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God speaks in the stillness of the night,

God speaks in the day so warm and bright.

The flaming sunset paints the sky and sets the clouds ablaze.
God speaks in all these wondrous ways.
God speaks in the mountains and the plains,
He speaks in the scecnt of autumn rains,
in mighty rivers rushing in their haste to reach the sea,
God speaks in you ang me.

How can we feel alone with Him so near,
lift up your heart, he'll see and hear.
When things go wrong and no one seems to care
just look around He's everywhere.

God speaks in the whiteness of the snow

He speaks and the flow'rs begin to grow,
His voice is heard in chapel bells and in the peaceful dowes
God speaks in every heart that loves.

(Repeat Refrain)

God speaks in the mountains and the plains

He speaks in the scent of autumn rains
in mighty rivers rushing in the haste to reach the sea
God speaks in you and me.