merchants, and retail markets, which sell to me general public. Most people can enter any market. but wholesale markets may be closed to people without the right guild connections. At most wholesale markers, it is impossible to buy a single apple, but YOll could buy a whole case. However, at some wholesale markers, no sale is smaller than a wagon load.

The final disdncdon is in type of goods. Wholesale markets tend to be specialised. while retail markers are often more generalised. Grain markets. vegetable and fruit markets, livestock markers, and fish markers rend to be the largest, as their wares have a lim i ted sale Life. Livestock and fish markers are possibly the worst smeUing places in Altdorf. and you should mention the added stench when characters arrive there. The most prestigious wholesale markets are those selling goods brought 6:om distant lands; Tilea, Araby, or even Ulthuan. [0 these markets, Elven and Dwarfen merchants are almost as


Hem of the Empire: Abdorf

common as Humans among the sellers; although, Humans dominate the purchasers.

Markets are generally even more crowded and noisy than the streets, bur whe.n the market doses, it is much quieter, offering more space (0 move around. This is especially true of livestock markets where empry pens can stretch over a large distance.


• A busy marker provides many of the same opportunities as

a street bur wirh even more stands of goods co upset. A busy livestock market has [he potential for added chaos if me livestock are spooked and try to escape £rom their pens. Or rhey could be ser loose as a disrraction.

• A closed market is another good site. Ir is large, mostly em pry, and eerily quiet. Many of the stalls are still sec up, providing places [0 hide and ser ambushes.


• Markets are an excellent place to meet merchants and travellers from distant partS; although, !:he noise means

that arranging a I, tel' meeting is a good idea. Still, even the haughtiest Elven mercham will talk to someone who appears to have the money to buy his wares, which could provide the player characters with a viral opporrunlry,


• There are few opporruniries for sneaking around markets.

as they are either full of people or empry of anything except wooden sealls, However, they are good places for clandestine meetings, and an empty market with its stalls still set up is an excellent place for an ambush.


• The rype of marker and the goods it sells go a long way rewards determining its personality. The level of society it carers to and me level of foreign traders found there are also good points to bear in mind,


AJrdorf does have underground sewers. orne of them are even effective. channelling sewage and rainwater into the river, away from m city. thers are now blocked and are Little more than fetid underground pols, a breeding ground for rats. diseases, and fouler things. rill others were never quire completed and are used as hideouts by criminals and cultists.

Many of the sewers are large enough for a Human to walk rhroughas long as he bends over a bit. Dwarfs and HalBings have no problem. "This is deliberate it is the only way the

ewers can be maintained and me rat population kept down.

In addition, most are in more prosperous areas-having been constructed in an attempt to keep the smell down. This makes them an ideal way [0 move around rich neighbourhoods unseen.

Active sewers have Bowing water and se\vage in the bottom. There may be a walkway or maybe not, and any character wading through sewage risks contracting some disease. (See

Diseases, page 136, in me WFRP rulebook; The Bloody Flux and TIle Galloping Trots are barb appropclate.) Blocked sewers have standing sewage, which is even more unpleasant. If the inflow pipes were never built, unfinished ewers may be dry or as deeply unpleasant as a blocked sewer.


• A fight in a sewer brings the constan t ri k of falling inro

die filch, and anyone who takes any Wounds in such a disgusting environment is exposed to a disease, most likely The Galloping Troes. In addition, things could be attracted by the noise and rise up from [he sewage (0 arrack both panics, forcing them to fight together in order to survive.


• Characters might need to go into the sewers to find someone they need to calk to, such as a rat catcher, but no one sane would hold a meeting in a sewer.


• Sewers are great for Stealth. They can get you very close to where you wane [0 be with almost lIO chance of detection. The downside is that you then have [0 gec out of the sewers without being seen and somehow shed the smell..


• The level of filth, whether it i moving. and the depth of the underground sewer are the main dlsdngui hing features. Sewers used as a base y some foul group will have features reflecting their function.


Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

Alcdorfi an eno rrno us place. Rumours dlfter on whether there are no accurate maps or if one is held by the Emperor or one of the Colleges of Magic. At any rate, 00 fuJJ and accurate maps of the ciry are generally available. People navlgare by following directions from major landmarks.

The places described in this section are among those Landmarks. Asking an Aledorf resident how to get co a landmark results in a momenr of blank incomprehension; normal direcrlons would starr by saying "Go to the Imperial Palace," That isn't to say thar directions can't be had, JUSt mat the characters will not get them immediately. A few of these locations. such as the Bright College, are magically concealed and are nor used as landmarks in normal directions. Still, all residents of [he city know roughly where they are. Since these are all Individual places, there is no Personallsation section ill thei.r descriptions.


The Amethyst College is home tothose wizards wbo study

me Lore of Death, and it fully looks the parr. The building stands overlooking the haunted cemetery of Old Altdorf where in the time of the Red Plague, thousands were buried with more concern for haste than ceremony. The main temple of Morr in Altdorf is only a few streersaway, and the area around rhe two lnsdrutions is filled with shops of 11 more solemn nature, such as undertakers, monumental masons, and lawyers, There are very few homes since few people. even the poor, are willing to live in such an lll-ornened area. Those who do live here rend [0 be eccentric, but no necromancer would be so foclish as to Jive mar dose to tWO concentrations of his mlghuese foes.

I. Konigsplatz

2. Emperor's Palace

3. Temple of Sigmar

4. Lower Class Area j. Mercantile Area


6. The Docks

7. University of Altdorf

8. Amethyst College

9. Bright College 10. Celestial College


12. Jade College

13. The Palace of Retribution

Note: This overview map. by necessity, omits many of the smaller islands and bridges that dot and pan the river.



Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

The College irself is built of dark stone, in an elaborare gorhic style that hearkens to an earlier age. Windows and doorways

are copped with pointed arches, many windows are tall and narrow, and statues stand in niches scattered across the [ace

of the building, while gargoyles brood ar me eaves of steeply pitched roofs. Numerous crooked, narrow towers rise from the bulk of the building, adorned wi en balconies. Each tower ends in a steeply pointed spire, which is home to hundreds, if not thousands. of bats. Every day at sunser these creatures pour from the College like li ving smoke against the red of the setting sun.

"The bars ate about the oo1y sign of life. People are rarely seen entering or Leaving and there are people in Alrdorf who swear that they spem a whole day watching the College withour seeing a living souL Even at night, lights are hardly ever seen within the College; alrhough, reports of pale, ghostly Lights moving around from one rower to anorher withou t descending the stairs between are common. The dry's rat catchers know rliat rats and other vermin ofren emerge from me building's cellars, but they also know better man to pursue [hem down there.

"The door to the Arnethysr College always stands open-a scone portal with a. pale pillar, a dark pillar, and a lintel carved. with the symbols of the College: in. the centre, an hourglass Banked by skulls and bones, and thorned roses twine around the whole. A scythe is carved inca each of the uprights. While the door is nor a copy of the portals at temples of Morr, iris dose enough to remind most Old Worldets of death and rnortallry,

WhlIe most people stay away from we College, me open door is an irresistible temptation [0 some; so it is not bard to find people who Glahn [0 have been inside. Those who are telling me truth and report their experiences honestly tell the same Story. "The air smells musry and srill, with a hint of embalming auid. There is no scent of rot, and the smell of the city is left far behind as oon as you pass duo ugh the door. There are dark corridors hung in black and amethyst draperies; the dust lies thick on. the floor, stirred into choking douds by the feet of

me intruders. Doors lead off it, bur aU lead into empty rooms where dark, heavy furniture stands abandoned, wreathed in cobwebs. While me explorers occasionally find the desiccated corpses of spiders, rats, bats, and other vermin, they never see anything alive. The CoHege looks as if it has been abandoned for years. The whole place is mantled in an eerie silence, and even those explorers brave enough to shout found (heir voices muffied, swallowed up by the building. mall shrines to Morr in his role as god of death nand against many walls and in most rooms, unnerving visitors more than anything else.

A very few tell a different 5t.ory. After wandering for a while, they turned a comer to be confreneed by a wizard dressed in purple robes. bearing a scythe. Those who tell this story started their training the very next day and are all now Amethyst wizards.

Thos e who are invited to the College or are delivering

mes ages, know to wait outside. There is a bell by the door. and if it is rung, a steward comes to Investigate. Those bearing messages must entrust them to the seward, who will see diem

delivered. Those with business with a wizard must wait while he is brought. The steward never steps beyond the threshold of the College. 1£ lmpadenr characters push past him, he vanishes as they step inside, and chey find themselves in the abandoned building described before. Characters remaining outside see their companion disappear inro the shadows, but the steward remains visible.

Only characters with the Talent Arcane Lore (Death) can enter [he College proper without aid, and they can bring as many other characters in as they wish. This takes no dfoJt. and mey can choose to enter the deserted version If they wish. Ar first glance, the ollege proper does not look much different from the shell accessible [Q most. The halls are dark. the draperies black and purple, and there is a layer of dust. However, me centre of tile corridors is kept free from dust and cobwebs by the passage of many feeT, and living spiders and occasionally larger vermin can be seen scuttling around.

"The most important difference is thar the Amethyst wizards are present. lr is still rare co meet them in the corridors, but me doors co most rooms are dosed, often locked, and have name plates on them. Beyond are the per onal quarters of the wizards. Located deep within the structure are libraries, laboratories, and even a dining hall. While the true ollege

is quiet, it does not have the eerie silence of the shell, and the small shrines to Morr, which still exi t, are obviously carefully tended.

The decor of a private room is up [0 the wizard who lives mere. While dark colours and rhe symbols of the College are

3 common choke, virtually all rooms also .house a living plant or animal. Plants are somewhat more common, bur pet rats, ravens, cats, and even rabbits are nor unusual. The wizards of death prefer, on the whole, to remind themselves of the vigour of life, lest they forger and. fall to the pam of necromancy.

Unlike most other Colleges, the Amerhyst College is an excellent sercing for a battle. The abandoned version of the College has dark, cobwebbed. spooky halls, and gives rhe constant feeling mat someone powerful, holding your death, might interrupt you. On the whole, the Amethyst wizards ignore events in the shell College; it is [here to ensure that such events do nor bother them, after all. However, major structural damage does carryover between the two versions, causing particularlyviolem fights to see an intervention. pending a Fate Point to avoid death here draws the character across the boundary between the twO Colleges. and the Amethyst wizards make sure that he does not die.


The main reason to visitthe College is [0 speak with one of the resident wizards. The Amethyst College is large enough to provide rooms for all journeymen, as well as those of higher rank. Mosr death wizards prefer to live mere, as other neighbours tend nor to be very fTiendly.

The shell College is also occasionally used for clandestine meetings. "The chances of being overheard by anyone apart


Heart of tbe Empire: Altdorf

from the wizards are negligible, and the wizards rarely care about such things. Bur if a group made a habit of meeting there. the wizards would take action to drive them oue; they wam the College to retain its fearsome aura.


It is relatively easy to sneak around the Amethyst College.

The shadows and draperies provide good cover. making most Concealment Tests Routine (+10%). and the building seems to deaden sounds. making Silent Move Tests Average (+0%). However. in most cases. there is little polar sneaking around the shell ollege, unless you intend to spy on one of the rare clandestine meeting mentioned before, and sneaking round the true College is dangerous for aU the normal reasons: getting caught tends [0 be final.


The Bright College is the headquarters of the Bright Order wizards who study the Lore of Fire. Its members are often Battle Wizards of the Empire, frequently on tile front lines. As a result, fewer wizards of journeyman level and above reside here than at any other College apart from the Jade. Apprentices, however, are more plentiful; the College needs to replace losses, lind the Bright Order has a correspondingly bright reputation as warriors opposing the eternal foe. The College is bracing iucif for a rush of hopeful applicants in the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos,

The College is set within a substantial area of burned-out ruins. The cause of the lite is somewhat mysterious; some blame a mistake ar the College. others an attack by the forces of Chaos.

till others blame (he side effects of the College's defence against an attack. The Story that someone believes rells you a great deal about his attitude to wizards. Whatever the cause, it devastated many buildings and left the charred shells haunted.

In a world Where Ghosts and Daemons are indisputably

real, the haunting of the burned buildings is mere subtle. People in the area catch glimpses of ligures out the corners of their eyes. bur nothing can be found on investigation .. A few footprinrs might be found in the ash, starring from nowhere and vanishing into rhin air. Although the lire was years ago, visitors still find smouldering beams. A few people even claim that the whole region burst into Barnes again around them, sending them back in time to the disaster itself. A number of magical investigations have failed to reveal a cause for these phenomena; although, some people suspect that me Bdghc Wizards themselves are responsible. seeking to preserve their privacy.

While tile truth of the matter remains unknown, people are reluctant LO move back into the haunted area, and thus ic remains uninhabited, even io a ci'o/ as crowded as Alrdorf Some people. and some things, find the existence of such an area sulcs meJ11 very well. even if it means hiding under the very noses of the most dangerous individuals in the city.

The College irscl£ is invisible behind a magical barrier. Ies location appears to be a. collection of charred and mosrly


Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

collap ed towers around a burned-our plaza. On particularly hot days at me height of summer, a vision of the College sometimes appears in me heat haze above chis place. The locals take the opportunity to tell gullible visitors that the Bright College flies across the Old World, taking the wizards to their barnes. In faa, the College is firmly grounded, and anyone determined to find their way to ir caa pass through the magical barrier.

Inside, the sky is utterly black. as light from outside is blocked completely The air is filled with the smell of smoke and the myriad scents of burning: hot metal. burning wood. coal.

and cloth, even hinrs ofbuming flesh. The College is He by a blood-red, flickering glare from the giant fires that bum atop each of it 21 mighty towers. Character passing through the, barrier always find themselves standing in front of the main gates, no matter whar direction they approached from. These great bronze gates, three rimes the height of a Human and set into the centre of one mnge of the College, glow red from their intense beat. Merely approaching a gate takes some mental forritude, though it inflicts no actual damage. Touching the gates with bare skin inflicts one Wound regardless of Toughness Bonus or armour. and a further Wound every round until the character shows enough sense to pull away.

The gatekeep r occupies a small office next to the main gates and opens them for anyone who can demonstrate that they have legitimate business within. BLigh! Wizard& always have a legitimate reason to enter their own CoUege; other characters must have business with someone who llves thece.1f the characters nave been invited for a specific time, the wizard who invited them should have wid the gatekeeper in advance to expect them. However. even wizards forger occasionally, and sometimes &iends arrive unexpectedly. 0 if characters claim

(0 be there eo see a wizard who is in residence, the gatekeeper sends a servant [0 enquire whether the wizard wants to see them. Famous and highly ranked individuals would be allowed in for almost any reason; the gatekeeper certainly isn't going to keep the Emperor or Grand Tbeogonisr waiting.

Withjn the gates, the Imposing red stone buildings of the College are ranged around a heptagonal, paved courtyard, There is a tower at each comer, and two further towers divide each range into thirds. In the centre of each range is a door leading into the college proper, or in the case of the main gates, out. TI'tSe doors are all of metal and have seven keyholes, though they are almost never locked. 'The coloured stones of the paving form a patrern of seven keys. one pointing at each of me doors.

The interiors of the College buildings are entirely of stone. Even Boors and oeilings are rock, and Stone and metal fumi cure is common. Decoration in public corridors consists of basrelief carvings on the walls and stone statues, and the corridors are illuminated by fires burning in ornate braziers. There are few Windows, existing as outlets for smoke more than anything else; the light from outside is no brighter than that from the internal braziers.

Personal rooms have a wider range of decorations and those

on the inner side of the range have glazed windows overlooking

the courtyard. However, illumination by open Hames is universal; candles are rare and enclosed lanterns unheard

oE The number of !ires around means thar the in ide of the College strikes most people as oppressively hot, though Bright Wizards find it cornforcable, increasingly so as they get more powerful.

The Bright College is a bad place for a fight unless the characters are extremely powerfuL In a ligbt against the residents, they will be killed very quicldy by dozens of powerful Fire Wizards. In a fight in which they help the residents against an outside threat, they will be mere spectators unless they are at least comparable in power to a Master Wizard. If the characters are powerful enough. the amount of fire magic used in a baule here would cerrainly make it memorable.

The Bright College is an excellenc place, to meet Fire Wizards, not simply because they are there, bur because it gives the player characters a chance to enter a place of great sorcerous power.


Actually sneaking into the College would require great skill and magical assistance: the walls are very high. and most of the guards are well concealed. It is much easier to set up a meeting w.ith a Bright Wizard,. and then not leave. In theory, all wizards should escort [heir guests OUI, but in practice they can be convinced that they don't need to; most have better things to do with their rime.

Once inside the College. everyone assumes that the characters have a reason [0 be there unless they are doing something obviously out of place. like crying to pick the lock on a door. With confidence and care, the characters could get anywhere, bUI rhe consequences of being caught are likely to be fatal.


The Celesdal College lies close (0 rhe centre of AJtdorf. a few steps from both the Palace and the Temple of Slgrnar. However. despite the bustle around it, powerful sorceries ensure that almost no one ever notices if.

The Celestial College is neither invisible nor disguised by Illusions. Instead, spells subdy prevent people from looking in the College's direction or from paying anen tion to what rhey do see. Clouds and mist intervene at crucial moments. and the wind blows Bags, awnings. and Light pieces of rubbish across thellne of sight to the College's spires. People who live and work in the area know that there is something in that SpOt, but have no dear memories of it, Most assume that it must be a residential building, or a private warehouse, or some other structure that they have no reason to attend to.

However. a character who knows roughly where the elestial College is and deliberately looks for it can find the entrance. Even such characters do not, for some reason. think to look


Hean of the Empire: Altdorf

up or around and do not even payartention to the details of the door. Thus, if mundane characters approach the College, you should keep [he description very neutral: ''You reach the door of the Celestial College, and as you reach our to knock it opens." If characters ask what it looks like, tell them that they don't notice. Even if they deliberately look, they don't notice. lfrhe players comment, you can agree thac this is, indeed, strange.

Characters with Magical Sense are immune to this effect and can see the College in its full glory. If such characters point the College Out to bystanders, the effect is partially overcome for a while like characters deliberately looking for the College, but people without Magical Sense quickly revert to not looking

in that direction and think mere is nothing important [0 see. Even while they were aware of the College, they did not take in any derails.

For IDose who can see ir, the College is one of the most spectacular sights in Ahdorf, Sixteen slender rowers built of blue and whitestone reach I-dgh into the heavens, far taller than the peaks of the Temple of lgmar or [he Palace. Each is topped with a glass dome. which glitters in sunlight and shine faintly from within a night. The towers are linked by ranges of rooms, also built in blue and white stone, with five floors to a range. The windows are all square or rectangular, and the walls are carved with comers, stars, and crescent moons--the symbols of the College. The main door ls 6 yards square, divided into four leaves, and finished in black metal. Dots of silver ace spread across ie, fonuinga map of a night sky, albeit noc the sky visible above the Old World.

No one is ever kept waiting at the door. The doorkeepers

know when someone arrives and open the door the moment before anyone can knock. In most cases, they know the general purpose. of the visit but not specifics. Thus, if the characters want to speak to a wizard, the doorkeeper knows that but not which wizard. while if they have a delivery he knows thar but nor what they are delivering. Hostile characters are threatened with guns thrust from pom in the door rather than welcomed with an opening. This prescience is pa.rdy the result of careful observation and partly magical. The doorkeepers should onJy make a mistake if a major magical pOWtll" is concealing the characters' purpose.

Inside, the air has no seem, like the dear air ar the top of a mountain. The corridors and courtyards are calm and relaxing, having many astral symbols. maLI libraries and observatories can be found in many corners. Visitors are allowed to go to

a wizard's room unescorred, and servants appear [0 repeat directions JUSt at the moment they realise that they do not know which way to tum at a junction. Wizards who want

to see the characrers invite [hem in the motnenr they arrive outside the door without waiting for something as mundane as a knock.

Although [he characters may assume that they are constantly watched while within (be College, they are not. Instead, the Staff and wizards know when they need assistance and [Urn up at that moment. The Celestial College should make most characters very nervous, particularly if they have something to hide.


Groups of wizards and guards turn up moments before a situation turns to violence, threatening the characters with loaded firearms and magic, forcing them to leave peacefully. Attacking these groups 1.5 suicidal; the College guards use the highest Initiative result in the external group in place of their Agilicy when calculating their own Initiative, allowing them

to always act firSt in the round. In addition. the group always outnumbers the interlopers, normally tWO to one, and includes at least twO Master Wizards. The nature of the College gives

all characters in this situation a flash ef foresigh • revealing their corpses cooling in the corridor. "Ihis is not to say that a powerful group with lucky rolls could not win, but it would be difficult. And in a continuing fight, the forces of me College would soon be reinforced.


The College is an excellent place (.0 meet Celestial wizards. Master wizards and above have private rooms, which are furnished in their own style. Mostly, this rends cowards a celestial theme, and most rooms contain at least one relescop

or astrolabe. While the wizards give the impression of knowing everything before the characters speaks, it is not the case. TIley know when the characters are about to speak but nor what they are about to say; it is, therefore. possible to surprise them,


Stealth is normally impossible in [he Celestial College. Sneaking in would require more artendon to one's surroundings than anyone without Magical Sense could manage, and even those with Magical Sense lill foul of the magical warnings that the inhabitants get, which are subtle: guards rarely appear behind a character to apprehend him. Instead, servants happen [0 go to work exactly where the character wanted to hide or come around a corner at precisely the wrong moment. Often, the servants do not know why they are there at that time; the Wind of Azyr simply arranges things so [hac they are. If characters 'cry [0 ensure secrecy through bloodshed, see Fights, above.

A character with extremely strong concealment magic of

some son can overcome these obstacles, aJlowi_ng ordinary Concealment and Silent Move Tests; although, the lack of cover and general Stillness of the College makes both sorts of tests Hard (-20%). Characters without any magical assistance cannot make the tests ar all, as there is a servant standing in from of rhern, looking right at them.


Empire House is the administrative headquarters of the

Watch in Alrdorf Ir deals with all aspecrs of law enforcement. includlng issuing bounties on criminals, Beasrmen, Mutants, and Greenskins, as well as arresting criminals. Persis rent rumours indicate that Imperial spies also operate from this building, and while no one officially confirms rhis tumour, it is true. There are other centres as well, bur Empir-e House is an impcrtanc one.

The building itself is large and made of stone. There is little decoration beyond the Imperial arms over the main entrance, and mo t of the windows are. small and suitable for use as gun port'S. 111e walls are thick, and mere are storerooms and a well inside the building. It could hold off a determined siege for quire some time and has held off urban rioters OJ] numerous occasions.

The main doors are open from dawn to dusk, and anyone may enter the from lobby. Here, the sweaty odour of crowds is overlaid strongly on that of the street, and fouler smells occasionally seem to drift up from the lower aool·s. The hall

is large, with a high ceiling, and me room is divided in two by a long wooden counter. The counter is the boundary between the public and private part of Empire House, and is staffed by over a dozen Watchmen whUe the doors are open. Even at night there are six on duty. The walls of the public area are covered with announcements of bounties, wanted posters, and other such official documents. Half a dozen WaJchmen mingle with the crowd at all times, keeping an eye OUt for trouble, there are likely to be more bounty hunters

in this room than in any other area of comparable size in we Empire. People carrying severed heads are nat uncommon here; the bouncy hunters bring the heads in to confirm kills. Those who have killed monsters generally bring smaller body pans as proof.

The Watchmen on the desk quickly become completely immune (0 surprise; a group of adventurers purrlng a dragon head on rhe table and asking for the bounty would provoke some response, but only because [he staff wouldn't know the apprcpciace bounty offiland. They are aJways ready for trouble to break out and aren't worried about deaths that might occur when they deal with such events.

The private areas of the building are very dltferent. There an: few differences between offices; all have a smalJ window. need to be lit by lanterns or candles. and are much the same size. Thus. people wbo are assigned here are assigned an office that they keep for their entire career. no matter how far lip the hierarchy they move. Empire House has a standard policy of nor interfering with what people do in their offices. as as the work gets done and no laws are broken. At. a result, every office is different, and those that have been occupied

for some time scrcngly reflect [he personality of the occupant. Parelcularly prominent law enforcers attract rumours abou their offices; someone renowned for his implacable hunt'S for heretics might be said to have the heads of those he catches preserved and mounted on the wall. or he might have an office filled with a collection of stuffed toy bears.

Getting lnro the private areas is dlfficult.ln theory, a visitor must nave particular business with someone in the building. and that person must escort a visitor at all times while they are within the private areas. This is enforced in practice the ruSt few times that someone visits. However, people who are known [0 have worked with officials on numerous occasions, and to have done a good job, are allowed in by themselves. and they may even be allowed to take their own gues .

There is a econd entrance at the back of the building. guarded by two Watcnmen and primarily used as an emergency exit.

However, officials who don't want to push {heir way through the mob at the fronr entrance occasionally use it to come and go.


Fights break out with some frequency in the from lobby, particularly among bounty bunters arguing over rewards. The Watch are supposed to JUSt beat the miscreants up and throw them OUt of the building, but deaths do occur. Any fight within Empire House quickly draws the attention of dozens of Watchmen. and a fight with Watchmen sees the protagonists massively outnumbered and almost certainly defeated.


Officials of the Empire may well ask to meet the characters

in Empire House. Some may even invite them there for more social events, being more comfortable in their offices than

at home. However, characters are most likely to visit Empire House to collect bounties. find out who or what currently have bounties, and [0 talk to law enforcement officials about dungs [hac they have found.


The best way to sneak around Em plre House is to look like

you. belong. Characters convincingly disguised as Watchmen or similar agents of the Empire wUl not be stopped unless they act suspiciously. Getting into the building in the fir t place requires an invitation or successful imitation of a particular person who either works in me building or Often visits. While the ronc desk does keep track of who goes in and out. the existence of a back door means the list will be a bit off.

Hean of the Empire: Altdorf


The Jade College. home to wizards who study the Wind of

G hyran and the Lore of Life, is surrounded: by an im mense wall, unbroken by windows ortowers. The wall reaches over

60 feee in height and is caller than any of the surrounding merchants' houses. Ir is buihofbrlck, the outer face is glazed green, and In every block is a College symbol: a spiral, a uiskele, or an oak leaf The wall is roughly circular but actually forms the first ring of a clockwise spiral, about 200 yards around. Thus, at one poim there is a seep, where the f."lce of the wall steps 20 feet backwards. 11,e only entrance to the College ls located here, a simple wooden door sec in the base of the wall.

The door is guarded at all times by four warriors, heavily armed and armoured. One is young, another in his prime. [he third in middle age, and the fourth old. Despite appearances, all are highly skilled; they have all completed at least one miU~M)' career, generally mercenary or soldier. Many have also completed the veteran career and are now champions .. [f they sound the alarm, any Wizards in residence come to their aid.

Jade Wizards are allowed wen ter without any quesdonsaad may bring one or two friends. A wizard trying 1:0 take a Large ~ould be asked for his reasons, but almost any reason would suffi.ce. Others need to demo ns trate that they have business in the CoBege. A$ with most of the Colleges ·of Magic, a request ro meet a particular wizard causes the guards to send 3. messenger [0 see if that wizard wants to see them, and if so, the wizard meets them at the gate. People are not allowed [Q wander into the College on a whim.

Those allowed in to the College find that tile spIral continues on the inside. To me left, tbe inner tace of rile waU islined with buttresses. and ivy and other dimblng plants cover it. To the right are a grassed-over path and a tine of trees and shrubs that form a sort of natural wall. As characters walk around the path, me dean odour of nature replaces the stench of the ciry, and the sounds ofHwnan bustle recede, replaced by the wind ill the (fees and thedistam ftow ofwater, Perceptive characters realise that there ate few animal sOUllds.lmelligem characters might realise that the outer wall is still to their left, making them actually no further from. the citythan they were Jeer passing through the gate. Nevertheless, it sounds and smells fa,cnet away.

After a single circuit of the inrerior, the trees lind shrubs replace the wall on the characters' left, andthe right hand side of the spiral becomes more varied: sometimes trees and shrubs, sometimes patterns of stones, sometimes pools and streams of clear water. The ground rises in small, artificial hills, creating varying scenery representing various pans of the Empire.

The Jade College seems to be substantially larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. It can take visitors well over an hour to walk to the centre of ir follOWing the path. However, once past the first inner drcuit, it is possible to take shortcuts, which lead to the grove ofrrees that Form me heare of the College.

These trees, predormnantly oaks but with <I. few members of other species among them, have been shaped by the magic and patience of the wizardsineo a living hall. Branches and leaves form walls and floors, and ar the centre of the grove a circle

of mjghry oaks form the walls and pillars of a great domed chamber, where me College gathers when it must take counsel together. Around this are many smaller rooms, which are used by members of me College when they choose to Stay here.The Jade College has ve.ry few permanent residenrs, and even they. change their rooms frequendy. So most rooms arc the same, fumished with carefully shaped branches and upholstered with moss.

There are rooms where rainwater flowsconsrandy down branches, pooling briefly in a bowl formed ofivy leaves before flowing a\\lay. In ochers, fruit trees and vines twist through

the wall, beating fruits and m.1[S3r all rimes of the year. The College does have a library, every book cradled in its own niche in. the trunk of an enormous tree; it can be reached by walking up sturdy branches.


Much of the interior of the Jade College is devoid of animal life, and there RIe few wizards there at any time, making it possible for a fight to take place seemingly wilbout much interference. However, if combat statts, the plants in the area animate to hold and separate the combatants. While they cannot uproot themselves, they can move their branches to grapple the intruders. Typical plants have a Weapon Skill of 35 % and Strength of 60%. If the combatanrs have harmed plants in the College, the grappling plants inflict damage according to the normal rules .

. 28


Heart of the Empire: Altdorf


Jade wizard in Alrdorf often meet characters in their College. finding their own environment much more congenial man the city. Such m etings are likely to take place while walking in the gardens. ramer than in the central allege itself, unless there is a need to consulc a book or Bnd another wizard. E.ven in rainy weather. there are pachs sheltered by trees for those who know where to look.


The first problem for tile stealthy is getting into me College. The walli Very Hard (-30%) co climb, and since the waJl is 10 yards high, multiple successes are required. Anyone sported climbing the wall is ill trouble wid] the Watch, and the alarm is raised inside the o liege. However, climbing at night makes it unlikely that a character will be spotted,

Inside the College, Health is fairly easy, and rests are Routine (+ 1 0%) due to the amount of undergrowth and noise of rustling leaves. The ollege proper, at me centre, i harder

to hide in. making oncealmenr and ilenr Move Tests Cltallenging (-10%). The plants in the College are rather more aware dun normal shrubbery and do ooti e intruders. However, they only pass this information to the wizards if the wizards think to ask, which mean mat if a character can come and go widiour raising suspicions. he is safe. Bur if rhe wizards investigate, 3 full description is easily available from the plants ehe character hid behind.


Much like me Brlghc Cellege, the Light College is mystically hidden wirhin Altdorf However, the way in which it is hidden differs Significantly. There is no magical barrier surrounding the light College and no spell hiding it from prying eyes. Instead. it is built where lines of arcane convergence have created a location hidden witl,in folds of space.

The Light College can be found on the left bank of rhe Reik in all area that a mere century ago was the home of many rising merehan t families. Fortunes change, and the a rea is now lower class andsinking even further. The alleys and roads crossing the folds of space link up, but mapping them is impossible; the folds left by the Light College mean that the geometry of mat area cannot properly be represented in three dimensions, ler alone two. People who live there get used to finding their way around and try not to think toO hard about the strangeness. Those who do are rumoured co either go mad or become wizards.

The trick to reaching the College is to turn at 90 degrees

to all six cardinal directions at the appropriate point in the road: up, down. left. right. fronl. and back. Obviously, in normal areas there is no such direction, which means that apprentices at rhe Light College generally nave to spend a few weeks learning now and where, to do ir. Those corrupted by haos find it much easier. as long as they know what

they should do. haraeeers musr make a Will Power est to tum the corner; worshippers of ehe Ruinou Powers or those

with mutation must make a Very Ea Y (+30%) eese, while for everyone el e it is Challenging (-10%). 111c rest gelS easier as omeone repeatedly uceeeds, in general, every time someone ucceeds, they add 1% [0 their hance of succeeding in the future. It doesn't rake long for apprentice. LO do it aurornarically,

Once around the impossible comer, the stench of the streets vanishes, and the scene suddenly opens out before your eyes. The alleys and streets, which joined up in inconceivable ways, now lead into a large square. The centre of (he square is dominated by the Light College. an enormous four-sided pyrarnidthar at first glance seems [0 be made of light. Anyone with a Magic Characteristic of 1 or greater can feel me p wer humming in the square. usrained by the ritual incantations perpetually perfocmed within the College.

TIle wind of Hysh is particularly strong here, and the effects on spellcasdng are profound. AJl spellcasters lose 1 dl 0 from their casting rolls while within the square or College, as the more subtle winds of magic are harder to concrol. However, any caster with Arcane Lore (Ligh r) adds ... 5 to every d 1 0 he rolls in the square. Journeyman wizards of the Light allege are, on average. about as capable withinthe square as outside ie but face les risk from their magic. Higher-ranked wizards of the College are significantly more p werful insid me squa,re than outside.

The pyramid is not made of light. Looking for longer than

a moment reveals that it is made of stone, bur tile myriad ligbrs burning within the College can be seen through the walls. Only the lights can be seen, and characters quickly notice due rhey do n01: actually illuminate anything outside the ollege. The walls are not transparent, so those outside cannot see things or people inside, and the lights inside do not illuminate the square. However, the strength f me wind of Hysh allows the liglns to be seen. Even lighcs buried deep within the pyramid are clearly vi ible,

The gtear doors of rhe College of Light are fashioned of metal, plated with silver, and polished to mirror bnghmess. 111ey lire surrounded by dozens of lanterns, kept consrancly burning.

and morelanrerns are set into the doors. As a result, the doors arc brighr, even compared to the rest of the pyramid. Entrance to the ollege proper is only by lnviearion from a wizard of journeyman or higher rank, bur anyone who manages to reach the door is given a polite heating unless they are obviously mutated. Lf an unexpected visitor asks to speak to a particular wizard, and that wizard is in residence. :I servant is sent co fetch him. There are very few Light Wizards who will not come at Least as far as the door. If the wizard knows rhe visi ors, he is ar Uberty to invite them inside.

