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NURS 478 Self Care Journal

Your Name: __Lauren King_____________________ Your Buddy: _Zaira Gallaway___________

Select an evidence-based recommendation to follow for 8 weeks:

Sleep at least 7 hours per night before and after a work or school day
Practice mindfulness meditation for at least 10 minutes everyday
Complete at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, such as biking under 9
mph, dancing, jogging, or playing tennis; or complete 60 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week,
such as running, kickboxing, or jumping rope.
Participate in two professionally led yoga classes for one hour or longer per week
Spend up to 2 hrs in Nature or longer per week

Complete Weekly journal entries:

Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
1 Attended two professionally led yoga classes held through the UA Campus Recreation Center. Each
yoga class lasts approximately 50 minutes and incorporates mind and body practices. There are various
types of yoga classes offered at the Rec including Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and yoga sculpt. This
week, I attended two Vinyasa yoga classes in the evenings.
Comments on Activity:
I felt very relaxed after completing this self-care activity. However, yoga is more difficult than I
thought, so I was also very tired! It will take some getting used to fitting this practice into my routine,
but I did enjoy the feeling of tranquility I experienced after each class. Going in the evening is definitely
helpful to wind down after the day and ease relaxation. I am sure I will sleep very well tonight!
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
2 This week I attended two Vinyasa yoga classes at the UA campus Rec. Each class lasted
approximately 50 minutes and this week I attended one afternoon and one evening class. One session I
attended early in the week when I did not have class and the other I did in the evening after clinical
towards the end of the week.
Comments on Activity:
I am still getting used to incorporating yoga into my weekly routine as well as being accustomed to
the practice of yoga itself. This week I attended classes at different times of the day/week. I enjoyed
both sessions; however, I found that the afternoon class got me energized for the rest of the day. The
evening class made me feel more relaxed. This being said, I may consider choosing a time of day to go
to yoga that will give me the outcomes I am looking for (focused/productive vs. relaxed). I still find it
very difficult, but I enjoy how I feel afterwards and how it sets a good tone for the rest of the day/week.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
Zaira called me this week and explained that she is taking a dance class as part of her self-care
routine. I am glad that Zaira has found passion in dance (I love dance classes too) and I agree that they
are great for relieving stress. She told me how dance allows her to free her mind and express her
creativity. She also told me how she went to gym after her dance class and decided to challenge herself
by running for 5 minutes on the treadmill. I am very proud of Zaira for taking time to herself to do these
dance classes as well as going the extra mile to go to the gym too. She did cardio (even though she hates
it) which is great for bringing oxygen to the brain, lowering stress, and improving mood.

M OC Fall 2017
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
3 I chose to attend yoga on Monday 10/2 around noon because of additional stress I was facing after
hearing of the Las Vegas shooting. I also attended yoga on Thursday 10/5 around noon as well. Both of
the classes were Vinyasa classes took place at the UA campus rec and lasted for about 50 minutes.
Comments on Activity:
I found it especially important to attend yoga on Monday because of the stress I was facing early in
the day. I had just heard that one of close friends had gone missing from the Las Vegas shooting and I
needed to do something that would help me to relax. What I appreciated in this yoga session was how
the instructor asked us to dedicate our practice to something in our lives. I chose to dedicate my practice
to my missing friend and found that I was fully connected to the practice with clear intentions. I also
attended yoga later in the week after hearing of the same friends death. Yoga helped me to focus on
myself and my body rather than everything else that was going on in my life. I was able to focus solely
on the movements and how I was feeling and for a brief period, I was not concentrating on my loss.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
Zaira informed me that she wanted to attempt drawing for two hours this week as another part of her
self-care routine. Drawing is another stress-relieving method of self-care that promotes creativity. She
said that she practiced her drawing outdoors and how it makes her feel better when she is outside in
nature. She said her worries melt away when she is drawing outdoors. I am even more excited that
Zaira chooses to draw outdoors, because that in itself can be healing. I hope that Zaira will continue to
do things (like drawing) that she loves and take the time to be outside and appreciate nature. I also hope
she continues to draw more dogs.
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
4 This week, I began my yoga classes on Monday 10/9 and Thursday 10/12 around noon. Both of
these were Vinyasa classes that lasted for a period of 50 minutes and were held at the UA Rec Center.
Comments on Activity:
I generally have Mondays off from my preceptorship and stay on campus for most of the day.
Therefore, I try to attend yoga on Mondays to get my week started off right. Even more, I knew I had
to deliver my friends eulogy at her memorial service on Monday night. Going to yoga helped me relax
and feel less nervous about giving my speech later the evening. I dedicated my Monday afternoon
practice to preparing for the memorial service and I think this really helped me.
I find it helpful to attend yoga at the beginning and towards the end of the week because it helps me
start the week on a good note and wrap up the week on a better note. Thursday class helped me to
destress from the 12-hour preceptorship shift I had the day before. It also helped me prepare for more
preceptorship shifts that would happen later on in the week.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
Zaira told me that she wanted to continue drawing this week outdoors. Again, I am happy that Zaira
has found a creative outlet and self-care activity that she can do outdoors. She told me that this time she
drew a girl instead of her dogs, but I was unable to see it because we did not see each other this week. I
think it is great that she is trying to draw new things and focus her energy on her drawing rather than
stressing about nursing school.
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
5 I have started to get into the routine of attending yoga every Monday and another additional day of
the week depending on my preceptorship schedule. On Monday 10/16, I attended my usual after-lunch
Vinyasa yoga class for a period of 50 minutes. This week I was unable to attend a second yoga class
because I was driving to California to go to my friends funeral.

