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Malfuzat of Hadrat Khaja Bahauddin Naqshaband

The Mausoleum of Hadrat Khaja Bahuddin Naqshaband

Bukhara in Uzbikistan
Translated by
Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com.
Translator Muslim Saints and Mystics
(The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid Eldin Attar)
& Hasth Bahist
Email: hafeezanwar@yahoo.com

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First Published 1439/2018
The verse Fateha (The opening)
It is difficult Your praise and it is hidden virtues in all
You are visible there at all and are there in everything
All particles, You are created from the beginning to end
You are Sustainer in this world, but also in another world
You are Lord of the worlds and you are forgiver of all
You are kind and Your kind favor is there for all persons
For who are pious then You are merciful to such persons
Your favour is there for them and You are kind to them
You are the owner, all will settle deeds on judgment day
In your hand's penalty and a prize and You are the owner
All our worship for Your sake, oh Lord of the two worlds
All are Your slaves from the origin if he is big or small
For all needs you are must and Your personality is kind
You give all who calls You as You are a kind helper to all
Guide us such right path on which path who went away
With Your graces and passed away on such path indeed
But there will be no such way, which is ignored by You
So who lost and misguided in such way due to your anger
This is pray for your slave and it is request of the lowest
Accept prayer of Sahwi as you are an owner of the worlds.
Translated by
Mohammed Abdul Hafeez, B.Com.
Translator Muslim Saints and Mystics
(The Tadhkirah al-Awliya of Farid al-Din Attar)
Email: hafeezanwar@yahoo.com

The mircle of Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani (R.A.)

Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani R.A. is the leader of the

all holy persons like the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon
him.) who is the leader of the group of all prophets of Allah
which have been sent down on the world. So, for this reason, he
is called and he is famous as a chief of all the saints. His
spiritual benefits and favours from his miracles were available in
the all period of time and even today is being continued and till
the day of the judgment, such favours and benefits will be
available to the mankind in the world. Because the favour and
benefits of the holy persons which is available during the life
period and which will be also available in the world after their
demise from the world. Allah the most Merciful and Beneficent
has kept the holy persons in every period of time so that there
should available favours of miracles and benefits to the mankind
from them.
The holy persons due to the nearness of Allah and perfection
in the obedience of the prophet of Allah they were away from
the sins. Allah has given them the most excellent status of the
holy persons of the nation of the prophet Mohammed (peace be
upon him) and Allahs divine power being manifest by the holy

So for getting favour and benefits from the holy persons is in

fact of getting favour and benefits from Allah because their
saying, actions are according to the commandments of Allah and
as per the practice of the last prophet of Allah.
Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani (R.A.), and who was the
Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of all times favour of
spiritual miracle is available in his saying which is as mentioned
as follows.
If my disciples hiding will be open and if he will be there in
the East, and if I am in the West then I will cover it.
In this way, his disciples and devotees were able to get his
favour of miracles and benefits of spiritual powers in all time
and at always. And they think him as a manifest of the help of
Allah and so, for this reason, they see his favour of miracles and
benefits from him. There is saying of the prophet, which is as
If your animal will run away from you then you should call
as oh people of Allah help me.
For the revival of the religion of Islam, Hadrat Sheikh Abdul
Quader Jilani (R.A.), is such an enormous personality and a
great leader and due to the blessing of his hand while finding the
religion of Islam as a patient in the exemplary shape and given
new life to it and so then he was becoming famous and well
known by the title of Mohiuddin.

In Urdu : By Hafiz Mohammed Saber Pasha Quaderi in the
Siasat daily on 6-1-2017
In English: By Mohammed Abdul Hafeez
Email: hafeezanwar@yahoo.com
Hyderabad, India
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In the praise of Hadrat Khaja Naqshband

He is king of the Bukhara and everybody knows him well

As he is also king of the world and no one is such like him
His praises are too much and difficult to write in the books
And if oceans become inks then also there will be shortage
Oh Sultan of Bukhara help Hafeez who is there at your door
Who is your servant and he is in need of your great help
This is your miracle so this books trial version is so popular
Hafeez is needed more your help for early finish of the book
Kindly do favour and look into this matter for its success
In your biography, there are chains of miracles and events
which help us to know all your miracles were done by you
Oh, Sultan, you are great so even kings were your servants
Please help Hafeez in the translation of your great old book
So generation in present time and future may know about you
For sake of Sultan of Madina help Hafeez in this great work
So that your biography book will be published at very soon.