The interior of the Light College is decorated in white. gold. and silver. Lanterns, candles, braziers. and other sources

of light are everywhere. and the pale surfaces reBecrme brightness back and forth. There arc no windows, but the corridors are as brighrly lit as all area ill direct sunshine

00 a slimmer day. The perpetual incantarlons can be heard everywhere, and even characters with a Magic characteristic of 0 can feel the power in. the ai f.

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

All spellcasrers still lose Id 1 0 from their casting rolls, JUSt as they do in [be square. However, the concentrarion of power within the College is such that all casters add +2 to every aio that they do roll. Characters with a Magic characteristic of 1 cannot roll any dice. and thus cannot casr magic, Apprenrices to the Light College must practise their magic ourslde it. Casters with Arcane Lore (Light) add +7, which replaces the +5 bonus received ill the quare.

The rooms of individual wizards within the College are brighdy lie and almost always contain .many books. Beyond that, me range of decoration is varied. Light wizards rend

to have broad knowledge; thus, their tastes can v~ JUSt as widely. Rooms decorated in Norscan or Tilean styles are not UJ1COmmOn, and some wizards draw on the traditions of Araby or even more distant lands.

As a general rule, all master wizard who wane them nave

r om , but journeyman wizard only get them if they are particularly well connected. There are guest rooms mat can be used. by any member of the Light Order for brief visits, and the common areas of the College include a dining hal! as well as libraries and magical laboratories.


The Light College is as bad a place to have a 6ght as any of me other Colleges; a large number of powerful wizards will quickly involve themselves [0 bring any rruggles to an end, till, as noted for the Bright College, powerful characters allying with (be Light Wiza.!'(is to drive off a powerful threat could be pan of a superbly spectacular banle,


The College is a very good place co meet Light Wizards bur not much else. It is the most isolated of the olleges of Magic.


neaking around me Light College is impossible. There are no shadows; the light sources are deliberately arranged to en me this. In addition, [be Light Wizards are much more careful abour unesccrred guests than most of the other Colleges. About the only groups thar could undertake clandestine activities here are those that include or can imitate a Light Wizard.


N ear the Emperor's Palace and the Temple of Sigmar mere is a group of austere stone buildings, These arc me Courts ofJuscice, but they are universally known as the Palace of Recdbudon in Alrdorf No one in the city wants [0 end lip mere, sitting under the stern gaze of a judge. While each courtroom does contain symbols of Verena that promise justice. the judges are known for harsh sentences far outweighing [he seriousness of rhe crimes. Those caught looting, for example. are almost certain to receive a death sentence in the Palace of Retribution.

While the complex contains many buildings, the most important are the Imperial Courthouse and the Tower of

Heart of the Empire: Altdorf

Aledorf. TIle Imperial Courthouse dominates the surroundings, its tall walls making it look llke a fortre s. Inside are various courtrooms and judicial offices. as well as a ball of records. Beneath the courthouse there is a small prison complex used to house the accused. during trials. Few" inmates stay in these cells very long, since justice is swjft in we Palace of Rerrlburlon.

The Tower of AlLdorf is a eommandery of the City Watch.

The speclal wat~h unit responsible for guarding the Palace of Retribution is stationed. here. It is a prestigious posting and many aspiring watch commanders have spent rime in we ranks of this unit, 'The tower is a simple structure of grey stone bereft of adornment. but it sturdy and well-built and has withstood several assaulcsfrom rioters over the years. It is rumoured chat a secret dungeon exists beneath the [Ower for special enemies of the Emperor. If that is rrue, no one has ever escaped to tell the tale.

While many executions are done in the gaol under the Imperial Courthouse, the complex includes me hWidow'sPlaza", a public execution ground. Here hooded executioners carry OUt me courts' sentences. While the axe is fuvoured. for such things in the north, in Altdorf me sword if the preferred lnstrumenr, The executioners of the Palace of Rerrlburion u e razor sharp two-banded weapons and their practiced strokes can sever

a head from the shoulders in one swing. Hangings arc also performed in the Widow's Plaza, hue they are not as common as beheadings.


Brawls have been known to erupt in courtrooms when trials are open to the public. Thls is usually the result of an unfavourable verdict. If the judge has reason to suspect trouble. a dozen Watohmen will be on hand to deal with any outbreaks of violence. Otherwise. it may take several minutes for enough Watchmen to converge on the scene. Figbts inside the Tower of Alrdorf are quite rare, since only those with official business are allowed inside and is brimming with Watchmen. Public executions in the Widow's Plaza arc wild spectacles and nearly anything can happen 3,[ one of them.


The Palace of Retribucioa is good place [0 find judges, lawyer, and criminals, Judges do not have public offices, so an appointment is required to see them, Lawyers can often be found in die haJJ of records of the Imperial Courthouse. Here they look for precedents for thelr current ca es. Criminals

are locked up beneath the courthouse during rrials and they are usually denied visitors other than their Lawyers or family members.


Watchmen from the Tower of Alrdorf patrol the Palace of Retribution around the clock. Even gerdng ro a building

In me complex requires a Challenging (-100/0) ilenr Move Test. The Imperial ourthouse has no windows on the ground 800r, which means climbing up [he walls or getting in through one of [he twO guarded entrances. Due to the austerity of me building. there are few places to hide on the

inside. Concealment Tests are thu Hard (-200/0). 'The Tower of Alrdorf was designed as a fortress and it is very difficult to break into or our of. Many of the interior doors can be barred as well, so even once inside it can be difficult to get around.


Thegrear Temple of Sigmar in Alrdorf, centre of the Slgmarlre cult, is easily the largest temple in the dty. acing me Imperial Palace across [he central square, it represents one of the two centres of Power in the Empire and has a physical presence mat cannot be ignored.

The temple complex. includes a large number of buildings

the mo t important being the main sanctuary ofSigmar. This

is a large 11311, T-shaped to represen,t a warhamrner, the cross bar of rhe T in me south, Twin spires stand at either side of

the entrance at rbe northern endat the central square, and

the door is flanked by enormous names of Sig.marite warriors that are triple the size of 3. Human. The double-tailed comet

is carved into the door, which towers four rimes the height of

a Human man. Slighcly larger than the warriors flankillg the door is a statue of igmar. set in a niche over the door, holding his warhammer. It was carved centuries ago by a priest famed for his battles against Chaos, but, while competent, it is not great an. However. it has holy significance in itself 0 the Grand Theogonisr has always resisted occasional campaigns to have it moved somewhere else and replaced by a finer statue, of which the temple has several,

Once within, the smells of the street are overpowered by the smell of hundreds of people in a confined area, The temple

is big, but there are still enough people mat their sweat dominates the odours. The roof soars over 20 yards into the

air, topped by solid vaulting. The hall is aisled, the rooHn the aisles a mere lO yards from me ground. Grear arches springing from marble pillars suppOrt the upp r walls, and in the centre of each arch stands a starue of a great igmru-ite hero, twice the size of a Human. There are 12 arches on each side, honouring

a coral of24 heroes. The statues arc moved when a new hero

is judged worthy ofa place among them, A mong body of contemporary opinion holds that Valtens statue should. be placed there because even though he was not Sigmar reborn. he was dearly a great hero of the faith. Ochers think chat Val ten was a heretic and should not be honoured at all.

The window in the aisles are stained glass, depicting famous scenes from me life ofSigmar. There are 12 011 each side, chose in rhe east telling of his rise to power, while those in me west tell of his later years consolidating the Empire. The windows above the aisles are dear glass. making the interlor of the temple far brighrer than most would think.

The crossing point of me T is surmounted by a great dome, pierced with windows about its base. The interior of me dome is decorated with a mosaic showing Sigmar ascending into heav n. This current mosaic is the seventh, as the depiction of this event. which had no witnesses, is particularly vulnerable to charges of heresy. Beyond the dome. in the sourh-cenrral wall of the temple. is a great stained gLass window depicting the Barrie of Black ire Pass, igmar, larger chan all the other

Hem of the Empire: Altdorf

(igur . stands in the cenrre surrounded by his Human and Dwarf allies, swinging his weat warhammer [0 crush the rwisred Greenskios before rum. The Orcs and Goblins in this window are depicted. with many mutations, to emphasise the double role of Sigmar's fight. In the sky over his head. the twill-tailed comet shines brighdy.

In from of the window is a mighty seaeue of Sigrnar, over

20 feet tall, his warbammer cradled and ready for action. A gift from the Dwarfs, this statue is generally agreed to be an artistic masterpiece. Before the statue. under the centre of the dome. stands the High Altar of Sigrnar, the hollesr place of the igmarite faith.

The arms of the T are brlgh Iy lit through their south-facing windows, ending in a mighty tower. However, me arms are divided by pillars and bays into over two dozen semi-private chapels, each with i[S OW.n altar and Slgmarlte icon where the faimful can pray in peace. Even when a service is held in the main body of the temple, those who wish to pray privately here are not disturbed. 11\(! altar in the

far south-eastern corner is nor dedicated to Sigmar. Instead, it is dedicated to all me Gods of che Dwarfs in recognition of their importance in Sigmar's life. TIle image behind it depiccs many Dwarfish figures, bur only

experts in DWlldish culture can identify them. This altar is usually deserted; although, the priests

en ure rhac it is kep in a good tate, to do otherwise would show a I ck of respect.

There are always at least a dozen priests in

the temple, praying, counselling me faithful, and keeping an eye out for potential trouble. Dllring

the day there are at least rwiee that number and over a hundred lay folk as well, rising to several hundred if there is

a service. The rempie is never quiet, and characters who just want to speak to a priest of igmar can do so here within

a few minutes. If they have an important message and can prove it, they will be e corred [0 the complex of buildings surrounding the sanctuary for a meeting with the appropriate figure.

These buildings cover a larger surface area than the sanctuary itself, and in the heart of it all, the smells of the street are Impereeprlble, replaced by a faim scent of tuceuse.drtfrtng from more than a dozen small temples co Sigmar. Of these, the Sun Chapel is particularly famous. It is called so because it is round and domed. and the exterior of the dome. is pia red in gold. rnakin.g it shine like the sun. The interior has an

altar co lgmar at the centre, while the walls and underside of the dome are decorated with me most superb mosaics to be found in the Empire. These mosaics depict the whole of Sig.mar's life story. the Battle of Black Fire Pass raging around

the bottom of the dome as the twin-tailed comer flares aero its sky. The fi~fe ofSigmar is in the east of the dome Oil the same side as the door. Thus, in order to see him in battle, it is necessary to enter me chapel, cross it, and turn around. The un Chapel. is used as the private Chapel of the Grand 'Iheogonisr, and being allowed to see the interior is a g):eac privilege for any character,

The rest of the buildings are residences, libraries, meeting and lecture halls, and refectories, built mosdy around cloistered courtyards. The palace of the Grand Theogonise is also found here; although, it is nor a separate building. Rather, it sprawls through a dozen ranges of r oms making a pectacular palace once you are wlrhin but presenting a more humble facade. The main entrance is a simple spiral staircase, just large

enough for rwo people co climb abreast. which gives out into a huge reception ball chat takes up most of a r.ange. The entrance may DOt look spectacular, but it is always guarded by six Slgmarite Templars.

Rooms within the complex vary from the imple cell of the lowliest initiates all the way up to umpruou suites for the Lector

when they reside in Alrdorf In theory, only residents and those with business are allowed within, but the place is normally so

busy that no one has any idea who is there. Only if something happens does security tighten

for a few days or weeks, until

i.e becomes apparent that it is almost impossible for rhe temple to function under those conditions.

One rumour that has spread throughout Altdorf is grounded in fact. The food served in the refectories of the temple is superb, among the best mar you call get. Unfortunately, it is only available to residents and their guests, and the serving staff is far more vigilane than the gate guards.


The Temple of Sigm:u' is another bad place to have a fight. 'There are many Ternplars on and off ducy that will rush to prevent the sacrilege of violence within the holy precincts. On the other hand, an attack by Mutants or Beasrmen within the sanctuary would provide a glorious opportunity to fight alongside the faith's elite, while weaving around holy statues and icons.


The temple is an excellent place for meetings. The characters can meet functionaries of the igmarire faith, all the way

up to the Grand Tbeogonist, uch meetings will normally happen in the wider temple complex. However, the sanctuary is an excellenr place to me r other people as well. People going ln and OUt are not monitored, and people apparently


Heart of the

praying at one or the side altars are n t disturbed unless they have been there for many hours. in which cas a priest approaches to ask if they wam anything. With a lirde care, a meeting can be held In great privacy here, and the sense rhat Sigrnar is watching makes agents of dark powers very reluctant to sPy.


Of course, since the player characters are not agents of dark powers. they have no such compunctions. Sneaking around

: Altdorf

die main sanctuary is very easy but usually redundant, as

no one would try to seop you. Wirhin the temple complex, the easiest way to get around the public areas is to pretend that you belong, bur once inside some stealth i called for. Fortunarely there are many places to hide: alcoves conraining sacred pa.intings, statues of notable $igmarites, tapestries, curtains, heavy pieces of furniture, and so on. The corridors are not systematically patrolled away from the quarters of particularly imporeanr offidals, which makes sneaking into the rooms of most priests relatively easy.

The most basic rule [Q remember about evoking a place in a roleplaying game is that players notice what you describe, not what you don't. It is true that Altdorf does not present a landscape of rolling hills, but the players will only realise thae if you describe the buildings towering to either side and mention ehar the visible sky is reduced to a thin ribbon between roofs.

A closely related thing to remember is that players may rune OUt des riprions of rhe place that seem to be a scene setring, but they will remember something that seems to be an immediate part of the current adventure. The descriptions

of locations gi'len in the: previous pages are written with the latter in mind, emphasising dements that might be relevant to adventureracrions. The adventure in the second part of this book relies on events chat draw on and involve particular features of Alrdorf 3S well as reasons to visit many locations unique to the ciey.

However, Altdorf is [00 grand a location to use for JUSt one adventure. "ntis section provide you, rhe Gamernasrer, with more clements to use co create adveneures char fee! like they are really in Altdorf rather than some generic city.


Obviously, the descriptions of physical locations are an essential way to convey the spl ric of the teeming metropolis rhar is Alcdorf If you rry to pile everything in when the characters first enter an area, there is a risk that you will end up lecturing rhe players, rather than engaging them in the scene at hand. However, adding incidental details while the characters are within a place can be very effective, as long as you don't hold back anything of practical importance or bury the e sential facts in ephemera.


Akdorf stinks. The best way to bring this home to the players is [0 describe the smell of every location they enter; chis sensory description is given for me specific locations in (he previous pages. ince people do no often mention smells, this alone is likely to giv Alrdorf a unique fuel. The elements of Alrdorf's stench are listed in the table. You can choo e me smell for a given area. For example, a livestock marker should smell of animals, or if there is no obvious choice, roll once or twice to get the dcminanr odours.


RoU 1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


SmeU Animals Food and Cooking Pungent perfumes Rotten Fish Rotten Meat wag_e

rnoke and burning wear Tanneries Vomit

Altdorf draws people from all over the Old World and occasionally beyoncl Humans. Halfllngs, Elves. Dwarfs, and even Ogres can be seen walking the streets in the dress of

every known nation. Mentioning this in your description of street or tavern scenes serves to remind the players [hac they

are in a cosmopolitan area. Remember that if the characters

are unfamiliar with a particular nation, they won't be able [Q identify its dress by sight, so giving a brief description of how it looks is a better option.

A1tdorf's architecture is as eclectic as irs population. Adjacent buildings might mimic Norscan and Arabyan styles, while a Single building might have Tllean columns supporting Klslevire domes. All the buildings share one feature, however. They are all tall, at least four stories. Because they are close rogerher, the streets are in near-permanent shadow, and only 3. narrow strip of sky is visible. This situation is exacerbated by me tendency

ro build upper Roors out over the Street, gaining more space

for the interior of the buildings ar the expense of Ugh r for those walking around. The squares and parks of Altdorf thus form 3 stark conrrasr to most ofthe urban area,


While people of every variety can be found in Altdod: they tend to segregate into neighbourhoods. While nowhere in Alrdorf has uniform ethniclry, the dominant group does change and sometimes quite abruptly. A tavern in Lirde

Heart of the

Tllea, for example, might be across the street from one in the Elven Quarter, burthe clientele of the two places would differ markedly. In addition to population changes, archirecrure changes quite radically as well, especialty in areas dominated by lrnmigrants andtraders who[end~o build structures that remind them of home.

The difference in wealth between areas can. also be abrupt and extreme. There are only a few places whew the walled estates of the exrremely wealrh abut dil"'eccly onto slums, but they

do exist, and heavy contrasts over a hundred yards of II single street are extremely common. There are some inns where rhelnnkeeper gives advice to his gtlests:~Turn righe when you leave. If you HIm left, you won't come back .. " Of course, adventurers could probably survive being mugged.


There is a lor of crime in Alrdorf not an of ir petty. The Watch is more concerned with preventing all-out riots and making sure that rhe rich and powerjulare Mot tOO badly disturbed rather thsn stopping pickpockets, burglars, protection mckees, or even serial. killers in. the poorer areas. This is, to be honest, largely a good ehlng for the player cbar-aClers. as most of the things rhar adventurers do are nor technically legal, It's even better for the players, as arrempeed crimes make for good events in an adventure.

Altdorfis a dty of ccnrrases. The most importanrofthese is the contrast between rich and poot. The rich have servants and

: Ahdorf

bodyguards to keep the riffraff away. 'The poor, on the other hand, are very poor, often lacking even one set of nice clothing. The middle classes, while not non-exisrene, are Few and consist almost entirely ofpeople on their way up or down. There are very few stable mtddling shopkeepers and the like, In pan, this is due co tb,e Altdorf attitude; no [rue Aledorfer would be contenr with a moderately prosperousllfe, but would try to nrrnit into

a wealrhy life. More often that nor, tbey fail, dropping into the poorer part of sociezy. When they succeed, they aren't shy about showing off their success ..


As the home of the Colleges of MlI.gic,Alcdorf sees more wizards and more magic than just" about anywhere else in

the Old World. As a result, Altdorfers are somewhat more accustomed to magic than most, and it is a polnr of pride for them to treat magical events flo diffe.endy from mundane ones .. Thus, while mey gee out of the way of magical battles, they do not flee screaming in terror, at least not unless they are affected by Terror. Non-threatening magic isn't even gilleD. a second glance.

To a point, this is genuine. Alrderfers really doc see a lor of magic. so a Bright Wizard using Flaming Sword of Rhui n

to deal with muggers is something that most of them have

seen before. However, there isa strong element of keeping

up appearances, Even If you have seen a wizard wielding a sword of pure fire before. it is. if we are honest, a spectacular sight. Determinedly pretending thar there is nothing acall remarkable aboue it is a form of snobbery rhar even the pOOIest Altdorf beggar indulges.

Heart of the

Thi section describes events that could only happen in Altdorf or are much mote likely to happen in Aledorf chan anywhere else. They are divided into several sections and described in tables for ease of random rnlling if you want [Q pick something d13l way. The firse section covers events that are merely local colour and have no relation to the adventure at hand. The other sections describe types of events tha are common part of adventures and suggest ways in which they can be handled so as [0 evoke the capiraJ of the Empire.


These events have nothing to do with the adventure at band, but they serve (0 remind the players of where they are.

The Emperor passes by in procession. Imperial trOOps dear the street, pushing everyone back against the buildings and holding them back until the imperial group bas pas ed. The Emperor himself rides a fine horse and is surrounded by Reiksguard Knighrs who are constantly on [be alert for trouble.


The rand Theogonist passes by in procession. emple guards clear the meers the same as if for an Imperial procession, but the Grand Theogonlsrs parry is dominated by priests; although, Slgmadre Templars do form a guard around the edges.

An Biven ship cornesinco dock. The crew are all Elves, calling back and forth in Eltbarin, and the ship is

omehow more elegant and refined than the Human ships around it.


A group of wizards from one of the Colleges passes down the treet, led by two Wizard Lords. They do nor actually u e any magic, but the power of the group is obvious. Alrdorfer pay no particular attention, but they do get OUt of ehe way.

A foreign (Tilean, Esrallan, Breronnian, Kislevice, Norscan) noble passes by with his encourage. The bodyguards, who are also foreign, push people out of the way if dley do not move fast enough. The noble is making loud, unflattering observations about me city in his own language.

At the next stall in the marker, a foreign erader is bargalnlng hard with one of his compatriots in their native tongue.

Indicating tl1m both ale from outside rhe Empire, an Elf and a Dwarf negotiate hard in heavily accented Relkspiel over something one of them is selling,

8 omeone dumps the contents of their chamber POt out of

a window ab ve the characters. Agillry Tesrs are needed to avoid gerdng splashed.





9 The planks that formed me bridge over the river channel ju t ahead break under the weighr of a cart, dropping the

: Altdorf

cart and irs driver into the Reik. Characters may help get him OUt or simply need to find a different route [0 their destlnadon.

lOA crowd of'beggars gathers round the characcers. The beggars are drawn from every race and every country, though Imperial citizens dominate.


All adventures tart omewhere, and many start wirh the character being approached by someone who needs help. This section gives some possible approaches,

The characters are approached by a large Norscan who takes them to a Tilean restaurant to explain what be wants, The Stalf welcomes him by name, and he is obviously a regular. (Swap nationalities as desired.)

2 A wizard sends the characters an invitation ro meet him at his College. lfbis College is difficult to reach. they meet elsewhere, and the wizard guides them in.


Watd,men surround the character and escort them eo Empire House, where a moderately-placed official asks for their help ill solving a mystery.

The characters are approached by a complete stranger in the Temple of Sigmar, He says that Sigmar [old him the characters could help wltb his problem, and 10 and behold it rums OUt that they can. (He mayor may not be genuine about the source of his inspiration.)

An Elven envoy approaches the characters, needing to hire local talent to deal with a problem facing his trading fiunjJy.

A group of Reiksguard Knlghrs arrive and escort the characrers to the Imperial Palace", There, a. functionary charges mem wich a mission vital ,0 the survival of the Empire. If they succeed. they might get [0 briefly meet rhe Emperor.

A band of (bugs emerge from me shadows and "invite" the characters to accompany them. In the back room of

a rough cavern, a crime lord asks for their h elp in dealing with a far darker threat: Mutant , cultists, or even Skaven.





111e starving, ragged children of a tenement family beg the help of the great adventurers (Q ave their home.

A wealthy merchant invites the characters to his townhouse and offers [Q hire them for a dangerous job.

He treats (his as a purely commercial transaction; the pay for success is high. because the characters could ger killed.

lOA foreign street preacher, who spends much of his time calling on people [0 foUow his od (Myrrnidia, Verena, or similar), often in his own language, suddenly fixes the characters wjch his gaze and declaims a prophecy that leads to a great adventure.



Heart of the Empire: Altdorf


While most of the combar in an adventure is carefully tailored to the needs of that adventure, occasionally you JUSt need something to throw at the characters. This section provides some ideas.

A group of footpads jump the characters, expecting to easily roll them for their cash.

2 A gang of foreign sailors decides mat [he characters should be recruited to help man their ship. 1]lUS, the sailors are interested in capturing rather than kilHng. V e the statistics for Wrecker. bur replace peak Language (Reikspiel) with some other foreign tongue.

3 A Troll (Glanc, Daemon) Slayer gets very drunk and decides mat rhe characters have insulted his honour.

4 The characters enter a fighting I'ln.g. As they look

competent, they are challenged to test their mertle againsr the champions of the ring. Large numbers of armed pectarors make ie dear that this is a challenge that cannot be refused.

5 A wizard has eurned to crime co finance a drug or gambling habit and ambushes the characters. using her magic to fulJ effect. Bystanders pay no particular attention.

6 A monster has escaped from the Imperial menagerie and comes rampaging down the street towards the characters.

7 A protagonist or duellist challenges one of the characters over some slight, imagined or otherwise. TIle challenger ha fdends who join in if the characters wam to gang up.

8 A group of thugs have set up a toll ration 00 a bridge rhe characrers need [0 cross. 1.0 the case of the characters, the thugs have decided that a fair toll is everything [hey are carrying.

9 A group ofWatchmeo demands rhar the characters

pay a 1 gc fine for disrurbing the peace. If they pay, me Watchmen revise to I gc each. If the characters object at any poin , the Watchmen attack to take them lnro custody. Since these men arc corrupt, they won't report the characters for fighting back.

lOA noble or merchant decides that the chacaceers aren' showing enough respect and ends his bodyguards to reach them a lesson.


Alcdorf is a great place for chance meetings because much of the. world passes through the dry at some time or anomer. In adventures, a chance meeting can be a useful way [Q pass on a due that the characters have missed Of starr another thread that will soon tie in to the main plot.

1 A wizard me characters have deale with before is In Alrdorf to visit his College. He bumps into the character somewhere around the city.

2 A igmanre priest the characters know is in Aledorf. having been summoned to a meeting ar the Temple. He doesn't have much time to talk to the characters and is quire nervous about the upcoming appointment.

3 A merchant who has dealt with che characters is trading in Altdorf and the characters happen 1'0 pass his stall. He recognises [hem and calls ehem over.

4 A noble with eeanecdons to the characters is in the capital to attend court, He becomes aware of rhe characters and rids them an invitation to visit him in the dub where be is staying.

5 A criminal contact has come to Altdorflooking for the big score. He hasn't found it yet. but he is eager to catch up with the characters and find our if they know anything that might help him out.

6 A foreign character, even an Elf tbe characters met in

a dlsranr land, has come to Alrdorf on business, He is somewhat bewildered by tb.e Empire and very glad to see someone he knows.

7 A pet[)' trader the character knew well. and ideally helped. came to Alrdorf and truck it lucky. Nowa member of rhe nouveau riche, he is delighted to see his old friends and keen to how off his new-found wealth.

8 Someone the characters knew in a prosperous position tries to beg a few coppers from them before recognising them and eagerly introducing himself He is keen to cell his sob Story and wants help to regain something of his former status.

9 The child of a contact, em to Univer icy in Alrdorf in an artempt to get him 0 grow up. is Uving a riotous snidenr life which brin~ him inro conta with the characters.

10 A person the characters rescued from a dark cult is now 1.11 Alrdorf training co be a witch hunter. Par wiser and grimmer than he was then, he ls wilUng co aid the characters with his advice and coneacrs.

Spires of Altdorf

This adven rure is tile rhi rd pan of me Paths of t/Jl Dmlint'd campaign, which started with the introductory adventure in ~'(TPRPand eonrinued in AsJm of Midtknhlim, While it is designed to follow 011 from these adventures, it can usily be played by irself"; see the insert for guidance,

In Ashuof Middenhl!im, the player characters were caught

up In the machinations of a Chaos cult, the Crimson SkuJl, and an lmprtsened Daemon, Xarhrodox Incarnadine. In rhar adventure, they deah a serious blow to the cult and learned that the essence of rhe Daemon had been splle lnto three and imprisoned hy the Blood God in separate arcefsers, The cult released the 6rsc third, and it returned to the Chaos Wastes. The second third is bound inro the Dagger ofYul K'chaum (sec page 39), which is ill Altdorf.

In this adventure, the characters must travel to Altdorf, find the artefucr,and deStIOY the Daemon's spirit. In order for

die final part of the adventure to playas written. they must succeed, However, this adventure provides several diWerellt ways to succeed with varying consequences for the player characters .. lnthe best case, they find the anefac~ through intrigue and negotiation, have it destroyed by a friendly Amethysl Wizard, and unmask a dangerous servant of dark powers along dole way. Jf rhey are less successful, they might have co fighr to get the dagger, be tricked by a corrupt wizard into helping him become a power of Chaos, Or even sacnfice one of their pany to ensure the destruction of (he Daemon's

spirit, The descriptions of each section clearly state what [he characters muse he able to do in order to keep the campaign on track and where you can aH'ord to ler them faiL

Oncethe characters have reached Altdorf, this adventure has no lineal: plot, unlike Ashe! rif Middrnhdm. Rather, there are three things going 0[1 at once, and the characters are free to choose what they do and when.


Thecharacters must negotiate their way through their contacts and dleir contacts' contacts iuorder to find OUt where the artefact is, ger access eo it, and find a wizard who can perform a ritual to destroy it. 111i5 process is described in Chapter ill: The Art.efa.C"t (page 49) and is the central poi ru of this advenrure,


The characters are offered aid by a Briglu Wizard, Wolfgang Scheunacht, but they may become suspicious. invesdga.te him, and unmask him as a follower of the Ruinous Powers, However, this may not happen <ill all. Indeed, the characters might end up helping Wolfgang to perform a blasphemous ritual that grams him great and terrible power. If they do investigate him, the process is covered in Chapter IV: The Shadow of Flre (page 7 J).


Chapter I: The Second Shard


[f one of your group is playing Jocelin Herzog (one of the pre-generated characters in Paths ofrht Damned) tim player may wancjocelln to vish her master in Altdor£ Jocelin was trained by Master Walbrecht of merey Order, who sent her off to find adventure and gain some experlence in the wider world. Master Walbrechr is nor involved in the main plot of this adventure

and has no useful lnforrnadon to provide about it. However, he does know Alrderf and the Colleges of Magic and can give some general advice on those topics. If Jocelin has enough xp to change careers, Master Walbrecht is also willing to gram her the starus of Journeyman Wizard once Jocelin has related her pan in the events of Ashes of Middcnheim. While he won't show it outwardly, he'll be quire proud of his apprentice's accomplishments so far.


Cadott Selzberg, 11 survivor of1he Crimson Skull, is out to kill

me characeers. She arranges a number of arracks on the characters, who can try to track her down to her home base and deal with her. This is covered in Cb ... pter V; Bad Blood. (page 80).


With so much going on, it is absolutely e senrial mat you

read the whole adventure before trying (Q run it. With a linear adventure you can sometimes get away with just followillg the book through, bur that rnerhod will not work here, You might also find those li ttle, rnulri-colou red sticky squares of paper useful as bookmarks to allow y.ou to quickly find the next section that you need.

The artefact that ~he characters seek t~ destroy is the Dagger of Yul K chaum. Even peaking such a name of ill omen i dangerous. and the dagger i normally referred CO as JUSt "the artefact' in his bo k. characters hould follow suit.

[t appears as a large, heavy dagger made of iron with a bronze hilt. The blade of the dagger passes through rhe mouth of

a skull, Human apart from the fact it has three eye sockets, 'The back of the skull was omitted, allowing me face to form

a basket hllr, The blade is etched with three Chaos runes for Greater Daemon. xtra Eye, and Bloodlerrer of Khorne.

Nobody the characters meet is willing to tell them the legends arrached [0 this dagger. Those who know go pale at the suggestion and tell the characters that they are better off nor knowing. They will say thac the dagger corrupes alJ who wield i [ and drives people [0 wild excesses of bloodletti ng.

The dagger is powered by a fragment 0 f the Daemon Xaehrodex Incarnadine, and recent events in. Middenheim

( ee A;hes of Middmhdm for derails) have partially awoken

it. It ha started to call to the forces of Chaos to come and rescue it from it confinement.

As the adventure begins, the dagger is still only partially awake and looks mundane, if not hideously blasphemous. If a character is so foolish as to use it in combat, it granes 1"20%

Fortunately, rna r of the time you don't need to worry about what happens next, as that depends on me decisions of the players.

They decide to whom they want to talk or what they want to investigate, and you go to that part of me adventure. The Shadow of Fire is quire simple. And whlle Cbapter ID: The Artefact is mOL"C complex, it includes fimher guidance on how to run it.

Carlort's attacks happen when you want them to. Thus, these attacks are a useful reel in serting the pace of the adventure.

If the characters are making too much progress in the intrigue section, throw a couple 0 attacks at them to I w them down and pos ibly distract them into searching for arlo Ct. On the other hand, if the characters are really enjoying all the wheeling and dealing in high society, you could leave the arrscks our for a while. You should, however, make sure that they occur during the adventure, as the conrinulng pursuit by their old enemies is an important parr of [he trilogy.

o Weapon kill and does SB +4 damage, u ing the Armour Piercing quality. However, the wielder automatically enters Frenzy after the li rst round and loses the ability to disci ngulsh friend from foe. Acradcing a friend in thi tare is worth 1 lnsaniry Point when the character reall es what he has done.

If the artefact is fully awoken, the eye sockets start to glow with a baleful red light, andthe Daemon within can whisper to anyone who has touched the item. 'These whispers incite the wielder to attack those around him, and it continues

to whisper through the night. Durin.g the day, a character

can resist if he wishes, but resisting the voices in his dreams requires a Routine (+lO%) wm Power Test. If this res fails. he gets up still more man half asleep, seize the dagger, and Hies into Frenzy. The awoken dagger grant the wielder the

arne bonuses a above, but in addicion gives him 2 points of Armour on all locations, which srock with any armour worn. If the wielder kills anyone with the dagger, he is healed of 4 Wounds, and, if not already a servant of the Ruinous Powers, gains 3 Insanity Points as the victim's life is sucked through the blade and into the wielder's body.

There are two likely situations in which the dagger becomes fully awake. The first is if the raiding Bea tmen manage to take it from me vault of the Light College ( ee page 6S). The econd is if Wolfgang tries to perform his ritual but fails,

having his essence drawn into the artefact ( ee page 68). In

the latter case, the awakened blade is even more powerful and grants its wielder an extra half action every turn, allowing him IO take one full and one half action bur does not remove the lirnicon taking only one attack acdon per rurn.

The dagger is already partially awake at the heg~nnjng of

the adventure, and its evil power has an inAuence on rhose around it .. First, you should only use adjectives with negative associations to describe it: it isn't well made or sharp: it is blasphemous and vicious looking. The blade might seem to be stained with blood, and characters get the fcelln,g mar the eyes in the hilt are walchillg them.

