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Important Biology and

Chemistry Terms
and bacteria, able to destroying the growth of bacteria in
Biology and Chemistry animal systems. Antibody are kinds of substances formed in
Important Terms blood to inhibit harmful bacteria. Antidote are medicines used
against the poison, to prevent as disease from having effect.
Biology and Chemistry Important Terms : Antigen are substances capable of stimulating formation
(1) Biology(Branches) : of antibodies. Antimony is a brittle, crystalline and silver
Biology : It is a branch of science in which living beings studied. white metal. Antipyretie are substance used to lower the
Botany is branch of different aspects of plants. Theophrastus body temperature. Insecticides are substances like DDT,
known as father of Botany. Zoology is branch of various aluminium phosphate gammexine. Fungicide are Thiram,
species of animals. Aristotle is known as father of Zoology. Bordeanx mixture. Herbicides are Benzadox, Benzipram.
Anatomy is study of internal structure of organism. Agronomy Analgesics are like painkillers ex Aspirin, Morphine and
is a branch of study of soil science specially in production of Paracetamol. Antimalarial drugs are used to treat malaria
crop. Anthrology is the branch of study of joints. Apiculture quinine like chlovoquine. Sulphadrugs are the alternative
is the study of Rearing of honey bee for honey extraction. of antibiotics, sulphanilamide, Sulpha gunamidine. Epsom
Anthropology is study of origin, relationship between the past Salt is Hydrated magnesium sulphate used in medicines.
culture and present human. Anthology is study of flowers Chloroform a sweetish, colorless liquid. It is used as
species and flowering plant. Andrology is the study of male anaesthetic and solvent. Saccharin is a white crystalline
organ of reproduction. Bryology is the study of Bryophytes. solid which more sweeter than sugar but not have any food
Biometrics is the study of Biological issues. Biotechnology value and used by diabetic patients. DDT(dichloro diphenyl
is study technology connected with living beings for wilful tricholoro ethane), a white powder used as an insecticide.
manipulation on molecular level. Cytology is the study of
cell. Cryobiology is the study of effect of low temperature
on organisms and preservation. Cardiology is the study of
heart. Demography is the study of branch of population.
Dermatology is the study of skin problems. Dendrochronology
is the study of counting and analysing annual growth rings
of tree and its age. Evolution is the study of origin of life,
variation. Euthenics is the study of environmental conditions
that contributes to improvement of human beings. Ethology is
the study of animal behaviour. Etiology is the study of life cycle
of pathogens. Genetic Engineering is study of manipulation
of genes in order to improve organism. Gynecology is the
study female reproduction. Gerontology is the study of ageing.
Histology is the study of branch of tissues by microscope.
Haematology is the science of blood. Hepatology is study of
liver. Immunology is the study of immunity. Kalology is the
science of human beauty. Morphology is the science of external
structure. Mycology is the study of fungi. Neurology is the
study science of fungi. Nephrology is science which deals in
kidneys. Odontology is the science deals in teeth and gums.
Oseteology is study of bones. Oncology is the study of cancer.
Ornithology is the study of birds. Ophthalmology is the study
of eyes. Pathology is the study of diseases, effects. Phycology
is the study of algae. Paediatrics is the study of Children.
(2) Chemistry(Important Terms)
Soaps and Detergents : Soaps are known as sodium
or potassium salts of fatty acids made by saponification
of fats. Detergents products are made from petroleum
products. Antibiotic are the compounds made by moulds

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