M OC Fall 2017
Comments on Activity:
Attending yoga class on Mondays in the middle of the day has been helpful in getting me relaxed
and focused on the upcoming week. I find that it is easier for me to concentrate on schoolwork and
managing my work-life balance when I attend yoga. Usually, I work at the library for a few hours after
my Monday yoga class and am able to focus well and be productive in my studies.
I wish I had gotten the chance to attend another yoga session later this week but because of
scheduling conflicts with my friends funeral, I was unable to do so. I think it would have helped me to
relax in regards to preparing myself for the funeral as well as help me wind down from preceptorship I
had during the week.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
This week for self-care, Zaira excited shared that she was going to try painting instead of her usual
drawing. Like drawing, painting is another creative outlet that is a great self-care activity. She happily
told me about the paints her brother had given her as a gift and how she was so excited to use them.
Zaira mentioned that she has not painted much compared to drawing, so I am excited she is trying
something new. She painted over the picture of her drug she drew in Week 3 and said she kind of
messed up her initial drawing of her dog, but still had fun painting!
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
6 This week I attended Vinyasa yoga on Monday 10/23 and Thursday 10/26 at the UA Campus Rec.
Each class lasts about 50 minutes and I attended two classes for a total of 100 minutes of self-care this
Comments on Activity:
The first yoga class I attended for the week was my usual Monday Vinyasa class. I usually attend
this class at noon after I finish lunch and before I continue with the rest of my day. As usual, we started
our class setting an intention for the practice. I chose to focus my practice on being productive and
catching up with schoolwork after class. I have found that yoga helps me to center my thoughts and
concentrate on one thing at a time. I especially enjoy the Shavasana pose where we fully relax at the end
of the session and cease to think about anything but our breathing. I like this time because the emphasis
is allowing yourself to take a few minutes to do absolutely nothing and care for yourself, allowing the
body and mind to rest.
I also attended class on Thursday afternoon after lunch. I had similar intentions of devoting my yoga
practice to having a productive day and getting a lot of work done after class. I worked hard today in
yoga and pushed myself to hold poses longer and try new variations of poses that I had not done before.
Class made me feel energized for the rest of the day and ready to tackle on the work I had to do later on.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
Zairas goal for this week is to sleep at least 7 hours before and after work or school. Sleep is so
important to our mental and physical healing and restoration. One of the best self-care activities one can
do is getting the proper amount of sleep. Zaira explained that she is going to sneak in moments of extra
sleep when she can, such as skipping makeup in the morning and setting her scrubs/supplies out the
night before. I appreciate that Zaira wants to care for herself by sleeping in longer and values how she
feels after adequate sleep over her appearance. Little things like putting her uniform and materials out
the night before make a big difference in getting ready in the morning and provide Zaira the opportunity
to sleep in a little longer. I wish I could get 8-9 hours of sleep!
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
7 Attending Vinyasa yoga on Mondays at noon has now become part of my routine. I attended class
on 10/30 and 11/2. As usual, this yoga class is 50 minutes in length. This week, I also attended the
Thursday afternoon Vinyasa yoga class that was 50 minutes long. Both classes were held at the UA
Campus Rec Center.
M OC Fall 2017
Comments on Activity:
I have found that going to yoga after lunch makes me energized and focused for the rest of the day
and I feel productive knowing I have already cared for myself early in the day. I have started to
integrate principles I use in yoga class into my daily routine, such as setting an intention for the day
rather than just an intention for class. This helps to keep me centered and dedicated to my productivity
throughout the day. Rather than feeling tired after class, I have begun to start feeling awake and alert as
I get used to having class in my weekly routine. I will try to continue attending Monday classes for as
long as I am able to with the hopes that it will help me stay concentrated on finishing nursing school.
As on Monday, I attended the Thursday class after lunch. The instructor for the Thursday class is
different from the Monday instructor, so it was interesting to see the different styles of teaching. The
instructor on Monday has us set an intention for class and for the day while the Thursday instructor
reads us a word of the day to reflect on throughout our practice. Todays (Thursday) word was fill
as in to have enough of something, to feel satiated. I personally interpreted this word as filling my
day and my future with enriching opportunities and making the day wholesome. I want to feel full
in my experiences during my last semester of nursing school and take advantage of as many
opportunities as I can while I am still in college.
Buddy Check-In Comments: (Note Key Comments from Conversation)
Zaira informed me that she is continuing to try to get 7 hours of sleep before and after work and
school. I am happy that Zaira has been attempting to get more sleep for over two weeks. She continues
to try to be in bed between 9 pm and asleep no later than 10 pm. She sets her alarm for 6:25 am in order
to be at clinical by 7:30 am. This allows her to have nearly 8-9 hours of sleep each night. This will be
beneficial for her to have more energy, be more attentive, and improve her mood. Sleep is very
important and I am glad that Zaira is putting forth the effort to get more of it. You go girl!
Week Description of intervention implemented this week (include frequency/length of time):
8 I attended two yoga classes held at the University of Arizona Recreation Center. On Thursday 11/9, I
attended an afternoon Vinyasa yoga class that ran for 60 minutes. On Friday 11/10, I attended an
afternoon Yoga Sculpt class that lasted for a period of 50 minutes.