Second, when me characcers see the dagger, they get the sense of an immense. brooding, dark power behind ir-a

power with rage boiling just beneath the surface, waiting for the right memene fa erupt. Everyone gets this impression, so NPCs seeing the dagger go pale, and mOSI take an Involuntary step or {\YO back. Once the characters have seen the dagger. they are consranrlyaware ·o.fic as long as it is in their possession, like a dark weight lurking at the back of their minds.

Elinally. if me charactersare (sensibly) trying not to use it, the dagger constantly slips Out of any container and CUtS the character carrying it. The cut does no' real damage. but it is painful. Such occurrences don'eleok Like magic. ifthe dagger is in a box, ehecharacrer might stumble, spiHIng rhe box's conrents, for example.

One of the I~rgest thre. ar~ the pJa:ye.rch.araccers face in this _ adventure I.S rhe ammclon of Wolfgang Scheunachr, a powerful Bright Wiurd who has fallen rothe eernpratlons of Chaos. However, thanks to his intelllgenee and subtlety, no one suspects his cerrupdon.

Wolfgang has Learned through various COntacts of me discovery of a powerful Chaos artefact in Middenhci.m and knows mat rhe characters were involved. He is ROr,IU me beginning of

tile adventure, aware that it has. been destroyed, and 50 he has travelled [0 Middenheim to find it. Once Wolfgang has such an artefact, he plans. to perform the rieual The Transfigl.ration of &spknd6nt Glory (see the sidebar on page 41 j, which will destroy the anefactand grant him great power.

Orl his arrival in Middenhelrn, he finds theeharacters ready to leave and decides [Q joinmeir party for the journey back to Alrdorf. This should be easy to manage; large groups are much better for rhe trip through dangerous forests, and stmply attaches himself: At first; he makes no attempt [0 taikto the characters beyond bare politeness, preferring to watch and[bern.

The attack ofehe Beastmen (see page 48) provides him with a perfect opportunity. The characters win inevirahly playa major role in driving the erearures off, but Wolfgang assists with magic. Thus, he is able. 'to express his respect for the characters' abilities and present himself as helpful.

Atmls point, he believes thar me characters sr.i:U havethe arternctmey found in Mlddenheim. He learns where they are smying in Alrdorf and has some contacts burgle [he characters' room to take the artefact he thinks must be hidden there. When he finds thar the~e .isn't one, he turns to listealng again.

On [earning that the characters are looking for a paretcular Chaos artefa~t and the means to destroy it, he can hardly believe his luck. At an appropriaee moment, he offers the services of his ritual. Lf the characters take him up oo&his.,.


This adventure has been wrine.n so mac it is unUkdy mat things will go horribly wrong. If something has ro succeed, there is no roll for ie. so an unlucky .roll cannot derail things. Plot th.reads that players mtghrchoose to ignore (Wolfgang, Carlctrs attacks) can be ignored without: causing long-term problems for tile adventure or me trilogy. Finally, the characters can do things in many

di{fer-ent orders. so going orran a slight tangent is unlikely (0 be a major problem. .

However. player'S are much better .;1.[ breaking advenruresmiUl :lutQors are at writing them; don't doubt the players won't find a

way. Here are some suggestiOI15 for getting things back on track if they do, .

If the players seem to have forgotten thar they are supposed. to be looking for the arrel":lc[, have Dieter Klernperer or Lord Frederick conrace ehern to see how they are gerringon.

If the players cry to pursue something that's purely a mamtr ofbackground (me cult that Eliubeth Baern fought in her younger days, for example), simply have all leads d.ry up instandy. Neone knows Of remembers anything, and shortly thereafter someone: comes along to ask aboue the ar(erna (see above).

If the players try to murder a prominent member of Altdorf society and go 00.. the run, you have a problem. Guards on the gates can keep them in [Own, while Carlon's contacts allow her to .stm find them, The artefuct's Influencegrows, and the characters can sriU get the artefact the hard way. Wolfgang can also .find them and is willing to ofFe~ sympathy in rheir plighe, sure char mey are misunderstood, The characters stand little chance of coming our of this well. but you can twist rh i ngs round (oger the artefact destroyed.

Chapter I: The Second Shard

the artefact is destroyed, burthey nave released a porent new Chaos power on the world, been severely weakened, and probably driven insane by the experience.

Wolfgang's lnreracrlons with the haracters provide several opperrunirie [0 investigate him and uncover his corruption. If the characters do so, they gain powerful allies In the 13rlght College. In addldcn.they might realise mat something is wrong during me ritual. In mar case, they can disrupt it, which destroy Wolfgang bur leaves an even more powerful artefact. still in need of desrru don.

Because Wolfgang interacts with the characters at many points inthis adventure, [he descri peions of his activities and the actions the characters might cake against him are spread out. For easy reference, they are Ii ted here. Wolfgang is fully derailed below.

• Night Attack (page 47): Wolfgang aids (he characters against Be3stmen on the road to Alrdorf

• A Tempting OlTer (page 64): Wolfgang offer the character his services to de lIOY the arrefacc,

• The Trans6guration of Resplendent Glory (page 67); The result if the characters take Wolfgang up 011 his offer [0 destroy the artefact.

• The Shadow of Fire (page 7 J ): The means by which che ehara ter can unmask Wolfgang, in uding th burgla.ry of their rooms.

Wolfgang Scheunacht

Career: Master Wizard (ex-Apprentice Wizard, ex-Journeyman Wizard)

Race: Human

Knowledge (Daernonclogy + 1 0%, M gic +20%, Runes). Channelling +20%, Charm, Command, Ccmmon Knowledge (the Empire +10%, Was relan d) , Gossip. Intimidate, Magical Sense ",20%, Perception, Read/Write, Ride, Search. peak Arcane Language (Daemoni , Magick +20%), peak. language ( lassical, Dark Tongue, Reikspiel)

Talents: Aecheric Auunement, Arcane Lore (Fire), Dark

Lore (Chaos), Dark Magic, Fast Hands, Hardy, Lesser Magic (Aetheric Armour), Lesser Magic (Magic Lock), Medicui n, Mighty Mi lle, Night Vision, Petty Magic (Arcane), Rlrual (The Transfiguration of Resplendent Glory), Savvy, Strong-mlndcd, Very Reslllenr

Arm01U~ None Weapons: Quarrerstaff'

Trappings: rimoires, Robes, Trade Tools (Apothecary), The Gloves of jarfreit, The Amulet of ay-K'thar


Typec Arcane

Arcane Language: Daemouic Magic: 3

XP: 300

Ingredients: A Chaos artefact linked to a powerful Daemon; number of willing but possibly duped, acrinces equal co the number of player characters; eiglu candles, each made from the fat of II. different Human; an octagonal bronze bell with a clapper made from Human bone.

Conditions: 'The ritual must be performed at night in a place where at least eight l urnan h 'Ie died by violence; the caster must be Human, though the sacrifices need not be.

Consequences: If {he casting roll is f:ailed, the easter Is consumed by [he arrefacr rather than vice versa, This increases me power of the artefact, but rhe precise effect depends on me power of the caster.

Casting Numbers 16 Casting TUDe: Eigbr hours

Descriptlonr Lf this rieual is successfully cast, the caster becomes a powerjirl creature of Chaos as power is sucked from me Chaos artefact and the sacrifices and i channelled into the caster.

The sacrifices permanently lose Id.l 0% from every characteristic on meir Main Profile, which may have consequences for their Secondary Profile. Roll separately for ea b characceri tic. They also permanently lose 2 Wounds. Wimessing the blasphemous rr n formation

and feeling part of your soul ripped our eo fuel it inBJcts 6 Insanity Points and knocks tb.esacrifices unconscious. The artefact is destroyed.

The caster gains the following m dlncations [0 his Profile:

Ta1ents: Peerless, Flier, Natural Weapons, Terrifying Armour: 2 points of natural armour on all locations.

The caster is transformed in appearance, gaining wings and vicious claws, bUL he i. till recognisable. He ceases co age, and the powe.r of Chaos bums within him.

Wolfgang is a powerful master wizard on rhe verge of becoming a wizard lord. He is also a secret follower of Chaos but far more subtle and patient than most. He does not chink of himself as

a Chaos cultist, as he is not a member of a cult, Wh.en be is ready, he intends to lead a cult, but for now as 0 iating with other followers of Chaos would ri k discovery.


Chapter I: The Second Shard

~ a result of his care and patience. no one suspects his affiliation

with Chaos. Although be knows Chaos magic. he has used te less [han a dozen times in his life, and he Is almost equally sparing with his use of Dark Magic to boost

his Brighr magic. Thus, he has avoided usraining any obvious or even subtle Chaos marks. With his discovery of 1h .. Trtimfig,mUion of

Resplendent Glory, Wolfgang is almost ready to openly move into me service of Chaos. The player characters are the perfect dupes for the last stage of his plan.

Wolfgang is a middle-aged man of height and weight. He is cleanshaven, and keeps his head completely shaved as well. He wears red and orange robes signifying his College and a golden key as a pendant. He is happy ro let people believe mat the key is magical even though it is perfectly mundane.

As a powerful wizard, he bas a strong tendency to treat most people as inferiors. Powerful nobles and other wizards are the main exceptions. and the player character almost certainly

do not quaJify. In truth, be regards his peers as beneath his contempt, with the possible exceptions of a few of the most powerful wizards who ate enemies co be killed. However, he

is practised lit hiding this and making it seem like nothing more chan normal arrogance. He wants to give the irnpre sion


Academic Knowledge: Magic

Powers: Anyone wearing the gloves gets + I 0% WS and + I 0% S (with me associated increase in SB).

History: Theseelegane leather gloves were created a little over a century ago for the personal champion of a wizard inthe northern Empire. The firSt wearer, the eponymous jarfrelr, was an excellent warrior and was never defeated. His successor, Magnus, relied too much on the power of rhe gloves and was defeated by an assassin who also killed his master and stole me gloves. Wolfgang recovered them fairly early in his career.

While Wolfgang normally wears them. their effects ace nor included in rile statistics given for him,



Academic Knowledge: Magic

Powers: Anyone wearing the amulet gets +1 to ~l aU arcane spells. In addition, the amulet's magic may be consumed to guarantee the successful casting ora single: spell, even if it would normally be impossible for rhe caster. If this ability is used. rue amulet shatters.

Hislory: Apparently made of spun gla s in ma.ny colour, the Amulet of ay-Krhar is supernaturally resistant to all damage. It was crafted by an Elvee High Mage many centuries ~o. and it has had countless owners, Legends 511y that over a dozen of these amulets were created, but most have had their 1inal power used and were rhus destroyed. WoJfgang rock his &om a Chaos wizard he kiUed 10 years ago and he. will use the amulet to guarantee that success when casting The nmlSjigm'fltiotJ of Resplendent Glory.

Academic Knowledge: Daemonology

Powers: No servant of Chaos (including Daemons, Mutants, and cultists) will make the first arrack agaillst the bearer. In addlrion, they are inclined to listen to what she says and give ir serious consideration. This does not grant the wearer any extra powers of persuasion. bur it does grant her a hearing.

History: The legends of the Crown of Pashtilar describe it as giving its bearer absolute authority over all servant 0 the Ruinous Power. le is said to have been worn by the Changer of Ways in me early days of the world and was then granted to his greatest servants so they could wreak eVCf-:g);CllCer havoc.

These s rories are all lies.

The Crown is a golden coin, no an item of royal headgear. and irs power is far weaker and more subtle rhan the Legends Sllggesr. Still. il clever and unscrupulous bearer could easlly bulld on the foundation it provides to become a power of evil. it has had several clever and unscrupulous bearers.

AI. nrst glance, the Crown looks like any ocher Gold Crown. But cu rsory inspecricn reveals rhar rhe head is that of a Beastman, and the design on the reverse consists of Chaos runes.



Chapter I: The Second Shard

thar he ees people as potentially useful servants or even

allies with abilities he lacks. The player characters should

not like Wolfgang but should believe that he does respect their abilities. Thus, he is almost always polite bur always assumes rhar he is in a position of aurhorlry, When he praises their abilities, the praise is slightly condescending as if their abilities aft! almost nothing compared to his, which is, in fact, probably true,

When playing Wolfgang, remember that he has years of experience in hiding his allegiance co dark powers. He

does not speak Of act in a way diHerem from un orrupced powerful wizards. The easiest way to play Wolfgang, then. is co play him as ifhe is what he is pretending to be.

If [he player characters do uncover evidence that he is working for the dark powers and confront hun wirh lr, he is unnerved before improvising an explanation. While Ius memory is good, Ir is not perfect, and characters may be able to catch him in an error in his explanation by raising the issue again later in a subtle way; he is a powerful wizard and rhus will not tolerate being questioned.

Carlon elzberg, one of [he few surviving members of the Crimson Skull, wants die player characters dead. Once they are dead, she would like to do unspeakable things to their corpses ill honour of her dark Gods, but her first priority is to see their corpses cooling. She has no plans beyond that and thinks she would be happy to die once she had succeeded,

Carlon i also well aware that the player chara ers are individually about as skilled as she is, and mat as a group they far out-march her. he knows mat if she charged into ba Ie against them, she would end up dead and likely take none of them with her. Thus, her plans are indirect.

Her main resources are the Crown of Pashtilar (described below) and an enormous amount of money, comprising most of the Crimson Skull's treasury. She uses these resources to get other people and creatures eo work for her; there are plenty of people who don't care why she ought want the player characters dead. Her first attempt involves Beasrmen on the road to Alrdorf (see n rh Road. below). When that fail, he re ort [0 a range or smaller attacks, which gives the

hara ret a chance to track her down and po sibly defeat her (see Chapter VI Bad Blood, page 80). However, she might well escape and return to haunt rhe characters further,

Carlon Selzberg

Career: Racketeer (ex-Thug) Race: Human

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Emplre), Consume Alcohol, Dodge Blow, amble, Gossip +10%, Haggle,

Intimidate +10%, Secret Language (Thieves' Tongue), peak Language (Reikspiel)

TaJeots: Coolheaded, Disarm, Lightning Reflexes, Luck, Menacing, Quick Draw, Resistance ro Poison, Srreetwise, Strike co lnjure, Strike to Stun, Very Strong, Wrestling

Armour: Medium Armour (Leather Jerkin and Mail Sbln) Armour Points: Head 0, Arm 0, Body 3. eg 0 Weapons: Hand weapon, knuckle-dusters

Trappings: ood lothing, Hat, The rown of P hdlar

arion is a little below average height and very solidly built-While she couldn't really be described as ugly, she is extremely plain, and the permanent suspicious, hostile scowl on her features does OOt help. he has a number of scars on her body, and her knuckles in particular are criss-eros ed with them. a memento of her older habit of punching people in the mouth with her bare fists. Her face is remarkably unscarred, he is in her early thlrties, but most people would guess that she is older.

She grew up in the poorer areas of Mlddenbeim, and her remarkable strength was noted III an early age. Local gangs were happy to have her as muscle, and she did well as an enforcer. In most respects. she was following the normal career path of the violent criminal, except thar one of her employers was the rimson Skull. he showed all the signs of beiug a suitable recruit, and so he proved. he had already starred to rise in the blasphemous hierarchy of rhe culr and was devastated when the actions of the player characters destroyed it.

She has no idea how to create a new cult: she only wants revenge. However, iF the characters do noc succeed in killlng her iJ1 this adven rure, there is every chance that she will create a new cult without even trying. The Crown of Pashdlar gives her a powerful advantage.

At the conclusion of the As/us oJMiddenhdm, the PCS had won a vi rory but discovered thar the Empire had more fa fear from the Daemon Xathrodox the Red Flayer (als known as Xathr dox Incarnadine). They found OUt mac ehe rest of

his e sence was trapped in [',1'0 artefacts and thai it would be disastrous if he was freed back into the world, uch gem:rali tie do nor tell the PCs where to go next or wbae to do, however. Answering these questions requires a bit ofresearch,

Getting your PCs on the right track can be handled ill rwo ways. If there are P of a cholarly bent, [hey can do (he research themselves. In [banks for rheir assistance during theAsJm ofMitM~nheim, the ollegiurn Theologica allows the P access rc irs facilirle . P re earchers aIC guests of Profes or Albrecht Zweistein, who assists them in navigarlng me archive, Ifno PC i willing or able co do the necessary research, the Professor take i 1 all himself He is, after all, an expert on Chaos artefacts and he above all understands the danger posed by Xarhrodox,

Finding [he informarion requires three successful Academic Knowledge (Magic) Te ts and each lest represents 6 hours

of research ti me. Profe soc Albrecht Zweisrein can find the relevan lnforrnadon in two day. Regardless of who unearths it, the informacion comes in two parts.

Pirsr, rhere Is this [ex" found on an aging piece of vellum (see Handout 1 on page 93):

The Red Flayer: proud and merciles:

7],;1 child of Kharne Spilt in "is fother's eye The Blood God drained his husk

Bl~1 th~ essena« of the Red Player surulues He still /:ives-in the Brass Sklli/

He mil lives-in the Dagger ofYui K'ebaum He stilt fives-in tlu Chalice ofWmrl; li'tlpped and bound, be cmves blood

The Red Player will rise again

econd, there is a reference in the fragmentary diary of an unidentified priest of Ulric (see Handout 2 on page 93) The pertinent section reads:

My contacts in the capital tell me that an ,m.idcntiji.ed relic has been brollght to AltdOlfby one

of o IiI' rivals. From the briif description, it sounds like it could be Dagger of Yilt K'chaum. Like that artifat't, this om' is described as an iron dagger inscribed with dark runes of powlr. Ttf hilt is said to be ill the shape of a skull with three eyes. / leau« now for Aitden] If this

is l!Jt Dagger ofYlll K'challm, it must be kept out of the bands of the wrong pcoplo at nil com.

This is the final entry in the diary. There is no informarioc co be found on the third artefact-the halice ofWram.

Chapter II: Farewell Middenheim


In order to ger involved in (his adventure, the player characters need to know 3 few things. They need to know WMt che Dagger of Yul K'ehaum looks like, thal a rragmem of a powerful Chaos Daemon is bound within it. and rhat it is almost certainly in Aledcrf, They also need an lncroduetion to Dieter Kl em perer (see page 57) and a reason [0 destroy the artefact, Wolfgang cheunachr (see page 41) should have some reason to Think rhae chec:haracters have a powerful Chaos artefact, and Cadott Selzberg (see r2!e 43) should have some reason to be hundng the characters.

M the adventure is aimed at character just entering their second careers, these motivations could be linked co their previous adventure. While chis book assumes that they tart in Middenheim, it is not necessary; as long as they stare in a town or city a considerable distance from Medoff, the er up works. Thus, if your group has ju [defeated a Chao cult in Nuln, the Daemon in the dagger is linked to rhar cult,arlorc is a member of ir, and Wolfgang believes that the characters took something from hem. The information can be provided by a contact or found in rhe cult's lair, depending on how tar in advance you can t thl adventure up.

Man alrernarive, you might starr with characters in their second careers but with no played history. In this case, you should start in Mlddenhelm, TIle characters gained their experience fighting against the StOLID of Chaos and participated in the: defeat of a Chaos cult, Many of their allies were killed, and the player characters are the only ones remaining with the health and ability necessary [0 follow up some clues fou nd in the: CiJ It's temple. The clues point to Altdorf,and the characters are entrusted with chis mission by a gravely wounded priest of Sigma! who fought along side them many times. This priest knows Dieter Klemperer and recommends that the characters consult him abour how to find the dagger. The adventure can then proceed as written.

However, the P s now at least know what the three arrefucts are and that one of them may be in Alrdorf. This should be enough (0 gec them going in the right direction. Professor Zweisrein ha some words of advice for them before they go.

"1 know if bTl, much ro go 011 bw 1 fiar with pl11't of x.allJrodox foe. time is of the cssenc« 1 hl1~ wrirrm YOIl

II k~r ojintroductitJTI to a rollt:ngt« of mini' in Alttfq1 Diete» KlmljJt!rUr is Ct:lotUJi W'imrd and someon« you. can trust 10 Ili.d you on this mission; lr is villli that you find the

dagger bifort minions ofXllIhrodo:c db. 77Jty UI{JfIId foe him.from the ar«foct and this cannot be aUouJ(t!. Airt:ntiy pnrt o!bis I'SSnlCt! has bl'tn rt:leastd but it is sr"l1tkrtd and IlItllk. Those pnrts ojhim trapptd inntk thi' da!{ger alld thalh'l' must be t.kstroyt:d if we 4rt to prtlJ(m till! R4d F/aytfr from httunting th~ 'UK),/d Met! again

·Whik you are in Alsdorf. I shall contimu: my ttSeaTeh into thi' Chalier "ere. If 1 find Out Ilnything wefoL I'll mid word {"rough Dieter.

«May Ulri« and Sigmar guide your joum9- •

The foUowing scenes of the adventure seem sun pie enough, but even here there is more going on than meets the eye.

The player characters prepare to leave Middenheim for Alrdorf Although the armies of Chaos have been defeated, many Beasrrnen and Mutants still roam tile forests, and the roads ate even less

safc man usual, Even though me characters are experienced adventurers, it would be roolish for them to travel by rhemselv Indeed, a number of people mention thar only followers of Chaos would travel in such a small group at such a time.

Waidng for a group ro garber does not delay the characters as people are constantly leaving for Altdorf The player characters are joined by two families with .aU their possessions loaded low cans, who hope to make a new life away from the devastation of war. Wolfgang Scheunachr, posing 3.S a moderately wealthy scholar, also join them. Finally, two Roadwardens plan to ride with the group, glad of the reinforcements provided by the player haracrers,

If the characters insist on setting OUt by themselves, rhey can travel alone undl the first attack by Beasrmen (see page 46). In the aftermath of the attack, the rest of me group described

before catches up with them, and the Roadwardens strongly recommend that rhe player characters join thern.

Tbe various sub-groups of travellers keep [0 themselves.

Both families cover three generations, from grandparents

to children. Illy the fathers wiU speak ro others; the other family members are too frightened of what might happen

to them on the road, a feeling rhar only intensifies as the Beastmen attack. The t','I'O men are Adelbert Mas and

Plecer Brusch, and both were craftsmen (a blacksmith and cartwright, respectively) in Middenheirn before the war.

They don't think that the city can currently support all the craftsmen remaining. (they are probably right). and so they are travelling to AI rdorfin search of better prospects. They are reluctant to say any more for fear of f1l.!ling in with thieves or conmen.

The Roadwardens, iegfried and Ulrike, ar imply doing [heir job with a bit of extra backup. They are reluctant to talk to the player characters too much, in case (hey turn our co be bandits or outlaws. 0 the Roadwardens spend most of their time riding ahead and behind, watching for threats to tile group.


Chapter Il. Farewell Middenheim

Wolfgang keeps to hi mself in the early par, of the journey. He does lnrroduee himself by his actual name but says only that he is returning to Altdorf after some business in Middenheirn.

The R adwardens insist that the party tOP at coaching inns every night; walls are a. viral defence while sleeping. Player

characters seeming capable may be asked to help guard the inn at night in rerum for free lodging. but nothing happens at ehe inns.

The open road is a different matter.

The characters are likely to think [bat the attacks they suffer from Beastmen are merely he random depredations of displaced monsters. However, Carlen Selzberg is behind them. The power of the Crown of Pashtil ar allowed her to speak (0 them, and her natural skl1l5 persuaded them that her strategy was likely [0 provide entertalnrnenr at the least and a good chance. of subseanrial treasure. Her plan j to send small groups of Beastrnen against the characters to slow them down, causing themto be sruckon me road at night. Then she'll send in a mucb larger group to finish the characters off. To this end, she is gathering a group f Beastmen with Night Vision to have an advantage.


Wolfgang's '(aciscics are given on page 41. For the families, use the Proprietor statistics on page 235 of 'Iff-V for the adults, and assume that the children can do nothing' in a figbc apan: from cry, run, and provide dramatic opporrunlries for rescue.

rarisrl for the Readwsrden are given here.


Career: Roadwarden Race: Human

Skills: Animal ommon Knowledge (the Empire)

t 10%, Drive, ossl p, Navlgadon, Outdoor Surviva.l. Perception. rude, catch, ecre Signs ( cout), Speak Language (Reikspiel)

'Ialentsi Quick Draw, Reslstaace to Disease. Specialist

Weapons Group (Gunpowder). Warrior Born Armour. Medium Armour (Mail hire, Learher J3 k) Annour Points: Head 0, Arms 1. Body , Legs 0

Weapon I Hand weapon, Pistol with gunpowder and 10 balls, Shield (They can get new gunpowder and ammunition free at the coaching inns as part of their job.) napping: Rope tack, and a lighe warhor e


The Beastmen rhat attack in this section are typical. Use ehe statistics gi ven below for 31J of them.


Skills: Concealment. Follow Trail. Intimidate, Outdoor urvival, Perception, Shadowing. ilene Move, peak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses .• Menacing. (Night Vision - only the Beastmen who attack at night), Rover

Special Rules:

Mutations: Animalistic Legs and Horn. orne Beasnnen have additional mutations noted in the descriptions of the Individual attacks.

Siu:ntl1s the Beasts ofthl! W'IIom: Bcasunen are nawrally stealthy, and most are also very experienced hooters and trackers. They gain +20% [0 Silent Move Tests and + 10% to Concealment 'Ieses.

Armour: Light Armour (Leather Jack)

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms I, Body 1, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon or Spear, Horns (SB -l damage),


The attacks happen on the third day our of Mlddenheirn. he first comes mid-morning when the characters have already come roo fur to make it worth turning back to [he previous night's Inn.

Two Beastmen break from the wo cis, one from each side of the road and run howling to the attack. The one on the characters' left has a wolf's head and goat's legs. while the one on the dghr has dog's legs and- the head of a horned car. The player characters and Roadwardens should make short work of these rwo, but keep a note of how long they spend stopped after the attack. If mer move on as quickly as possible, diey only lose 15 minutes.

The second attack comes a couple hours later, just before noon. This time, the Beascmen are armed wi.[h bows and arrows, and unlc s a member of the party succeeds in a Percepdon Test opposed by tbe Beastmen's Concealment, me monsters get to fire with surprise before charging to [he arta k. This time rwo (pig head and goat bead) are on me left, and one (bear head,

The Beastmen hope that a significam number of the warriors

will charge forward 1:0 engage them. If th y're really lucky, me characters will be stupid enough to leav the wagons undefended. As long as the guard on the wagons is reduced, the fourth Beasrman (wolfs head and tail) ltiding in the forest makes his move. He dashes our from hiding, wielding a warhammer and seeks fa smash A wheel on one of d1C carts, j f he is not engaged quickly, he smashes a wheel on the second em on the second round before rushing back inro the forest. le is good for the Story if he is able co smash at least one wheel, so you houJd be strict about player rolls to notice him, intercept him, and stop him attacking the carts. The other Beastmen disengage and retreat if the fourth

is successful; otherwise, they retreat after disabling at least one of their opponents or when seriously wounded.

The Rcadwardens are vcry worried by this turn of events. EVI:ln if the Beastmen failed to smash the earrwbeels, the grou p ls almost certain to be caught on the road at oighrfalJ. What's more, the Beasnnen seem to have done thisdel.ibera,rely, which suggests that they are only waiting for night to attack. have been damaged. the Roadwardens waru to abandon them and press Oil

as quickly as possible. The families are uoderstandably relucranr

co leave all of their possessions behind. Pieter Brusch can repair both cam, as that's his job, and thinks he can do it quickly if he cavenges wheels from the Beasrmens barricade. The characters can take whichever side they like in the argument, but me result is me same; the group will be 00 the road after nighrliUl. Pieter can repair the carts within an hour, which is very fast bur nor fuse enough. The argument and the famiLies' insistence on picking the most usefUl things to take from the carts delay the group for almost as long.

Chapter Il: Farewell Middenheim

thick fur all over its body for + 1 Armour Point to all locations) is on rhe right. They aim their rrow at the most dangerouslooking members of the group, which almost certainly means they pick the player characters or me Roadwardens.

Again, the group should be able to fend off this attack with little diffi uh:y. These Beasrmen try to retreat if badly wounded, and certainly any Beasrrnan who takes a critical wound Hies to retreat 1£ he can. Chasing the Beastmen Into the forest would take time and is a bad idea char [he Roadwardens would be happy to point alit. They are growing concerned that the group won't make it to the next inn before nightfall. and they encourage veryone to h \,Ury.

The third wave omes ar mid-afternoon. Four Beastmen have

set a trap for the characters. Three (one with a nake's head, one wim a homed sheep's head, and one with the head of an eagle)

are waiting behind a crude barricade made from the bloodseained remains of a coach and wagon. They have bows and fire at the characters as soon as they come into range. The barricade provides excellent cover against missile weapons, making any Ballistic Skill TensHard (-20%). On the other hand, it's virrually useless in melee. The three Beastmen behind the barricade have also propped up rhe corp es of three dead travellers in an attempt to boost their numbers. [f the characters try to judge the number of assailants, they must make Perception Test. If they full, they believe there are at least six. A success reveals that some of the ligures behind

the barricade are probably dead and suggestS there are somewhere between three and six living anackers, Three degrees or more of success gers the numbers exactly .right.

A s d. wkness. falls, the Ro.adwardens urge the group to press ficn. The f.mtilies have lanterns among their possessions and a n provide light if no one else thought co bring a light

s urce, 'Ihe Roadwardens we expecting an arrack and do not have to wait long.

Soon after dark, a volley of arrows comes from [he forest, srrlking at the more dangercus-lecking characters. The bow shots are from long range, so the Beastmen are at -20% on their Ballistic Skill Tests. The characters can. see nothing in

the woods since the light from the lanterns does not extend [hat far; shooting back is futile. The arrows continue as the Beasrrnen move to keep pace with the fleeing characters.

The characters cannot move quickly without abandoning either the elderly or the children. Hopefully, the player character would not scoop to such measures, but if they do, the Beastmen ignore the sacrifices and go after me player characters; arlorr wants the characters dead and doesn't particularly care about random travellers. The Beastmen can keep lip a hail of arrows for as long as me characters have a light ource, and while many will miss, the characters are likely to realise that they are doomed if they keep this up.

EXtinguishing the lights St ps the arrow. Total darkness is whar the Beastmen have been waiting for. They 11 have Night Vi ion and can fighr without any problem in the dark. Twelve of them drop their bows and rush &om the forest to engage in


Chapter Ih Farewell Middenhc:im

hand-co-baed combat. Characters without Night Vision find that all Weapon Skill Tests ate Very Hard (-30%); they can barely see where their opponents are.

It is immediately apparent thac the characters are badJy outmatched. In the second round of combat. Wolfgang casts Crown of Pire, which not only marks him OUt as 3. wizard but casts nght as a torch, evening the battlefield considerably.

On following rounds. Wolfgang uses hls magic to best effect. supporting the player characters in me fight. The aid of a powerful wizard immediately turns the course of the battle. Widlin a couple of rounds the Beasrmon who are not already dead or lncapacieated are trying to flee back to the forest as they were not expecting to face a wizard.

Once the battle is over, the Roadwatdens recommend making

all baste to the next inn. before the Beasonen can gather reinforcements. WoLfgang and me families whole-heartedly agree,


The characters reach an inn within half an hour. without furrher incident. The innkeeper, knowing both die Roadwardens, opens the gate when they call to him, and the characters are SOOn safe. The families. particularly the children, are deeply shaken by their experience. and while they are grateful [0 their protectors, they can't bring themselves co do muth beyond eat and try to sleep.The Roadwardens are slightly more forthcoming, commendlog the characters for their bravery (assuming that [hey weren't cowards), but tbey have old friends ac this inn and do nor stay to ralk for long.

Wolfgang, on me other hand, is keen to talk to me characters. He admits thar he is a Master Wizard of me Bright College and compliments che characters On their skill and bravery. He asks them about [heir previous advenruresand Iisrens with genuine Interest, He' actually interested in figuring Out what happened to the Chao artefact in Middenheim but he obviously doesn't tell the characters mar.

Most player characters will have enough sense not to tell someone they JUSt met on me road everything about their future plans. Players may. however, assume rhac a wizard introduced on friendly terms is dearly meant to be an ally,

A Itdorfis the largest ciey of the Empire. It suffered little direct .c1.d.:unage in me recent wars, but its population has been swollen by refugees ITom more severely hit areas. Emphasise the city's size, the heel' number of people in the ever-crowded streets, the height of the buildlngs towering over me roads and curring our lighr, and. most of all, me smell. The Roadwardens recommend the Burning Table inn as a place to stay. saying chat ir is dean. me food is edible. and me prices are reasonable. Wolfgang waits for the Roadwardens to rake their leave before bidding his own f.uewelIs; he tells me characters where he lives and says that he would be bappy [0 see them again before they left ALtdorf. Tryro give me impression mar he doesn't want them turning up on his doorstep every day or SO bur that he really would be pleased eo see them once more. The players should fed that Wolfg;mg is 6:iendly bur distant.

and so they may tell him everythlng. It Is reasonable to remind such players that their characters would probably be a bit more cautious. As a hint in this direction. Wolfgang refuses co say anything about what he was doing in Middenheim or what he will do when he returns to Alidarf; although. he will talk about earlier experiences. before me Storm of Chaos.

Lfrhe characters do tell WolFgang everything. they pur him in a blc of a quandary. On one hand. they eem easy to manipulate into his plans. On me other. if he announces now that he knows a ritual to destroy such artefacts. he minks that anyone sensible would be highly suspicious of their good fortune. Still, saying nothing makes it hard for him ro offer his aid later. Unless the characters say something that makes a different course obviously betrer, he settles for saying thar he may be able to help, if they are really erious, He tries to give me impression that he isu'c sure thar the characters are capable of6nding the artefact without saying so OUtright. If he goes this route, his approach later is sllghely different from that described in A Tempting Offer (page (4); instead of acting hocked he says that he now believes me characters m.ay succeed and feels he has to £Fer his assistance.