Mohammed Abdul Hafeez
Email hafeezanwar@yahoo.com
Hyderabad, India.
Malfuzat of Khaja Bahauddin Naqshband

The final resting place of Khaja Baha al-Haq Naqshband in


This is a very old book written about the advice and
discourses (speeches) of Hadrat Khaja Bahauddin Naqshaband.
This is a translation of book Malfuzat of Hadrat Khaja
Bahauddin Naqshaband from Urdu language and which was
compiled by Syed Abdul Wadud Shah and I have translated
this book of the most ancient and celebrated Persian book about
Sufiism will, I hope, be found useful not only by the number of
students familiar with the subject at first hand but also by many
This is a very old book in which there are advises and
instructions, especially available for Taleb (student) and it
refers to a person who is committed to a Murshid (spiritual
master) in a Tariqa (spiritual path) of Sufism and it is also
known as a Salik (Arabic: ), a mureed is an initiate into the
mystic philosophy of Sufism and all these details of advice by
the spiritual master Khaja Bahauddin Naqshand are added in this
book and also in this book there are some great achievements
which are not yet known to the general person are published in a
very interesting style so for this reason the readers will find
great interest and attention in this matter.
From the above facts and details, if the readers will start
reading this books first page and will not stop its reading till
they will reach its last page as in this book some interesting
events and as well as other great miracles and endeavours of
holy saint are added and this holy saint to have passed away
from the world some about 628 years ago.
Even though this is a lengthy book, but due to its
importance it is so great due to coverage of many interesting
events and positive information in it so it is like an ocean of
knowledge and information of holy saint and who have passed
away from the world upon doing his great endeavours and
many hard tasks for the preaching and propagation work of
Islam in the foreign lands so this book is small one, but it will
present the ocean of knowledge and information for the
guidance of people towards the right path of Islam.
This book is edited and formatted as per the great book
Muslim saints and Mystics (Tadhkirtal Aliyah by Farid al-din
Attar) which is very famous in the Western world among the
English knowing persons. So, for this reason, there will be some
small differences in it while comparing with the Urdu books
and its literature. The aim of this book is to present in the
Western world where there are great search and demand of the
books of Sufism and biographies of holy saints who lived and
spent their entire lives for the preaching and propagation of
Islamic religion in all corners of the world as per tradition and
practice of Allahs last prophet.
To write about this great Sufi master is not only it is difficult
and but it is the very hard task as he was a great pious
personality of his time in the Bukhara region.
So, in brief, he was a great leader of Sufism of his time in
the Bukhara region and who did many great endeavours for the
preaching and propagation of Islam in so in brief he was a great
Saint of his time in the Bukhara region and who did many great
endeavours for the preaching and propagation of Islam in
Bukhara city upon becoming the caliph of Hadrat Abdul Khaliq
Gadjwani and afterwards he was becoming well known in
Bukhara region where he did the endeavours for the Islamic
mission with the hopes of its expansion to other adjoining and
distant territories and there was no such personality during his
It is my great honour and pleasure to translate this great book
from Urdu into English, so I request the readers to read this
book because in it there are many revelations of the secrets
which are added for which I shall be highly obliged in this
In the preface of the book Tadhkirah al-Awliya (Muslim
Saints & Mystics), Attar mentions three books which he
recommends for those ambitious to attain a full understanding of
the pronouncements of the Sufis but in this book also there are
many revelations of the secrets which are available for the
students of the Tariqa (spiritual path) of Sufism
Malfuzat of Khaja Bahauddin Naqshband
In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.
There is great praise of the Allah. The praise of beginning
persons and the praise of the persons who came at the last period
and the collection of their praises of Allah and so it is praise of
which will be in the beginning stage. The praise of the close
angels also comes in the beginning category of the praise of
Allah. Those favorite people who get favour and kindness of
Allah and then they got position and status. In this way mystic
persons complete description of the knowledge of Allah and
which is confirmation of their helplessness and failure in this
matter. Because the pure personalitys original magnificence is
that and forgetting magnificence of him and it should be shown
helplessness in this matter. The Allah is such pure personality
and his status of magnificence is such that which throw the
wisdom of the prophets on the land of helplessness. If for
millions of years then all creatures and universe both of them
began to express attributes of Allah then they should have to say
