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Classroom Management Plan Rubric

Criteria 1 points 2 points 3 points 4 points

The product demonstrates that the The product The product The product
Candidate is unable to demonstrates an demonstrates an demonstrates an
appropriately integrate integration of adequate integration of excellent and thorough
information and skills regarding information and skills information and skills integration of
classroom management theory regarding classroom regarding classroom information and skills
Integration and strategies. No references to management theory and management theory and regarding classroom
key classroom management strategies. The product strategies. The product management theory and
theory are provided. contains some contains information strategies. The product
references to classroom that conforms to the contains information
management theory, but correct application of that conforms to the
they seem added as an classroom management correct application of
attempt to include them theory. The reviewer classroom management
without always can tell that the theory. The reviewer
clarifying the Candidate understands can tell that the
relationship to the point these theories, but that Candidate understands
the Candidate is trying the Candidate should these theories and has
to accomplish. have made more use of made them a part of
them to enrich the plan. his/her plan.
Omits the most significant Identifies some Accurately identifies Accurately and
constraints or obstacles. constraints or obstacles the most important thoroughly describes
Constraints that are accurate, along constraints or obstacles. the relevant constraints
and Obstacles with some that are not or obstacles. Addresses
accurate. obstacles or constraints
that are not immediately
Inadequate or sloppy: Product is Needs more attention to Attractive and neat: Eye catching: Product
plagued with errors and detail: Product may Product contains a clear is well organized and
Organization disorganization that distracts from sometimes be hard to sequence and ideas are communicated
and its contents. follow but overall communicates ideas very effectively.
Appearance organization is present appropriately.
and ideas are
The plan meets very few or none The plan meets most of The plan meets almost The plan meets all
of the requirements presented in the requirements all of the requirements requirements presented
the syllabus and class. presented in the presented in the in the syllabus and
syllabus and class. syllabus and class. No class.
more than one
component is missing.
(Updated 4/11/14)

12/16 = 75%