If the players have me sense to keep their characters' mouths shut about their mission inAkclorf, Wolf~goffersLhem workas his bodyguards. He says he knows chat they can handle themselves, and that SOrt of interview is hard to arrange deliberately. The characters really should refuse; they have far more important things to do. Wolfgang isn't offended by this in the slightest; he lets them know thar he didn't really think chey'd take me job.

If they do, he is genuinely delighted. Once ehey are in

Alrdorf, he gives them accommodation in hi town house nd makes sure chat they have enough free dme eo pursue their investigations. He can search their possessions at leisure, so the burglary never happens, and the characters are deprived of a clue co his true nature. WoLfgang's offer of help should seem entirely natural in thi COntext.

The re t of the journey to Aledorf is uneventful. Carlon i till watching the characters buc is waiting for them [0 be separated from me wizard before attacking again. Depending On YOUI players, you can either gloss over rho fest of the journey or play it out in some detail, maintaining me ten ion; the characters' do nor know that they will nor be acta ked again.

The Burning Table is exactly as the Roadwardens said and a good place for newcomers to the dry to stay. The innkeeper, Marthias Tafel, has no prejudices against any son of character. short of Mutants. as long as [hey pay me bill and behave reasonably within the inn. Drunken rowdiness and even some brawling are expected; armed Bghes are nor,

Once in Alrdorf the player characters should want to get in contact with Dieter Klemperer and start dleir search for the dagger and a means of destroying me Daemon within (see Chapter ill: 'Ihe.Artefacr, page 49). Wolfgangcominues his plot against them, which givesthem a chance to unmask him (see Chapter IVI1he Shadow ofF.l1'e, page 71). Carlon Selzberg continues her effortS to have the characters killed (see chapter V: Bad Blood. page 80). The characters have plenty [0 keep them occupied.

Chapter ill: The Anefact

The characters' main purpose in Alrdorf is to find and destroy the second of the Chaos artefacts linked to the Daemon Xathrodox Incarnadine. They Left Mlddenheim with a description, a reason [0 believe char the item was in Alrdor£ and a conrace, Dierer Klemperer, in me dry.

The player characters arrive in Altdorf knowlng mar they have to find and 4esuoy a Chaos arrefacr, They even know wharir looks like. However, asking random people whether they've seen a dagger inscribed wirh Chaos runes is a good

way [0 meer witch hunters nd interrogators in a very personal fa hion,

Fortunacely, the characters do have somewhere to start: Dieter Klemperer, who has been sent a letter of introduction, is expecting the characters. A friend of the characters and of Dieter (see page 44 for option) has vouched for their mission, so Dlerer is willing to help them. Unfortunately. he has never even heard of me artefact and has no detailed information on how to destroy such a thing. PorClmately, he knows a number of people who might. Unfortunately, me player characters will have to use charm, guile, and intrigue ro get the tnformadon our f Dieter's conca IS. Hopefully, they'll have some skill

in those areas. This section of the adventure is almost pure. role-pla.ying. There are plenty 0 opportunities for stealth and violence In AledorF, but this isn't it. It may be a good idea [0 telJ some groups of players this directly, OUt of game, while ochers will quickly pick lt up from tile conrexr,


Afrer arriving in Alrdorf the player characters go to see Dierer Klernperer, the Celestial wizard recommended [Q them as a contact, and ask for his assistance in finding and destroying me artefact. He explains that he cannot help personally. but suggests how they could lind people who can. ( ee page 53).

Klemperer can introduce them to orne people who. in tum, can introduce them to other. ee me relationship map on page 51 for more detailed lnformarioru me individual links

are repeated in the description of each character to make things easier for you. The player characters mlk to one persall at a time and then move on 0 talk to marc people, possibly with recommendations from people they've already seen. The characters can al 0 go back to calk to me same per on again, probably with additional recommendations or informacion.

The contacts fall into three main groups: Konrad Messner, who can get the artefact, and his allies; Gortri Hammerfise, who is a threat to Me ner and must be: neutralised if the: ch racters are [0 get hold of it easily, and his alUe ; and Gabrielle Marsner,

Chapter ill: The: Anefacr

who knows an easy way to destroy the artefact. Lord Frederlek, who knows almost everycne, is an Important contact whom

the characrers are likely to meet several times, and Guillaume Deschamps is a wizard who knows an extremely dangerous way to destroy the artefact.

in this pan: of the adventure, ir is essential that the characters tell Konrad Messner about the artefact and why it is a threac: although, they need not convince him to help. In addition, they must make conea t with Guillaume Deschamps and find out about ehe ritual he knows. if they manage this, they will come into possession of the artefact and be able to destroy

the Daemon's splrlr within. They need never even hear about Gabrielle Marsner, even though things will obviously go better for them if they do.

It is nor po sible to provide a summary of what will happen in this section, as that is entirely up to the players. They decide whom to conracr nexe, what approach to take, and when to give up 00 the investigations. to play, a more Linear structure will appear as the characters chart a path through the politics, but the descriptions here leave all chose options open.


Political adventures are nor the easiest kind (0 run; so this chapter provides as much support as possible. The first thing to bear in mind is that you should allow the player characters [0 talk to whomever they like, in whatever order mey like. They can't go talk to people they haven't heard of yet, but apart from that, you shouldn't restrict rhern, In addition, they should be allowed to use any strategy they choose during me negotiations. Some strategies will be very bad, but the worst mat can happen is that the characters get thrown out on their ears. In short, rhe characters cat) fail dismally without dying or curdng off any chance of success; 1i0 IF they want to, let them.


Each of [he COntacts listed below is in the same format, with staristics following.


The character's name. In brackets is what he wants the characters to call him.


The standard WFRP statistic for each character follow.


The way that the character presents himself [0 the player characters. Hints for roleplaying this character.


Suitable places to meet this character. These places are described in general term in the Altdorf chapter (starting on page 22); this section provides personalising details. Try to

choose as wide a range as possible; don't have the characters meet everyone lit home.


People the character knows and can introduce the player characters to. These are divided Into four groups: Contacts, Acquainranees, Friends. and Opponents. A Contact is someone the character knows to talk to bur nothing more.

An Acquaintance is someone he knows quite well but not intimately A Friend is someone tile character sees somewhat frequently on a social basis, someone he could borrow money from. An Opponent is someoue the character dislikes and wants to undermine or even see dead. These relationships are always symmetrical; If character A has character B as a COil tact, character B has character A as a Conracr : weU.


Useful factS that the character knows. These are divided into Public, Private, and ecrer, The character is willing to tell Public information to anyone who seem interested. He is a bit cagier with Private information, but lc isn't a secret. e ret information is JUSt that; the character needs ro be given a very good reason before he will pass it on. Differem characters may have the same information in different categories; some people JUSt can't be crus red with secrets, while others are loath to tell anyone anything.


Effective ways to puc pressure on me character to help.


There are two metors influencing the success of player characters in negociatio.ns with NPCs, degree ofiruroducrlon and success in negotiation. To help you keep crack, these are both measured in arbitrary points and can add up to a total f 6. The first is me degree of introduction they have from other NPCs. A simple introductlon from anyone is worth I point. The first recommendaden from an acquaintance orfriend Is worth 2 points, and subsequent recommendations from other friends or acquaintances ate worth 1 point ach, The firsc request from a friend to help the player characters i worth 3 points, and further requests from other friends are worth 2 points. On rhe other hand, if the characters suggest ehae they are working with any of the NPC's opponents. they lose I polnt for every opponent mentioned in [his way.

The second is the success of the. pes ln. negotiation. The Leverage section gives the number of points that a certain piece of leverage provides, but this does ncrccver rhenegodadon itself. The success of the characters in their negotiations can provide up to 3 pnincs. On the other hand, dismal failure can remove up to 3 poines provided by other sources. You should measure this by how impressed you are and how impressed you think the NPCwouid be.

It iscerrainly permissible to avoid die rolls altogether here. However, some players may be much bener or worse than

their characters at intrigue. In such a e. you might want to


Chapter ill: The Anefact

Konrad Mtssner

•• ••


.. ~~~-

_ ....

... ,~ ••.•........

• •

• •

Maximilian Saer

• • •

• •• • .. ,

, ..

• • • •

• •

Gabrielle Manner

• • •

Johan Schmidt

•• ••

• •



NPCs are Contacts

Elizabeth Baem

NPCs are Acquaintances

• • • • • • • • • •

NPCs are Opponents

NPCs are Friends


Theodora Pferig

KJara R.ohan

ill: The Artefact

make a roU to see how the chart/cuI' does. In most cases the approprlare skiU is eicher Charm or Gossip. depending on the approach char the cham or is taking. If you aren't sure,

a characre looking for an intr duction or b cter to another character is using harm, while one 10 king 'or information is using ossip. Haggle is far [00 mercenary ror use in this context. Inrirnldare is posidvely counterproductive; the characters want these NPCs to be on their side.

For every degree of succe 'S on the kill Test, add 1 poinc

to those already gained from negotiation. up [0 the usual maximum of . Similarly. for every degree of failure. subtract I to the usual minimum of-3.

It is likely that all rhe P s will want to be involved In the negotiations. If they pick a leader. the leader makes the rolls, bur you should judge [he overall success of the negotiation based on all rhe characters, If the PCs all talk at once, rate them and have rhern roll separately; the most extreme result counts. Thus, if the results are -2. D. and I, the -2 result is the one used, as it is the furthest from zero.


What are the characters aiming for? The number of points required for a given thing are listed in the following table.


Points Aim

Learn a Public faCt.

2 et an introduction ro omeone,

3 Learn a Private face.

4: Get a recornrnendadon to someone.

6 Learn a ecrer,

6 Have someone ask a friend to help you.

Points are nor used up by favours, at least not the favour available in this adventure. If rhe characters have 6 points with a certain characrer, chey can learn allthe listed secrets and have chat character ask all of hIS friends co bel p them.

Name Elizabeth Baern uillaume eschamps

Lord Frederick Gomi Harnrnerfisr Dieter K1emperer abrielle Marner Konrad Messner Theodora Precig Klara Roban

Maximilian Saee johan chmidt


It is possible rna the characters will deckle to use physical violence against some of their COO[[ • This is a very bad idea, but that might nor StOP them. 111 addition to whatever threat the conracrs might personally pose to rhe Player Characters. all nobles have bodyguards who will lay into the character at the first opportunity and call the Warch. Use the ell- word statistics from WFRP for bodyguards, and

rJH!: City Guard sratistics for the Watch. Most wizards don't need bodyguards bur have them to keep from destroying their homes with defensive magic. The player characters should find themselves facing an unlimited supply of such opponents, until they are subdued id arre red.

Clever negoriacion and intervention from Dieter and other allies should be able [0 get them our of jail, but they will find everything much harder; increase a11 inrrlgue clifliculties by one step. For example, Challenging (-10%) would become Hard (-20%).


The PCs have [WO ultimate goals. though they do know it at Brsr. The fir r is [0 get Konrad Messner to rell them that the artefact is in the Pyramid of Light and offer to help them ger it out. This requires 6 polnrs, bur he will n t do it. until the characters lind orueone who can destroy the artefact and neutralise GOITri Harnrnerfisr who would use the removal of the arrefacc as a pretext for hunting Konrad down,

The econd is to find abrielle Marsner and lind OUt mat he knows a ritual to destroy Chaos artefacts, which she treats as a secret,

Obviously, even if the characters meet Konrad first (which

is pos uble: Dieter know him a linle), they won' be able 1:0 convince him to reveal his secret. Gabrielle isn't very well known, SQ it may take the characters some rime (0 hear of her, and even then they need to convince her to help. Thus, the PCS wUJ have to engage in quite a bit of inrrigue before they gee anywhere.


Role Noblewoman Jade Wizard

Nobleman Witch hunter elestial Wizard Amethyst Wizard Ligh. Wizard Former witch hunter Priestess ofSigmar Merchant Noble


Vain, rude, and suppor s Gonri.

Knows a rirual that can des r y the artefact, 3 the co [ of at lea tone

chara rer's life.

Knows almost everyone important,

Insane; thinks all Light Wiz:ards are Chaos cultists. Initial contact.

Knows a ritual that can destroy the artefact. Know where the artefa r is and c 11 get it. Has InRuence with Konrad Messner.

Supports Goettl Due can be convinced to have him put away for treatment, Friend of Konrad Messner.

Friend of abrieUe Marsner. Could e orne a P .


Chapter ill: The Anef act


You hay a lor of f1exibiliry in pacing chis section, depending on how much yOUI players like roleplaying intrigue and personal inrera tion,

First, the actual meeeings can be played out in varying levels of detail. At aile extreme, every word spoken on either side is role-played. At the other. the players outline their basic approach and [hen roll some dice. Most groups will, of

COIU e. be omewhere in between, and you can vary the level f, r a in le group, reducing the derail if they get bored 01' increa ing it it they get into it.

econd, you can fudge the number of meeting. If me players really don't seem to be enjoying this parr of [he adventure, increase the amount that their current contact knows about the critical conracrs and make it easier to convince Konrad and Gabrielle to help. If you want to do this, Lord Frederick is a good choice for the key contact, as he plays a larger role in the adventure and thus should be brought to the players' attention. n the other hand, if the players seem LO really enjoy all rh rociali ing, you can encourage repeat visits to certain ontacrs by not handing out aLI the informacion at

on e.


The player characters starr with a few pieces of information. They have a description of the artefact they are after, and they know thar It could be used to summon a major Chaos Daemon into the world. They also know char destroying it would help to anish the same Daemon. They have reason [0 believe char thi ar efac i in Altd rf. and they have an introduction [0 Dieter Klernperer who might be ble to help them.

Most players. in this situation. will have their characters ask Dieter for advice. This is exactly me right thing to do, and it gives you as grune master. a chance to give the characters some hints on how to proceed in this part of the adventure. Ideally you should work the folJowing information into a conversation, but you could also simply read ir as a speech.

"If UJI! l"ollsid.:r ,h~ location oj II,,: arteforr. tbcn: are rwo main posIibilitit:s. the first is thnt. il is t'W'mlto/ in th« baflds of a haos cult. ObI1iOIlS6\ Ille must bop" thaI Ibis is not tbe eas« Tbe Sl!t'()nd Is tbat it is t·,lrrmto/ being kl!pt snft by a group wha do not knoUl how ttl dl'ftI'b)' if.

"In the fim case. fbI! propk 1TlMt likely to ImoUl sOl1JlItbing abour h ar« witch Immel'S IUI(I tbl! like. They mlly billie san somt:thing on their advl!ntllrl!s IlIld haue leads Oil rho current location of the item. Of course, ]Oil will need to bau« some btUkingfi"om other individuals and conuince thrm thar you mran no harm bifurl! they UliU tell you.

"In rile sl!cDlId rase, you migh,StltrI by lD/king to a !.iglJt Wiz4rd, lilu K07ml.lj Messner. They arl! r~pllted to

be guarding II la'll! fltllt/; containing ",lmy dsmgerorts artifam th(1t canna: bl! dmr(J)rd.. Of course, they aren't going 10 Itli YO" if they hdve it and jllSt l}tlnti if OVl'r. Again, support from other peoplt: is ItiMI as IITt your negotiating skills. You witliliso haUl! to demonstrlilt: that YO" know hO/IJ to destroy the Izrtrfort.sillu fhl' Ught Wizards con certainly protect liJl' thing better ,IJan II group ofltineM!II advent/mrs.

"'Whit·IJ brings us to yOl4r u('olld problem: finding a means to destroy thl! nr/rfm,'l. Again. ta/king to witc/) hunters mlly be helpful, bllt most Chao: artefacts ran only bt' drstroYlld magically, wlJich means ral1tlng

to toizard« and trying to find someone WI)C1 knows

a relevant ritual. Ptopk arr normalLy reluctant to

tnlk about this, as it would mak« them a rargltf for Chaos cult.r wbo didn i want their artrfocts dutroyd. 1tltllning you wi1l probably 1L1'~d bflckillgjrC1m asher pt!op/~.

"So, you ntled the mpport of tb« pttJPIc you talk to.

Don't be rude. Dent rrau them as strllants.1jthry WrJ11f to make smal] falk, ler them do so, (It kast t1

bit. I ran introduce you to Konrad MesSIIer. a lIIiz4rd lord of tilt Light Colltte, and 1hl!odorh Pftrig. (I rl'tlred wttcb hunter. J ,uil/lt/so introduc« ]014 to Lord Fr'((urick who knows fo" more proplt. Afiltr that, dumg;', YOI( will hallt to ji"d yOllr 011111 cOllfflrts. f suggm aski7lg PI!Op/( wi}(tlur tht} knai« anyollr r:lse taho might btofhelp. "


This section describes all the impor nt NP the haracters might interact with while looking for the artefact and a means [Q destroy it. They are sumrnari ed on [he {able on page 52.


Career: Noble Race, Human

Skills: Charm, Command, Common Knowledge (the Empire) + I 00/0, Gossip + 10%, Performer (Musician), Read! Write. Ride, peak Language (Reiksptel) + 10%

Talents: Etiquette, Public peaking, avvy. Schemer, Specialist

Weapon (Fencing), Strong-minded Armour: N ne

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, B dy 0, eg 0 Weapons: None

Trappings: Best craftsmanship noble's garb, esrare


ill: The Anefact


Elizaberh believes char commoners these days are getting above their stations. If any player characters

are not noble, she makes them feel their lack of sesrus, She keeps them waiting, interrupts her conversadcn with them to do mote impcrranr things like feed her lapdog, and gives them trivial 'oJders,.rreating them as servants .. If any characters are nobles, sheisn't rude to thenl, but she isn't

particularly polite, either. If insulted in the slightest. she will call her servants to throw the characters our, and only a lot of rnst grovelling will change her mind.

In her younger days she destroyed a Chaos culr, largely by good luck, and this act has brought her a lot of respect in these cirelesin A..lrdorf. Her family has been slowly losing wealth for years and in£lucncealong with it; she clings to her garnered respect as semetbtngchac might yet save her family. On the other hand, she definl.ely never wants to nave any personal contact with Chaos again.

The characters should realise that sbe is obsessed with her family status lind the importance of the blow she srruck against Chaos ..


Her walled. esta(.e: The garden ar the front of the house is wellmaintained, but the back is almost completely neglected. Inside, the rooms the characters are supposed [0 seeare elegantly decorated with antique heirlooms. When they get a glimpse into other rooms, they see that rnt fewer decorations at pieces of furniture. and many rooms have been closed up, sheets covering the rumirure.

The Gorgon; See under Lord Prederlck. Her family have been members since the club opened. and Elizabeth is not at all apologetic when the characters have to come in round the back


Contacts: Gabrielle Marmer

Acquaintances: Lord Frederick, Gouel Hammerfisc Friends: None. She doesn't admit anyone is equal to her. Opponents! Konrad Messner, He never treats her With the

respectthac she feels is her due: he knows how little she really did to defeat the Chaos cult.

Maximilian Saer. A jumped up commoner who once had the temerity to make a pass at her, nOI due she will ever mention that.


Public: "Maxi.milian Saer is aJltmped~llp commoner who u/oald really like to be.11 member of l1u Gargon dub, bllt he

doesn't have .be contacts to ~t himselj t'ellOmmmded. Which is itat as Will; be woukln't fit in. "

Private: "The light College bas a large store ofd4T1gmus ChllJ)s I1FtefitCTs, int/uding one thaT 1 took from tbe mit 1 destroyed. The wizards are divided over whether the artifacts sholild be d~moytd or kep.t to be /lsed againJf Chaos. Either way, only the wiZ4m lords can get into the vall/t ...

~ KPm'tlti M~mler partm}1 hifllselj.1S filCh a high-nnd~mighry opponent o/Chaos, bllt 1 have my dollb.~. He domlt realty applY!cUlre peopk who havl fought agaillrt Chaot; maybe his sympathies att.r/t as clear n: be .wollld like lIS to think. "

Secrets ~Gabrlelle Marsner wants to balll! a "p'".tation as a pOWlrfi,l sorceress, bu.t she l'ta/ly hasn't done anything significan.t yet. Still ify()U want to butter her lIP, lflU could

mentionthat J'm/d heard that. .. -


If the characters flatter Elizabeth outrageously, on the high. SUlCUS of her family and importance of her actions against Chaos, they get a bonus point.

If the characters convince Konrad Messner tovtsit her,show great respect for her defeat ofa Chaos cult, and ask her advice on how to deal with the problemthe characters have brought, she is flattered. She becomes Immedlarely convinced thae Gorerl is deluded and offers the information that Gabrielle, an Amethysr Wizard, has recently adventured against Chaos, along with the information marked Secret above.

Characters who Batter her enough can convince her that she doesn't ne.ed to attack Konrad Messner to maintain her status. Giving her a safeopporeunity to be part of another attack

on Chaos, such as by lying about her involvemenr in the characters' own adventure, will also convince her to withdraw her suppOrt for Goren, whom she doesn't like much anyway.


Careers Master Wizard (ex-Apprentice Wizard, ex-Journeyman Wizard)

Race: Human

Skills: Academic Knowledge (His tory, Magic +20%. Runes, Theology), Channelling +20%. Charm, Common Knowledge (Breronnia, the Empire), Gossip, Magical Sense 'I- 10%,. Outdoor Survival + I 0%, Perception, Rea.d1 Wri te + 10%, Ride, Search, Speak Arcane Language ( Elf, Magick), Speak Language (Breton,

Classical, Eltbarin, Reikspie!)


Chapter Ilh The Artefact

Talents: Aethyric Arrunernent, Arcane Lore (Life), ["'ast Hands.

Hardy, Lesser Magic (Di pel, Skywalk), Medlraticn, Mighry Missile, Night Vision, Petty Magie (Arcane), Ritual (The Fleshless Made Plesh), avvy

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weaponsl Hand Weapon (Sickle)

Trappings: Estate


Guillawne is still an active adventurer, fighting against the

dark for es rhat despoil the works oflife. As a r ule, he has a genuine under tanding of the adventurer's

life and true respect for the player characters. He expeees ehern co rerUCJ1 char respect, and will, if necessary, warn them [hat refusing to take advice from those more experienced is a good way to die horribly.

Although he wants to help, be does not know many people

in Alrdorf making him of little use a a COnt'3Ct. He is also

not willing to accompany the characters on their adventures, rhe whole reason he is in the city is to rest before heading out again. However, if the characters are truly desperate, he wUl perform The Fleshiest MatU Flls/J for them (see sidebar).

Guillaume is in his late thirties and still vigorous. though he

Is almost entirely bald. His beard, by contrast, is long and

wild, twigs and leaves q ui te deliberarely sticking out of i L He wears green robes, carries a small sickle. and goes barefoot at all times. He is 0 iginally from Breronnia and still has a very faim accent to his Reikspiel.


His walledestate: While the external walls are solid, rhe house is crumbling under the onslaught of hundreds

of planes. G uillau me g:'dinedthis estate in one of his early adventures and is encouraging the forces of life to reclaim ,it. He lives in a shelter formed from living trees, JUSt [0 One side of the decaying house.

The Jade College:: ee page 28 for informarion on the Jade liege.


Contacts: Dieter Klemperer Aoquaintances: Lord Frederick Friends: None


P\lbUc: None relevant,

Privaees The functioning of 71u FllslJ!crs MotU Fltsh and me conditions under which he will cast it for the characters.

Secret: None relevant


Typer Arcane

Arcane Language: Magick Magic: 3

XP: 300

Ingredients: The bound spirit of a Daemon, a willing inrelligenr sacrifice,

Conditions: None particular.

Consequences: If me casting roll mils, me srer is knocked

uncon cious and does nor regain hi senses (or at least a day.

Casting Number: IS Casting Time: Two hours

Descrlpelom This ritual rakes the spirit of a bound Daemon and binds it into a willing host. If the hosr is killed during the ritual, the bound spirit is utterly destroyed.

The embodied spirit cannot interfere wirhthe caster of the ritual in any way, but neither can the caster do anything other than continue the ritual. If the ritual is interrupted after it takes effect. the bound pirir return to Irs binding, leaving (he sacrifice dead.

The sacrifice i normally tran ~ rrn d by p session. becoming quite formid bl in ornb r, Thus. this is no all easy way 0 destroy a pirit, and it does guarantee the death of at least one persol'l.


The characters gain 1 point if they explain why they need to destroy the spirit in the artefact.


Career: Noble rd (ex-Courtier, ex-Noble, ex- rudent, excholar)

Race: HLI.lIlIIJl

Skills: Academic Knowledge (the Arts, Daemonology + 10%, Magic +10%. Necromancy), Blather, harm +20%, Command + 10%, Common Knowledge (Breronnia, Dwarfs, the Empire +20%, Tllea) Evaluate, Gamble, Gossip .. 20%, Heal, Perception, Performer (Musician), Read/Write, Ride. Search, Speak Language (Bretonnian, Classical, Khazalid, Reikspiel, Tilean)

Talents: Etiquette, Fleet 00 ed, Linguistics, Lu ,Public peaking, Savvy, peciaLisr Weapon r up (Fencing.

Parrying), uave, Very [rong

Armour: Light Armour (Best rafrsrnsnshlp Leather Ja.c.k) Armour Points: Head 0, Arms I, Body L, Legs 0


Chapter Ill: The Anefact

Weapons: Best Craftsmanship Rapier, Besr Craftsmanship Swordbreaker

Trappings,Besr craftsmansbip noble's garb. estate


Lord Frederick is die scion of a most dlsdnguished family; owning extensive eseares in Oscland. He is a younger son. bur his elder brother is Just blow the Elector Counts. Po:; a result. he has never had [0 worry about money, and most people

he meers have been eager to curry favour with him. This bas nor made him pompous or spoiled; he really likes people and wants [0 be liiends wirh everyone he meers. Rejection is noc something he has experienced very often, making his personality ramer like that of an eager puppy who can't imagine anyone turning him down.

Lord Fred rick is also convinced that haos presetlts an immediate threat to the Empire and to the entire world, and

he has a great deal of res peer for those who have fougllt Chaos in person. He tells che characters that he often goes to Empire House to talk to variou sergeants and captains, and he fund award and medals for particularly brave warriors. On repeat visits, he i likely to mention the latest award he has given

out, for a. guard who single-handedly saved a coach Iiom two Beastmen or a. watchman who uncovered a Mutant hiding In the sewers. lt is important thar the player characters realise that he can go in and our of Empire House as he wishes.

He claim that he wishes he had me courage [0 fight Chaos himself; actually. be is braver than he thinks he is, and he may get a chance to prove it.

His clothes are of the highesr quality. and he wears a ring with an enormous sapphire at all times. He is in his rhirdes and a little overweight and pasty; he spends far more time sirdng inside reading than out getting exercise.


His walled £$(a_tel The gardens and bulldlngs are in excellent condition. and the servants, liveried in green and gold. treat everyone with respect. 111e family coat of arms is a complex mess, divided into over 30 sections showing the arms of many families who married inro this one. The house is generally decorated in a rather old-fashioned style. bu Lord Frederick's room has many mementos of banlesagalnse Chaos.

The Gorgon: A very exclusive dub. This dub is in a walled estate, and me stalf insist that the characters come in through me back entrance and meet Lord Frederick in a private room, R. situation for which be is very apologetic. If the characters unmask Wojfgang Scheunachr, Lord Frederick invites [hem back, and chis time he leans on the staff hard enough to gel them in dlJ"ougb the from.

Zeigmullcr"s Thearre. Lord Frederick has a side box. If they me r here. The Tllean D/~kc, a classic blood-soaked

romance and revenge drama, is showing, bur Lord Frederick ignores it oomplecely.


Contacts: ottri Hammerfist, Klara Roban, Johan chmldt, Maximilian Saer

Acquaineancesr Elizabeth Baem, Guillaume Deschamps, Konrad Messner

Friends: Dieter Klemperer, Theodora Pferig


Public: "Maximilian Stzer is a real stickier for appearances. Make sure you dress smartly when you go to se« him, "

'lohan Schmjdt really warm to be an adventurer, and he migllt actually hllve the grit! for it. >,&" might think about fflking bim ajqng wlt/, you,' be'd beeterrll1ily gratifilL He cerr.ain!y spends enollgh time hl1;llgillg around adventurers, so be might Imou) people who could help YOII. "

Private: Lord Frederick can recommend people as members

of The Gorgon, and his recommendations are never turned down. If characters wirh enough points to get Private information ask him to recommend someone reasonable (anyone coneacred in this part of the scenario is reasonable), he will do so.

Secret: None.


Telling Lord Frederick detailed and believable stories of fights with Chaos is worth 1 point. Showing him relies of such fights is worth 2; .. acruallY,giying him a relic for his coUecdon is worth 3. Lord, Frederick makes an Academic Knowledge (Daemonology) Test to spot made-up tortes.


Nego cia ring with Lord flrederick is Easy (+20%). He's almest [00 eager to help.

Careu: Witch Hunter (ex-Judicial Champion. ex-Soldier, exVeteran)

Races Dwarf

SkiUSI Academic Knowledge (Theology), Animal Care, Charm, Command. Common Knowledge (Dwarfs, the Empire ...10%), Consume Alcohol, Dodge Blow +20%, Drive. Gamble, Gossip +10%, Intimidate +10%, Perception


Chapter ill: The Anefact

+20%, ecrec Language (Battle Tongue), peak Language (Khazaljd, Reikspiel), Trade ( roneworker)

Talent.$: Oi arm, Dwarfcraft, Grudge-born Pury, lightning Parry, Nighr Visien, Resistance to Magic, Specialist Weapon Group (Fencing, Flail, Gunpowder, Parrying, Two-handed) Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to S un, Srour-hearted, Sturdy, Very Strong

Insanitiest Venomous Thoughts

Armour: Light Armour (leather Jack, Leather Leggings) Armour Pomcs: Head 0, Arms I, Body 1, Leg 1 Weapons: Buckler, Hand Weapon (Axe), Pistol

Trappings: Ammunition and powder for 20 shots, town bouse


Gotrri is focused; he doesn't want to waste any time talking about rrlvial matters; instead, he concentrates on the hunt for and fight against Chaos. He treats the characters purely as

ources of information and possible allies in the battle' he has no concern for their feelings. J f he thinks that a certain plan i foolish, be will say so and move 011 without thinking that the characters could be offende~.

omi is also quite insane, He is thoroughly convinced that the wizards of the Lighc College are engaged in a conspiracy to hand the whole of the Empire to the forces of Chaos. In particular,

he is sure rhac Konrad Messner is a Chaos cultist and destroying that wizard is his first pri.ority. 'This subject is IJkely to come up because ouri is obsessed with it. It qUickly becomes obvious that he does not, in facr, have any evidence against Konrad. A!; a respected witch hunter. however, he doesn't need much.

Goteri dresses in leather armour almo t all me dme because you never know when Chaos will strike, and he always has

an axe handy. He keeps his hair trimmed short, so as not to provide handholds when barding Chaos,


His town house: The windows are all barred, and from the inside, the characters can see that the walls have been reinforced. The butler identifies the characters through a small window in the door before Letting them in, and when they enter, they see [bat he is wearing leather armour and carrying a pistol and sword. The other servants chey see are also armed, and the inside of the house is more like a fortress dUI11 a home.


Contacts: Lord Frederick

Acquaintanc:~: Elizabeth Baem, Klara Roban Friends: None. orrri doesn't do "friendship."

Opponents: Konrad M' sner: He i irrationally convinced that Konrad is a haos cultist and only needs a pretext to accuse him.


Public: '1 think Konrad Mmlln- is mare involved with Chaos than is healtby. You should be v~ry. IItry CLmful arourJd bim. "

Private: "KonradMesmer is a dangerous Chaos cultist; colkcting Chaos artifactsfor his own ends. J suspect that he knows some ritual to gajn g"~tU power luing th« afUfor:ts. whid1

he wiii use bifore summoning his foul IQrds to destrOy the Empirt!. The other Light WlZtlrds are part of his conspiracy. ..

Secret: None.


Konrad will not get the artefact for ehe characters unless ottri is neutralised. Just about the only way to do thls is co get him declared insane and confined for trearment somewhere. He is still a respected wlrch hunter. so kiUing him merely brings dark suspicions of Chaos worship down on me heads of the player characters. He cannot be declared insane while Klara and Elizabeth still support him.

Career: Master Wizard (ex-Apprentice Wizard, ex-Journeyman Wizard)

Race: Human

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Astronomy + I 0% Hlstory,

Magic +20%), Channelling +200/0, Charm, Common Knowledge (Elves, [he Empire), Gossip, Magical Sense

+ I 0%, Perception, ReadlWrite + 1 0%, Ride, Search, Speak Arcane Language (Arcane ELf, Daemonic, Magick), Speak Language (Breton, Classical, Ekharln, Reiksplel)

Talents: Aethyric Ammernent, Arcane Lore (the Heavens), Past Hands, Lesser Magic (Aethyric Armour. Magic Alarm, Magic Lock), Luck, Medhadon, Mighty Missile, Petry Magic (Arcane), Savvy, Sixth ense

Aonour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body O. Legs 0 Weapons: Dagger

Trappings= Town House


Dieter is a master Celestial wizard. Dieter is never viSibly surpri ed. Often, this is because bis magical insight means he wa expecting something like that, but sometimes It's simply becaus he is very good at hiding lUs reactions. He is prone (0 saying things like "well, oJcourst"P.lId "nlZl1lYllllfwhen people [ell him things, suggesting that he already knew them.


Chapter ill: The Anefact

He is also extremelytolerant of rudeness and general bad behaviour. He wantsthe player characters

co know that their behaviour is inappropriate. but as rhey are mere adventurers he doesn't feel. thar they can. reasonably be. held co civilised standards. [fthe characters figure out JUST how patronising he ill, they may go ofF on him.

Dieter is in ills late slxdes and showing his age. His hair and full beard are whice with occasional Sock> of grey, and he walk> wirh a slight Stoop. His blue robes areembroidered in silver widl comets, moons, and srars.In faCt, there are rather tOO many such images, making the effect busy rather than impressive.


Type: Arcane

Arcane Language: Magick Magic: 3


Ingredients; Thearrefacr to be cleansed, e.i.ght silver arrows placed . around the artefact and pointing in (owatds it, a dist:orte.d !l,11r ror, which is sbattered at sunset d uringth e ri rual.