with the helplessness that Allah know our unknowing in this
There will be blessing and Salam on the last prophet
The prophet as the raison detre of creation and leader of all
prophets. He is also the leader and guides for all individual
persons and groups.
Thanks to Allah who is the creator of the universe. All
praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all creations. And hereafter is
there for the pious persons and salutation (blessing) in his last
Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Bestow blessings and
peace upon our master Muhammad (peace be upon him) and
upon members of his household and his companions and those
who support him (Amen). Members of his household are who
like stars of guidance and who are killers of the enemies of
Islam. The members of his household and his companions are
those are stars of the right way of guidance and who is ahead on
the way of truth and cleanliness. Also the successors to the holy
Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta'ala 'Alayhi Wa Sallam). On the
persons of wisdom, it is not concealed from them that after
status and position of prophet-hood the status and position of
saintliness is so respectable and great. And from verse Wama
Khaqat Jin Wa Ans It is known that general saintliness is very
nice and complete thing. On the prophets companions and also
on the followers to them and so there will be blessing and Salam
on them till the day judgment.
Because of it for general and special persons available
respect and piousness from the knowledge of Allah. As per one
saying of the prophet in which it is said I was like a hidden
treasure so for the purpose of his knowledge He was created,
creatures. But this knowledge which will be given to every
person according to his condition and courage. The Quran said,
Allah was given superiority to everybody to another person
among all of you. In the Hadith ( tradition of the holy prophet)
it is mentioned that The people are like mines of gold and
It is the foundation of faith is that some people have fate with
them so that they have only right faith. And for some will have
fate so there will be an increase of the faith with them. Allah
said There is light over light. Whoever wants Allah grant them
guidance towards his light. Because this favour and kindness of
Allah which is given by him to anyone who ever liked by him.
The prophet has told them proper ways to obtain such
positions as such that he was told to Hadrat Abi Jahaifa To ask
with learned persons and meet with the people of wisdom. And
frequently getting up and sitting down with elders persons.
So Khaja Imam Ali Hakim Tirmazi who has written the
explanation of this saying in his book Navader Usool which is
as follows.
The persons of Allah and special persons are divided into 3
kinds on the earth. Everybody will be given knowledge
according to his stock among them and some will become
learned persons of legal and illegal knowledge and then they
have an engagement of this work in this field only in the world.
2. Some of them will have knowledge of policies of Allah. And
they have an engagement of this work in the field of wisdom.
3. Some of them have their knowledge about Allah which will
be limited. Upon them, there will be available effects of light
and horror of Allah. These are holy persons of Allah.
Its synopsis is that in the matter of faith and Islamic law to
have consulted the learned persons of Islamic Shariah law. If
you are trying to know for policies and wisdom of Allah then
become friends of wise persons and live in their company. If you
want to know about realities, secrets, and knowledge of Allah
then adopt company of holy persons. And in reality, those are
holy persons of Allah. It is seeing them is medicine. And from
their company, there will be the available cure.
As per reference of the book Navadar, Prophet Eisa(A.S.)
has said there are 3 kinds of learned persons.
1.Learned persons of Ba Amer
2.Learned persons of Billa
3.Learned persons of Billa and Ba Amer
Regarding the third category of learned persons, it was
reported by Hadrat Jahifa that seeing them is medicine and its
cure is there while sitting with them. Even though in this
Hadith of the prophet it is indicated all kinds of learned persons
whether who are obtained any kind of knowledge. And for
getting off the knowledge by a special method which is
obligated for them. As per it is mentioned in the Hadith of the
prophet that Obtaining knowledge is an obligation for every
Muslim men and woman. This Hadith of this prophet can itself
give the explanation in this matter.
The explanations of the sayings of the prophet can be
known by his sayings and traditions. Because of the wisdom of
Luqman can be asked by himself. The people of mysticism are
agreed that the condition of manifest and endeavors which is not
in the option and control of the spiritual people. And in the same
way to reach to the meetings of the mystic people which is not
option and control of the students (Taleb). Due to favor and
kindness of Allah this weak person Salah Bin Bukhari was
reached in the presence of Khaja al-Haq well known as Attar in
the year 785 Hegira and by his source, he was able to get
excellence of acceptance with Khaja Bahal al-Haq well known
as Naqsband. If speech will be over but his attributes will not be
