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Of the Sign of Yothraj


Note: Here are a few fragments from the Pnakotic Manuscripts, as

deciphered by Adam Qade in his profuse research notes. Just where
Qade had come across the fragments is lamentably left open. This is
what we have on "The Sign of Yothraj."

A Translation of Fragment VII of The Pnakotic Manuscripts:

YOTHRAJ is an elder symbol, a closely-guarded secret held on to by

several elder cults, is known to students of the arcane as one of the
thirteen (known) Pnakotic Runes. The drawing-style is primitive but
effective, due to the fact that the Yithian scientists had developed
their Runes based on archetypal geometries and energies. The
YOTHRAJ is a potent device to be used against the invisible hordes
that await to enter our world. Each line must be dutifully reproduced
in the appropriate color for its maximum effect and most efficient
drawing of Power. The Fourth Incantation of Ysall should also be
intoned whilst carefully inscribing this powerful symbol. The
YOTHRAJ is one of the secret Yithian Glyphs and it literally means
"Undressed." It is said to refer to the primal and "naked" power that
lurks within the depths of the collective unconscious, which can be
tapped into by the courageous magician.

The Fourth Incantation of Ysall goes as follows.

I! I! Nezz'hr gho'Rrr Pulith!

Ysall e'gem vhuurt-Nah! Noth-Yidik!

Ur'som d'ao-l Oth, Krimmos de puh-rich!

Ar'Sonn yem'glis Puh-THorr-ic Arya!

I! I! Dh'ev-mhe Yothgrannu! Yothgrannu!

Kuh'lim cuh-thog Rhea, Koth! Koth-Liphos!

Mhr-ghan vrh'hagn Juur-la, Yothraj!

Pnaku-Thoss, Yothraj! Ylemoth! Ai, Ai!

[Illustration: The Seal of Yothraj, the Fourth Pnakotic Rune]

More of the secretive lore of the Fourth Pnakotic Rune cannot be

openly mentioned in polite company; and verily the scarlet nature of
the lore should be taken as a clue for any seekers who come after--
indeed, many are the things and matters which are even now
forbidden to be uttered by any and all who follow the Elder Lore. Yet
as the decades progress so will the secrecy be unveiled to the larger
public of the profane. Much will be brought to light in the years
before the ultimate and unstopable return of the Great Old Ones.

Comment: So this is plainly stated in the Fifth Scroll of Pnakotus,

which is a later translation by a Greek scholar. Be advised that the
Seal of Yothraj is only one of thirteen ancient symbols that is
described in Fragment VII, and that the rest of the extracts about
symbols is in various states of preparation. Also be aware that the
actual symbols themselves ARE drawn in the notes of Lin Carter.
They will be reproduced in the near future.