Condi.tions: The casting must stan ar dawn, and it ends at dawn the following day. It must take place where the light" of the rising sun can full directly on the artefaC"t. which generally means outside.

Consequences: If the casting roll fails, the caster takes 1 Wound fo.r every paine by whleh it failed .. This does not happen lfrhe rimal is interrupted.

Casting Number. La Casting;24 hours

Description! This ritual destroys a Chaos spirit bound into an object. It has no ·efFect on Daemonsoersideobjeets, nor on Mutants,. Beastmen, or cultists. of any SOrt. Similarly. it has no effect Oll. enchanted items. no matter how eorrupr the rllaglC used, unless there is a Chaos spirit bound within.

Over me C~UIse of the ritual, the CIISte.r'S. mind is partially opened to the spirjt in mean:efaa:. The power of the ritual restdcts what the Daemon 0111 do, but the dreadful images the caster sees take a tollon his .sanity. Thecaster must make aWW PowerTesrevery three hours. Starting three hours into the ritual. For every failure. he gains I {manity Po inr.

The nrsr [est is Very Easy (+30%). and each following test is one step harder, until the final rwo, made at 21 hours and JUSt before the rimal is completed, are both Very Hud (-30%). If the caster gains_ enough poims to become insane, hismlnd does nor actually snap until the ritual tscompleee,

If the rttual ill suceessfully performed. the bound spirit .is destroyed as the nrst rays ofthe rising sun mike the artefact. The item seems te age several centuries in mere mornenes, corroding or sh.attering into fragmen.rll.


His townhouse: There are many astronomical instruments around, some purely ornamental and others showing signs of use. The buller is dressed in an extremely elaborare black and white ·outfir that has a. ruff and embroidery on she jacket, and he is excruciartngly polite co everyone.

The Celestial College: See page 25 forinformaoon on the Celestial College.

The Grove:. See under Konrad Messner for derails.


Cootacts: Guillaume Deschamps, Konrad Messner, Theodora Pferig; None relevant. Friends; Lord Peedeetck


Public: ''Ttdk to Lord Frederick. He /mows a lot ofptopkand Cl'm (1 tm.ost cl!rt.ainlJ' i ll.trodUct]01I to someo/lt! who Mil help. "

Private; '"'L-ord Frr:derif:.k WiltS to luar abolltbatrlts against Chaos and collects- relics from such battLe-s; wapons and ruch. He t:k!cm't want anything rlffllii1o/ tainted with Chaos, though. ~

Secret: "The 1Jtmlts of the Light Colltge CQl1tai.n 4'1 enormous number of Mnge.rolll Chaos artifacts. Stiff. I am surethas they art! no tlm4t tIS long as thtylll"t! k~pt thm: "


None that rhe player characterscan easily apply.


The player characters start with a recommendation to Dieeer, enabling them co startwich 2 points .. ln game terms, his extreme tolerance of bad behaviour means mac the chara_cted negotiating style can never reduce the number of poinrs rhey have with him; so he is always willing to introduce rhem 1'0 people.


career: Master WiULtXI (ex-Journeyman Wiza.t:d, ex-Apprentice Wiz.axd)

Race: Human

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Magic +100/0, Necromancy), Channelling ... [0%, Common Knowledge (Dwarfs, Elves,


Chapter ill: The Artefact

rh Empire), ossip, Indmldate, Magical ease + 10%, Perception ReadlWrite, earch peak Arcane Language (Ma Ick), peak Language ( lassical, Relkspiel), wirn

Talenes. Aerheri Atrunernenc, Arcane Lore (Death), Fast Hands, Lesser Magic (Dispel. Move), Meditation. Mimic, Perry Magic (Arcane), Resistance to Disease. Ritual (Cleansing of me Corrupted Vessel), SaW}'

Armour: None Weapon.s: Hand Weapon

'Irapptngsi rirnoire, Trade Tools (Apothecary), The Cards of Master Wilhelm


abrielle has very recently become

a master wizard in me Amethyst College. Gabrielle likes to cultivate

an aura of mystery. She dresses in voluminous purple robes with a deep hood and keeps to ehe shadows of a room as much as possible. As a result, ir i impossible [0 see her face under normal circumstances. he also wears purple gloves. making sure that none of her kin is easily visible. Those who know her speculate about the horrible

disfiguremenes she hides and suggest that her studies have left her almost indistinguishable from a corpse. Actually, he is beautiful and still in her early twenties, One reason she maintains me air of mystery is to avoid being judged on those rerms.

When the player characters finish asking her a question, she remains silent for a long time. If me player characters stan: talking again to IilI the silence. she let chem. When she does speak. he makes sure that she has something important [0 say and makes sure that it sounds lmportanr.


The Amethyst CoUegc: See page 22 for details 011 the Amethyst ellege.


Contacts: Elizabeth Baern

Acqaainrances: None relevant. Friends: J han chmidc

Inf ormation

PubUc: None. he rells nothing without a good reason. Private: None.

Secret: She knows the ri rual Cleansing of the C01Tllpfl!d J4J'st/, which can destroy me essence of an evil spirit bound into an item. I many p ople knew that she knew this ritual. he would become a argct for many foul cultists and monsters. In addition, she isn't Ute rna she could afcly a r it. Thus, she is reluctant to cell anyone tha

she knows the ritual and will onJy do so if she is also convinced rhar it would be a good idea.


Master Wilhelm is a legendary figure. reputedly a powertul Human wizard who mastered High Magie before the time of Magnus the Pious, even before the time of Sigmat according to some stories, He is supposed to have crafted many powerful magic leerns, indudif\8 a full deckof78 cards, each of which has a dlfferenr power. In her adventures, Gabrielle has found two cards, each enchanted, born in

the same Style. She believes that she may have found [',.,,0 cards from Master Willlelm's deck and would like to get more.

Gabrielle docs not usually arry the e cards with her, rather entrusting them to the vaulr at the Amethyst ollege, If she

is expecting (0 need one or the other, he does carry it, but meering the player characters in a social context will not make her think that.

Two ofSword.s: The bearer can make one person refuse to acknowledge a single ['30(. The target makes a Will Power Test to overcome this inftuence. at a difficulty determined by the nature of the tact. [[ the target must make a major meneal e£fon to realise me fact normally, the rest is Yery Hard (-30010). n the other hand. a command to refuse to acknowledge that d,en:: i a person In Il:ont

of hi III could be vercom with a Very Easy (+30%) test. If the initial test is falled, me rarget continues to refuse ro acknowledge that mer until the bearer of the card switches its df('Ct to another person. The eaed can only affect one person at 3. time, but there is no limit (0 the number of people it can. affect in a day.

FIVe ofWands: The bearer may rake a t 10% bonus [0 any Opposed Skill Test. However, for evcry time she does so, she williarer rake a -5% penalty on an unopposed kill Test. as

circum ranees conspire to undermine her am:mpt. The maximum bonus on a single (est is + I 0%. but the M may apply any number of penalties, up (0 the. number owed, to the same Skill 'Iesr,


She likes to hear that she has a reputation. as a powerful and. mysterious sorceress. If me characters mention this, they gain I point towards persuading her.

The characters automatically gain l point if they explain why this artefact must be destroyed.


Career: Wizard Lord (ex-Apprentice Wizard, ex-Journeyman Wizard, ex-Master Wi7.ard)

Race: Human


Skills: Academic Knowledge (History + 10%, Magic +20%.

Runes), hannelling +20% harm + 10%, ommon Knowledge (the Empire. anyone), Gossip, Magical

ense +20%, Perception. Read/Write + 10%, Ride, earch, Speak Arcane Language (Arcane Elf, Daemcnic, Magi k), peak Language (Classical, Eltharln, Kislevian,

Rei kspiel)

Talents: Aerhyric Arrunernenr, Arcane Lore (Ugh l, Fast Hands, Fleet Footed, Lesser Magic (Aethyric Armour, Blessed Weapoll, Dispel), Meditadon, Mighty Mi sile, Peny Magic (Arcane), Savvy, Super Numerate

Armoun None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arm 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon (Dirk)

Trappings: Serpent of Light collar



Konrad Is one of rhe wizard lords

of me Light ollege and one of

the most powerful individuals the player characters nave ever met. However, he is unlikely to use [his power during the advemure.Konrad Messner is absolutely ecure and confident in his power and wisdom. This means that he has no problems admitting that mere are some things he does not know and some things he cannot do. He expects the player characters to trear him with re peer lind becomes annoyed if they don'r, but he returns the favour. Konrad i interested in everything; as far as he is concerned, any knowledge could be useful at some point. He wiU be happy for the characters to talk. at length about their activities, and the interest he hews is genuine.

He dresses in the white robes of a Light Wizard and wears a golden Serpent of Light collar. He does not carry a staff; when he was young, it was an affectation to make rum stand Out, and now th~y JUSt make aim fed awkward. His black halt is going grey, bur he still looks yourhful and vigorous.


The College of Light Magicc See page 29 for information on the oLiege of Light.

The Grove: This is a lub for scholars and philosophers. The decor focuses on light colours, and there are more cleaners around than in most dubs. There are also a surprisingly large number of books' few rooms are without at least a couple, and most cover obscure academic subjects.


Contacts: Dieter Klemperer,

Acquaintances: Lord Frederick. Theodora Pferig Friends: Maximilian aer

Opponents:. Gottci Harnrnerhsn Konrad knows that the witch hunter really wants to bum him, but he isn't sure why,


Public: "Theodont Pftri[ likes notbing bester fllnn ttllkitlgoho/I! ber old aduentures, hut don't rom think of mggesting

that she should taRt them lip agllin till she may know something useful to you. "

Prlvatea None relevant.

Sec.ret: The Chaos artefact in question is in rhe vault of the Pyramid of Lighr, and Konrad can get ir our ill order to have ir destroyed.


None. Konrad has nothin.g to hide, no insecurities to play on, and no desires he cannot fulfil.

However, if the characters learn mat Konrad fought a cult dedicated to the Daemon pursuing them and mention litis to him, they gain 1 polnr,


If the characters have enough polnrs to learn a secret, Konrad cells them mat he can get (he artefact our, He has two ondlqon before he will do it. First, me characters rnusr Introduce him to someone who can convince him lha"l they are able to descroy it.

abrielle Marmer and Wolfg3Jlg cheunachr can b rh do so.

Second, the characters must deal with otrri Harnmerfisr, 50 that he is no longer a threat. rherwise, Konrad knows thar (he witch hunter will use hi removal of a haos artefac from the vault as a pretext for executing him a a cultist.


Career: Witch Hunter (ex-Bounty Hunter, ex-Vampire Hunter) Race. Human

Skills: Academic Knowledge (History, Necromancy.

Theology), Cbann. Common K11ow'le.dge (the Empire), Concealment, edge Blow, Follow Trail +10%, ossip, Inrimidare, Outdoor urvival, Perception +10%, cale

heer Surface, Search + 1 0%, Shadowing + 1 0%, Silent Move. Speak Language (Classical, Reikspiel)

Talents: Lighrning Parry, Mighry hot, Resi lance to

Magic, Rover, pecialisr Weapon roup (Cro bow, Encangheg), to u t-hearted , trike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike to Stun, Suave, Tunnel Rat

Armour. None

Annom Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Dagger

Trappings: Town house


Chapter ill: The Artefact


Theodora is a retired wirch bunter and was previously a bounty hunter and vampire hunter. She has fsced Chaos more rlmes than she can count and decided to retire with her sanity incact when one adventure left IICI with a very large pile of treasure. Theodora can stiJi remember being an adventurer herself and treats the characters as her peers. She serves

the ale that she always used to drink, sits around the table with them,

and sends tne servants away. However. she would much prefer to reminisce about past adventures than calk about current threats; she really wants [0 pretend that the ehrear of Chaos has la.rgely gone away.

She is in her [ate forties, and while it is clear that she was beautiful in her youth, me years and various Chaos creatures: have not been kind [Q her. Now, she has a certain fierce dignity and resolve. She wears travelling clothes, like those worn by most adventurers, but closer tJl5pection reveals rhar they are made of expensive fabric and show craftsmanship of the hlgh.est order,


Beetown house: This is decorated with trophies from her adventuring days, particularly in the room where she meers the characters, Her butler behaves in an utmost professional manner, as he knows she goes through servants very quickly; she has yet to get used to people working for her and is prone to Bring them for minor offences.


Contaees: Dieter Klemperer, KJara Roban, Maxlmilian Saer Acquaintances: Konrad Messner

friends: Lord Frederick


Public "The Light ~'(IiZl2rds tire responsible for guarding some of the most Ml1gcrOHS ruufoctr in ,JJe world rmd know the of even more. 17Jry won~ I"tvealthis information to jllst anyolle, bowever. "

"Eiizo.beth Bnern is 11 terrible mob and thinks that one battle with dark fon'es y/tan ago makes her into S{)1JU! kind of bsro. Still if yOIi must talk to her, .flatur her olltrageollsly and ignore the foct sh« //Jill treat yOl1 Like dirt .. No, 1(411: glue y(mllll introduction. ApparcntL;1 .I have 'ideas above my Stdti011: "

''LordMessnel; a Chaos cultist? Ridiculolls . .If] s4whim sacrificing babi!!! !vithmy OMI ryes, l'dstili tuant /1 secoild opinion, I-Id's b~CrJ (1 sM/wart opP(lflimt of dar/mess forye4l1c u

Private: "Maximilian Seer bas Imd dazcmof ajfoirr, .inc/:llding aJfa irstu i th rna n.y. if 110 t (Ill of his servarrts. HI! really

dcemi want this to be madr p'lb/ie. ti;ough. [To tI fomtltf flhllrf1Cur.) I'd .be a bit careful around him if luer« yvu. "

"There haw: reC(lfltiy bun stor~es drtmlnting th4t 11 group of advehturen flrmd a ritual tbat cOlild dcsfroy G/}aos artifacts. Qlle ()f .hem was d wizard sobo 11(11) has du rit1tal but the glrHlp split lip;: ! think oneteas .(1/1 Elf wbo hended back to Ultbuarl."

Secren The characters must tell her qUite a bit about their battles in Middenheim before Theodora will realise that thisinformacion is relevant. However. you should assume that me characters do so if they indulge her reminiscences, unless the players specifically say that mey keep it quiet.

"llnmteddowri a dark (cUlt i,wo/vedwith.a Daemon tbat migbt lI;ell be thll 1(117111 one, about 20 yean IIgo. Konrad Mtsmar IVIIS inllolv(!d ill the final barrle: h« may uellknoiu so 11l1!tlJing. u


If ehe characters indulge Theodora's reminiscences. they gain 1 bonus point.

Career: Anointed Priest (ex-Initiate, ex-Priest) Race: Human

Skills: Academic Knowledge (History, Law, Theology ;-100/0), Chaaeelllng, Charm ;-10%, Common Knowledge (Breronnla.rhe Empire, Tilea) , Gossip + to%, Heal

+ I 0%, Magical Sense, Percepdon, ReadlWrire, Speak Arcane Language (Magid), Speak Language (Breton. Classical ... 10%, Reiksplel +10%)

Talen.ts: Armoured Casting, Divine Lore (Sigmar), Excellent Vision, Lesser Magic (Blessed Weapon), Lighting ReAexes, Meditation, Petry Magic (Divine), Public Speaking, Strike to Stun, Strong-minded, Suave

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon (Hammer) Sigmarire religious symbol


Klara is an anointed priest of Slgmar, KJara is an excep uonally severe and dedicated servant of her God. Her opposition to Chaos is absolute, And she is [usc as harsh on herself as on anyone else. She will eolerare no disrespect rrom the characters, particularly against her God, She constandy punishes herself for what she sees as her one major lapse: her affajr with



I l

Chapter Ill: The Anef act

Maximilian aer a few years ago. he e rhis lap e entirely her wn fault and does no hold a grudge against Maximilian. The way she sees it. Maximilian didn't do anything wrong; be wasn't the one with a religious responsibility.

S he is a strong supporter of those who oppose Chaos and has worked with Goteri many times. As a result, she is prone to trust his judgement and knows from her own case dl3r people can hide terrible secrets. 0 she currently shares his suspicions of Konrad Messner.


The Temple of Sigmar: Klara has a Spartan room here, where she receives the characters.


Contacts: Lord Frederick, Theodora Pferig Acqllainlances: ortri Hammerfist, Maximilian Saer Friends: None relevant.

Opponents: Konrad Messner


Public: "Goar! Hammcrjis-t and Theodora Pforig halle both follght hard agaitisl Chaos oller the ytars. Their infom1l1.tltm is likely to be lISe/III and reliable."

Private: «Lord Fmkrick wishes he had the courage to fight Chaos in person. His Wtalnws- is a shame, but he is willing to mppo,.t those who do baue th« Ivill ..

Secret: '7 belit!lle that t1 ritlud to dest7YJy bkrsphanOlQ arte.foct:i was m:l!r1tiy dircolltrr4. by all Amethyst Wizard. I don't: Tl!TIII!TllhllT

the name; I minis/trI:d to one of her, 1 think i l IjIt1S (1 ~JCr' ,mdrr tho!1! rohrs. warrior eompnnianr bl!fol'l1 he taent: ojfto help the DlI.llJrfi in the mo/m ttl ins. Son)! J balM no ide.a IIIhere the warrior is nou: HlI fltl't the ttliZllrd didn't go with him, tbough ."


The chara rer can convince her charottri is wrong about Konrad if they present reasons to doubt the witch hunter's tory. Making her aware that Theodora trusts Konrad helps,

as she trusts Theodora. Making her realise tha Gomi has no evidence is also important. Finally, jf she can be made to see that her suspicion is largely based on her guilt over ber affair, she is much more likely to be convinced.

If Klara realises thar, Gorre! is insane, and learning that he believes that all the Light Wizards are part of a Chaos cult wiU do this, he will move to have him confined and rreared. ~ long as Elizabeth Baern i not oppo ing her, he will have no problem.

If the characters save her from making this rerelble mistake about Konrad Messner. she tells them the ecret information she has learned.

Careec Merchant (ex-Burgher) Race: Human

Skills: Charm, Common Knowledge (the Empire) Drive, Evaluate, Gossip. Haggle Perception, Read/Write, Search, Secret Language (Guild Tongue), Speak Language (Breton, Reikspiel) + I 0%, Trade (Merchant)

Talents: Coolheaded. Dealmaker, Savvy, Suave, Super

Numerate Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arm 0 Body 0 Legs 0 Weapons: Dagger

TrappIngs: Town house


Maximilian has excellent' taste in

just about anyclting with aesthetic qualities. He has turned this into a b.ighly successful business, providing fine att, furniture, and design services to the upper classes. His taste in food and drink is merely good. tbough he has a fine eye for irs presematiou,

He i a150 a noted patton of cholars, young wizards. and, occasionally, adventurers, which is whar makes

him parr of the circle around Lord Frederick.

Maximilian expects the characrers to nut him with 'utmost politeness, but he is rather brusque with them. Being rude would be boorish, and Maximilian is never that. bur the characters should be left in no doubt that Maximilian chinks they rank far lower than him on the social scale. He isn't unwilling to help his inferiors, bur he does expect them to be appropriately grateful.

Unless you have excellent taste yourself, don't describe Maxlrnilian or his surroundings in derail. Instead, simply use superlatives of appearance Uke "Height of fashion," "beautifully made," "masterful paintings," and so on.


His town house: This building has six Boors and a garden

on the roof where Maximilian occasionally entertains guests. The servants are all female and auracdve, including the butler, and beautiful women are a common theme of the decoration. However, everything remains tasteful and elegant.


Chapter m: The Artefact

The Grove~ ee under Konrad Messner

Tarohusse's Playbouse~ Maximilian has a centre box and makes occasional comment on the pJay Prince of Kiskv that is bowing, However, these comments axe mainly disparaging; it is a new play, and Maximilian does not care for it.


Contacts: Lord Frederick, Theodora Pferig Acquaintances: Klara Roban

Friends: Konr d Messner

Opponents: Elizabeth Baern: he constantly tries [0 get him socially excluded, which he resents.


Public; "Konrad is the most rc/jahk opponen» ofGlmos I know. I gaJ;her that some witch bunters resens him. prolJllhLy because he's better than they fire. Thar and he doesn t kiLL innocent peopLe as often. ,.

Private: NOlle relevant.

Secret: Maximilian bad an affair withKlara Roban a number of years ago. He knows that she feels terribly guilty about it and is very reluctant co bring jt up. but he will if convinced it is important.


Maximilian has had numerous lovers. including almost all pan and present servants at his home. While this isn't criminal, he doe nor want it to be widely known; it's ramer inelegant. If the characters threaten to expo e him, they (0 e 1 point but cannot drop below I. If they are more ubcle but let him know that they know, they gain I point.

If the characters do not bother to clean up before visirtng Maximilian [that is, the players do not tell you that they make an efforr), they lose l point. You should mention rheir [ravel and work clothes on the way. to give players who were assuming the characters had their best outfits on a chance to say so.

On the other hand, if che characters make a particular effort

to present themselves elegantly, they gain 1 point. Even if their wee I not up to Maximilian's. he can see that tbey have made an effort, and he appreciates it.

If the characters get him recommended for The Gargull, they gain 2 points.


Career: Noble Race: Human

Skills: Blather. Command, Common Knowledge (the -mpire) + 1 0%, Consume Alcohol, Charm, Gamble, Gossip

.. 100/0. Performer (Musician), Read/Wrlte, Ride, Speak Language (Reikspiel + 1 0%)

Talents: Etiquette, Luck, Marksman, Resistance to Magic,

Specialist Weapon Group (Fencing, Parrying) Armour: None

Weapons: Pail, Main Gauche

Trappings: Clothing (Noble), harness, jewellery worth 33 gc, riding horse. saddle, 10 gc,

Note: [ohan has completed the Noble career, but he could still take the Public Speaking Talent.


Johan is a young nobleman with

(00 much money and too few responsibilities. He is almost exactly as advanced as the player characters and makes a suitable replacement Player Character if there have been any deaths. johan is the classic spoiled nobleman, expecting everything to instantly go his way. On the other hand, he only sulks

or throws a brief tantrum when lr

doesn't; he then goes along with reaHty, possibly muttering complaint'S under his breath. Despite this, he has great dreams of adventure and would love to go aleng with the player character. Unless he is already a player character. he quickly proves not to have the courage for this adventure.


His father' townhowe: The butler is very condescending to the uninvited riffraff ar the door, and Johan has [0 meet them in a rather small room on the second floor, as

his father won't let him use the formal receiving room

above. •

The Grand Opera: johan has a box about a third of the way round. 'The theatre is currently showing Marietta of Nuln, a famous tragedy, but johan complains tha there are no dancers in this one.


Coota.cts: Elizabeth Baem, Lord Frederick

Acquaintance.'!: None relevant. Friends: Gabrielle Marsner


Publics "lIldy Elizabah doesn't tike commoners. It'! bmZ1lst beT fomily har bun on a downward trend for the last several ytars; she's tt./raid that she's going to become one. U

Chapter ill: The Artefact

"Gabrie.Lk Manner is an Amethyst wizard and was nil adventurer until u~ry Til t'ntly. Sbes JlI!1Jl!r lilt me go along, not I!UI!n now that her old r;roup hIlS split up. The Elf uen» back to Ulthuan. and their warrior dl!cidl!d to go and help DWllrfi fight Gr~t!nskins in the mountalns. ,.

Private: "Gabrielle. Marmer Mus to think that she hIlS a Ividllspn:ad YlJpfJtl1tion as It powtJrfill filld mysttriow sOI'€I!YIJ#. ff]fm mention that you hallt heard tbu, it will put her in It good mood. It is trut, bllt her rtplltation isn't widespread y6l. "

Secret: None.


If the characters invite Johan to go along with them, chey gain 3 points. [fhe becomes a player character, the player can choose freely how johan helps OUt. If he doesn't, he remains friendly cowards the characrers if they keep him slive through the '~t!rribk 4ttngrr of hif adventures" (no matter how safe they actually are), and they keep rhe additional 3 points.

A the characters search for the artefact and someone

to destroy it, Wolfgang seizes his chance and offers his services. This is a critical paine in his schemes, and he bas given considerable thoughe as to bow best to pull it off. Thus, whlle hls default plan is outlined below, you should alter it

if it is obviously unsuited [0 the characters as they are played in your game. However, do bear in mind that Wolfgang does not know the characters we:1J and may misjudge. it is nor a problem if the characters. and player, become suspiciou of him.

You hould judge the timing of thi offer based on rbe pace of the adventure and your knowledge of your players. The characters should have visited at least a couple of people

in their aTtempts to find the artefact, bur they should nor yet have found out that Gabrielle can desrroy it. Indeed, it's probably best jfWolfgang intervenes before they meet Gabrielle.

However, the precise timJng can affect the course of the adventure. if you introduce Wolfgang early, it looks a lot

like trap t players, as it herr-circuit a lot of play. Thus, the players are more likely to be su picious and have their characters investigate further. If [he characters have ignored the leads presented by me burglary or are not investing any energy in foUowing them up, this might be a good option.

If you introduce him later. ir looks more like the back-up option provided in the module so rhar the players can make progress even if the intrigue gets them nowhere. Thus, the players will be less suspicious and more likely to take me offer at face value. This is a good option if they are investigating me burglary, since char means that they will almost certainly unmask Wolfgang at some point, and it is more dramatic if they are already working with him when they realise his true colours.

Despite these plans, the players may not go along with them. That's fine. There is plenty of fun in the adventure no marrer how they deal with Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is walring For the characters when they return to their lodgings, and he demands co speak with them in private. Once they are in a separate room, the Wizard announces that he has heard that rhey are looking for a Chaos artefact and demand an explanation. He say that the only reason he

ha n'r turned them over to witch hunters is mat he saw them fight bravely against Chaos on the road, and he thinks that they deserve a chance [Q explain themselves.

He hopes the characters rell him they are searching for the artefact in order to destroy h. He's likely to be lucky, as this is by far the most respectable reason for looking for such a thing. However, if the characters come up with some ether excuse, he expresses scepriclsm and keeps pushing for [he real reason.

Once he has been told that they want to destroy the artefact, he affects a certain level of scepticism. "If/hat's really true, " he says, "Ihlm I can help YOIJ. I know 11 ritual that 'oW MItTOy all arteJact of Chaos. "His [one sugge tS mat, if me characters tum him down, his fea[ chat they want the artefact for nefarious purposes will be confirmed.

The players may well be suspicious, as thls probably seems a llcde tOO easy. This is good; lr is entirely reasonable f{lt the characters to also be suspicious at such a convenient offer from someone they hardly know. On the other hand, the characrers might be glad of any help ehae they can get.

Either way, they have three choices: accept, play for time,

and reject. If they accept hi offer, Wolfgang involves them

in the preparations for the ritual; see The Transfiguration ofResple:ndent Glory on page 67. The characters still have several chances to realise thaI Wolfgang is nOl what he seems. OF course, the characters could also pretend to agree and buy themselves some lime to lind Out what is really going on.

Ifthey play for time, most likely by reminding Wolfgang that they don't have the artefact yet. he doesn't push too hard. He lets them know where they can find him and warns that he will keep an eye on what they axe doing.

If they refuse his offer. Wolfgang looks very Stern .. Why,

if yOll mtly want to destl'oy thtll1TteJact. ulould you ,.(flUt the means TO do so?" he asks. 1hi is a cricky question. It might

be worth reminding the players thar Wolfgang is a lot more powerful [han their characters and blurting out "Because 1Vt think yo II might be a Chaos cultist" is a bad idea, However, WoLfgang will not let things ger OUt of hand if he can help it; he still wants re usc rhe characters in his plot.

If the characters play for time, have Gabrielle destroy dle artefact, and then leave town without conracriug Wolfgang, he does nor bother (0 pursue [hem. There will be further cpportunitles t-O perform rhe ritual, and he doesn't want to draw attention (0 himself. Indeed. once [he artefact has been destroyed he loses all inreresr in the characters. who will 6nd it hard to meet him.

Chapter ill: The Artefact

It i ess ntlal that me characters get the dagger our of the vault under the Ligh.t College and destroy the spirit &agment within it. While thevaule has held it safely so far, this will not remain (rue now that one third of me Daemon is free. There are twO ways for me characters La get me artefact.


The characters convince Konrad Messner to help, and they neutrali e ottri Hammerfist. Konrad. as a Wizard Lord. has the uchoriry [0 remove an item &om me vault. He invi es them co his rooms in the Light College and brings the dagger there. IlC the characters have confirmed thar it is the artefact mey are looking for, he turns it over [.0 them with srelcr instructions [0 ha ve it destroyed as soon as possible.

It really is that easy.

If the player chars cters cannot neutrali e Gotrri, Konrad refuses to get rhe arrefa r OUl of the vault for them. uch an action would lead to his denunciation as an agent of corruption, and he isn't convinced by the characters' warnings about the power of the artefact. However, as the spirit in the dagger becomes more awake, its call [0 servants of the Ruinous Powers becomes srronger. After a while, they gather and launch an attack on the Light College to rescue the artefact.

How long is "a while"? It depends en rhe progres of the adventure. The characters should have spent some time in Alrdorf and if they gel· involved in tmcking down Carlon (see Finding Cadott starting on page 88), waiting until thar plot thread Is over is a good idea. Infacr, if the characters get involved in any of the other plot threads. his a good idea

to wait until they are resolved; once rhe forces of corruption strike, the adventure will proceed rapidly to irs concluslon.

The Light College is home to one of the highest neeneradoes of wizard in the Old World_ Six other such oncentradoas

are a short distance away in the other Colleges of Magic. (TIle Amber College is slightly further away, outside the city.) The vault was designed 10 StOp the forces of evil r the artefacts within, Under normal circumstances, the attackers would have no chance. However, these are nOt normal circumstances. The Storm of Chaos has drawn many wizards out of the Colleges, $0 defences are weaker man they might be. ln addition. the cartering of the foul armies has positioned many potential recrulrs to hear rh call of th artefact.

Heeding th call of the Daemon, a mall army drifrs in nom the forests and caves, hides in th sewers and back lleys, and launches the attack, [f the characters are investigating sewers and back alleys in the days before the assault, you could

throw in a couple of encounters with Mutants or Beasemen t:O foresb.adow die later arrack.

An all-out arrack on rhe Light College quickly draws artenrion, and the characters race to irs aid. (Make sure the arrack


happ ns when they aren't doing anything else; another good

rea on to wait for any other threads to wrap up.) When they reach the cene, the wizards have already reached the point

of mopping up the remnants. bu r the vault was penetrated. Guided by fare. the characters come fac.e [0 face with the group holding the dagger.

The raiders are a group ofBeasnnen With a powerfuJ leader wielding the dagger in combat. III addltion to the leader, there fire three Beastrnen for every two player characters. Normally, the characters would be in s rious trouble, but these opponents have already been wounded; the wound scores Us red below are for their current stare.

The Wielder of the Dagger

Skills: Concealment, Dodge Blow, Follow Trail, intimidate.

Ourdoor Survival, Perception, hadowing, Silent Move, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talentsl Keen Senses, .Menacing, Rover, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure

Special Rulese

Chaos Murarions: Animalistic Legs aod Horns.

Silent 11$ the Bel1St1 of the Woods: Beasemen are narurally stealthy, and most are also very experienced hunters and crackers. They gain +20% to Silent Move Tests and + L 0% [0 oncealmenc T esrs,

AnnoW". Mediurn Armour (Mail shin and Leather Jack), Dagger ofYuL K'chaum.

AcmoUJ" Points: Head 2, Arm.s 3, Body 5, Legs 2 Weapon~: The Dagger ofYul K'chaum, (5B +4 damage,

Armour Piercing), Horns (SB -1 damage), Shield

Note.!l' The effects of the dagger are Included in the statistics given above. This Beasnnan's fuJI Wound score is }8, which may be relevant as rhe dagger heals him if he kills anyone.

This Bea trnan has a wolf's head but with horns like those of a bull. His legs are dog's legs, ending in paws.

Ordinary Beastman

Skills. Concealment. Pollcw Trail Inrimldate, Outdoor Survival, Perception. hadowing, Silent Move. Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Keen Senses. Menacing. Rover Special Roles:

Chaos Muttltio7ts: Anirnali tic Legs and Horns.

Silmt as rht Beam of the Woods: Beasrrnen are naturally stealthy, and most are also very experienced bunters and crackers, They gain +200/0 [0 Silent Move Tests and + LO% to Concealment Tests.

Armour. Light Armour (Leather Jack)

Armour Po.ints. Head 0, Arms J. Body 1, Legs 0

Weapons: Hand Weapon, Horns (SB -1 damage), Shield

Notes: The ocher Beasernen have a wide range of appearances; heads of deer, goats. pigs. bears, boars, and wolves.

Even though. me opposition i wounded. this is a very tough fight, and characters may die or at least have to spend Fate Polnts, This is fine, th.e characters have failed in an earlier pare of the adventure, so this is supposed to be tough for them,

I f the characters kill the Beascmen, they can rake the dagger. Remember that since it is awake. rhe eye sockets In the hilt are glowing red, and it whispers to any character who touches it. Almost irnrnediarely, they are confronted by a group of Light Wizards. They pause for a moment, raking in the dead Bessrmen and the characters belding a foul artefact, Just as chey seem about to attack, Konrad Messner arrives.

"Wait! 1hm ,,",pll 1m Il1JUJ. Ln me JuJ with

thmt ." ~ gtfIup happily t4lte orJm pm II wiunI kmJ a"" laws KtmraJ I(J tiIaJ with the d,"I'1U'1nt.

-I, seems th4l this tmefita is II grtIIler thmtt tI141t I thoupt. Cllll~ I« IhII ", IlJ tJmro, II. J srcm JtIIl tio so ;~ b'.fort iI &I" bring f"II#" fimes » Jtr Aid. / fotr rhIIl / mJUt help rrnmJ up ". mlJlf/IIJ# of this aItI«/t, so you lIN tnt JI"I' (IUIn. / "". JtnIIo hurry/I>

If the characters take his advice, the wizard they tum to for aid is available immedlarely, and the ritual can start as soon as possible.