finished. Whether any finishing thing will be able to cover
attributes of any unending thing.?
If I will spend my whole life in writing the explanation of his
attributes and qualities but the explanation will not be ending
and my life will be over. It was his method of following
company so for this reason so I have adopted company of his
darwesh people. Among them, every person used to mention too
much about his miracles in his very meetings. In reality, the
miracles of holy persons belong to the prophet of this nation.
And which will be appeared by the holy persons and who will be
obedient to the prophet? So, for this reason, there was the
interest which created me to gather details of these miracles.
Meaning and Interpretation of one couplet is as follows.
If I will not get the condition of a share of holy person then
there is not matter but it will be better to remember it instead of
having keeping poison in the throat.
My friend told that me, you can live in the company of
Moulana Husamuddin Khaja Yousuf and in this matter, you can
work better there. As such that person who the son of
Hafizuddin Kabir Bukhari and who was master of the learned of
persons of Bukhara and who was lived for a long period in the
company of our master. Khaja Sahib did not give his permission
at that time and he said that there will be permission granted to
me after his leaving the world. So, for this reason, this weak
person was given up this decision for this reason. When on the
night of Monday on 3rd Rabil Awwal in the year 791 Hegira
when our master left the world. And I was content with the fate
of Allah.
After that for some time I was in the company of the son of
Hadrat Baha al-Haq and whose name was Ala Haq and he was
also caliph of Hadrat Baha Al-Haq and who during his life
period usually advise his disciples to live in his company and
who was given him permission by the sign and when I have
mentioned his some of the miracles then there were hindrances
of incidents of the time on its way so, for this reason, this work
was not finished. But when the authorized caliph was given
complete permission to me then it became obligated for me as
per his permission to complete the work in this matter. Because
to fulfill orders of the holy permission is obligated for me and
due to which there will be available benefits in the other world
to me. And for lofty explanations which will be available on the
heart to the students and in such condition there will be removed
human veils from his eyes. This book is like Anis Talibin
Waidal Salikin(The Friend of the students and assurance of the
disciples) and which will become the source of the aim of it and
for the acceptance of the hearts, it will act as a source in this
matter. There is no doubt this is book will act as a sign of no
language. With help of Allah when there will be an explanation
of these miracles which have been reached to me from his
special disciples, friends and darwesh persons. So there will be
much hope in this matter that his son who is appointed as caliph
of him who is known as Khaja Ala Haq and his miracles also
will be added in this book. As Khaja Sahib told that Whatever
favor which was pouring down into my heart and which I have
poured down into the heart of my son who is my appointed
caliph. As per this, his caliph's miracles will be referred as
miracles of the Hadrat Khaja Bahauddin Naqshbnad in this
matter. So Khaja Sahib used to said that upon his demise there
will be manifest of his lights at that time upon the people. This
appearance and bright light will become a source of the real
friendship of the people towards him.
When at this place in this book the following things are
1. Anwar Velayat (light of saintliness)
2. Nearness.
3. Effects of the miracles.
4. Results of the love.
So then it is necessary to the explanation at the beginning of
the book about Velayat (saintliness) and miracles. The miracles
of the holy persons belong to the miracles of the prophet. There
will be a mention of such persons bad condition who are
against the miracles of the holy persons and they oppose their
conditions and endeavors. And who blame the holy person and
make impure objections so we will mention such matters in this
book as well. There will be mention of such pious persons who
have had felicity and got good luck due to love and affection of
the holy persons of Allah. There will be mention of about such
unlucky persons who have enmity and malice of the holy
persons. The meaning of this is that everybody should read this
as benediction so that with its help he can get the divine help of
guidance in this matter. So that he should be fulfilled manners of
respect and humility and he should think about holy persons
excellence and characters details and which they have obtained
such excellence due to favour and kindness of Allah. As per this,
there are four kinds of them which are as follows.
1.Velayat and definition of Wali
2.Explanation of the details of the beginning of our master
3.Details of our spiritual masters attributes, conditions, sayings,
a method of action, characters, manners, behaviour, his
connection of mystic relation, results of his company, his
dealing with disciples on all occasions. Those realities and
elegant things which were said by his tongue in the meeting