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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology Lesson Plan

Painting Birthday Cakes

Tara Ticknor

3 Grade

Common Core Standards:

3-5 grade

STRAND: Information and Communications Technology

The understanding and application of digital learning tools for accessing, creating, evaluating, applying and
communicating ideas and information.

Topic 1: Identify and use appropriate digital learning tools and resources to accomplish a defined task.

Standard Statement: With guidance, identify and use digital learning tools or resources to support planning,
implementing and reflecting upon a defined task.

Strand: Writing
Topic: Production and Distribution of Writing

Standard Statements: 6. With guidance and support from adults, use technology to produce and publish
writing (using keyboarding skills) as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

Lesson Summary:

During this lesson, students will use understanding of a digital tool to create and accomplish a defined task.
They will use Microsoft Paint to design a birthday cake. Students will produce writing using keyboard skills.
The children will write a paragraph about their last birthday they had.
Estimated Duration:
I will divided this lesson into two days. It will be in fifty minutes intervals.

Commentary: I plan on getting the children hooked about this lesson by telling them about my birthday. I
will describe the traditions I do on my birthday and what my perfect birthday cake would look like. Then I
will explain how they will share their birthday with me by completing the lesson.
Instructional Procedures:
The children will open up Microsoft Paint. They start with the shapes and add a circle. Then using the
different types of brushes, they will design a birthday cake. When finished, the students will save their
birthday cake to the computer. They will open Microsoft Word, there the children will insert their saved
birthday cake. Under the picture that they uploaded, students will write a paragraph describing their last
birthday. When it is completed, they will print it off and turn it in.
Day 1:
First 10 minutes: I will read the directions and answer questions about the lesson
35 minutes: I will walk around while the children create their birthday cakes. I will answer questions and
help the children when asked.
Last 5 minutes: Children will finish up and save their birthday cakes.

Day 2:
First 10 minutes: Children will insert their birthday cakes into a word document or finish their cakes
35 minutes: Children will write a paragraph describing their birthdays. I will answer questions when needed.
Last 5 minutes: Children will finish up and print their project.

Before this activity, I will give the students a tutorial about Microsoft Paint. As a class, we will go through
the program. They will start by learning how to open it. There will be time for them to explore it. Teacher
will also model how to insert picture into word.

Scoring Guidelines:
Teacher will decided how well the students are using Microsoft Paint. Teacher will go around and ask
questions relate to the program they are working with.

A completed project, is a birthday cake designed by Microsoft Paint and a paragraph describing their last
Scoring Guidelines:
10 points Microsoft paint birthday cake
10 points- Written Paragraph
5 points- Followed directions
Differentiated Instructional Support
An extra challenge to this lesson, is to have a child attach their project to an email and send it.
If a child is struggling, they can have another peer tutor them on how to use the program.


Children can use this website to use technology to create art.

Homework Options and Home Connections

One homework idea is have the students show their parents how to use Microsoft Paint. They will have to
create something while walking their parents through what they are doing. The students will print off what
they created and have their parents sign it.

Interdisciplinary Connections
Art-They can design their own creation

Reading- They can read each others papers.

Materials and Resources:

For teachers I will need a computer, whiteboard, and printer.

For students They will need a computer and printer.

Key Vocabulary
Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word, Birthday, Paragraph, Design

Additional Notes