If the characters are defeated, those who spent Fare Points £0 avoid death wake up in a room in the Light College. Konrad Messner. looking haggard, is warchmg them.

.GtJoJ. JOU art IlflNllte. /ilm 4fi'aid you have 710 tinv ID mt. ~ 1iIlgg" mllSl be dmrrIyed as lOtI" as ",mille; it is ni/J Jnnvingfo'" mJIIIIm ID il1'/f. / """' """,m bert ItI htIp MfmJ the CD~; IIIlt, the J.aer aNI dctrvJ it IJIIkltl]. •

He hands the characters a box. Veterans of A;hts ofMiddeTlheim probably check inside [0 make sure that the dagger is really there; it is.

As noted above, the wizard they turn to is available. While the characters were treated in the Light College, chey are not entirely healed; each is at half their full complement of Wounds.


Chapter ill: The Anefact

The characters have access ro three ways to destroy the fragment of Xarhrodox Incarnadine in the dagger. 7he Tranrfig1lftltion of Respkncknt Glory is a trick, which will unleash a Chaos Power On the world. Sdll, the transfigured Wolfgang is srill weaker dun [he Daemon would be, so this is nor a complete fallure. Ckaming the Cormpted \It-sui destroys [he piric Fragmetlt at no risk to the player characters, but

the experience may drive sbrielle Marsner insane. 1his is obviously the best option [Q take, but it is only available if they found Gabrielle and convinced her to help. Finally, The FlesMess Mark Flesh destroys the spiri fragment completely but requires the sacrifice: of at least one of the characters. TIlls is the fall-back option.


It really isn't very good for the characters jf they let Wolfgang perform this ritual; see the details of the ritual on page 41 for me reasons. Nevertheless, ifit is succes fully performed, the artefact j destroyed, which means that the final pan of the trilogy can be rW1 as written,


Wolfgang explains that he needs a number of assistants

for me ritual, and the player characters JUSt happen to be

the right number. He says that be will garner me necessary materials; although, he may ask the characters to help at some point. nee hey have the arcefa t, they should get in touch with him right away.

The mundane ingredients of the ritual are easy enough for Wolfgang to procure. However, me bell is completed at an inconvenient time, and he asks the characters to pick it up and take it to the site of the ritual. This errand is important, as ir provides dues to Wolfgang's true nature (see page 76 for details).


Wolfgang hooses to hold the ritual in the basement of hls hou e, a pia e where he has murdered. eight people and made candles from their bodies. There is, however, no sign of such activities when the characters ger there. instead, a small stone table stand in the centre, surrounded by a ricg of manacles. There is one set of manacles for each character, including ·Wolfgang,. and there are four manacles in a sec, one fot

each wrist and ankle, Wolfgang explains rhar the characters have to be chained for the ritual to work. Each manacle has

a separa.rc chain, leading to a single ring in the Hoor. 1he chains for the ankle manacles are short, but the chains for the wrist manacles are quite long and allow some freedom of movement.

In from of one set of manacles is a lectern bearing the ritual text. 111e eight candles are in a ring around me outer edge of

the room, and the bell hangs over the central table. Wolfgang indicates that the. artefact should be. placed on me table.

Wolfgang does chain himself as me ritual begins. However, Wolfgang's manacles are rigged to COme off" easily, whlle the characters' manacles are completely real. The ritual only requires that the sacrifices be wiJling as it starts, and Wolfgang is concerned [hat they might catch on while the ritual is in progress, which is possible, bur rather unlikely

The ritual i designed [0 dupe the acrifi es, and thus is

not obviously foul magic. The game rna tee hould make a Challenging (-10%) Academic Knowledge (Magic) Test on behalf of characters with both Arcane Language (Daemonic) and Arcane Language (Magick). If the check succeeds, me character realises that even though the ri ella] sounds like it uses Magick as lts Arcane Language, it is actually based in Daemonic and invokes dark powers, If a character has Arcane Language (Magid) alone, the game rna cer hould make a Very Hard (-30%) AcademlcKnowledge (Magick) Test. Jf this test ucceed ,th character realises that the ritual Is nor performed in Magick, but does not know what rhe Arcane Language is. However, most characters can probably guess;

a ritual in Arcane Elf would probably not pretend 0 be in Magick.

1f the characters fail these rolls, or don't have the necessary knowledge to make them, the ritual probably proceeds to its conclusion. This is not fatal to the characters Or the plot of the trilogy, and you should allow i (0 happen.

After about seven hours of ritual, Wolfgang drops his manacles and starts performing actions at each candle in rum, the bell in between each one. The characters will quickly realise they can't simply drop their manacles as Wolf~ng has.


Lf thecharacters do nothing, the ritual reaches its climax when Wolfgang picks up the dagger and plunges it into his chest. There is no blood. Rather, rhe dagger seems to flow iJ'HO the wizard's body, and the characters feel pan of their souls being dragged out of them towards Wolfgang. Before their very eyes, WoLfgang transforms lnto a hideous winged Daemon, and as they hear him laugh they collapse into unconsciousness.

TIle chsraecers awaken several hours later; weakened and probably insane, bur still in me basement. Wolfgang is Long gone,. and the characters mustget themselves OUt of the chains.

If thecharacters realise tn,l.[ Wolfgang is performing a Chaos ritual, they will want to StOP him. Thechains restrict their movements a great deal, but Wolfgang can do nothl ng; he rnusr concentrate on the rituaL. lJHU,. of course, is why he made sure that tbe characters were chained up.


There are many ways [0 in rerru pc me ritual. Extinguishingor knocking over any of the candles will do it, as will ringing the bell at the wrong moment. Tackling Wolfgang LO the ground w11l also break his cencenrrarien, I f the charaeeees get our of their chains or even JUSt pull the ting free, stoppin,g the ritual is very easy. Wolfgang can't do anything to StOp them without lnterrupting tile ritual. but characters will sec the fear in his eyes as they move to interfere.

Getting out of the chains is nor so Simple. If one of rhe characters has lock picks, a Ptck Locks Test opens his manacles and allows hirn co act freely, Otherwise, the weak pain t of the chains is ehe ring in ehe 6.oor. The 8001' is wooden, and the rings are set through the boards and into the earth beneath. A strongcharacrer might be able to pull the ring free, This requires a Very Hard (-30%) Strength Test.

If rhe test fails, the character is simply nor Strong enough and cannot try again.

Even if the characters find that they cannot get OUt of their chains. all is nor lost. They can still move their hands and arms a g,reat deal and can get things out of pouches or pockets on their persoL1S. They cculdeven draw a dagger from a boot sheath. as they can bend down.

Throwing an item fa sound me bell or extinguHh a candle requires a Ballistic Skill Test. Hitting me bell is Challenging (-100/11); the bell doesn't move, but me chains do ,smp the characters from throwing freely-Hitting a candle well enough to cxtingui,sh it or knock itover is Very- Hard (-30%) because rhe targer is quite small.They can also throw things at Wolfgang. This is Hard (-20%), because he does move

around. If the object causes no Wounds, Wolfgang is able to remain focused. and the ritual ccnri nues, I f the object does cause Wounds. he must succeed ar a Channelling Test and get a degree of success equal to the number ofWound~ he took from chat blow. A Crirical Wound automatically breaks his conceneration,

TIle characters may not succeed at first, bur they can keep trying as long as they have things [0 throw .. This needs careful handling; it could descend into-farce. as characters throw everything they haveat various targets. Instead, you. should try for an air of desperation as attempts fail, the tirual draws nearer co irs end, and the characters beeome shorr of missiles.

Any character can Stop the ritual by spending a Fate Point. If a player does so, it rums out that the ring for his manacles wasn't properly buried, and rhe character's effortS to do something have pulled it free. Interrupting now easy.

If the characeers In terrupt the ritual. a lookof horror comes over Wolfgllng's face, and he seems co dissolve into a swarm of hideous insects, which run to the dagger and disappear inside it. All characters who witness this gain I InsaniryPoint.


After Wolfgang's demise, the characters have as long as they want to get out of their chains, If all elsef"ails, they can dig rhe rings OUt of the basement floor, although it rakes.several hours. Once they can move around, they can easily find

the keys to the manacles on a hook on the outside of the basement door. While they are beeter off" dun they would have been if the rima! had been completed, they still have major problems.

Most obviously, the artern.ct has not been destroyed. Worse, it is now more poweeful than it was so ehecousequences of it falling into roe hands of the cultists have become more serious. Konrad will nor be happy chat the artefact has oar been destroyed and is likely to insist on returning it to the vault ifhe finds OU1.

In addition, Wolfgang has JUSt died in a secret ritual involving a Chaos artefact and the player characters. Since no one else knows mat Wotfgangwas a darkeuleise, me characeers should realise chair this does not look good for them. Wolfgang didn't publicise the fact mat he was going to perform rherlrual for obvious reasons, so if the characters also kept quier abour lr, t.hey may be able to sneak away, leaving nothing to link them to the events. If more people knew about it, tbey may have to explain themselves to certain witch bunters.


This ritaaineeds co be performed outside, which means

that Gabrielle wants the characters to prevent anyone or anything from distracting her wbile lr is in progress. Unless me characters come up with a better idea and are: forceful in presenting Jr, she chooses to perfon» rhe rieual In the haunted


Chapter ill: The Anefact

cemetery of Old Aledorf. next 0 the Arnerhy t College. 'Ihis has the advantage that no one is likely to accidentally stumble over the ritual, as most people stay away from the haunted cemetery.

The destruction of the artefact need nor be me climax of me ad ven cure. Indeed. as rhe characters are large! y spectators to the ritual. i ~ is better if it is not. If the characters have already had a climax. such as a thrilling showdown with Wolfgang Scheunachr, or if they are still on course for such a climax, this can simply mark the conclusion of one plot line of Spi.res of Altdorf In that case, if the characters have done well so fur and the ritual goes off without a hitch, you can JUSt describe the boredom of keeping watch for a day and a night and the final moment at unrise when the dagger crumbles to dust and vanishes.

However, the imprisoned shards of Xarhrodox Incarnadine are the central feature of this trilogy, so you may wish to make this more spectacular, One option is to simply play

up the description, so mat they see Gabrielle struggling with an insubstantial Daemon, which is burned away into nothingness by the unnaturally bright first rays of the rising sun. The main point of this option is that it assures the character of risk-free success (which they have well earned), so there is deliberately little for them to do. However. if the play IS wouLd feel cheated without a climactic battle, you have some options.

econd, if the characters have been doing nothing about arlorr' attacks. thl might be a good time for the Mutants to attack ( ee page 85). Their strategy i lighdy dlfterent

in graveyard than it would be in a market, buc there are enough sirniladries so rhat you can run that section with few modi fica dons.


First, i.E the characters gOt the dagger the hard way (see page 65), the foul creatures called by the artefact come looking. Use the statistics for ordinary Beasrmen in mac seotlon

and end eve ral waves of artackers again t the characters. The attackers should be oumumbered, en uring rhac

the charact r win, and if necessary, they may already be wounded. lve the characters a chance to plan ambushes by having their enemies move clumsily through the graves, and so 00. The purpose of these attacks is to emphasise rhar me dagger is still exerting its baleful Influence, not to kill the characters.



Finally, the half-manifest Daemon might not be quite so insubstantial and seek to draw energy from me characters o fuel its bacrlewlth abrielle. Use the statistics for the guardian Daemon in Wolfgang Scheunacht' hidden shrine

(see page 78) but without the special attack. This is still a relatively easy fight, but i does give the characters something violent [Q do.


If the player of the sacrifice dol'S nor want tocreate another character from SCClICh, you can give [ohan Schmidt (page 6a) rwo more Fate Points and enough extrn. advances [0 match the other player characters. I[ is probably best if Gabrielle Marsner does not mention her ritual at this polnnthe players would be likely to feel very seupld,

In~ther case, the new player character can be introduced via Lord Frederick, who cer.tainly knows enough people 00 make it



This is not a good way to destroy the spirit. but at least it

does so properly, without creating another monster of Chaos. Guillaume explains the details ofthe dtual (;;l.refully before agreeing to perform it. The characters and the players must understand thar the sacrifice will die, whether they succeed or Dot, and chat there is a reasonable chance that orher characters will be killed in the fight. The sacrlfice cannot use Fate Points to survive: this rlrual is certain death for one character .. However, characters killed in the combat can use a Fate Polnr.

If the characters have no orher way to destroy me Daemon, Guillaume borrows me ice house in the grounds of Lord Frederick's mansion fat the ritual to ensure that the cransformed sacrifice cannot escape. An ice house isa room thar holds ice throughout the summer, allowing Lite owner of the structure to have cold drinks whenever he likes. It is dug into the ground and has a small, thick door to prevent the outside heat From melting the ice. As a result. it is impossible to break OUt of the ice house by mere strength. Lord Frederick's lee house is a recrnngle ! 2 yards (6 squares) long by 6 yard>~ (3 squares) wide. It is ve.ry large, and Lord Frederick admits that he doesn't know why his. grandfather made such a large ice house. It is, however, convenient in thislnstanee.

Guillaume explains thac he will not stop the ritual unlessall the characters are incapacitated, as he does net want to have to sacrifice more than one person to destroy this spirit rragmem.

The first choice to be made is that of [be sacrifice. leave this entirely to the players. The player who sacrifices his character must create a MW character th:u; has as many advances as the survivors but with twO bonus Fate Pcinrs, but don't tell the players this in advance.

The ritual works as advertised. and the remaining characters find themselves trapped in a 15 by 20 foot room. with a creature of madness. If you can truse the player, you. may let {he sacrificed player control rhe Daemon he has become. He has no memory of his previous life andonly wants. to slay the remaining characters and go free.

If the characters are reduced to this pass. they should succeed, but the Daemon might only be felled by the dying blow of the last character standing, as he spends a Fate Peine to survive. Characters with no Fate Points left may well be killedat this point, in addition eo the saerifice, and thar'sfine. Characrers chat spend Face Points should still be taken out of the fight,

and youshould only fudge rolls to ensure rhacche lase character standing cakes the Daemon down, possibly with a final desperate blow after spending a Fate Point eo avoid death.

Remember that if the characters get to "his point, they have failed in the earlier pan of the adventure; rhings should go badly for them.


The statistics for tile tlanSformedversi()n of the sacrifice are given below. The upper lines apply if characters have ehis ritual performed before Wolfgang's essence is sucked into

the dagger. If, on the other h,lnd, Wolfgang's power has been added [Q rhac of the Daemon, use the lower line.

The Sacrifice Daemon

Skills: Dodge Blow, Intimidate, Perceprion, Speak Arcane Language (Daemonle), Speak Language (Dark TonglJel Talents: Ambidextrous, Fearless, Flier. Frightening, Natural

Weapons, Night Vision, Scales, Strike Mighry Blow Armours None

Armour Points: Head I, Arms I. Body I. Legs I Weapons: Claws

Chapter IV: The Shadow of Fire

This chapter covers invesrigadng Wolfgang cheunacht: but the characters may not initially realise that is what they are doing, parncularly if they start their investigations in response to the burglary. This section of the adventure

is entirely optional; the characters can find and destroy the

reefacc and move on to the third part of the trilogy, without ornplering lr,

There are three ways restart the lnvesrigarlons, The first, most likely way is that the characters try to find our who burgled their rooms shortly after they arrived in Alrdorf (The Burglary. below). The second is tim Wolfgang's offer to destroy me . artefact makes them so suspicious chae they JUSt decide to

investigate him further (Asking Around, page 75). The third entry point is the bell they are asked [0 fetch for the ritual. Borh me crafesman that made the hell and irs form should raise their suspicions (The BeJl, page 76).

Wolfgang has a secret Chaos shdn in Empire House. Earlier investigation can lead the characters to this pla e, which they need Lord Frederick's help to enter, Without him, they cannot get past Empire House's lobby. In the shrine, they eonfronc evidence ofWol.fgang's corruption and very soon the wizard himself This lead to a climactic battle, where the characters have an excellent chance of defeating the corrupt wizard, (The Secre(Sbrloe, page n).

When Wolfgang first meers the characters, he assumes chat they have a Chaos,so when they are back in Aledorf. be hires someone (0 steal lr, He isn't sure whether the characters would carry such 3. thing with th.em, so he sends his agent to their rooms. When that turns up nothing. he decides against crying to rob the characters in person" choosing instead to t(y to ensnare them in his plots.

It quickly becomes obvious that whoever is behind me hucglary has an unhealthy interest in Chaos and is almost certainJy a cultist. bur he has covered his tracks well. While the characters mjghc have usplcions, rbey do nor find any solid evidence.


The characters return to their rooms after [heir first clay in Alrdorf to discover that they have been thoroughly turned over. Their property is careered allover, and me furruture has been turned upside-down.

Cleal'ling up [he IDeIo'S and checking (0 see what bas been stolen rakes lWO or three hours. If the characters [efl: any cash in their rooms, it is gone. imilarly, any hems that looked like they might be hao artefacts are gone; although, it i po slble thac

the characters had nothing like that. However. naming else is missing. even jf ir is obviously valuable. Even jewellery has been left.

lnce the characters are most likely staying in an inn. they will want to know why the innkeeper didn't notice anything. A large light broke our in the Inn in the middle of the day> and the entire staff was fu]Jy occupied for several minutes calming ir down. If the characters look, evidence of me fight is still visible. The innkeeper can describe the people who seemed to be me main instigators of violence; neither has visited his inn before (and neither will be allowed in again).

One was a Dwarf, his head shaved completely and tattooed with a large battle axe on the crown. The other was Human. very (aU and broad, apparendy as much fat as muscle. The Human had long hair and a full beard and looked a bit Norscan. He also had a very prominent scar all the way up his right arm. 11,e staff didn't catch names, bur they will point OUt rhat if the pair was hired to create a distraction, they wouldn't have given their real names anyway. The innkeeper just threw them out into the street with instructions not to come back; he didn't bother seeing where they went.


The Dwarf and Human are relatively ea y to find. They stand out in most crowds, even Aledorf. because they spend most

of their time together, drinking and picking 6ghts. They

don't have enough friends for investigators eo be fed false information, but the characters might well pick up people who want to watch die nght.

The first stage is asking around outside the inn. Anyone who was around at rhe time can point them in the right direction, out into the Relk and the maze of islands. Asking people again when the characters reach junctions wUI keep them on track. You can play chis OUl if your players enjoy this sort of dUng and you are comfortable inventing NPCs on the spot, or you can just gloss over it; they can't fail at this point,

The ttailleaclsto a tavern called The Broken Barrel, which caters mainly ro teamsters and similar labourers. It cakes up

the ground floor of a six-storey building and has a single large room; the bar is opposite the door. There are cwo fireplaces

with chimneys, one at each end. The walls are weU repaired,

but the shutters and doors fir vet)' badly and show signs of having been re-bung many. :many times. The furniture mo dy consists of broken barrels cur down to form seats and tables.

The Dwarf and Human, Nargond and iegfried respectively,

are obvious as 5000 as the characters enter the tavern. They

turn to look at the characters along with everyone else. They've been drinking the money they were paid for tbe day's escapade and have bach failed a single Consume Alcohol Test, making all W • B ,Ag, and Int Tests Challengjng (-10%). It doesn't take the other patrons long to fi&lle OUt whom the characters are looking for, and someone calls OUt, ~Hey, Na1'gond. Siegfried, ruhlll txactiy u/as tht job y(fft dM today?"lhe [WO look slightly uncomfortable, but they stand up to confront the player characters.

Nargond and Siegfried (see the Statistics mar foUow) are both slightly drunk and somewhat belligerenr, However, they don't nave any particular grudge against the characters and no reason other than simple bloody-minded ness not [Q answer their questions. giving a couple of ways the encounter can go.

First, the characters can rely on talking. Buying the pair Some drinks. it deesn'c cake very long at all to convince them to cell everything they know. Without such a bribe, there IS a risk mat Nargond and iegfded will start a fight if the player mara rers don't look like overwhelming opposition.

Second, the characters can fig,hr. Nargond and Siegfried like figbdng and WOIl't draw weapons unless me characrers do. [f weapons do come out, the palrons pile cnro dle combatants,

a least ix patrons per character, and pull [hem apart. Brawling is fine, but the Broken Barrel doesn't tolerate murder 011 the premises. Everyone is thrown OUt, which gives the characters another chance to calk [0 Nargond and Siegfried.

If there is a fight, the characters almost certainly win. They have the advantage of numbers, and they arc probably slighcly better in a fight one-on-one, as well. Killing either of the

two is a very bad idea; the characters need informacion, after all. If they win the figh t, Siegfried grudgingly answers their questions.

If they Jose. Siegfried goes [0 the bar to celebrate. Nargond asks them. why they picked [he fight. If they explain about the burglary, he tells them whar rhey need to know and calls them idiots for starting a fight with the wrong people.

The twO thugs were hired by a woman named Solvetg Thudrun, a known mercenary thief, to cause a distraction in a particular i1l11 at a particular rime and keep it going as long as possible. They assume that Solveig is tbe one who went through the characters' rooms; it is the SOrt of thing she does. Nargond and Siegfried bumped ineo her at the Cock Pit, It venue for cock fights. and he paid them then.

The characters might think to ask why the twO thugs are so willing to shop their employer. They shrug and say rharsheisn'r that popular; the people she works for rend to be unpleasant even by their standards, bur they don't provide her with much, if anything, in the way of backup. They've been, paid; they don't mind seeing Solveig get what's coming to her.


Careerl Protagonist Race: Dwarf

Skills: Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Dodge Blow. Haggle, Intimidate, Ride, peak Language (Khazalid, Reikspiel), Trade (Miner)

Chapter IV: The Shadow of Fire

Talents: Disarm, Dwarfcraft, Grudge-born Fury, Menacing, Nighr Vision, Resistance to Magic, Scout-Hearted, Street Figbting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, Strike [0 Stun, Sturdy

Annou.n Medium Armour (Mail Shirr and Leather jack) AanoW' Points: Head 0, Arms I, Body 3, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand weapon, Shield

li:appinP" Harness, riding horse (stabled elsewhere), and saddle


Career: Protagonist Race: Human

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire), Dodge Slow, GOSSip, Haggle, lndmldate, Ride, Speak Language (Reikspid) Talents: Disarm, Fleet-Footed, Menacing, Street Fighting, Strike

Mighty Blow, Strike to Injure, trike to Stun, Very Strong Armour. Medium Armour (Mall Shirt and Leather Jack) ArmoW' Points: Head 0, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs °

Weapons: Hand Weapon, Shield

Trappings: None sigllifioam (he sold me horse some time back, to buy beer).


"DIe characters now have to find Solveig. They know that she goes to the Cock Pit. at least occasionally, and she is a thief. If they plan eo look for her on the basis of this information alone, you should warn the players chat asking around in rough areas for "Solvetg, the thief" is Likely to get them beaten up and unlikely to find them their quarry.

Nargond or Siegfrk-d can provide a basic description: "Wt/1, fh~} a woman, but]fm wouldn't /mow to 100ft at htr. Has this scar u:nder h~f 9C> too. C1T!~PJ looking, it is. "Asking around a bit in the Broken Barrel can gec more derail, particularly from the innkeeper.

"Shei 'lulu t4lI for" woman, bulllDJ Ibm. No auws. right! Htr voia is quiu knu. ISo. 1m tnJ, Sf« sht~ " WtlINII'I imlllISr it di4n~ worlt when I kkhtJ

M- hi the .. , Ah. wtll. ImJU'9 She liltes WlIIriIIg 1NM1t. IISIIIdJ.y JNlimI with soTMthint in II ~ htwrl/Jk ImgIn rwJ. Thttl sur. It m1/1y II cr«pJ. J ItIWI' it elNmt,es fMT d1M. I tbmIt sIN Iihs ttKlt-ftg/JIi,,& IrH1. 1M Qd>

Pit! WfnJJ,,~ In SJlrprlmi if sIN IfNI the", She prtfm wtnItJ"tfor peopk ttJ rDbln"t p/4as 0" sp«. tmJ itiJ 1M • pJ p/«~ ttJ Ii"" "" ."., of UNIT! ..

The Cock Pit is a famous cock lighting ring, getting directions is easy. It's in a very poor area of the city. surrounded by slums.

but the Cock Pit itself bas quire II bit of patronage from the upper classes. so irs building is fiUrly new and well-maintalned. The characters must pay a 2 p cover charge to enter, but the house makes most of its money Oil drinks and gambling. Inside, about a sixth of the area around the lighting ring is cordoned off. reserved for richer members of society. There

is a 2 s covet charge jLLSt to enter that part of the room, Lord Frederick is a frequent patron of this establishment, and if

the charaerers have mer him, he recognises and acknowledges them. before rerurning his attention [Q the fight.

'Ibis is enough information [0 nnd her, If the characters visit the Cock Pit every day, she will turn up there in the near future,. and the characters can have a llrde talk with her. You should decide how long tile characters need to walt based on the pacing of [he adventure. The characters shouJd have Started talking to Dieter Klempere.r's contacts before they get to meet

olveig, bur it should happen before Wolfgang makes his offer.

Solveig has never seen the characters, and she doesn't have any contacts that care enough [0 warn her that they are looking for her, so she takes no steps to hide herself She turns up ar the Cock Pit wearing a black tunic. black trcusers, and a bright. violent red sash. The scar under her eye is jet black and looks somehow wrong, even at a casual glance. Characters wjth any medical background (as deeermined by Skills, Talenrs, or past or present Careers) can make an Int Test to realise that there is no puckering of the surreunding skin. I looks alma r painted or stuck on, except that it merges seamlessly with her skin a[ the edges.

When the characters approach her, Soivelg's first assumption is that they want to hire her, unlesstheir attitude makes it

obvious that they are hostile. The characters should remember Solveig Thudrun

that it is very unlikely that Solvetg just decided to rob their

room in such a systematic way; she was almost certainly hired. Career: Thief

Thu , what they want to know from her is who hired her. Race: Human

The characters may choose to pick a figh . If so, mer are quickly surrounded by a. dozen guards and unceremoniously dumped i nro the meets with Sol veig, Since she was outnumbered, she immediately runs away. and me characters must give chase (see Chases throllgh tbe Streets, page 19).

Second, the characters may aaaounee mat she burgled them. At this poiat, she runs, and the characters have [0 chase her ag;!ln.

If the characters can catch and restrain olveig afrer a chase. they can get the basic information OUt of be" but she doesn't volunteer any additional details. Once they let her go, she gets a safe distance from them and calls back:

"Should'a jUft said ]11 II)l1nt'd ('know who paid. idiots. v

She isn't ma.lcing it up, either. If the chara rers don't let on mat they were the victims Or connected to the victims in aJ1Y way and j ust ask who paid for the job, Solveig is happy to [ell them. She wasnt paid the premium she requires [0 keep mat information secret, and anyway, she is sure chat her employer was in d1 guise.

The basic information is that Solveig was approached at the Cock Pit by a man caJJing bimse1fDieter. He was about average helghc but a blt far. and he was bald with a greying beard. He asked her to burgle a particular set of rooms in a particular inn and bring him what she found. She did.

A more effective approach yields more details. The second meeting took place in the ruins surrounding the Bright College. and Solvclg can be bribed (1 gel to show the characters exactly where. olvelg thinks char the fat was faked with extra layers of clothing and is ure that the contact was educated. She was asked to bring any items or jewellery with mange markings and told she could keep any cash she found as a bonus.

Solveig will only go into detail about strange markings if she is charting happily with me characters. Thi is not lmpo ible if the characters handle things well and particularly, buy her a drink In that case, when asked for examples she says "Oh, spiked uuords, people wit/] tentacles, tbr~t~eycd tkl/Iis, odd runes, that sort of thing. >0 If none of the players realise that this is basically an instruction to look or Chaos artefacts. have all the chara rers make an Intelligence Te t to realise the same thing.

If the characters handle Solveig badly, this trail of clues

ends here. Her description does nor provide anything like enough derail to work our who wanted them burgled, and she gives the characters nodung further to work with. It may be enough [0 make them uspece WolfgaJlg, as he could fie the description and knew where dley were staying, but it isn't enough evidence co bal;k up an accusation against a powerful Wizard. This is fine; there are orher opporrunlries [0 unma k the Bright Wizard.

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire), Concealment, Evaluate, GOSSip, Perception. Pick Lo k, Scale Sheer urface, earch, ecrer Language (ThievesTongue), ilent

Move, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language (Reikspiel) Talentsi Alley Cat, Ambidextrous, Night Vision, Trap Finder Armour: LIght Armour (Leather Jerkin)

Armour Points: Head O. Arms O. Body 1, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand weapon

Trappings: Lock picks, 10 yards of rope, and II sack.

Solveig is a mercenary thief who will do any job for the righr money. She hasn't worked as an assassin yet, bur mar's only because no one has offered to pay her for it. She believes In doing exacdy what she is paid for, no less but L10 more. If you want secrecy as well as a robbery, you have to pay for both, he doesn't always think to mention this in advance but does if her client says that secrecy is required.

Solveig's scar is a Chaos mark. gained when she srole from a cult. inoe then, she has taken an interest in Chaos and its works, a fact thac bas come to Wolfgang' attention. he is not yer a dark cultist bur likely will be soon.


If the characters handle olvelg well, she takes them to the place where she reported [0 her employer and handed over everyching she rook, except the money. 'The charred ruins around the Bright College are an cede place; nobody lives there, hardly anyone goes mere, and rhe College itself i magically concealed. Nevertheless, anyone in rills area repeatedly gets glimpses of a heat haze Our

of the corner of their eye. While it is decades rince the area burned down, some of the ruins still seem [0 smoulder, and a character might SWeaT mat ashes are sdll warm even though his companions can feel norhlng,

Solveig has no interest in hanging around and will leave as oon as she has shown rhe characters to the spot, unless they force her to stay. If they do try co restrain her. she does her utmost to escape and certainly provides no useful information.

A earch Test can uncover useful information. depending on the degree of success. It does not marrer much if the characters JIDd nothing here, so these tests do not need 0 be fudged,


Chapter IV: The Shadow of Fire

A irnple success confirms Solveig's Story; tw people met here a coupl days ago. ne degree of succe finds the cracks of

b th parties, but F 1I0w Trail is needed to follow them (see the following parapgraph). If rbe character had anything small stolen, two degrees of success find ir discarded In me ruins of

a bouse behind me meeting place. Three degrees of success uncovers several threads of red and orange attached to a. small piece of grey fabric. Any character who finds this realises that someone who was wearing a grey cloak or robe over red and orange clothes gm the hem caught on a bir of the ruins, leaving a rra c behind.

The tracks are no easy to follow, being a few days old. A Hard (-20%) Follow Trail Test rakes the character further into

the ruin , and then the cracks vani h. A ommon Knowledge (the Empire) Test reveals thar the Brighr ollege is magically concealed, and that ir is somewhere around here. Lf the characters poke around, they rnigbr be able 00 pierce the veil of concealment and see the Bright College in all its splendour (page 24). However, they should be aware mat they do noc have enough evidence to convince anyone else that a Bright Wizard ordered their rooms burgled. On the other hand, they should by now be highly suspicious of Wolfgang.

Tf the characters are suspicious of Wolfgang for any reason, they .lean ask their contacts about rum. After all, their contacts know many of me people fighting against dark forces, and Wolfgang daims (0 know a highly useful ritual. As be doesn't seem to

be shy about announcing the faCt, the characters may sensibly conclude that someone else should know.

Their suspicions may be raised by the fact that no one seems to. Dieter Klemperer and Konrad Messner have both heard of Wolfgang and know char he is one of [he more J:lowerful Brigh Wizards. Dieter knows mat Wolfgang is expected to become

a wizard lord soon; Konrad isn't sure whether Wolfgang is expected to become one soon or bas become one recently. Beyond thsr, they know nothing; they certainly are nor aware of any rirual and haven't even heard my stories of particular activities against dark pO\vers. Most ofthelr other contacts know noching at all.


Lord Frederick doesn't think he knows the name but asks for a description. n hearing it, he nods.

"Oh, him. I t/Qn't know him. bllt rve seen him at the Cock Pit a ft1U times. J don't think hI! "ally follows the fights; he normally seems to be taLkiNg to peopLe. "The characters may well ask whether he saw Wolfgang ralking to Solveig. While Lord Frederick recognises Solveig's description as well, he isn't sure whether Wolfgang ever talked to her in particular, me wizard is JUSt one person Lord Frederick has seen at the ring.


If the characters tracked the person who burgled their rooms back here, chis is a rerum visit. The regulars only remember them if they actually starred a Eight with Solveig either in

the place or afterwards. and if they did, these memories are nor F.iVourable. No matter bow they dealt with Solveig, they can ask around, looking for people who have seen Wolfgang. 111is requires Gossip Tests. If [he characters dealt with Solveig without descending [0 violence, these rests are Routine (+10%). If they did get into a light, they are Vel:)' Hard (-30%) because no one wan to risk me arne punishment.

A success rums up Andreas Ficek, a labourer and avid follower of [he co k fights. He amy talks to the characters between fights unless rhey offer him a substantial bribe. In between, he says mar he bas done a couple of simple jobs for the person they describe, except mat he rhoughe his name was Master

Helslg. 'The jobs involved carrying fairly large, heavy crates from one place to another; they really were simple. Andreas never saw what was inside the crates, and they didn't make strange noises, or smell funny, or anything like that.

The characters are likely to be lnreresred in the tWO end points. One, the pick-up point was a warehouse on an Island in me river; even Andreas describes if as nee being a good area. TIle' other, the delivery poin , was ''Mllsttr Helsig's office in Empire House ." Master Helsig gave Andrea a chlr, which he presented at the warehouse. The staff then brought the case OLL[ to him; he never went Inside. At the other end, Master Helsig met him at me goods entrance to Empire House and escorted him to me office door; although. Andreas never actually entered me office. If me characters think ro ask, Andreas call describe the route from the goods entrance to the office door, as it was very simple: take the Hight of stairs on. youx left as you enter. Climb tWO floors. There's a corridor going off [0 your left and a door directly opposite you. That's the door.

