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Lumped masses #4433 - 12/21/05 12:40 AM
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I am checking design of an S-shaped high pressure
(150MPa) jacketed pipe dumping line. Jacket is 8 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Registered: and tube ID70mm / OD152mm. The dynamic load 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
09/15/04 due to the sudden pressure surge during dumping is 27 28 29 30 31
Posts: 62
800kN (before DLF).
Loc: South
Africa, The line is already installed with one holdown, 3 Forum Stats
Johannesburg guides and one flexible anchor. According to design
3924 Members
document these supports (holddown - vertical and 3
9 Forums
guides - horizontal) are specified with preloads of +/-
4218 Topics
Offline 50kN. These preloads come from pre-tightening of
19150 Posts
bolts against stacked spring discs (compression
washers), that are supposed to act as shock Max Online: 56 @
absorbers. 01/04/07 01:40 PM
In Caesar's static analysis I specify these preloads as
F1s and add them to all cases (WNC, OPE and SUS) Who's Online
In dynamic analysis (Time History) F1s are ignored. 3 registered (Dorin
I would appreciate if someone would explain why. Daniel Popescu, G.S, 1
Do I need to specify these preloads as lumped invisible) and 5
masses? anonymous users
What about when we have springs? Is H ignored in online.
the dynamic model? details



Re: Lumped masses #4434 - 12/21/05 09:16 AM

Diehl Calculated dynamic response is based on mass and
Member stiffness (and damping), not static load. These
applied loads would play a role only if they pushed
Registered: the system into yield (which affects stiffness and
12/14/99 damping).
Posts: 495
Houston, TX,


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