Comments on Activity:
This week, I had too much to do to attend my usual Monday afternoon yoga class. However, I was
able to attend two classes on both Thursday and Friday of this week. As mentioned previously, the
instructor for the Thursday 12:10 class is different from the instructor for the Monday 12:10 class.
Although I enjoy both instructors, I have found that I seem to appreciate classes taught by the
Tuesday/Thursday instructor a bit more. With her style of teaching, she begins class with a key word
to focus on during our yoga session as well as throughout the rest of our week. Todays (Thursday)
word was revive and to me this meant, to bring life back into such as getting back into the swing of
my yoga routine and/or studying for classes. Another thing I like about this instructor is that she
constantly reinforces us to check in with ourselves. While she usually means to check in with our
bodies, I tend to think of this concept a step further and check in with my mind and spirit. I like to
remember this concept when I go throughout the rest of my day and check in on myself to see how I
am doing while I am going about my usual routine.
On Friday, I tried a yoga sculpt class for the first time. This class was not much different from the
usual Vinyasa yoga classes; however, it incorporated weights, which made everything slightly more
difficult. I am glad I tried a new style of yoga to expand my practice. The instructor for yoga sculpt was
the same one who leads my usual Monday classes. As usual, she had us set an intention for class and I
focused on getting through the new class and pushing myself to work harder than usual. I was able to
success in my goal, which made me feel very good (and sore) afterwards!

M OC Fall 2017
Complete Survey Below
(Once Completed submit entire document to D2L Assignment Drop box by Due date and add to Your

Reflection on Panopto presentation and 8-week intervention:

What did these activities teach you?

The practice of yoga is healing to the mind, body, and spirit, which I appreciate in a self-care
activity. All of these aspects of our lives are important to enrich and I feel as though yoga does this for
me. I have taken away quite a few things from the 8-week intervention that I continue to use in my daily
routine. For example, one of the instructors has us set an intention for class. I would like to continue
doing this by setting an intention for every day. In addition, the other instructor emphasizes key words
to reflect on each day. I too might like to try searching for key words to reflect on each day, both in my
yoga practice as well as in my day-to-day routine. I will remember to check in on myself constantly to
make sure that I am not stretching myself too thin. My favorite part of each yoga class is the Shavasana
pose at the end. I love this pose because I am giving time for my mind and my body to rest. I really
enjoy when the instructor tells us that Shavasana is time we earned to do absolutely nothing. In addition
to being very relaxing, I find this pose to be restorative and uplifting.

Have you noticed any changes in your life since you began this intervention?
Since starting this 8-week yoga intervention, I have noticed a few changes in my daily life and
routine. One thing I have noticed is that each time I finish a session, I feel either relaxed or energized
(or both)! This is beneficial because it has helped me with my stress management as well as my
productivity and overall attitude. I have also noticed that I am more purposeful in my day-to-day actions
and behaviors due to the reflective nature of the yoga class. I noticed that I am starting to pay more
attention to my intentions of doing things and find meaning in even the smallest actions. This new
mindset will help me to increase my patience, motivation, and satisfaction with life.

Will you do anything differently now? Please explain.

I bought a Group Fitness Pass through the UA Campus Recreation Center, so I intend to attend as
many yoga classes as I can throughout the rest of the semester. In addition, I may consider looking into
a local yoga studio once I go home for winter break/when I figure out what state I will be working in as
a registered nurse. Time and money are two concerns I have for continuing this yoga practice; however,
I would like to keep doing so if I can! I know that I may practice at home at no cost; however, I enjoy
the group setting and an instructor leading me in my practice.

I would not have started yoga if it were not for this assignment and so far, I really enjoy it! Thank
you! One suggestion I have is to change the requirement to attending a minimum of 1 yoga class per
week for an hour or more. With the stresses of nursing school assignments, tests, clinical, and the
preceptorship, I had a very difficult time attending two yoga classes per week. I think expecting one
yoga class per week with our tight schedule is more realistic and doable as students!

M OC Fall 2017
Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with these statements:
Following an evidence-based recommendation to reduce burnout was valuable to me.

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
5 4 3 2 1

This 8-week intervention will help me implement preventative strategies for burnout in my career.

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
5 4 3 2 1

This Panopto presentation titled: Nurse Burnout: What this is and how you can minimize it in your careers
effectively taught me how I can reduce and address nurse burnout in my career.

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
5 4 3 2 1

Completing the Big Five Personality Test was helpful for exploring my risk of nurse burnout.

Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
1 2 3 4 5

M OC Fall 2017

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