Andreas did both jobs in me last year; the first wa almost

a year ago, the second only a couple of months before the character calk to him. The pay was a bit better than average for a porterage job, bur Master Helsig wanted him to take care not to drop or jolt the cases, so it didn't strike Andreas as strange. Andreas has no further useful information and does not want to accompany ebe characrers myvvhere.


The warehouse is the less revealing of rh two I cations. 1 is, Indeed, in a very seedy area of town, and it is guarded by half a dozen large mugs with four attack dogs on heavy chains, They ask the characters' business and aren't interested in answering general questions; in any case, they don't know muc.h.

As thugs, they aren'r roo bright, and any story thai sounds plausible and doesn't make the characters sound Uke law enforeemenc a.gents will get them through [0 talk co the manager. The manager, Me Weissbucen, is oily and obsequious, at least unttl he is sure lhat the chara ters are nor potencial customers. The warehouse will act for anyone, re eiving and Storing cases before handing them on to someone with he righe chlr. lr keeps no records and asks no questions. Any characters with past or present rhlef or rogue career, or the Sere rwlse Talent, realise thar this is something very useful to

criminals, as it makes [racing rhings back or forward extremely difficult. A successful Academic Knowledge (Law) Test reveals that the warehouse itself isn't doing anything illegal.

If ehe chaeaccerscry to stake the warehouse out to find out more information, they are harried by local thugs until .bey finally give up. They cannot learn anything useful here, any.vay.


Empire House is me headquarters in Alrdorf of me Imperial law enforcement agencies. (See page 26.) The characters can enter the main lobby like anyone else but getting further is

a problem. No one there has heard of any Master Helslg,

and everyone denies knowledge of a. "goods entrance," if ehe characters ask about Wolfgang Scheunacht, the desk sergeam asks them to wait. and sends someone to make enquiries. 'TIlLS only takes a fl.'-\v minutes, and the sergeant then apologises, saying mat the wizard is not here today; they should try at the Bright College.

Even me densest characters should realise that breaking in

here is a really stupid idea, and characters who try it are caught by" one of me many watchmen conscantly moving around

the building. However, scouting me (Jutsidt of the building is much easier; as long. as the characters make an effort to Look Ilke they are JUSt walking somewhere, no one will be suspicious .. This reveals that there isa back door, which doesn't look like it is used much. 'There are a couple of bored Watchmen on guard outside it. and if the characters seem to be taking an inreresr

in me door, one comes over to warn them off. He tells them

it's JUSt an e.scape route incase mere's a lire and that .if they have any business with the officers, they should use the from entrance .

.If the characters find somewhere hidden and watch the door for a while, they seeapparendy high-rauking members of me Watch use ita couple of times per clay; it is abo appar~ntly popular with officials who don'r want to push their way through the mob in the from.

Further investigation is covered in the section The Seaet Shrine, page 77.

Wolfgang makes two mistakes concerning me bell needed for the ritual, and these mistakes provide a valuable

last chance for characters to realisethar there is something wrong with me ritual he plans to performancl thar is deeply wrong about WoLfgang himself: Part of the reason he is being careless is that he minks he does not need to keep his corruption: secrec much longer, meaning he can pay a bit more arrenticn to convenience now. The other part is that he doesn't believe thar the player characters could possibly figure. our what he is up to.

Wolfgang gives the characters a letter and sends them to a foundry down near the river to ask for the bell. Hetells them to bring it straight back to his townhouse. He has dealt with this perSall before. but previous blasphemous ritual implements have always been delivered to his secret shrine in Empire House. The master here knows where his products usually gp. and does not know that the bell is to go to the townhouse.

The foundry building looks like it is In urgent need of (epaif, buta successful Hard (-20%) Trade (Carpenter) Test

reveals eharthls is a sham; the strucrure is actually very solid,

reinforced against possible arracks, The master of the fOllndry wears a voluminous cloak, gloves, and a deep hood, and the characters never catch. a glimpse of his skin. This is because he is a Mutant, and his skin is scaled. However, his voice is perfectly normal.

He looks at me note and points the characters to a. large crate. "YO;I ktww where to take it,. rigbt! Bnek door a.t Empire lJOIIS!!. Hlll be waitingfor you," If the characters agree, or say nothing, me master simply goes back inside .. If they contradict him, saying tbat the crate is [0 be taken to the townhouse, he pauses before retread ng indoors. He says nothing to the characters, but he immediately gers in touch with his contacts, worried about whar may happen to Wolfgang, and, by extension; to him.

If the characters, for some reason, take the crate to Empire House, Wolfgang Is not waiting for them. The guards move them. on, even if they mention Wolfgang's name. While the guards plan to te!! Wolfgang about the visit eventually, they won't have an opporrunlry before the ritual, so it has no impact on this adventure.

Chapter IV: The Shadow of Fire

When the character take the crate to Wolfgang's house, he makes his second mi cake; he opens it in frout of them. .he bell I 0 ragonal, with elaborate designs 00 me side and a Strange dapper. The designs are related to baas. and various Knowledge kills give characters a chance to realise that. If they have Academic Knowledge (Daemcnology), the test is Average (+0%), bu t for Academic Knowledge (Magic) it is Hard (-20%). Other Knowledges that you, the game master, think give a chance of recognising the designs, such as History or Necromancy, require a Very Hard (-300/0) Tes .

TIle characters may also realise what the clapper is made of

A Hard (-20%) Perception Test reveals that it is bone; a Very Hard (-30%) Academic Knowledge (Science) or Heal Test reveals that ir is Human bone. The mgery Talent gives

a special + 1 0% bonus to this est, since characters with that Talent have seen Human bones on many occasions.

If the characters confront Wolfgang with this information, he

is briefly fl usrered (a Perception Test lets a character no rice this met), but he covers by saying that as the ritual destroys foul things, the symbols of those things are naturally involved in the implements for it. Academic Knowledge (Magic) tests reveal that chis is a rather unconvincing statement, bur the characters should realise that launching into accusations a Chaos worship would be unwise. They do have some leads to follow and can go back to asking around (see the previous pages).

A s a result of thel r i nvestlgarlons in this chapter, the ficbaracters have good reason to believe that Wolfgang is a servant of blasphemous forces and that he is hiding something in Empire House. If they have paid ally attention at all to what Lord rederick says. they are also aware mat they have an ally who might be able to get inside. This section deals wirh whar they find when they do.



The first step co getting into Empire House is convincing Lord Frederick [Q help them in their investigations. This is incredibly (.'asy. If they present the evidence they have gathered, Lord Frederick agrees thar things are highly suspicious. He readily admits chat he can get them inside without any trouble and is quite eager co go along. He has always wanted to take direct action against Chaos, and he sees this as his big chance; he can't imagine thar there is anything actually dangerous inside Empire House.

Lord Prederlck is, in faCt, extremely capable. Virtually all of his combat experience has been gained in the fencing academy rather than in earnest, bur he is still more skilled than any Player haractet is likely to be at chis point. However, he lacks self-confidence and defers ro (he more experienced player characters in a crisis. If he survives this adventure he becomes far more confident, which, given his influential position. could have far-reaching effects.


With Lord Frederick along co help, getting into Empire House is an easy task. The duey officer re ognise him as soon as he enters the place, greers him enthu ia tically, and ushers him through Inre the main building without asking any questions. He looks care ully at the player characters

as they pass; characters with a law-enforcement or criminal background realise thar he is memorising their faces, in case something goes wrong. However, he does not actually do anything.

The difficulty of finding the sh rine depends on the information char the characters have. If they have spoken [0 Andreas and found out where he cook the crate, they know where to scm sear hing, The door thar Andreas aid was M rer Helsig's

offi e open into a broom cupboard. Lord Frederick knows who L in all the offices on the same corridor, which means that WOlfgang is unlikely to be carrying OUt foul rites in those, fuly Player Character worth his salt will. at (his polnc, look for setter deo rs,

Since they have a limited area to search. each test takes 10 minutes. The door is well-concealed, so the earch Tests are Hard (-20%), but the characters can make as many tests

as they like. Lord frederick professes not to know what to look for, making him very lircle help. However, if the player characters are all completely incompetent at sear hing, he eventually helps our, and he has an ex ellent chan e of finding the door within half an hour.


If the characters did not find OUt exactly where Andreas rook the crates, things arc harder, as they need, in principle, [0 search the whole of Empire House. Lord Frederick is II. great deal or help because h kn ws which areas of [he building are constantly busy with officials coming and going and whi h door lead (0 fully occupied offices. Even so, there is a, lot of butldlng [0 cover. Search Tests are Ve.r:y Hard (-30%), and each [est takes an hour to represent the amount of ground the characters are trying to over,

ven though Lord Frederick i a £i:equent visitor to Empire House, he does not normally spend his time looking for secret doors. If the characters spend more man an hour searching,

an offidal comes [0 speak [0 Lord Frederick, asking him what he is doing. Lord Frederick. cells the truth; he suspects mat there may be evidence of heredcal activity hidden within

mpire House Itself The official blusters and says thar [his is preposterous, but he leaves them to 1[; Lord Frederick has a great deal of respect, and the official doesn'e dare be the one ro seop the investigation. If he dld and such evidence was later found. he would immediately be suspe ted of involvement. The player characrer have nothing [0 do in this llttle cene, so you should keep it brief; its main purpose is co remind them charthey are in government offices, and there are other people around.

If the search takes more than five hour, Empire House moves on to the night shlfr, and the characters have to leave. Not even Lord Frederick is allowed co wander around at night, when levels of staff are gready reduced, 'The officials are very apologetic, bur [hey are throwing the characters out, and they suggest that there i noihlng to be found. Lord Frederick i inclined to agree.



The characters might also simply give up if the search cakes [00 long. If they do so. they lose the opportunity to defeat Wolfgang, but this is nat a Fatal problem for the adventure, characters who reach the point of searching Empire House are extremely unlikely to particip te in Wolfgang's ritual

If aile of the Search Tests is successful, the characters lind a secret door, built into the wall at the top of the stairs, to the right of the door. It swings open easily and sllenrly revealing a narrow staircase built inro the external wall of rhe building, leading down.

The stairs lead down into a I ege, vaulted stone chamber weU under the ground. The cellingls 20 feer above the floor at the height of the vaults. and me chamber is 24 yards long by 20 yards wide. Four massive pillars support the ceiling and mark off a central area. In mat area, blasphemous Images stand around a heretical altar. and a binding mark is set into the flooL

The arrival of the characters has three effects. First, enchanted braziers Aare into life, illuminating the scene with the llickering liglu of nre. Second, it summons a Daemon that Wolfgang set to defend his lair. Finally, it sends a warning to Wolfgang, who hurrie to Empire House to deal with the Intruders himself.

The Daemon appC"MS on the stairs behind the characters, herding them into rhe shrine so that they cannot raise the alarm. The guardlan Daemon is roughly humanoid and sothin as to be gaunt. Lt stands 12 feer tall, and it is covered in what appear [0 be bum scars, as if irs whole body was once set on fire and now has healed. Its head has no face or hair, JUSt a mass of car tissue, but eight eyes OD stalks are spaced over the sides and top of the head roughly where the ears ought to be. A circular, lamprey-like mouth opens and closes constantly in irs stomach, and irs arms end in eight-fingered hand with long, glinering metal claws.

heer urprise means that the character rush lnro the shrine proper. before they have to make any Fear Tests. If all [he player characters fail, Lord. Frederick passes his test, draws his rapier and swordbreakcr, and rushes into the fight. If at least one Player Character succeeds. Lord Frederick fails his first

cesr and thereafter roll normally. However. unless the player characters are in trouble, he runs away, rather than fighting. He does stay wirhln the chamber, however.

The Guardian Daemon

Skills: Dodge Blow, Intimidate, Perception, Speak Arcane Language (Daemonic), Speak Language (Dark Tongue) Talents: Ambidextrous, Fearless. rightening, Natural Weapons, Night Vi ion, rike Mighty Blow

Special Rules:

Belly-MoIl:": If the Daemon nits a single character with both attacks, it can draw the hapless victim into its huge, F.mged maw. Thi does addldonal damage at the Daemon's B +2. The victim is [hen dropped. nlis does nor take any of [he Daemon's actions.

Sr;nr The Daemon is so scarred mar this tough flesh

provides 1 Armour Point on all lecadons, ArmOIU": None

Armour Points: Head 1, Arms 1. Body 1, legs 1 Weapons: Claws

The characters are almost certain [0 defeat the Daemon, as it

is massively cutnumbered and not much more powerful than ehey are. If the characters ate ill forced to spend Pate Points to survive, Lord Frederi k finish the creature off. and they wake up to find char he has performed emergency 11m aid. healing them 31J LO 1 Wound.

In eithee case, WolfgilJ)g arrives JUSt as the characters have sorted OUt the aftermath of rhe battle and are trying to decide what to do next. Wolfgang has the ingredients for Fire Ball. Sword of Rbuin, Fiery Blast, and Breathe Fire. He starts by wing one of the ranged spells and then switches [0 Flaming Sword of Rbuin. [f he utilizes Fitry BlaSI or BreatiJe Pire, be uses Dark Magic to boosr casting and ensure ebar the spell goes off. He does not resort [0 thi for Fire Baf/. Or FlIlming Sward of Rhuin, and he only uses he weaker pelts if he chinks mac he can finish the characters 01£ mat easily.

If Lord Frederick did not fight the Daemon, he initially hangs back in chls light. coo, only rushing In if we player characters are seriously threatened. If he did fight the Daemon, the player characters are in bad shape, so Lord Frederick starts out fighting with them to give them a chance.

tfWolfgang's magic is overwhelming me player characters. Lord Frederick suddenly notices something in the shrine. He runs to the entre and smashes an object on the altar, A wave of green Light rolls through the room, and 311 active spells fuil .. From diar poinr, no one may roll more than one die when casting a spell, This may disadvantage wizardly player characters a little, but

it is a serious problem for Wolfgang. TIle effect wears off in 10 minutes, but me combat will be over long before then.

If; on m· other hand.Wolrgang seems to be losing, he calls on IUs blasphemous magic to destroy the player characters. He casts S'lmmon uJler Daemon to g;tin an ally in the fight and D4,.k HAnd of Destruaion to get a more powerful weapon than the Flaming IQortl of Rhuil1. Wo1fgang does not reueatj his secret has

been discovered, he must destroy those who could unmask him.


The fighr again r WOlfjpllg hould be rough, and player characters may die or e least have to spend Fate Points. 1hat i fine; this barde makes a good climax co the adventure, so there should be. some risk. However, unless thIngs went very badly agalnsc me Daemon, tile player characters have numbers very much OJ) their

ide, so mer hould prevail. The evidence in the hidden shrine is quire suffidem [0 back up tile characters' story about destroying a

IV: The Shadow of Fire

Chaos cultist, 'The discovery thar Wolfgang was corrupt sends minor shockwaves through Empire House, which had been relying on his help, and Lord Frederick gains even more influence mere. He also gal~ quire 3, lot of self-confidence, having survived a genuinely dangerous encounter with the forces of Chaos. The player characters now have a .fil'm ally In Lord Prederick, and he offers a sranding invitadon to smyar his estate whenever rhey are passing through Alrdorf He wiJJ honour char lnviradon and may aid the characters later in your campaign. However, be does want to remain based in the capital, and he will not join the player characters on their quests across the ld Wodd..

Lord Frederick tells his ccneacrs ObOUl me barde, and he is

very generous about the player characeers' contributions; it is nee in his nature to bog the credit. As a result, the characters gain 2 points with all the contacts listed in the section Finding the Artefact (starting on page 53). Lf this rakes someone over the number of points needed to supply an important due or offer an. irnpcrtanr service, mat person makes contact with

the player characters to do so. This new-found fame does not, however, neutralise ortri Harnrnerfisr: if rhey want to get the artefact the easy way, they must still do so.

The blasphemous contents of the shrine are taken Into

safe keeping by the agents or the Empire, and Wolfgang's rooms at he Bright College are rhorcughly searched. The Watch des end in force on the warehouse Wolfgang used for anonymous shipments and close it down, arre ting everyone for heresy. If the characters visited the foundry where the bell was made, a substantial. force of Watchmen are sent rhere, too. However, they find the whole place stripped bare and abandoned.


This chapter des~ribes Carlon elzberg's attempts to get me characters killed, and the steps they can take to

track her down. This plot is in one sense, a distraction from the main business of this adventure, as Carlon is completely unconnected to with dagger, However, it serves to remind the characters mat defea£ing dark cults is a dangerous business, and you can never be sure that you have succeeded. More prosaically, it provides opportunities for combat andsrealeh, since these are rather restricted in the main ploc,

That said, you should use the events in this chapter or nor.

as you wish. If[he players are really into me negotiations required for me main plot and don't eern ro want any distractions, chen maybe Carlott has trouble 6nding agem

for a while, and chis plot goes quiet. On rhe orher hand. if some players seem to be getting tired of the talking and are icchiJlg for something to fight. throw an attack in. As a result, the attacks are not tied to any particular time. They can also

be used in any order. although The Daemon uttel' should be used quite early because it serves [0 establtsh part of the background of Aledorf

Each attack also provides a lead that can be followed to track Carlotr down. Since she would make a good recurring enemy for a campaign, she has a Fate Point, which she can use (0 avoid death or caprure. This also gives her a Fortune Point, which should be used In a simiJar way. Ahhough Carlon herself would rather nave good fortune result in the deaths of the player characters, i·e is more dramatically useful to keep her alive.

The half dozen a racks described here should be sufficlenr, with everything else chat is going 011, to emphasise arlorr'smurderous intent. As noted above, they are in no particular order. except that The Daemon Letter should be used quire early on.

The player characters are sitting in the common room of an inn or tavern, ideally the place where chey are staying. They may be eating, drinking. or JUSt talking. The room is quite busy; maybe half the patrons are from A1rclol'f and

the other haJf from elsewhere. The Altdorf natives generally wear fander clothes chan the travellers. Note that this does

nor necessarily mean better. WeaJthy travellers may have plain

clothes of very high quality. It just means that natives of the city nave more decoration on their oudirs than these From the country.

A young messengt:!" boy approaches the table. touches his

cap respectfully. and hands over a sealed letter. He pauses a moment to see if any of the characters are inclined 00 tip him. but if not, he CUrDS to leave; he was well paid for the delivery



Chapter V: Bad Blood

and warned that the characters were dangerous adventurers. The boy's name Is Berthold. and all he knows is chat a big woman, not tall Of nl(, ju t very strong looking. paid him a good rare to deliver dlC lerrer to the characters. Deliveries are what be does. and he never asks about the contents. He also never rays to see tb lrern pened, because a lot of what he delivers is illegal. However, ir doesn't normally explode, so whlle he will deliberately turn his back if thecharacters start to open me leeter, he doesn't run away.


TIle imprint in the sealing wax the dose lbe letter is the face of a gold crown. which i derailed enough (0 reveal tampering without reveaIlog anything about the sender: The letter itsdf appears to be a normal piece of paper. fulded into sixths. It is chick enough mat no writing could be seen through it. There is no address written on the outside; Berthold the messenger is illlrerare.

Any way me characters open me letter. including setting fire to it, the spell cast on it comes into effect. Green flames leap from the lerter, which remains unscorched, and [eave a small Daemon sluing on the table, The Daemon snarls and attacks the nearest character.

The Letter Daemon

Skills: odge Blow, Intimidate. Perception, Speak Arcane Language (Daemonicl, peak Language (Dark Tongue) Talents: Ambidextrous, Fearless, Frightening, Hoverer, Natural Weapon, Night Vi ion

Special Rules:

Mutations: Three eyes (+5% to vision-related

Perception tescs), Short Legs Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Claws

This small aemon stands about rhree feet tall, but its legs are a mere six inche in length and end with suction-cup covered tentacles like those of an octopus. Irs body is bright red, nd irs three eyes glow a baleful orange, while yellow wings stretch from its back. The three-inch claws OD each linger are jet black and eern to swirl like oil, and small wings sprout from its back.

111e aemon is a very minor servant of Khorne, and in me Chaos realms it spends most of irs ti me maintaining rhe foul weapons used by the Blood ed's greater servants, Cadott was able co get irs help by promising It the chance (0 kill something for itself.

Note rhar the Daemon is Frighrenlng, so Pear Tests are required. The near r Player Character to the Daemon is. by

chance, someone who passed the test, and thus is capable of self-defence. If none of the player characters pass on the first round, me Daemon spends a round geeLing its bearings after the shock of the summoniog and attacks a character who recovers on [he following round,

The combat should be quit Simple; the Daemon is weaker than the player characters and is seriously outnumbered.

If the characters are losing, the innkeeper works up the courage to hie me creature with the axe he keeps behind the bar, costing the Daemon enough Wounds to take it to zero, allowing the characters to make critical hirs and finish the blasphemous thing off.

You should describe the reaction of the people around while the combat is in progress. At first, most arc frozen ill fear

by the Daemon's appearance. Those who can act split into two groups. About half run for the exit, orne screaming in terror. The ocher half grab their drinks and upend tables and benches to hide behind. As people recover from the fear, riley fall luco one oC {he two groups.


When the combat i over, me people who hid behind furniture emerge quickly erring the furniture upright" again and sitting down to continue their drinks and conversations. Characters notice that these are the Altdorf natives, and

they appear to mink rhat attacks by magically-summoned Daemons are a fairly normal eveor, A successful Perception Test reveals that a fair few of them are gripping their drinks rather harder than is necessary. They weren't really blase about (he arrack; they just try to appear so.

While the innkeeper is normally very unforgiving of people who have che rude manner to draw weapons within his establishment, he i willing co make an exception for those fighting Chaos Daemons. Indeed, be quickly claims the table. which was likely damaged in thefigbr and offers good prices for the weapon the character used (as uming that they are mundane weapons). if they accept, the table and weapons

are put on display in a corner of the inn, and the story of

the fight with the Daemon begins to grow. lf the character

re urn [0 the same inn month • or years, later, !:hey may well hear ehe tale of how a group of bold adventurers fought back a horde of Daemons pouring from a gateway to the Chaos Waste.

If the characters look at me Jetter, they lind rhar the paper is mostly blank. The inside bears a single Image: a Human skull, drawn in a reddish-brown subsran e--HUm3Jl blood. The characters should immediately recognise this as the sign of me Crimson Skull, the cult they recencly defeated in Middenheim.

The paper is the SOrt of sruff mac can be bought almost anywhere in Alcdorf, so the only Link the characters have to the sender of the Daemon is Berthold. the boy who brought ic, As mentioned before, he doesn't know very much. bu he can cell me characters where be received the commi sion: The Three Beards, a tavern near the cicy walls, in a poor area of rown.

This attack is very imple: Carlon hires a group of chugs [0 ambush and kill the characters. When the characters are travelling through Altdorf at nighc, somewhere close to the place where they are staying, the thug!' leap from ambush and attack. Cha.r<lcters may make a Ch.allenging (~lO%) Perception Test to avoid being surprised.

There is one more thug than there are player characters. On the other hand. the player characters should, individually, be stronger and braver chan the thugs. Thugs who lose 6 Wmmds or more to

a single blow a:y to flee. as do any thugs reduced [0 4 Wounds or fewer. They were hired [0 kill a few people. not risk their own lives.

Hired Mwcle

Career: Th Ltg Race: Human

A( some point when the characters are our in the open, diey are attacked by a sniper, Adelbert Greff. He is armed wirh a crcssb _ wand hidden in a loft- some distance from the characters. They have no chance of spotting him before he attacks unless, for some reason. they announce that chey are specifically looking for snipers. In thac case, a character may make a Very Hard (-30%) Perception Test, opposed by Adelbert's Concealment Test, to SpOt him.

Adelbert spends a round aiming, and he sheets while the characters are within 30 yards of his position, giving him the best possible chance to hit. (Don't forget that his Sharpshooter Talenr means that he gets +20% from aiming, rather chan

the normal + I 0%.) He hoes the lease-armoured, most vulnerable-looking character as his target.

Remember mat crossbows are quiet. Only people immediately around me player characters norice the bolt at first, and they immediately back off and run for cover. If Adelbert continues shoaling, more people notice and run for me buildings.

After Adelbereshoots, spotting him requires only anAverage (+Oo/Q) Perception Tes, and it is nor opposed since the sniper lsmalntainlng his view so thai he can gel another shor, If the characters do not start ruaniag or diving for cover, he takes the time to aim again. He remains where he is, crying to pick them off. until it looks like he has been spotted. A that point, he runs.

Adelbert is a sniper-for-hire. He used to be an ouclaw. and, given time, he hopes to become an a assin. He has no regard for life. whether Human or otherwise, but he is somewhat

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire), Consume Alcohol. Dodge Blow. Gamble, ossip, Intimidate. Secree Language (Thieves' Tongue), Speak Language (Reikspiel)

Talents: Disarm, Lightning Reflexes, Quick Draw, Resistance

[0 Poison, Strike to Stun. Very Strong, Wrestling Aanou.r: Lighe Armour (Leather Jack)

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms I, Body I, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand Weapon ( udgel), Knuckle-dusters

The chugs have no particular loyalty to arlorr, and if one is caught, be is quite willing to tell the characters everything he knows in return for being released or at least DOt killed on

the SpOt. He and his friends are: regulars at the Three Beards, and a woman. a bit short but looking able to handle herself

in a fight, approached them and offered them money to kill the characters. They Were paid quite well in advance. with an equal bonus if they brought the characters' heads to her.

These men are nor cultist and know nothing more than this. If the characters hand any pri oners over to the Watch. they are tried. and sentenced [0 Sogging or murilarion, depending on what, exactly, the characters say they did. ll1ugs later released do nor bother them in the future and even keep quiet about rhe fact that they were defeated.

more opposed to Chaos than most people because: Beasemen killed his father when he Wall young. He is noticeably call and thin, sporting a day's growth of stubble, tie wears ordinarylooking lathes in neutral shades and 3 large hood. He puts chis up while shooting, as i curs out hi peripheral vision and help him concentrate.

Adelbert Greft

Career: Veteran (ex-Outlaw) Race: Human

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire T 10%), Concealment, Dodge Blow. Gossip. Perception, Ride, Scale Sheer Surface, Secret Signs ('Ihief). Set Trap, Silent Move, Speak Language (Reikspiel)

Talents: Fleet-footed, Mighty Shot, Night Vision Rapid Reload. Rover, Sharpshooter. pecialise Weapon roup (Crossbow). Streerwise, trike to tun

Annow:: Light Armour (Leather Jack)

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 1. Body I, Legs 0 Weapons! Hand Weapon (axe), crossbow and bolts


Chapter V: Bad Blood

The characters must chase Adelbert through the streets of Altdorf see page 19 for general rules on this. Adelber stare in a building 25 yards away. It rakes him one round to get out of the ba k and into the street, by which time rhe characters could be almost on cop of him. Por every bolt chat Adelbert fired before the chase starts, the player chara rers ge a +10% bonus to their first gility

Test, representing the effect of people Reeing rhe streets to avoid being shot.

If the characters manage [0 capture Adelbert alive, they

can question him. He is not willing to die co protect his employer's secrets, but equally he wants to I;I!II the player characters as Little as possible. However, if me characters

can give him a basic description of Cadott and tdl him that she is a follower of the Ruinous Powers, Adelbert becomes more cooperative. He tells [hem everything he knows, and afterwards he sets OUI to 35Sas in te Caelorr himself ertain aspects of her behaviour suddenly make much more sense co him, and be believes the characters irnrnediarely

Adelbert answers questions as briefly as possible, concentrating on the lmporcam information. He is determined to portray himself as a simple hireling, one whom the characrers could also hire. He mer Carlen iJ1 the 'Three Beards, and he can give a thorough description of her. She gave him a description of the characters and offered him 10 gl" per death, with 2 gc per character 3S advance payment. Her only requirement was [hat the deaths be easily proved, either by bringing the beads or by killing them in a public place. Adelbert chose killing in a public place. He can tell [hem when he was supposed to meet her to collect payment, and

it is the evening of the day after tomorrow. If they have told him that Cadott is a cultist, he wams them thar, as they are nor dead. she probably won't turn up to the meeting.

The chara ter can deal with Adelbert as they wI h after questioning. If they tum him over [0 the Watch, he is sentenced to hang. I f they kill him, no one really cares. If they just ler him go, he tries [0 find and kill Carlouvas he does nor work for dark forces. By default, Adelbert has DO luck. finding arlorr. However. if the player characters do

find her, and arc in serious trouble in a final barrle, he finally tracks her down and shoots at her during the combat, which may even me odds a little.

Carlorr convinces a dark wizard to help her,re ulting in me characters being attacked in their beds by a Mirror Vampire (see the sidebar on page 84 for information on these horrible rearures).

The dark wizard u es a magical spy [0 see when the characters have gone to bed because he wanrs to arrack when they are aLL asleep. If they are su£liciencly paranoid to have someone stand watch even in an inn, he waits until as many are sleeping as

are oing roo He then casts me spell and makes a hasty exit, making it impo sible for the characters to crack him down after they've dealt wirhrhw Daemon.

The Mirror Vampire is absolutely silent and invisible, so the characters have no chance of nodcing it before it attacks. even if one is awake. The Daemon chooses to attack sleeping characters first. being easier targets. and he cries to attack rwo characters in the first round. Any character that is successfully attacked automatically wakes up and can make lots of noise [0 wake up everyone else. The only visible sign of me attack

is a small. glistening red circle somewhere on me character's exposed skin.


Characters in the room should make an Average (+0%) Perception Test every found to S]lQt the Daemon's reflection in the room's mirror. Those who make the rest must immediately make a Pear Test. As the Daemon is invisible in the real world, lt is likely that a character will chink of aIming blows by looking in the mirror. This does not, in this case, Impose any penalty to bit, as it is the only way to hir the creature. Hand -mlrrors could also be put co use in this manner, should any of the chara rers own such items.

adore's wizard bribed this Mirror Vampire into attacking with a spell rhat gave it one day &ee in me world for every Player Character it killed, If it' doesn't manage to Irill any of them, the Mirror Varnpire has only 10 minutes in which [0 an before vani hing back where it was summoned from.

Chapter V: Bad Blood

Wound loss, the pseudopod is anached. From that point, the arracked character rakes one Wound of damage every round, regardless of eughness Bonus or Armour. Having your blood drained in ehls fashion is extremely painful, imposing a -10% penalty to

all Te rs. The creature can attack th same chara ret multiple rimes in this fashion. The number of Wounds inBicted each round is equal [0 the number of successful aceacks, bur me test penalty remains at -10%.

Frighttlling Reflution: The Mirror Vampire is invisible in the real world. However. it does have a rellecrion, The refleouon appears as a floating loud composed

o pale faces screaming in agny. constantly boiling in and our of existence, The e faces are the filces of the monster's victims. Anyone able eo see the reflection is

ubjecr to the Mirror Vampire's Pngluentng Tal nt,

Mirror Bound: imply attacking the space occupied by the Mirror Vampire in the real worki is NeUe, and does no damage. However, if the amckc:t and Mirror Vampire are bod, reflected in the same mirror, and me attacker alms by looking in the mirror, all attacks do normal damage.

Annoan None VUeapons:Pseudopod


Mirror Vampires are II. kind of Daemon. not Undead, which causes inexperienced vampire hunters much confusion. They can enter the world when summoned through mirror and are eager to come Out [0 drain me blood of more living creatures. TI,ey are less keen [0 rerum to the Realm of Chaos, but mosr

pells used to summon them only allow them into the world fOf a fixed length f [1111e. usually a matter of minutes

Skilb: Per epnon, peak Arcane Language (Daemonic], Language (Dark Tongue)

'talents: Alllbiclexcrous, Fearless, Frigheening •. Hoverer, Natural Weapons, Night Vision

Special Rules:

Blood Sur:kf"r: "The M lrror Vampire's ba ic arrack attempts [0 larch a feeding pseudopod onro a character. "The arrack does -B damage, and Weill results in any

The characters are passing through one of Alrdorf's many markets when a hopper uddenly seizes a leg f mutton as an improvised weapon and launches lnco a frochlng

arrack, The characters are surprised. as [here is no warning. On every subsequent round, another ordinary citizen joins rhe murderous frenzy. While in theory the player characters could be overwhelmed, in practice they are almost certain

to incapacitate the attackers almost as quickly as they are created.

Murderous Shoppers

'The shoppers bave no relevant kills or Talents and do nor wear armour, They are Frenzied, which is already included

in the stari tics given above, and they attack with improvised weapon doing SB-4 damage.

Indeed, the malo problem here ls nor defending themselves, the Frenzied housewives and servants nave little chance

of doing any damage to hardened adventurers. The main

problem is that these people are JUSt ordinary city folk and CUtting them dOWLl like Greenskin is not omething that heroic characters should be doing,

While the characters may assume that the first attacker was simply hiding her rage. make sure that, in the next round. they see a young man who bad already started ro Ace in terror StOp, [urn with a murderous look in his eyes. and leap to me attack. Characters who make Average (+0%) Perception Tests in sub equent rounds see the same happen again,

and again, and again. The characters should figure out [hat something Is inspiring the honest citizens of Alrdorf into a murderou frenzy.

The frenzy automatically expires jf an attacker drops to I or 0 Wouods. Reason suddenly returns, and, if they can still move, they try {Q flee ln horror. The characters may also notice chis.

Canny characters will stan looking for the source of their trouble. This requires rwo Challenging (-10%) Percepnon Tests. If both succeed, the character SpOts a child, about

me size of a IO-year-old, near two citizens ju r as they enter frenzy, The child is wearing nondescript clothes. but a deep hood covers irs head,

The child does not realise that it bas been spotted until the characters make a move, so they can try ro grab their tormemor.lf they succeed. they can see the reason for the hood: the child has worms in place of hair.

Chapter V: Bad Blood

Any character eouching thechild in a round when it is conscious and takes no other action is the target for its frenzying power; seethe sidebar. The child picks am: of the other player characters as the first target, making the character drop the child in order to mack.

