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December 4th: Feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos
into the Temple: Divine Liturgy at 10 AM.
December 19th: Holy Hierarch Nicholas the Wonderworker:
Divine Liturgy at 10 AM.
SPECIAL THANKS: The Very Reverend Archpriest Father
John and Matushka Ludmila thank you for making their
special day a wonderful success. They both are very grateful
for the kindness you have shown to them and their family by
supporting them in the celebration of his Ordination to the
Holy Diaconate and the 40th Anniversary of their Marriage.
Also a special thanks to Proto-Deacon John Morvay for his
dedication and service to our church who celebrated his
25th Anniversary of Diaconal Ordination. It was wonderful to
see the Parish Home filled to capacity both days of the
celebration. Thank You to Nikolai Izbitski, Mikheil
Tabliashvili, and Peter Budkin for the wonderful
entertainment they provided for our guests. It was truly
amazing to hear such beautiful music! Vladyka Michael was
truly impressed and enjoyed his time with us. We as a Parish
are truly grateful to His Eminence for blessing us with his
presence and making the celebration one to truly remember.
May God Bless You All for taking the time out of your busy
schedules and making this celebration one for the ages! Many
Blessed Years!
GENERAL CONFESSION will be held again on the first
Sunday of the month, December 3rd. Please make an effort to
join us on the first Sunday of the month before the Divine
Liturgy. There will be no Church School scheduled on the first
Sunday of the month so that you can take part in this
Sacrament. Please make an effort to prepare for the Feast of
the Nativity by attending to your spiritual needs and then
receiving the Holy Eucharist on this great feast day.
CHURCH SCHOOL CLASSES: Church School Classes began
on Sunday October 8th. We would hope that you will make an
effort to join us on Sunday Morning beginning at 9:15 am to
learn about your orthodox faith and grow in the Lords
vineyard. This year we will focus on the Old Testament
readings in the Bible beginning with the Book of Genesis.
NATIVITY FAST: As we approach the celebration of the
Feast of the Nativity on January 7th, 2018 we as Orthodox
Christians make an effort to adhere to the fasting season.
We are asked to refrain from meat and dairy products from
November 28th until we break the fast on January 7th 2018.
NEWSLETTER SPONSORS: As the New Year approaches we
are in need of Newsletter sponsors. Cost per month is still only
$50.00 per month. If you are interested in supporting this
initiative please see Matushka Ludmila at the candle desk.
PARISH DUES: As the year 2017 comes to a close in the next
month we are alerting you to keeping your financial
obligations in order. Dues cost only $175.00 for the year. If you
owe for 2017 please see Matushka Ludmila at the candle desk.
CHOIR DIRECTOR NEEDED: Our Parish is in need of a new
Choir Director as soon as possible. If you know of anyone who
may be interested in this position, please let Father John or
Protodeacon John Morvay know as soon as possible.
CHOIR MEMBERS NEEDED: We are also in need of new
choir members. Dont be afraid to walk up the stairs to the
choir loft and lend your voice to sing the responses of the
Divine Liturgy. All are welcome! No experience necessary.
EPISTLE READERS: Are you interested in learning how to
chant the Epistle in English. We would like to begin a class
with anyone who might be interested. Please see Protodeacon
John if interested. No experience necessary.
PARISH HOME NEEDS: In conjunction with the celebration
of the 40th Wedding Anniversary of Father John and Matushka
Ludmila our Parish home stove was inspected by the Jackson
Township Fire Inspector. In accordance with his annual visit
he told us that some one sent an anonymous letter regarding
the condition of our stove in the parish Home. We have been
told not to cook on that stove because we need to bring the
stove up to code. In order to do this it would cost an
astronomical amount of money to get that stove up to code.
What do we do now? We love to have our monthly luncheons
as they are a valuable resource of much needed funds. So as of
now we are only going to heat up our food until we can resolve
this issue. In the new year the Parish Council will look for a
way to bring this stove up to the code. Please pray that we can
effectively work together to find a solution.
WALL PROJECT IS COMPLETE: We will be calling
Jackson Township to obtain the final inspection on our
completed wall. Through the efforts of our parishioners,
benefactors and friends of Saint Marys Parish this two year
project is finally completed. We thank all those who have
donated to make this project a success. May God Shower His
Blessings upon you and grant you Many Blessed Years!
HAPPY NEW YEAR: As the year 2017 comes to an end this
month it is important to thank the Good Lord for all His
Blessings that He has showered upon you the faithful. The
clergy and the Parish Council extend to you a joyous, healthy,
and prosperous Blessed New Year.