Child. of Chaos

Careers Outlaw Race: Mutant

Skills: Common Knowledge (the Empire) +10%,

Co ncealrnenr, Dodge Blow, Gossip, Perception, Ride, Scale Sheer Su [face, Secret Signs ('Ih.ief)., Set Trap, Silent Move, Speak Language (Dark Tongue)

Talents: Srreerwise, Strike to Srun Special Rules:

Indue» Frenzy (Mutation); If the child touches anyone and takes a half action [0 will ir,che person touched must make a Hard (-20%) Will Power Test or enter Frenzy, Thecbild can pick the target that the character attacks firsr, as long as thac target is within 4 yards, bur she ha.s no further control over the course of [he frenzy. The Frenzy ends when the target falls to 1 or 0 Wounds.

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs ° Weapons: None

The child does not answer questions, even tFdle characters can speak to it. If conscious, it is interested only in escape and uses its powers to the full in an am:mpr to run away. This

includes pushing people in the streets into Frenzy to distract pursuing player characters. Lf the characters capture it and knock it unconsctous, they have an uuconscleus Murant chlld to deal with, Even [he Shallyans baulk at such an orphan, and the creature's power would be very useful to Mutant eaidezs ill the forests. Characters are likely ro find rhernseives with lirrle choice other than killing the creature.

1his arrack provides no direct clues as to irs scurcejalthcugh, the involvement of a cultist is now faidy dear. 'The characters will most likely guess that Carlen is responsible, even though they may also suspect Wolfgang.

As a. final arrack, Carlon gathers nve Mutants and convinces them to arrack the player characters. This is by far the most dangerous of the attacks and also the one with the most dues leading back to Cadott. If the characters have been ignoring this problem, thi.s arrack should be a strong sign that they can no longer alford to do so.

The group senr Bearrlx ro spy on the player characters, ro gec an idea. of their strengths and weaknesses. They watch at least two of the attacks Carlorr has organised, so they know quite a bit, "The characters have very little chance to SpOt Beatrix because she tries to hide and stays far enougb away rharthe characters have little reason to suppose rhar she might be watching them. In addition, her muradon makes her unnarurally difficult to spor. Before the Mutants stage [heir ambush, the characters wiU not spot Beatrix by chance, If they specifically ''3.y mat mey are looking to see if anyone is watching them, they may roll as normal, opposed by Beatrixs Concealment Test.

If the player characters are fairly run-of-rhe-mill, the Mutants form the following plan. Beamx shoots arrows sr them ftom a safe distance (about 40 yards), uutll they have spotted her and give chase thrQugh the streets. She may Of may not hit (probably not, given the range penalty), but the characters can make Very Difficult (-30%) Perceprion Tests to spot her once per round. Other people on the street fall their tests and simply hurry for cover. Whenche characters do spot ber, she is standing right in the middleof the Street pointing a bow at them.

When they do give chase, she runs away. taking care never

to leave them tOC far behind. She should have []O problem scaying in from. as she has, effectively, 94% f'of her Agility Tests. 'The characters are led co a deserted cattle market, and the other Mutants attack with missile lire and spells Irom the cover of stalls. The battle develops naturallj' from that pcinr on,


Chapter V: Bad Blood

r f the characters revealed particular talents or tactics in earlier fights. the Mutants devise something to neutralise them. Prernllchr is intelligent. and whne he Is repulsive, the other Mutants, know enough to listen to his plans.

In terms of personal power, the player characters have a slight advantage, and the Mutants have eheadvanrage of picking the bardegrouad. One balancing feature is chat Bearrix, while an excellent spY> is very little use in a fight, and she knows it. She seaysoueof the fight as much as possible. However, if there arc three or fewer player characters, you should drop one-or more of Gre,rche-n, flan na, and lisa; the player characters should not be outnumbered by the combatants.

Meister Fremlicht

Career: Journeyman Wizard (ex-Apprendce Wizard) Race: Mutant

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Daemcnelogy, Magic), Channelllng, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Gossip, Magical Sense, Perception. ReadIWrite. Search, SpeakArcane Language (Magick), Speak Language (Classical, Dark Tongue, Rei.kspie!)

Talents: Aethyric Arcunemenr, Dark Lore (Chaos), Dark Magic, Fast Hands, Petry Magic (Arcane), Savvy, Very Resilient

Speacial Abilities

Liq,ddSkin (Matation):· Premllehrs skin appears to be a viscous ltquld, constantly oozing over his body in viscid blobs .. It flows up his back and down his_from, so that his fac-e co nstan tl y c hRnges as his sk i 0. passes over ir,

Ann.our: None

Weapow: Hand weapon (sword)

Bearrix Jurgen

Career: Cat Burgl~r (ex-Thief) Race: Mutant

SkiUst Charm, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Cencealmenr + 10%, Disguise, Gossip, Perception"," 10%, Pick Lock, Search, Scale Sheer Surfnce, Secret language (Thieves' Tongue), Secret Signs (Thief), Silent Move

+ I 0%, Sieigh~ of Hand, Speak Language (Relkspiel)

Talents. Alley Cat, F!eet Footed. Keen Senses, Lightning Reflexes, Streerwlse, Trapfinder


~~ __ ~~~=-~~=Cb- cm~ .. ~p=re~r=V=:&=·;d=B=l~= ... = •. ==~~==~~~~==~~

Special Rules.

U"'P''(I$f!flCf (Mlltl1tion): For some reason, those untouched by Chaos do not want to acknowledge Beamxs existence on a subconscious level. All Perception Tests to notice her are Very Hani (-30%). PeopleaJso. pull away from her. making her AgUity Tests to run through the streers of Altdorf(see page 19) Ve.ry Easy (+.30%) ..

Armour, Leather Jerkin Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body I, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand weapon (axe), bow and arrows

Gretchen, Hanna, and Usa

Ca.reer: Pit Figlm::.r Race: Mueanc

Skills, Common Knowledge ([he Empiee), Dodge Blow; Gossip. Intimidate, Speak Language (Relkspiel)

Talents: Disarm. Quick Draw,. Specialist Weapon Group (Flail, Parrying, Two-handed), Strike to Injure, Strike Mighty Blow, Very Strong

Special Rules:

Gretchefl'! Mlltation.: Tentacles instead of legs, giving her a. Movement of 3.

Hanna's MtltatiOll; Her neck is twO feet long and hignly

flexible. . .

[urls Mlltl1tiOW Single eye in the middJe of her forehead, matched by another single eye in tbe back of her head, She has -J 0% to BS, but .. I 0% to all Perception Tesrs, She also has a lamprey-like mouth in ~ach eye socket.

Armour. Medium Armour (Mail shirt and l.eamer jack) Armou.rPoints: Head 0, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs 0 Weapons:. G/"e.tcben: Bow and arrows, Ral!

Hanna: Bow and arrows, buckler, and sword Ilsa: Bow and. arrows, Great weapon {axe)


As this battle is pretty evenly matched, ir could. goehher

way. However, as it is not pare of the central plot [he player characters should not die here. If it looks like they mighc, Premliclu is suddenly struck by the Curse of Tzeentch, As he screams, a horrible, high-pitched sound, allhisIlesh B.o\VS from his bones. His anirnared skeleton and the hideous blob th!U was his Hesh arrack the. nearest characters ina Frenzy,

but they are as likely to attack other Murnms as the player characters, and are, at any rare, much less eff"ecrive [hall

the wizard they replace. The other Mutants are also JUSt as susceptible to the fear induced by these creatures asthe player

cbaraccers, .


Skill5, None

Talents:, Undead Special Rules:

Mindless:· Skeletons are animated bones with no mlnd or spirit ofthefr own. They have no Intelligence, Will Power, or Fellowsh,ip, and can never rake or fail Tests based on these Characeensdcs,

Shambling: Skeletons are relentless but slow. 'TIley

cannot t'll:ke· the run action.

Armour: None

Armour PoInts: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: Hand weapon (sword)

Oozing Blob Monster

Skills: None

Talents: Frightening, Undead Special Roles;

A Big Nt:my Blob: 'The remains of FremHcht's Hesh can only make unarmed areacks, which do normal unarmed damage. They are utterly mindless.

Annour: None

Armour Poiars: Head 0, Arms O. Body 0, Legs 0 Weapons: None

If the player characcers still manage tQ lose, those who spent Fate Points wake up tied (badly) and lying on the floor at

the back of a room. The surviving Mutants are talking about while they were doing and plans for the future, while drinking. This conversation reveals. aJJ the informacion listed below. The characters can easily escape from rheir bonds, and while they only have 2 Wounds apiece, the Mutants haven't healed eleber, and the Mutants have each failedt\tree Consume Alcohol tests, The chaeacters' weapons are lying on the Aoorconve:n:iently dose ro them, so winning this fight should be a. bit easier.

If the characters win, fudge things so that at least one

Mutant does not die .i rnrrrediately, If the characters decide

to forgoquescioningand simply kill rhe survivors, that is

their prerogative. However, questioning is the way to go. The surviving Mutants have no great Loyalty to Carlon and are wiUing.o bargain any informadon for their lives.

V: Bad Blood

They did not. meet her at the Three Beards, but they know that she goes there often. Ramer. they met her at what appeared [0 be her current base, In a converted store room in the basement of a warehouse. They can describe the altar to

the Blood God set up in (he room, and characters recognise the symbols of the Crimson Skull. The warehouse is on one of the islands, and the Mutants give accurate directions. For a description of the warehouse, see Carlott's Web on page 90.

MOSt player characters wUl want lO find someone who keeps trying to kill them. However. you shouldn't push the issue. Carlon will simply keep crying to kill me characters until she either succeeds, or mey get the bJ nr and try to hum her down. The six murder anempts described here should. be enough to get most groups going, and some may srsrr the search after the Daemon Letter.

Most early leads point me characters at the Three Beards tavern, while the Mutants can send them directly to Carlon's lair.


'The Three Beards is in an extremely dangerous area ofAltdorf If the player characters look vulnerable, a thug attempts to

rob them all we way there. However, most groups ofpLa:yer characters look like rrouble and are not bothered. the tavern itsclf is in II converted warehouse, and an almighty noise

of shouting. singing. and brawling pour our through rhe windows, which are covered by nothing more than rags, There is no door in the doerframe, and over it swings a crudelypainted sign showing an Ore with cl:uee beards hanging hom his belt.

When the characters enter, a large number of patrons quickly turn to look at them, and an equally large number ignore them

and get on with their brawlillg. Unless they look like lawenforcement officials, everyone soon ignores them and goes back to drinking. whoring. and fighting.

The cavernous inferior houses three circular bars, the staff standing on the inside, and fouT circular hearths providing warmth and illumination. The hearths are enormous, and

the hear of the fires creates a clear area in the immediate vicinity. 'TIle areas around me fires and bars are relatively calm, having wild drinking, arguments. and occasional dreadful singing, but no violence. This state of affairs is enforced by the tavern's bouncers, a group of slmesr two dozen large, bearded individuals, both Human and Dwarf. If anyone starts fighting too do e to fire or booze, they are bundled off into rhe distance to finish olf.

111e darker corners of the tavern do house almost conseane brawls, however. These occasionally turn lethal, and rhe sraff is used to disposing of bodies in the middle of the nighr, This is made easier by the facr that the tavern is built acros the channel between two islands, and the Relk Rows quickly beneath it. Bodies, and any other rubbish, are JUSt dumped tb.rough trapdoors in the Roar behind the bars.

The rear third of the bullding has an upper Hoor, which is divided into numerous small rooms, rented by the hour for those who want a bit of privacy. Each room has an hourglass outside. and paying once gets the hourglass turned. When it runs Out, the door is opened whether you are ready or nor, Although the walls between these roo ms are thin, the noise of the tavern means that they are almost perf cdy private; spying on someone in their would be very hard, especiaLly if you chose a room between two occupied rOOI11$ and gOt OUt before either ofycur neighbours finished.

The drink served here is almost always dreadfUl quality, but it is cheap and gets people drunk Since a great deal of it is stolen, and me staff have as little taste as the patrons, occasionally people are served some of the best alcohol to be found in the Empire. Most of them don't notice, 11l1!: food is also generally of me expected quality; the sausages. in particular, almost always cause Rumster's Revenge, and whUe you are eating, you do not want to hear the rumours about what goes into them. The exception is the bread and butter. Both are of exceptional

q ualjty, as one of the staff bas a deal with his clear old Mum

to supply them. She's an excellent baker and knows where to get the best butter. She also robs the place blind, so bread and butter are expensive here. till, if you must eat, that's what to go for.


The characters can try asking around for Carlon, but it gets them nowhere. 'The patrons of the Three Beards are not inclined co talk to strangers. particularly nor to strangers who


Chapter V: Bad Blood

are looking for someone, For the parr-ons of this place, being looked for is not a good thing, and Carlon bas not made any enemies here, yet. 011 the oilier hand, she hasn't madeany friends, either, 50 no aile bothers to warn her that she is being looked fer.

Staking me tavern OUt and waiting for Cadeu eo arrive is the best bet. Ihhey forget. remind the players that Carloee knows what the characters look like and may well be looking For them. Attempts at disguise and stealth are called for ..

Cadott comes to the tavern on the second night the characters are there, If the characters are watching me enrranceto the tavern, each watching character makes a Cb.aUenging (-10%) Perception Te¥t to spot Cadott as

she enters and nasa similar single opportunity as she leaves. (The resc is Challenging because the characcers have not seen Carlon herore; they only have a descriprien.) Cadott alsogees to make a Challenging (-10%) Perception Test, opposed

by any Dlsguise or ConGe4lment Teses the characters make.

If thecharactees are bam disguised and concealed, Carlere must 'beat both. If she bears disguise buc D.O[ concealment, she doesn't even see them. If she. beat~ concealment but nocdrsguise, she sees them but thinks they are looking for someone else, not uncommon at ,the Three Beards. Cadott checks once for each watching character. If me charaerers

are aU hiding inche same place, she spots everyone ifshe SpOtS anyone, but if they are spread oue she only spots the individuals for whom she succeeds on the tests.

Ifehe characters are inside the tavern" they may make '3. Challenging (-10%) l'er«pdon Ten when she enters and

a further Hard (-20%) Pereepuon Test every hour until they SpOt her or she leaves. When she leaves, tbey get another Challenging (-10%) Perception Test. Carlorr, on the other hand, only gets to make Hard. (-20%) Perception Tests,. and she gets, one on entering and one every hall! thereafter. She does not get a Test when she leaves .. k with the tests outside, Carlott',.; tests are opposed by rhe charaerees' Disguise and Concealment.

On die second night, if the characters do nothing, Carlon spends three hours in me tavern. She comes again on ehethird night, spends Four hours, and then leaves. On die fourthnighr she doesn't come at all, and on the !ifth she spends six hours dlere. Ifthe characters have stilt not managed 1O SpOt her, you should consider buying newdice, but youshould decide on ner fUture movements for yourself.

If Carlon Spots me characters, she immedlaeely leaves the tavern. The cliaraeters she spotted get Routine (+10%) Per<lepdon Tests to notice her reaction and realise who she

is. Carlo a does come back to the t:lvern, as it's an excellent place to find contacts, but from this poim she is aware that thecharacters are looldngfor her, and she disguises herself Her Perception Tasts become Average ( .. 0%), because she is looking for rhe characters, Note that Carlort does noc have the Disguise or Perception Skills, so she is not very good at chis sort of thing.

If th.e characters Spot Carloer, they choose how to react. Any character mat spots her once makes all teSts to spot her again

ar Average (+0%) difficulty, as he now knows exa.ctly who he is looking for; Other characters C3Jl SpOt ber automatically if she is pcintedour to them, but iIther must relyo.n a description fmm :me characeer who saw her, rheit rests remain Ch_aUenging (-10%) if she is alone and Hard (-20%) if she is in a crowd.

While players are .apt to come up with all sons of'strange

plans, there arerwo basic opdcns responding co Cadott; the characters can cry co confl:om her in rbe @vem, or they can folLow her and confronr her elsewhere,

There iJ[CC also two main ways ofconfronring her in the tavern: [he subtle way and the unsubtle way. The subtle way involves the characters making their way thr()ugh the crowds towards her without raising a fuss. lfthey do this, Carlon notices them approaching and makes her way om of the tavern. if there are characters watching the door in an attempt to cut: her ·0££, they are Stopped by the bouncers, who think they look like rroeble, WhiJe the thugs don't press me paine, irgives Cadott enough time to get our of the door and into che meets.

The unsubtle way involves something like shouting "Hey you, Stop!" or drawing weapons and charging through rhe aowd .. Cadott notices tills, along with everyone elseIn me tavern. While Carlort heads for~he exit, about half me bouncers converge on the characters to grab them and dump them unceremoniously outside. The patrons also fail to show any particular enthusiasm for moving OUt of me way, and some draw theirown weapons, daring the characters to spill their drinks. This should not devolve into a b~.wl; the other parron.s don't really wanr to light hardened adventurers. However,

it doesensure that the end result isthat the characters. and Carlon are outside the cavern, and a pursuit through the streets is necessary.

Lf rhe characters decide to follow her and confronc her elsewhere, they simply need IO leave the cavern afrer she does, and then keep [rack of her.


The streets around the Three Beards are, inehe middle of·~he night. not crowded, but they ,cenainly aren't empty. This makes following Cadott relatively easy. but it also means that if the characters starr running to catch her, she will notice. If she knows rnarshe is being followed, sheruns and keeps a.head of the characters. After a. short while, she dashes across a simple wooden plank bridging the channel between two islands and disappears into a Darrow alley between rwo tenements .. lfshe doesn't realise she is being followed, she crosses rhe same plank, but in a more relaxedmannec

When the characters follow her, she is nowhere to be seen, The bri.dge leadsto a veritable maze of narrow, dark a.!!eys, chreaded between tenements, warehouses, ware.houses converted into tenements, and tenements converted lora warehouses. This is one ·of the poorest areas of A1tdorf,

and the stench is strong enoughto turn rhe stomach of a Dwarf. Have all the players make Toughness Tests for cb.eir characrers: rhose who fail.spend 3 round retching and getting control of their guts.

Chapter V: Bad Blood

A high proportion of the people living here are criminals. and those who aren't, keep to themselves, trying to keep strangers out of their lives. Asking around is futile; offering bribes marks the character our a having money and. gets them erupon in an arte.rnp ed robbery. (Use the footpad statistics in WFRP, page 234, and have two robbers attack. The robbers break off afrer raking more than 4 Wounds in damage, as they were not expecting a real figbt.) The only opuon is to hang around the area, hoping to pick up arlen's l"rail again.

Jf Carlotr was unaware chat she was being followed. this is obviously II sensible strategy. If she was fleei n.g the characters. some might wonder whether she would bead back to her home base. She dld, bur the characcers do nor necessarily know that, taking OUt the Three Beards, and chasing her again, leads back [0 these tenements. 1f ale characters can follow her without being ported on the second occasion, she also comes back here, which should help [0 convince them.

If cite characters do nor try [0 remain hidden while scouring around this area. they arc loudly confronted by the residents of me tenements and raid to take their prying noses elsewhere. Repeated discovery increases ehe size of tile crowd confronting them, and the characters should quickly realise' that they are never going to SpOt Carlon like this. Lf they remain hidden, most people do not notice rhem, and the few who do notice decide to keep rheir own noses OUt of it.

Investlgarioe of the area reveals that it is all bue impossible

to map, certainly not possible In the time mat the characters have available. (TItUS, there is no map provided. The characters cannot see a plan, so the players should not either.) The general geography i more susceptible of investigati n,

however. The whole area stands on three small islands in the Reik, and one bridge leads 0.1£ each island, The plank they saw Carlorr cross is one, and a similar plank serves as a bridge to one of che main dock areas. A more substantial bridge eros es a much wider channel and links the area directly to the left bank of the river, WitMn the area, there is an open space around a damaged and defaced sratue of what was probably originally an emperor, to which the characters find themselves repeatedly returning. ix buildings surround It, including tWO warehouses, three tenements, and an abandoned husk [bat it tOO unsafe even for people in this area. If the characters can watch each of these three areas, they have an excellent chance of spotting Carlon.

For every hour a character spends watching a location,

make a Concealrnen Test. If a character is moving around, make a Silen Move Test, as weU. You may grant bonuses

and penalties to these rolls, depending on how the player describes roe character's concealment. If either of these tests fails, a resident notices the characeer and confronts them. confrontation is unlikely to sun out violent, but it could deteriorate. arlotr only uses the bridge near the Three Beards to enter and leave the area, so watching the other

lWO is fruicless. For every hour a character watches one of the other areas, roll a single die. On a 1 or 10, Carlorr passes through.

Once Carlon has been spotted, the character needs to follow her. Make Opposed Concealment and Sllenr Move Tests againsr Carlen's Perception. Most characters have a good chance of passing these rests, given how bad Cadott is at sporting things, Carl Ott goes [0 me warehouse (see' arlott's Web, below) and enters.


ln the time she has been in Alrdor], ariorr has mana.ged co convert her nome base into 3 crap for those who might come looking for her. She did, after all, bring a great deal of money and experience in working with tile criminal underground. As a result, breaking Into the warehouse and searching for Carlore is extremely dangerous. Scouring in advance and applying a bit of stealth is much more effective.

The warehouse is a simple box, getting racher old but still quite solid. Carlen was able to buy it outright from the previous owner, who really didn't waar rc own a warehouse in this part of town anyway. Her lair is in the basement, down the tair marked in me centre left of the map. The main entrance is through large double doors, which now lead into a killing r-oom. Weights have been rigged over puJleys, so that with one puU of a lever the doors can be slammed shut behind anyone, requiring a Hard (-20%) Strength Test to open. Similar doors dose the far end of the marked passageway. Six thugs armed with bows and arrows wait on the upper Aoor, to fire through arrow slits at those below. TIley are reasonable shots, and they have plenty of time to fire at people who cannoe realisrically fire back. Once we characters are down, the thugs haul the doors open and go in to 611i h people off. Use the statistics for bandits on page 233 of WFRP.

Chapter V: Bad Blood


'. ',,: : ."" .

-, . "

, Main Entrance

The best strategy is to pretend [0 be down, and then fight the [bugs when they come down to administer the coup de grace. Otherwise, the characters find themselves in a rather ngbr Spot,

However. a bit of couring can reveal the danger. The hugs are not very g ad al waiting quietly, and the Perception Test e notice them from the entrance [0 the warehouse is only (+0%) difficulty. If the characters open the doors slighcly, success at a Hard (-20%) Perception Test reveals that they are rigged. A successful Easy (+20%) Silent Move Test means that the characters do noc alert the thugs. Even if they do, rhey aren't under orders to follow people who don't enter the building, bur it does make them more alert for the next half hour or so, subrracrlng 100/0 from all rolls to sneak around the warehouse.


If the haracrer 10 k around the wsrehou e, requiring Very Easy (+30%) ilent MoY!: Tests [0 avoid alerting the thugs, they can find the windows ar the back. The e have been boarded up. but simple inspection finds that the pins holding One set of boards on arc very poor quality; the whole cover can simply be lifted off the frame, leaving an open window. Climbing in this way requires an AgiHry Test. On a success, an Easy (+20%) SUent Move Test is enough to avoid being noticed. On a failure, che Sllene Move Test is Average (+0%), and the character is srill outside rhe warehouse.

The in ide of the warehouse is nor bright. bur it is nor omplerely dark. However, creating any light automatically alert the Ulllg . Moving around the warehous requires a ilenr Move Test for every major action. A major action is

To the Basement


one ehing the player says that the character will do, so "I look for evidence of a Chaos Shrine" is one major action,

as is "I scout around to get a feel for the place," The stairs leading down are found by anyone looking around the whole warehouse, or in that area specifically, and light is coming from the bottom.

If the thugs are alerted, they come down from their platform to deal with the characters. The fighring alerts Carlon who comes up from her quarters to investigate. If the characters are obviously winning, she makes good her escape. If, on the other hand, it looks like her enemies might get killed, she joins in [he battle with enthusiasm.

If the thugs are not alerted, the characters can go down into Cadott's room and ouch her by surpris . The door at the bon rn of the stairs is bolted, bur it is flimsy and opens with a Ingle kick. Carlon is lying on her bed apparently taring into spa e; in Fa c, she is concocting her next plan ro kill the character and is nonplussed rosee rhern appear in person.

A ros from the door is a set of shelves, laden with empty casks and bottles, apparently shoved our of the way in a mad jumble. These shelves actually hide Carlon's escape route. At the far end of the room is a crude altar wich a severed H urnan head slrrlng on it. A skull is drawn in blood on the wall behind. over a crude represenradon of the rune for the Blood ad.


Alrh ugh the characters do not immediately realise ir, arlorr has a problem. The thugs do not know that 'he is servant of the Ruinous Powers, and she is (rightly) convinced that tht:}'


V: Bad Blood

would turn 011 her if they found. out. Thus, she cannot call for help while the altar is exposed. There is a curtain across that end of rhe room. which she doses when any of the thugs come down here. ([_filie characters dealt with the Mutants, Carlon sene the thugs away before dealing with such. obvious servants of Chaos. She was thinking about hiring the Muesn t warriors to replace the thugs if things wen r well.) Carlort's first aim, then. Is to get to the curtain and dose it.

The thugs notice a fight downstairs very quickly and arrive in 5 rounds. lf Carlon has managed to dose the curtain, they light the player characters. [f she has not, they join the player characters in fighting Carlcre, At any rate, Carlort is outnumbered and outclassed, and almost certainly needs &0

spend a Pate Point to survive the encounter, (f she does so, she crashes back into the shelves, which collapse over and around her, burying her body. If the characters dig ir our to be sure, they find her escape passage, but Cadott is long gone.

If Carlon is gone when the characters arrive, and the curtain

is closed, the thugs fight the characters in case their employer comes back. but they aren't very enrhusiasnc about it. If the curtain is open. they change from hostile to scared and protest that they knew nothing about the altar.

Once Carlon has been forced to Bee. she does noc bother the characters again in chis adventure .. but she might be in the future.

By the end of the adv. en. rure the have, somehow, destroyed [he shard of the Da.emon bound

into the dagger. However, there remains one further shardre deal with. They know from previous research that the artefact in which the shard is bound is called the Chalice of Wrath. For the time being, they have no information as to what the Chalice looks like or where it might be found. The conclusion of Paths ofthl! Damned is Forgn of Nuln, in which the ultimate fate of Xathrcdox the Red Flayer is decided.

You needn't rush your players tight imo part three, Some of the PC may be ready to change careers lind Aledorf is a good place to find trappings and receive training. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure in the Altdorf area. A short adventure or two can provide a change. of pace and also let the (!Csearn some addlncnalexpertence points before starting

the climax of Par!Jso! the D(I17jfli!d. The Haunting Hon-or from Pltm&rlJd Vaults is a good choice, since it can be easily adapted to Alrdorf Due ro me narure of me haunted house. the PCs can have II full adventure with little time passing in the real world. Once they return [0 Altdorf, you can lead right into Pathl of the Damned· Forges ofN"/I'l.


Experience (or thlsadveneure is based pardy on what the characters did and pardy on results. However, youcan learn from complete disasters, and the players might Jind.the experience points ar least some compensation for the trouble they gotth.eir characters into.

Characters who achieve full success, finding Gabrielle, getting the dagger [he easy way, destroying Wolfgang Scheunache, and rracking down Cadott Selzberg, get 1200XP Ierotal,

The characters each gain a Fate Point if they unmask and destroy Wolfgang Scheunachr. 1hey do not get one for destroying the Daemon-shard in the dagger because this does not .. yet, remove the threat of the Daemon.

The Anefact

• Destroy the second. shard ofXaWodox Inc:amadin.e:


Participate .in The Transfigu.rad.on of Resplendent Glory: lOOXP

• Participare in The Pleshless Made Flesh: lOOXP

Find Gabrielle Marsnerand convince her to hdp: 200XP

• Get the dagge.r Ithe e$)' way": 200XP

• Get the dagger 'the bard way'; lOOXP

The Shadow of Fire

• Urunask Wolfgang Scbeub.acbt before the ritual: 200XP Kill Wolfgang Seheunaehn ! OQXP

Bad Blood

• Beating off one of Carlorrsanackse SOXP per attack

Track down Carlott Sehberw 200XP


Player Handouts

Handout I

Handout 2


Pre-Generated Characters

Career: Militiaman Race: Human

Skllli: Animal Care, Common Knowledge (the Empire), Dodg~ Blow, Drive, Gamble, Gossip, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Search, Speak Language (Reikspiel), Trade (Smith)

1hlclLts: Spedalist Weapon Gwup (fwo-handed), Strike Mighty Blow, So-ong-rninded, Very Scrong

Announ Medium Armour (Full Leamer Armour, Helmet, MailShlrc)

Annout Paton: Head 3, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs 1

Weapons: Great Weapon (TWl). handed Sword), Hand Weapon (Hand Axe), Daw:r 1i:app~ B[anLm, Common C1odlingo Slingbag, Unifurm, Wooden Tankard, Wooden Cudery Set, 2 Weeks Rations, Purse with 20 u.


You pew up in a small village in rhe province of Oscland. wh.ere you learned me smithing rrade &om your father. Due £0 your size and strength, you were recruited into the local militia. You used eo enJoy it roo. The marching, the weapon practice, the uniform-it was almost like a g;une, You can ooly shake your bead at your naivety, When

tbe Storm of Chaos broke, your militia. unit was mustered and you learned the realldes of war. You watched your childhood mends die before yUUI eyes; you watched me villages and towns of the Empire bum. You were left for dead in Unrerg;J.m, but somehow you survived, though the scars 0 n your face make me price plain. Wi dL yo ur village wipedofr" the mapand your militia. unit destroyw, you now have only your sword and a. f~v friends, to help you make your way in the world.

Careers Shieldb rea ker Race' Dwarf

Sldllsl. Common Knowledge (Dwarfs), Dcdge Blow! Navigation, Perception. Scale Sheer Surface, Shadowing, Speak Language (Khu31Hd, RcLkspiel), Trade (Seonewoeker)

Talcmb, Acute Hearing, Dwarfcmft, Grudge-born fury, Nighr Vision, Resistance to Magic, Orientation, Stout-beaned, Strike Mighty Blow, Su-tkew Injure, Stake to Stun, Sturdy

Armour: Medium Armour (Helmet, Full Leather Armour, Mall Coax) Armour Poioto;l Head .3, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs 3

Weapons: Crossbow, Hand Weapon (Bartle Axe), Shield, Dagger

Ttappings: Blanket, 20 Boll'S. Common Clothing, Grappling Hook, Sllngbag, Water Skin, Tankard, Wooden Cutlery Set, 2 Weeks Rations, 10 YardliofRope, Purse wlrh 20~.

Background .

You ~ up in Nuln, where your father is cill a ~~ crafismao. Having heard endless tales from me Longlx:ards ·of your dan, you decided (Q bend to the Worlds Edge Mcunralns and see me cities ofjour ancestors lOr yoursdf The Hwnans would nor understand the gmnwand majeSty of such places, but you round yourself inspired. You 5r.lyOO.therelOt many years, pledgi_ng your axe to hdp in their ~. You fuught in me Ughcless depths beneath many Dwatlholds, proving your worth to your mountain kin, The Empire, howevenis also ymtr home and when the Srorm of Chaos was unteashoo, you decided (0' rerum ro it. The enemies hen: are not atwa)'!; as obvious as those ill the mounralns, bur tho:y are no less deadly.


Pre-Generated Characters

Career: Apprentice Wizard Race: Human

SIdU!: Academic Knowledge (Magic), Channelling, Common Knowledge (the Empire), ossip, Magical ense, Perception, Read/Write, Search, Speak Arcane Language

Careen Vagabond Race: Human

Skills: Common Knowledge (me Empire. Kislev), ossip, Haggle.

Heal. Navigation. Ourdoor Survlval, Seerer Language (Thieves' Tongue), peak Language (Reikspicl), Secret igns (Thief)

(Magick). peak Language (Classical, Relkspiel) Talents: Aerhyrlc Anunernent, Luck, Perry Magic (Arcane), Savvy, Suave

Armour: None

Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body D. Legs 0

Weapons: Quartet Scaff. Hand Weapon (Mace), Dagger

Trappings: Backpack, Best Clothing, Blanket. Common Clothing,. Printed

Book, Slingbag. Wooden Tankard, Woodell Cutlery Set, 2 Weeks Rations. Purse wirh 20 ge.


You have spent the last five years studying at rhe Colleges of Magic in Alrdorf. under the tutelage of Master Walbrecht of rhe Gr.ey Order. WbiJe you Feel that you are ready to become a Journeyman"tl, your master does not agree. He said me academic. rmosphere of rhe colleges has shielded you from [he currents and eddies of fine in the wider world. He: banl hed you from his slghr and said to return when you had learned something about "reality and unreality". Walbrechr seems (Q believe your life has been (00 sheltered, You will prove to him that your eyes e wide open.

Talents: Fleet Footed. Orientation.

Savvy, Seasoned Traveller, Suave

Armour: Light Armour (FuU Leather Armour)

Armour Poi.nts: Head 1, Arms 1, Body 1, Legs l

Weapons: Hand Weapon (Sword), rossbow, Dagger

Trappillgs: Backpack. Blanker, 20 Bolts. Common Clothing, Slingbag, Wooden Tankard, Wo den Cutlery Sec, 2

Weeks Ra.tiOJ1$, Purse with 20 g(:.


You were bom into a life on rhe road, Your farher was a caravan guard and your mother was a wandering min ere! from Ki lev. You travelled back and forth between the Empire and Klslev throughout your YOUli'L and you consider yourself a on of both lands. Your patents eventually seuled in [he Klslevian city of Erengrad and til r is where you were beading when the Storm of Chaos seruck. Like thousands of others, you Red before me advancing armies of Archaen, Lord of the nd Tunes. You managed ro survive, but you fear your parents may hove 110(, The forces of haos sacked Erengrad and you have beard horrif srories about rhe fare of the city's inhabitants. You can only pray that Ranald's luck was with them.